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Live Blogging: Australia Vs Nigeria (2019 FIFA U17 World Cup)

Live Blogging: Australia Vs Nigeria (2019 FIFA U17 World Cup)

Welcome to Completesports.com’s live blogging of the 2019 FIFA U-17 World Cup Group B clash between Australia and Nigeria

Stay tuned here for the live updates of the proceedings as they unfold at the Estadio Bezerrao, Brasilia

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  • Jimoh 2 years ago

    Any reliable link please?


  • Proudly 9ja 2 years ago

    Australia 1 up but we are tormenting them. The players brought in are not good enough honestly. The Australians are no pushovers they are very good on d ball. The dominated Hungary with silky passes coming back from 2 down to tie 2 apiece but 9ja has to do better in d game tho, we have had plenty chances but couldn’t convert. The erdun and olawale are pretty poor to be honest. Olesegun is too desperate to score he should learn to pass more. Fullbacks need to know dia jobs firstly is defend but they tend to bomb forward 4getting dia primary responsibilities. Twice we have conceded empty net goals.

  • Proudly 9ja 2 years ago

    olawale scores for 9ja. 1 apiece. go super golden eaglets

  • Proudly 9ja 2 years ago

    Australia are carving us up ooo to be honest but we are still d better team. We can’t be dis poor defensively against a team like Spain or Japan tho. In games like those Manu will have to tell d fullbacks to stay and defend leaving the attacking to d forwards as those 2 teams are fast and very skilled. That being said I still tip 9ja to win dis game and go far in this tournament. Una see street fighters wen Cameroon carry go worldcup, na pure shaolin dem come do oo. The worst African representative in dis years world cup. Abeg 9ja is blessed with talents.

  • Honestly, Amuneke’s Eaglets are more brilliant and enjoyable to watch. 2013 vs 2015 Eaglets? The latter were more delightful, technical and entertaining. Osimhen, Chukwueze and Nwakali are proof. These Eaglets are so one-directional, predictable and individualistic. Let’s see how far they go, but I’m not very optimistic or excited about their play and style.

    • Naija Man 2 years ago

      Hahaha, just wait until some fans descend on you and label you a fair weather fan. This team is poor! Period!
      A team where number 9 & 10 are warming the bench?

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      Hahahaha…..2015 more entertaining…??? Pls stop being sensational….Lolz

      Are you kidding me…?? You sure didnt watch the 2013 set…go and watch their clips again on youtube.

      They won the whole tournament unbeaten and the least they scored in any match was 3 goals.

      The 2015 team you claim was more technical and more entertaining even lost one of their group games enroute winning the tournament and didnt score as many goals.

  • Hello guys please is there any reliable link to watch the match online. Please help out

  • Proudly 9ja 2 years ago

    1st half done. The game has been end to end stuff, the Australian team is really giving the 9ja team a run for dia moni. We need to do much better, the boys need to be told to be less selfish and give d assist. When we are being attacked the defenders are busy balkwatching instead of defending dia man dats how they got dia 1st goal. It almost happened in a couple other occasions. Am not sure how semhedrack tanko and oduko didnt make d final 21 but the olawale, erdun, etim and even adeniyi made this team and those two didnt. They must have shown more hunger and drive during camping. This would have been an ideal game for Ubani, Manu should learn to play dat boy as a top 9 same way he used isaac success and play olusegun just behind him not as a winger. We might end up meeting the Netgerlands in d round of 16 as they may be d best 3rd place team from groups ACD and if that’s happens 9ja need to up dia game as it won’t be easy even though d Senegalese may have just given us d blueprint on how to beat dem. Off all the best 3rd place team only Holland I see troubling 9ja. My opinion

    • Naija Man 2 years ago

      Go and look at the statistics. The Australians have 50% more attempts at goals than our guys (at least the last time I checked).

  • Proudly 9ja 2 years ago

    Australia 2 and 9ja 1

  • Gajere 2 years ago

    This is the most selfish Nigerian team I have seen for a long time. Everybody wants to be a hero, wants to score. Olusegun is the greatest culprit: very, very selfish. Always opting to shoot when there are team mates in better positions. Don’t let me even get started on the defence.

    • Naija Man 2 years ago

      Shhhhh…please be careful. Don’t let people call you bad names or insult you here:).

  • Proudly 9ja 2 years ago

    Bring on Ubani for olawale quickly abeg Manu.

  • Sunnyb 2 years ago

    This’s the best Nigeria under 17 of all time, who’s willing to bet me this team is coming home with the trophy.

    • They will not good far with what i have Seen so far. When they meet teams like Spain or Brazil who are Sound technically,it will be difficult for them.

    • I bet, we’ll  come back with the trophy. In the final Abba Bichi will score a hat trick. 

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    Where is Abba Bichii oooooooo…! we need goals mana

    • Naija Man 2 years ago

      Well, you keep shouting Abba Bichii; what about the #10 that has been warming the bench since the tournament started? Or the #9 that has performed way below Osimhen’s record? I said it here when they played their first match that this is the worst U17 we have ever produced in recent memories.

      • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

        The worst U17 we have ever produced has just topped their WC group scoring 8 goals in the process and qualified for the next round. How they are the worst when some u17s never even qualified for the U17 AFCON beats my imagination

        Is it jersey numbers that score goals…? No 9 has not scored but no 20 has scored 4 in this tournament already.

        If you dont have anything logical or sensible to say apart from your prophesy of doom…. pls go to bed..!



  • Naija Man 2 years ago

    Well, you keep shouting Abba Bichii; what about the #10 that has been warming the bench since the tournament started? Or the #9 that has performed way below Osimhen’s record? I said it here when they played their first match that this is the worst U17 we have ever produced in recent memories.

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      Just look at how happy you are that we lost tonight…? LMAO. Running all over the pls telling everyone you said it…!

      Against Hungary you were made to swallow a large chunk of humble pie and walked away tail between legs…..against Ecuador you disappeared from this forum without trace after the final whistle.

      Just like the enemies of progress that hate G.Rohr you have suddenly found happiness today now that 15 & 16yrs olds lost a match that was inconsequential to their journey in this tournament.

      The Class of 2015 also lost their last group game but still when ahead to win the tournament…so keep celebrating this loss as if it is the end of the world. Lolz

      • Proudly 9ja 2 years ago

        Thank u Drey, well said. Guys come up with ways the team can improve not pulling them down. How can anyone not biased would call this team the worst team in Nigerian history, like u rightly said na # dey play ball? The team that made 4 changes in a game that means zero to dem having already secured top spot. If Manu no give others a chance people will complain. The team just needs to work more defensively and prevent some silly mistakes. Being less selfish will also help the team. I also think Tijani needs to move further up if d team has a viable replacement for his position as he and Amoo look d beat in breaking defenses.

        • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

          Dont mind this one that is ranting all over the place about jersey numbers o. LMAO

          No 9 did not play…no 10 did not play….pls help me ask him whether the persons wearing jerseys 20, 13, 8, 4, 16 and 18 are not playing well or are not scoring goals…?



    • Naija Man 2 years ago

      Yes oooo. We saw it coming and they called us names. But we can all see now that this team does not deserve the trophy. They are very poor. I have been suspicious of Manu Garba since 2015 New Zealand U20 where he failed to go beyond the group the stage with the same set of boys he took to the U17 WC 2 years prior.
      Can you imagine a team where #10 is warming bench? A team where their #9 is not feared by the opposing team? I still remember the counter attack that led to the first goal against Mexico in the final: from Alampasu to Mohammed to Iheanacho to Awoniyi to Yahaya before it finally turned to an own goal. Very beautiful stuff to watch and remember!

      • Abeg both of you can stop watching the team. You can read there result in the newspapers or come back to CSN to get update. This are young kids bound to make mistakes. You don’t expect them to perform magic overnight

        • My friend stop this they are just kids and bound to make mistakes rap and call a spade a spade

        • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

          I tire o..! If they are still stuck in 2013 and still want to see 2013 team they should go to youtube.

          This is 2019 and a new generation. Now every generation will be like the next one. If they are not pleased with this generation they should watch Aljazeera instead….LMAO

  • Run run run…..no shape to the team. Defensively very poor. Disciplined play still a huge problem for this team.

  • JimmyBall 2 years ago

    …anybody who knows football will be quick to realise that the team selection was highly compromised and the players are not the best we can assemble… Why is the water bottle picker Abba Bichi not playing? Very useless conutry without a functional football league…

  • The worst team ever. They full of no brain. Ohhhh what a waist of resources. When will this politics of Buhari Will stop operating? Please go for nothing but loosing

  • Chudynak 2 years ago

    This team has not been impressive. I doubt if they will progress beyond the round of 16. True champions do not lose to average teams

  • A game not well executed by Manu. Amoo is good coming off the bench. The defense is still poor. We need to be better defending especially now that we are meeting tougher opponents. I believe its a great idea to bench ubani, so has to regain his confidence. Olusegun is very self, there were several opportunities to lay a pass to olawale and he kept shooting into the air. Well i wish them luck. Just worried that technically sound teams will defeat us

  • Proudly 9ja 2 years ago

    Very good display by the Australians they were very fortunate in dis game. Nigeria is a very good side regardless of the result. These boys are good and will keep growing. They didnt lose today but rather they learnt some valuable lessons today which will help them going forward. We created the most chances and were just unfortunate not to finish dia chances. A team that creates these amount of chances it just a matter of time b4 they start clicking. Neutrals would enjoy this game and it was a load of fun but cos 9ja expectations are just too high people will say the team is no go. Again we dominated them with lots of d playing on dia own half. I can’t blif am saying this but opeyemi and etim were missed today. Manu needs to tell Olusegun that he could be a facilitator and he doesn’t need to score to be an MVP he could have dat roaming role like Amoo but further forward. He and Ubani should help each other by looking for each other on d field. Regulars should return next game. Kudos to d boys, many never expected u to make it out of d group as group leaders and since it the KO stage now anything can happen. Winning is in our DNA but not a birthright. Again good job boys, go rest, regroup and work on some minor mistakes and u will be very ok. Constructive criticism will go a long way in helping these LITTLE boys grow.

  • I am not going to blame the players at all because you can’t give what you don’t have. This was the same way they played during the qualifiers – one direction, overzealous or energy football, and very selfish play. This are characteristics that the coach should have pruned before the tournament. The only thing I can sa is that Manu Garba has not improved at all. He may have won this cup once but his subsequent performances both at Under 20 and this Under 17 does not show improvement at all!

    • Ndubuisi 2 years ago

      You have spoken well my friend only those that watch match without sentiment will tell you that this team is very poor. I saw this coming and if they manage to win the next match they will meet their waterloo in the quarter finals. Selfish play and lack ideas to win a tactically sound team. However they improved from their two previous games even though they won both. I repeat over 70% of this players has no business in Brazil.

    • Proudly 9ja 2 years ago

      Really bro na wa ooo, he only coached the u20 once and was crown African champions. He went to d worldcup and lost to Germany with better facilities to improve as a footballer by just 1 goal. His only black spot was not qualifying 9ja for one u17 competition. Remember Amuneke also didnt qualify 9ja for u20 and didnt do too well with Tanzania at d recently concluded Afcon does dat mean he hasn’t improved? I respectfully disagree that he hasn’t improved. The truth is countries are improving but we are regressing.

      • When I talk of improvement, I look at it holistically – players Garba have produced since he won the Under 17 and how his subsequent teams have played. I also look at his man management skills (I bring into consideration the team he managed and the players he took to the Under 20 world cup).
        I started my comment by saying, “I will not blame the players.” I say this because at this level more impact on the team is needed from the coach. This is a youth tournament and the players are still learning. So, the coach is still expected to teach them the basics. But if the players show so much selfish play to the detriment of the team, then, the problem is that of the coach.
        We may talk about how the Europeans and Americans (South and North) have all the facilities, but to date, Nigeria is still head and shoulder above all countries at under 17 and this is in-spite of the facilities all the other big name football countries have. So, when we look holistically at Garba’s performances, I still say that he is not improving (he does not have to win all competitions before we can agree that he is improving). Manu Garba’s overall subsequent performances after the Under 17 cup he won should be used to determine if he is improving or not.

  • Abeg both of you can stop watching the team. You can read there result in the newspapers or come back to CSN to get update. This are young kids bound to make mistakes. You don’t expect them to perform magic overnight

  • Pls tell me which of this players will u pick as the next big thing for 9ja. The answer is capita NO one.

    • Ndubuisi 2 years ago

      A good question @Lotanna? May be I watched a different match from what some respected analyst in this forum watched. Why celebrate mediocrity when we have better players not given chance. Still waiting for Bichi to get a look in. This is the worst U17 ever.

  • Andrew 2 years ago

    I am proudly Nigerian but i must say, i saw a team (Australia) determined to win. Every pass they made had a purpose, a nation known more for rugby took Nigeria to the cleaners. Like i stated after we won against Ecuador, this team is not right.

    I watched the whole 94 minutes and what i saw did not change from what i felt after the Ecuador team. I predicted that if we met a team that knew how to defend, throwing all the 10 players to try and score a goal would be a tall order. I saw the same disjointed play, defending like 10 year old and in front of goal, no composure. The hat trick hero from the Ecuador game strutted around like he was Ronaldo and the so called Messi like player does not deserve to be in any team. We have got to the knock out phase, now lets see how far they would go. If i were to predict, i would say the quarter final.

    Lets all accept the fact that the boys on this team got there through their God fathers and the coach not being ambitious enough to say no when players were being faced on him… i pray for my country!

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    This was a significant result for the Joeys, not only for its immediate value in potentially securing their qualification to the Round of 16 as one of the best third-place sides, but also for its historical value.

    This was the first win for Australia against Nigeria at their seventh attempt in the U-17 world finals. Australia coach Trevor Morgan will be delighted by the form of Botic. The forward has scored four of Australia’s five goals at Brazil 2019, and if they secure qualification to the knockout stage, he will be a player Morgan will know he can rely on to deliver.

    Already qualified for the last 16, Nigeria showed the quality and talent they have in their side despite the result. They were thwarted by an inspired Australian defence led by goalkeeper Adam Pavlesic, who made multiple saves on the evening.

    Nigeria head coach Manu Garba will be pleased with his team’s response after going down early when Peter Olawale, who was making his debut, equalised in the 21st minute with a terrific curled, left-footed shot from the edge of the box.

    However, the Golden Eaglets are going to want to improve on their finishing in the knockout stage as they failed to be clinical in front of goal in a game when they registered 34 shots in total.

    culled from FIFA.com

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      FIFA’s Technical Study Group said “Nigeria showed the quality and talent”, overzealous fans claim there is zero talent in the team.

      Match Stats
      Aus Ngr
      11 TOTAL SHOTS 34
      5 ON-TARGET 11
      4 OFF-TARGET 14
      2 BLOCKED 9
      0 WOODWORK 1
      11 SAVES 3

      With the kinds of comments you read here, you will think the stats on the left hand side are for Nigeria.

      Little children are playing football and so people are here running around the place, telling everyone “I said it…I said they would loose”.
      What a shame…!

      • We just have some noise makers in this forum. People who act like they have been coaches all there lives, or select better players. It is really a difficult task selecting youth players. This boys are great going forward. The coach has to just work on the defense lapses

  • Dr drey did you even watch the match? Which stat are you telling me pls. Did you see the way those austrialian boys where balling. Guy that is what we call fooball down here in the east nt physical football that this ur eaglet are playing. To selfish n one way football. See if nt for physicality guy i tell u thay wud hv been out.bt anyway round 16 u go no. Bcs i no you hv nt been watching other groups. Go n ask cameroon what happened to them. Bcs thay are almost out bcs thay meet better teams that can detect there african physicality with no football sense.well from my observation u must b a yoruba guy. Bcs u ppl to like sentiment.just look at that australian team u can pick like 5 good players .common australia while 9ja none

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      No…I didnt watch the match. It was you I watched…not the match.

      The Australian boys were balling…? Pls were is the evidence of that in the match stats. So our own players did not ball….or all those saves the Australian goalie was making, it was not ball he was catching…it was udara or agablumo.

      IF not for physicality we would have been out…but we are top of our group…does that add up…?? IS physicality not part of the game…? Is every team not meant to use what they have to their own advantage…???

      What did Cameroon achieve with their own physicality…..they lost to Taji-who…Tajikistan (pls whc country is that one sef), and also to Argentina and are out of the tournament. They have only managed to score 1 goal in this tournament…but our own so-called one way tactless team without any talent has scored 8 goals and topped their group and will be in R16 wen the round commences.

      The Australian team that you are eulogizing so much is even 3rd in the group failing to beat teams we beat. They way you and your cohorts talk, one would think it is Nigeria that is 3rd in the group and Australia 1st.

      So it is your own nameless tribe where you come from you dont like sentiment…? Lolz. I’m sure its bcos not many players from your tribe werent picked by the coach, that is why y’all have been up against arms at him, looking for every opportunity to denigrate him and his team.

      Yes the team has its faults, yes, yes their defense has been a headache, yes they will have themselves to blame for selfish play, poor finishing. But they have also played quite well worthy of commendation.

      The only weak link in the team is the defense and that I blame the coach squarely for, because he is forcing children to play a 3 man defense tactic that even professional players with all their experience find difficult to implement.

      If they can learn to calm down and play more together, while instructing the wing backs to limit the frequency at which they bomb forward they this team will be unplayable.

      11 shots on target showed the Australian’s goalkeeper was having probably his best day in office.

      All these your destructive criticisms and ‘Pull-Them-Down’ syndrome wouldn’t lead anywhere.

      You and you likes claim there’s not talent in the team but reports we are hearing from the team’s camp is that the management if the team is having a tough time warding off scouts who are lining up at the team’s base to have contact with the kids.

      How Ironic….!

      • Proudly 9ja 2 years ago

        Bro u just killed it. Nothing more to add. People predicting this team won’t make it out of d group stages have change tone to 2nd round, Eaglets they have given u another hurdle to scale through, go there and fly over that hurdle. Scouts everywhere are lining up for Said’s signature, scouts asking questions about Hamzat not to talk about Tijani and Amoo we hear Arsenal and Real Madrid are already drawing up contractual agreements lol and the team is poor. A blind man would see that there is talent here. See how we tormented them, Nigeria will be a hard nut to crack for sure weda na against a tactically discipline team or not. Again congrats to d boys for topping dia group and on to d next round. Just keep working hard for each other, eliminate some silly mistakes, be less selfish and ur efforts will be rewarded. Let’s go super golden eaglets. I personally am very proud of u.

        • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

          Its their ethnic bigotry that is making them think upside down. I’ve been observing their comments for a while now and their real intentions and grievances are gradually coming to the light.

  • Lol which scout’s ,thay said lol!! May b scout’s from kano pillers, jigawa starts huasa tigers lol. Bro we no where thay normaly ends.pls where is yahaya the over hyped player during iheanacho era. And all the hausa players thay took then or better still where are those northan players during nwakali,chukwueze and osimehen era or doing wifred ndidi era. Brother truth be told person way no good no good.its only musa thay hv produced and even that  one self can play like robot sometimes. Dr drey i no that must igbo guys where not pick do to tribe issue. Bt letter on nah we still go they produce the main player for 9ja mark my word . Bk to the scout stuff seems u hv 4goten that during ihenacho era everybody was hearing that mancity and porto where going for him even during mikel obi era manchester united and chelsea where fighting for him while he was still in holland. N some pot belle NFF are using that ur small brain n ur dr.dont worry kano pillars will sign most of them

  • Gracious me, these boys loss to their selfishness and their lack of team spirit and sense of duty.
    The coach has to be very harsh on them and their selfishness, and they need to switch to 4-4-2 instead of 4-3-3 since they don’t have good recovery.
    They have conceded two open net tap-in goals.
    They must stop conceeding first or else they will be out fast like today, against Australia.
    I am really mad at this stupid loss.

  • Dr. Drey, please tell me. Talking of scouting our boys, is ABBA Bichi moving to Manchester United or is it Arsenals?

    • For ur info. The boy ABBA niche plays for an academy outside of nigeria

  • Nicholas . A 2 years ago

    The truth is that our team is not technically sound,just that some of our boys are good individually. They are using power play but lacked cohesion and team play. Their play was characterized with faulty passes and most times with faulty runs especially when they are on offensive. The coach should please tell them not to be in a haste and stop being greedy in passing the ball to more positioned player to score . That they should always attack their opponent through the wings to enable them open up their opponent’s defence area for the strikers have space to operate .