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Can Sports Improve Your Mental Health?

Can Sports Improve Your Mental Health?

Sports are as much of a physical game as they are a mental one, but can you still improve your wellbeing simply by participating in one? This article will show you how sports can potentially be an effective way to achieve better mental health, which can help you become a better player overall.

The Benefits of Physical Activity On Your Mind

Any form of physical activity, whether it be playing a sport, running, lifting weights, or swimming, to name some examples, can have tremendous benefits on your mental health and there are different reasons why sports and exercise are always recommended for people who are looking to destress and find an additional way to deal with disorders like anxiety and depression.

Perhaps the best-known benefit that fitness can provide is the release of endorphins. These biochemicals are naturally produced in your body then attach to the opioid receptors in your brain, which can help you feel good by inducing relaxation, pain reduction, and even euphoria.

Regular exercise can be an effective way to cope with stress for this factor alone, but there are other reasons why you should consider it, mainly pertaining to how it can change your attitude.

All forms of exercise, especially sports, are goal-orientated activities, and reaching these goals requires discipline. While talent is certainly a factor for athletes, all individuals still must put in the time and work to become proficient at what they do and this requires motivation and resilience, which can be developed over time by committing to training and pursuing your goals.

Scratching The Competitive Itch

While exercise alone can be an excellent motivator, it isn’t the only one, and friendly competition can help drive people forward and make progress towards their goals.

Sports is one of the best ways that people can satisfy the urge to compete and be the best they can be, but it must always be done in a healthy manner.

Excessive competitiveness is a real issue, and it can lead to obsessive and even destructive behaviors, but if it’s kept under control, it can be a powerful way to increase productivity and overall happiness.

Therefore, try not to focus too much on winning or losing, but rather be the best player that you can be and importantly, have fun while doing it. Healthy competition will also encourage better teamwork, and the benefits of this will be discussed next.

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Communication & Teamwork

While there are plenty of sports you can do solo and still have a lot of the same benefits that were talked about in the previous sections, the majority of sports are team-based, and with that, it requires strong communication skills in order to succeed.

For example, there will be times where you will need to discuss strategy and go over any mistakes that were made, and this requires an ability to not only speak clearly, but also listen and accept constructive criticism so that a common goal can be reached.

Teams can teach people how to develop communication together and learn how to respect others, including their opponents – good sportsmanship is valuable and it will make your time more enjoyable on and off the field.

Communication, teamwork, and respect are all important virtues that should be relevant to all of your social relationships, and by participating in a sport, you can foster these abilities so that they can be applied anywhere, allowing you to prevent and solve problems if they arise.

Sports & Therapy

Your mental health is important, and its impact in sports should never be understated – there is a reason why sports psychologists are in demand and employed by world-renowned teams.

However, even if you’re not a professional player and you love sports for your own enjoyment, you can still reach out to a counselor or therapist who can help you achieve better mental health which will translate to better performance and vice-versa – when you’re playing well, you’ll feel well.

Online therapy can make this possible for anyone and by visiting MyTherapist you can connect to licensed professionals and also access free advice that can help you keep growing as an individual.


Whether you enjoy playing casually or you have serious plans for the future, sports can be wonderful for your mental health, and hopefully, this article has shown you a few reasons why. However, if you struggle with stress and other issues, don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance from others, because this will impact your performance in your games and your daily life as well.

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