DR Congo Want Rohr, Seek To Lure German Out Of Nigeria Job

DR Congo Want Rohr, Seek To Lure German Out Of Nigeria Job

Super Eagles head coach, Gernot Rohr is a subject of interest for the chieftains of Congolese Football Association (FECOFA, who are eager to hire the German as replacement for Florent Ibenge, Completesports.com reports.

Ibenge, 57, quit as head coach of the Leopards on Wednesday, ending his five-year stint with the team.

He had been in charge of Dr Congo since August 2014 and led the Leopards to three consecutive Africa Cup of Nations finals tournaments.

UBA Super Savers

In 2015, they finished in third place, two years later they reached the quarter-finals and last month – at AFCON 2019 in Egypt, they lost to Madagascar i the Round of 16.

According to a report in Congo online news outlet, Congoprofound.net, Constant Omari, president of FECOFA, has established contacts with Rohr over a possibility of taking up the job.

Rohr was recently linked with the vacant Morocco national team job, but he denied having interest in managing the Atlas Lions who made a shocking exit from AFCON 2019 final following a second round defeat to the Squirrels of Benin Republic.

President of the Nigeria Football Federation, Amaju Pinnick reiterated the desire of the soccer house to retain Rohr despite strong calls for his dismissal after the Super Eagles won the bronze medal at Egypt 2019.

Rohr was named Super Eagles head coach in August 2016 and led the side to the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia where they failed to get past the first round.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Mr. Rohr, why not make a swift move on this counties that have indicated interest in your services. You have done well for the SE, but we have not improved in our games and on the pitch of play.

  • P H @ frankly speaking you are not on track . for you to see the value of Mr Rohr , look at how countries are going after him . thank you NFF president Hon Pinnick for keeping Mr Rohr

    • Kaydee 4 years ago

      That’s where he belong anyway. He doesn’t deserve to be Super Eagles Coach. We need an intelligent, confident and technically sound Coach not a Mediocre who for his entire career never won any medal. No wonder the bronze is so special to him. Bronze wey we don collect tire. Gone are the days of Okocha. 95% of the players will collect and put it inside pocket.He don infect the players with his low class attitude na why those sef dey celebrate Bronze

  • Omo9ja 4 years ago

    This is another opportunity for Oga Rohr and I hope he grabs it with both hands. He has done well for Nigeria and his best wasn’t enough.

    I hope he’s going to try other Countries in Africa. The revolution have to continue in every corner, any angle of our nation. We are tired of this baby team that never grows.

    We want to clean up Nigeria. We can’t wait to see new Nigeria. We tired of corruption, incompetent coach and NFF dictatorship. This coach should please go. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • @Ph-Brand, Omo9ja and other members of the anti-Rohr squad, just as @Bill commented, don’t you think the open and back-door demands for Rohr by top footballing countries like Morocco, DR Congo etc show his value has gone up? Don’t you think the FAs of these countries are seeing something some of you are failing to see or deliberately (or mischievously) ignoring or pretending not to see? Compared to Rohr, who among your preferred candidates for his job is being rushed right, left and centre at the moment as Rohr is being chased? They say a man does not know the value of his first wife until he marries a second one. We shouldn’t chase this gentle, experienced, patient and highly intelligent man away, please. Thanks.

  • Kel@ you are sported. At the moment Mr Rohr is the best option for SE . because the countries going for Mr Rohr are not blind they can see his potential. Thank you . up super eagles

  • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

    The rest of Africa knew where Nigeria was b4 Rohr….the rest of Africa knows where Nigeria is today.
    The rest of Africa knew how Nigeria was playing b4 Rohr….the rest of Africa knows how Nigeria plays now.
    The rest of Africa knew what sort of players get call-ups to the national team b4 Rohr….the rest of Africa has observed what sort of players get invitations now.
    The rest of Africa watched the Afcon and saw a lot of positives….some blind people only saw negatives.
    First it was Morocco, then Dr. Congo. CIV is also mulling a move, likewise SAFA too…..those ones are still keeping their love for him secret.
    These FAs must be full of dumb, daft and useless officials.
    Ask enemies of progress who are the coaches that should replace rohr….they will mention Amrouche, Baxter, Seedorf etc.
    Rohr is still having a job, yet he is being chased around the whole of Africa. That’s the man blind men call clueless, tactless etc.
    My advice to Rohr…..its a worthless venture hanging around people who hate you….because even if you boil gravel soft, they will still accuse you of being a bad cook.
    You don’t value what you have until you lose it. if you think I’m lying…ask arsenal fans (no puns intended)

    • Dont mind them, typical Nigerian mentality and that’s why the politicians keep making a mess of us. They know we like instant result even when the instant result isn’t feasible then they use it against us during campaigns.

      For those who are against Rohr, let me ask you these questions:

      1. When was the last time we qualified for a major tournament without using our calculators? Rohr has qualified this team to 2 major tournaments with a game to spare and in tough qualifying groups.

      2. Have we sincerely moved upwards in the world rankings since he took over?

      3. You think winning bronze with mostly inexperienced players is a small feat? Think again.

      Our problem is that we want him to win everything within 3 years. We deceive ourselves that our players are world class when most of them are simply talented and still developing into becoming world class.

      Just like Dr Drey said, we won’t understand the value of what we have until we lose it.

      All these anti Rohr squad wants to drag us back to those dark ages when we had to use our calculators.

      • Rohr has really tried and brought stability to the team, but if we really want to do something great with this new exciting squad we certainly need a better, hungrier and tactically sound manager than Rohr.

        I personally won’t be interested in Super Eagles games anymore with Rohr in charge as I believe he has reached the pinnacle of his expertise and what we will have henceforth is diminishing returns.

  • the countries looking for rhor are the countries that are contented with a bronze in AFCON and an appearance in the FIFA world cup.
    We have past that stage as a country.
    We aspire to win the world cup, we believe we are good enough to compete for the semi finals if ordinary England can do that, why cant Nigeria with 200 million people plus the fulanis the beast of no nation.

    Go RHOR GO.
    PLS> GO

  • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

    Hehehehehe….hatred surely has a way of blocking some parts of the brain…otherwise England would not be tagged “ordinary” in football spheres, neither will anybody pit Nigeria on the same scale with England nor will 200m population be a right to play in the semis of the world cup when countries with many times that population and many times better economy and football structures aren’t boasting about such yet.
    You want to play in the semi finals of the world cup, yet you don’t have a functional technical department in the FA, you don’t have a sound scouting system, you don’t have a league that can compete on the continent, nor can you pick a full 23 man squad from the top 4 clubs in the top five leagues in Europe….!!! You go really reach world cup semi finals true true.
    I dey laff ooooo…..Go hire Alex Ferguson and Jose Mourinho join together. LMAO

    • James 4 years ago

      What are you smoking? Please, go and check the population of various countries and tell me which of the soccer Nations is more than us? Nigerians are just so uneducated

  • Razak 4 years ago

    Nigeria it will come back to beat you, the Coach whom you are under estimating and whom you want to sack, I just hope that you are in the same group with Congo DRC for the World Cup qualifiers for 2022 and lets see who will be crying at the end of the day.

  • Pompei 4 years ago

    My advise for Mr. Rohr is that he should go. Countries like Morocco and SA will offer him better working conditions and maybe better pay. Why continue to work with a MADDENING CROWD who do not appreciate your efforts? Let Rohr go, and let us hire PEP and KLOPP joined together. Hehehehehe! Even PEP and KLOPP will need time to get up to speed. Impatient Nigerians will not allow them to settle down on the job!

    • If only the mumu fans would understand this. There has been progress in the past 3 years and with continuous progress comes result.

      They expect short term results that’s why we’ll keep chasing shadows as a country.

      These are the people that will rather vote for someone who promises 1$ to 1 Naira than vote someone with a 10 year transformation plan.

  • _Marriage Made In Heaven_

    Gernot Rohr will continue to attract interest from several African countries but his best bet is to stay with Nigeria so long as his relationship with Amaju Pinnick continues to be warm.

    In fact, until the NFF comes up with a massive action plan that they believe will guarantee success under another coach, I think their best bet is to at least allow Rohr see out his contract.

    If the NFF should make the mistake of firing Rohr without thinking it through, I’m afraid that we might find our football going back to the dark ages of low Fifa ratings (amongst several shortcomings).

    If Rohr as well should make the mistake of leaving Nigeria on the back of the success he has achieved with our gifted players, he mat as well find himself back in the dark ages of being sacked by the likes of Burkina Faso while being rejected by the likes of Guinea!

    I guess Amaju Pinnick and Gernot Rohr are made for each other at this point in time!

  • De Star 4 years ago

    Enough of this myopic and african inferiority complex.who are the countries looking for the service of Rohr ? Morocco and Congo ,OMG !!! So some Nigerians can reason so low comparing African soccer giant with countries that I cannot recollect when last they were contender for Nation Cup Silver Medal let alone African Nations Cup itself, how would some people reasons to such a the level that Congos of this world would be communicating to a country like Nigeria that Rohr should rather be contended managing a lowly rated country like theirs instead of African football super nation like Nigeria whose the least medal they ever obtained in the African Nations cup competition is Bronze except she did not qualify for such competition, that is very very insulting, can you see any serious minded co super African Nations country seeking for the service of this glorified babies coach ( my players are young as if the young players were always forced on him )that we called technical adviser , can you imagine Ghana, Egypt, Ivory coast , South Africa Algeria or Senegal with their local coaches asking for the service of Rohr. Some people celebrated Rohr’s bronze medal shamelessly as if that was the greatest height ever achieved by Super eagles when our ordinary local coaches like Onigbinde ,Amodu and Keshi without incentives and with kindergarten salaries have won the Nations cup ,won silver medals without being praised. Are we cursed as a nation that never once believe in our own ? Our brother Amunike who did what no any coach ever done for Tanzania by qualified the country to the first ever African Nations cup tournament was owning several months of peanuts salary to such extent several weeks after he was sacked he was stranded in that country because of inability of his employer paying his backlogged of his salary yet a myopic coach got mouthwatering salary well in advance for achieving bronze medal in the nations cup tournament that I cannot remember the last time we celebrated it BRONZE !!! what a shame just because the rogues in NFA can share dollars with the dullard coach when money was no longer available for snakes to swallow.
    @CJ ,Omo9gr & co you were very much on point, even if you pay Rohr Mourinho salary , he will remain a super flop that a lowly football nations like Congo would be running afte Rohr as he cannot give what he does not have. Rohr should go to where he belongs having added Nigeria to enrich his CV.
    We should pay half of what is paid to our own coaches like Amunike , Sisasia , Oliseh and timely too not sending our coaches to a tournament or qualifying matches with negatives mechanism like not paying them salary and enabling for them to succeed as they would do to the dollard of Rohr of this world.
    And to the proponent of Rohr , even your NFF who are given Rohr to Continue because of the dollars being shared in his salary, has already passed a vote of no confidence on Rohr by proposing refresher course for him ,what an embarrassment when your employer told you that rather than sacking you, they would send you to go and understudy another coach abroad and yet you claimed to be an expatriate, 2 bad , very shameful!!

    • Pompei 4 years ago

      This AFRICAN GIANT of a thing wey you carry for head so…..the good book says PRIDE GOES BEFORE A FALL! Who are we to look down on other countries in football? So by ya logic, Senegal that have never won Afcon are inferior to Nigeria, ba? You Rohr haters are getting more and more ridiculous with each passing day! How can hatred and bad belle scatter pipo’s brain like this? The exam you failed, or the girl you toasted wey no gree for you, na Rohr cause am? Your personal frustrations and failures are not anough reason to hate on Mr. Rohr. Nothing you said in your write up makes an iota of sense. If you come up with reasonable criticism, it will be much appreciated. But just blowing hot air for no reason will only portray you in a negative light!

  • all the poor working conditions were there when Westerhorf took us to #5 in FIFA ranking and the best entertaining team of the tournament.
    The poor working conditions were there when Keshi with almost 40% home team won the 2013 AFCON and took us to the second round in Brazil 2014 where we almost beat France.
    Our players were not playing for top European teams then either.
    We need attacking minded coach, we have the attacking materials to challenge any team.
    Rhor pls. go to Congo or SA.
    Thanks for your service.
    Bye mr. Rhor , bye.

    • Kaydee 4 years ago

      Anytime i see this Man on the eagles Bench, i feel like stoning him with all his foolish selection, substitutions and match reading. Don’t know why pple will compare Congo and Morocco to Nigeria. So bcos Morocco won AFFCON have suddenly become the likes of Brazil or Spain ? If no be say teams like Senegal, Ivorry Coast and Egypt didn’t flop in that tournament, they should be a serious contender even if Nigeria no win. Same Morroco we beat mercilessly at the qualifier.

      • Ayphillydegreat 4 years ago

        Which Morocco did you beat mercilessly at the qualifiers??Hatred has eaten your brain so much that you don’t even know what you’re typing. Abi your keyboard dey upside down?? 

  • There are some discussions that are for place and keke riders. All those who say Rohr should go are of that class of keke and Okada riders who love stopping by the news stand discussing what they know nothing about. They will crowd the news stand frustrating serious minded people who want to collect newspapers and go read in the office. Because Brazil has been playing well they feel Nigeria should play like Brazil and win the World Cup. They do not know the general potential of our player. Those who are football followers know what our boys are and can do. They know our potential. Realist. They know Mr Rohr is the best so far. Westerhoff time is different from the Rohr time. Westerhoff will fail today. Woefully. How can someone who is not a market woman say England is in the same class with Nigeria. In what area? Sport? Technology? Development? Education? Industry? Government? What substance did he abuse and still abusing. Others have seen Rohr’s potential. Nigeria know his potential and we are not releasing him to any country or club. NFF has spoken and do Nigerians have decided. He stays. Market women and Okada riders cannot decide for Nigerians.

  • Razak 4 years ago

    Nigeria pride comes before the fall, De Star, CJ I remember that match in which you lost to Italy in 1994 World Cup in a match you should have won any average man who isn’t a coach could have embarrassed to bring that up you were 11 men against 10 and yet you lost you talk about attack minded football I hope that you get this coach and you will see the reality is that you good infrastructure and good organization you just can’t come out of the blue and win the world cup good luck you arrogant and proud Nigerians

  • Bomboy 4 years ago

    Mr Rohr, go and prove your worth in Congo. Forget ungrateful people like this Bomboy.

    If you can take Congo to the semi fianls of the next AFCON, I will apologise to your fans in this forum everyday for three months.

    I am eager to see what you can do without the young team comprising of Chukwueze and Iwobi. PLEASE!

  • Omesiete 4 years ago

    I really do not have a stand on whether GR should stay or not, but after reading through one of the posts above by De Star, this particularly in quote”Are we cursed as a nation that never once believe in our own? Our brother Amunike who did what no any coach ever done for Tanzania by qualified the country to the first ever African Nations cup tournament was owning several months of peanuts salary to such extent several weeks after he was sacked he was stranded in that country because of inability of his employer paying” am beginning to see reasons why he should go. World cup ticket and bronze medal is no new to our history, do not criticise my view, na my hand i use type am, u get your hand. Unemployment rate in 9ja increases yet we employ the services of a foreigner who have in no way done better than our best local coaches. IT’S TIME WE MAKE DO OF WHAT WE HAVE

  • Chima E Samuels 4 years ago

    I sorry for Congo Dr because florent Ibenge is a very tactical coach and this will be his first major tournament flop. They better stick with him or they will regret.

    I have nothing against Rohr because he is what naija deserves.

  • I have decided not to talk.

    Because if I talk some people may not like my comment and say I am abusive or I hate Rohr.

    I am just passing sha!

    Rohr I greet u.dohhh!

    • Pompei 4 years ago

      You decided not to talk, but you still talked! Hahahaha, na waya for some pipo oooo! Whether you greet Rohr or you no greet am, Rohr no get skin pain because of you. The man dey enjoy em life, and he has the goodwill and trust of appreciative Nigerians, who recognize that he has brought our football back from the dead! Desist from hating and bad belle activities, my good man!

  • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

    Some ignoramuses who think they are informed till this day and this information age still do not yet know that Rohr it was who took Bourdeax to the final of the UEFA cup in the mid 90s and also won the Swiss cup in the early 2000s and also managed a host of clubs in the French lig one.
    I always laugh at their level of ignorance wen they proundly come in public to claim the man has never won anything in his career. Truely, like someone said above, there are many okada and keke riders in this forum.
    All of a sudden, the likes of Morrocco, CIV, DRC band Southafrica are nobodies in African football. LMAO…..that’s how badly that cancer called hatred has eaten deep into their brains.
    If it were to be by population, China, India, USA etc should be exchanging the world cup amongst themselves, while Egypt shouldn’t be anywhere near 7 Afcon trophies yet.

    You want to reach world cup semi finals with no functional league, no functional technical department, no functional development plan, and you can’t raise a 1st eleven from top 4 of the top 5 best leagues in the world……..Lolz. I still dey laff.
    Maybe Na arm wrestling world cup semifinal dem dey refer to sha.
    The man they claim is not good is currently being courted all over the continent….their “best” coaches are currently jobless….some for 3 years and still counting……LMAO

  • Destiny 4 years ago

    Let me just conclude this guys people who are still supporting rohr are cursed to be be forever blind,foolish and clueless so my wise friends just leave them to die in their curse why we stick to our wise life

    That mad idiot called rohr should get out people like rohr do not even qualify to be a coach,and I can bet you that he won’t even qualify to any tournament when he becomes coach
    Of Dr congo.this guy called rohr is so annoying and he is a clueless madman so as to people supporting him

  • That Congo asks for him doesn’t mean he is world class. It’s not like we are talking about a Lius Enrique or Carlo Ancelloti here,or the current Mexican coach. Those are top class coaches,who understand our type of football.
    He don go the course for Bayern finish? The NFF have decided to work with him and upgrade him. They know his deficiencies. If they can manage to teach an old dog new tricks,that’s fine. Let’s call a spade a spade,the NFF has done that and they seek to help the man. That’s fair enough.

  • Mr Hush 4 years ago

    To be fair,this is one argument that wouldn’t go away,no matter what happens in the near future; Rohr goes or stays..
    My take is,
    it is an undeniable fact that Nigeria is a footballing great,whether we like it or not or we chose to be oblivious to this fact due to our self- denial ; the point is our trophy cabinet says we are good footballing nation. Yes, we aren’t up to the likes of greats of this world, the Brazil’s,Italy, Germany,France ,Argentina etc. But how many people are up there with these set. Besides how many nations fall under these category of great footballing nations, I don’t think they are up to 20, and that is out of 211 member states in FIFA.
    For me,(and the trophy cabinet says so),Nigeria is right behind this set. We have won almost all (except the World Cup)in terms of competitions, the Afcon, u-17,Olympic gold, all Africa games gold, club cups; and that we haven’t won, we have played in a final ,u 20 World Cup. 
    The point is , we are a decorated footballing nation,we aren’t as big as before doesn’t change the fact we are a great footballing nation. We are use to winning,cause we are built for it and we bound to, not for anything but it is who we have become. 
    So comparing Nigeria to other African state that isn’t Egypt,Cameroon or Ghana  could be taking as a mere “diss” and I am saying this with all due respect to football and Good countries like Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia,C.I.V and yeah DR Congo. But Nigeria is far bigger.
    So from the foregoing, is Rohr good enough for Nigeria?

    In my view,Rohr is never a good tactician. Tacticians are born. It is a gift ; you just don’t learn it. Yes, you can learn simple tactics in coaching school,but the best tacticians are innovative. An innovative mind is one that goes beyond what he or she is taught in school, but go about creating their own kind of lessons by working their minds, and you can only do that if you are intelligent enough to work that mind; we all know, intelligence is a gift and wisdom,though common isn’t really common.
    For me, Gernot Rohr is a tactician, but he is a good manager.
    He has managed our boys well.
    He has made the super Eagles calm and ready to go.
    He has built a good camp and a great working environment with his employers and his backroom staff.
    And that is a positive. It has showed in the results. The Super Eagles has improved in the past three years,albeit in a slow pace, but it is better than being stuck.
    So should we stick to Rohr?

    For me, we should, if he wants to stay.
    It is hard to get a good manager(technical or not),for the national team,any national team; cause all the best managers prefer working in the club side and the others are just looking for the opportunity to get club job. . So if we are lucky to have a manager (although not tactical),that has been with us for this long and the boys are happy with him,the FA too and results are good, why chase him away?!
    Rohr would learn,cause he listens ,he has shown It before.
    And the only way we can really go is up. 

    Let’s just see how it goes.

    But this is just my opinion..

    • Mr Hush 4 years ago

      *for me Rohr is not a tactician,but a good manager*

    • Mr Hush,

      You make valid points as you see them and I would find it very difficult to punch holes in your argument.

      If I were to limit my scope to senior national team only, Nigeria remains a country to reckon with in international football.

      We push hard to qualify for all Fifa World Cups and when there, we push hard to claim a spot as a top-16 to top-8 football team in the World (World Cup-wise)

      In our continent, safe for blips in 2015 and 2017, we more or less qualify for all Afcons and consistently prove ourselves to be a top 3 football country in our continent.

      These are phenomenal legacies that we have maintained and sustained over the last 30 years. We fans guard these legacies with pride and would come down hard on anyone who we believe doesn’t give us the respect we deserve.

      Ask Italy, ask Argentina, ask Spain, ask France, ask Bulgaria (at the height of their powers), ask Mexico or ask England ; I think they would show more respect to Nigeria as a force in world football than we at times credit ourselves.

      Yes we are not Brazil, Germany, Holland etc but are we that far off?

      _Rohr Factor_

      A lot of us underestimate the mammoth task that faced Rohr when he became coach of Nigeria in 2016.

      For a country that was fast fading as a force of football that it once was, Rohr was tasked with the huge, seemingly impossible, task or putting Nigeria back to where it was in the global football community.

      The man qualified us for the World Cup under remarkable circumstances, took us to 3rd in Afcon and lifted us high in Fifa rankings.

      This man came, saw and delivered!

      However, now that we sit comfortably where we expect to be; where we think is our birth right, we now yearn for more.

      I think we are capable of more but a lot has to happen for us to get there.

      Yes Rohr has his shortcomings but so does the NFF!

      If they sack Rohr without putting their acts together, the comfortable position we presently occupy (thanks to Rohr) will be in massive jeopardy!

      • Mr Hush 4 years ago

        Aptly stated @deo

        I know quite well that Rohr isn’t that good tactically,but football isn’t all about tactics alone,in fact,the big part of coaching is management ,and for me,on this,Rohr has done fine..he has managed his team well.he has the respect of the boys and his employers and that helps the team grow.

        If the FA isn’t satisfied with his tactical know how,why not hire a technical coach as an assistant to Rohr.a Nigerian would be favourable.
        I believe this was a role Salisu Yusuf was playing till his whole bribery episode,and things were sound then(on the technical level).
        I believe the Amakpabos,Alloy Agu,have done a great deservice to Rohr and the nation at large,cause they don’t really have it technically.
        Sometimes a good manager is backed up by a technical coach,even the great Ferguson had Phelan.

        So instead of sacking Rohr and starting afresh, we can go the way of a good Nigerian technical assistant,a higher grade from what we have now.

        We should thread carefully,and not be overwhelmed by emotions.
        Remember, the next Afcon qualifier starts soon.
        And time is never a friend when it comes to national team duties.
        It would be really hard for a new coach to build in this short notice, especially when the boys would be at their clubside till that qualifier.

        This is just my take

  • You are so right Mr Hush.

    Salisu Yusuf was Chief Coach of the national team. He had presence and a strong personality. He knew the powers his position gave him hence he offered vital ‘checks and balances’ on the excesses of Rohr.

    He could also be seen to have been a ‘voice of reason’ to the German.

    With that sort of influence gone, Rohr’s overall productivity can be curtailed.

    I, like you, think Rohr can benefit from having a strong local head coach with him; one that is not a “Yes-Man” but one that he can bounce ideas with back and forth in a constructive manner.

    I maintain, our football is in a good place and I partly thank Rohr for that.

    However, we have it in us to build on the progress already made. Hence, the NFF should be careful, calculative and cautious on how they proceed from here.

  • Well, i dont know where completesports get thier informations DRC has a new local coach for past 4days now,

    • Likely just an interim coach, while they search for a long term replacement.

  • Now that everyone has at least acknowledged that Rhor is Tactically deficient and even NFF has also, otherwise they will not be talking about sending him on a course to Germany.

    Canthe NFF be honest enough with. Rhor and tell him that he will have to work hand in hand with Emmanuel Amuneke as first assistant coach and Manu Garba as 2nd assistant.
    So that we can have some fearless and entertaining attacking football.

  • believe me even if rohr go, they will sack him after some afcon qualifier games.

    those countries have no individual talents like nigeria that he can hide his incompetency.

    you re not good to be a coach.

    • Pls. DR CONGO submit your offer for Rhor to the NFF.
      His buyout clause is not so high.
      He is affordable, Congo pls hurry up before SA grabs him.