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Exclusive: Okoye Wasting On The Bench At Watford –Rufai

Exclusive: Okoye Wasting On The Bench At Watford –Rufai

Former Nigerian goalkeeper, Peter Rufai has advised Super Eagles goalkeeper, Maduka Okoye to utilize the January transfer window to seek for another club where he can be playing regularly.

Recall that the Nigerian international has made one appearance for the Hornets this term, in the EFL Cup against MK Dons since his move from Dutch side Sparta Rotterdam.

The shot-stopper, who has been capped 16 times at international level by Nigeria, has not yet made a single Championship appearance for Watford this season.

However, in a chat with Completesports.com, the 1994 Africa Cup of Nations winner, stated that Okoye’s inability to get first team shirt may affect his chances in the Super Eagles.

“Okoye is a quality goalkeeper and I know if he’s giving the chance he will definitely prove his worth.

“However, it’s unfortunate that he has been considered for the bench despite his brilliant form for Dutch side Sparta Rotterdam.

“Yes, there is nothing bad if he decide to wait for his chance, but then it will be good for him to look elsewhere where he can be playing regularly.”

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  • Sean 1 year ago

    We have Arthur Okonkwo coming in….
    Owen Goodman too.
    Even though all of them including Uzoho no each one.

    • Arthur okonkwo will put an end to SE’s goalkeeping problems…..I see him even capturing that Arsenal number one shirt in no distant future…..Tall, Agile, Good reflex,Good feet,Arial ability,…..We need to speak to him now.

  • Sean 1 year ago

    I mean “all of them no reach one solid goalie.”
    I’m waiting for a match that a goal keeper will personally save us in a match just like Martinez did for Argentina.
    The last time I experienced that for naija was the match against Brazil and Uzoho later got injured in that match when he experienced pressure of his life.

  • MONKEY POST 1 year ago


    • Your a Monkey for real. So it is Eguavoen who is putting on the gloves and keeping for them in thier clubs abi. My guy here you go another Banana for you.

      • MONKEY POST 1 year ago

        FOOL didn’t you NOTICE that after the SACK of GENERAL ROAH their PERFORMANCES dropped (From the last AFCON and WC QUALIFIERS) which actually affected them at their CLUBS

  • Glory 1 year ago

    Just how one wrong move could the table in a downward slide. But Okoye is still very young with good potentials to yet get to the top. Needs to find regular game time if possible somewhere else.

  • Okoye and Uzoho haven’t really covered themselves in glory with their recent porous performances for the Super Eagles recently.

    Okoye has never really inspired the confidence of a large band of Super Eagles supporters ever since hurriedly hoisted on Nigeria by Gernot Rohr. Okoye, after strong showings for Nigeria against Ukraine and Brazil in 2019 was never the man he used to be after coming back from a long injury layoff since 2021.

    With the Super Eagles coaching crew seemingly reluctant to cast their goalkeeping net beyond these two leaky net minders, we appear stuck with them for the foreseeable future.

    But, despite not having game-time in their clubs, I genuinely think the time is ripe to throw caution to the wind and take a punt with the following goalkeepers: Joshua Oluwayemi and Sebastian Osigwe.

    Afterall, what has Peseiro got to lose?

    • Correction:

      Okoye has never really inspired the confidence of a large band of Super Eagles supporters ever since hurriedly hoisted on Nigeria by Gernot Rohr. UZOHO, after strong showings for Nigeria against Ukraine and Brazil in 2019 was never the man he used to be after coming back from a long injury layoff since 2021.

  • KangA 1 year ago

    Rohr really foisted him on Naija, but with good intention. Something mysterious halted his development. I suspect all those tantrums by rejecting call-ups because of fans’ nagging didn’t help.

    Anyway, Peseiro should look in other corners of his treasure chest.

  • pompei 1 year ago

    Okoye’s attitude is top notch. Very likeable guy. However, attitude is one thing, ability is another.
    Howler after howler in Naija games. Then the straw that broke the camel’s back against the Algeria team B. I’m still taken aback each time I watch the the replay of that mistake. Can’t fathom what on earth was going on in his mind. Was he actually attempting to dribble that Algerian inside his 6 yard box? I can’t even call that a secondary school mistake. Secondary school goalkeepers would be absolutely devastated to concede a goal in such fashion. Guy must be really brave. Even Ronaldinho and Okocha would never take such a risk. He looked completely at sixes and sevens, dilly dallying on the ball, ending up in a heap on his backside, as the ball rolled into an empty net. And to think he had so much time to clear the ball before he was closed down. His judgment completely left the stadium. Unbelievable stuff.
    Not my intention to be hard on the guy, but he did not do himself any favours with that incredible lapse in judgment.
    For him to be trusted once again, his judgment and decision making needs to be better. NEEDS TO BE.
    The good thing is that the guy is young. Hopefully he will learn and improve.

  • I have always said that the whole naija team is over hyped, from no1 to 11. Even the much talked about osimhin cannot be said to be a top striker yet. The other day I heard somebody saying he’s the best striker in the world. Really! Nigerians, be honest with yourselves; has Osimhin reached the level of Robert Lewandowski, Benzema,Harry Kane,Mbape,Hartland etc? We can engage in our ghana vs Nigeria debate as to who is the best but let it remain here and stop touting your players as the best because your team is simply amateurish for now. Technically speaking do you guys think your team is even better than the worst ghana team ever? Your team has no spine, no goalkeeper, no midfield(ndidi/Iwobi are pale shadow of themselves) and an over rated striker. You guys will have to do a self introspection and fix your super eagles or else you will remain in the pit for a very long time. I beg I no insult anybody…lol. I greet all my naija friends.

    • Ndubest 1 year ago

      Who is talking? Nobody. This imbecile need our attention @Yaw

  • To be honest with you Yaw – and speaking for myself – I don’t think Nigerian players are as overhyped as you are making it out to be.

    Yes, some of us Nigeria fans do indulge ourselves and get too carried away in lavishing praises on our players but in truth, we are allowed to do that. Every perception of quality is a perception of beauty and beauty, as they say, is in the eyes of the beholder, making it wholly subjective.

    What may seem beautiful to me might be dust to you and vice versa.

    You seem to me to spend too much energy trying to dissuade us Nigerians from putting our players on the pedestal of lavish praises while you have taken your eyes off Ghanaian ball.

    You see, Yaw, overhyped or or not, overpraised or not, in the eyes of casual football observers Nigeria’s Super Eagles still currently has flair (admittedly overhyped by us fans) players compared to Ghana.

    Now, before you jump on my throat and feed me to the lions, here me out.

    I never said Nigeria has “better” players. I just think that Nigeria’s current starting 11 will arguably have more household names with a bit more pedigree to casual international football observers compared with Ghana.

    Osimhen, Iheanacho, Iwobi, Ndidi, Etebo Balogun, Ekong, Simon, Chukwueze, just to mention a few will resonate with ‘casual’ international football observers compared with the bulk of the current Ghana Black Stars team.

    But yes (I can just read your mind) it doesn’t mean that Ghana will still not find a way to bring Nigeria to heel if we meet. But, on paper at least, many observers will fancy the Super Eagles to take the day. But we all know that since 2008 and during prehistoric football, Nigeria’s senior men’s football team have always danced to the tune of Ghanaian drums.

    The other day, I started watching Nigeria vs Ghana in the 2008 Afcon quarter final before I dozed off. Someone has helpfully loaded the full match on YouTube which I expect to binge on in the coming weeks.

    My brother, when I saw Ghana’s squad for that match, my jaw dropped:

    – Junior Agogo (of Blessed Memories)
    – Muntari
    – Michael Essien
    – Mensah
    – Paintsil
    – R Kingson
    – A Gyan
    – A Annan

    What a collection of top players! If Ghana had had anything close to this sort of quality in Qatar, perhaps Uruguay will not have used you guys as toilet paper for the second time of asking.

    I remember my 2 favourite Ghanaian players: the great Tony Yeboah and my personal favourite Nii Odartey Lamptey.

    You Yaw are here worrying about Nigerian overhyped Super Chickens whereas the Ghanian conveyor belt that used to produce such magical players has run dry.

    With Nigeria in the Under-20 and Under 17 Afcons this year, we still have the possibility of replacing aging legs. If care is not taken, Ghana might not have anything to show for participating in the Qatar World Cup (other than the joy of knocking Nigeria out in the process).

    As a one time Super fan of the Black Stars of Ghana, I weep for the quality or lack thereof of the players wearing Ghanaian jersey these days.

    So should you!

    • Who am I oo. Looks like I’m crying more than the bereaved…ewoooo(dramatic like a Nigerian movie actor) Who am I to talk down the great or once great super eagles of Nigeria. Oga Deo, I clearly admitted in my earlier post this is the worst Ghana team ever. At least I’m old enough to have seen many great players of yesteryear. I saw players like Abdul Razak, Muhammed polo( dribbling magician), Kwesi Appiah, Armarh Senegal, Yeboah, Pele, etc. I have also seen fantastic players represent Nigeria in the past. This your Nigeria team lacks character and grit. They are too brittle and and do to possess the fighting spirit of a Nigeria team. If this ghana team is the worst ever and they were able to eliminate you from a world cup tournament then I pity your team. Oh yes you may have a conveyor belt but what is coming out of it now? A lot of under cooked players!
      This’s a possible ghana team;
      Baba Idrisu
      This team at the moment will not rank among great ghana teams but certainly not inferior to your current Nigerian team for you to feel superior and always think you can overrun us like you did in the days leading up to our encounters. I think you should be humble enough to admit that at the moment you do not have a team. I watched Iwobi yesterday and I was surprised what has happened to him suddenly. And Ndidi and the list goes on. Yes the black stars is not a good team at the moment but oga pls admit that your Nigeria team is awful. Have a nice weekend bro.

  • Sean 1 year ago

    “Don’t try to teach a fool, he’ll make fun of your wise words”
    Mother Teresa said and I quoted.

    • Only a fool knows a fellow fool. Only sensible debates in 2023…lol

  • But Yaw it’s Difficult. Really it is very difficult for me to admit, like you would like me to, that this current Super Eagles team is “awful”. That is a big ask but crucially, this is a position that cannot be sustained.

    Ghana’s Black Stars defied the odds to pip Nigeria to Qatar World Cup qualification, something that will continue to delight a section of Ghanaian fans for years to come. But history admonishes us that Nigeria also did the same to Ghana in 2002 in more ruthless fashion: the Super Eagles milked a massive 4 points out of Ghana on that occasion without relying on the technicality of away goals.

    That was in the past though, for the here and now, BBC and Voice of America football pundits will be quick to remind you that talent is not the problem of the Super Eagles. They will contend that diabolic and shambolic football management is the bane of Nigeria’s football at the moment and it is difficult to argue with that.

    The problem with the Black Stars are threefold: poor outcome in youth football in 2022, poor football administration and inadequate number of quality players available to the Black Stars.

    My statement still stands: I think you Yaw have far more to worry about with the Black Stars at the moment than Nigeria fans have to worry about regarding the Super Eagles.

    I think your depictions of the Super Eagles is a bit harsh. Undercooked players, players lacking in character and grit: harsh, harsh words from your Yaw.

    Remember, the Super Eagles emerged from their Afcon group unscathed only for technical frailties from the coaching crew to let us down. Also, Nigeria did qualify for the final round of world cup qualifiers only for away goals rule to hand Ghana victory. I am not here making excuses, a loss is a loss but these do not rise to the level of derogatory language that you use for the Super Eagles.

    Ghana had a wretched Afcon and also a wretched world cup by the standards of fellow African competitors. But I think Ghana tried. The Black Stars just couldn’t give what they didn’t have as their lack of quality in depth came back to bite.

    You said you think I should be humble enough to say Nigeria doesn’t have a team. I can’t admit it because that will be wrong. I can however admit that the Super Eagles are going through a rough patch. With the right football infrastructure and a sound coach, the current players at our disposal should be able to reclaim their pride of place in African football.

    Which is why Nigeria fans will be eagerly looking forward to the Under-20 and Under 17 Afcons this year while you and your fellow Ghanaian fans continue to lick your wounds at not qualifying for either (with only Nigeria’s elimination from the Qatar World Cup to console you. Even at that we will always be quick to remind you that we didn’t need away goals to dump you out of 2002 Japan Korea World Cup qualifiers).

  • Sean 1 year ago

    In italy, Osimhen, the overhyped one is leading the scorer’s chat while another overhyped lookman is in 3rd.
    In France, an unknown Moffi is tied with another unknown Balogun, a Ghanaian…sorry, nigerian in 3rd behind Mbappe and Neymar on scorers chat. In England, a disappointing iwobi is 3rd on the list of the midfielders with the highest number of assists. In Belgium, onuachu is in top 3 on scorers chats. It’s only a fool that will not see any positive in all these compare to a regular from crystal palace that just scored his 2nd goal of the season yesterday.

    • Ndubest 1 year ago

      Well spoken @Sean that guy is a moron talking trash as usual.

    • @Sean I beg make you tickle yourself and laugh…lol

    • Now let me respond to the sensible one. Did you say the black stars defied the odds? If I were you I will not make such a statement. I’m sure you read some statistics in school. Do you refer to a team which has beaten you more as defying the odds when they beat you again? I know your only refuge will be to say on “current form”, but even that if you have any knowledge of West African football, you will know that Ghana beating Nigeria any day is no news. This is the ego I keep talking about. You think you are the best when you are nothing close to that. Again you talk about ghana missing out on u17 and u20 football. I don’t think that’s a problem at all. The average age of the current black star team is about 23. All things being equal these boys have about 10 years of football in them. Can you say same about your super chickens? What is the average age of your current central defensive pair for instance? Ghana is playing in chan which you are not and will unearth new talents to fill the void if need be while we wait for the young boys in u17 and u20 to mature properly. Can you say same about your local eagles? I enjoyed your poor attempt at pointing out the problems with the black stars. Did you say poor administration? Hahahahahahahahaha. I Nigerian pointing to poor administration in Ghanaian football…lol. we have played In the best football tournament ever organised and have exposed our young players to international football. We are playing in chan later this months. Others can wait for their conveyor belt to produce some weak players. You can insult me if you want.

  • Haba Yaw, why in the world would I insult you? We are here exchanging ideas and supporting our respective national treasures.

    You do not have to take it from me, just go back and watch the two legged Qatar world cup qualification playoffs between Nigeria and Ghana to see who the commentator (who is neither Nigerian or Ghanaian) saw as the favourites.

    Yes, since 2008 to date and also in prehistoric football, Ghana’s Black Stars have had the edge against Nigeria, this is undeniable. But in that time, Nigeria has done well for herself to win the Afcon twice and continue to be a statement in international football. But yes, Ghana has been our bogey team in senior men’s football.

    But I maintain, football is way more than senior men’s football. In women’s football, Ghana cannot begin to lace Nigeria’s boots. In Under-20 and Under 17 football, Nigeria demolished Ghana last year. And, believe me, we Nigerians don’t give a damn whether you value these levels of football or not but we remain ever proud of our dominance against Ghana last year.

    I keep trying to correct your perception but you seem fixated in your misconceptions. I do not think Nigeria is the best. I definitely don’t think the Super Eagles will defeat the Black Stars when next we clash. But I do think that Ghanaian football is not where it should be and you should spend your time worrying for your country rather than taking panadol for the Super Eagles’ headache.

    1) Ghanaian under 17 failed last year.
    2) Ghanaian under 20 failed last year.
    3) Ghanaian senior women failed last year.
    4) Ghanaian under 17 women failed last year (while our women came back home with bronze)
    5) Ghanaian under 20 women failed WOEFULLY last year to come bottom of their world cup group (while our intrepid Nigerian women topped a group that included heavyweights Canada and France).
    6) Ghana failed at the Afcon.
    7) Ghana failed and emerged the worst African team at the Qatar World Cup.

    Yaw, whilst Ghana is drowning in the sea of football failure across age grade and gender, you continue to hail your Qatar World Cup qualification as the only bright light in this period of monumental failure that your football is going through.

    I pray Ghana does well in the Chan tournament this year because that is the only major tournament you have to look forward to (if you fail to qualify for the Under-23 Afcon which I pray Ghana qualifies for).

    You see, Nigeria and Ghana suffer from poor football administration but Ghana are currently just not producing enough quality players to even attempt to overhype. There is often very little to hype about Ghana players across age groups and gender these days which is why the scope does not even exist to overhype Ghana players.

    I will never end my entries without reminding you that Nigeria didn’t need away goals or any other technicalities to toss Ghana’s world cup ambitions into the bin in 2002. If you want to prevent your fiercest rivals from going to a world cup, do it with class, finesse and with ruthlessness. That was what Nigeria did to Ghana in 2002. 🙂

    Your Ghanaian football across age groups and gender is in doldrums. Go and remove the stick in your eyes first before thinking of pointing out the stick in your neighbours eyes.

    • Hahahaha. I enjoyed your concession speech. Did you say the commentator? Everybody can express his opinion about who will win a football game. Oh and did you refer to ghana winning afcon in the past? What was Nigeria doing when ghana was winning it? Playing cricket?…lol. Masa, make you look sharp!

    • Yaw, I have maintained throughout my arguments that (I think) independent observers would see the current Super Eagles as favourites over Ghana’s Black Stars. The commentator in the Nigeria v Ghana world cup qualifiers only vinificated my position.

      The last time Ghana won the Afcon, the tournament paraded 8 teams with at least 90% of the players homebased. (perhaps which is why Ghana likes participating in Chan tournaments for homebased players 🙂 )

      The last time Nigeria won the Afcon, it paraded 16 teams with most of the countries parading foreign based players.

      The last time Nigeria won Afcon was just 10 years ago. Ghana last won it 30 years ago…. My guy, that is a thing of shame. Ghana winning the Afcon reminded me of when Czechoslovakia and Hungary used to reach the world cup final in the 1930’s lol.

      At least Nigeria has won a major senior men’s football tournament in recent memories. What has the Black Stars got in your contemporary trophy cabinet? Should I even get started with the Super Falcons Women’s afcon trophy cabinet? That one is overflowing with cups whereas Ghana’s trophy cabinet is as deserted as a grave yard.

      Come back and talk to me when you fill your Black Stars and Black Queens’ trophy cabinets with contemporary trophies like Nigeria. Hahahahaha

      Knockout blow! Well done me!!!! 🙂

      • Oops! Correction: The last time Ghana’s Black Stars won the Afcon was actually over 40 years ago.

        I apologize for my inaccuracy, Yaw!

        • I still maintain my question to you; at the time ghana was winning it what was Nigeria doing? And did you say the commentator vindicated your opinion? That commentator was just lazy playing to the gallery. What happened at the end of the day? What happened at the end vindicates my position that statistics is key to whatever analysis you are making and if the commentators were not lazy, they would’ve realised games between ghana and Nigeria is unpredictable and would’ve been measured in their comments. The fact still remains ghana has won more afcon titles than nigeria and has performed better in the world cup than your overhyped team. Will you wipe away the cups won by Brazil, Uruguay, Germany, England in the 50s, 60s,70s irrespective of how many teams participated? What an absurd comment!

    • Yaw, to answer your first question, Nigeria won the Afcon trophy 2 years before Ghana last won it and won 3 silver medals between 1984 and 1990. so we were busy in the 80s too.

      I will now address your last paragraph:the reason why the likes of Hungary and England haven’t won the world cup since their pre-historic heroics in the tournament is because they are simply now no longer good enough.

      For over 40 years since football has gone scientific (according to Tristan), Ghana hasn’t been able to catch up with modern trends because the Black Stars are simply not good enough, simple.

      You make it sound like Ghana has won 10 more Afcons than Nigeria!!! Okay, I give respect to Ghana for winning just 1 more Afcon trophy than Nigeria but in truth, Ghana needs to win the Afcon in these contemporary times (like England, Hungary and Uruguay in the World Cup) to add credibility to their records.

      Not only has Nigeria won the Afcon twice in more recent memory, Nigeria has also attained a podium finish 15 times more than Ghana’s 10, something I am very proud of regardless of how you choose to play down this advantage.

      Reaching the quarter final stage of the world cup is something Ghana and their fans can be very proud of. We Nigerians, on our part, are immensely proud that Nigeria has qualified for more world cup tournaments than Ghana. On top of that we Nigeria fans are additionally immensely proud that Nigeria has reached the knockout phase of the world cup more times than Ghana.

      So, to Ghana be the quarter final achievement, to Nigeria be the record overall appearances and record overall knockout stage accomplishments. You can be proud of what you choose to be proud of, we too can be proud of what we choose to be proud of.

      Although you choose to ignore it, I will always draw your attention to the fact that, in women’s football across age groups, Ghana is like a mouse compared with the elephant that is our Super Falcons. You might not value women’s football, that is your problem. But, as long as the Ghana Football Federation continues to put forward women’s teams for tournaments, Nigeria currently remains your conquerors and it will 20 years from now at least, before the Black Queens can even think of matching the women’s Afcon record of our great Super Falcons of Nigeria. 🙂

      Boss, give up, you have been defeated!

      • Hahahahahaha…I like the way you want to take shelter under the tree of womens soccer. You see how inconsistent you can be? As long as Nigeria fields a chan team you cannot discount that tournament. You wish you qualified…lol. I remind you that inspite of your rabble-rousing, ghana remains the only African country to have won the u20 World cup much to the envy of Nigerias. Again you are completely wrong if you say ghana hasn’t been able to catch up with modern trends. Pls check the record of Ghana in the afcon in the last 20 years and the world cup. We lost narrowly to Egypt and ivory coast on penalties in recent years. Penalties could have gone either way. Were we playing ancient football then and when we dazzled the world in 2010? My man you are more intelligent than this voodoo analysis!

    • Again, I shall address your points 1 by 1.

      1. I am not hiding under any shelter of women’s football. Further higher in one of my comments, I isolated instances where Nigeria has performed better than Ghana in women’s football across gender. I am really happy that you have finally come out of the shadow of belittling women’s football, I applaud you for that. Will you now take it one step further by admitting that the Black Queens of Ghana are not worthy of cleaning the boots of their perennial conquerors, the mighty Super Falcons of Nigeria?

      2. You are right, I do wish that Nigeria qualified for the Chan tournament but we have since moved on from that disappointment and we congratulate Ghana for qualifying and wish Ghana a fabulous tournament. Will you, on your part congratulate Nigeria for: a) Qualifying for the Under-20 Afcon at the expense of Ghana, b) Under-17 Afcon at the expense of Ghana, c) Women’s world cup at the expense of Ghana? If your o’level mathematics do you credit, you will realise that you would have congratulated me for three 2023 tournament qualifications for just one I will be congratulating you for.

      3. Ghana is the only African country to have ever won gold in the Under-20 world cup. Well done. Nigeria is the only African country to have won a hattrick of gold, silver and bronze medals in Olympics football. So, will you give us praise where due?

      4. With all the “modern scientific football” that Ghana is playing, the fact remains that the last time Ghana’s Black Stars won any trophy was over 40 years ago. Nigeria won the Afcon just 10 years ago by defeating the same Ivory Coast that you struggled against in the quarter finals without needing penalties – now that is class!

      My guy, I can do this all night. You ain’t got nothing on Nigeria. Ghana has done well, no doubt but you should learn to humble yourself when you come to Nigerian websites to boast.

      Overhyped Nigerian players: just this weekend, 2 Nigerian strikers have scored in the English FA while 2 have made appreciable impacts in the Italian and Spanish leagues respectively. Can I kindly ask you for the scorecard of your underhyped Ghanaian players this weekend?

  • Goodness me!

    See the goal that Okoye concede today straight from long distance cross without any connection!

    Perhaps Yaw is right afterall that Super Eagles players are overrated. 🙂


  • Thanks AKP. I think Arthur Okonkwo is still holding out for England call up. Even if he elects Nigeria, he will still need to go through a notoriously lengthy nationality switch process. I am holding out for Portsmouth’s Joshua Oluwayemi.

    Dele Alampasu of Pietsa Hotspors is back playing regularly. Some think Alampasu still has unfinished business in the Super Eagles.

  • Lol…OK congratulations boss! Are you forcing the congratulations out of me. Granted, Nigeria national teams are the best in the world. Osimhin is the best striker in the world. In fact Nigeria will win the next world cup! You are better than Argentina and Brazil put together. As for your players scoring and performing, I can point to many Ghanaian players who score and perform on regular basis so pls come again. Congratulations once again!

    • Stop being dramatic! 🙂

      I wish Ghana a pleasant Chan tournament.

      I hope Ghana qualifies for the 2023 Afcon (and the 2024 Olympics men football).

      I hope Ghana’s once vibrant under-20 and under 17 men’s team will return to their glory days.

      I hope the Black Queens will one day step out of the shadows of the Super Falcons.

      I hope the Black Stars win a major trophy in the immediate future.


  • I wish you well bro. Good night

    • Loving West African brothers (and occasional friendly rivals) is what we are.

      How I miss Selfmade (affectionately called Selfie).

  • Omo9ja 1 year ago

    I am still wondering why Peter Rufai has not been offered a job in the Super Eagles yet. I guess he’s a truth sayer ba? But NFF won’t hire such a person. Peter Rufai and Ike Shorunmu should work together for the betterment of Super Eagles.

    Therefore, Nwabali is a world-class goalie, but I’m still wondering why he hasn’t stamped his place in the Super Eagles.

    He has all the qualities it required to be no1.

    Ike Shorunmu should create compensations among the goalies.

    Since we have tried Uzoho/Okoye and we are not convinced, then Ike shouldn’t hesitate to try Adeleye and Nwakali.

    Nwabali is a professional local goalie that manned the post against Mexico, Nwabali did a lot better in that match. Since then, he has improved a lot.

    Ike and Oga Paseiro should give Adeleye and Nwakali a chance. Since we all agree that we don’t have two reliable goalies in the Super Eagles, Nwabali and Adeleye should be considered ahead of Uzoho and Okoye from now on. Can Nigeria Football Federation allow this to happen? Fingers crossed.

    Uzoho and Okoye have failed us, but we still have quality goalkeepers locally and internationally. I come in peace. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Olujjj 1 year ago

    Which is better caughing air like butterfly or sitting on bench
    Reading 2 …

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