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Peseiro Quits As Super Eagles Head Coach

Peseiro Quits As Super Eagles Head Coach

Jose Peseiro has quit his position as Super Eagles head coach.

The Portuguese coach confirmed his departure in a statement on his X handle on Friday.

“Yesterday, we concluded our contract with the NFF,” Peseiro said. “It was a pride and honor to coach the Super Eagles. It has been 22 months of immense dedication, sacrifice, emotion, and enormous enthusiasm. We feel a sense of fulfillment.

“We would like to express our gratitude to Sir Amaju Pinnick (the president who signed us), President Ibrahim Gusau, General Secretary Mohammed Sanusi, Secretary Dayo Enebi, the NFF, all the Staff, and especially all the PLAYERS, with whom leading has been a great pleasure.

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“Guys, we are thankful; it has been a privilege to be part of this family. We will miss you, but we will always be there for you, no matter where you are. A big hug to all of you.”

Peseiro took charge of the Eagles in 22 games, won 11, lost seven and drew four.

Peseiro took the Super Eagles to the final of the AFCON 2023 where they lost 2-1 to hosts Côte d’Ivoire.

Prior to the tournament Peseiro had been under fire following the Eagles’ poor start to the 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifiers.

His exploits at the AFCON has seen him been linked to other coaching jobs.

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  • Well, if true, then no time to mull over it. The NFF should set in motion, immediately, the process for getting another coach whether foreign or home grown. While I want a foreign coach with pedigree for our darling Super Eagles, I doubt if NFF have the fund or if the ministry of sports would be willing to commit themselves to paying salaries. The problem now is who among our own can excel in coaching our team. The last time I check both Siasia and Amunike are jobless, although Siasia just returned from his ban, and that rules him out. For Amunike, the question is if he is good, while no job for a while now. 

    I think what the Super Eagles need now is a coach with desire to succeed with the team(so much talents). The NFF should extend their search to other African countries. If they find a good coach willing to accept their offer, we should swallow our pride, accept and support him. After all, we have Africans in Nigeria as expatriates, and they are excelling in their various field of endeavour.

    So whether an expatriate or a home grown, the NFF should set the ball rolling now and get the Super Eagles an excellent coach.

    • TALK UR OWN 1 month ago

      THIS IS A COACH THAT KILLED THE GAME OF IWOBI, VICTOR OSIMHEN IN AFCON( base on their latest exploit in their respective club side).

      • This is a terrible take. Jose Peseiro did very well for the Super Eagles. Its sad to see him depart and we must get a coach that is equally good or better than him.

        • But which coach is more qualified than Austine Eguavoen? I don’t think everything should be based on tribalism otherwise, what happens to merit?

      • Bring back our Oga Roar

    • Sportradio88.0 fm 1 month ago

      If anyone here is the manager of a company and I came for interview to speak those Bangali English paceiro is speaking wil u employ me ? I m asking a question.

      • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

        Hahahaha….Brodaman, how old are you….LMAOOoo. This only shows how ill-learned or unexposed you are….LMAOoo. Is it by the language you speak or the skill sets you have and what you can deliver…LMAOoo..?

        I have hired/worked with turks, russians, ukranians and even francophone guys who could barely put 1 correct English sentence together to get highly skilled technical jobs done and they delivered with flying colours.

        How much English could Westerhof speak when he first landed in Nigeria, How much English could Troussier speak, How much better was Rohr’s English than Peserios…?

        Your Eguavoen and his 9 local dullards and all the local coaches who couldn’t qualify for ordinary AFCON but could speak, Yoruba, Ibo, Hausa and English put together what did they achieve with their queens English.

        Peserio with his “Bangali English” did not only qualify for AFCON but also got to the final.

        YES, capital YES, if I check your CV or your Portfolio and see you have a record of success and getting jobs done and delivered, If you like speak in sign language, I will employ you without looking backwards.

        Stop exposing yourself so badly.

        • Sportradio88.0 fm 1 month ago

          Next time paceiro comes back I wil ask him if he beliefs in juju . Same way waldrum was asked den .we hear his response..

  • Michel 1 month ago

    He tried his best at AFCON,I also understand his quitting as d coach because he was owed for so many months,how ever,I want him to leave the Eagles because of his style of play,his 442 formation didn’t work and his 343 formation is not good forour football

    • Hilary 1 month ago

      I think the coach had done his best.
      I want him to continue by extending his contract. The world cup qualifying is already here.So why allowing someone who brought silver medal to us.It will be disastrous if he goes.

  • John-1 1 month ago

    Apart from getting us to Afcon final, his scorecard isn’t impressive. Almost turned Victor Osimhen into a goalkeeper. Abeg mek him waka

  • Tristan 1 month ago

    Well, while some of us are not sorry to see him go, we wish him success in his future endeavors. I was not convinced by him at all. Until he was paid his salary, just before AFCON, he played rubbish. He was also very political, allowing Ahmed Musa a place in the AFCON squad and leaving out talent like Tella when he knew the rightwing was manned by an inconsistent Chukwueze.
    His refusal to fully utilize options in his squad led to him starting the same set of players until they ran out of steam at the final. He was reluctant to try out new talents even in friendlies, calling up players like Bruno and rarely using them.

    Tactically, he failed to understand tournament football. If you want to win you need a team that has at least a Plan A, B, and C. He stumbled on to using 343 after two years of stubbornly playing 424. You would think that in 2 years he would use the time to experiment with both tactics and players. He did not improve the midfield weakness of the team, and Peseiro’s decision to consistently rely on Iwobi(a winger at Fulham) in midfield, despite his obvious defensive lapses, weakened his selection as well as my opinion of him as a coach.

    His language skills were poor, it was not only hard to understand anything he was saying, but he could not convey tactical decisions to either his players or to the media.

    Any coach in my opinion who does not recognize that the SE’s midfield is both a priority and an area for focused attention is not worth his employment. At home and in the diaspora, we have plenty of attackers, we have plenty of defenders, we have plenty of wingers what we don’t have is midfielders.
    Goodbye Peseiro, I’m only happy you’re leaving by choice so Nigerians don’t have heated debates about you.

    • Blame Tella for being very underwhelming in his debut appearance for the SE. If you are new to the team, you’ve got to hit the ground running to stand a chance against the established internationals. Peseiro did not ‘stumble on’ the 3-4-3. He experimented with it in the friendly preceding AFCON. Iwobi has played in midfield for SE more than the wings, so there is nothing special in playing him in the middle. If Ndidi had been fit, we would have played 4-3-3 or at least a midfield 2 of Ndidi and Onyeka.

      Peseiro did very well. Brought excellent organization to the team Restored belief and pride in our national team. History will remember him well.

      • Victory C 1 month ago

        Coach Peseiro has gone, let us forget about him & concentrate on employing another coach. Looks like Pep Guadiola is ready to go International. Why not concentrate on d possibility of getting him to coach SE.

      • @Kola, Iwobi has played the role of an attacking midfielder in the past, NOT a defensive midfielder. Playing Iwobi as a DM is completely counter productive. It would have been better to bench him rather than putting him in such a precarious position.

        • Except he wasn’t played as a DM! He was one of the two central midfielders in a midfield 2. I agree he doesn’t have the engine for such a box-to-box role, but Peseiro rolled with what he had at the AFCON.

      • Tony K 1 month ago

        I agree with you @Kola on your assessment of coach Paseiro. What matters in football is victory- not about playing sexy football and losing. A man who moved Nigeria from 42nd position to 28th in FIFA Ranking within one month is a huge success story. Paseiro can’t be faulted!

        • Greg Nukie 1 month ago

          Super Eagles shoot up FIFA Ranking under coach Eguavoen. Knowledge is power

    • Emecco 1 month ago

      It has been confirmed that Austin Eguavoen would be be the interim coach while Finidi George would be his assistant. !!!!!

  • Sportradio88.0 fm 1 month ago

    Soja come soja go barrack remain.
    Paceiro that doesn’t know his team lack a middle Field . He came to use Nigeria to get his credentials renewed. .. best of luck to him .. see Napoli in their last 3 games . With this little pointer paceiro going shud not be a topic . Someone that knows the boys took over and Napoli is On again.paceiro came to learn and he is still learning. With eagles . The fear of meeting south Africa again is enough to make him run away . Just like wen a particular local coach found out the next game wil be against Egypt, he left the job .
    So paceiro going is not an issue.
    Wen falcon go into a match against any female team do u get any pressure.? No dey wil grind out a win .. but with eagles the case is different.. coaches and nff wil go to sleep to invite guys playing in English week team instead of guys that are ready to break their legs for the team .
    Anyway let see wat happens .

    • The fear of meeting south Africa again is enough to make him run away …..Exactly… I feel you @Sportradio88.0 fm….. He don already spoil the world cup qualifiers for us….He has no choice than to run….

    • Who are guy playing in English weak? And where are those guys that are ready to brake their leg. If you are a player would you break your leg for a country who is owing match bonus and allowances dated to years? Some of you are so funny, every players are dreaming to play in EPL no matter how big or small the club is. Even an english championship team is better than playing in greece, Ukrain, Albanian etc maybe your NPFL players can break legs. Your wailing just started.

      • Sportradio 88.0fm 1 month ago

        Wailing that brought in chipa united and Antwerp guys ..
        Wailing for introduction of fit players and not bench warmers and 15 mins players in premiership. Wailing to get. Orban in 10 shirt.

  • Ayokanmi 1 month ago

    The nff should try to sign a good coach although he tried
    They should sign coaches like zidane dezerbi

  • Onwajunior 1 month ago

    As we rejoice about his departure let’s keep the same energy when we’re missing out on WC and, maybe, Afcon. 

  • Pitso Mosimane + his selected assistant (Might be too expensive. Last pay @Ahly was $90K or so)

    — or Emmanuel Amuneke + Finidi, Ogunmodede, Ilechukwu, Eguma, Ikeme (If they agree to work together).

    No time to waste. We need to start preparing for June clashes with SA and Benin now and NFF needs to organise several friendlies before then.

    I doubt Herve Renard will leave the French female team now. He rejected CIV at the Afcon when they sacked Gasset at the group stage before they settled for Fae. Otherwise, he’s another quality option.

    I have mixed feelings with Paseiro. I like him, but he seems too stubborn and rigid with his style, His team was a joy to watch on the counter, but I hated all the 30% possession games against even Angolan. He’s already made Hugo Broos buoyant about the June clash. Even the Angolan coach believed he could have won.

  • Ayokanmi 1 month ago

    Meeting the semifinal target of afcon and replacing uzoho at afcon he tried and have fulfilled all rightenous. He was given a new contract after afcon to continues but he rejected the offer

  • Larry 1 month ago

    The insane organization is on the match again. This seems to me like the most corrupt institution is upto something! They are about to sell out the Wcup ticket like they did in 2022.
    The government should do something because this is a sinister move to create anger.
    Now you are letting the coach with the best outing in any competition in the last decade.
    Just because they saw that Pesseiro has now become a Waldrum who will resist all their corrupt maneuvers with his salary, they are pushing him out.
    It’s most likely they are he’ll bent on imposing their unemployed agbero and serial failure who has been running around begging to coach the team not because of capability, mental capacity, and even professionalism but because he is just interested in using GBAJUE to kill the morale of the team.
    Let me be clear, this is really unfortunate that the nff has learned nothing from past mistakes of ignoring continuity and progress.

    • I think Nigeria has just missed out on the WC ticket again.

      • Ralphnolly 1 month ago

        Here we’re talking about Coach Eguavoen, Finidi combo and not Amuneke whose inclusion in the former setup led to SE not qualifying for the last WC. I think we should be patient with this current set-up.

        • Very corrct. Patience is the word but I can see some comments here are made on sentiments instead of performance rating. That’s really poor.

  • Hilary 1 month ago


    • Sorhe Salami 1 month ago

      The next person to Peseiro is coach Eguavoen having won Afcon bronze way back. He’s coached international club side and did well besides doing wonders with the super Eagles prelude to the last World cup. Bit because of tribalism, Amuneke without any football achievement was drafted in and he suggested very stupiid formation in the match against GH which he drew though Nigeria missed out due to some football arithmetic. On merit just as many has alluded to, Eguavoen is most qualified unless sane minded, not ignoramus are goung to reel out the achievements of olise, olofinaja, amaneke.

  • Ralph 1 month ago

    I think if he can work among these toxic people and succeed,then he can work anywhere. If his numbers are not impressive, your last set of coaches since Keshi didn’t play AFCON Final, you didn’t even qualify for the WC, and now a coach is bad because he is not playing like Barcelona.

    The man can only choose 23 players. He made his choice and gets to the final. However, y`all have a dozen players he should have invited. So if Desser,Orban,Tella etc were all in the team, we would have won the AFCON, right? y`all need to relax. Someone even suggested we go to neighbouring African countries to look for a coach, what a statement.

    Y`all are happy the man is gone now, good. A year from now, when you are still talking about a new coach, I`m sure you`ll have a new song.

    • Innobuggy 1 month ago

      The departure of jose pesorio has brought Good news and a new era for Nigeria football his defensive style of play non proper reading and analysis of opponents n game

    • Helius 1 month ago

      This guy made me crack a rib in laughter wetin b dis

  • Bestsport 1 month ago

    If our hugely incompetent Nff miss out again on amuneke and finidi for continuity sake, then forget our world Cup campaign, get them ASAP as e dey hot, classless Nff waited and allowed a journey man white coach to reject and unrenew his contract, what incompetency! Amuneke and finidi and enyeama ASAP… but will they ever start thinking right.. amuneke style of play is exciting and solid.. osihem and Co will be rubbing their hands together waiting for amuneke who discovered them…

    • Greenturf 1 month ago

      My brother super eagles is not under 17!

    • Amuneke has a poor record at the senior national team level. Infact, Egu was doing very and actually did perfectly ok in his two weeks with Eagles before Amuneke was drafted in and his decision, suggestions were what led to SE not qualifying for the last World Cup. On merit, Eguavoen is pole ahead other local coaches combined.

      • Kenneth 1 month ago

        And didn’t peserio have poor record with Venezuela and Saudi Arabi and he was given the Job, so what is wrong in trying Amuneke, bad belle people, when it comes to our own, it’s always excuses. Almighty rorh is still looking for a win with Benin republic, with all the win qualifiers with games to spare, rubbish

        • You are only being sentimental and nobody is going to succeed being emotional when you have to choose between merit and a very poor record. How are you going to do that if not antics of a tribalist? Coach Egu has no rival in terms of achievements. Moreso, the NFF has a record of them all. You are talking of somebody who won an Afcon bronze even before Coach iroha from Deutschland. Fvcking. My fellow Nigerian, go and find something else to say because this ya point no work.

          • kenneth 1 month ago

            Oga abeg go sleep Biko, who is being emotional or sentimental here, you here spilling nonsense. Have asked how peserio is better than Egu. Even with bad records Jose was still hired and you here disqualifying Eguavoen ,whose record is not as worse

  • Agbo max 1 month ago

    Rubbish discovered who? So your primary school teacher discovered you? expect all the ibrahims in our super eagles, Amuneke will be dancing their tune until he will fails,so Amuneke will coach lookman ,bassey and co, tomorrow he would say that foreign born players are too soft to play for eagles the way oliseh said about current best player of the tournaments Trost Ekong,i pity people that will Still have time to watch Nigeria

  • Diran 1 month ago

    The likes of Amuneke and his co-super Eagles retired players are serial failures in coaching who cannot carry the Super Eagles far. We should kiss the world cup bye if we do not select a technically sound coach.

  • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

    Ready-made excuse when their local guadiolas fail once again…..

    “…..we didn’t handle the team from the beginning of the qualifiers…”

  • Larry 1 month ago

    Only dummies will fall for the gimmicks being played by the incompetent and corrupt nff.
    You have two important matches in weeks and you are letting a coach who got to the finals and list to a host nation in the most competitive AFCON ever.
    The same trick was played out by PICNIC and we know how it ended. i hope this is not a sell-out plan for
    the highest bidder.
    At this point there is no need for fear of FIFA ban, the EFCC should investigate the nff from 2014 till date and punish all the corrupt ones to serve as warning This is the only
    to get the best out of nff.

  • By virtue of his position as the Director of Football, Eguavoen automatically steps in on interim basis to take over.

    Not a bad interim appointment if you ask me. I hope he has learned from his Afcon failure and Peseiro’s Afcon success to strengthen his approach.

    I would definitely have loved Peseiro to stay but the Portuguese is an intelligent and shrewd businessman who will do what he has to do to get by. His Afcon success was as much to his own benefit as it was to Nigeria’s glory.

    He played to the NFF’s tactical tune pre-afcon only to change course in the Afcon to further his own career. For me, his greatest achievement is getting the players to buy into his philosophy far enough to get Nigeria to the final of the Afcon.

    That is never an easy feat and it speaks to his excellent man-management skills.

    Also, love or hate Peseiro’s methods, but the level of organisation he brought to bear was near-world class. Lethargy and tiredness cost him against Ivory Coast if not he was minutes away from parking the bus on the doorstep of Afcon Gold.

    I know nothing about football and Peseiro made me realise that 90% of fans know nothing about football. Firstly they say Peseiro is tactically bereft only to conclude that his tactics are boring, negative and Un-Nigerian. Make up your mind, people!

    Well, if Eguavoen can now add organisation and shrewdness to his approach, perhaps he can show marked improvements from his 2022 debacle.

    With Nigerian football now, you take what you are given. I will pick Eguavoen ahead of the likes of Amuneke or a tainted Siasia any day of the week.

    Mr Table Soccer might now be ready to put right the things he got marginally wrong the last time out.

    • You hoped Eguavoen has learned? Really?? How many times does the incompetent Eguavoen have to let us down for Nigerians to reason before their ethnic/biased lens?

      None of the so-called ex-internationals is good enough for the SE.

      • My brother, what can I do? Nigerian football is hopeless. You would think the NFF would stop at nothing to retain Peseiro who to me elevated the status of the Super Eagles.

        Now, the rumour mill has it that Eguavoen will automatically take over on an interim basis.

        Ok o.

        I wish him well. He came close the other time to make progress in the Afcon and qualify Nigeria for the World Cup in Qatar. If indeed he does take over, I sincerely hope he can leverage his prior experience positively.

        I can only hope.

  • Edoman 1 month ago

    All the Agberos are saying, Oya, oya oya. Ring road, ring road. enter, enter, enter.!!!!!!.
    Folks, forget about the World Cup. even forget about the next AFCON in Morocco. Omo9ja and cronies, get your excuses ready why your Agbero coach could not get us there.
    I am very happy that Oga JP dumped the ungrateful Nigerians for a better organized Nation after his exploits in AFCON where he took us to the final. Nigeria environment is not conducive, the currency has gone to the dogs. Nigeria is Agberos and insecurity paradise. Salaries are not paid when due. Why would Oga JP not dump a country like that? Oga JP has moved on. Omo9ja, Odagbemi and all their supporters should now go ahead and bring Amuneke in to take Nigeria to the World Cup.
    Hip, hip, hip hurrah for Jose Peseiro for the good job done. 11 wins. 7 loses, 4 draws. 28th in FIFA World rankings. Agbero, oya, come in. Tuke, tuke is ready.

    This writer in from Benin City but live comfortably in Florida, USA.

    • Omo9ja 1 month ago

      Edoman, I know, and I believe that you preferred anything foreign to local, but believe me, Amunike, a former Tanzania coach, will surprise you and your colleagues if given a chance.

      You said coach Paseiro took Eagles to the final of the Afcon but forgetting that our players were the did the job, not the coach.

      The level of determination to win the tournament at all cost and mercy of God took Super Eagles to the final, not the capability of the gaffer.

      This is why you have to understand how football works.

      Finidi George, Ekong have admitted that the coaching crew could have ring changes in the second half of the Afcon final but you did not see all that but all you see is the he took us to the final.

      The coach misused our players. He made Osimhen look like a defender. Now look at Osimhen in Napoli shirt scoring in every match.

      At least coach have qualified a weaker team to Afcon before. Having the caliber of players in the Super Eagles will make the Amunike job a lot easier if you don’t know.

      What else do coach Paseiro want? He has so many abundant talented players in his disposal, but he packed the bus throughout the Afcon.

      Remember one thing, we hire and we fire. Oga Paseiro left Super Eagles for the betterment of our football shikena. Let’s welcome our own. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • God forbid Amunike for the SE. The worst choice available.

        • Komen 1 month ago

          At this moment we need a tactical coach who understands the modern football game and who’s flexible with his tactical approach, not some rigid local coaches like Eguaveon, Amuneke and Sunday Oliseh these guys have been given the opportunity before and they failed woefully not to talk about how corrupt our local coaches are, They will just be a stooge for Nff and that might cause us word cup ticket. please Nff properly search for a good foreign tactical coach, though for me two coaches readily come to mind: Herve Renard and the second Sebastien Desabre get one of these guys; give them at least 2 years of contract good working conditions and realistic goals. Certainly!, our football will be the envy of many nations once again up Super Eagles up Nigeria”

          • Oliseh was among the few coaches invited by fifa to form the technical committee of the last world cup, that group was headed by Arsene Wenger you know.
            Oliseh is a discipline, courageous and highly knowledgeable in this game. You may not like his guy but any player he invited will not only be based on merit and can ensure 100% output by all.
            The only problem with Oliseh is that “agreement is agreement philosophy” if you renege, he will fight dirty.
            In Oliseh no player will be too big to discipline.

    • Kenneth 1 month ago

      I don pin this message, so long has their is no interference from the NFF, you will see a brand new team, you free to go support Benin republic in the mean time. The one that was qualifying with games to spare is still yet to win a single game in 9matches i believe, abi what’s the excuse for that. Leave the local coaches alone, give them the same free hand you giving the oyinbo coaches

  • Omo9ja 1 month ago

    Thank you for your services, Oga Paseiro. You have done well. As a Nigerian, I appreciate you, and I wish you all the best in your career.

    Fellow Nigerians, please lend me your ears.
    We should all direct our focus on NFF.

    These people here are the problem of our sports. “Amaju Pinnick (the president who signed us), President Ibrahim Gusau, General Secretary Mohammed Sanusi, Secretary Dayo Enebi, the NFF, all the Staff”.

    The government needs to tell these people to vacate their positions from now on. Both former

    We need a new set of ex players or those who have experience in sports to be in charge of our sports.

    Now, the new board members need to do something different. They should have trust in local coach. If coach Paseiro were given a contract without experience and his past record was nothing to write home about, so why NFF should not have courage to give our indigenous coaches another opportunity to work and improve Super Eagles?

    People are saying he made it to the Afcon final, forgetting that our players were the ones who did not let our nation down, not the coach.

    Long story short, I appreciate coach Paseiro he did he best. If we have to be honest with ourselves, he can not qualify Nigeria to the next World Cup and Afcon because of the way he set up his team. This is good news for those that understand good football.

    No time to waste time, my people. Let’s welcome Amunike, our own on board. He can do it more than Oga Rohr and coach Paseiro.

    This is the best time to give Amunike a chance to prove his worth. Two years contract with full support from NFF is what Amunike needs from NFF, and from we that are the fans of the Super Eagles.

    I know the majority of us always love to see white skin, but what is the purpose of having a foreign manager as a Super Eagles coach that could not outsmart inexperienced local coach from Ivory Coast. Think about yourselves, my people. Iro. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Mikee 1 month ago

      Very sensible summation. Local inexperienced exinternational defeating a mediocre foreign coach. Think about it.

    • the very same you, gona come here and shout “SACK HIM” if any home base coach doess not invite ur DRESSER, i will definately remind you this day

  • Williams d conqueror 1 month ago

    Well! Well!! Well!!! Good riddance to a very bad rubbish.

  • pompei 1 month ago

    I already knew JP would quit. It’s not rocket science.
    A country was ready to offer him $200k monthly. How can he refuse that, and accept to remain with NFF ONIGBESE and a paltry $50k monthly, which they are not even paying on time, owing him for months without end?
    Juju sef no go work in this situation. A man will always take his services to the highest bidder.
    Now that Peseiro is going, they have started again. Ogun Efon ke? Are you kidding me? Of all the possible options, we should go back to that?
    They will soon start clamoring for Uzoho to come back too.
    Hmmm, it is well!

    • Bro, that one na media talk. No country is offering Peseiro $200,000 per month. By the way, if you talking about the Algerian job, they have giving it to somebody else. Ebi like say Peseiro do mis calculate or he is using this tactics to get more money from NFF.

    • Golden Child 1 month ago

      Home base players will be forced on us. Interesting times ahead.

  • Footballfanatic 1 month ago

    I wonder why Peseiro quit…. probably other offers apart from Algeria. Algeria just named Petrovic their new coach.

  • Adamu 1 month ago

    Coach Egufon is back., Good luck pasaro

  • Anthony Herr Usifo 1 month ago

    Rumor making the rounds is that Eguavoen is coming back with Finidi as assistant unbelievable.

    • Apparently Eguavoen’s contract stipulates that he steps in to take over temporarily in the event of the Super Eagles not having a permanent coach. I am resigned to that reality.

      I wish Eguavoen well but it is a massive step back. At a time when Peseiro reconnected a large section of the fans back with the Super Eagles, we are now left we a coach that alienated the fans from the team.

      Again, good luck to the Super Eagles. Whomever they choose to shepherd the flock we will still support the team come rain or sunshine.

      • Greenturf 1 month ago

        We are missing out in the world Cup qualification a second time in a row with Augustine Eguavoen in the helms!It’s never too late to open up super eagles managerial job for interesting candidates to apply,I meant foreign managers.
        Eguavoen please stay far away from the super eagles!We need a competent foreign tactician!

        • Hassan 1 month ago

          Why? And is there any other Nigerian coach as qualified as Coach Cesero Eguavoen?

      • Edoman 1 month ago

        If Amuneke do not get the coaching job as he feels entitled, my brother Omo9ja will run to Courtoooooo. Aha, my Eguavoen fellow Edoman wan come back, okay.

        We shall soon start to look at this just concluded AFCON tournament as the best thing that ever happened in our football journey. Oga JP took us all the way to the final, you de complain, wait until June when Nigeria plays the remaining matches with these manor Nations which will prevent us from going to the World Cup. Omo9ja and his JP critique, better get ready your excuses now.

  • Vincent Atungela 1 month ago

    Fellow Nigerians, Coach Egu is here. Let’s begin to suggest Super Eagles line up for next month friendly, plc.

  • Bomboy 1 month ago

    The next thing you will hear is that the NFF has appointed Ladan Bosso (or any other under-achiever) as our new coach.

    I weep for Nigeria…

  • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

    Why is it not surprising that it is the same group of people who dragged our football 40yrs backwards who are now at the fore-front of re-enacting the same dastardly sequence of events they acted out just 2 years ago, leaving wanton destruction of our football in their wake…??

    Like I said before they already have a ready-made excuse when their doing the same thing the same way yeilds the same results like the last time.

    “…..they didn’t handle the team from the beginning of the qualifiers…”

    Can someone remind them that the Amuneke they are fronting as the next SE coach only ever won 2 matches throughout his tenure as coach of Tanzania, got demoted to Academy coach within 1 month of his engagement as coach of Elmaqqasa in Egypt and sank Zanaco FC into relegation waters in the 7 months he was in charge of one of the biggest and richest teams in Zambia…..LMAOooo.

    Like I’ve asked previously, If Peserio is “Average”, in what class can we put those they are fronting as his replacement…..???

    • Uncle Egbubu 1 month ago

      The most qualified local Coach is Coach Augustine Eguavoen going by merit. Sincerely, the the NFF was right on its decision to recall Cesero and with Coach Finidi who also has been with the boys, the sky is our limit in terms of tactical in defense and aggressive in attack as we have players like Lookmon,Bassey, Onyeka, Yusuf, Indidi, Simon, Boniface, Semi Ajayi, Nwakali to do the job. It’s possible many fans will forget about tribalism in mentioning who is Super Eagles coach when we already have the most qualified among them.

    • Emecco 1 month ago

      Bro, CIV gambled with an inexperienced Emerse Fae and succeededed.lets try out Amuneke, he might just be a success.

      • Lol. Why should we gamble? CIV won the AFCON on home soil due to passion and overwhelming home support. You will soon change tune when CIV fails to qualify for the World Cup or even fails to qualify to defend the AFCON they won.

        • Monday 1 month ago

          So is it your amuneke who couldn’t succeed with a common local club in Egypt? Forget tribalism the reason why you guys can’t win any thing irrespective of the noise.

    • Onwajunior 1 month ago

      Bro we’re not going to the WC guaranteed!  Surprised that ppl have forgotten what happened when the same Eguaveon took over from Rohr and messed us up big time. Bcos CIV used a local coach to win Afcon, we can now experiment with our own local coaches….issorite!!! 

  • Shola 1 month ago

    Abeg, Peseiro, go jóór and thanks. I was wondering what’s wrong with appreciating merit when their people should rather go and do their homework well before dreaming of coaching a whole Super Eagles. No sense jóór

  • Kenneth 1 month ago

    I don pin this message, so long has their is no interference from the NFF, you will see a brand new team, you free to go support Benin republic in the mean time. The one that was qualifying with games to spare is still yet to win a single game in 9matches i believe, abi what’s the excuse for that. Leave the local coaches alone, give them the same free hand you giving the oyinbo coaches

  • Kenneth 1 month ago

    Please all you naysayers are free to go support Benin republic and the new team paserioro eventually coaches. You all free to go hang transformer for the time being.

  • Mikee 1 month ago

    No dollars to waste on foreign journey man coach. Coaching is no rocket science. Look at the glory ivory coast would have given dumb oyiboman. I am glad they defeated star studded super eagles with their oyibo coach. Look within and stop this colonial mindset of oyibo is always better.

  • Coache 1 month ago

    That was a propaganda resignation. They want to force the NFF to sign the new deal ASAP.

  • Peter Ubi 1 month ago

    The new Super Eagles coach, Coach Austin Eguavoen should make his selection for this month friendly timely because there’s no time to waste.

  • Tony K 1 month ago

    I agree with you @Kola on your assessment of coach Paseiro. What matters in football is victory- not about playing sexy football and losing. A man who moved Nigeria from 42nd position to 28th in FIFA Ranking within one month is a huge success story. Paseiro can’t be faulted!

  • Hassan Tia 1 month ago

    I think this time NFF must do every good thing to appoint World Class coach for Super Eagles, than to hire a weak coaches haven’t any plans ,tactics to win the matches , we need as Nigerian fan , we need WCL coach who can win any match , can read the match on anytime, can put plan b,c,d for our beloved SE; so I think again the suitable coaching for SE is French school so the suitable , why? cause French school has the same mentality and style of Super Eagles school,pace , strength, playing with short passes, playing with wingers; so Laurent Blanc or Reymond Dommnech or jackie Santini are the suitable coaches to lead SE for the new era…

  • Field Marshall Gen. JB 1 month ago

    Oya oya oya CSN where is my post ???????

  • Field Marshall Gen. JB 1 month ago

    CSN E be like say una no well at all!

    Listen, all this long talking is a waste of time, let those involved shift into gear ASAP –

    We don’t need this unproductive pause in capitalising on the little progress they have just had – stop procrastinating, move and make a “wish list” of coaches for the best of the SE and Nigeria and regardless of what has been said, who they are, or what their current situation is, step to them and sound them out first!

    For free, I recommend these guys and in this order – (try these first, hopefully you will also be committed to paying people’s salaries etc) but try these guys first and if not, then at least we will know that we’ve tried and immediately after the guys on this list turning Nigeria down, post the vacancy on football manager jobs sources all over the world – start with the FIFA website, the guys on my list are) –

    1) Herve Renard (ask him! the worst is he will say no)

    2) Combination pairing of Mosimane and Finidi (Mosimane will be effective against SA his country!- believe me he has many reasons to want to do say and he/we can then build on that success)

    3) Ask Shola Ameobi and either pair him with Finidi or give him a free hand in choosing who he wants alongside himself.

    My own personal choices are – Renard, Mosimane or Ameobi Period!

    No long thing, wake up and smell the coffee people there is absolutely no time for dilly dallying the SA’s of this world and even the whole of Africa in fact is just waiting to catch the SE’s in self destruct mode again (as per usual) and use that name Super Eagles of Nigeria to elevate their own selves while trying to pour scorn on that regal name again!

    Do not let that happen!

    He who has ears and all that….

  • ABDULRAZAK 1 month ago


    • Edo people 1 month ago

      An Afcon bronze winning coach has nothing to offer? Aren’t you sillly?

      A coach who took a foreign club to second place position in their league has nothing yo offer?

      Even at the local scene, Eguavoen won the Federation cup with Eyimba.

      Let’s me not even mention his brief stint as coach of some South Africa club sides.

      Tell us the achievements of your dundee united tribal would be coach for a good access…

      Meanwhile, cry me a river for Eguavoen and Finidi combo is leading the Eagles to the World cup and that’s going to be historical.

      • Ho ho ho ho, na jealousy dey worry …it must be my tribal broda even when he has a poor record..

      • Nigerian fans calling…

        Eguavoen Eguaveon Eguaveon Eguavoen Eguavoen Eguavoen
        Eguavoen Eguaveon Eguaveon Eguavoen Eguavoen Eguavoen
        Eguavoen Eguaveon Eguaveon Eguavoen Eguavoen Eguavoen
        Eguavoen Eguaveon Eguaveon Eguavoen Eguavoen Eguavoen
        Bring back your 2weeks magic wand that saw Nigeria beating Egyptian national side with tactical attributes

  • I can’t see my post since 2 hours.

  • Francis Elugba 1 month ago

    Peseiro can go to mars I don’t care and in actuality, I believed he sold our last match against Cote d’lvoire. Now see why im angry with the Nigerian Football Federation, NFF. You didn’t give the foreign coaches appointment based on interim basis, so why must Coach Eguavoen and Finidis’ appointment be on interim basis even when Eguavoen did achieved more than the recently past coach Peseiro? Why not make their appointments permanent for good measure? This is the problem I have with the NFFs’ inferiority complex and exactly the reason local coaches at the senior levels hardly perform to expectations.

  • Stanley 1 month ago

    Has Peseiro really gone and where are we now? The media should kindly update us.

  • Codex 1 month ago

    The fact that Eguavoen was given this job on an interim basis shows where the NFF are as an organization

    The fact that some of us here are supporting this lazy and unprofessional move shows where we are as a nation

    No sane entity will recycle part of its problems to be the solution to the said problem

    As @UBFE said its only in Nigeria that such crap,such nonsense will be done and supported.

    In as much as an indigenous coach should be considered this time around,can’t the NFF comb the league for coaches. Yes our league coaches are not at so called level required but if they want a fresh start,then a new face is best not some old, disappointing face.

    Then Eguavoen led technical committee will outline performance based requirements for this coaches while the administrators will offer the necessary support without their usual drama and bickering plus ensuring that they reduce the pressure factor on the coach by non interference. This is how other properly run footy nations do theirs,its the basic form of administrative management.

    But no what we see is a regurgitation of the same old face because the NFF are too lazy to hold proper interviewing process with our locals(the ones who actually work for their Cvs to be acknowledged).

    As for merit in as much as Austin will command the squads respect because its not his first rodeo and has a decent CV, he’s not what we need at the moment. Amunike is a name I’ve seen been bandied about but he hasn’t done anything for himself recently to warrant the job. If the NFF wants to copy the Cameroun/Senegal/Ivory Coast method then Finidi is the man for the job cos he’s been around the block for 2 years plus he’s closer to our league than the other previous names I mentioned. Afterall Cisse was Giresse assistant before he was given the big job at Senegal,Rigobert Song worked with Toni Conceicao before he landed the Cameroun job and Emerse Fae was part of Gasset coaching staff before he got the CIV job and they all have foreign assistants so instead of hiring a white man for the top job,why not hire him for the role of assistance.

    If the NFF want a new indigenous face then they should look no further than Dan Ogunmodede or Fidelis Ilechukwu or maybe Stan Eguma,even Kennedy Boboye these are consistent names in the NPFL whose track records though not at par but you may never know what’ll happen if given the opportunity to man the SE hot seat. It will further promote our league and make the up coming ones to sit up and improve their game. That’s my take.

  • Nigerian fans calling…

    Eguavoen Eguaveon Eguaveon Eguavoen Eguavoen Eguavoen
    Eguavoen Eguaveon Eguaveon Eguavoen Eguavoen Eguavoen
    Eguavoen Eguaveon Eguaveon Eguavoen Eguavoen Eguavoen
    Eguavoen Eguaveon Eguaveon Eguavoen Eguavoen Eguavoen
    Bring back your 2weeks magic wand that saw Nigeria beating Egyptian national side with tactical defensive and attacking attributes.

    • benakay 1 month ago

      Nigerians and their warped intelligence…

      This was the same dullard who lost to a depleted Tunisia team (most of the squad was down with a stomach virus). This led to Nigeria’s worst result in an AFCON for over 40 years.
      Worse still, he lost to a very poor Ghanaian team which Nigeria had absolutely no business losing to. That cost us a spot in the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

      Yet, in your warped wisdom, this is the useless, unintelligent coach you want leading the Super Eagles? How many times does a man have to prove to you that he is incapable of delivering a mission before it becomes obvious to you???

  • I’m not here to talk about who’s a dullard not is who’s not but we know those who failed with common club sid e in Egypt among many other failed records.
    Regardless, I’m very sure idioot like you wouldn’t know that the same Eguavoen won an afcon bronze besides coaching some African club sides with benefits,like Enyimba international, etc. The problem Eguavoen had in Cameroon was nothing but the short time NFF gave him to prepare the team.
    Only a stvpid ewuuGoat would have expected Afcon gold within 2weeks’ preparation, who does that?.
    I think we should be requesting NFF to open its contract papers, sign on Eguavoen and Finidi for 2yrs in the least with a proviso to extend the contract upon performance.

    • Enaholo Amomu 1 month ago

      God bless you, #Dele. On a personal note, I have been waiting to read about the achievements of other local coaches. Having said that, nff must ensure that merit and not tribalism guides its choice otherwise, the players won’t respect any coach with no good record. That’s where it’s difficult to even mention names such as Olise, Amunike, Olofinjana and the rest of them, they’ve very poor records. Even the present government of President Bola Tinubu is interested in merit based performance, the nff must be guided.

      • Teddy 1 month ago

        Well said my guy. My take is that Austin Eguavoen who is already well known to the players with a good understanding between them should be given a 4-year appointment and let’s see. The two weeks he got to coach the team during Afcon22 was really not enough to assess his performance thats typing with all sincerity.

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