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Finidi Keen To Coach Super Eagles

Finidi Keen  To Coach Super Eagles

Former Super Eagles winger Finidi George hopes to manage the team in the future.

Finidi, 49, was a key member of the Super Eagles side that won the 1994 Africa Cup of Nations title in Tunisia.

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“We are ex-players, we are coaches, we had played this game and we know how to interact with players,” George told Brila FM.

“We also know how to manage them which is important as well, so if the opportunity arises, I would take it with open hands.

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“I have been handling the youth players and it’s always good to do what you know how to do best, actually I have been an assistant coach in Mallorca,”

Finidi has also served as the director of international football at La Liga club Real Betis.

He retired having played 62 games for the Super Eagles and scored six goals.



  • Eczelo 3 years ago

    Give him the job. He’s a certified coach, a Dutch and Spanish football experience. Big name in the world of football. Rohr has done so so well. Please Amaju, your reign as NFF president has been tremendous success on and off the pitch. Now’s time to cement your legacy by bringing in ex-players and treating them well. We’re looking forward to seeing Finidi, Amunike, Oliseh and by God’s grace Samson Siasia handle our teams.

  • Oakfield 3 years ago

    Lol!!!! Clowns. Everybody now wants to coach the super eagles bcs rohr has built it to be a globally accepted football brand. When we were ranked 41 in the world and 16 in Africa, wallowing in the dungeons of misery and hopelessness, none of you thought of coaching even the chan team of the eagles let alone the first 11. However,he should’ve been the person to be employed in the capacity as an assistant coach (instead of yobo) to rohr by virtue of his qualifications and experience which the fashionista cum coach doesn’t have. Don’t know why we hate doing the right things in this country. We always like putting square pegs in round holes . What magic do they expect a guy with no coaching experience to perform as an assistant coach. This guy should have been a better alternative which will ensure a smooth and solid transition if we decide to do away with foreign hands in the future but unfortunately Na paddy paddy biz them they do there. Pitiful.

    • How Dare you call a legend a clown anuofia!!! Olodo like you. Have some respect ingrate

    • This guy brought you so much joy in his playing days more than Gernot Rohr has done as a coach now he is a clown because like in his playing days he is passionate about the super Eagles which might I say as an ex player a reputable one for that matter he has every right to be passionate yet you sit behind yo stupid computer and call George Finidi a Clown. @oakfield you are the one who is a clown and has been for a very long time. OLODO!!!!!!!

  • Chairmanfemi 3 years ago

    So NFF, Why not Employ this guy – A certified Coach. Currently Assistant Coach for a LaLiga Club Mallorca then coupled with Both National and Club football experience rather than someone who’s just boasting of 100 caps up and down with No Coaching Experience! Assistant Super Eagles Gaffer???? Like seriously?? Mehn…NFF you guys got it all wrong here

  • De Star ⭐️ 3 years ago

    Like his confidence, believing in himself “Yes I can do it “ Zidane” with little coaching experience, but great playing experience and understanding the terrain of Spanish football philosophy, was not intimidated by Jose Mourhino avalanche of cups in his library .
    He told the Real Madrid Club president, “ YES I CANT DO IT “ his adopted France countrymen, gave him morale support , his African Algeria Countrymen sent words of encouragement to him .

    The Real Madrid president made a Crazy decision some would say “ what Coaching experience has Zidane gotten ?” forgotten, Zidane was once a player in Real Madrid where the best football had been played and great great cup had been worn under different great coaches with different mentality .

    Before, we could say Jack Robison, Zidane in 3 years with little or no coaching experience has set a record , 3 straight UEFA Cups  !!! ahead of Arsene Wenger who always the first set to qualified for champion league for decades  ( that is a self believe , confidence and winning mentality) 

    When , the club president took a decision without the blessing of Zidane, Zidane did not waste time , he walked out on the club , rather than being played around ( that is the professionalisms and strong character!)

    The lessons to learn here , it is not how long coaching experience , not how many times a coach qualifies for tournament that matters , but the ability to perform at the big stage which is the 3 golden rule of Confidence, Strong character and winning mentality. Asene Wenger spent decades with Asenal , never won UEFA cup for once , ten years before his sack never won Premiership, always complained of his players are young , no money to buy big players , but Leicester City Coach proved him wrong and rather prove to wenger that what he lacks was Confidence , Strong Character and winning mentality .

    That is exactly what Rohr lacks , no confidence, no strong character and no winning mentality ( without passing any of this 3 golden rule , no coach in this world can succeed ) . It is not qualifying for WC and Afcon that matters, but what has achieved in such tournaments? Other than excuses from his supporters as the boys are 23 years old . 

    In 1994 ,  a whole contingent of Zambia team perished in plain crash, with Bwalya the only notable player left , the Zambia coach never blamed his tools as Rohr would do , he brazen up to the challenge, looked inward , well paid and motivated by the Zambia football administration, Zambia with an hurriedly team team even some injured , beat every team in its way to the final , with no respect to the star studded Super eagles , in fact , was to drew the first blood before , Westerhof brought out the winning mentality in him to win the cup . If it were to be Rohr team , he and his supporters would have celebrated crashing out in quarterfinals, forgetting, Nigeria is a big football nation , not Republic of Benne, not Togo .

    Strong character, winning mentality: Zidane walk out Real Madrid when the Club president messed up with  and won 3 big cups in his first attempt ( that is strong character and winning mentality) ;NFF messed up with Oliseh , he walked out ( that is strong character) went to Europe got a promotion ( that is winning mentality) , asked him to commit unprofessional conduct , he refused and preferred to protect his name and integrity ( that is strong character) Finidi , I can do it ( that is Confidence) :

    Oliseh, Amunike, Finidi , Emenalo, Ike Soruwmi , Rufai Siasia (after his case) etc are the missing link in the Super eagles , they are exposed, understood the terrain of Africa and exposure 

    • Omo9ja 3 years ago

      @De Star, it shall be well with you. You really won my heart. I don’t need to talk anymore. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • Oakfield 3 years ago

        Pls don’t , for your own good. It’s better for you to keep mute than always come here to disgrace yourself

    • presh 3 years ago

      Talk is cheap my friend, if you cannot see what Rorh has done to the super eagles team since his inception as a coach then please trash all these your story book talks, you are among the problem of that country, you think like Melvin Amaju and his cohorts, Rorh did a wonderful job under a strigent environment, an environment that never pay up wages, why can’t Oliseh coach no more, please I understand yo clamouring as well for Finidi and as iam but chastising Rohr’s efforts under that environment is uncalled for.

  • According to the article above, Finidi George has signalled his interest to deploy his coaching qualifications and experience gain thus far outside Nigeria to the service of his fatherland when the need arises.

    That, to me, is welcome development. Nowhere in the article does it suggest that he is begging for the job right now. If he continues to hone his coaching skills as he is currently doing, then these should stand him in good stead to be considered for the role whenever the vacancy arises.

    Finidi still has a long way to go and he is very young coaching-wise. Since he ventured into the world of coaching, I have never read any unpleasant stories about his interactions with his club managers, colleagues, players, media or other wider stakeholders. This speaks to his mild manner, good nature, people management and interpersonal skills.

    As a player, he was mild mannered for most parts. But his involvement in the upheaval that contributed in derailing the Super Eagles efforts in the 2002 Africa Cup of Nations in Mali is more of an exception than the norm (unless there were other incidents that flew under my radar).

    My only suggestion to Finidi is to agree to less media interviews as possible. He should let his coaching exploits speak for itself. The empty barrel the say makes the loudest noise.

    Amuneke seldom gives media interviews where he touts his coaching credentials – these speak for themselves after his has signed for a big team or after qualifying a team for a major tournament.

    This I think is more respectable model.

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      @ Deo
      Pls don’t mind those media noise makers. I’ve said it before…out of them all, Amunike is still the best and most qualified of them all to become SE coach if we ever decide to go back to using Nigeria coaches.

      He has a UEFA PRO LICENSE (highest coaching license in the world) was Assistant Coach in a professional club in Saudi Arabian league (as far back as 2008), he has coached 2 clubs in Nigeria (First Bank FC and Julius Berger), He has a soccer academy in Lagos that is doing well, he has coached professional clubs in Sudan and Egypt, he was asst 17 coach, later became head coach, has coached another national team….you can see why he doesn’t need to make noise in the media. Only empty barrels and cheap lairs make noise. He doesn’t need to be disturbing Pinnick with midnight calls. As it is currently, His CV can get him any job on the African continent and the Middle East. If he become SE coach tomorrow, it won’t be simply because he was an exinternational or because he has “100caps”, neither has he had any frosty relationships with his employers anywhere he has been. Always cool headed like Rohr and ready to just do his job.

      Some people have spend more time granting media interviews than they have spent building their CVs. LMAO
      I hope the media houses will help them get jobs.

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    That Wenger never won the UCL is not because he was a bad coach….but because of his philosophy of never purchasing the quality players but rather focusing on grooming players from the academy for sale. The same Wenger whom you claim doesnt have winning mentality won several titles in England and even went a whole season unbeaten.

    Zidane also didn’t start his coaching career from the top. He retired in 2010, started with being sporting director, then Real U17s, Assistant manager of Madrid C team, manager of Madrid C team, then reserves manager, Assistant Manager of the main team, before becoming Manager in 2016. Almost half a decade of coaching experience with results to show for it, graduating from one level to the other before finally getting to the top after acquiring his UEFA Pro License. Within that period before he retired from football and became manager of Madrid Castilla, he had obtained his UEFA B, A and pro licenses (4 years classroom courses in coaching). There’s no shortcut to the top. IF Zidane was flaunting 100caps and U17 Experience only all over the place….even Madrid wouldn’t have looked at him twice.

    Finidi has retired from football since 16 years ago, but all he can boast of is a UEFA A licence, coaching Real Mallorca U16s and 3-months internship at PEC Zwolle’s U19s (7 years ago) and the next thing he wants now is to be SE coach….LMAO.




    I’ve searched all through RCD Mallorca’s website and there no record of him ever even rising to asst manager or reserve team coach level.


    These are the exinternationals that will lead us to Qatar 2022 WC Semifinals…Lolz. And somebody here is comparing him to Zidane. Nigerians are really the funniest people on earth. LMAO

    Your strong character exinternationals coaches dragged us into 70th position in the world and ran away…they couldn’t qualify for ordinary AFCON in 3 out of 4 attempts. The one without character is about to qualify us for our 2nd consecutive AFCON with games to spare. LMAO

    Good name is greater than silver and gold, trust lost is difficult to regain, I’ll rather promote a foreign product that produces result and stands the test of time than made in Nigeria product that is substandard and fails.

  • De Star ⭐️ 3 years ago

    @Dr.Drey , I need to buy you one bottle of champagne after corona locked-gam for once believing in the technical ability of one of your own Amunike @ deo, thanks you also for your positive impact   

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Off course….those are not just “hype”…those are facts. If and when we have vacancy in the SE manager position, Amunike’s CV can rival most Coaches Local or Foreign who will apply for the job. He has a CV that can favourably compete for a job in any team in Africa and the Middle East.

      Tell the rest of them who want to start their coaching careers with the SE without any tangible thing in their CVs to go and borrow a leaf from Amunike instead of resorting to media blackmail.

  • Mercy 3 years ago

    No one is witch hunting anyone. It is just a case of someone who had first class and never went back to further his education. Whereas some students with second class upper, obtain their masters and PhD. But this fellow with first class claim he wants to become an HoD of a department in an higher institution ahead of qualified candidates because he had first class. Is that not insanity?

    Among the present set of exinternationals, it is only Amuneke who has the basic requirements of coaching the SE coach after the world cup as long as he is still active in coaching.

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago


      Very Apt.

      May God’s grace never depart from your life.

      Unfortunately, the one who didn’t even graduate with a certificate has been made the deputy dean of the faculty through the backdoor…so even the 1st class guy is feeling entitled.

      That’s the kind of level we have descended to at this time when we are moving upwards.

      • Mercy 3 years ago

        @Dr drey
        Nepotism, tribalism and sentiment had been our major problem. Unfortunately, the generations before us had successfully been able to populate our minds believing that tribalism etc are the norms. Hence, our gullible generation swallowed the conspiracy. That is why you still hear of cashment area in our admission processes into universities, zoning of political offices at the expense of meritocracy.

  • Edoman 3 years ago

    Thank you Dr Drey for the wonderful work you continue to perform educating folks. These ex-internationals always want to reap where they did sow. Finidi declined to play in 1996 USA Olympics games because he felt he was too big to play at that level. Well, it turned out that Nigeria won the Gold with Kanu, Okoacha and the rest of them that later became the best team that Africa Nation have never seen before in our history. Finidi missed out and not holding the Olympic Gold medal. l am sure he regretted it till this day. If this coach Rohr was not doing so well with the Nigeria Team, If Super Eagle was not playing and drawing with Brazil and now could potentially win the AFCON and/or could win the World Cup in 2022, these guys, who are jobless by the way, would not be coming out from their seclusive hide out. They all saw their chances now that Yobo could have bribed his way to the second top job. Yes, the NFF has done wonderfully well, but bringing Yobo in, who has no record of coaching whatsoever, was shameful and what such mistake has attracted, is what we are now seeing. Others more will certainly come out. If this critical job is giving to any of these inexperience ex this, ex that, Nigeria super eagle will surely go back to be called super chicken.

  • Prince 3 years ago

    Dr Drey!!!

    You are a typical example of a tiny source of LIGHT shining in the think shades of Deep Darkness!!!

    May your days be long !!!

    When someone says the TRUTH in all statements, that statement can be reviewed, replayed and repeated any time, any where and any day with FEAR!!!

    The truth are always said with FACTS by very few distinguished men….MEN OF INTEGRITY AND SHEER HONOUR !!!

    May God continue to bless us with these unique few good men !!!
    Nigeria will rise again !!!
    God no Dey sleep !!!

    • Prince 3 years ago

      When someone says the TRUTH in all statements, that statement can be reviewed, replayed and repeated any time, any where and any day with WITHOUT FEAR!!!

  • Chairmanfemi 3 years ago

    @Dr Drey said it all! @Mercy double stamped it! Lol. Good job. Facts everywhere. I don’t know what men like @Ike, Ogogoro Omo9ja, @Goal and there co-horts have to say now.

    I shouldn’t have even suggest him in place of Yobo in the first comment. My comment ought to have been “FINIDI should go and fight for the U-17 and U-20 Vacancies! Since he could only boast of U-17 Coaching badge”


  • KangA 3 years ago

    Talking of being “ASHAMED” seems to be resonating in this forum lately.  NFF messed up big time on filling the SE assistant coach’s  position with Joseph Yobo. It is really a SHAMEFUL act by the NFF.

    Appointing Yobo is a retrogressive and nonsensical step indeed. Those ex-internationals  in the NFF Board who thought the were protecting their own should be ASHAMED for letting the masses down.  

    And Yobo should be ASHAMED for bribing his way and boxing himself into this tight corner. Coaching is distinct from soccer punditry. I ask again: Apart from the 100 caps record, what authority would he wield over the SuperEagles players, most of whom are being mentored in their clubs by UEFA Pro Licensed coaches? The bland argument is that possession of a certificate is no guarantee of requisite knowledge. While this may be true is some circumstances, someone appointed into a professional position should have undergone training in such a profession. Appointing a complete novice? That is SHAMEFUL.  

    Pinnick should be ASHAMED for goofing big time. It is not too late to undo this damage, though. Yobo can be retained as a backroom staff of the SE and be encouraged to pursue his training as a coach. 

    But will this happen in Nigeria? A country where most people know no SHAME?

  • presh 3 years ago

    He should have been Rorh’s assistant than Yobo, its a disgrace, the football federation are daft, and cannot see, also senseless when Rorh’s finishes then Finidi can be the full term coach. Yobo for me please relax.

  • Gideon S 3 years ago

    Yes! I like his confidence.
    He can do it if given the opportunity.

    But for now not at SE direct.
    we have under 17,20 and 23 or one of the assistant coach to “rh”

    I believed the current coach have a long time plans and program for SE, and our players are enjoying it without complaining, let’s support him to achieve one goal..