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Former Super Eagles Midfielder Advises NFF To Snap Up Waldrum

Former Super Eagles Midfielder Advises NFF To Snap Up  Waldrum

Erstwhile Super Eagles midfielder John Ogu wants Randy Waldrum to be included in the team’s coaching staff.

Waldrum led the country’s women’s national team, the Super Falcons to a respectable outing at the ongoing 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

The Super Falcons were eliminated in the Round of 16 by the Three Lionesses of England on Monday.

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The former African champions held Olympic champions Canada to 0-0 draw and beat co-hosts Australia 3-2 in the group stage.

Waldrum’s side lost 4-2 on penalties to England following a brave fight.

Following the Super Falcons impressive performance in Australia and New Zealand, Ogu has called on the NFF to find a role for the American in the Super Eagles.

“Get this Man @CoachWaldrum to work with the Super Eagles @thenff,” Ogu wrote on his Twitter handle.

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  • As Far as i am concerned This guy will not dance to the tune of the NFF and Will select on Merit. Maybe a good idea in disguise

    • MONKEY POST 11 months ago

      @UGO yea WHITE COACHES just like GENERAL ROAR have that TRAITS of never DANCING to anybody’s TUNE…

      Even the person like make e SING PASS FLAVOR na’Bania….

    • you know NFF will not employ somebody that dares them. It will be good for the country, the right players will get their opportunities and Nigeria will play a brand of footfall that no one will cop blood pressure during matches.
      Above no body will be asking for bribe in other to be called to Nigeria duty.

  • Four four two 11 months ago

    Yeah, He can contribute in building the ever vulnerable SE defence. Attack wise I think paseirro is better.

    • . MONKEY POST 11 months ago


      How can you CROWN PESEIRO to be GOOD ATTACK WISE? Is it because His TEAM SCORED 10 Against a CHEAP ASS SAO TOME?

      Where was HIS ATTACKING Prowess he chopped 4-0 against Portugal?

      Where was his attacking prowess when He chop 2-0 against Mexico what about Ecuador that ended 1-0

      WALDRUM is still better either ways(balanced) is just that the sf was not lucky..

      I would have also prefer EGUAVEON but his eye for too much attack less DEFENCE will cost us dearly…

  • How much is his salary for a part- time job?. We need a full time coach who would discover new and young talents that fit his playing style.

    • Dr. Drey 11 months ago

      Even the part-time salary is owed for 14 months by the NFF. Yet you want a full time appointment….?

      It was the salary issue that made Waldrum negotiate with them that he will need another regular paying job while coaching Nigeria.

      The man has bills to pay for Zeus’sake.

  • Chima E Samuels 11 months ago

    Waldrum is not good enough I don’t know what we are celebrating or what the girls achieved after missing chances upon chances we are celebrating them. The coach doesn’t demand clinical finishing from his team no wonder players get away with missing sitters. We are not super because we play like an average team that only knows how to park the bus and miss great opportunities. I don’t know when Nigerians started clamouring for this kind of coaches when countries like Japan does better.

    • Dcardinal 11 months ago

      I know your type, you never see good in anything. Hogwash aka couch-coach

      • Helius 11 months ago

        No be d same guy wey dey rate Hugo broos as the best foreign coach in Africa. No reason with am o d guy na footballing cyclops

        • Dr. Drey 11 months ago

          Hahahaha…the confused drunkard even once rated current Ethiopia coach Wubetu Abate as the best coach in Africa, just because Ethiopia plays a tiki taka that has led them nowhere….LMAOo. The tiki taka that left them bottom of their group at the last AFCON and bottom of their group in the 2024 AFCON qualifiers.

          We’ve just had our best performance in the women’s world cup ever, unbeaten against 3 out of the top 10 in the world and the onuku says the girls should not be celebrated. He wants us to play like Japan who has won the world cup at every level U17, U20 and Senior when we are still struggling to pay bonuses for 2 years and our local Women’s league cannot produce a continental champion yet.

          Leave him let him continue living in his fool’s paradise, expecting to reap where he has not sown.

          • Michael Olaleye 10 months ago

            Seriously speaking, you take a step at a time. The performance of our girls in this world cup worth commending. The first time I watched Nigeria play without dying of high blood pressure. Give the guy Waldrum a high five and let him device the next step without interpretation from NFF. Pay him his due and all the players , get iff the area where you don’t know anything and let the professional do their jobs. Time for Nigeria to become a super power in football world. Let Okocha manage NFF with good support. Provide a good facilities for our sport menand remove the blood soaking leeches from our sport.

      • Chima E Samuels 11 months ago

        Pets bothering their master!!!

        • Ayphillydegreat 11 months ago

          Wetin Ghana refugee know? Lmao! Brainless agbero in Kumasi. 

    • Mr let’s fail with our own you have come again with your retarded brain uhm? common apply common sense small

      • Ayphillydegreat 11 months ago

        Person wey sense far from am. Anuofia of the highest order. He said we won’t score one goal before the WorldCup. Person wey selective amnesia dey give sleepless nights. Serious Oponu ni Chima yen. 

    • You can blame the coach for whatever reason you like, but not poor ball controls our, the English dolls, wey be say naa buttocks and make up full their faces, have good ball control, even the Oyinbo among us can control and decide what she will do with ball on time. Football is all about anticipating your opponents, not a show. The coach set the team up well, you can’t blame him, but the list of players those Morons gave. 
      If naa another coach carry us go, especially Naija coach, we go chop pass China, the most successful team in Africa ranked #40, some countries don meet us and surpass us for women football.
      John Ogu is right, Super Eagles lack discipline, how can we go to tournament with, 3(Gk), 7(Def), 3/4(Mf) and 8/9(Att)? How the team go play balance football?

      • @ Yomax You guys are so full of self hate, you forget our best outing so far was achieved by a local coach in USA 1999. This coach did not give us any mile stone , we were knocked out in the second round and everyone is acting like we just won the world cup, in the last world cup we were also knocked out in the second round. You cannot judge a coach performance by just one match or one tournament but by the totality of his or her record. This so called great coach has a loosing record, we lost our position even in Africa to South Africa, Morocco and Zambia, under his watch. If this was a local coach he would have been fired after the humiliation in Morocco. there is no improvement, Morocco knocked us out in WAFCON on penalty kicks, a sound coach would have prevent a repeat of that. if waldrum is really good, an American professional female or male soccer team would have hired him. he would not be moonlighting as a part time coach for Nigeria where his salary is not regular. We need a full time coach who would live in Nigeria and work for the national team.

        • Ayphillydegreat 11 months ago

          Mikee in that same tournament we also lost 7-1 in one of our matches. Nobody is acting as if we won the WorldCup, but you will agree that 80 to 90 percent Nigerians never really gave the team a chance to get a draw talk less of wining a game or even go this far in the tournament. 

          Obviously, we had our chances to win the group but that’s football anything is possible on any given day. In 1999 there were no round of 16. Agreed we had a great team then because they’ve been together since the first female WorldCup in 1991. They peaked in 1999. It has absolutely nothing to do with the coach. 

          I don’t know about you but this is the most tactically disciplined and organized I’ve seen any Nigerian team play both male and female on the global stage. 

          Waldrum is not the best coach out there, but he matched Sarina Wiegman tactics for tactics. She was uncomfortable all through the game. England were lucky to win on penalties. We just lacked composure in front goal and that was the only blemish in this team. 

          The coach did incredibly well and I think it’s better they retain him, but I want him to reject them and move on. Let’s see the local coach that will do better. 

          • @Ayphillydegreat, This is the mentality of people with inferiority complex, you down play the achievement of one of your own while you hype the little achievement of your white masters. I was in the stadium in Chicago when we lost to the USA, we scored first and USA came back to score seven goals with the dubious officiating of a bias referee. That team bounced back and made it out of the group stage for the first time, narrowly lost to Brazil that is the best achievement we have had, you can downplay it for all you want just to elevate your Oyibo amateur coach. It is the same they did with Keshi achievement, downplaying his and elevating Westerhof achievement. If NFF pays local coaches the same amount they struggle to pay white coaches and provide the same conditions to them they would excel.

          • Ayphillydegreat 11 months ago

            I was at the FedEx field in Landover, Maryland to watch the showdown against Brazil. If not for Patience Avre’s red card that team would’ve made it to the Semi finals. My point is they were at their peak in 99. Before 2019 we’ve been going to the WorldCup with local coaches and none of them made it past the group stages until 2019 when we had a foreign coach. 

            I’m not against any good local coach, but point to one that can do better than what we have at the moment. I’m even ok for Waldrum to reject their offer and move on, but I’m yet to see a better local coach you can conveniently tell me can do better. 

    • People like you that can’t even score in a goalpost without a keeper knows football only on paper and cannot even appreciate little efforts of others. Did you ever expect the girls to come out of that group in the first place? Such ingrate.

  • Hilary 11 months ago

    Yea I think ogu is making sense.Waldrum is tactically sound and can contribute his quota in the senior team.

  • Ayphillydegreat 11 months ago

    Feelers from the the teams hotel said he’s already headed back to the US. One thing is certain his stocks has risen exponentially with what he achieved with Nigeria at this WorldCup. He’s even rumored to take charge of the USWNT in some quarters. 

    It will be a monumental achievement if the NFF can keep him at this point. Let’s just go back to our expansive and expressive football that will allow us to have fun on the pitch. Let’s forget about being organized and compact as a team that made us become the first African team unbeaten at the women’s WorldCup.

    It will be a good move if the NFF hold on to him and give him a new contract with a mandate to qualify for the Olympics and reclaim our WAFCON TITLE. I won’t also be surprised if they return the team to a local puppet they can bully around all in the name of expansive and expressive football that will always make them lose. 

    • Let Waldrum go. We will sail with our own.

      We have world class players that it will take any half decent local coach just few weeks to get results.

      Eguavoen’s 4-4-2 would have battered England to submission yesterday with grace, flamboyance and elegance.

      Eguavoen is available temporarily. He will soon release a female table soccer illustration video.

      • Ayphillydegreat 11 months ago

        Lmao!!! Hahahaha!! Table soccer Lmao!! @deo. it’s such a travesty the kind of administration we’re dealing with. The problem is if the government intervenes or sack them FIFA will ban us and the only thing that unites us as a country could be taken away from us. That’s why they have impunity.

        They can tell the government that they’re broke and still collect funds from both government and FIFA yet still be owing players and coaches without any consequences. Naija matter don tire me I just follow the teams for the love of the game.

      • Helius 11 months ago

        Na deo dey tok dis abi na ugo ewundinze anyway I concure make eguafraud take over at least na sweet football we go dey play.oya come beat me

      • Which among your own? Those that will field players that are past their prime or that can give them few wad of dollars.

  • Ako Amadi 11 months ago

    An American female soccer college coach does not have the quality to manage the Suoer Eagles

    • @ Ako Amadi,I agree, he cannot even qualify to coach an American professional soccer team. He is an Amateur coach, given the job to coach a national team on a part time basis because Pinnick wanted to just hire the cheapest oyibo coach he can get. Waldrum cost us the chance to beat England and I am very sad.

  • Some of you here are blind. You cannot see the kind of football Super Falcons played that made England coach to be uncomfortable through out that game. This is female soccer. We would get there. It’s just a matter of time. At least, he has seens the problems in the team and would fix them. More gifted players from the US and England would be invited.

    The US coach is a great tactician. If Super Eagles had had this kind of coach, believe me, we would qualified to the World Cup and go very far. We would stay because of our players. And also, we need his fitness trainer even in the Super Falcons. For the first time in history, we had three clean sheets in four matches playing big teams. Penalties could be anyone’s game. Great teams lose on penalities too.

    • Joe Joe 11 months ago

      You’re very correct.
      Penalty is anyone’s game. Period!

    • @Bobby you are the one blinded by low expectation, you never expected them to show up, or thought they would be humiliated by canada, and Australia and even debutant Ireland, instead they played two draws and won one and you were expecting them to lay down for England instead they put up a fight, even though they lost you were satisfied. That is the problem. Having three clean sheet still got you knocked out in the second round again, and you are celebrating because your expectation of the team was very low. We lost and we are still losers.

  • Sorry for typo errors.

  • Omo9ja 11 months ago

    I don’t know why we Africans have low mentality when we are about to achieve something bigger.

    Are we not good enough, or is just our mentality?

    So, we did not see anything wrong in our last match against the England ba?

    Haiti played this English team, and they could have won the match but unlucky to do so, and our team and the coaching crew could not manage the chances they had against ten players English team? It is a shame.

    What are we talking about here kę?

    I love coach Waldrum just like Oga Rohr during his time, but I don’t celebrate this and I won’t accept this result against England.

    I am sorry, he failed against England, and he got his selections wrong big time. Shall we continue with him? This is the question we should be asking ourselves.

    Why did he start Onumonu in the first place? Gift Monday would have been brought in instead of Onumonu. Also, we did not need the service of Ordega in that match.

    The coach made a lot of mistakes in that match.

    He kept using Onumonu, which can’t score. If I may ask, how many shots did we have in first half?

    In my opinion, it will be better if we can invest in our own, but are we transparent? No. Then, what should we do?

    Shall continue with foreign coaches who can not go beyond what our local coaches have achieved?

    We have to decide on this issue. Before, it was Oga Rohr who spent 6 years with no tangible achievements and now coach Waldrum, who made it out of the group stage.

    Are we not pass this level my people?

    Although NFF did not do anything to support our ladies but that was not an excuse against England.

    If we can not go as far as semi-final of every competition, then NFF has to be desolve and form a new group of people to run our sports for us.

    I am sorry once again. Coach Waldrum messed up big time, and I am not impressed with his performance against England. Which way forward Nigerians?

    We are celebrating group stage achievements as if we won the World Cup. What kind of low mentality is that Nigerians?

    I appreciate what coach Waldrum did in this tournament, but we have to ask ourselves a bitter question. What went wrong with this Super Falcons? Why we lost the match against England and from now on, how far can we go if NFF do what they suppose to do?

    Are we going to win the World Cup in our life time or we should continue celebrating this kind of result, Nigerians?

    This kind of result is getting boring to me and I am very tired of it already. Your views Nigerians. What can we do differently?Ire o. God bless!!!

    • Ayphillydegreat 11 months ago

      Ṣẹngbọ werey pataki? Lmao!! The same coach Waldrum that was better than Rohr and Peseiro put together according to you many times on this forum has now messed up big time? Win WorldCup Lmao!! Which WorldCup are you winning?? With this kind of football admin?? Even football superpowers with all the support from their FA are not bragging to win WorldCup they just want to see their teams do well against other superpowers. Our ladies stood toe to toe against 3 top ten teams unbeaten and the coach messed up big time?? Lmao!! Wonders shall never end from the chameleon.

      Did you even give them a chance to make it this far?? Was it not after the win against Australia that you were praising Waldrum to high heaven Lmao! At least you’ve been giving us advice on how to run our football from your couch for over a decade now. You too go to the glass house and contest for a sit in the board from your constituency then present your local coach that will play expansive and expressive football and also leave their defense open. Lmao!! 

      • Omo9ja 11 months ago

        @Ayphillydegreat, Thanks for the compliments, but I wish you the same. That wasn’t for me.

        However, only the wise ones can understand me better.

        My comments are for those who dream bigger and compete with nobody but themselves. That is the spirit.

        Don’t compare yourself with anyone because we are not the USA or Germany, but we are Nigerians.

        If you think this way, then you will comprehend my points.

        I don’t want to waste my time and energy on this because your response shows your character. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

        • Ayphillydegreat 11 months ago

          Lmao!! Pẹlẹ o Mr chameleon. Keep shifting the goalpost. You go explain tire. 

    • @Omo9ja, God bless you for your excellent analysis. We are being troubled by inferiority complex. We should just end our participation in the world cup at the second round, we should never dream, or go to the world cup with the intention of winning it, and we must always go with an Oyibo coach even if he cannot equal what a local coach has achieved and he makes it to the second round we must beg him to stay. I am ashamed of my people, how do they expect the players to have confidence in their own abilities, when they play against the Oyibo girls, we should learn from japan and look within.

      • Ayphillydegreat 11 months ago

        Nobody is begging him to stay. In fact I want him to reject their offer and move on. Yes we lost but we came out unbeaten. Penalties are anybody’s game. I told you about this Fella before and here he is blaming the coach for everything and you too fell for his trap Lmao! Well please give us the better options we have to replace him. We’ve never made it out of the group stage since 1999 until 2019 under a foreign coach and we achieved the same feat unbeaten under another foreign coach 4 years later. I want to see the local coach that will win us the WorldCup Lmao!! 

      • Omo9ja 11 months ago

        @mikee, amen. Thanks a lot. I wonder ooooo. It is well. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Nigeria super falcons will never win any meaningful trophy under the watch of Randy waldrum. This man has succeeded bringing our darling team to nothing even in Africa.His choices of selection are questionable, He always consider where a player plays rather than what that player can offer. What has Ifeoma Onumonu ever contributed to team to be picked ahead of the multi talented Gift Monday and Oparanozie to be starting matches? Even on a Monday, He could even Gift Monday to send us to the quarter final. He has to go immediately, He even reportedly abandon the team and flew to America.we have female coaches Florence Omagbemi, Perpetual Okwocha and others. They use to give us better results.

  • Dr. Drey 11 months ago

    Orisirisi….wetin Musa no go see for main gate
    This has been our performance scorecard at every edition of the world cup we have attended since 1999

    Year Position P W D L GF GA GD Pts Elimination
    2003 15th/16 3 0 0 3 0 11 −11 0 Group
    2007 13th/16 3 0 1 2 1 4 −3 1 Group
    2011 9th/16 3 1 0 2 1 2 −1 3 Group
    2019 16th/24 4 1 0 2 2 7 −5 3 R16

    This has been our Women’s World cup record since 1999 (over 20 years ago).

    Yet some drunkards are angry that we are commending the team for coming back from the world cup undefeated with 3 clean sheets out of 4 games and nearly defeating the champions of Europe in the R16.

    People who do not have “inferiority complex” think we should be challenging for the trophy with this kind of previous performance in the last 20 years…..LMAOoo

    People whose mental problems are multidimensional believe we should be aiming for a medal when our players and coaches were owed 2 years pay going into this tournament, with the worst pre-tournament preparation any team can have.

    People who do not have low mentality believe we should be playing like Japan and Spain when in the last 20 years we have not returned from the world cup without a negative goal difference.

    People who think “we are good enough” believe a country with zero football development plan/program like ours should not celebrate 2 goalless draws against an European Champion and an Olympic champion, 1 win, 3 draws, +1 goal difference and penalty kicks elimination in the R16 and likely 10th place finish out of 32 participating teams.

    Illiteracy is indeed a disease. I believe they think teams just select 23 players, bring them to a world cup and they stroll to the final and lift the trophy…….LAMOoo

    Common sense has never be common. So I am not surprised.

    I though a child usually learns how to sit first, then how to crawl, then how to stand, before learning how to run.

    Even an aeroplane gets pushed first before it eventually flies.

    Once again, common sense is not common.

    Anybody suffering stomach pains because we are celebrating these 2023 set of Super Falcons can go drink pesticides for all I care.

    • Dr. Drey 11 months ago

      Sorry, I omitted the 2015 WWC report

      Year Position P W D L GF GA GD Pts Elimination
      2015 21st/24 3 0 1 2 3 6 −3 1 Group

      We went 4 straight editions not qualifying from the group stages, shipping in 23 goals and scoring just 5 (Goal difference of -18) up until 2019 when we managed to scrap into R16 because we finished one of best loosers. Meaning if there wasn’t anything like best loosers in 2019 we would have been eliminated in the group stages for 20+ years up till 2023. Even in that 2019, we came back with 7 goals conceded and 2 goals scored.

      But in 2023 when we made our most significant progress in female football in 24 years, some never-do-wells think we shouldn’t celebrate it. They think we shouldnt commend the team.

      Please where is this their newfound confidence that we should be aiming for the final coming from, if not from the performance of the team in this same 2023 tournament…??

      Which one of them ever believed we would earn a draw from our group before the tournament commenced…??

      Now they wake up from whatever dustbins they live in and come beating their chests like horny gorillas that we should be aiming for the trophy.

      Thunder tear una mouth.

      That is how teams just wake up and reach the semifinals and finals of the world cup without any solid development foundations already put in place by their administrators.?!

      Again I say, anyone suffering stomach pains because we are celebrating these 2023 set of Super Falcons and what they have managed to achieve can go drink pesticide if it angers them so much that we are celebrating them.

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