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Europa League Final: ‘Bassey Was My Man Of The Match‘ —Omeruo

Europa League Final: ‘Bassey Was My Man Of The Match‘  —Omeruo

Super Eagles defender Kenneth Omeruo has picked Calvin Bassey as his Man of the Match in Wednesday’s Europa League final between Rangers and Eintracht Frankfurt.

Frankfurt overcame Rangers 5-4 on penalties after 120 minutes of football ended 1-1 at the Ramon Sanchez-Pizjuan Stadium in Seville, Spain.

Joe Aribo scored the first goal of the game in the 57th minute before Colombian star Rafael Borre equalized for Frankfurt in 68 minutes.

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One of the star performer in the final was Bassey who made eight ball recoveries, four ball clearances, four ground plus aerial duels won, three interceptions and one blocked shot.

His impressive showing saw him get nominated for Europa League Player of the Week award which went to Frankfurt keeper Kevin Trapp.

And reacting to Bassey’s display, Omeruo wrote on Twitter:”Bassey man of the match for me.”

Bassey could still end this season on a high as Rangers will take on Hearts in the Scottish Cup final on Saturday.

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  • TONY 1 year ago

    Take a bow, Mr. Augustine Eguavoen for capping this young man for Nigeria! Soccer-loving Nigerians owe you a debt of gratitude.

    • Ako AMADI 1 year ago

      Nigeria owes Eguavoen “a debt of gratitude” for capping Calvin Bassey and not qualifying Nigeria for the World Cup. Does this dead man’s logic make sense?

      • TONY 1 year ago

        Get some etiquette.

      • TONY 1 year ago

        You guys are off your rocker! You abuse and disrespect almost everybody here from Mr. Chistian Chukwu to Mr. Segun Odegbami, men who are old enough to be your fathers and grandfathers simply because they expressed their opinion on a sports issue. Shame on your guys!!

    • Golden Child 1 year ago

      He did well in this regard I must admit. His predecessor invited him and never capped him and if he remained, Nigeria might have lost out on this boy. He is the reason why we lost out on Ebere Eze as he was busy inviting Onazi & Etebo when such a talent existed.

      • TONY 1 year ago

        @ Golden Child, thank you for your honest admission and assessment. Watching Eberechi Eze right now, doing damage to Everton at Goodison Park. Mr. Rohr was partly responsible for us losing Eze. And these suckers on this forum doesn’t seem to see anything wrong with whatever he does. Maybe, because, they hate their own skin.

        • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

          You probably were in ICU in 2017 when Rohr invited Eze, Ola Aina and Maja to a SE camp in London. The latter 2 immediately made up their minds to represent Nigeria and have been capped by the same Rohr (just like many other foreign born players he capped), your Eze was/is still feeling “English”, using Nigeria as a bait to get England call ups.

          You also must have been in coma in October 2019 when Eze snubbed Rohr’s invitation for AFCON qualifiers against Benin and Lesotho to go and sit down on the bench of England U21s throughout the 2019 U21 European qualifiers and remain a perpetual bench warmer of England U21s even afterwards.

          Rohr should have gone to tie a noose around his neck in London and dragged him down to Nigeria, or wash his and his parents underwears to get him to stop feeling “English” and start feeling Nigerian enough to honor call SE ups ahead of England U21 benchwarming callups.

          We have seen you….you’ve been seeking attention for a while now…..Your efforts are beginning to yield fruits.

          The last time I checked, even though Rohr did not cap Bassey during the WCQs, he was already listed in the provisional squad for the 2021 AFCON in Cameroon, but your Eguavoen snubbed him (and other foreign borns like Akpoguma and Dessers both capped by Rohr too) for injured Jamilu Collins and injured Olisa Ndah. Even when Collins reported to camp 10 days late without anybody (including the technical crew) knowing his wherabouts, he still wouldn’t replace him with Bassey.

          And since it seems you lack proper information, Rohr capped the following foreign borns for us;
          Maduka Okoye
          Tyronne Ebuehi
          Ola Aina
          Semi Ajayi
          Josh Maja
          Joe Aribo
          Brian Idowu
          Cyriel Dessers
          Kevin Akpoguma

          Rohr would have capped Bassey long before Eguavoen did, long before Bassey even knew he would play a european cup final. Rohr would have properly integrated him into the SE like he did with the others, starting with low staked matches like friendlies, not rush him into crucial winner takes all WC qualifiers when he wanst even used to the hot and humid Nigerian air yet…..And that’s a FACT. And was he justified, yes…we all saw how Bassey was a bag of jitters vs Ghana, with the boy struggling to breathe throughout the game.

          Eguavoen should really take a bow…Nigerians really do owe him a debt of gratitude for dragging our football 40 years backwards and being nothing but a colossal failure……LMAOoooo

          You really need to tell us who is bankrolling you.

          • TONY 1 year ago

            Can’t really go back and forth with you. It’s obvious, you have no manners.

          • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

            Hahahahaha…..Please go back and forth with me and everyone whom you plan to deceive on this forum. Explain to the world how “…Mr. Rohr was partly responsible for us losing Eze…”….LMAOoo

            Maybe after Pinnick himself went to visit Eze in London and even took pictures with him, just to get him to play for Nigeria, Rohr too should have gone to be a househelp for his family for 1 month to get him to commit his mind to playing for Nigeria….LMAOooo.

            Please we are waiting, tell us what we dont know….tell us how Mr. Rohr was partly (or remotely or wholly) responsible for us losing Eze….LMAOooo

            Before, it was that “NFF gave Rohr the target of reaching the R16 of the 2018 WC in 2016 when he was engaged”…. Now it is “Mr. Rohr was partly responsible for us losing Eze”…..LMAOOo
            With the tonnage of lies and misinformation you peddle here, its obvious you have so much manners your surname should be Manna or Maina.

            Attention Seeker….weldone….We have seen you.

            Just know that we are way bigger on this forum than people whose heads you can shave with cheap lies and stark ignorance.

            I also dont go back and forth with people who have zero facts to back up their assertions.

            Mr. Rohr was partly responsible for us losing Eze indeed…..LMAOooo. I guess he was also responsible for us losing Tammy Abraham too…..LMAOooo, because you too seem to see everything wrong in things he didnt even do or have no connection with….LMAOoo….but want to glorify a stark and pathetic failure like Eguavoen even when he has brought nothing but shame and heartache to 200 million Nigeirans…..LMAOoo. Mr patriotic black skinned man….LMAOooo

            Once again, You really need to tell us who is bankrolling you.

        • Debo 1 year ago

          Bias is a terrible disease. It blinds people from the truth. You need to get your fact straight. The comment you just made is a garbage. And when Ogunefon capped Bassey and Lookman hurriedly in crucial matches, of what use were they to us? We lost out. It is very obvious Rohr had a plan for the guy. And you are not even aware of the possible conversation they had behind the scene. We should not lose our ability to reason because we want to vilify people unjustifiably.

          • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

            Hahahaha…..Dont mind that Con-artist.

            Eguavoen the gallery dancer. He wanted to play to the gallery and get validation, by doing everything Rohr was unjustly crucified for not doing, but ended up producing end-results that Rohr never produced in 6 years….LMAAooo. He forgot that what the old man could see sleeping on a mat, he cannot see even from the top of the Eiffel tower.

            Because Rohr was crucified for always sticking to a steadied line-up, gallery dancer Olodo technical director forgot the place of team chemistry in football and made as much a 5 changes to the team that had battled to a draw in the dreaded Baba Yara stadium in Kumasi….including 3 first time starters who were yet to play 1 full match with the rest of the boys before…..against a bitter and local rival in a $12m winner takes all final WCQ playoff.

            Whereas sensible, competent and qualified Ghanaian coaches who are not lazily using ‘ex-this, ex-that’ entitlements to get jobs in Europe stuck to the EXACT SAME STARTING XI from Kumasi despite them failing to defeat the SE at home. Common Sense…!

            I dont know how many sane coaches Egu-failure has seen make such draconian team decisions in modern football….LMAOooo….FIVE CHANGES…dropping 4 out of 5 of those who started in the middle in the 1st leg….LMAOoooo. Olodo and his 9 Otondos came to read CSN to pick up fantasy line ups from people whose knowledge of football does not transcend computer games….LMAOooo

            Because Rohr was crucified for not capping Bassey, he rushed the poor boy into a make and mar full debut him and Lookman will want to forget in a hurry and jaundiced their future in the process. Imagine some of these boys will not get a chance to play at the WC now that they are still young and fresh, because of one weak man with no brains and no balls, who wanted to please and pacify everybody at the expense of the main task at hand.

            Because Rohr was crucified for not coronating Dennis as king of the SE with automatic starters shirt, he threw him straight into the starting line up in Abuja and the flop gassed out in the 1st half after 35 minutes of individual showmanship and ‘bigmanism’ football.

            Because Rohr was crucified for not always wasting substitutions anyhow, he would make most of his substitutions as early as the 60th minute by pulling out his best performing players on the pitch and the team will get weaker and weaker and more disjointed as the game wears out.

            Useless Man.

            If Rohr was a mechanic, the 9 man consortium of failures NFF replaced him with were pit latrine packers.

            And one bought charlatan is here singing praise and worship to his name all over the forum for capping a Bassey that would have been in AFCON had Rohr been left alone.

            He should go and praise his gateman for saving his house keys while the entire house and everything in it got burnt to the ground…..LMAOooo

            Eguavoen needs to really take a bow indeed. Nigerians really do owe him a debt of gratitude for dragging our football 40 years backwards and jeopardizing the future of “the best collection of talents we have had since 1994 sqaud”

            Celebrants of Mediocrity…..Worshippers of Failure

  • Bright 1 year ago

    @Tony you dey see road. D lad is going places. Quality player.  

  • Papafem 1 year ago

    Most of Dr Drey’s comments here are replies to other people’s comments. Seems he picks his fight…lol,.

    But on this one, he was right. Rohr first spotted and invited Bassey to SE. But he didn’t cap him immediately. That’s characteristic of Rohr, otherwise, Bassey would have played against CV and CAR. But he wasn’t really sure of his readiness then, and those were very crucial matches. If it were some friendly matches, he could have capped him like he capped Aribo against Brazil. Many of us praising Bassey now criticised him for poor performance against Ghana. They said Eguaveon was stupid to have fielded an inexperienced player in place of a Chamnpions League player, Saidu Sanusi. The same way we would have criticised Rohr if he had used Bassey against CV, a match the team found really tough in Lagos.

    There’s no point making reference to Rohr every now and then. The man did his bit, I must say and had to leave. We should focus on how to build on that legacy and reclaim our place in African football. Didn’t Eguaveon reject Dessers? Yet, it was Rohr who gave him the first cap. As a matter of fact, there is no coach in recent times that was very concerned about making every department in the Super Eagles strong with aggressive recruitment of eligible player like Genot Rohr. The only place he didn’t look for players was the NPFL, and that was because of the existing structure. Even at that, players like Iwuala, Noble and Ezenwa got their break during his time. People should leave this man alone. To me, he was far better than Eguaveon that Pinnick brought in to replace him. And also better than Peseiro until proved otherwise.

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Hahahaha…I dont pick any fights, I just offer honest replies.

      That dude must have been in ICU between 2017 and 2019 when Rohr and Pinnick were hot on the heels of this same Eze who was telling us he needs to think about his future and concentrate on his club football for that time being. He must have finally slipped into comma in October 2019 when Rohr had to delay the release of his list for the Benin and Lesotho games because of Eze’s indecision.

      The other 2 (Aina and Maja) from that london camp in 2017 already made up their minds after a few days in a SE camp. Aina even started his international switch then that lasted for over a year. Igwe Eberchi Eze was still feeling English, using Nigeria to attract interest from England.

      Some people are just stark ignoramuses who just emerge from whichever village they were rooted without access to information and start peddling fallacies.

      The Eze who needed time to think about his future and concentrate on his club football didnt think twice before foregoing a chance to be a guaranteed starter with the SE of Nigeria to be an England U21 benchwarmer from the UEFA U21 qualifiers till the end of the UEFA U21 Nations cup proper. Ngwa he should come and play for the 3 lions in major tournaments and lets see na. He wanst taken seriously in the U21s, its in the main national squad he feels he will be taken seriously…..LMAOooo

      But according to that ignoramus above, Rohr was to blame for us losing Eze.

      Rohr should have had his spinal cord removed and replaced with an umbilical cord or a USB cord in order to convince Eze to stop feeling “English” and start feeling Nigerian.

      Some people really think they can fool all of the people all of the times ey.