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Eto’o Insists 2021 AFCON Will Go Ahead 

Eto’o Insists 2021 AFCON Will Go Ahead 

Newly elected president of the Cameroon Football Federation  (FECAFOOT) Samuel Eto’o has insisted the 2021 AFCON will surely go ahead.

The AFCON will take place in Cameroon from January 9 to February 6 2022.

But there are reports that CAF is considering cancelling this year’s edition due to the rapid increase of the Omicron COVID variant.

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But four-time African Player of the Year Eto’o posited he does not see why the AFCON should not go ahead after all the Euro 2020 was also played during the pandemic.

“Why should it be played?” Eto’o told Canal Plus.

“The federation that I represent will strongly defend the competition. The Euros were played in the middle of the pandemic with full stadiums. Why shouldn’t we play? We must be clear on this aspect.”

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  • William d conqueror 2 years ago

    Tell them Etoo this stupid Europeans think they know it all. I don’t blame them, because we Africans sell ourselves cheap to them.

    • you are very correct my friend,we sell our self since slavery no togetherness and selfisness of our gorvernment .may our creator give us comon sense one day that we start caring about each other.

  • JimmyBall 2 years ago

    It’s not about omicron… They just don’t want to release players to AFCON bound teams!

    People wey no know oyibo go think say they are people who deal fair… they give you the short end of the stick always! Then they make it look like it was the most logical thing to do.

  • Michel 2 years ago

    Thank you etoo for standing ur ground, corrupt amaju pinnick would have collected bribe and postpone it

  • That’s my man right there, etoo for caf president already, legend with boldness, that’s what etoo is known for.

  • LET US FAIL WITH OUR OWN 2 years ago

    Hahahahaha See this dumb fellow @JimmyBall came to post a comment on this page. You don’t have any moral justification to that cos that is Cameroon trying to use Eto’o as their own to make sure Afcon and Cameron succeed. But you and your boys all prefer Nigeria to fail with her own. You must be highing on some cheap weed whenever you want to post on this platform. Lol!

    • KING TUOYO 2 years ago

      This your response to @Jimmyball is uncalled for. From your comment, it seems you have beef with him.

      It’s time we stop this everyday insult and attack on ourselves. All our energy should be directed and channeled to the development of football in our country.

      From our little knowledge, I believe KANU Nwankwo and Austin Okocha started playing soccer before Eto’o Samuel but look at what he achieved during his playing time and what he is still achieving.

      Let us use this platform to seek for good management of our football. We are tired of politicians destroying our number one game with their everyday corruption. We should support our else players to come into the NFF and make the desired changes that will push us forward.

    • Mirah 2 years ago

      He don post now, go kill yourself
      Anytime u see Jimmyball post, just go hang yourself, dirty thing. Pained ass hole. Say the guy get different opinion from yours e don turn your enemy, you’re very irritating

  • God's Power 2 years ago

    Oboy that @JimmyBall too marsh line o. There is more too football analysis that all those better analysist wey him dey carry shoulder for. Even we for Warri here, If we know say our own no good, we no go cast am like that. Nobody for this country get passion for football reach us. But no matter how things dey spoil na to giam encouragement. No be to curse am. Cos if you light cigarette for your neighbor face, him ma go follow smoke am. Na how d level be be that.

  • God's Power 2 years ago

    That @JimmyBall too marsh line. Even we wey lap for Warri here, no matter how ur own no good, ur own na our own. We no dey cast our own like dat. U go just giam encouragement. Cos cigarette wey u light for ur neighbor face na two of una go zjion smoke am. Nobody dey passionate for football reach d whole of Warri. All dis things wey una dey form bad football analyst so pass like that o. Football na him dey unite us here not to talk of say ur own na chief coach.

  • Edafe 2 years ago

    But @JimmyBall you marsh line o. The whole Warri nation dey para for that level wey u drop here. Cos we no dey wish our own bad like that. Na to giam support. Cos Cigarette wey u light for your neighbor face na two of una zjion draw b that.

  • Caleb 2 years ago

    @JimmyBall you need to apologise to we here in Warri. Thanks.

  • LET US FAIL WITH OUR OWN 2 years ago

    @JimmyBall you need to apologise to the whole Warri Nation. Thanks.

    • kenneth 2 years ago

      keep using multiple names. rubbish

      • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

        This is the reason I dont comment much on here anymore. The place is riddled with psychos and people who want to trade insults back and forth. Look at this imbecile for example using multiple names but the same comment…… how daft can u be?

        • SD Special Delivery Jones 2 years ago

          Are you saying this place is full of jingoistic elements?

    • JimmyBall 2 years ago

      @LET US FAIL WITH OUR OWN… Na Rohr matter make me yarn opata abi na talk wey I push concerning Ekong?. Make we the see truth talk am na brothers?

  • LET US FAIL WITH OUR OWN 2 years ago

    @JimmyBall needs to apologise to us here in Warri. The whole Warri Nation. Thanks!

  • LET US FAIL WITH OUR OWN 2 years ago

    As e be like this na one place we dey sign am, with one lapy. With one mind. Cos for Warri here we na one. And anybody wey one join body fit join o..e never late. But na me dey front the matter.

  • LET US FAIL WITH OUR OWN 2 years ago

    As e be so. Na one place we take sign am say you need to apologise. With one lappy. One email. With almost the same write up Cos we for Warri na one. But na me dey front the matter.

  • William d conqueror 2 years ago

    Make all una waffi calm down ooo, @jimmyball na man we Sabi wetin im dey talk. Rohr na dumb man, make una free Jimmyball joor.

  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

    Please we are all one o. It has not gotten to this level o..we know say pinick and Eguaveon na wafarians(Warri). Make una no vex. what ever we say is just to make our country football better. Let the game or this politicians not use it to divide us. football can be that tense but we all argue for the betterment of our football. Peace. One love

    • Mirah 2 years ago

      You post all the time but you post sense once in a while. Kudos for this one, we don’t know when next.

  • LET US FAIL WITH OUR OWN 2 years ago

    The use of another man’s I.D to drop comment don too much o. Anyway it is well.

  • It’s high time completesportsnigeria vets comments before it gets to press. Insulting comments and commentators should be banned/blocked from this platform

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