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Ghana Knocks Nigeria Out Of 2022 CHAN

Ghana Knocks Nigeria Out Of 2022 CHAN

Despite a dramatic fight back from the home-based Super Eagles of Nigeria, it was not to be as they lost on penalties to the Black Galaxies of Ghana and miss out on qualification for the 2022 Africa Nations Championship (CHAN), Completesports.com reports.

The Black Galaxies surrendered their 2-0 first leg lead as Zulkifilu Muhammed and Chijioke Akuneto scored in the second half to drag the game to penalties.

However, the Black Galaxies picked themselves up from the disappointment of surrendering their lead and won 5-4 on penalties.

It is the Black Galaxies’ first qualification for CHAN since the 2014 edition in South Africa.

For the home-based Eagles they have now missed back-to-back edition of CHAN.

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After a goalless first half, the home-based Eagles pulled a goal back in the 76th minute through Muhammad.

And in the 94th minute Akuneto grabbed the equalizer to send the game into the lottery of penalties.

And in the shootouts the Black Galaxies converted all their kicks while the home-based Eagles missed one of theirs to crash out.

Recall the Black Stars stopped the Super Eagles from qualifying for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

By James Agberebi

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  • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

    Well done Nigeria! It was a good comeback fight but I guessed the God of football is with us!

    Btw, Nigerians should join hands with us to petition fifa to take this bullshit qualifiers out! What’s a heck is wrong us as Africans?

    The world ll continued to scorned at us as Africans simply because we are BACKWARDS!!

    Putting Ghana, Nigeria and I coast in the same qualifying group is nonsensical and beyond human comprehension!!

    Benin and Togo wldnt qualified to any tournaments again because they ll always be eliminated either by Ghana, Nigeria or I coast!! But I guessed their silly, corrupted fa members were there when caf came up with this bull crap format!!

    Sometimes when u looked at how Africans reasoned in all spheres of life, it seems we have no senses at all but we can’t blamed ourselves always but our corrupted officials esp from Ghana and Nigeria!!

    Our two fas presidents are bent on being ASS KISSERS to the caf president rather than tell him to do the right thing!!

    U see whenever we Ghanaians tell Nigerians to sit up, u ll see some stupid Nigerians ll come up with their ignorant excuses! 

    Has Nigeria ever headed caf presidency before? Hell no!
    Same as Ghana as too but we have a caf president from small Africa nations!!

    Ghana ll continue to beat Nigeria till Nigerians wake up and play their roles!!

    Sit up Nigerians and join us to fight this stuoid system

    • John-I 2 years ago

      Congratulations to Ghana, they should go and win the cup. I’m partly Ghanaian, so I no lose lol

    • ovoke ogheneovo 2 years ago

      You made a sound point but that does not mean Ghana will continue to beat nigeria.if you look at the statistics very well, out of the five of our national teams (golden eaglet, flying eagles, super falcons, super eagle team B, super eagle team A) that played against Ghana this season, Nigeria won clearly on three occassions, and Ghana luckily and narrowly escaped on two occassions. Nigeria still leads Ghana in Africa football. But for d point u made, you are right, it’s improper to pit two football heavyweight in the same group in qualifiers all the time.

      • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

        All those underage competition are useless competition! Again, last year , Ghana eliminated Nigeria under 20 from  afcon! 

        If u checked the past under 20s records,  Ghana has been beaten Nigeria whenever we meet but I don’t even want to dwell on this too much! 

        Luckily? How was it a luck when Ghana comes to ur turf and eliminates u with about 80,000 supporters in abiola stadium? 

        For Ghana to always come to Nigeria against all odds to and eliminate u, in the presence of ur fans and supporters gives credence to the fact that, Ghana ll always edged Nigeria when it matters most!! The more this happens, the more Ghana ll mastered this act and eliminate Nigeria!

        This is the second time this year they Ghana has come to abuja to eliminate ur senior teams and should this trend continues, Ghana ll be comfortable with it!

        Do u think if the reverse was the case, that Nigeria had to come to Ghana in the two fixtures and beat Ghana, they wldve been able to do that?  Nigeria wldve faltered in those scenarios!!  

        I said it early that, whenever Ghanaians tell Nigerians to sit up and open their eyes, some of u guys will come with some lame excuses and there it’s!!

        Open ur eyes dude and pressure ur fa to do the right thing for us all because as long as these format remains, we ll ALWAYS BEAT NIGERIA regardless whether it’s luck or not!! 

        Ghana vrs Nigeria is a psychological game and GHANA HAS THE EDGE!

        Ghanaians love meeting u and for us, it’s a different ball game for us!! 

        We should fight against caf conspiracy 

    • Moses Inyang 2 years ago

      selfmade Bayelsa Queens of Nigeria has just thrashed ghana 3:0 to win the wafu women tournament and qualify for the caf women champions league ahead of Ghana.you’political’mockery is thus shortlived

      • Greenturf 2 years ago

        Ghana has bossed Nigeria where it matters at men’s senior level not all this female and under age football.
        Like my friend selfmade rightly said,they have the mental strength over us at men’s senior team and i do not see that changing anytime soon not with a football authority that administers us to failure by making poor decisions,they are either hiring the wrong coaches or making late preparations to games,they are the architect of our recent failures with Dare heading that group.

    • Olujjjj 2 years ago

      Ghana lo kan…. Olympic u 23 qualifier is around the corner… So we go again 1st leg in Ghana and 2nd leg in mko . Ghana to go through…

  • seedorf 2 years ago

    I don’t know what the hell is going on with CAF. Why will Nigeria and Ghana be facing each other at this early stage of the qualifier. It is really pathetic. Something drastic must be done on this rubbish format. I simply don’t know who are those that decided on this format.

  • Look at this fool called Obest. What be your problem? Why are you attacking self made? You should understand that when it comes to senior mens football ghana have always had the edge. Talk sense and stop being foolish. It’s just a game you lost.

  • Chudynak 2 years ago

    What is wrong with Nigerian soccer lately? Shambolic U-20 women’s world cup showing, CHAN qualifiers ouster and just a few minutes ago, 4-0 drubbing of Falcons by USWNT in friendly day 1! This is really a handful

  • Baller 101 2 years ago

    @ Obest…Bro, what’s up??? Selfmade King didn’t insult anyone when he dropped his comment. As a matter of fact, I totally agree with him. We should speak out in protest because these 2 giants of African football can’t be facing each other at all times during qualifyers. CAF needs to get it right! Bros I do not support you attacking Selfmade king the way you just did mehn!

    • Sammy 2 years ago

      CAF should emulate the American continent, where all are grouped together in a league form where they presents their top best. But CAF find itself presenting weak team that only only go there to complete the number at the competition. It’s high time this CAF wake up from their slumber.

  • Baller 101 2 years ago

    Lolololol… @Chudynak blame it on NFF! We need to pick the right NFF president/officials that’ll restore our football and bring it back to its glory days. Period!

  • Codex 2 years ago

    I didn’t see this performance coming from the CHAN eagles,must have spoken too soon we’ll deo was right when he said “underestimate coach salisu at your peril” yeah we lost eventually but the performance is admirable and @selfmade is right this so called regional qualifiers isn’t helping African football,you can’t bring a cosafa format to wafu because there are more football powerhouses and with that useless format southern African teams now have a chance to win major African tournaments even east African teams seem to benefit from this as well,if right the conspiracy about ‘limiting’ West African dominance,I’ve been hearing that from their pundits and journalists and they enjoy seeing our teams from West Africa fall,i guess it’s high time we start boycotting these matches so they’ll be able to do better and give us the respect we deserve.

    • Sammy 2 years ago

      This performance brought by the drafting of super eagles Jose Peseiro, to the the team when they came back from Ghana. Having watched the team played he knew what was missing in the team PLAN ‘B’ TACTICAL CHANGE that Nigerian coaches lacked,which he introduced. Believe you me, if he was around with Eguavon when we played the world cup qualifying he should have known how to tweak the game when Eguavon ran out of idea.

  • okponku 2 years ago

    I ‘m just laughing in Nepotism . Tribalism ,Corruption and banditry!!!!
    Are you guys blind or what? Can’t you see that nothing works out in this contraption called Nigeria which has been expired since 2014?

  • Chibuike 2 years ago

    That Abuja stadium will continue to give Nigeria badluck until NFF eyes will clear. Bribe and corruption will not allow those coaches chose raw talented who dose not have money to bribe their way to national teams and club side. Nowadays if you don’t have money to bribe. They will not chose you. Talented Boyz full lagos and other state.

  • Mercy 2 years ago

    Better luck next time, nigeria. My hearts to the nigeria girls in Ghana hustling to make a living. Though don’t like what they doing. Both Ghana and Nigeria are victims of poor leadership in all areas. we should be playing each other in the qauters or semi. Like the South America format..

  • Fetch 2 years ago

    Nigerians will never forget this Ghana jersey in particular

  • Congratulations to Ghana and sincerely no hard feelings.Best of luck to them in the tournament proper.

    The chan Eagles redeemed themselves with the regulation time scorelines . Penalties kicks is a lottery that can go either way.

    But sincerely we are tired of Nigeria Vs Ghana games.we may have played close to 10 matches across levels in 2022 alone !.It is becoming monotonous and boring.Am sure ivory coast and Senegal will also eliminate themselves.

    This regional qualifications format must stop as apart from stopping 3 or more great football nations from major competition from West Africa, other smaller nations like Benin, Togo, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Mauritania, Guinea Bissua will never smell any competition .To think that their FA chairmen were there when this decision was taken beat me.

  • Moses Inyang 2 years ago

    selfmade Bayelsa Queens of Nigeria has just thrashed ghana 3:0 to win the wafu women tournament and qualify for the caf women champions league ahead of Ghana.and so your’political’mockery is shortlived

    • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

      I don’t blamed u because u aren’t seeing things clearly 

      Caf is doing all there pairing of Ghana and Nigeria deliberately!

      In the caf champions league draws, teams from Ghana and Nigeria are always given tough opponents during the prelims just to eliminate our clubs from qualifying to the group stages whiles South Africa and Maghreb clubs are always given unknown clubs to qualify easily! U ll always be in the dark because u can’t think deeper 

      When was the last time a Biharis club won the caf champions league? When was the last time, a west African club won the caf champions league? We hardly even qualifies because caf doesn’t want us to qualify and compete

      The same also applies to womens football now!! Liberian club has qualified along Nigeria and guessed what, this sis what caf wants!! Weaker teams from west coast with strong opponents from South Africa and North Africa! Aside Nigeria, do u think that, that Liberian club ll perform at this so called champions league? They are going to her the wiping girls in that tournament

      Now am not making a mockery of Nigeria here but am trying to open ur eyes because too much GARI has destroyed all the cells tho tho lol

      Do u think that, any other African nation wldve qualified against Nigeria in Abuja infront of about 80,000 sold out abuja fans? HELL NO! 

      Not even Egypt or Cameroon wldve pulled such a feat to denied Nigeria their Qatar ticket except Ghana of course because Ghana isn’t AFRAID OF NIGERIA in football!!

      There’s no luck when a team can come to ur turf against all odds and eliminate infront of a sold out fans and u want to know why Ghana ll consistently beat Nigeria?

      Is HISTORY and for ur information, if anyone masters ur history, he has already mastered u PSYCHOLOGICAL and such a foe already has won half of the battle against u!!

      U saw what happened in afcon, it was a disaster for Ghana but we used just  two weeks assembled a team to and we sit eliminated a strong NIGERIAN team which should shows u the psychological warfare am saying here!

      When was the last time Ghana WON A PENALTY but against Nigeria, all our players magically became good penalty takers because in their mind, we can’t lose this match!!

      Caf is doing everything deliberately to destroyed us and is about time u opened ur eyes!!

      People are talking about under 17, 20 etc but Ghana beat and eliminated Nigeria only last year in the caf under 20 tournament! Nigeria are wafu under 20 champions this year because Covid prevented the main fifa one from coming on!!

      Open ur eyes dude 

  • @Moses, selfmade is talking about that fact that you can’t beat us in senior mens football not some micky mouse tournament parading overaged players as U17,U20 etc. You can go ahead and play in all the women’s football World Cups. Ghana wants the real world cup!

  • One has to concede that Ghana’s football association has trumped Amaju Pinnick led Nigeria Football Association where it matters most.

    Congratulations to the management of the men’s senior football teams of Ghana. Hopefully in my lifetime Nigeria never experiences a woebegone period of football management.

    I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to all the wonderful Ghanaian fans out there for not being able to watch the match live. The Nigeria Football Federation will stop at nothing to embarrass themselves and the country so, unavailability of live coverage didn’t come as a surprise to me.

    For the world cup qualifiers, the Ghana Football Association put all its ducks in a row to engage a credible coaching crew to prosecute the match. They provided an aeroplane with stairs facilities for their players to land in Abuja unlike our Amaju Led Football Association who made our players to jump out of the plane literally in Ghana on top of assembling a team of quack coaches – we all saw that happened.

    In this just concluded Chan qualifiers, Ghanaian Football Association was busy lining up “A” Grade friendlies for the Black Galaxies whereas the Amaju led Football Association was twiddling their thumbs and expecting a discredited coach to perform miracles! Yeah right.

    Congratulations to Ghana. Ghanaian Football Association sure knows how to profit from Nigeria’s Football Association’s grotesque management and repugnant approach to planning for encounters.

    The NFF makes me sick.

    They have handed Ghana the initiative and bragging rights over the Super Eagles for many many months to come.

    Well done Ghana, shame on you Nigeria Football Federation for your blueprint of how Not to manage football.

    For the records this current crop of Super Eagles A and teams will crush Ghana on a good day. But under this NFF, a Nigerian team comprising of George Weah, Didier Drogba, Samuel Etoo, Rigobert Song and Yakubu Ayegbeni will always lose to Ghana every day of the week.

    Absolute balderdash!!!!!

    • KangA 2 years ago

      In an earlier post, I lamented that Nigerian soccer fans were becoming ashamed of the NFF. You’ve added a second malaise: “The NFF makes me sick.”

      A pity. Let’s all stay strong and hopeful for a saving grace.

    • Onero 2 years ago

      @deo, you said it all and nothing more to add.
      Amaju Pinnick is a disgrace to himself, his community, Nigeria and Africa in general.He is there for his own selfish interest, looting, showing off his house in Ikoyi, his intimacy with CAF & FIFA presidents, which Nigerian football is dying speedily.
      It is a shame that we cant even win matches in Abuja with a star studded team and now home base players, who used to be very determined

  • Lele O 2 years ago

    When I first saw the list and didn’t see Abiodun Adebayo the best defender in the Nigeria League for almost 5 years now, I knew we won’t qualify. 

    Good luck to Ghana. 

  • AKOGUN JIMBOLA. 2 years ago

    Failure Buhari and his Association of Past Criminals must be voted out of governance before start thinking of any positive results in every aspect of Nigeria system. If not go ahead with the surfer surfer.

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