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Brazil Hold First Training Session In Kallang Ahead Super Eagles Friendly

Brazil Hold First Training Session In Kallang Ahead Super Eagles Friendly

The Selecao of Brazil held their first training session on Monday afternoon at the Singapore National Stadium, Kallang, ahead of their upcoming international friendlies against African opponents, Senegal and Nigeria, Completesports.com reports.

The five-time world champions will first face the Teranga Lions on Thursday, October 10 before squaring up with the Super Eagles three days later.

Paris Saint Saint-Germain star, Neymar Jr, Roberto Firmino, Phillipe Coutinho and Dani Alves were among the players that took part in the session.


Neymar, who took time to sign autographs for fans on arrival on Monday morning was among the early arrivals in the team’s camp alongside Firmino, Fabinho, Eder Militao, Richarlison, Casemiro and Lucas Paqueta.

His PSG teammates, Thiago Silva and Marquinhos also reported to camp early for the game.

The Nigeria versus Brazil international friendly will kick off at 1pm Nigerian time on Sunday, October 13.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Williams 5 years ago

    Very anxious to see this match
    God spare our lives

  • Rasmos 5 years ago

    Nigeria will train only on Friday yet want to beat Brazil

    • Kweli 5 years ago

      Correct, bro. The Brazilians are taking this game seriously, but our boys are acting as though they are playing a second division EPL team. When are we ever going to wake up? From our attitude you would think we were the 5-time world champions.

  • Dominic 5 years ago

    Please when Nigeria starting there own training

  • Greenturf 5 years ago

    Hmm!I see danger,Brazil starting training already on Monday unbelievable yet we are talking of having a good result against a disciplined,committed and talented five times world champion hmmmm…I might not even see that game to save myself some stress.
    I bet our big boys are still at their basis or even in Nigeria chilling with their side chicks and you want to win Brazil ogbele o!Chukwu nyere anyi aka biko kwa.
    Everyone can see the organisation and sound logistics by the Brazilian f.a. and the willingness the relentless efforts and passion from the major actors on the pitch.
    This are some of the reasons they have been victorious the most at world level.
    May God help us.

    • Greenturf 5 years ago

      Oops!at their base

    • Pompei 5 years ago

      Greenturf, you speak Igbo today? Lol, the problem don hook you for throat. My brother, God will not help us if we refuse to help ourselves. Na like dis we go take win Brazil? Make we dey parambulate up and down. On match day, go know how far!

  • Pompei 5 years ago

    I hope our training camp opens by Wednesday, at the latest. We need to take this match seriously. Getting hammered by Brazil will not be good for us. On a good day, our boys can give Brazil a good game. A win is not impossible, although unlikely. But we have to show up, and put in a solid shift. A half hearted, lackadaisical display will be ruthlessly punished by the Samba Boys. Let’s hope our guys are fired up for thie herculean task.
    I also have some concern about Aribo. I would hate for his injury to be aggravated, or for him to be put in harm’s way, because of a friendly. Let the medical people check him thoroughly. If there is the slightest doubt, he should sit this one out. His full recovery is what we need. There will be many other matches for him in the future.
    I trust that coach Rohr is ready for battle. Best wishes to the team!

    • See the way the guys are enjoying themselves, sharpening their swords. They are so comfortable you’d think football is made in Brazil! And our boys will only have one training session to face such a dreadful squats. NFF is so arrogant they try to disprove what years of psychological research has proven: actual performance is tied to practice. 

      In Nigeria, cow mentality holds sway. 

  • Lord AMO 5 years ago

    Guys lets be realistic with our criticism.  Remember Brazil plays senegal on thursday which is why it makes sense for them to be in camp this early.  We dont play until Sunday.  Yes we do need to start camp soonest but trying to make it seem as if we are fumbling is not fair to our handlers.

    My own two kobo

  • Omo9ja 5 years ago

    See the level of their commitments and seriousness. Our team is not even in the camp yet and we are expecting miracle on that day abi?

    I will blame NFF for this. Your team is about to play with one of the powerhouses in football and your team should be fully prepared but I understand that they just organized the friendly match to covered their mess. Big game without a good plan is a totally a big problem and humiliation.

    If Brazilian team eventually humiliates our team like the popcorn putting into the microwave chai, I will hold NFF and the coach for it o. Gid bless Nigeria!!!

  • Obozuwa 5 years ago

    Time of arrival is also part of a friendly match schedule, because most times it is the host team that pays for the flight or/and accommodation of the invited team. If this happen to be the case, Nigeria can camp elsewhere before going to Singapore.

    • Kayzee 5 years ago

      There is no excuse for Nigeria not to be in camp by now especially when some of the players are new invitees. Even if we train hard/ early I exoect to only have a respectable beating. But now, Hope Brazil will not disgrace SE on Sunday?

  • Rasmos 5 years ago

    You are very right
    . Moreso Brazil would already be hotter after their Senegal Match

  • This will be a tough one indeed. Even though it is just a friendly, it should mark as a measuring stick for our boys. Good Luck

  • Just imagine the squad assembled to face African war ships…. Hmmmnnn, no doubts, our fears.
    But come to think of it, they have a game on Wednesday and on Friday they have another with Naija. Our team will definitely blend and with dedication, its gonna be a lovely game.

  • Ololo 5 years ago

    Guys calm down.. It’s on training schedule that training starts on Wednesday evening.. We play on Sunday and we have solid three days to train together which is very okay. After Thurday game Brazil players would rest for a day before resuming training..
    Resting the muscles is vital for players

  • Abdul 5 years ago

    Hmmmn…..One of the suffs that have bothered me lately remains our thinking faculty as a nation and our swift judgements. A report relayed that Brazilian team started training on monday because they have matches on thursday and sunday, and almost everyone is calling for the heads of the Nigerian management and kudosing the Brazilians. First, Nigeria Brazil match is sunday, why should Nigerian team be on camp on monday when the players have not even rested from their various weekend activites, sencond, this is a friendly match where the coaches get to see the physicalities of their thoughts through the tools within their reach. I am not saying this match is not important, but the lessons that lies in those 2 hours will give be a bunch of convictions years to come. Irrespective of what happens, afteral we don’t match the football luxuries of the brazilians, but we want to see hungers, the dareness, the approach and the love for this great nation in the faces of our representatives.
    Also, since im commenting today, i feel like sharing my own view on the frequent questions on Mr Rohr’s technicality. For sure, Rohr is actually not the world best presently, but i think he has upsurged some levels of standard and give a brand new look to the super eagles. Eagles are now more attractive than in the last few years that we get calls for great A friendlies. In my own view, this is a recognition we deserve and if this continues eagles may soon be a true team to reckon with in global football scene. However, i also don’t like it when he talks us down prior to matches, but many of his results are no matches to those words. My current fear is the poor state of our local league and grassroot football, as in, for how long are we going to keep waiting for european countries to keep recruiting for our national team. Its a shame, and we need to understand there is more to just bearing Nigerian name, it goes down to how you feel. One love Naija.

  • Howard 5 years ago

    Calm down fellas, we’re going to win this one. Or, at least we’ll have an excuse of not enough preparation. Stop loosing sleep, in Naija, the more things change, the more they remain the same.

  • Pompei 5 years ago

    Hmmm, some people here are worried about the thinking faculty of the nation. They should instead start with worrying about their own thinking faculty. Is Brazil Tahiti? If we open camp on Monday to give us an extra 2 days training, is that a bad thing? Why is unseriousness woven into the fabric of our being, so much so that some are comfortable making excuses? These are the TIME DEY people. I say kudos to those of us who imbibe the TIME NO DEY attitude. Especially when the opponent we are meeting is an in form Brazil, current COPA AMERICA champions. It would have been in our best interest if we respect Brazil by opening camp early, to give ourselves more time to prepare. Preparation is key to surviving this game.

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