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Updated: Italy Beat England On Penalties To Win Euro 2020

Updated: Italy Beat  England On Penalties To Win Euro 2020

Italy emerged winners of Euro 2020 after beating England 3-2 on penalties in a pulsating final at the Wembley Stadium on Sunday night.

The game ended in a 1-1 draw after 120 minutes of gruelling football action.

Luke Shaw gave England the lead within three minutes- the the fastest goal ever in a European championship final.

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The Manchester United slotted home beautifully following a superb cross from Kevin Trippier.

Leonardo Bonucci equalised for the Itallians in the 67th minute leaving England fans shell-shocked.

Goalkeeper Jordan Pickford appeared to have made a terrific save before the Italian centre-half rattled in the scrappy follow-up goal off the back of a corner.

Andrea Bellotti and Jorginho missed for Italy in the shootout, while Marcus Rashford, Jadon Sancho and Bukayo Saka failed to convert for England.

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  • Fireman 3 years ago

    Sorry Bukayo Saka. Better luck next time bro

  • And the cup finally went Time lolz…..I hope English racist association will not target rashford sancho and our own saka tonight….. What am I even saying self,it’s sure banker especially saka…..he will be called monkey and all sorts of names online tonight…..I really feel sorry for the dude

    • Footballfanatic 3 years ago

      They’ll continue to lose with that racism…. Even with Sterling’s performance in this tournament they still hate him. She na 55 year silverware drought e go soon turn 75 years lmaoo.. But all jokes aside the Englidh team is a solid unit of young players.

      • O boy the racist backlash has started o….come and see tweeter and Instagram….Monkey pics everywhere….some said all blacks should go back to Africa….I hope there won’t be physical attack on blacks in England tonight o.

  • And the cup finally went Rome lolz…..I hope English racist association will not target rashford sancho and our own saka tonight….. What am I even saying self,it’s sure banker especially saka…..he will be called monkey and all sorts of names online tonight…..I really feel sorry for the dude

  • SAMUEL 3 years ago

    Italians deserve it despite penalties.You can see the fighting spirit and passion for their country !!!.

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    Looking at this perfect Italian job… Can we say we have a coach with the right mentality to win us even a spoon? I did not see a single team that played anything upfront less than two attackers in this tournament… the formation most on display was 4-3-3… We saw 3-4-3 and also 4-4-2… Playing 4-2-3-1 against a defensive pair of the likes of Bonucci and Chiellini… my brother you won’t score even ratshit! After finishing this Uefa Euro 2020… I can tell Nigeria under Rohr has nothing to ever hope to win… Rohr’s confidence level and tactical depth is something from the ancient past… I am sorry to say this and hope not to offend anyone! Congrats to Italy…

    • Are you sure you dont have a personal problem with this man, Rohr .. I dont see why you should bring him into this…Just write your comment and leave biko…

      Wetin concern Rohr and this one, abegi

  • pompei 3 years ago

    Tough game. Great effort by both teams.
    For England, the long wait for a trophy continues. This team came so close.
    But the cup will be going to Italy, via Wembley Stadium.

    • One of the disadvantage of playing for your adopted country….Saka would be English if England wins but will be an immigrant if England loses….That’s the logics….As an immigrant the stakes are high for you….As an immigrant no margin for error…..As an immigrant you are like a mecinery and a mecinery must deliver at all cost…..As an immigrant you don’t have many trials and caps….As an immigrant the bar is set higher for you because you are taking the slot of an indeginiuos player so you must prove beyond all doubts that you can bring something special to the table…..As an immigrant you don’t have a second chance to correct your mistake….But what do I know…..I think the disadvantage players like saka will face in foreign nations far outweigh the advantage of playing for foreign nations

      • pompei 3 years ago

        Akp, well said.
        It was really a soul crushing defeat for England, and for Saka to miss that last penalty is a huge, huge disappointment for such young shoulders to carry. Good to see that Arsenal fans are rallying around him in this difficult time.

      • Tye best comment I have read on this topic. Akp thanks.

  • pompei 3 years ago

    As already mentioned, racist English fans will be looking to pounce on the 3 black Englishmen that missed their penalties tonight. Rashford, Sancho and Saka.
    I hope these guys will not be targeted for racist hate because of their penalty misses that handed Italy the trophy.

    • As an immigrant player one bad tournament or a major error in a match and your international career is over…..Now imagine how many errors and bad games Iwobi has had for Nigeria but he is still a main stay in SE and he will most likely hit 100 cap mark that’s the difference…Iwobi is our son we can’t throw him away as long as he mentain a decent club career he will keep getting callups ….. But it’s not like that for immigrant European player because Sometimes not all that glitters is gold….Even almighty ozil that once won the world cup for Germany was not spared when he didn’t measure up…. That’s the Borden this European immigrant players go through….It’s not an easy journey o Mr saka….I wish you all the best.

  • Ikeben 3 years ago

    While did Southgate allow Saka a,19 year old guy to take the last spot kick. You need an experienced penalty taker like Kane to handle the pressure, Saka should have taken earlier when the pressure was less. Anyway, congratulations to Italy.

    • pompei 3 years ago

      Good question. Saka is not even a penalty taker at Arsenal. How could Southgate have made him the last penalty taker in a Euro final?
      Strange, strange decision.

      • That’s the kind of Borden they place on foreign born players….They expect them to perform magic at all times.

        • Chris 3 years ago

          More like modernized slavery. They expect these boys to do what they cannot do so that if these boys fail…they have a reason to racially abuse.

        • Monkey Post 3 years ago

          I have always said that it is a 50-50 game. But However I was hoping that Italy’s experience and rich history in Euro’s and international event will count for them against England poor Euro’s record. Congratulations Italy! Jorginho 4 balon d’or????

  • Tell pinnick to smuggle saka to Nigeria for short term asylum becos english fans are waiting for him,when I told south gate to leave Nigerian players alone he was doing rush and cap,eze is till there, cap him as well

  • Shuma 3 years ago

    England are their own problems. Rashford missed penalty, Sancho and Saka penalty kicks saved, now they are gonna receive racist threats, like always, just their luck. Football was saved today because of Italy. But Saka is still better than being on the Nigeria team, so I dont wanna hear people here praying for his downfall because he didnt pick Nigeria.

  • pompei 3 years ago

    Watch Keane here make the point that older, more experienced players like Sterling and Grealish should have taken the responsibility and stepped up to take the penalty instead of Saka. These guys just sat back and allowed a boy to go ahead and take such a crucial penalty. Hmmm.


  • pompei 3 years ago


    IT’S COMING TO ROME! – Leonardo Bonucci.
    See passion!

  • Edoman 3 years ago

    These 3 boys who missed the paneities in this Match today are finished for good. Saka in particular, is being told to go back to Africa where he came from. He was set up to fail when other seasoned players were available to take a short. Sake will never feel a sense of belonging ever again in England.

  • Footballfanatic 3 years ago

    I hope this will be a wake up call to other British born African players. They don’t love you guys but only pretend to when you are doing good things for them but the moment you fail, you become a monkey and an immigrant even tho you were born there. Sickening how racist the soccer fans are in England.

    • Footballfanatic 3 years ago

      Come and play for your African countries…. even when you fail we will be pissed sometimes but we will never disown you or even tell you to go back to Europe lol….

  • Monkey Post 3 years ago

    Jorginho for balon d’or????!!!!

    • England allowed italy to boss that midfield too much….vareti and jorginho sometimes have all the time in the world to stay with the ball…. You don’t give away your midfield like that because of an early goal you managed to score….. England would have imposed their pacy game on a slow Italian team after the Early goal but they allowed italy to control the pace of the game…. England didn’t make their home advantage count at all

  • Like I’m so crossed. Why burden a foreign-born teenager with such pressure!!??? The final & most important kick of the entire tournament – even perhaps in the history of English football!!??

    That was cruel of Southgate. And I dare say deliberate to get a convenient scapegoat/fall guy.

    Prince Williams was right there in the stadium. Perhaps Queen Elizabeth was watching & PM Boris. Tens of thousands of passionate fans in the stadium and studios and millions around the world glued to their TV set. All on the shoulders of a 19-year-old?? Unbelievable!!

    Was that spot kick not supposed to be reserved for their darling Kane, Grealish, Stone, Shaw, Maguire, Sterling – the senior players?

    Beggars belief!!!

    If this boy suffers online racism and bullying that from typical English hooligan fans that could affect his mental health, Southgate must be held responsible.

    • Whatever the Case may be its all over now. The English side had a great tournament and good young team. Its natural for them to feel disappointed for losing in the final but that is how it happens sometimes. These young players have to overcome the disappointment and look to the future. Whatever backlash they will face from fans will eventually go away. They need to learn from this experience and become better players.
      Congratulations to Italy. They are worthy champions!

  • When the draw for the final was made, unlike Rohr who wasn’t sure if England or Italy will win……. I fully believed Italy will win. This is because the Italian team has a lot of experienced players that have played at the highest level, so many times. And just like a typical Italian team, this team is rugged, very technical and tactical. But apart from my scholarly rationale, I was also sentimental about Italy winning England.
    My grouse with England is in three or even four folds. 1. I felt the penalty awarded to them against Denmark was unfair 2. For almost all their matches, England had the advantage of playing at home with the full complement of their fans; 3. The bad behaviour of their fans……just like those who used laser on Denmark goalkeeper; and 4. The way and manner Northgate had frustrated and dealt with Nigeria over English players with Nigerian origin.

    Nobody should blame England fans for racist actions against Saka. Based on looks, Saka is naturally a racism attraction……….lol.

    Though they lost, England has shown that they have come of age. The team is now so disciplined and tactical that scoring against them is not a child’s play: You have to sweat more than just blood before you score against them. Mark my words, if they continue this way, they will go places. All the England players are just too good. But the players that stood out for me are Pickford, Magguire and Sterling. Pickford is something else when it comes to goalkeeping. His clean sheets are not just because of his defenders or luck, believe me “the guy is good”. Magguire is a defensive pillar….very good with reading the play, good with interception etc. Sterling is just too good in attack, he has pace, guile, tricks etc. If he can improve on his decision making, he will go places.

    Personally, I think Bonnucci should be the man of that match. I wonder why he is not the captain of his team. That man is something else. Very assured in possession, good in passes, good in defending, good in positioning etc. “The man is good”

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    … Ladies and gentlemen. I just found out today that it was Ahmed Musa that even stopped us qualifying for Nations Cup in Equatorial Guinea 2015 himself and not because the “African Guardiola” in charge (Stephen Keshi) was not good enough… Watch for yourselves… Only him
    alone squandered three goals opportunities
    that were sure-bankers!


    • pompei 3 years ago

      Why single out Musa as the reason we failed to qualify? What about our defense? From a defensive standpoint, it was a match to forget. One of the worst Nigerian defensive displays I’ve ever seen! Tokelo Rantie was the tormentor in chief that day. He ran our back four ragged. I don’t want to mention names, but one of our defenders in particular really suffered because of Rantie. The guy hear weeeeen, no be small! And this guy is usually a very reliable guy.
      Yes, Musa missed so many chances. But he missed because he was trying to score, making runs deep into the SA vital area and trying shots. Those chances were not “SURE BANKERS”. They were chances, but not as easy as they appeared. Just making the run to be there for the opportunity is hard enough. For me, a sure banker is open net, were you just have to tap the ball in. The first chance, he ran from the midfield past SA defenders, and unleashed a left footer that hit the cross bar. The second, he was face to face with the SA goalie, but his effort was saved. His third, again face to face, but the goalie did a great job of coming out and making himself big, so Musa had very little to work with. He could have tried to take the ball round the goalie, but that may not have worked either. Even the commentators said Musa was our danger man. Not playing a Musa advocate here. Just calling it as I see it. Based on current form, I wouldn’t consider Musa as a sure squad member in the SE. There are a few players I think are ahead of him currently. Again, this assessment is based on current form. Musa may improve tomorrow and change my assessment. However, on that day when we drew 2-2 with SA, I think he had a terrific game. He was just unfortunate not to score. He did everything but score in that game.
      I think it’s harsh to put all the blame on just Musa.

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