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Exclusive: Don’t Delay Announcement Of A Foreign Coach For Eagles –Aikhoumogbe Warns NFF

Exclusive: Don’t Delay Announcement Of A Foreign Coach For Eagles –Aikhoumogbe Warns NFF

Former Nigerian goalkeeper, Andrew Aikhoumogbe has warned the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) to settle the issue of a foreign coach that will manage the Super Eagles before the commencement of the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers.

Recall that the NFF have shortlisted former Barcelona manager, Ernesto Valverde, former PSG and France coach, Laurent Blanc, former PSV Eindhoven manager, Phillip Cocu, and Jose Peseiro for the vacant Super Eagles coaching role.


Although the NFF are yet to come to conclusion on who takes over the managerial role from Austine Eguavoen, however, Aikhoumogbe in an interview with Completesports.com from his base in Cairo, Egypt, has urged the football body to make a quick decision on it.

“I expected that by now the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) would have named a substantive coach for the Super Eagles so that the new coach can quickly get used with the system in Nigeria.

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“Delaying the announcement of a new foreign coach may not be too good for Nigeria considering the fact that the 2023 Africa Cup of Nations qualifiers will commence soon.

“NFF must get this right before it is too late.”


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  • Vincent 2 months ago

    The earlier we stopped dilly dally over this SE coaching issue the better. The coach Eguavoen led crew are good to go. NFF must not buy into fans initial feelings which was not unexpected anyways. People are bound to be expressive. From all indications, everything is fine now. But should the NFF insist on an expatriate, then it must not rush it, take its time irrespective how far since the local coaches can continue with the team.

    • Marquis 2 months ago

      I don’t even like the idea of a foreign coach. I haven’t heard that the football federation has begged Austin Eguavoen to continue handling the Super Eagles, so, please first first. And even aside all that, Eguavoen is happy with his Technical Director position, it means all the coaches will report to him for their continuous engagement. Unless he desides to help out, coach Salisu Yusuf should oversee the team.

      • Augustine Oluwemimo Olumoye 2 months ago

        Which Eguavoen you are talking about? Those that don’t have any technical knowhow? who can not read match and know when a change is required? who don’t know when to change tactics? Why do we always love to settle for mediocrity in this nation and latter be crying when it backfires? Didn’t you watched Eguavoen and his crew performance in the last AFCON? If you are a good football lover you will know that Nigeria lost their World Cup ticket to Ghana not because Ghana is better on the feild but because of our coaches technical ineptitude.
        Tell them to go and upgrade themselves if they want to coach any team in Nigeria. What we suffered in their hands is enough I beg.

    • Kunle 2 months ago

      No more Quota system coaches.
      Let the best Nigerians manage the team and work under a good foreign coach when and if we get one.

  • Make dem no announce am.

    We Nigerians no even care at all.

  • Hassan Fia 2 months ago

    @Vincent, you are spot on but there is no need for an expatriate coach. Besides being a waste of funds, because they will not accept to be paid in Naira but dollars, they will ruin our local league. Nff should give the domestic coaches the chance. Goodluck SE!

  • Stephen 2 months ago

    It was just the mistake of Uzoho otherwise everything is ok with the Eguavoen team. But NFF continue to be interested in a foreign coach who may not be as better as Eguavoen considering his impeccable profile. Coach Finidi is also very good.

    • Dr Banks 2 months ago


    • Golden Child 2 months ago

      Chei! Who did this to us? Round and Round in circles. Oscillating within the premise of failure but never making any progress.

  • Paulinus 2 months ago

    NFF is fooling with slave mentality. Why not be patient with our own after all Rome was not built in a day. Roberto Mancini the Italian coach also lost out of the tourney but Italian FA is keeping him. As Nigerians, we must eschew emotions.

  • Celestine 2 months ago

    Thank you Paulinus. One of the problems we have in the country is that if the person I’m question is not from our tribe, like the Super Eagles coach for example, we start being sentimental with our comments. That is bad as what is important is to think Nigeria first. Uzoho did confessed he made that error though all is gone by now. The local coaches are at the verge of getting it right but I don’t think Amaju and cohort realise that it is our money that they want to pay out to a foreign Coach. I come in peace!

    • Tee UK 2 months ago

      That’s how we are in this country. Just imagine the presidential elections, everybody wants his tribe to produce. Coach Eguavoen is from the South, don’t be surprised it is a fellow Southerner that will be typing infantile comments against him here on the platform. The Nff should ensure it is guided by merit whether the coach is local or foreign.

      • Eguavoen is not the problem the problem started since 2015 the day nff appointed Genort rohr as the super eagles coach I wonder why some of you are blaming eguavoun the main problem started from rohr and Aloy Agu.even our players are to be blamed they did not show commitment in our match against Ghana they were playing as if they are playing a friendly match. Let Eguavoen contine if nff can not get us a world class coach we don’t need a coach like rohr.

        • Raphael 2 months ago

          Eguavoen whose name is already trending is the most qualified Super Eagles ex-player winning afcon laurels in the process. The record is there but I think few people out of sentiment will continue labouring to see all of that. Whether it is Eguavoen or another, domestic coach for the SE is more acceptable.

      • Detruth 2 months ago

        Whether Eguavouen is from the East, West, North or South does not matter, the only thing that matters is that he’s a failure. If a fellow southerner points out the fact that he failed, is something to be applauded not condemned. A failure should not only be condemned if he’s of a different tribe/ethnicity or from a different geographical area of the country.

        • Monday 2 months ago

          Some of us don’t like the idea of a foreign coach. So, mention any ex-player who is as qualified as Eguavoen otherwise remain shut up.

          • onwajunior 2 months ago

            Eguavoen is a Capital failure. He is not competent, he has relegated several clubs. If you like change your name multiple times to respond to ur shallow support for EguaFailure! The fact still remains that he is not fit to come close to the Super Eagles.

  • Lanre 2 months ago

    Some commenters will even come with big big grammar it is all because they were bitter. Those can be overlooked while the Nff do the needful. For me, let’s continue with the local content, improve on it, pay them very well like the foreign coaches and also give them more time on the job. Good bless Nigeria.

    • Mr. Nice 2 months ago

      You guys do not just understand that what you have seen of Eguavoen is the best he can ever offer, take your time and study all the clubs & teams he ever coached and you will know he has only one pattern, those kind of coaches can not win more than 3 matches without people outclassing him in subsequentl matches, it was very embarrassing how everyone on supersport including a lady analyst completely predicted how Eguavoen will set up his team against the depleted Tunisian team and that was what he did, give him another opportunity and the Eagles will properly be ranked around 150 or 180 in the world by the time he’s done. A smart coach would have experimented with the last group game of the Afcon after already qualifying after 2 round of games, that would have confused the Tunisian coach as he would not know what tactics/pattern Eguavoen will line up with, that’s the difference between a dullard Eguavoen and a gernot rohr who sacrificed the game against Madagascar to tweak the tactics and ended up in the finals. If you people like bring Eguavoen and Joseph yobo to coach the super eagles, we have not interested again.

  • TALK UR OWN 2 months ago


    • Raphael 2 months ago

      Hiring an expatriate coach is centered on slave mentality. Nigeria is 62yrs and has all it takes to run its football activities. We had local coaches that did won laurels. Eguavoen won Afcon Bronze twice, Late Keshi won gold medal at senior levels. Siasia won silver with u23, etc. I think the local coaches need time to prove themselves.

      • onwajunior 2 months ago

        There’s nothing like slave mentality. Other countries have foreign coaches and are doing well. Same way other countries provide opportunities for Nigerians. Keshi proved himself outside of Nigeria, he handled Mali and did well. EguaFailure is sitting tight waiting for NFF to dash him the SE coaching position so that he can complete the damage that’ll take us a decade to recover. He should go and coach Sudan or other countries first

        • Chailes Oboli 2 months ago

          @Onwajunior: You don’t have to lie just because you want to comment. The truth is, Keshi didn’t do well in Mali. He was appointed in 2008 and got sacked for poor performance in 2010(2years on the job) by the Malian FA. It is recorded though many Nigerians felt he should’ve been allowed to continue. Keshi biggest break through was when he was handled the SE top job in 2011. He actually spent 2years as the coach before winning the cup of nations in 2013. What it means is that if the domestic coaches are given more time, say two years or more, not just few weeks, they are sure to exceed expectations. The NFF should build on the achievements recorded by domestic personnel instead of this wide goose chase all in the name of searching for a foreign coach who will even come and destroy the present gains of the local league anyway.

          • Yinkus 2 months ago

            They have told you guys times without number that keshi wasnt a local coach as of that time, keshi had qaulify Togo to their first and ever world cup in 2006.

            Keshi can be liken to a foreign coach.

            Keshi didn’t just get it right by handling se, hence you guys should never ever compare keshi and egu again.

            Please stop selling egu to us. He has failed not just the last time but he has been failing even before then.

          • onwajunior 2 months ago

            My bad! I mixed Mali and Togo. All the same, this is the type of constructive argument I was hoping to for. The fact still remains that our local coaches are below par. There was a time they were given time with the SE and they led us to miss Afcon back to back. The argument for bringing Eguavoen onboard was to avoid disaster. The rhetoric was that any coach would win Afcon and qualify for WC with the team we have. We made it clear during that time that nobody should bring up time as an excuse if the team fails. Now the team has failed so that excuse of more time is null and void. Our local coaches don’t measure up, and with the current situation in Nigeria there’s almost zero chance for any local coach to be unbiased in selection. Hence the reason we want someone neutral who is not a Nigerian, who is independent

      • Christopher 2 months ago

        That it is a lie, eguavoen didnt win afcon bronze twice,where are u getting your records from?

  • Chibuike 2 months ago

    Some people don’t still know that white people are more intelligent than black man. We need white man and good exinternational to be one of his assistance not Sanusi. But corruption will not allow them.

    • Christopher 2 months ago

      U just blasphem, Eguavoen created bad records ,for the national team more,he only won bronze as head coach once,the first-time our u17(2003) couldn’t go beyond group stage at world level was orchestrated by him, eguavoen cost us in 2012 from qualifying to Olympics,he failed with the u23,he started 2012 Afcon qualifier, he left the team trailing behind guinea,call me let me tell u about all is records07036371198

    • pompei 2 months ago

      No be intelligence, my brother.
      If we are talking intelligence, God blessed black and white people with the same ability.
      The problem black man has is bribery and corruption. White man dey collect bribe too, for sure. But white man will not collect bribe to the detriment of his society. That is why they are superior to black man at the moment.
      Egunje is the biggest obstacle we are facing in our football.

  • Kunle 2 months ago

    Change took us from Rhor to Eguavon!!!
    Those that are ok with failure and mediocrity are trying to take us to the “next level”

    Fulani republic of nige-ria is a sheet hole country.
    Shame on Lie-geria


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