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FIFA Orders NFF To Pay Rohr $378,000 For ‘Unfair Dismissal’

FIFA Orders NFF To Pay Rohr $378,000 For ‘Unfair Dismissal’

Former Super Eagles head coach Gernot Rohr will get just under $380,000 from the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) as compensation after the football house ended his contract early.

Rohr was sacked last December by the NFF few weeks to start of the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations in Cameroon.


The NFF agreed to pay the former Gabon and Niger Republic gaffer until the end of his contract, which expires in December 2022.

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Rohr was however not satisfied with the decision and instead petitioned the Federation of International Football Association (FIFA) to demand for additional sum.

The 68-year-old sought a total of ÂŁ1m, but has been granted $377,879.46 after a FIFA tribunal decided his claim was “partially accepted in so far as it is admissible”.

The ruling by the FIFA players’ status chamber added that the NFF would be sanctioned if Rohr was not paid in full within 45 days.

“If full payment (including all applicable interest) is not made within 45 days of notification of this decision, the respondent [the NFF] shall be imposed a restriction on receiving a percentage of development funding, up until the due amounts are paid,” said the Fifa decision.

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Meanwhile, a top official of the NFF has hailed the ruling by FIFA describing it as victory for Nigeria

“This sum basically reflects whatever is left to pay him as previously agreed until the end of December 2022,” the source, who wished to remain anonymous, told BBC Sport Africa.

“We can only wish Mr Rohr all the best.”

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  • This was clear as day. Even someone not involved in soccer knew this will happen.

    NFF and bad decisions are 5&6

  • Dennis 2 weeks ago

    Very unwise decision to sack a coach who met all targets given to him. In a bid to avoid disaster, we actually now fine ourselves deep inside disaster
    Where would NFF gets funds to pay him? Where will they get funds to pay the new coach? This is what happens when incompetent hands make crucial decision
    I’m still yet to see odegbami write his normal gibberish with regards to the failure of super eagles qualifying for the world cup. He would have written an encyclopedia if that was Rohr

  • JimmyBall 2 weeks ago

    Amaju Pinnick will be regretting not parting ways with Rohr when his first contract expired now… Pa Rohr don cashout bigtime! Pinnick will go down in history as a man who brought so much confusion into Nigeria’s football…

    • Oakfield 2 weeks ago

      Yeah, he brought us too much confusion with the support of peopke like u , omo9a, Mr ex cricket international and co. Sack,him,sack him,sack him!!! That was the rhyme of the day. If you peope had used una heads “properly”, we would not have been in this mess but u threw caution in the wind and now the chicks have come to roost big time. Pls,don’t come here and play the denial card, u were part and parcel of the plot ,hence, have yourselves to blame! You all rejoiced like people who won a lottery when rohr was sacked without considering the consequences, now the disaster u tried to avoid (by sacking him) is here with us. Like a brother asked up there,where do they want to get all this money to pay off rohr and hire a new coach???? U are in a better position to answer this question bcs I assume that you must have made contigency plans to cusion the effect of his sack before executing ur ” well” orchestrated plot. Hehehe….karma is a bitch!

      • Omo9ja 2 weeks ago

        Oakfield, Oakfield, Oakfield, how many times did I call your name?

        Where were you after the last world cup in Russia whe we the core fans of the Super Eagles asked the current NFF to ease Oga Rohr jÄ™jÄ™ then but Amaju turned his ears, he didn’t do anything.

        You Oakfield and your Partner Dr.Drey were all over the world backing Amaju to retained Oga Rohr. Common tea cup, Oga Rohr did not win.

        This Oga Rohr went to Egypt, what did he do? He won Bronze medals and we patriotic Nigerians came out in numbers again and asked Amaju to sack Oga Rohr but to my surprise, you Oakfield and the rest of Oga Rohr followers raw away for a while and when you people came back, you people were still backing our world class coach blindly and we saw the result in Lagos and over his six years of his services, Nigerians could not be proud of any of his goalies he left behind him. What a waste of time.

        Less than two months, our own did their best in Cameroon at the Afcon. They played total football and they entertained the fans and CAF rewarded our own as the best coaches of the first round.

        Eguavoen wasn’t the best local coach but he did his best. Now, I can say to you that I don’t
        Follow people blindly for that reason, Eguavoen wasn’t good enough just like Oga Rohr
        and he Eguavoen should not come near our national team again.

        I am calling on you patriotic Nigerians, we have to kick Amaju Pinnick and his colleagues out of our sports as soon as possible.

        Oga Rohr is gone for good. Eguavoen is still in the system but he have to go too. Agu is gone for the betterment of our football. We want the best to represent us.

        We have to chase the current NFF out. That is the only solution we have.

        Enough is enough. Nigeria must rise up again.

        Please Oakfield you know I like you too much but be careful because Oga deserves to be fired. We hire and we fire. Amaju and his company will soon join them. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

        • Prince charming 2 weeks ago

          Mr omo9ja, please they is nothing like total football or entertaining the fans there it was Kik and follow football with Moses giving the Ball always to the opponent is that good football

        • MuYiwa 2 weeks ago

          “Less than two months, our own did their best in Cameroon at the Afcon. They played total football and they entertained the fans and CAF rewarded our own as the best coaches of the first round.”


          • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

            Hahahaha…best coach of the 1st round indeed…LMAOoo

            He should go and add use his “best coach of the first round” trophy to play at the world cup and recoup the close to $20m our football has lost in just 3 months their owns were in charge…..LMAOooo.

        • Edoman 1 week ago

          This guy, Omo9ja really led Nigeria to the doghouse. There is no responsibility or accountability for the damaged Omo9ja with his cohorts has, coursed the Nigerian football fans. As the learn Doctor Drey said above, the loss of over 20 million USD and the devaluations of the Nigerian Players marketability, do not mean anything to Omo9ja and his cohorts so long Rohr was fired at the wrong time and illegally too, which in turn cost us so much in pain and treasury.

  • One of the targets set by The NFF for the now departed Mr. Rohr upon his hiring was, qualifying Nigeria for The World Cup, getting out of the group stage and taking Nigeria beyond the round of 16. That target we all know he did not meet. By the way, where was all these outpouring of sympathy for the late Mr. Shuaibu Amodu and the late Mr. Stephen Keshi and even Mr. Sunday Oliseh who were all treated horribly by The NFF during their time as our national team coaches? We hate ourselves!

    • onwajunior 2 weeks ago

      Are you sure those were his targets? It may well be, but it would be strange for a country that, at the time, didn’t qualify for the previous 2 AFCONs and low in fifa ranking be setting a target for a new coach to go qualify for the WC (from a group that had the AFCON champions, previous Champions and highly ranked team) and then also go beyond the round of 16.

      Again, those may have been his targets, but it doesn’t sound logical

    • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

      Mr….which planet did you just jump down from….?

      A team that could not qualify for ordinary AFCON back to back, ranked 16th in Africa and 70th in the world given target to go beyond WC R16…..??? As Onwajunior just asked up there, does that even sound logical to you….??? Where are you coming from with your narrative and where are you headed….?? LMAOOoo. Who is bankrolling you….?? LMAOooo.

      Incase you dont know what is means to be ranked 16th in Africa, the likes of Benin republic and Uganda are ranked around that position currently…..LMAOooo….so use your tongue to count your teeth.

      Even the actual targets of just qualifying for WC and reaching AFCON 2019 semifinals which NFF set for any incoming SE coach at that time was termed impossible by Paul le Guen which made him run away after he had been announced as the next SE coach in the media…..LMAOooo

      And Paul le Guen was not being paranoid……any coach that can qualify any of the likes of Benin or Gabon or Uganda for the WC and 24-team AFCON semifinals at the first time of asking deserves a statue in his honour…….LMAOOoo

      In case you missed it

      “…The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) and Mr. Gernot Rohr have signed a two –year contract that will see the former Gabon, Niger and Burkina Faso coach work as Technical Adviser of the Super Eagles.
      The simple ceremony at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja saw NFF President, Amaju Pinnick and General Secretary, Mohammed Sanusi signing on behalf of the Nigeria federation, in-between Mr. Rohr’s own signature. Pinnick said the agreement is for two years, with the former German defender, who also coached top French club Girondins Bordeaux and elite Tunisian side Etoile du Sahel, handed a target of qualifying the Super Eagles for the 2018 FIFA World Cup finals in Russia…”

      Links to the above story abound on the internet.

    • KENNETH 2 weeks ago

      Abeg help me ask them, there parrot master don come out to rant, well i will not be surprised if this money would be shared with those that brought him in the first place. It’s obvious he is a bribe taker like every other coach of the eagles that has been accused. Well thank God he is gone, hope our own can be treated like the oyinbo’s they force on us. Better look for a local coach that you don’t have to break the bank to pay his salary

    • Sugar Daddy 2 weeks ago

      Where is segun odegbami with his big mouth!!! Is he going to contribute to the settlement of this fine? Mr ITK….I will not forgive you for the pains you caused me and other Nigerians alike from our nation cup ouster and failure to qualify for the world cup… you started the confusion gragra… you dey run kiti kiti you dey run kata kata because you claim to know it all… none sense!!!

  • Ako AMADI 2 weeks ago

    The problem of the NFF is not money, but how to spend it! The NFF is so rich thry were even trying to engage Jose Mourinho.

  • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

    “….Meanwhile, a top official of the NFF has hailed the ruling by FIFA describing it as victory for Nigeria…” LMAOooo.

    That “top official” must be the biggest idiot in Nigerian football, after the ones who preferred to “fail with their own”

    You have just been bled another over N200m in addition to all the catalogues of financial losses you have been dealt since January 2022 and you say its a “victory for Nigerian football”…….LMAOoooo.

    Legendary stupidity….LMAOooo.

    Is anyone still surprised why our football is where it is now…?

    When you have people who are as stupid as the so called top-official, at the helm of affairs, surrounded by equally stupid and hungrily jobless and inexplicably but emptily entitled ex-internationals whispering sweet nonsenses into their ears, plus a herd of fantabulously stupid e-dogs barking and wriggling their hungry tails and dancing behind them backstage here on CSN, another N200m loss……(after loses in AFCON and WC qualification prize monies, FIFA fines for crowd troubles, financially unquantifiable windfalls from pre and neo world cup matches for all football stakeholders, including 4 million viewing centres accross the country)…..will be a “victory” for Nigerian football.

    Let this man fail first and then go ahead to sack him for free…a win-win situation for you, he fails he goes free of charge, he succeeds, you succeed with him…….simple, basic, common sense…. mbanu……they chose to listen to life-time failures and unapologetic lying machines who have never managed anything successfully in their entire lives….LMAOoo…noisemakers who were ready to accept failure so far its from a black skinned man….LMAOoo.

    In an environment where failure is an allergy, even the gateman of the NFF should by now be looking for a new job……but no, some people are so used to failure that it does not pain them anymore…..LMAOOo…and that is why losing N200m (plus other monies) to a man you stupidly sacked is a Victory for Nigerian football for them…..LMAOoooo. Afterall, its not his salary he will use to pay it, its task payers funds that will be used to finance their collective stupidities.

    Next time such fines and avoidable payouts should be deducted from the salaries of the entire NFF board and executive council. Debit their damn accounts and lets see if they will not learn lessons in quick time….LMAOooo

    They sacked a man with a 100% record of meeting targets for a failure of a technical director who sees it as an impossibility to change tactics in the middle of a match/tournament and has such NEVER met any targets from U17 to U23 to SE since NFF started rehabilitating him with national team jobs close to 2 decades ago…..yet they are surprised he FAILED again 2 times back to back….??? LMAOooooo.

    Mr Rohr, since FIFA has termed your suit as “acceptable in so far as it is admissible”, that means you have a good case, please you have nothing to lose, take the case further to CAS and possibly the ILO tribunal and get double what FIFA is offering and make them pay the fees for that suit again too…..LMAOooo.

    For the rest of your miserable lives, you will never gang up against a diligent man who his delivering the goods as you have mandated him to…LMAOooo

    See cool cash for doing nothing o……LMAOOoo. And this time, Rohr wouldnt have to share it with the 5 assistants he was paying from his own pockets……LMAOooo.

  • Lol! No be Rohr wey some people dey rejoice say him no get Malian job be this? No! I no sure. $378K.
    Some fans funny sa. Their foolishness no get RIVAL! ..
    Indi ara!

  • pompei 2 weeks ago

    I also had to do a DOUBLE TAKE when I read the “VICTORY FOR NIGERIA” comment.
    It’s incredible how averse some of our football execs are to facing reality!
    Somebody took you to court and secured a judgment against you, and you call that a victory? Hahahaha, AH NIGERIA, WHO DO US LIKE THIS?
    If that is victory, then victory and defeat have become bedfellows.
    Now that the NFF have been ordered to arrange interviews for a new SE coach, it’s important that the Sports ministry remain extremely vigilant throughout the whole process, because if they blink, this NFF will perform American wonder again, and we will end up with another TOKUNBO coach.
    The interview panel should be 50% NFF, and 50% Sports ministry officials. And the final hiring decision should be as transparent as glass.

    • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

      Pompei…..NFF and Sport Ministry officials interviewing top coaches…..LMAOoo. You make me laugh.

      That is more like asking truck pushers to interview medical doctors….LMAOOo

      Nor be ordinary TD interview dem dey do with Seyi Olofinjana, wey Seyi transform from interviewee begin dey interview NFF officials….??? At the end, dem no know Vision, Mission, Goals and Core Values of the FA wey dem say dem they head…..LMAOoo

      Are these the ones that will interview Grade A coaches…??

      Wait, you mean Eguavoen go follow for the 50% from NFF wey go interview Valverde and Blanc…???? And Amokachi go follow for the 50% from sports ministry…???

      My brother, no let me die of laughter here b4 my time biko.

      • pompei 2 weeks ago

        The actual interviewing process can be out-sourced, of course, if we don’t have capable people to handle the interviews.

  • Chaii..see the name of the people wey dey rule Nigerian football! Eguavoen that doesn’t like better thing since his youthful days..
    He single handedly removed us from USA 94 world cup in just 4 minutes to go.
    Now..he had done it again as a Coach! Chaii. I don’t even want to know how they wasn’t to do it. I don’t just want any homebased coach there.

    • …I don’t even want to know how THEY ARE GOING to do it….
      Blood of Jesus!

  • I refuse to engage in back and forth with people who eschew public decorum. I was taught better. What bothers me sometimes is the hatred Nigerians have for each other while claiming to be progressives. Some people are all over here extolling Mr. Otto Addo of Ghana and touting the credentials of the new Malian coach Mr. Chelle. With all due respect, do we not have ex-Nigerian players who are more accomplished than the above-mentioned duo? Did Mr. Ndubuisi Egbo not, win a league title in Albania a few seasons ago? Mr. Michael Emenalo coached Chelsea briefly while they were looking for a coach. He was a big part of Chelsea player-scouting team for many years. I knew what I was doing the last time Tanzania qualified for The Nations Cup in 1979. Our own Mr. Emmanuel Amunike qualified them for their next one in 2019. Are Mr. Sunday Oliseh, Mr. Christian Obi, Mr. Seyi Olofinjana, not ex-international stars, well-travelled, well-educated Nigerians who could deliver if hired and given free hand to work? But, sadly for some of our people, it comes down to skin-pigmentation. Just to let it be known, I’m not bankrolled by anybody. I happen to have a soul. Lastly, if you know what these people you suck up to, truly think of you….

  • Ako AMADI 2 weeks ago

    $378 000 to Rohr plus $65 000 fine for stadium vandalism plus millions lost by not qualfying for Qatar. Where will NFF find the money? But Pinnick will not stop flying first class around the world.

    • KENNETH 2 weeks ago

      Make we hear word abeg, big teams that didn’t go to the world cup are not ranting about the money lost. So why should Nigeria cry over it Don’t worry we know its all politics, the money would be shared amongst them. LEt him go with his garbage we not interested. Let Pinnick go and deal with that. The money na chicken change, at least we get politicians collecting election forms for N100m . So far close to 40 of them don collect. So the money will be paid to him, and he can go use am wipe his ass

  • Victor Abimbola 2 weeks ago

    As you set your bed so you must sleep on it. Changing horses at the mid-stream to the AFCON… You can’t cheat and maltreat someone who is dedicated to his or her work with patriotism with you and go far in due process. Rohr was maltreated and all odds were against Nigeria. With Rohr, we would have qualified for the world cup and Ghana would not have made Nigeria a laughing thing.

  • DeSTAR 2 weeks ago

    @Omo9ja thanks for your write up ; NFF surely gets what they deserved along with Oga Rohr apostles . After Rohr was overwhelmed at WC , tutored by Algerian local coach Belmadi who bundled his team out in Afcon , even to the embarrassment of NFF itself who did not waste time by recommending Oga Rohr to proceed on immediate retraining .

    Every progressives warned , shouted for Rohr to be sacked without costing us anything; as the tinny Niger , Burkina Faso and Gabon that ether dismissed him , booted him out or refused to renew his contract for not having technical capability to handle their tinny teams have been proven right ( but alas ! same coach was rebranded and corruptly packaged by the fraudsters in NFF, who never brought Oga Rohr to win any cup , not even U17 cup , since he cannot give what he does not have) , but same Rohr was the longest serving SE Coach . Even the likes of Kanu Nwakwo was also being economical with truth then supporting his 3rd term with the claim then, that even though Rohr was not good but should not be sacked because of postponed Afcon 2021 that was still more than 6 months away 

    @Tonny , thanks for your brilliant comments; is it not a shame and the extent of corruption in our country that the likes of  Egbo , Emanelo etc are Nigerians with records of achievements; yet we wasted so much money on a Coach that no Jupiter would have ever made him to win even U17 WC until he will retire from coaching….. I am ashamed to be a Nigerian that a mechanic clueless coach that has never won a tea cup in his entire Methuselah career , and can never achieve until he quit Coaching, what our local Coach Keshi of blessed memory achieved with unpaid salary ; as Coaching is never calling of Oga Rohr.

    I strongly supported the Top NFF official that claimed the judgment as victory to Nigerians, because paying Oga Rohr $1M would have meant sharing with the fraudsters in NFF .

    Secondly, FIFA will withhold the money for football federation henceforth, thereby making NFF purse empty with no money to siphon, and I trust the current Sports Minister ( he will not give them money to embezzle).

    The beauty of it is, it is the first time Fifa will not threaten to ban Nigerian teams !!! …..

    please FiFA , do not release any money to NFF again until all the fraudsters ( Amaju Fraud-Pinick leave the glass house ) . Amaju have completely destroyed Nigeria football (U17, U21, Olympic team were all buried just as Oga Rohr has completely destroyed the DNA of SE) 

    • Dennis 2 weeks ago

      @DE star you shouldn’t stay off your meds. Where was your football prior to the appointment of rohr? You were 72nd and had missed 2 consecutive AFCON tournaments. When he was sacked, how were we ranked? How many competitions did he play? Just 2.

      • DANURCHMAN 1 week ago

        Yes, he played 1 AFCON and 1 World Cup. He got a bronze at the only AFCON he played and qualified Nigeria for the world at first shot. Only an ingrate will condemn Rohr.

    • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

      Hahahaha….at least Rohr was tutored by an AFCON winning coach….LMAOooo. Rohr was “bundled out of AFCON” with a medal on his neck. Please who tutored your egua-failure at AFCON…??? LMAOooo. Even you cannot remember the name of the nameless coach who rubbished your entire nation with a B sqaud and kicked y’all back to 1982 when you could reach ordinary Qfinals of ordinary AFCON….LMAOooo.

      Not to forget that it was an active SE player that tutored your 9 local bus conductors masquerading as coaches including Head coach-to-academy-scout-demotee Amuneke on the need to change tactics after Ghanaian smart and sensible coaches had long switched to 5 at the back at the beginning of the 2nd half of the WCQ……LMAOoooo.

      We prefer a mechanic coach who can do something as simple as qualifying for AFCON, to fake incompetent guadiolas who cannot qualify for anything and even sink us to 70th position in FIFA rankings, even if you give them a FIFA XI team to handle….LMAOooo. Their mates are using their CVs to get jobs in other countries…they carry plates like Almajiris begging NFF for food…..LMAOooo

      Disciples of Failure…!!! See the way failure is written all over them and their comments…..LMAOooo

    • MuYiwa 2 weeks ago

      The events that took place just before and just after Rohr was hired and fired, respectively, is an indication that Rohr was actually a good coach. As a mechanic he was able to repair the faulty engine in our football, serviced and oiled the parts and the erthswhile Super Chickens began to fly again, in spite of the unpaid salaries, harassment and criticisms that greeted his 5 year rein. We couldnt qualify for back to back AFCONS and were ranked 70 something in the world back then. Oliseh ran away, Paul Le Guen was announced as coach only to not show up in the end, because he did feel that the targets set for him were unrealistic for a team that poor. And now that he left us, we are gradually moving back to the muddy waters. We had our worst AFCON since 1982 and failed to qualify for the world cup in Qatar. People gave excuses that we have oyinbo players not strong enough for our failure to qualify for the world cup. Rohr took a very young team with the likes of Ndidi, Iwobi, Iheanacho etc, to Zambia in the heat of Ndola in Sept or Oct 2016 and beat a good Zambia team (afcon winners four years earlier). Same team defeated Cameroon the then Afcon champion 4-0, and nobody complained of lack of strength of African football. Only that in Naija, we seem to forget the past too easily, hence our perpetual problems.

  • One single decision by Dare and Pinnick has cost us, still costing us and could cost us more in future. So far, that singular has cost us winning AFCON 2021, 2022 World cup qualification, very outrageous sum of money, heart break etc

  • We have really bad administrators running our football

  • DeSTAR 2 weeks ago

    @Dennis , I will not waste my precious time to respond to your silly comment that of course could only come from ….

    @Dr Drey; Facts don’t lie ; I should have expected you will argue against the facts listed in my comments if they were not true .

    Everyone know, I am never a fan of Eguafon which I had tagged an upgraded local version of Oga Rohr when he was appointed until he was booted out , and he never proved me wrong with his sentimental and corrupt invitation of unmerited foreign based players  that does not have anything doing in SE like the flopped retired Igahalo and a bench warmer local goalkeeper John Noble of this world  which are all the trademark of Oga Rohr.

    What else would any great mind needing  to determine that Eguafon is an upgraded local version of Oga Rohr?( anyone rating Oga Rohr higher than Eguafon who though not among the best of our local coaches; are noting short of suffering from inferiority complex) because the highest medal Oga Rohr could get in 2 years preparing his team with uninterrupted fat salary was shameful Afcon bronze same as Eguafon with less time with unpaid salary , not even 20% of the monthly salary wasted on the zombie Rohr that has never won a tea cup in his Methuselah’s Coaching career ( you can imagine what medal Eguafon could have won if he  were to be given same opportunity with Rohr even if it were 30% of what was wasted on Oga Rohr by his business partner NFF) 

    I don’t want to go into the debate of Oga Rohr taken over SE that failed to qualify for the previous Afcon because both our own Local Coach late Keshi and even Algerian local coach Belmadi have made nonsense of such glorification; having achieved Afcon gold medals within a year of taken over a team that couldn’t quailed for previous Afcon ; the worst being Keshi who achieved that with unpaid salaries.

    Till Rohr dies , he can never achieve what our own local Coach Keshi achieved; the best was the best of Eguafon’s Afcon medal ( bet that with me , just as I have told you, there can never be a super corrupt Football federation in our Africa that would ever allowed Oga Rohr spend over 2 years ; if at all they allow him near their technical bench ; that our fraudsters in the glass house gave Rohr .

    Have I not been vindicated by the Mail football federations who considered Rohr not worthy of being shortlisted for interview let alone ( these are the fact that the fraudsters lead by Amaju Pinick only mission is to destroy Nigerian football and siphon as much money available in the glass house before the end of disastrous tenure)

    I therefore stand by the standout NFF official that claimed the judgment was victory to Nigerians ; it would have been disastrous if Nigeria were to be removed from all football competitions if we did not pay $1m as demanded by Rohr ; which was actual what Amaju Fraud-Pinick was aiming at by sacking a coach that we all knew could never have won Afcon even if he were given a decade . 

    FIFA withholding money to NFF if we fail to pay Oga Rohr means , there would be no money for Amaju to siphon again 

    • @Destar Did Rohr failed in his first 3months as SE’s coach? You said he won ordinary bronze medal and in the same paragraph you said he did not win a tea cup lol. You are just a “confuse pharisee”.

      This has nothing to do with inferiority complex rather you are just doing a free damage control to console yourself and other gullible people like you and you are not even good at it. Till the kingdom come, Eguavoen can never be compare or rated alongside Rohr in terms of experience and exposure as a coach. Know this and know peace.

      If Egu manage to win bronze at the just concluded Afcon and as well qualify SE for world cup the story would have been different and no one will be here talking about his incompetence or skin color no matter the style of football he might have played. What has inferiority complex got to do with excellent?

    • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

      Your mentioning the word “FACT” in the same space with “Eguavoen is an upgraded version of Rohr” epitomizes everything you are and stand for……LMAOOooo…..CHEAP and FILTHY LIES.

      I guess it was the 20% salary that Eguavoen was not earning that made a nameless coach to shackle him at AFCON and also made him not to know that Ghana had switched to a back 5 in the WCQ, until an active player (not even the 100caps technical houseboy Yobo) had to go and teach him what to do……LMAOoo

      Eguavoen is truly an upgraded version of Rohr….LMAOooo…no wonder he took your football back to 1982 just within 3 months….LMAOooo

      When your local coaches start getting linked to the coaching job of Ghana and Mali, or get to coach 4 African countries with their empty CVs and not beg for alms at the gates of NFF secretariat, come back, then I can dignify you with a chance to have a conversation with me.

      Bunch of lifelong failures…..LMAOooo. Over N200m loss is a victory for Nigerian football for them…..LMAOooo.

  • Abdulrazak 2 weeks ago

    I have read comments here from people who reason standing on their heads and others who are really, truly moronic. First to the silly and idiotic comment, by the “top NFF official”. The saying that “S**T rises to the top” exemplifies the current leadership of the NFF. You have been instructed by a decision, reached, through adjudication, to pay, a sum total of 1m USD to a former and non active employee and you claim that as a victory?
    When sane heads cautioned not against the sacking of Gernot Rohr, but the timeliness of the action, propagandist in the mold of agbaya Segun Odegbami and his cohorts, screamed and demanded not only for the man to be axed but that, he be replaced by ‘one of our own”
    We got a tactical inept, technically impotent and grossly incompetent Augustine Eguavon as coach.
    The rest they say is history. We truly deserve to be where we are as a country.

  • Kunle 2 weeks ago


    This will make a good coach for the SE.

  • FIFA should use their money to pay Rohr and take with interest from any Nigeria’s money with them. Super Eagle, Flying Eagle, Falcon, Nigeria Olympics soccer team, beach football, under 17 male and female, under 21, male and female. Anywhere Nigeria money is in FIFA.