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UPDATE: Golden Eaglets Crowned 2022 WAFU B Champions After Beating Burkina Faso In Final

UPDATE: Golden Eaglets Crowned 2022 WAFU B Champions After Beating Burkina Faso In Final

The Golden Eaglets have emerged champions of the 2022 WAFU Zone B tournament after beating Burkina Faso 2-1 in the final on Friday, Completesports.com reports.

A brace from Abdullahi Idris secured the win and the trophy for the Eaglets.

Just like the Flying Eagles, the Golden Eaglets are champions of the WAFU Zone B tournament.

The win against Burkina Faso was the coach Nduka Ugbade-led side’s fourth consecutive win at the competition.


Idris opened the scoring in the 23rd minute as he leapt to head in a delightful cross from Emmanuel Michael.

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With four minutes left in the first half Ouedraogo equalized for Burkina Faso after he headed in a cross.

But in the 48th minute Idris grabbed his second goal to put the Eaglets 2-1 up. A free-kick from Michael saw the Burkinabe keeper drop the ball before Idris slotted home the rebound.

Both finalists will represent the WAFU Zone B at the 2023 U-17 tournament in Algeria.

In the third place match played earlier on Friday, Ghana beat Côte d’Ivoire 3-2 to end the campaign on a high.

By James Agberebi

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  • Good win… Let’s build on this and get a few more players to join this guy’s and hopefully we can conquer the world again.

  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 3 months ago

    Look at these people lool!
    I cannot even quantify the level of bogusness Chai!
    So Iwoyi Laaro abi? lool
    Game finish then unu open una apre basket mouth and start leaking old news hehehe!
    Oga o!
    Talk abi medicine after death
    Meanwhile the ghan game was on here – head liner! Posted even before the blasted game even started
    My people, something here simply does not smell right!
    I tell, you that my senses are telling me that it is actually ghan people running this site – So many things I have noticed and keep noticing point to this fact!
    Nevertheless, Khaki will never be leather lojo kojo

  • Nigerian teams keep getting crowned champions right there on Ghanaian soil everytime . Last time, it was the women in 2018 and now our upcoming Eagles in 2022. These must be so, so very painful to big-mouth Yawning Yaw and selfmade idiot.

    The green white green flying high in Ghanaian stadiums and on their TV sets, while their damsels line up with the winners medals with downcast faces to present (whether they like it or YES) the laurels to the victorious Nigerian teams.

    Can’t remember anytime a Ghanaian team was crowned on Nigerian soil. Oh, they’ve actually not won anything since 1982 when Afcon was played by 5 teams and was more or less an invitational tournament. Does that even count? If your team can’t win a spoon in the modern era, they should not be counted among past Afcon winners. SKIP!!!

    U17 – Out
    U20 – Out
    Women – Out
    Men (Cheated SA with a fake penalty and qualified with a draw – not a win -, no thanks to CAF’s old school rules. But waiting to be the first to be bundled out in the hands or on the boots of heavyweights – Portugal, Uruguay and South Korea).

    • Selfmade KING 3 months ago

      KWAISA motherfucker  

      Ghana is going to the wc 

      And u talking about underage 17 lol

      U idiot haha 

      • Akanlo Ede 3 months ago

        Make sure you never comment here again if you don’t want harm to befall you. This is your final warning.

      • Must u abuse him? Always talking nonsense.Dont know y u were allowed to this platform

  • Ayphillydegreat 3 months ago

    Congratulations to the World GoldenEaglets of Nigeria. The most successful U17 team in the world. Now let’s go to Algeria and conquer Africa and then the world. I have a feeling these team is on their way to another U17 WorldCup glory. Though they’re still very young, but they’ve shown character in adversity. 

  • JimmyBall 3 months ago

    Young boys are coming behind yet Ahmed Musa still wants to continue increasing caps for record… his children are already coming to be his team mates in Super Eagles… Let him not respect himself and leave quietly!

    • Seriously, there are so many prodigiously talented lads in this team – from the goalkeeper to the forward lines, even the bench too. Big kudos to Nduka Ugbade. He’s definitely a sound coach with lots of World Cup experience (both as player and coach). I wish he and the most gifted players in the team are gradually integrated into the senior team as soon as practicable.

      On a light note, who knows, with their intelligent coach, the team’s fluid and highly tactical play with an assured goalkeeper who clearly gives 100% focus and presence of mind, this team could have destroyed Ghana (with Osimhen and a couple totally committed players).

  • Chima E Samuels 3 months ago

    Great enthusiasm from the Golden Eaglets. Well-done to Nduka Ugbade using the blue print of Coach Manu Garba. More wins!!!

  • Congratulations to the team and technical crew. But conceding in all your matches should be a thing to worry about and something done. A more technical team may find holes and punish when it matters most

  • MONKEY POST 3 months ago

    Make una rest abeg!

    Only GHANA QUALIFICATION for QARTA WORLD CUP has Overshadowed all these WAFU BULL SH*T…

    • Selfmade KING 3 months ago


      We going to the wc with a huge reward for just one win and people are here jubilating over wafu and underaged competitions hahah 

      Congrats to Nigeria for these exploits but still Ghana is 
      going to Qatar 


      Qualification alone is 12 million DOLLARS!! 

  • Omo9ja 3 months ago

    Congratulations to our Golden Eaglets. They fought very hard to win Burkina Faso today.

    There must be a continuity in this team. They must not relent. We have to rule the world of football again. I am super excited.

    I hope our Super Eagles and Super Falcons players are watching. We are tired of slow motion styles.

    All the national teams of Nigeria have to entertain their fans on the pitch and winning trophies is not negotiable.

    If am not mistaken, Coach Ugbade and his crew built this team few months ago and the team played very well. We don’t give excuses, that the spirit and that is our culture.

    No matter the situation you found yourself as a Nigerian, pray and work very hard and victory is yours. That is the definition of Nigeria.

    More so, NFF should put the right people in our sports and they will get the job done. It doesn’t have to be white coach but our people can do it if chosen the honest and right people. This is what I have been saying all this while kę.

    Amaju Pinnick time will soon come to an end likewise President Buhari.

    We don’t want another Amaju Pinnick in charge of our sports while Nigerians most chosen the right and young president to take Nigeria back from these carbals and oppressors in 2023.

    Nigeria is a great nation no doubt about it but we have to kick our bad leaders out of the system. Fellow Nigerians, please shine your eyes as we are heading to 2023.

    Congratulations to our Golden Eaglets. Congratulations to coach Ugbade and the entire crew of the Golden Eaglets. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • John-I 3 months ago

    Terrific game, non-stop action and total entertainment. The game was a complete package.
    Aboubakar scored the two vital goals but Nigerian keeper, defence and midfield were class.

    Mbata was rash in his challenges but you need his type of brute-character in an African game. He also threaded some lovely defence-splitting passes and was a bundle of energy throughout the game. Okeke is clearly more skillful and technical but Burkina guys would’ve bullied him today, so Ugbade was right.
    Emmanuel Michael was solid. He gave Ousmane Camara the battle of his life. His perfect delivery was expertly connected by Aboubakar.

    The rightback had issues with defending today but luckily, Burkina Faso didn’t utilise his defensive mistakes.
    Okere was superb, that curler would’ve being the goal of the tournament if it had gone in.

    The two centerbacks should be nurtured well. They played with great communication.

    The keeper made a stunning save in the first half off Camara’s freekick. Looks like one for the future.

    The captain was fantastic too, played like a trojan.

    Light Eke seems like the joker but he has some tricks and unpredictable footballing brains.

    Great team. Congrats to them and Ugbade.

    Some Ghanaians love Nigerians, the referee is one of them. His name is Nii, a GA man. Those who live here will understand my drift lol.

    • Selfmade KING 3 months ago

      Stop ur tribalism man!

      Why u saying he is GA MAN!

      He is a Ghanaian and no ga!!

      Tribalism has been our bane in Africa!!

      AFRICA first before tribes!!

      • Omo9ja 3 months ago

        @Selfmade KING, we are solidly behind Ghana as Nigerians to make Africa proud. Nigeria can’t be at the world cup every four years but the most important thing is to support all the representatives. The image of Africa is at stake.

        However, Nigerians/Ghanaians are brothers. Please let use love among ourselves.

        No hard feelings, Nigeria did not makeit to Qatar but it may be our turn to win the next world cup. Peace. God bless Africa. God bless Nigeria!!!

        • Selfmade KING 3 months ago

          Omo9ja  is another solid dude on this platform 

          Respect u my man!!

          Very level headed guy and this is the type of Nigerians we want on this platform 

          Respect u my bro and GOD BLESS U AND U FAMILY!!

          To the rest of the idiots here, learn from omo9ja

          Next time u coming to Ghana let me know I ll take u around Ghana and u ll be in safe hands and get all the beautiful Ghanaian girls unlike someone that I know haha  

          • Omo9ja 3 months ago

            Amen. Funny you lolz @Selfmade KING.

            No no no, we don’t have idiots people here but intelligent and smart people as Nigerians/Ghanaians/other Africans.

            We are one. Please no hard feelings. Peace. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • John-I 3 months ago

        Yoo maate wae, my apologies

  • olumine 3 months ago

    Selfmade slave Pele(sorry)ooooo

  • KENNETH 3 months ago

    Remember that name Jeremiah Olalekan. That guy was a beast at the back. A great center back. Great game. Complete team with no itches.

  • Ayphillydegreat 3 months ago

    Selfmade and Yaw you guys are welcome to comment here. We enjoy your comic reliefs here. Ghana will not be going to the U17, U20 on both male and female side and they will also not be at the female WAFCON which means they can’t play at any of the WorldCups in those categories. Therefore, they deserve their ticket to Qatar. Whatever happens to them in Qatar is their personal issue. Irrespective of our differences football still brings us together. Even Nigerians don’t have that much collaboration it’s only football that brings us together so it’s normal for humans. We just have to tolerate ourselves.

    I believe Senegal is the team that can make Africa proud in Qatar. Ghana have a relatively young team that can scare Portugal and Uruguay but it will be very difficult. I which then all the best though because they won that ticket from a very good Nigerian side. As for Tunisia, Morocco and Cameroon. They’re all coming home after the first round. Maybe Cameroon can pull one or two’s surprises if they’re that good otherwise it’s going to another WorldCup with no African team in the knockout stage. I really Senegal will make some noise though. 

    • Greenturf 3 months ago

      A good Nigerian side with the worst technical bench

      • Edoman 3 months ago

        If only our former Oga Rohr were allowed to finish what he skillfully put together, Nigeria flag would have been hosted at Qatar today. The enemy within pushed Oga Rohr out and brought in the clueless Eguayeye to mess up our chance to beat Ghana both home & away.

        • JimmyBall 3 months ago

          Rohr would have lost woefully against Ghana… A man who lost to CAR at home and cooked up a lame excuse that it was due to absence of Ndidi and Iwobi… Imagine what he would have said in defence of his boring tactics had he still be in Charge and Ghana nicked the ticket still. The man was just riding on luck in games he won and he really towards the end of his stint was never able to win against any formidable foe… Why has he not gotten a job since leaving Super Eagles? Rohr is a spent coach and a fraud… Telecoaching Super Eagles from France with no interests whatsoever in what happens in the local league… out of over 400 registered players in the NPFL clubs, you cant say even one is not good to play in Super Eagles… Same football that 16year old eagles who trained together for just about a month showed us all that if you can play you can play…

          • JimmyBall 3 months ago

            16year old eaglets rather…

          • John-I 3 months ago

            Rubbish as always. I’m not a Rohr fan but he would never have listened to armchair critics, keyboard warriors and motorpark touts to change that starting X1 in Abuja like Eguaveon (the clueless one) did. Rohr smashed Cameroun and Algeria in 2018 World Cup Qualifiers, nothing suggest he wouldn’t have beaten Ghana. Yes he lost to CAR at home but avenaged the defeat away. Didn’t Ghana finish bottom of their Afcon group before denying us of a world cup ticket?

            Rohr is 1,000,0000,000× better than Eguaveon. And yes, he would’ve scrapped pass Ghana. I supported his sack but I deeply regret it.

          • Oakfield 3 months ago

            Ahhhhhh Jimmy, can u just save yourself and your group of sinical sorry followers of the shame and heartbreak u have brought upon yourself and ur group . U asked for for it and u got exactly what u wanted and all of you are still feeling the pains of the damage u did to our senior team. He was right and u know he just said the truth . Our flag would have been hoisted in quarter come November but u threw caution in to the wind and allowed hatred and wickedness dictate ur sense of judgement. An inept shameless technical director was appointed to reap what he did not work for and the result showed immediately and he ran away like cursed pig. I’m still surprised u still have the face to come here and talk about rohr. Shame!

          • Kenneth 3 months ago

            Somme individuals will just come here and be ranting has though they want spicy peanuts. @john maybe you can tell us why you not a RORH fan. And please leave Eguavoen alone. If he can’t be given time like other coaches to prove himself, not all this axing them because they didn’t win. Rorh had 6 years and yes he qualified us to major tournaments and what were the outcomes. Same has some local coaches that took the helms of affairs. Even the new coach have yet to see anything spectacular in his styles, but i love the fact that he wants to start on a clean slate, give some home based players the opportunity to fight for a shirt, not the one that a coach sitting thousands of miles away will say we don’t have quality home based players.

        • MONKEY POST 3 months ago

          I tell you my BROTHER EDOMAN..

          GENERAL ROAH would have made that happen..

          Till now I can’t believe that will we not be in QATAR!

          To me and to most NIGERIANS the SENIOR MEN’S TEAM brings us JOY the most.

          Mehn F*** all these WAFU B S***

        • Ayphillydegreat 3 months ago

          The decision to sack Rohr was one of the reasons the country remains what it is today. 

  • THAT'S ME 3 months ago

    I cherish and support every African brothers going to world cup except that village called gana, Naija started going there before them and more participation more than them. This is their worst as they don’t have a time and cannot win a match there. Other good brothers are calm, only this empty drums are making noise up and down, any little even they will carry that there one million color rag they call flag for notice me, who cares. Up golden eaglets that rules the world

    • Selfmade KING 3 months ago

      Nobody gives a shit about ur fucking support!!

      U PUNK 

  • The best crop of youth coaches and talent unearthed we’ve got at the moment are as follows

    U17 Ugbade

    U20 Manu Garba

    U23 Amuneke

    Home Eagles Manu, Amuneke, and Ugbade

    With this arrangement the Super Eagles will benefit from an unending stream of quality talents from both the youth teams, academies and local front with a consistent tactical pattern…

    But those at the helm of governance are bereft of ideas and proper decision making.

  • Oakfield 3 months ago

    Congrats lads and congrats to the coaching crew, at least make we use this one console ourselves over the world cup miss which could have been avoided if not for the wickedness of a group of miserable idiots and misfits. Pls, NFf should ensure that Emmanuel Micheal (the freekick specialist) and Abdul are given all they need to get to the peak of their careers. Those boys would be a great asset to us very soon with their pure talents. They should ensure they don’t fall into the greedy hands of wicked agents who would destroy their careers. We never lack talents, we are blessed.

    • Marvelous 3 months ago

      @Jimmyball you wicked fool keep talking trash about a good Rohr. Your type and your crew members like @omo9ja, @iwunze, @christian ministries(fake), shegun Odegbami the hypocrite and sentimental bigot are the reason we are not flying Nigerian flag in Qatar. General Rohr despite his slow games as assumed would have beaten Ghana in one of the legs. I can bet with my whole blood that Nigeria would have qualify to the world cup with Oga Rohr in charge, after he is the master of qualification. God will see pinnick, Dare and you wicked conspirators. Your type are the reason @SELFMADE is having bracking right that would have never happened.

      All these U17 and U20 this and that is not yet enough to clean the tears of losing WC TICKET to Ghana. @MONKEY POST is right. These U17 noise can’t be compared to Equavon cluelessly handing us over to Ghana.

      • MONKEY POST 3 months ago

        Don’t mind them. They are trying to BLIND FOLD us with our JUNIOR TEAM ACHIEVEMENT so we can looking at the DISASTER their own brought upon us..

        When you come to look at it CRITICALLY our JUNIOR TEAMS are CONSISTENTLY GOOD on a NORMS..

        They don’t give us PROBLEM like our SENIOR TEAM..

        • MONKEY POST 3 months ago

          *So we can stop looking at the DISASTER their own brought upon us*

      • folorunsho 3 months ago

        Whats Marvelous in your miserable name. Please just shut up and save up your data. Why hasn’t the miraculous Rorh gotten a job. Its going to 8 months, all the noise about he wins with games to spare hasn’t gotten him a call up yet from Malta or Azerbaijan. Last time i checked are the palyers theta were to execute the Ghana game not products of Rorh. Please why did they fail. Except you want to tell this forum that they sabotage the game. let the new coach unearth new players, let some of the rorh product take a break. Coming here blaming others for the rubbish of 6 years.

      • Jide Dola 3 months ago

        Every reasonable person will know that G. Rohr was meant to stay through AFCON and qualifier. And is only idiot that will be talking about home base coach being the senior team coach without senior team football experience couple with what we just experience. And is only a fool that will expect the nation to allow Eguavoen to continue after failing both at AFCON and qualifier, a coach that was blaming Iheanacho for not marking partey, a very clueless coach. G. R was able to go through those years because he exceeded expectations, he scaled all the goals set for him, if we look at everything from that angle we can say his sacking is very unjustifiable.

        • Marvelous 3 months ago

          @Jide thanks for saying the truth, may this Sunday bring you joy and happiness those sabotaging SE will never see. Rohr is not the only coach who hasn’t gotten a job. They better tell Equavon to get a job outside Nigeria like Rohr did outside his country. Him Equavon contributed in sabotaging the SE, that guy can’t even have an offer in a division 2 in any big African league.

          They won’t to confuse us with U17 and U20, it is not enough to cover for the disgrace of losing to two average teams at important stages. One stopping us from going to Qatar. Our U17 triumphant run in Africa and in the world cup proper is not something new to anyone in world, so am not really moved.

          I wanted seen our young team in Qatar doing their thing and getting exposure but Dare, Pinnick,Equavon, Odegbami and the gang of sentimental fans destroy that for a whole country. Something Rohr would have quaranteed. After all he has qualified us before from a group nobody believe we would have qualified from, because of how poor he mate the team.

          • KENNETH 3 months ago

            Very funny, Egu was drafted to coach the team to te tournament, Egu is back to his original post. So mr ordinary why is it taking him 8 months to find a job, with the resume at his disposal. Obviously he doesn’t want to go disgrace himself in a team like malta or mauritius because they don’t possess what Nigeria as.