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CAFCL/CC: Enyimba, Rivers United Zoom Into Next Round

CAFCL/CC: Enyimba, Rivers United Zoom Into  Next Round

Enyimba zoomed into the first round of CAF Champions League after they were held to a 1-1 draw at home by Burkinabe club Rahimo
in Aba on Sunday.

The Peoples Elephant qualified 2-1 on aggregate.

Enyimba won the first leg 1-0 at the August 4 Stadium, Ouagadougou last Sunday.

Austine Oladapo gave the home team the lead on the hour mark, while Pape Ware equalised for Rahimo 15 minutes from time.

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Enyimba’s Imoh Obot was sent off late in the game for a second booking.

In the CAF Confederation Cup, Rivers United also scraped through to the next round after a 2-0 penalty shoot out win against Futuro Kings of Equatorial Guinea at the Adokiye Amiesimaka Stadium, Port Harcourt.

Rivers United won the game 2-1 for aggregate to be tied at 3-3 after the away side also won the first leg 2-1 at home.

Godwin Aguda and Kehinde Adedipe scored for Rivers United in the first half, while Asu Pedro pulled a goal back for Futuro Kings in the 52nd minute.

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  • Kenneth 3 years ago

    Where are the hypocrites, they will not come out and talk, but sit behind there computer and be spilling shit. Abi this ones are not home based again

    • Adisboy 3 years ago

      So you are celebrating a penalty shootout win over a non-name team from Equatorial Gunea and a narrow 1 nil win over a timid Burkinabe side?

      IF so you have agreed with us. Homebased players nowadays are complete mediocres. Mind you this is just the PRELIMINARY ROUND ooo! In the 90’s and 2000’s, our clubsides would have spanked these teams at home by no less than 3 goals each. If you cannot see how far our domestic football has fallen then you are just fooling yourself.

      • Simon 3 years ago

        Just like now adays we loose to fishermen team in the super eagles and every team will always get a result against us.

        Baba make una dey use brain argue o. Guinea vs Sierra Leone who’s higher?

        • Adisboy 3 years ago

          See as you dey yarn nonsense. When have the Super Eagles lost to a fisherman team recently. Since Gernot Rohr came, we have only lost to South Africa in a qualifier. Infact, we are yet to lose away since his reign in any qualifier. And we are still on course to qualify for AFCON undefeated and with a game to spare. Before Rohr, even during the 90’s we would only qualify on the last day.
          Don’t even mention Madagascar as they have vastly improved. Held Ivory Coast to a 0-0 draw last game and just need 1 more point to qualify for the AFCON. A team that beat Niger 6-2 away in Niger is no fisherman team

        • Simon 3 years ago

          Idiot who lost against Congo or who lost to Algeria. Maggot full you and oak head. Empty brains talking trash.

          • Adisboy 3 years ago

            @Simon, When did we lose to Congo? Where did you manufacture this from? As I said you sabi talk rubbish. We did not lose to Algeria in the qualifiers. The match ended 1-1. The match was awarded to Algeria due to NFF incompetence of keeping records. Na wa for you ooo. You need to check yourself for memory loss.

          • Simon 3 years ago

            Ewu the friendly match that made our ranking plummet did it count or not? Your brain lack oil LMAO.

          • Simon 3 years ago

            Baba the friendly we played against Algeria and Tunisia just recently or you be andropause? Drey abi you self na andropause. The same match that killed our Fifa ranking is now forgotten. Despite say Rohr never win any match this year.

            We lost against Algeria just recently by a goal to nothing I am not talking about Afcon. What about the loose against Madagascar some of you just argue to suit your weak points and dive away from honesty. Unu sorry o.

      • Oakfield 3 years ago

        @adisboy, some folks do not deserve to be wasted precious energy or time on. He has just exposed his folly.

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Hehehehe….@Adisboy, nor mind the big mouth. 4 Nigerian clubs playing in PRELIMNIARY stages of CAF competitions againsts the minnows of minnows of African club football….out of a total of 8 matches played they could only win 2 matches and the shameless onuku is here vomiting sewage and celebrating mediocrity. 2 have already crashed out, the other 2 crawled their way through by the skin of their teeth….AT PRELIMINARY STAGES O….and shameless people are here jumping for joy. If we are struggling at preliminary stages, crashing out and needing penalties with nameless teams to scale through…what will happen when we meet teams with pedigree…?
        Its even a thing of Shame that we have been relegated to playing from the preliminaries. How many Egyptian league clubs played at this stage…? how many morrocan and tunisian teams…? Most of them were automatically drawn bye into the next round. I can bet Alhaly, Zamalek or Pyramids will hammer Simba of Tanzania home and away…..same way I can bet Esperance, Sfaxien or Etoile will roast futuro wetin wetin home and away too. We are scrapping thoruhg by the skin of our teeth at preliminary stages, what will happen when we meet those ones…? And these are the players they want to reserve slots for in the SE….these are the players they want us to waste the next 1 year grooming only to get 1 or 2 that will be good enough to play for the SE for 1 year and then disappear. Players that wouldn’t pass trials in Sudan. Nonsense…Yeye dey smell.

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        If we are crashing out to Sierra Leonean 2nd division and Tanzanian league clubs and needing penalties to scrape through equatorial guniea clubsides, then that means our league isnt better than those one. It shows are league isnt stronger than them and our players are not better and more exceptional than players from those leagues too. So if we can advocating for inclusion of the so-called home based talents who cannot compete at the most basic stages of continental football, then we should also start inviting nigerian players playing in Tanzanian, Zambian and burkina faso leagues to the SE too.
        Agents of backwardness…!!!

        • Simon 3 years ago

          Drey you are a very big illiterate for always trying to influence people on your bogus ideas. You are such a cheap guy honestly. You need to grow up. Big mouth LMAO

      • kenneth 3 years ago

        What nonsense are you saying, so it is a crime to win by penalty shoot out now, please if you have nothing sensible to add here, abeg go suck on your thumb. Will not be surprised if its another name Fake drey is using again. 2 days ago they condemned using home based players, now 2 teams from the league qualified for the next wrong, but yet no player in those team is good for the supoer eagles. But yet some clubless captain can be invited for national duties and also those playing in division 2 on inferior leagues. Abeg shift to one corner abeg. All the super stars you invite, how many don win europa cup or champions league

        • Do you really worth arguing with? @Kenneth

          • Kenneth 3 years ago

            Guess you seeking attention, better walkby and keep mute

        • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          Kenneth, please conserve your energy for something more productive. These guys ain’t worth the trouble, they are all the same person paid e-diots.

          They lack any kind of sense.

  • Oakfield 3 years ago

    Nice one but for enyimba, a 1 all draw at home is not a good result at all. What if you played a goaless draw in the first leg? The away goal rule would be applied and you shall be knocked out. And for rivers united, a win gotten through a penalty shootout hme is not a fair result. Although, no African team ( club or national) is pushover any longer nowadays.

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      …says the one who believes that the SE blowing a 4 goal is the best thing since slice bread.


      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        You should direct your question to yourself. If impersonating every jack n harry on the forum is not a sign of chronic madness, one can only wonder that is.

    • Simon 3 years ago

      Big mouth, what if??? yet you defend eagles for conceding away goal to Sierra Leone. The home based Enyimba won on away aggregate compared to eagles who conceded home and scored non away.

      All this village I too Sabi boys, now I am the one wasting energy to argue with this ignorant dumbasses.

  • Tancosports 3 years ago

    Kenneth, this message goes to you. Happy shameful moment in advance to you because I can bet anything with you that non of the Nigeria league teams will make it to the group stages of caf champion leagues and confedration cup respectively. If we struggle to beat all these teams at this stage how are we going to handle average teams like elemerek, Djoliba, real Bamako, Accra heart of hoaks etc let alone playing against the elite teams like essparance, Memolodi Sundowns, As Vita, TP Mazemebe, Zamakek, Raja Casablanca And so on?. What NFF and Mr Dare need to do now is to focus on developing our league to become the envy of the Continent first before we Will start thinking about inviting them into the main SE team. Can you even mention one or two players from the so called Nigeria league that has the quality to be in the Super Eagles team.

    • Kenneth 3 years ago

      Transport abi what did you call yourself, if you seeking cheap publicity, abeg go else where. What garbage are you spilling here. Are we asking the Nff and coach to turn the super eagles to a complete home based team. And someone else is talking about having 90’s ideology. Please when keshi won in 2013, was it in the 90’s, Algeria that won the nations cup had a player from the league, and others from non fancy leagues. But yet they one the nations cup. So are you now justifying that a clubless player should be called to the national team. Last i heard he is heading back to the same club he left years ago, is that progress. Or players in division 2 called up to the team. Are you saying there are no players that can go toe to toe with the foreign based. Oga park well biko

      • Tancosports 3 years ago

        Kettle or whatever your name is called, if there’s anyone that’s seeking for cheap attention here, that person shoul be you. My comments are not insult intended on anyone and I’m very objectives About my comments, I know you are super crazy about home based players and I have challenged you to mention at least two players with their stats who have the quality to play in the SE team at the moment, failure to answer this question I will just see you as one of those dead brain who insult people at a very slight opportunity. Also I would Want you to mention the division two players that are not supposed to be in the Super eagles at the moment and you will tell us the home based players who are supposed to replace them.

        • Kenneth 3 years ago

          Hmmmmm, transport, point of correction, am only clamouring for some players to be checked out. If i have the liberty to watch the NPL at my base of course i will give you names of players to look at. What is Rohr doing in Nigeria, what is wrong is assembling a local based team during this pandemic, back in the days the local players opened camping when the super eagles had matches, so what changed, all the noise we hearing is agent trying to impose there own players, that was never the case in the 80’s or 90’s.
          Are you making a case for Musa who didn’t play for the last 3 or 4 months to be called because he is the captain. Why is he leaving saudi arabia, because he doesn’t fancy the league or what. Ekong plays in the championship. But you and your friends on numerous occassion have said any player that doesn’t feature in the top 5 league in Europe shouldn’t be called to the national team, so please why is aribo and balogun still being called up. Is the scottish league one of the top 5 leagues in Europe

      • Marvelous 3 years ago

        @kenneth you can’t force mediocrity on enlightened people. I thank does people who matching you with facts you can’t comprehend or ignore. All those Nigerian teams won’t make of group stage in any CAF competition at moment, that’s the bitter pill to swallow. Gone are the days when eyimba was eyimba. Now Nigerian league is Akara league, a league were a pure water seller is better than a professional footballer in terms of wellbeing. Is so funny.

  • The major problem of this country is that so many pple are still in the late 90s and eaarly 2000s meanwhile we’re in 2020…..
    They just want to drag us backward…..

    The world is moving very fast and we have to move with them….

    A league whose best players can’t even perform in mediocre leagues in europe is what they’re clamouring for….

    Just wondering how countries like ENGLAND, BRAZIL, SPAIN, ITALY, GERMANY, FRANCE, PORTUGAL, ARGENTINA, SENEGAL, GHANA, IVORY COAST et all elite teams would be using their “NATIONAL” team to groom or train local players for their local clubs…..

    If it was in Nigeria a player like J. Sancho would not be invited bcos the FA want those base in EPL only….

    This local biome called nigeria is in another planet honestly….

    Things are done upside down in Nigeria…..

    I think if care isn’t taken one day Nigerians will be walking with their hands while their legs are up….

    • Dr. Simon Idohou 3 years ago

      …”I think if care isn’t taken one day Nigerians will be walking with their hands while their legs are up…”

      @UBFE, this is the second time in about 10 days that I have heard something like this.
      My uncle told me few days back on a phone conversation that with the way things are going on in motherland, we will start eating sand in the country and said it sweeter than garri !!!

      Things are happening in the country that literally will never happen in any other country in the world and some people could still stand firm and defend it !!!

      Chei, Chei, Chei !!!

  • OmoEsan 3 years ago

    The below average performance of our clubs in the continental competitions is a result of the inactivity in our league in recent time.

    No league match has been played in Nigeria for about 10 months, so our home based players are not in competition mode and are also match rusty.

    We should also consider the fact that our best home grown players move from our academies to various parts of the world to play, bypassing our local league in the process, hence the ones left to ply their trade at the home front aren’t the best. This combined with the fact that the league isn’t run professionally and many of the home based players hardly get their salaries, I don’t see any reason why we should even expect any miracle from them in the first instance.

    Courtesy of Enyimba’s back to back triumph in 2003 and 2004, the last time a Nigerian team emerged African champion was 16yrs ago. A boy born in that year and nurtured to play soccer by now can play at the U17 World Cup. I remember in 2003 when Enyimna won the CAF Champions League, Julius Berger played in the final of the Cup Winners Cup, while Rangers made it to the Semi-finals of the CAF Cup. That was the last time we had it that good.
    Coming from that background, I’m afraid I can’t celebrate this below average performances by Enyimba and Rivers Utd.

    It has become obvious, our teams lack quality cuz the best legs will not play in our league that is amateurish and where salaries aren’t paid and contracts not signed. This explains our recent dismal outings in CHAN qualifiers.

    It all lies in the hands of the NFF and LMC.

  • Kenneth 3 years ago

    Transport abi what did you call yourself, if you seeking cheap publicity, abeg go else where. What garbage are you spilling here. Are we asking the Nff and coach to turn the super eagles to a complete home based team. And someone else is talking about having 90’s ideology. Please when keshi won in 2013, was it in the 90’s, Algeria that won the nations cup had a player from the league, and others from non fancy leagues. But yet they one the nations cup. So are you now justifying that a clubless player should be called to the national team. Last i heard he is heading back to the same club he left years ago, is that progress. Or players in division 2 called up to the team. Are you saying there are no players that can go toe to toe with the foreign based. Oga park well biko

    • Adisboy 3 years ago

      @Kenneth, I no understand you oo. You say Algeria had 1 homebased player in the 2019 AFCON, but Nigeria also had 1 homebased player in the 2018 World Cup & 2019 AFCON, so what is you point. Do you know where that Algerian homebased player, Hicham Boudani, currently plays? He now plays for OGC Nice in Ligue 1. Currently there are NO HOMEBASED PLAYERS in the recent Algeria squads. Do you research mate!

      • Kenneth 3 years ago

        What research do i have to do, he moved after the nations cup. Please the rest of the team that play in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, are you saying those leagues are better than ours in your own view. But Madagascar that defeated us also had home based players. So are you saying no player in the

        • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

          So in your own view the Nigerian league is better than the Saudi and Qatar league??? Lmao!!  In fact I don’t even think the Egyptian, Tunisian, Moroccan or Algerian leagues are better than the Saudi or the Qatari leagues. Madagascar only had two home based players in their squad to the AFCON, one is a reserve goalkeeper and the other a midfielder of which both of them did not kick a ball throughout their campaign. The rest are foreign based. We had 1 home based player in our team and he even featured against them. At this stage of our football with the NPFL not functioning properly the notion that any home based player should be invited to the SuperEagles is quite laughable. 

        • Adisboy 3 years ago

          Kenneth, Oh Kenneth! Google is your friend ooo. You said that the rest of the Algerian squad play in Saudi & Qatari Leagues? Just do a simple check, facts don’t lie. Only 3 players (2 of which are Goal Keepers), played in Saudi, 1 in Qatar, 1 in Tunisia and 1 Homebased in the 2019 AFCON squad. This is a grand total of 6 players. The remaining 17 PLAYERS played in the Top European leagues. Breakdown 3 in Italy, 2 in England,1 in Spain 2 in Portugal, 7 in France & 2 in Turkey. Please talk with facts not anyhow abeg.

          • kenneth 3 years ago

            So are you saying there is no home based player that can displace any foreign based player, that’s news to me, when you have a coach who is just sitting at home collect $50k a month doing absolutely nothing. If we had the opportunity to be watching our league week in week out, of course we will see someone good enough for the national team. Lets stop making it about the foreign based players alone

  • Sunnyb 3 years ago

    Everything is wrong with that country, when you allowed a old smelly jihadist from the most backward tribe in the world to be ruling a country like Nigeria what do u folks expect. Please guys don’t blame these local players anymore, no salaries for months, some of them are hawking foods on the street to feed their families, and we expect them to perform  miracles on the field with empty stomach. that country is beyond redemption, our only hope is to give these Fulani their sharia country. 

  • pompei 3 years ago

    Home based players are always welcome in the national team. Nobody in their right mind will say home based players should be ignored completely.
    The point of contention is – WHAT IS THE SELECTION CRITERION?
    For me, I don’t care if all the players invited are homebased, AS LONG AS THEY ARE THE BEST WE HAVE. They have to be better than their foreign based colleagues to merit selection.
    Let the coaches select who the best players are. So far, our best have been the foreign based. And that trend is likely to continue into the foreseeable future!
    What I will never accept is using geography as a criterion for national team selection. Inviting a player, just because he plays his football within the boundaries of Nigeria, without regard to merit, WILL NOT WORK! That will send us right back to the dark ages.

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