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AFCON 2021: Tunisia Lose To Gambia, Face Nigeria In Next Round: Mali Edge Out Mauritania

AFCON 2021: Tunisia Lose To Gambia, Face Nigeria In Next Round: Mali Edge Out Mauritania

Debutant, Gambia have created another shocking result at the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations after the team stunned Tunisia 1-0 in their final group game on Thursday, to qualify to the Round of 16.

The only goal of the encounter was scored in the 93rd minute through Ablie Jallow.


This means Tunisia will face the Super Eagles in the Round of 16 on Sunday.

Recall that the three-time AFCON champions topped group D with maximum nine points ahead of Egypt, Sudan and Guinea-Bissau.

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In the other game, Mali secured top spot in Group F at the Africa Cup of Nations with a comfortable 2-0 win over Mauritania, who were already out of the tournament.

The opening goal was scored in the second minute by former Newcastle defender Massadio Haidara.

Mali doubled their tally shortly after half-time when Ibrahima Kone smashed in his third penalty in Cameroon after Moussa Doumbia was brought down.

Sarpsborg striker Kone now has 11 goals in nine international matches.

The win means Mali win the group on goal difference and will play Equatorial Guinea in the round of 16, while Mauritania head home as the only team at the tournament without a point.


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  • The CIV’s attack is really fearsome o. But if they really dig in they should eliminate Egypt.

    However, I am not confident we can best them o. Best of luck to the SE as they face Tunisia.

    • Ndubest 4 months ago

      Until we meet them you with little faith. The beat under performing Algeria.

    • Abdul 4 months ago

      No man…. Algeria was really poor in that game. They did nothing right in that game.

    • The reason y Gambino was able to beat Tunisia was because they place 10 men defense strategy. And waited for last minute counter. Question no 1 . Can eagles sit 10 men at the back .
      2. Can they survive the quick Cross of the Tunisians .
      3. The Tunisians has players that are local playing together for a long time.
      4. Wil the eagle still be in the game till 80th minutes til the end of 94th minutes.
      5. Wil dey not concede penalty. Before 60 minutes.
      6 . Wil the tunnsians loss two matches in a row
      7. Will the eagles make use of begging chances to score
      8. In case it drag to extra time .how wil eagle coach handle his weak player sub.
      9 . In case of penalty . Will eagles score and score up to 10 penalty
      10…wat happenS if eagles win will Eguaevon continue as coach.or if dey loss I no wat pinnick wil do.

      • Prince-John Nkemjika 4 months ago

        Why would the super eagles sit back and soak pressure for 80 mins from the Tunisians.

        • U now no better. .did dey even last for 80 mins.and. Tunisia can’t lose 2 games in a row

      • Ololo 4 months ago

        I watch the second half of Tunisia vs Gambia game, Gambia didn’t sit back to defend.. Gambia was the better side and should have scored more than one goal.. Tunisia team was depleted by covid they have only 3 players on the bench aside the goalkeeper..

        With what I watched Nigeria will beat them silly except their players return from covid

      • Michel 4 months ago

        Tunisia is no match to super eagles,una too dey fear,we have been playing Tunisia for ages ,even when they had Brazilians in thier team,and we have always had the upper hand,this Tunisian team is weak and we will beat them comfortably.

      • It’s called careful planning. We the Gambians will defend up to the end ,then finish you up.so let’s wait and see u people of Nigeria. Wish we were paired together then we will humiliate you.

  • MONKEY POST 4 months ago

    LMAO! Fear have started to grip him. Which one is best of luck again. LMFAO! When you wanted playing sudan it was GO SUPER EAGLES! Everything in capital letters. Now that you will be playing Tunisia, it is Best of luck to the SE. LMAO! And you even had to abbreviate the SE. LMAO!

    • MONKEY POST 4 months ago

      LMAO! *Fear have started to grip them* LMAO! You even said “the SE” LMAO! But if it was against GB you will see things like GO OUR SUPER EAGLES! Now against Tunisia, it is the SE LMFAO!!

    • Steve O 4 months ago

      Monkey man , we will beat Tunisia handsomely , I hope you won’t come here to bring reason to state any other rubbish !!..go eagles!!

      • MONKEY POST 4 months ago

        LMAO! Oga it shows you that am a tougher and true Nigeria that will prefer the hard way to success so I can build myself and grow for bigger task ahead. You don’t learn from all these weak ass team rather they will be the one to gain more. LMAO!you and your fellow Eguavon supporters have always been looking and praying for a cheaper route to success. But sorry you just got disappointed. LMFAO!!!

    • Abdul 4 months ago

      Like seriously, you have this much hate because they sack Rohr? ABI any other thing dey there? Or you just wanna prove a point and that will be extremely cheeky? Have a rethink man.

      • MONKEY POST 4 months ago

        LMFAO! Which one is hate again? I just prefer a tougher opposition for my darling SE. Tougher opposition help you prepare for bigger competition. But on a more serious note why are you scared! If you believe in Eguavon handling the boys well against Tunisia you shouldn’t. I mean this is the games he is suppose to be using to proove doubters wrong not some Sudanese team. LMFAO!

        • Tancosports 4 months ago

          Mr Monkey, go and sit down abeg, let’s focus and pray for the success of this wonderful team. GR isn’t bigger than Nigeria we have all moved on and GR has moved on too. The success of the Super Eagles is our major concern not eguaveon or Genort Rohr. If you bring GR issue here again you will be blocked. Get that straight.

    • Guy, really what do you call this your pull-him-down campaign? What yarn or shade of love or hatred is this? Relentlessly wishing and praying for failure of your supposed national team so you can gloat and feel a eerie satisfaction and say “Aha, finally! I told you so!”

      This is classic schadenfreude – an enjoyment of other’s misfortune. Worse, for your SUPPOSED (definitely not patriotic) country!

      I hope you can differentiate between a loyal fan on one hand and an overzealous, fawning and sycophantic fanatic?

      And I hope you also understand the difference between love and obsession (what you’re doing to Rohr is certainly not love). Love is logical and thoughtful of others’ views, obsession is negative,selfish, violent and intolerant of others.

      Even the most ardent pro-Rohr commenters here have since pitched their tents with national interest. I thought these puerile rants will soon go away, so I often skip, but pheeeww ..! Are you kidding me now!?

      • Juliet 4 months ago

        That must be aipob. Alias no anthem but still watching green white play.

        • Joke Abbe 4 months ago

          You made a mistake. It is apob. He likes the only anthem.

      • Douglas john ufuoma 4 months ago

        Did you call odegbami, one chime, jimmy out ever when they were fasting and praying for eagles to lose, what is go for the goose is good for me is good for you

  • Four four two 4 months ago

    SE will beat Tunisia by God’s grace on Sunday with clean sheet.

  • Steve O 4 months ago

    Let pray Egypt eliminate them while we beat Tunisia!!…

  • MONKEY POST 4 months ago

    But on a more serious note. I love this. Cos now the true test is beginning to roll in..

    • Steve O 4 months ago

      True test my ass , we will shame you on Sunday , your evil wish will not come to pass !!

  • There is no team in this afcon that Super Eagles can’t beat.

    Let’s be taken the matches one after the other.

    No Shaking.

    All the Rohr supporters that are not happy with the current Super Eagles performance despite the fact that Rohr himself is happy with what Eguavoen is doing at afcon will be put to shame. By their comments you shall know them.

    God bless Nigeria

    • Douglas john ufuoma 4 months ago

      Oga check your fact, Nigeria first before anything. We are not like some persons whom once pray for eagles to loss so as their enemy will be sacked. Some persons always wishing eagles bad luck just becos of rohr, some even claim a black coach we have Africa at heart more than the white, they even cited Algeria and Senegal as example. Hope they are watching that performance is not by skin, rather by what you can offer. Those that crucify rohr for not inviting some players have seen the reason, name one coach apart from clement who have build a strong team that can last for a long if the football house do not alter it. You don’t expect people with conscience to sit and keep quite when an innocent man is been persecuted for no busted cos. One peterside or what ever he called himself accuse the coach of calling some persons that they will start. Name one rohr that is not in the starting eleven, time will tell

  • Omo9ja 4 months ago

    This is great. Tunisia is not that strong in this tournament and for them to lose their last match against the mirror Gambia will put them under pressure against Nigeria on Sunday.

    We beat Tunisia in Egypt to claimed the 3rd place and by God’s grace, we are winning this one easily on Sunday. They will be the one under pressure not Nigeria.

    So far, ivory coast is playing a fantastic football in this tournament and it will be hard for any team to beat them. But we have to take it one game at a time. For Super Eagles to be the best in Africa again, Eagles have to beat the best. So no shaking people. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Douglas john ufuoma 4 months ago

      I would have prefer any team than Tunisia becos they always give us headache, but for you to be a championship, you have to beat the best. Bring them on, super eagles will be victorious that day. Coach pls take sadiq, Ndah far from the bench before you mistakenly sub them in. God bless Nigeria

      • Jide Dola 4 months ago

        What did Nda did wrong? the guy was fantastic against GB even though he’s not going to play.

        • Tunisia don’t give us headache, we beat them easily. It was only in 2004 they hosted that they won 2-1. We would have won the match if not for Osaze that was tired and was missing goals. 2000 – 4-0, 2019 – 1-0. Egypt give us more headache than Tunisia. We just need Simon to be hundred percent. We always use wingers to finish them

      • Omo9ja 4 months ago

        @Douglas john ufuoma, for me, I prefer Eagles to meet North African to West African team on Sunday.

        The reason behind that is, they play good football and not that physical like the Wast Africans.

        Although, they are tricky sometimes but Super Eagle is ready.

        As I said above, for you to be the best, you have to beat the best to prove a point. Remember that the journey have started from Egyptian team and we have an idea what to expect from the Tunisian team. So no wahala. Mr. No nonsense knows how to deal with the North African teams. His record is there for everyone to see. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • KRYSS 4 months ago

        Douglas, I have been laughing over your comments. Why do you say so. They may end up being our savior. Hence, all the players are doing great and are important to the team. No exemption please

    • Omo9ja 4 months ago

      Oga Rohr followers are praying so hard so that our own won’t beat his Semi final record but they will be shocked in the end.

      Did I not tell you that many of you people will run away when the time comes and so many of you will change their usernames on this forum.

      Oga Rohr himself have realized that Super Eagles is bigger than his capacity. No disrespect to Oga Rohr. In terms of scouting for good players and man management, I give it to him 100% but beyond that, he can not give what he doesn’t have. So, why are you still angry with the decision of the NFF Oga Rohr followers. Can’t you see total football from our own ni.

      Super Eagles are now fear factor around the world now. That alone should tell you people that our own are the best to take the Super Eagles to the promised land.

      Our own already putting Oga Rohr followers in their place as we can see now.

      No trouble makers on this forum no more like in the past. Thank you Mr. No nonsense for a well done job.

      Our objective in Cameroon is simple. We want to win the Afcon in Cameroon period. What Oga Rohr failed to do easily in Egypt by God’s grace, our own will get the job done this time around.

      It is now or never. Good luck to Super Eagles. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • pompei 4 months ago

        Sweet dodo here! Come and buy your sweet dodo!
        The person you’re calling OUR OWN is the same person you condemned the other day, accusing him of not speaking the truth because he has eaten sweet dodo.
        Now that he’s doing well, he’s now your person. He’s putting Rohr followers in their place.
        Eguavoen himself has said Rohr deserves some credit for his success at the Afcon. So, how market?
        Omo onidodo, ma je dodo e lo. Ko si wahala!

        • Omo9ja 4 months ago

          So, you want me to support our own wether they’re doing well or not @Pompei?

          That is the difference between you Oga followers and I omo9ja.

          I have told you people that I don’t follow people blindly.

          “Omo onidodo, ma je dodo e lo. Ko si wahala”!

          Lolz, I can’t stop laughing. You see Pompei, you Oga Rohr fans have no choice but to apologize to we patriotic Nigerians and support our own.

          Mr. No nonsense have putting you Oga Rohr followers Nigeria limited in their place indeed lol.

          The German tactician upon his preparations for Afcon in Egypt, he managed to win two matches but our own did win their three games with ease. The 3rd match, Mr. No nonsense used his reserve bench with few regular players to play the last match and Eagles won the match 2-0.

          Are you with me Oga Pompei? We were beaten by Madagascar and other minor teams in Africa during Oga Rohr time but now, no team in Africa want to play Nigeria presently.

          Are you not happy that you don’t see Super Eagles playing kerewa kerewawa style?

          Are you not happy that we haven’t seen kick and follow display from our darling Super Eagles in this tournament?

          What else do you people want from us gan? We entertained you, we have been given you people sweet games so far still, you people are not satisfied.

          What else can we do to satisfy you black people?

          It is well. God bless Nigeria!!!

          • pompei 4 months ago

            Your own said Rohr deserves some credit for his success at the Afcon. Why are you silent about that?
            Shame would not allow you to speak. You are only supporting Eguavoen now because it suits your anti-Rohr narrative. When Rohr achieved results that were even better than what we’re now seeing, did you give him credit? No, hatred would not allow you to do that.
            The one you now call YOUR OWN, who you previously accused of not speaking the truth because he has collected sweet dodo, this same person has given Rohr some credit for his success.
            The difference between the Progressives and you OMO ONIDODO is that we give credit when it is due. When Rohr was performing, we gave him credit. Now that Eguavoen is performing, we give him credit. Unlike you who accused someone of eating sweet dodo, only to CHANGE MOUTH when the person starts doing well.
            Rohr has gone, yet you keep attacking him. Ahn ahn!
            My point is, let us support the new coach and hope for the best. If you keep talking about Rohr and his supposed followers, I will also remind you of what you did in your capacity as OMO ONIDODO.

      • Scouting? Is as if this scouting. Thing is becoming out of hand what he was doing was trying to convince players who have dual citizenship to change to Nigeria. The only recognised player that he should be given credit for is maduka okoye. The rest wanted to join Nigeria before only needed people to show interest in them. Because this scouting issue is what everybody has been saying rhor didn’t scout shit. When a guy like adarabioyo wants to play for Nigeria in the world cup because he didn’t get into the England national team so credit goes to the coach for scouting him?. Scouting is quite different form that, the only scouting rhor did was maduka okoye. Though he speaks to players to join but that’s is job shouldn’t be given undeserving credits because all this people supporrjng rhor are really naive the guy doesn’t show clear tactics in his game I was praying he should get the sacked.

  • MONKEY POST 4 months ago

    God bless you my brother. You just made a honest statement there.

  • DeSTAR 4 months ago

    @Douglas John ; I stand with you, I would have preferred we met low rated team but not expecting Tunisia at this time .

    Nevertheless, I trust this current New Born Again Eguafon’s tutored SE ; it is Tunisia team that need to be more worried of meeting the high flying SE team , with Mass Attack- Mass Defence complete football sagacity of Eguafon.

    No cause for alarm ; our guys are good to go; Egu is equal to the tasks

  • Tunisia don’t give us headache, we beat them easily. It was only in 2004 they hosted that they won 2-1. We would have won the match if not for Osaze that was tired and was missing goals. 2000 – 4-0, 2019 – 1-0. Egypt give us more headache than Tunisia. We just need Simon to be hundred percent. We always use wingers to finish them

    • Douglas john ufuoma 4 months ago

      It is like you forgot the route to 2010 world cup were they defeated us in their home and draw us in Abuja, that 2006 you forgot it was PK. I am not scared but just being frank

  • MONKEY POST 4 months ago

    Eguavon and his supporters are always looking for a cheaper route to success. Dude played GB and then run and arranged press conference to say he has prooven doubters wrong. Now a better opportunity has present itself for your own to proove critics wrong but all I hear is wailing and crying. LMFAO!

    • And I hope when he humbles Tunisia, you will be humble enough to admit his superiority over your choice?

  • They beat us on penalty in 2004 actually

  • KENNETH 4 months ago

    Well in has much as i wanted Gambia in round 16, no shaking am still confident the super eagles will win. Lets be honest all the North African teams have been terrible. Even Egypt was lucky to have pulled through. Algeria were just impatient. They were in a haste from the moment the referee blew his whistle. And this Tunisian side doesn’t look fantastic. Well, lets see if the Eagles are up to the game. But with what have seen so far they will surely beat the cartage eagles. All the best Super eagles

  • Friday Ikolo 4 months ago

    It wasn’t going to be possible to meet Cameroon because of group pairing otherwise, I would’ve preferred the Lions. Hopefully we will meet them at some point. For Tunisia, I’m expecting a walk over because that is our style, walking them over while meeting our targets effortlessly and mostly without noise. In our last four AFCON meetings; 2000, 2004, 2006, 2019, we defeated them thrice, so there’s really nothing spectacular the match.

    • Henry 4 months ago

      Hi Friday Ikolo.
      So you waited for them to first make the usual noise, abi?

      The reason why I am interested in the game sef is nothing more than Tunisia being #25 on FIFA ranking as against our #36 makes the feature very interesting. And should the S.E triumph on Sunday which I know is good as pocketed, it then means we would have better our position in the next FIFA ranking to may be #24. Meaning coach Eguas transformation is on course.

    • As things stands we’ll not meet Cameroon in any knockout game in this tournament, we’ll only meet them in final should our boys and theirs get to that stage.

      Our route is a little bit tough though.

      When we’re done with Tunisia the next opponent is the winner between (Burkina Faso/Gabon) in the q/final.

      The semifinals will see our boys pitch their tent against winner of quarter final 4 which has winner between (Senegal/cape Verde) and (Mali/equatorial quinea)….

      If things remain equal, and surprises doesn’t spring up, Nigeria will likely face Senegal in the semi finals.

      B4 u become champion nor be beans…

      We’ll surely get there with luck on our side.

  • Raphael Ituma 4 months ago

    The only understand on the blog is, the fear of Eguavoen taking the SE to the World cup is the beginning of those early comments. You need to read between the lines though they are correctly classified as noise based which is what it is. Some wanted imuneke Egbo as their coach but that is not possible since we have our foot there. As a matter of fact, no one accepts a failure as coach.

    For the Tunisia match, I see the Eagles having a light walk over them. My suggestion is that Austin Eguavoen should select our 2nd eleven for the match, ‘don’t see why he should worry the 1st eleven, make them rest. Tunisia no reach.

    • Raphael Ituma 4 months ago

      Corrections: The only ‘thing’ I understand on the ‘thread’

  • Ayphillydegreat 4 months ago

    No ooo! No be only second eleven he should choose for the match na third eleven he should choose. Lmao!!

    • Raphael Ituma 4 months ago

      Ah ah nah, it’s not really a big deal and you don’t even have to lose sleep over it. There is no MoSalah in Tunisia but the only thing is that it will add to Eguavoen’s CV. Remember his SE locked down Salah.

      • Gabriel 4 months ago

        Thank you Ituma, Tunisia is not even as good as Egypt.

      • Ayphillydegreat 4 months ago

        Because he locked down Salah he should play Tunisia with our second eleven?? Salah played as a top striker against us he wasn’t used on the wings where he’s most deadly. That played to our hands handsomely and we won. Against Tunisia we have to continue with that 11 that beat Egypt.

        • Raphael Ituma 4 months ago

          I still know the score against Sudan…Which position did Salah played against Sudan then?

  • Winning-SE 4 months ago

    We are on the best route TUN can’t stop us. Quarterfinal is easy (BFA/GAB) We will hit Cameroon at semi and face SEN or CIV at the final. May God bless Nigeria and SE.

    I do not understand what @MONKEY POST means that we are looking for a cheap team? We had first class in the group stage was it cheap 9/9. Our team got here by hard work so stop thinking that it’s a magic or mere wish. Watch out how TUS will evaporate.

  • We are beatable, so are the Tunisians. Burkina Faso or Gabon awaits the winner. Go Eagles!

  • MONKEY POST 4 months ago

    Spot on @Ayphyilydegreat. But really does my comments relate with my personal experience? And am bringing it up here to scare you guys?? But please forgive me if it is cos personally I love challenges and tough situations. Tough situation brings out not just the best in you but the genuis in you. There you will see out of the box and head cracking thinking. Thats how I see it. Nothing more, nothing less. Don’t worry latter you guys will thank me and see me as the true Nigerian.

    • Papafem 4 months ago

      This is the most complete, the most motivated Super Eagles since 2013. I even rate them better than Keshi’s team because unlike the 2013 team that relied on Enenike and Victor Moses, the team is well rounded and the mentality very strong.

      They will be very difficult to deal with, trust me. Tunisia know they are in trouble already. In the past, these north African teams tend to prove difficult because we left gaps all over the field for them to exploit. But Eguaveon’s team is very stingy with space. From strikers to defenders, the marking is very tight. This present Eagles don’t allow opponents too much space on the ball. The emphasis is on possession. That’s why we’ve dominated all our matches. Reason Ekong is flourishing. He only deals with occasional fray balls.

      The north Africans don’t like the kind of football Nigeria is playing now. It is very easy to beat them when you don’t allow them time on the ball.

      Our players’ physique is also an advantage here because anytime we pile pressure to retrieve the ball, one – on – one, the advantage is always here. And with the way we attack when in possesion, no defenders can stand the pressure. Eguaveon has created a lot of channels in the final third to destroy our opponents. And considering Simon’s form now, we need not fear the battle against the Carthage Eagles on Sunday.

  • We’ve nothing to be afraid of…

    Eguavoen have beaten Tunisia before…(2006).
    He’ll definitely repeat it again.

    North Africans aren’t good in this tournament especially when facing a stiff and compact defense.

    I hate when people say things just to make the heart of people fail.

    Our boys are better than them… They will deliver….

    They did it against Cameron last edition still in same round, they’ll repeat it against Tunisia this time.

    Pls if you can’t say encouraging words to our boys pls stay put.

    ++++ SHALOM ++++

  • Sammy 4 months ago

    My people make una sofry boast because this na football o e carry many surprises o. Make we remember Ghana vs Comoros o. No be say Ghana no wan play to win o. Make we remember Nigeria vs Madagascar 2019, world cup 1998 wey naija top the group and to play Denmark. Everybody talk say we go roll over them one time but wetin come happen to us. Make we no underrate any team o . Make we no be overconfident o.
    I wish the Super Eagles victory and God’s protection against any injury.

  • Mahmud Shuaib 4 months ago

    @MONKEY POST, I can see say na only you waka come. Even ya boss Dr Drey don tire run go find one corner dey do CHIEF BOLA IGE(i hope you are old enough to understand). Ya other WAILING WAILER team members @LANRE and TAYO too don put their tails for nyansh go hide. But you, your nuisance is quite becoming shamefully disgraceful. You can choose to push wheelbarrow and carry ponpon for head na you saka. No one prays for that route to success, son.

    @UBFE is totally reborn. Wow. That’s the spirit man. Nigeria first brfore EGUAVOEN or ROHR or PINNICK!

    Rohr is past..Eguavoen is the present. Let’s savour the moment guys and do away WITH unnecessary NEGATIVE ENERGIES.

    Should we win the AFCON; God helping us, we would have reduced the gap with Egyot to 3. It wont be EGUAVOEN’s name alone but it will be NIGERIA’s as the winner.

    No one mentions Otto Gloria or Keshi when classifying countries who have won AFCONS!..

    Let’s think Naija first pls.
    Rohr tried, his best was not good enough and so he had to go. If he’s the MESSIAH; ECUADOR, VENEZUELA, EGYOT, ALGERIA, GHANA, etc are there for him to go save.

    Good luck Eagkes
    Good luck forumites

    • Douglas john ufuoma 4 months ago

      Nobody hate Nigeria the Dr. Drey you quoted love the team more than you, stop all this rohr fans hate eagles. Name one local coach that have build this type of strong team that can take on any team under the sun. If not for rohr you wouldn’t have gotten this team, what we were against was the way he was treated. No coach can survive the atmosphere rohr went through, it was never stated in his contract to play attractive football. Those that are scream Africa content saw how Algeria bowed out of nations cup, the kind of unattractive football Senegal is playing. Can you justify the inclusion of some players in the team, I pray we should not be in condition that need quick attention. You can see how they are blackmailing Eguavoen to dance to the tune of their music by informing him of no salary, and coming out to state the new foreign have have not sign any contract with Nigeria. At this point use your tongue to count your teeth.

      • Mahmud Shuaib 4 months ago

        Ufuoma Douglas, you are another rabble rouser on this platform. You write trash always. What team did ROHR build? To gather players you monitor on cable TV? Everyone here can do THAT. The real BUSINESS is knowing what to do with the players assembled.

        Let me educate you ij case you were too young of the facts or too lazy to read about NIGERIA FOOTBALL.

        Nigeria failed to qualify for LIBYA 82 after winning AFCON 80. CHIEF ONIHBINDE was appointed in 1983 and he won SILVER in 1984 with 98% home based players. He is a local coach!

        We all know KESHI’s feat. Was he a foreigner???

        Tell this forum one shingle player that no one here had watched or heard about (other than MADUKA OKOYE: that ROHR capped. So what exactly did he do that no one else did?

        “A good man unjustly treated..”yenyenyen. Are you kidding me? Why dont you and your bandwagon of retrogressives take NIGER, BURKINAFASO and GABON to ICC at the HAGUE for terminating ROHR’s contract before his 3rd year?

        Like @LARRY and DESTAR rightly posited, it was CORRUPTION that kept ROHR for close to 6 YEARS. I challenge you to tell us what legacy he left behind. Well, he almost ended the SE careers of AINA, ZAIDU, AJAYI, ONYEKURU, SIMON, AWONIYI! He also almost destroyed our DNA. Bfor you and your co travelers scream qualifiers and FIFA ranking, these are not LEGACIES pls

        ONIGBINDE’s legacy..Silver 84 with an entire new team. Only old PLAYERs from 80 Gold Winning squad were HENRY NWOSU and MUDA LAWAL. Also repeated same trick by raising an entirely new team for 2002 WC from the ashes of Mali 2002 squad. He didnt make it out of the group like ROHR in 2018 but played breathtaking exquisite football and only lost narrowly to both SWEDEN and ARGENTINA unlike the clueless ROHR who lost 0-2 to ICELAND. Remember his players then were mixture of KESHI, SIASIA and OLISEHs…SHEHU, MUSA, SIMON, MOSES, MIKEL, ETEBO, BALOGUN, EKONG. He didnt raise a new team like OBIGNINDE AND KESHI.

        KESHI’s legacy…won AFCON 2013 and WC second round with almost 80% new players after SE failed to qualify for 2012 afrer our quarterfinals elimination by GHANA at ANGOLA 2010. Do you know who coached us to that AFCON? Another clueless GERMAN. That year marked the first time we failed to make the SEMIS of any AFCON SE attended since 1976, bar 1982 I guess. New players are EMENIKE, MBA, OSHANIWA, NEAFOR, OSAS, IGIEBOR NOSA, SIMON, AMBRUSE EFE, OBAOBONA, OMERUO, RAMON AZEEZ, ONAZI OGENYI etc

        In fact GERNOT ROHR is the worst Manager,’foreign or local who spent more than 3 years to ever coach SE!

        Yes…OTTO GLORIA won 1980 AFCON in less than 4years

        WESTERHOFF won 1994 AFCON and made WC 2nd round in about 5 years

        KESHI won 2013 AFCON and sexond round of WC in less than 3 years

        ONIGBINDE won AFCON SILVER 1984 in less than 3 years!

        All coaches mentioned raised fresh teams. ROHR never raised a new team. NEVER! In 5+ his new players (not mere caps but those he persisted with and trusted) are MADUKA, UZOHO, COLLINS, AWAZIEM, NDIDI, IGHALO, ARIBO. 2 goalkeepers and 5 outfiled players ONLY! Just 7. Hahahahahaaha. And the seven COLLINS is minus one. Zaidu and Bassey are better…by a mile!