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Brazil 2019: Poor Eaglets Lose Dead Rubber Group B Match 2-1 To Resurgent Australia

Brazil 2019: Poor Eaglets Lose Dead Rubber Group B Match 2-1 To Resurgent Australia

The Golden Eaglets fell 2-1 to Autralia in their final Group B game of the 2019 FIFA U-17 World Cup in Brazil on Friday night, reports Completesports.com.

The Eaglets who won their first two games top the group with six points despite the defeat to Australia.



Noah Botic netted a brace for Australia, while Peter Olawale was on target for the Golden Eaglets.

The Golden Eaglets dominated the opening exchanges but were let down their profligacy in front of goal.

Group B Final Table

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The Australians who struggled to cope with the pace and trickery of Manu Garba’s boys however took the lead against the run of play in the 14th minute with Botic slotting home off a perfect cross.

The lead lasted only seven minutes before Olawale restored parity with a fine effort from inside the box.

Botic however converted from the spot in the 54th minute.


In the the other Group B match, Ecuador beat Hungary 3-2 in a tough contest at the Estadio Olimpico Goiania to book their spot in the Round of 16.

Hungary scored first through Andras Nemeth in the 50th minute before Ecuador’s Pedro Vite and John Mercado netted two quick goals in the 66th and 68th minutes respectively to take 2-1 lead.

Nemeth completed his brace for Hungary when he drew level in the 73rd minute. Then Johan Mina grabbed an 86th minute winner for the South Americans

Ecuador finish second on six points as Nigeria but with interior goals difference, and claimed a Round of 16 spot.

Australia are third on four points, and they are in good stead to reach the round of 16 as one of the four best third-placed teams.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Yaiwu 3 years ago

    Rubbish team, too individualistic and selfish. I’m really disappointed with Segun. He shouldn’t be in that team

  • Kingmark Executives 3 years ago

    Current U-17 team wasteful, arrogant, shoe-boating, not business-like unlike previous U-17 national teams. Outcome of NFF Executive corruption?

    • @kingmark, don’t bother yourself about this team. The outcome of this tournament is going to be like our team that attended the last u20 world cup. Both teams were assembled with the same formulae and mindset.

      This team can’t win the cup. That’s just the truth.

  • Olusegun. B 3 years ago

    This current team wasted lots of goal opportunities
    Their passing was terrible . And again their defending was bad. They caused their own defeat .Though that penalty didn’t look like it, but at the end it was up to them to win that game. Olusegun was also terrible . So much individual skills no teamwork business minded work at play .
    Australia were more business like . They attacked like we did and showed discipline .that GE qualified is one thing , how they’ve been performing. Is another . They really to work on their lapses . They need to work on their tactical discipline . And also they need to work on acxuracy and business minded team work a whole lot. Coach Garbage your boys needs lots of spankings and deep tall over the way t he y are playing. They should know t ha t other teams didn’t come for a jamboree,they came to win
    So t he y should know that it should be at the back of their head that they have to do well in other to win this competition

    I hope you all work on this . .

    • Kweli 3 years ago

      I thought criticism of the teenagers was frowned on here. Only songs of praise allowed, lol.

  • These boys play for themselves. They’re desperate to sell themselves which is not good for the team. If they play like that in their next match, well, you’re welcome back home.

  • Eric Ibekwe 3 years ago

    I have noticed lots of tactical flaws in this team from their first match against Hungary and the Coach has not been able to do anything to correcting the flaws. We are only carried away when we win to ignore such flaws. I have my doubts if the Team continues this way.

  • mark Anokwuru 3 years ago

    Let us not be too critical of these boys. They are trying. The teams they played with qualified for the tournament, and it’s not easy to reach that stage. The defeat they suffered with Australia is a wake up call. The Supper Eagles won the third placed match during the last Afcon simply because they were beaten by Madagascar and then they resolved to make amend.

    If they had beaten Australia, over confidence would be the order of the day in their next match. Now they are wounded, you will see them sparkle. Let us pray and support them and the coaching crew instead of criticizing them all the time. You will see their true colour in the next match.

    • Naija Man 3 years ago

      They are not going to sparkle anything. They were not over confident; they played exactly what they knew how to play. The way the Aibogun’s U20 crashed out of Poland 2019; Manu Garba of New Zealand 2015; the same way this team is coming home. The farthest they can go is Quarter Finals. Can you imagine a team whose #10 is warming the bench?

  • ROHAR 3 years ago





    • Solomon 3 years ago

      Comments like yours is one of the reasons why Nigeria remains in the same position she is today. When are we going to forget about tribes inclusion in sports or in representation of the country ? If u have it in mind that we are one Nigeria, you won’t reason about the inclusion of tribe consideration. I’m a Yoruba man, and I was so angry about what I saw in my Yoruba brothers performances on the pitch. I even said, where did they get those porous Yoruba boys from. But that doesn’t give me the yardstick to judge the team by tribalism. We are one Nigeria

    • Nigeria would never progress cos of people like you. Always being tribalistic every time igbos. So if the current igbo player isn’t good enough. They should bring him in cos the previous igbo player did well. The guy that is from Arsenal that was dropped where is he from? When other Nations play they fight together as a Nation but you are here making a mess of yourself every time igbos every time igbos. Be sensible please

      • FatherJP 3 years ago

        My brother I weep for this nation.

        He mentioned Igbos dominating U17 winning teams. I challenge him to list out first 11 of winning teams since 1985!

        Little children who started following football with the Advent of DSTV will be spewing tribal biles on CS all the time.

        In 1985 we had:
        1. Lucky Agbonsebafe
        2. Duere Tonworimi
        3. Nduka Ugbade.
        4. Binebi Numa
        5. Sani Adamu’
        6. Salisu Nakande
        7. Victor Igbinoba
        8. Jonathan Akpoborie
        9. Fatai Atere
        10. Babatunde ??

        Can’t remember last two starters in that final.

        Pls Mr tribaliat, how many Igbos are in this list??

        1. Edo guy
        2. Mobi
        3. Celestine
        4. Karibe Ojigwe
        5. Charles Okonedo
        6. ??
        7. Ibrahim Babangida
        8. Kanu
        9. Festus Odini
        10. Wilson Oruma
        11. Peter Anosike

        Balance btw Igbo and Edo…slightly Igbo

        1. Ajiboye
        2. ?
        3. ?
        4. Raphael Ademola
        5. Haruna Lukman
        6. Udoh Kingsley
        7. Ganiyu Oseni
        8. Christantus Macaulay.
        9. Rabiu Ibrahim
        10. Ibrahim Alpha
        11. ??

        How many Igbos pls?? Probably the 3 I can’t readily recollect.

        So you can see that I tribe has been integral to our winning efforts in the history of the U17 WC!

        Get your facts before exposing your naivety and ignorance in public!

        You may complete the list Mr. ROHAR showing us how only teams dominated by your ‘super tribe’ have succeeded in bringing home the coveted trophy.

        • FatherJP 3 years ago

          **you can see that all**

        • Naija Man 3 years ago

          #11 was Matthew Edile. You should have asked him what our #9 Ubani has achieved so far?

    • FatherJP 3 years ago

      Can you just listen to yourself again @ ROHAR?? @ Anokwuru who commented before you reasonably and objectively is IGBO as his name implies. It’s cos of people like you who suffer low self esteem and from inferiority complex that this country is still struggling to get going.

      Manu Garba was the coach in 2013 where Kel Iheanacho an Igbo guy was the MVP…

      Yemi Tella was the coach when Christantus Macaulay an Hausa boy was top scorer and Lukman Haruna the captain. Tella by the way was Yoruba as Garba is Hausa.

      No tribe can claim Monopoly of success and should not even try to claim as the objective is NIGERIA!

      It’s Golden Eaglets of Nigeria not of Igbo, Hausa, Bini, Tiv or Yoruba!

      The less we are quick to throw up tribsl and ethnic coloration to everything the better for we all!

      Amunike went with a team almost entirely made up of IGBOS and we all happily supposed the team cos NIGERIA winning was the objective foe all supporters.

      Garba is an Hausa, President of Naija an Hausa, NFF boss a Waffi man. If the team is dominated by Yorubas then the coaching crews must have seen what we don’t know.

      Mind you, about 40% of this team’s regulars lost out in the dying minutes through MRI SCAN.

    • Kweli 3 years ago

      When he wins, no one cries tribalism. Tribe only rears its ugly head when a team loses. His 2013 boys had one of the most exciting teams of this U-17 tournament breaking many records and receiving many awards, including best player, golden boot, best goalkeeper and fair play award. Were you hiding at that time?

      • Godwins 3 years ago

        Hope you do check the composition of the 2013 team. This present team is not good..

  • Chris 3 years ago

    Can I bring back ‘the Jersey jinx’ issue here? This is a flip side view though!

  • Ololo 3 years ago

    I’m Ibo and I know Ibos are very good in football but I won’t downplay other tribes.. Every tribe has contributed one way or the other to every of our success in football as a nation.

    But this team if we are sincere to ourselves is not the best Nigeria has got to offer.. Olusegun should be benched, he is not a team player and again why didn’t we get to see the bichhi guy, this is not the manu garba I know whose team plays so well..
    There is something fundamentally wrong with this team, I know they are young but we have seen better u 17 sides in the past. Anyway I wish them well

  • Ololo 3 years ago

    The fact that a bichhi made the squad shows manu garba is no longer the man we use to know… This is nigeria, when did rich men children starts playing football in a poverty stricken nation as ours.. Most footballers are those who didn’t go to school or children of very poor home, football is not cheses it requires so much energy and strength.
    Which rich man would release his son to play street football in this country when kidnapping is the order of the day.. Don’t tell me he is an academy in China.. Can you compare china and Nigeria when it comes to football, did china qualify for this world cup,
    If garba would compromise in his Team selection it means he is no longer serious in bringing the best legs for us… After this tournament he should go.. He has lost the zeal he had before

    • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

      Good talk bro but if I may ask if Kanu’s or Okocha’s kids decide to play soccer one day are we going to ask why rich men’s kids are playing soccer? When a kid especially d ones raised outside d shore or Nigeria decide on their passion as parents you don’t have any choice but to support dia ambition. Please don’t get me wrong i know exactly what u meant but generalizing that bcos a kid has a Rick parent there are some things d kid is not supposed to do. Davido’s dad a rich and singing typically is confine to poor children right but Davido is one of d most successful artist in Africa if not globally (maybe dats a stretch). Again am not saying d Abba made d list on merit but I can’t say he didnt either cos I was not in camp but considering d timing and position of d father that too can’t be completely ruled out. There is a Nigerian boy dat plays for Japan called Joel Chima a very fantastic player and based on ur analysis if he had opted to play for 9ja instead of Japan he would have deemed not good enough based on where he is located. NFF should look dis boys way as well as another Nigerian dat plays for Italy (Udogie). Both players are midfield with wicked left foot dat are instrumental for both dia teams. NFF should start by approaching dia parents about dem representing 9ja at d youth level and then inviting them to the u20 (make sure they are capped tied even if na for 2 mins sef) with some of the current u17 not when they start becoming stars we will start running after them. My take.

  • Ololo 3 years ago

    Pls how many of us noticed after the first game he now makes only two changes, even in the game against equedor after the early change in the first half he made only 1 extra substitution.. This shows he is not so confident on those at the bench… He brought the main players and took chaff as the rest.. Now his main players are beginning to disappoint he is going to be in trouble.. Ubani has flopped, segun has flopped,, even his amoo is going away slowly,, no body for bench… His nyash would be exposed soon

    • Naija Man 3 years ago

      He did the same thing benching Iheanachi, Nwakali and Success at 2015 U20 WC in New Zealand. You all keep referring to ABBA Bichi, I get that. But what about the #10? Have you ever heard of any team where their #10 is a bench warmer? 
      As you rightly pointed out, Ubani has failed to deliver. Our 5 & 6; very interesting.

      • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

        My broda, in major competitions how many players do u think most coaches use. In most competitions a coach would use no more than 15 players bcos they want the team to blend properly. In basketball 12 players often dress up for d game but no more than 8 actually plays except either if dia team is winning by a huge amount are are being blown out that’s where everyone gets to play or like in d dead rubber game yesterday. Even in our daily places of work, there are some people that u can’t help but ask yourself how they got d job. There is always a mix of very talented people and d not too talented. How many coaches who haven’t qualified dia respective countries for d KO stages have tried more players than Manu I will suspect only a handful but I could be wrong. U mentioned iheanacho and success at the u20,If u remember it was awoniyi day was d main goal machine for d team then banging in goals left right and center, was Manu to sit awoniyi and play iheanacho dat until few weeks to d tournament he was injured or playing for the u23s of man city (if my memory serves me right). I am not saying Manu is infallible as we all are but there are things going on in camp that we are not privy to. i tot ifeanyi Mathew is a better player than Kingsley Sokari but d coach elected for sokari cos he played very well at d Ifeanyi Ifeanyi at the u20 Afcon which to me made sense. My take

  • We are NIGERIA! We support one another!
    When we talk about the hard workers… we’ll mention:
    Garba Lawal, he forced zubizarreta to an own goal in France 98, His goal sink Ghana in quarter final 2002, also Ahmed Musa, the only Nigerian to have scored brace in two world cups.
    The most decorated: King Kanu,Okocha, Mikel..my take: the make things happen from the rare to the finishers..
    The all time scorers: Yekini,Odegbami, Yakubu, Uche, Martins, Ighalo, Aghahowa, now… Osimhen is coming up..
    The best Goalkeepers…
    Ogedegbe, Rufai, Enyeama, Shorunmu, Ikeme etc
    Watch well bro..
    All tribes contibute

  • Godwins 3 years ago

    This team is the worst I have seen recently. Nigeria is always good in this stage with over age players or not.

    No matter what we say, Igbo dominated teams have given us more joy and trophies in this grade. We should leave quota system out and go get our best players where they are.

    This under 17 team lacks discipline both from the players and the coaches.
    It will take a miracle for them to win this cup.

  • Only babies talk about tribes when we are talking about serious issues like this. I am a friend to a lot of ibos who dont behave like babies just like the guy who posted soemthing on ibos and tribes here.

    That apart, 40% of this team were disqualified at the last minute, we should understand why they are playing like this. They will get better. If they dont win, no be sin ooo.

    • FatherJP 3 years ago

      Fhis is obviously a man who isn’t only matured and rational, but alao someone who clearly has been following this team right from its qualifiers days.

      Only immature tribal bigots will bring up tribalism here.

      Most people just write spurrious, unverifiable and sensational posts here. Godwin claims teams dominated by igbos do well in this championship without facts and figures like the ones i posited.

      2003 team to Finland was dominated by igbos but cudnt make it out of the group’s stage. Go dig out the squad you tribal apologists; Ogbuke, Mikel Obi,etc….yet Mikel and Ogbuke ended up having successful careers compared to most of those who finsihed second two years earlier in Trinidad and Tobago!

    • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

      Thanks bro, must we win the cup? other countries came to Brazil to come watch abi not to win. I tot we all agreed that we are fed up using elderly men to execute youth competition as developing players is d watch word. The fact that some expect this team to play like Barca and liverpool without given dia opposition opportunity to play is truly sad. How do teams score goals, most times it’s as a result of mistakes. Profesdional players playing for big teams way older than these LITTLE BOYS make many elementary mistakes similar or worse than these guys but we don’t complain about them d way we do dis team. People saying if this team meets a more tactical team like Spain, France, Brazil etc they will be exposed, ok if u say so. But players from these countries play for teams like Barca, real Madrid, Juventus, PSG, Flamengo, Fluminese etc with established soccer philosophy better facilities etc so no doubt about it they may on paper be better technically but we have to use d attribute we have which is our God giving talent and our physical play. Again I still say that this team is very talented albeit some minor mental lapses in defense and some selfishness that is expected of any 17 yrs old the team will be unstoppable. Even if this team doesn’t go far,,anyone comparing these set of players with Aigboun’s u21 team is just blind. Have we played any game in Brazil where we haven’t dominated in all aspects of the game except the scoreline against Australia in a game we had nothing to lose. Time will tell where dis players end up but I know for a fact if these guys are not from 9ja dia praises will be very loud. We should as a people appreciate more what we have. How many guys here at 17 can say they play better than d guys currently playing for d eaglets. No come with d talk say when I dey school na 1st I dey carry talk lol.