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BREAKING: Osimhen Suspended For Two Games After Bagging Red Card

BREAKING: Osimhen Suspended For Two Games After Bagging Red Card

Victor Osimhen has received a two-match ban following his red card in Napoli’s 2-0 home win against Venezia on Sunday, reports Completesports.com.

The Nigeria international was sent off in the 23rd minute after striking out at Daan Heymans as they waited for a set play.

It has been described in the official report as ‘voluntarily striking an opposition player with a slap to the face while the ball was at a distance.’

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The 22-year-old aside from getting a two-game ban, has also been fined €5,000 for his action.

The former Wolfsburg striker will now miss Serie A games against Genoa and Juventus.

He scored 10 goals in 24 league appearances for Napoli last season following his arrival from Ligue 1 club Lille.

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  • Ikeben 3 years ago

    When coach Rohr says his players are young, they will say he has come again. That all the Super Eagles are experienced they are this or that. So what do we call this if not small pikin sense or inexperience. But some will say it is village people at it again.

    Bros Victor, you need to be calming down, I know the price they paid for you is heaving you and making your blood very hot. But you need to calm down because, it is not by power. No Italian fan will take any excuse this season again o. Just my thoughts

  • He needs to control his emotion. This is football a contact sport. Players will surely try to annoy him on the pitch but he shouldn’t give in. Dont allow your emotions deprive you from reaching your goals.

  • Olupitan Olando 3 years ago

    So much unlike osimhen. He plays this don’t touch me kind of game. At some point you could see defenders dragging on his jersey for a possible fall. He must try not to reduce his chances of being the highest goal scorer in the season

  • Not holding brief for him, but that red card was rather harsh. I’ve watched the clip over and over again and I just can’t juxtapose the ‘offence’ with the punishment. Maybe it’s my viewing angle. He didn’t even appear to have deliberately made that push. It seemed like a shove in the moment while everyone in the box was positioning and scrambling to score or defend their goal post. But the player mischievously made a meal out of the situation – in a way that’s typical of players from Italy, Argentina, Egypt, Algeria and Tunisia (Maghreb countries) in order to reduce the opponent’s strength.

    Be that as it may, Osimhen needs to smile more on the pitch and put his emotions in check.You need lots of restraints in the face of provocation – and that’s not easy in a contact sports as football. But patient, you must. These guys should have some of our legends’ numbers on their phone contacts and WhatsApp for occasional tutoring on some on-field, off-field and dressing room tricks, techniques and conducts. Legends like Okocha, Kanu, Mutiu, Ikeme & Amunike.

    • God bless you bro. I said same thing on Sunday immediately after the match, that foul is no where a red card, to even imagine the coach coming out to support the ref. Decision against his own player baffled me, no matter what your player does, as a coach you need gat his back in public. VO my candid advice, if seria A don’t want you, kindly leave, we’ve seen more tough incident that didn’t even earn the player a card, to think it’s even the first, at worst a yellow should be enough.

      • Dr Banks 3 years ago

        My Guy @ Femi, Oyinbo man no dey lie when faced with an obvious reality. That’s why they are progressive while Africa man dey regress because they believe in supporting their own at all cost.

        We all love Osimhen but hiding the truth will only threaten his carrier but when we rightly admonish and advice him better his progression and success will be unlimited.

        Check out the picture below and come back to review your comment

        • Did I hear you say oyinbo man don’t lie? Lie itself no be English word? Bro forget that, I’m not even saying the coach should support him, but you don’t cast your player in public, knowing fully well whatever he does, was to the team advantage but it backfire, you still gat back him.

        • Oyibo what! what about Trump? you wan make i mention one million o lie lie oyibo for you? go look for d former Fifa President and all his executive members first, then come tell me say Oyibo no dey lie

          • Trump is a liar?, You are a lie if you call Trump a liar. If Trump is a liar what is bidden then.

  • Michel 3 years ago

    Napoli fans once ambushed cavani and collected his wrist watch from him out anger that he didn’t play well in 2007/08,they will not forgive him if the club fails to qualify for champions league this season,I’m pretty sure they will sell him after this season.that was a stupid behavior from osimehn honestly,I purposely watched that game just because of him and he got himself sent off just after 20 mins against a weak side like Venezia.

    • MAJOR FLEX 3 years ago

      Baba control your temper, no dey wish person pikin bad because sey you dey vex, haba

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    The red card was obviously harsh even though accepted, Osigoal made a mistake. A player of Roma kicked out on Osimhen’s sheen last year deliberately and was not even given a yellow, but in same game when Osimhen later shoved the same player from another deliberate foul clatter on Osimhen, the referee wasted no time booking Osimhen who again was clearly the victim again… funny things happen in Serie A, Juventus has been winning that league forever since AC Milan boss lost power a bit… there are real life mafioso shit happening behind the scenes always in Italy. They will continue to provoke Vic, he should just continue embodying fearless and aggressive play with a smile and try not to respond to his jerseys being pulled, tugged or him getting clattered… I recall when his teammate Coulibaly was also redcarded for innucuoulsy applauding a referee after being booked in a normal 50-50 slide tackle challenge… I also remember Sulley Muntari who complained of racist chants from fans in the stand to a referee and he was dramatically booked by same referee he tried to complain to… It’s a learning curve for Osimhen but missing two games for just a shove is comical by the referee… and this is what we keep saying that our players should be careful in world cup and international games against Europeans because referees are at a default to book you for the slightest of infringement that ordinarily will never get a white player booked… they see us as aggressive and threatening… It’s well! A Straight red to Osimhen was harsh, a yellow card would have been fair being first time infringement in the game for him… Just about what ruined a promising career for Sani Kaita!!!

    • Referee will definitely write whatever we make his decision look correct in his match report, in as much as I’m not in for your black/white stuff here, I sure stand with you that the incident is at just a yellow card, this just too much for the young man to bear plus the coach supporting the match official base on what he told him. This completely bullshit .

  • Dr Banks 3 years ago

    To the guys saying a Red card to Osimhen is harsh, that’s simply sentiments at play. We all know the rule of this game and Osimhen knows too well that any form of retaliation attracts straight RED. Agreed some referees might overlook this action particularly when he didn’t capture the incidence clearly, but the referee in this case was directly close to the scene of the incidence at the time the game wasn’t in play so he has a good grip of what happened and VAR review agreed with the referee.

    We should all call Spade a Spade and admonish Osimhen to thread softly and focus on scoring goals but keep away from on-field scuffles. If he was manhandled and the referee takes no action, all he needs to do is to call the referee’s attention to it or ask for VAR review otherwise he should see it as part of the game and move on. After all, soccer is a contact sport.

    How many times have you seen Messi retaliating several attack on him? Or Ronaldo, Mbape, Salah, Neymar, Drogba etc. Retaliation is viewed seriously as an unsportmanly behaviour and that’s the rule. Sanni Kaita destroyed his career completely just for this same offence and none of you did rose to his support then

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      @Dr.Banks… It was a tussle and shove… At best it is a yellow… The Venezia player made a meal of it… How come the AS Roma player who kicked Osimhen in the sheen last season was not even given a yellow? Answer that and tell us another story!

      • Dr Banks 3 years ago

        @ JimmyBall, Put on your glasses and see where Osimhen’s palm is

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Hahahaha Dr. Banks…..next time Osimhen must bring an axe to the field and hack down his opponents by splitting their skulls into 3 before his redcard will be a deserving one….. LMAOOOO.

      They should tell us where they’ve ever seen a slap/punch in an opponent’s face attract anything less than a red card.

      All of a sudden, skin colour is now being brought into the discussion….. LMAOOO. It must be only black players who get redcarded in Serie A….. LMAOOO

      Victor should better go and work on his temper because as a CF, he will get pulled, pushed, shoved, kicked at and targeted will he hangs his boots.

      He has barely played a full season for Napoli yet amassed 2 red cards and 4 yellow cards if I’m not mistaken. That’s more than half of his total goals scored thus far. I’m not sure if even Napoli CBs have amassed more.

      In today’s football, with 18 cameras and VAR…..no act of violence or indiscipline will go unchecked or unpunished……whether you are black or white. Even if the referee doesn’t act taking laws into your hands will not make things better. Nowadays, you can even earn your team a penalty simply by allowing your opponents pull your shirt.
      Osimhen lashing out for whatever reason was outrightly silly…..Moreover it was just 23mins into the game with scores still goalless and Napoli dominating the game.

      If it were Osimhen who got punched in the face like that and the defender was not redcarded, same people would have come here to cry blue murder and remind us of how every problem in life is due to skin colour…. LMAOOO

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Story story…..LMAOOoo. The 1st and only Nigerian to have ever lived in the midst of whites want to lecture us about living in the midst of whites.

        How on earth has all these moonlight tales got to do with Osimhen punching an opponent unprovoked and getting a duly deserved red card for it….LMAOoo

        Arrant Nonsense….!

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago


      This is what they call a “tussle and shove”…as if the rest of us are blind….LMAOOoo…or as if we dont know football and the rules governing it.

      A tussle and shove…..LMAOooo. Pls what was Osimhen’s fist finding in the opponents’s face….??? LMAOOooo

      Some people cannot even tell the truth to save their own lives….LMAOooo

      • JimmyBall 3 years ago

        This clown… If it’s not tussle and shove what is it? Go and educate yourself on English comprehension… You know how I bled you last time… You can bring it on again? If the referee’s judgment is not contestable or excessive… 2match ban and €5000 Euro fine… Why is Napoli mgt trying to appeal it?

        No be only you Sabi upload video… Zeus.

        • Dr Banks 3 years ago

          @Jimmy, please let it go, accept you are wrong here and let’s move on. If you think your point is valid, I will like you to slap your wife like this (on camera) and tell the Police it’s a tussle & shove or just caressing her. Walaahi if you no sleep for Police cell that night then you can come back and tell us you be “Oga on Top”.

          • JimmyBall 3 years ago

            It’s my opinion… Osimhen made a mistake but the judgement was excessive… Period.

        • Dr Banks 3 years ago

          In the video you posted, the referee surely did not see that kick on the shin because of the angle of his position but check out Osimhen’s yellow card, that was an obvious retaliation attempt which the rule frowns at vehemently. He got yellow and not red because he only Shakara the guy and never made contact with his fist

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          Hahahaha…who did you bleed…??? LMAOIOOO. You that sniffed shit till you started vomiting blood looking for lies to cancel all ikpeba’s caps. I’m sure you are still coughing out blood looking for the lies and fake history you will use to chalk off the ones vs South Africa (1992/993) home and away till date…LMAOOOO

          Please show us where the yellow or red card offence is in the useless video you just posted….LMAOOooo. The defender won the ball CLEANLY and PERFECTLY while on the ground even though his boot made contact with osimhen, it was neither a stamp nor a slide tackle aimed at his feet. LMAOOooo.
          Bloody ignoramus….Common football rules e nor sabi….LMAOOo

          Osihmen was even lucky for not getting a red card in the match for hitting the Roma player when he was down.

          @ Dr Banks…dont mind him…he should go and “shove” his colleagues at work like that if he wouldnt end up on the streets…..LMAOOOoo

          Napoli appealing the ban has automatically made the offence a non-criminal offence….LMAOOOOo. Rubbish…!

          Lets see if they will win the appeal and get the red card cancelled because your lying majesty has rulled it as “excessive” na……LMAOOoo

          Eh ba nna…..some people can lie……!!!! LMAOOOo

          Even what the whole world saw on TV, they want to circumvent the entire story for us…….LMAOOOoo

          Maybe the red card he picked up in the UEFFA cup last season too was due to his black skin colour….LMAOOo. MAffiosos followed him to Europa league tooo….LMAOOoo

          • JimmyBall 3 years ago

            @Dr.Drey… that referee is a racist bigot. They are trying to break Osimhen mentally… We saw how Moise Kean was even treated by his own Juve team mates blaming him for the crowd making monkey chats towards him… You can believe there ain’t racist pigs in the Serie A refereeing department…

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            Abeg get lost with your racist views….. LMAOoo. Osimhen’s black skin must be one that made his slap an opponent unprovoked.
            Osimhen must the be 1st black player to play in the serie A.

            Biko puo nu’zo make people who have more intelligent views air their views abeg.

            They want to break Osimhen…so that’s why Osimhen should go about bathing himself with petrol, punching an opponent unprovoked and expecting no consequences for such actions….. LMAOoo

        • Kenneth 3 years ago

          Jimmy you they mind that parrot that probably was just playing oranges on the street. Maybe he needs to be in a real contact match to know what it means to tussle and shove. Please how else was he suppose to free himself? you all could clearly see that he was in front of the player who was clearly holding unto him and he wanted to free himself. Even from his reaction he was shocked to be shown he red because he knew he did nothing.

          • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

            Hehehehehe…..long mouthed pig has finally found free wifi 24hrs later to comment…..LMAOOooo.
            If how oismhen “freed” himself is the same way all footballers “free” themselves in similar situations, then footballers would have started wearing helmets like American football players since 50 years ago…..LMAOOO…..bloody illiterate.
            Osimhen could only free himself by punching the opponent in the face……Onuku……LMAOOoo
            Moise Kean got a red card for similar behaviour when Everton played Huddersfield in the EFL cup. I wonder why blindly sentimental bigots have not come here to cry blue murder about it…..LMAOOOO.
            Application of footballers always become a problem when Nigeria and Nigerian players are involved.

      • But Dr. Drey, check this boy’s spontaneous, unscripted reaction. I watched this video over and over again. Shock was written all over Osimhen and he kept vehemently protesting his innocence to the ref and his teammates. He was saying the Venezia player was pulling and tugging at his shirt and he had to push him off to extricate/free himself (Self-help, that’s wrong, yes).

        Osimhen appeared to forcefully shove the guy out of his way, but it was like in the heat of the moment. Not malicious or deliberate, which the ref should have considered in his judgement. I believe refs should be psychologists too.

        Anyway, I know no matter people’s professional training, you can never rule out subtle biases in judgments. I believe another referee would have acted differently or a retired FIFA ref would have felt this particular ref was extreme with his call. It was like killing a fly with a sledgehammer.

        Did Osimhen commit an offence? Yes.
        Was it a red card offence? Very debatable. For me, it was a yellow/caution.

        Even Ronaldo once applauded a ref and slightly pushed another one in the back. None attracted a red card. That’s not making excuse for Osimhen’s occasional and unhelpful bursts of anger. But 2 wrongs don’t make a right.

        • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

          When Ronaldo applauded a ref for being biased he got a yellow card because it wasn’t malicious, but when he pushed a referee in the back after being red carded in the SuperCopa against Barcelona he was suspended for 5 matches. Even ordinarily touching or holding an opponent’s hair in a tussle he was red carded in the champions league against Valencia. The rule is the rule that applies to everyone wether black, white, blue, yellow, red If people want to talk about changing the rules that’s different. Osimhen deserve a red card for that act especially in the box area where 50 cameras are watching. I like the passion in his game and his aggressiveness he just needs to know when and how to apply them in the heat of the moment.

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          Kel…if referees were to consider intention, over 90% of red cards and penalties awarded will not be awarded. No player goes into a game with the intention of getting red carded or conceding a penalty in the course of a game.

          In football, Rules are rules…whether you have deliberately committed a foul or not…if the rules say you should get a yellow, you get a yellow…if the rules says you should get a red, you get a red…its as simple as that. EVERYWHERE in the world of football….whenever you raise your hands to hit an opponent in the face….you get a STRAIGHT RED. It all happened under the nose of the REF. If he was wrong, VAR was there to overturn it, yet it didnt. Forget osimhen’s reaction…..footballers are the biggest liars and actors combined on earth at the moment. Footballers will be killing you with blood stains all over them and still raise their hands they arent the one.

          We see these rules being applied day in day out we dont complain…but once it affects our own player or team, we start crying blue mother and cooking up all sorts of sentiments and biases.

          Osimhen HIT that guy in the face unprovoked and that’s a clear RED CARD ANYWHERE. Lets accept the truth and move on.

          Ayoze Perez was trying to catch his balance last night after being tackled only for his leg to catch that of his opponent….he was RED CARDED. Last season another LCFC player was RED CARDED because while he was trying to shield the ball, his trailing hand caught his opponent in the face…these ones werent blacks too they where white.

          We should stop being racial alarmists. Injustice is everywhere in the world and affects everyone. Dimitri Payet was assaulted by fans on Sunday when Marseille played Nice…the whole world has been somewhat silent about it…if it had been a black player inovlved…holy moses…the whole world would be on fire by now.

          Osimhen should as a matter of urgency go learn how to manage his temperament and convert it to positive energy by blasting balls past goalkeepers….and not picking up 1 card for every 2 goals he scores. You dont deliberately hit an opponent IN THE FACE with that much force under any guise and not get a straight red card for doing so.

          Please you can kindly remind us the last player to walk away with just a yellow card for hitting an opposing player in the face.

  • GLORY 3 years ago

    I truly n truly love Osimene’s anger. He must never ever allow anyone to decieve him to lose it cos that’s is where his mojo lies hidden. Any mistake to lose his anger, he will end up becoming an over ripe fried dodo. He only needs to turn that ANGER INTO HUNGER FOR GOALS wearing a smile while using body strength instead of stretching out his arm. Nevertheless, that was a red card no arguments about it. OSIMENEGOALS will come back banging goals. He was already letting fly good shots n causing serious problems for the opposition goal keeper before the unfortunate incident.

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Thank you o jare better human being. Osimhen should take a cue from Messi. The more you kick him the more he will destroy your entire team…..yet the wicked boy will be smiling all the way. There’s no better way to exert your revenge other than killing your opponents with your play…rather than your hot headedness

      In the words of jay jay okocha…..as Una say Una no wan like me, I go dribble Una sotay Una go nearly faint.

      • GLORY 3 years ago

        “yet the wicked boy will be smiling all the way”. Hahahaha.. haha. I like that. Even that Okocha’s reference. OMG. Broda na d way be that o. Every coach/defender both for clubsides n national team dem go wan start to feed fat on that Osimene weak point. He has to find a way of maintaining his aggression while avoiding fouling opponents. I suggest he should be using lots of body strength to cause opponents to foul him instead and in those dangerous areas .

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          Exactly my brother. Infact nowadays…any defender that wants to tug my shirt in the 18yard box has my express permission to do so. By the time I win 3 penalties courtesy of VAR, by rolling in the penalty box like person wey keke goodluck jam, after my shirt is tugged on, nobody will preach to the defenders not to touch me again.

  • All I am going to add to this is if that was a white Italian Player the referee may have been more lenient. This is a LESSON Osimhen will learn that he is African in Europe and should cover his own side of street more so than the Italians and Europeans especially in Italy.

    However not only from a race point of view but in general he did show a bit of over zeal in that situation, too much passion which we know is part of his game and what makes him so special. W need not ask him to quench it however he should channel it into the better parts of his game.

  • Assensior 2 years ago

    Wish the best

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