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Disqualified Nigerian Track And Field Athletes Protest In Tokyo 

Disqualified Nigerian Track And Field Athletes Protest In Tokyo 

Nigeria athletes staged a protest in Tokyo after 10 of them were disqualified from taking part in the the track and field events of the on-going Olympic Games.

Recall that twenty athletes, including 10 from Nigeria, were disqualified from participating in track and field at the Olympics because they did not meet anti-doping testing requirements in the lead-up to the Games.

The Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) which runs the anti-doping program for the sport, requires athletes from countries categorized as “high risk” because of deficiencies in their testing programs to be given three no-notice, out-of-competition tests in the 10 months leading to a major event.

Following the disqualification, the athletes took to the streets in Tokyo to make their feelings known.

The protesting athletes carried placards with inscriptions like:“Why should we suffer for someone else’s negligence”, “All we wanted to do was compete” and “We are not just alternates but potential medalists.”

Meanwhile, on Friday the duo of Blessing Okagbare and Grace Nwokocha qualified for the 100 metres semi-finals of their different heats.

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  • KangA 3 years ago

    A bunched-up Olympics–Dare’s footprints. The sports ministry is being saddled with one colossal failure after another colossal failure.

  • Ako AMADI 3 years ago

    Since 1952 Nigeria has been at the Olympics but unable to keep abreast of the rules

  • Oakfield 3 years ago

    What a shame. Shame on mr president, shame on the afn and ultimately, shame on the big mouthed sports minister.

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    Can you imagine…?

    Hehehehe….and one fraudster of a hoodlum wants us to bow down at the feet of his tin-god good for nothing grammarian minister and worship….LMAO. Just look at the way the name of the country is being dragged in the mud as a result of sheer negligence and incompetence. According to Okagbare, when they were supposed to be focusing on getting their athletes ready for the games they were busy fighting over power, with Mr loquacious sports minister trying to force his own boy on the athletics federation before IAAF and CAA came in and restored order.

    To think the AIU even sent warnings 3 times yet none was heeded even makes the whole thing more saddening. Yet they packed themselves and their families to Tokyo on jamboree, feeding us useless “eye on tokyo” reports we dont give a damn about, to make it look as if they are working….LMAOOoo….as if we are not watching the same olympics and monitoring events ourselves.

    Haba…are we cursed…? Every time we go to a major competition, be it Olympics or worldcup we always come back with bags of baggage, fights, quarrels, accusations, counter accusations and all sorts of rubbish. Just basic organizational, operational and project management principles eludes ALL of our administrators including the so-called minister. Na house dem go come back come meet us after their 3 weeks jamboree for Japan. Then we will hold them to the terms of their offices for not just their colossal failure but the accompanying disgrace and global embarrassment. But henceforth Sunday Dare should SHUT UP, HE TALKS TOO MUCH. We need results and not stories or fantasies.

  • pompei 3 years ago

    Let our administrators come and use queen’s english to explain away these shenanigans.
    A disastrous Olympics so far. All blame on our greedy, incompetent, loquacious administrators!
    Mind you, if our athletes bravely manage to secure a medal or two by the end of the events, these administrators will come charging in to claim credit! Loooool!

    • If it were football, you will see Dare come out and ask the coach to shut up!

      • pompei 3 years ago

        The height of incompetence. The most basic job of ensuring that the athletes are dope free was not done! The athletes now have to bear the brunt of this awful mess.
        How does wazza dazzler plan to fix the shattered dreams of these athletes? What financial or other compensation is enough to make up for years of hard work, that has just gone down the drain?
        Perhaps wazza dazzler has been secretly preparing for the Olympics, so that he can step in and compete in these events if our athletes are not available. Just like him and Pinnick invaded the SE’s training ground days before a crucial international match, jumping up and down like Kangaroos.
        After their Tokyo jamboree, they will all come back home to face the music.

    • This Olympics has been sheer jamboree for all the Nigerian delegates (bar the basketball teams). Crashes right, left and centre. The Tokyo Tourism vacation 2021. A total waste & looting of public funds for sightseeing and estacodes.

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