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Chukwu: ‘Peseiro Could Be Another Westerhof’

Chukwu: ‘Peseiro Could Be Another Westerhof’

Former Super Eagles coach Christian Chukwu has urged Nigerians not to conclude that newly appointed.

Technical Adviser, Jose Peseiro, will not achieve success with the national team because he has not won a trophy with any national team.

The former Real Madrid assistant coach has won only one trophy in his coaching career, which was the Portuguese league cup when he was with Braga between 2012 and 2013.

He coached Saudi Arabia between 2009 and 2011 and also had a spell with the Venezuelan national team between 2020 and 2021, without winning a trophy.

However, Chukwu stated that former Eagles coach Clemens Westerhof came to Nigeria without any track record of success as a coach.

His reaction came after former chairman, technical committee of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), Mr Chris Green, said Peseiro should have been allowed to come to Nigeria with his own backroom staff, rather than the NFF assigning him to work with indigenous coaches, which include Finidi George, Salisu Yusuf and Ike Shorunmu.

Green had argued that Peseiro could use it as an excuse in case he fails on the job.

But Chukwu insisted the notion that the 62-year-old has not won any trophy at the national team level does not come to play in football. He said it should not be used as a parameter to assess his worth.

“We shouldn’t be worried because I remember that when Westerhof came, he didn’t have any trophy to his name, he didn’t even have any criteria, but he came and perform. So that is why I said let him come, let’s see his performance. He can use this as a stepping stone and start winning trophies,” he told Brila FM in an interview on Thursday.

Peseiro is expected to be in charge of Nigeria’s upcoming international friendlies with Mexico and Ecuador scheduled to take place on May 29 and June 2 respectively in the United States of America.

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  • Abeg who is interviewing all this dementia ex international or coaches? Can’t they see that all they have been saying does not correspond with the current trend. Wasn’t this same Chukwu against hiring foreign coaches that was backing his former players as SE coach then. So why the sudden campaign for Pesseiro now? The man should just stay glue to his wheel chair abeg after all he is not a great coach during his days.

    • Dr Torah 2 years ago

      U are unrealistic, how can you be degrading an ex-international in such a way? knowing fully well that one day you too will be old like him. You comment is unfair and repulsive to an elderly man who has done the nation proud in the past

    • Ralph 2 years ago

      You are a perfect example of what is wrong with this society nowadays, and the Yoruba’s are always pay attention to elderly respect.

      Would you be happy if someone use such tone on any of your parents?
      If you don’t have any moral values, you don’t have to lay it bare on a social media like this.

      He`s not a great coach in his days? ( your opinion), but type Christian Chukwu in google and you will get a response, reveal your full name and lets see what google will come up with.

      I`m sure you have parents who are old or going to get old, or you yourself is praying to live as long as possible, if you dont respect elderly people, what hope do you have when you become an old man like Chukwu?

  • Ako AMADI 2 years ago

    No Nigerian assisting a foreign coach has ever learnt anything. When the foreign coach leaves they do not know what to do. That is a reason our football is underdeveloped

  • TALK UR OWN 2 years ago

    @** Work hand to hand with your Technical crews
    @** Let the invitation of players base on merit
    @** Don’t allow anybody FORCE/IMPOSE any players on you. Instead SCOUT for players & test them in Friendly matches
    @** Invite local players that is ready to give foreign professional players a stiff competition(not the one to add to the number/surplus to requirements).
    @** Always maintain your stand
    @** Don’t allow anybody to be pushing you up and down.
    @** Don’t be carried away with the club performance of players ONLY but base on PRESENT FORM & POTENTIAL
    @** Do not tolerate INDISCIPLINE in to your team.
    #** Do not invite players in order to pacify/please somebody (like local Coach Equavoen)
    @** Encourage your players to be STRONG & MORE PHYSICAL when it comes to Africa football
    @** Try to take advantage of newly introduced format: FIVE-SUBSTITUTION in a match(approved by CAF & FIFA) as an opportunity to test-run other players and MORE TECHNICAL in it.
    @** Emphasize more on WING PLAY pattern for Super eagle

    • Oluujjjj 2 years ago

      The recommendation is incomplete on completesport. Add this : he shud look for players in the local league and link them up with clubs he had coached in Europe and america where he had interest so that when he needed their services dey wil come and deliver for him..and Nigeria at large.so that after another 10years we can be hearing passerio boys .like now who are rohr boys? But we no westerhof boys. Or bonfere boys just like keshi boys or siasia’s boys.

  • Radji 2 years ago

    But thé peseiro Guy havent make any comment concerning his appointement…Hope hé wouldnt Come back later ans Saïd hé hasnt sign any contract with thé nff …Mr Peseiro talk concerning your appointement please…

  • ABIODUN AYODEJI 2 years ago

    @radji, me too I am stunned,since the announcement we have not heard any thing from him from any quarter about his involvement with the Nigeria hot seat job, abi the man is not interested ni or may be he is Conservative if the later was the case , we are going to have a gaffer that knows his onions unlike someone that we come out and be spewing things to the extent of revealing your tactics and game plans to your opponents that caused us missing out on nation cup trophy and world cup.my opinion aha!

  • Omo9ja 2 years ago

    My people, are you not seeing what I’m seeing ni?

    I won’t be deceived about this Paseiro contract.

    If truly Paseiro accepted the offer, why we haven’t heard from the gaffer?

    Something is fishy about this and the way it is at the moment, Finidi George is the head coach and don’t be surprised if Paseiro fails to show up against Mexico and Ecuador.

    I am almost guaranteed you Nigerians that this could happen.

    I think what NFF are doing is to try Finidi George against the best two South American teams and if Oga Finidi performs well then he will be the new head coach of the Super Eagles, I think this is the secret behind Finidi George’s promotion as the new first assistant coach to Paseiro.

    I am not trying to confuse Nigerians about this but I can’t just keep thinking about it.

    It is not logical to hire a coach and the new gaffer haven’t said a single word since he got hired. He haven’t confirmed this on his Instagram handle. Who does that? This proves to you and I that those in power do not qualify to be there and are not transparent at all.

    The appointment of any national team coach should be known to its citizens. For sure the interview was conducted on zoom which was recorded while the appointment of the coach also conducted on zoom and was recorded. NFF should do things accordingly by showing us a piece of where Oga Paseiro said he accepted NFF offer.

    This is how the rest of the world is doing it but why Nigeria own is different? Corruption period. You have nothing to hide about this NFF. No wonder it took you so long to name Paseiro as the head coach of the Super Eagles.

    Wake up Nigerians. I have said my own.

    The current NFF members are not transparent and they will continue cajoling Nigerians. Pay attention to NFF Nigerians. Fingers crossed. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Ralph 2 years ago

    I don’t know who appointed a foreign coach and then filled up the backroom with local coaches.

    And I`ve never seen a foreign coach taking up a job oversea without a single member of his personal staff.

    I don’t know how that is gonna work for both of the coach and the employer.
    Already perfect excuse if thing didn’t go as planned.
    What excuse will the NFF present if the coach fail?

    And why would any coach even accept this ridiculous condition?
    Only a desperate coach would agree to this set up called contract.

    Well.maybe thats the reason we`ve not heard from the coach yet.

  • Hassan Tia 2 years ago

    If Nigerian would like to see Peseiro to be like Westerhof NFF must make overhaul on NPLF on leauge administration just like to impose a law which any club must reconcile his situation to be a public sharing company in order to sponsor their financial entitlements like players contracts, players wages, players bonuses, coaches contracts coaches wages and bonuses, hotels expenses, aircraft expenses, food stuffs, any facility to help the club on technical affairs; any club must register a player on professional contract; a club must establish academy which can introduce a talent players who can benfit the club and Super Eagles, from this academy NFF must make age phase leauge in order to choose from it junior teams under 17,20,23 then will step to SE. Technical committe with NFF must assit Peseiro on how SE pattern of playing to be with also assit of local coaches; NFF must not intervene on Peseiro techincal affairs just like choosing players for SE team, choosing pitches of SE matches; choosing team tactics; NFF must grant Peseiro with players files to know about any player which can help him to know player’s form and his activity on his club; NFF must grant Peseiro his wages and bonuses on time without any procrastination; also the players who recalled for SE ; NFF must assit Peseiro on how to know Nigerian culture on football and African culture also in order to help him to make studies on how to deal with matches in and out of Nigeria just like for examples to know Ghana compitision and grudge and using strength on them also African football which depends on strength and physical strength; North Africa depends on tactical organization.So all these elements will help Peseiro to be like Westerhof.

  • Hassan Tia 2 years ago

    Also ther is important thing I did not mention it’s the briberby which impacts on Nigeria football development; this crime with regard to Nigerian football administrators who take bribery from players to be recalled to the national teams or for Super Eagles; or bribery to refrees by clubs administrators to sell the matches on NPLF; the briberies make negative impact on Nigeria football; so I suggest to NFF to enact a tough law which can eliminate this bad behavior.

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