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Dessers Gets Nigerian Passport, Set For Super Eagles Debut ⭐

Dessers Gets Nigerian Passport, Set For Super Eagles Debut ⭐

Heracles Almelo of Holland forward Cyriel Dessers has obtained a Nigerian passport paving the way for his invitation to the Super Eagles for next month’s 2021 Africa Cup of Nations double-header against the Leone Stars of Sierra Leone, reports Completesports.com.

Dessers according to a report in fcupdate.nl was issued the passport on Tuesday.

The 25-year-old was born in Leuven to a Belgian father and Nigerian mother.

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He is now expected to be named in Nigeria’s squad for the games against Sierra Leone after pledging his allegiance to the three-time African champions.

Dessers is currently the top scorer in the Dutch Eredivisie with 15 goals in 24 appearances.

The Super Eagles top Group L after winning their opening two games against Benin Republic and Lesotho.

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  • Oakfield 1 year ago

    This is want happens when a player shows the hunger, willingness and desire to play for us,everything is automatic, not those who would be expecting us to bring our ancestors to come and beg them to play for us. Super eagles is too big a team to beg anybody to play for her. Some of them having been cap tied to England (bcos of their ego and foolishness) have been warming the bench ever since then. Sitting on the bench like pigeons wey harmattan don Hammer tire (tomori). Welcome bro, bcs of ur hunger and desire to wear the green, I declare beyond the sky would be ur limit. I really can’t wait to watch ur debut game which I believe would be garnished with a goal.

    • manuel 1 year ago

      Guy you wooked oooo.. not wicked….hehehehe. I like your bluntness sha

    • Capt Escobar 1 year ago

      No mind those idiot, they think super eagles is their maternal home where they will be petting them all the time. Just look at Abraham and Tomori i pity 4 them because England will surely give them seat belt as non used player. As for dresser, you are welcome to the team. I believe you and my man Osimehen will do plenty miracles for Super Eagles. God bless Nigeria, God bless Super Eagles.

      • To be fair to Tomori, Nobody asked him to play for Nigeria. No invitation extended to him at any time.

        • Olusegun. B 1 year ago

          This is true . Tomori once said that NFF never showed their desire to have him for the super eagles . In other words I don’t blame him . Our Nff have not been for . Pinnuck is going to see Abraham , Eze and snapping shots with them to probe to us that he saw them . I never saw him shoe that same personality with Tomori . There’s still time yo call him for he’s yet to olay for England

          • Do we really need to show that sense of interest when he’s yet to make a sincere pledge of allegiance.

            All the same, just like Cyril, many others will commit themselves to th services of Naija soon

    • Obidee 1 year ago

      U re right my brother the guy truly show he wana play for Naija even obtained he Naija pass in earnest
      I Wonder why our NFF will be running after those bench Warmer’s while there re people willingly to play and they play week to week in their various club’s.. U made a good point here my guy..

  • PROF 1 year ago

    Oakfield u can tok o. bt das d truth. tomori was proud! he will regret it in future. Bt 4 cyriel gudlok’

  • Stan 1 year ago

    you will never regret chosen nigeria chukwu okike abiama will allways protect you. i wonder why a player like tomori chose to play for England.

  • So much love this guy,u can see the zeal Nd willingness to play for the Team. wish u Good luck Bro. Goals will Rain

  • Sean 1 year ago

    Hmmm…15 goals so far, 9 with the right foot and 6 with left foot.
    .. Osimhen, Dessers ..this team will be better than USA 94 team.

    • manuel 1 year ago

      My fear is the coach. The last of the puzzle is a goal keeper and if we can get Saka as left back. We are game. However, my fear is the the COACH. Dude could have played for a draw at the WC against argentina at the last 15 mins. Also, he lost to Algeria not because we didnt have better players but his technical lapses. I am so scared of the coach!!!

  • Paschal 1 year ago

    Great inclusion indeed !!! I salute you true patriot. No need to beg all these other small boys. We are too big to beg. I swear down that Abraham is not better than Osimhen and Dessers. May God bless u bro. You shall keep flying higher.

  • The guy with Osimhen will make Nigeria attacks much better attack I’m happy with his willingness to play for Nigeria he even refuse to honour Belgium call up because he want to play for Nigeria

  • Tomori is really having a bad time now.As our people used to say”na stubborn fly dey follow dead body enter grave”. Let Tomori continue to enjoy his jolly ride with the three Lions. Meanwhile some in championship sides are still making face. For who? It can be for Comorus island or even Lesotho but not Nigeria Cos we are a force to reakon with in Africa. Welcome Cyril to the camp of the super eagles. May you blast goals in your stay. Once again welcome.

  • DrinkWaterEveryTime 1 year ago

    Let’s drop sentiments aside and be realistic, if you were born abroad and lived most of your life there, are the chances high you will play for your adopted country or your father land?
    Tomori warming the bench today in the England setup doesn’t mean he will warm it for the rest of his playing career. I understand we are bitter about their choice but we should also ask ourselves if in their shoes what would we have done?
    Is Nigeria more of a glamour than England? That every tournament our players always strike for financial reasons?

    • Edoman 1 year ago

      Agreed with you completely. A lot of folks live in their villages deep in the bush without NEPA nor good drinkable water begins to delude themselves that the whole Universe revolve around them. That nobody ease has a right to live, play, or work in any place of their choice. 5 Fulani caw followers succeeded stopping my brothers from reaching Benin City for 8 hours on the Ore / Benin road couple of days ago. From 230 million people, should be able to pick anyone within the Nation without going to beg these boys in England to play for Nigeria. Stop abusing anyone who says No. Every right thoughtful Nigerian should think how to stop the Northern Fulani from killing our people on the Ore/ Benin Road near Okada junction. Road travelers on Lagos/ Benin road needs help ooooo!

    • manuel 1 year ago

      I agree as I have lived abroad most of my life but bro. You will ALWAYS be a second class citizen once you are black either you are African American or immigrant, even in Europe. Look at Nikki Minaj, lil wayne, Td Jakes, Alisha Keys, Angela Rye .. list is endless. They are all associating with Nigeria after a DNA ancestry test. He is a kid and will never know that representing Nigeria is beyond the moment. Ask John Fashanu, John Salako. I mentioned SUCCESSFUL ones with England but at the end of the day what happened?

      • Oakfield 1 year ago

        @manuel, If I were in their shoes I’d opt to play for Nigeria bcos of better chances. As a footballer, what u have to consider most is the chances of playing frequently and featuring at different notable tourneys and Nigeria offers them a great deal of those chances. If england would not take them to the world cup, playing for Nigeria will afford them that opportunity, same goes for the Afrvan nations cup competitions. All these would make a footballer’s profile rich, marketable and very attractive. If moses hadn’t opted to play for Nigeria, would he have gotten the chance to play at the world cup let alone scoring a goal, adding an extra feather to his profile in the process? Sadly, most of all these boys are so myopic and stupid that they don’t learn from history until it happens to them. It has nothing to do with where they were brought up, it has a lot to do with common sense and humility. Dessers has seen that playing for the eagles would take him places and that’s why he wants to cease this once in a lifetime opportunity and write his name in history. His target is the world cup and all things being equal, he and aribo and other players that would receive common sense before then would be at the world cup while the likes of tomori will be at home watching them on TV whilst gnashing their teeth in sorrow and regret.

        • BigD 1 year ago

          I wouldn’t call anyone myopic simply because they decide not to play for Nigeria. Could be that they see how ex internationals are treated in both countries, look at the risks in terms of medication, insurance etc.
          Oyibo people (including black westerners) are scared shitless of common malaria and mosquitoes, It did kill Mungo Park and they have not forgotten this in 200+ years Talk less stories of attacks on team buses (Togo), imagine their horror when they hear stories from Emmanuel Adebayor or read it on the BBC website, or hear mostly negative news from the African continent.

          We as people are very quick to broadcast negative news about Africa and don’t talk about the good side enough so the storylines are never balanced

          At the end of the day, it’s their career choice And they make these choices based on the information they have to hand

  • Sunny 1 year ago

    This Guy would be a Big hit with the super Eagles. He has showed is willingness is humbleness and is commitment to represent Nigeria. Welcome home the new goal machine. 

    • Sunny 1 year ago

      Just for people’s information. The person named Sunny above is not me, the real Sunny. I don’t know why they decided to use the same name when they knew the name has been used by another person. They should have used another name just to avoid duplication. Please, take note, especially with their half-cooked grammer.

  • Cyril, your willingness to play for Naija is admired. This of a truth will pose a huge headache to the coach G.R.

    Another possible treat will be the willingness of the Coach to extend an Invite to the this Lad even though most everyone clamours for his inclusion. Will the coach be willing to allow him adapt? Will the coach see him as a game changer or a bench warmer preferring to use his regards??
    As for Tomori and others who choose other countries against their nation of Birth, let’s always wish them well. But one thing is sure, TIME WILL TELL

  • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

    ……and Ighalo nets his 1st goal for Man U. His career stats reveals he scores 1ce every 200 mins or so. Dude hasn’t disappointed in anyway. Drew a save in his first five minutes as a Man U player, touchline clearance in his last game against Watford….that goal has been knocking on the door. So glad for him.
    His hood in Ajegunle much be buzzing @ d moment.
    All of a sudden, I now watch the club I hated most in the world before….LOLZ…..Soccer is crazy.

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      We are waiting for haters to come and tell us it was “an ordinary lucky tap-in” as usual. LMAO

      • Thomas 1 year ago

        Baba you be mumu o is this not time to move away from a retired player? You dey find attention every time. The boy need advice!

        • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

          Born by mistake…..when did you escape from jail…???

        • Thomas this is uncalled for. Dr Drey just expressed his opinion which you can decide to completely ignore. We should try as much as possible to exude maturity and desist from calling each other names. Did you see/read Pompei’s reply?

    • Pompei 1 year ago

      Dr. Drey, I was an even bigger hater of Man United back then, simply because they were the biggest opponents of our beloved Kanu’s Arsenal. Now, see me ooo! I don become ogbonge Man United fan! Hehehehehe!
      Congrats to Ighalo on his first Man United goal. Even if he no score again, that goal has made his Man United adventure a success.
      Any other goals he scores will just be icing on the cake. Go ahead Odion!

  • Larry 1 year ago

    Enough of this Ighalo.. We should allow him to enjoy his retirement and focus on Osimehen, Dessers, Dennis, and Umar.
    However, I’m of the opinion that Mikel, Moses and Ighalo may still be needed in the future..Time will tell!!

    • Amaka 1 year ago

      God bless you Larry Drey is just a cheap idiot always looking for unnecessary drama in the house. By now we have moved from Ighalo to Osi and co. Next time you will be asking of Ogbeche or Yakubu.

      • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

        I though your only problem was blindness, never did I know you also do not have enough sense, or maybe your both parents didnt have enough to produce an offspring that will be able to comprehend simple English.

        Pls where in that comment or any other of my comments for that matter have I asked for the return of Ighalo or any past player of the current eagles. And you say Im looking for attention….??? LMAO

        I may be a cheap attention seeking idiot but its quite evident your are a way cheaper idiot than me. LMAO

    • Are you guys of the opinion that we should not celebrate our players once they leave the national team?

  • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

    We are waiting for haters to come and tell us it was “an ordinary lucky tap-in” as usual. LMAO

    • Thomas 1 year ago

      And was it not a tap in? Go get a life people are tired of your confusion. We have Cyril Osimhen Emmanuel it is time to move stop this Ighalo confusion. Uncle Ighalo happy retirement naija love you.

      • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

        Of course Im even happier we have Osimhen, Dessers and series of other young strikers now to take over from where Ighalo left. Ive been equivocal since the dude retired after confirming himself as the BEST in AFRCIA that that was the best time to retire….There is no better way to retire.

        And I dont pray for him to ever come back. Let him continue banging his goals at Man U and if luckily get a permanent stay at old trafford so that evil people like you will continue to have your hearts burnt with hot coal of regret and shame for the evil you have done previously each time he shakes the net for Man U. LMAO

        The one who was branded useless now has taken his place on the rostrum of history as the 1st Nigerian EVER to score for Man U. Isnt that legendary…??? LMAO

  • Ajalaje 1 year ago

    Apparently Nigeria have the highest number of forward in Africa. We need to shock the world this time. But I ask myself this question. Can we truly do that with our present couch  ‍♂️‍♂️

  • Presh 1 year ago

    All those talking about Tammy should please give him a break, I know Tammy’s dad, even before Tammy ventured into the senior team, his dad has said to us friends my children won’t kick for 9ja, he’s got his personal reasons, It’s your Amaju fooling himself don’t beg, he already made it clear and they want the kid to look like he’s ungrateful, I Saka don’t want to play so fool the name Nigeria. 

  • Pompei 1 year ago

    Great news. Osimhen, Dessers, Iheanacho, Dennis, Sadiq Umar, Maja, Okereke, etc. Rohr’s selection headache has just started in earnest. I think he needs to play 2 forwards more often, the way Westehof used to play Yekini and Amokachi/Siasia. For example, an Osimhen – Dessers combo is mouthwatering to contemplate!
    As for those who are saying Nigeria is too big to beg – I agree 100% that we should not beg anyone to wear our jersey. Nobody is bigger than a country. Not even Argentina should beg Messi to play for them. So, that point is very valid.
    However, I have issues with the idea that Nigeria is TOO BIG. Which Nigeria are we talking about? Too big? We are so big, yet out league is a joke. Infrastructure poorly maintained across the board, people are poverty stricken, very little opportunitues for youth advancement, crime escalating everywhere, Boko Haram threat that we can’t contain or manage (as big as we are), rampant corruption, very little to no scientific or technological development…..should I continue? Are these the characterisitics of a BIG COUNTRY?
    With the way our league is currently, if not properly managed and marketed, we are getting to the point were our national team will be relying almost exclusively on foreign born talent. We don’t have the werewithal to properly develop these talents locally. Let us hope that in the near future, most of our foreign born guys have Desser’s attitude, because when push comes to shove, hungry man must beg for food, no matter how proud he is, or how BIG he thinks he is!

    • GLORY 1 year ago

      @ Pompeii without a pinch of doubt, Nigeria is overwhelmingly too massive for peanuts like those players waiting to be worshipped. We say Nigeria is big in terms of potentials begging to be harnessed albeit yet to be. We are only passing through a phase, present generation may not see that promised land but it will surely happen.

    • Edoguy 1 year ago

      who keeps mentioning Sadiq Umar?

  • If I don’t find Dessers’ make on the list I go swear for Gerhnot Rohr.

  • Greyblack 1 year ago

    Lol.. ..this forum is so much fun,im enjoying every bit of it, reading everyone’s comments,insults, jokes and sheer passion is just interesting.
    I know we are all passionate about the growth and progress of super eagles, but We should try reduce the insults and channel our emotions towards bring up constructive points that will educate us all and ultimately positively improve our super eagles.
    Aside from the deplorable state of our local league which needs to be addressed immediately, i still feel Gernot Rhor is not technically capable of leading this exciting new young and vibrant generation of our Eagles.

    • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

      You still think? When we failed to qualify for two consecutive AFCON and languishing in the wilderness of African football since 2014 which coach was capable??? Is it the one that ran away? Or the one that failed to qualify both our CHAN team for the CHAN tournament and the Olympics football tournament?? Or when the SuperEagles were ranked 77th in the world compared to now that we’re ranked 31st in the world? Please I need you to provide me the Guardiola or the Klopp that is capable of leading this SuperEagles??? 

      During Rohr’s tenure even though Mikel, Moses and Ighalo despite still doing great in Europe, the SuperEagles don’t even miss them with the likes of Osimhen, Iheanacho, Desser and even Sadiq Umar painting Europe red with incredible performances so far this season. Samuel Eto recently said the SuperEagles under Rohr are on per with Brazil, Argentina and France with only minimal details separating the SuperEagles from being great again and it will be soon. Although you’re new here but I really beg to differ that Rohr is not the right coach for this exciting new SuperEagles that will shock the world in the immediate future. #FLY LIKE AN EAGLE INTO THE FUTURE#

      • Oakfield 1 year ago

        Nice one @aphilythegreat. You’ve given him and other ingrates a full dose of their pill.

      • Thank you Ayphilly. That has always being my line of argument. Cameroun once had a combo of Kluivert and Seedorf. By all standard and especially their antecedents as top players with their technical savvy, one would have expected their teams annihilating other opponents on the field of play but it wasn’t. We played them at last year’s AFCON with of course GR as our coach and defeated them. We now watch SE play games now without our hearts in our mouths. We played in the WC, played top teams like Brazil etc with assured performances and nit humiliated in any of these matches. This forward thinker has built the best assemblage of young, vibrant, talented and versatile pool of players for us. When GR is bereft of ideas and SE is not winning anymore then we can start to have a rethink

  • Nigeria has finally discover a new weapon for mass destruction with a lions heart that can destroy any opponent that come across super eagles. Dessers is the man. I hope Mr. Rohr include him in the list. And also give him a chance to perform. I was shock when he silent Ajax in 77 mints. God bless super eagles.

  • Pompei 1 year ago

    For those who don’t know or who have forgotten SADIQ UMAR, this is a brief reminder……


    There is plenty more of Sadiq Umar on Youtube and elsewhere. Check it out.
    At the moment, we have 5 center forwards who I personally feel confident can lead the line for the Super Eagles anyday, anytime. These are as follows:

    Dennis Bonaventure
    Sadiq Umar

    I believe it is a waste to play only one of these strikers ALL THE TIME. There should be matches were we can play two of them together. I previously spoke of the Osimhen-Dessers combo. There are so many other combos Rohr can try that will still yield good results. The best thing is that he can rotate the players, so none is exposed to burnout or injury. Indeed, the attack is the Super Eagles’s strongest department currently. If our wingers and midfielders supply these guys with good balls, our opponent’s net will keep shaking.

  • Matthew Baba 1 year ago

    Sincerely I think Rohr has a very big problem on selection this time around, he needs helpers and not helper. He should pair Osimhen and Desser with one coming from behind. But if you ask me to select the starting line up should Ejiara be cleared, I will prefer Iwobi, Aribo, Ejiara and Chukwueze the tormentor in chief to operate from midfield while leaving Ola Aina, Ndidi and Ekong to solidify our defence.