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Friendly: Waldrum Impressed With Super Falcons’ Performance Against Canada

Friendly: Waldrum Impressed With Super Falcons’ Performance Against Canada

Super Falcons coach, Randy Waldrum, has expressed satisfaction with the performance of his team in the friendly match with Canada.

The Falcons lost 2-0 to the Canadians in the early hours of Saturday in Vancouver, thanks to second half goals from Jessie Flemming and Vanessa Gilles.

It is the fourth meeting between both teams with the Canadians recording a second ever win against the Falcons.

And speaking in his post-match press conference, Waldrum noted the ability of his players to compete with any team while claiming there is still room for improvement.

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“I think we’ve prepared them for the environment the good thing is we came to the US last June and played in the summer tournament there.

“Someone like Onome she’s played at five World Cups, so she’s got the experience.

“So we try to settle them down and stick to the game plan we have knowing they (Canada) were going to come out.

“I think we had a really good start to the game, we had a really composed start to the game.

“And I think that carried us at least through the first half, until we lost a bit of that composure in the second half.”

On the importance of the game for his team, Waldrum said:“I think this will make us better. We had to play some young players as well. You mentioned Asisat, we were also missing the likes of Vivian, Ohale at the back, so we can in some ways justify that wasn’t a full squad.

“For me the girls feel right now that they can play with anyone in the world but we’re also smart enough to recognize that there’s some areas we need to improve in before we’re going to be in that elite category.”

The two teams will meet in the second of the two legged friendly on Tuesday, 12th April in Victoria.

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  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago




    CSN where did he state that he is IMPRESSED with the PERFORMANCE?

    You think WHITE COACHES are like our LOCAL COACHES that love celebrating MEDIOCRES?


    • Alabi 2 years ago

      Waldrum impressed With..
      is different from Waldrum said he is impressed. You need to look at the context the word impressed was applied. The problem with some of you, empty heads is you like rushing to posting comments which are largely aimless.

      • MONKEY POST 2 years ago


        Same way how my head is EMPTY is different from yours that is not, but filled with DEBRIS…


        So my ADVICE for you is to go to LAWMA in LAGOS to CLEAR it up for you…


        In whatever CONTEXT you want to look at it, it doesn’t not come in…

        IMBECILE! WALDRUM was busy pointing out the PLAYERS that they missed and how they can IMPROVE in some certain AREAS.. etc

        And you come up here to show me how STUPID you are


        Let me GUESS.
        1: You are either an ASS LICKER of EGUAVON…

        2: Or you HATE the idea of a FOREIGN COACH



        4: You work for CSN…


        No wonder you were PAINED by my COMMENT…


      • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

        Hahahahahahahahaha I said it that this ALABI is PUSSY..And he is an ASS LICKER of EGUAVON/NFF SPY.. JUST COPIED his STUPID POST from another THREAD…

        You have been EXPOSED!!!



        5 days ago
        The only way forward is for Eguavoen to continue with his boys. Nff doesn’t have to waste more time since Afcon23 is already around the corner and we cannot afford not to win it. A stitch in time saves 9.

  • @Monkey, where did CSN state that Waldum said he is impressed? What the title infer is, Waldum is satisfied with the performance of his depleted side and is happy for the exposure they have garner in the match against Canada.

  • Against three teams ranked above Nigeria in Fifa rankings, the Super Falcons are yet to record a single win under American Randy Waldrum.

    Nigeria have conceded seven goals against Portugal, the United States and now Canada while scoring three. There have been two losses and one draw in these games.

    It was always going to be tricky to gather a full house for this weekend’s friendly against Canada. Despite that, the players that were available should have been able to take the fight to the hosts.

    But the Canadians, who unlike Nigeria do not have a functioning domestic women’s football league, shaded Nigeria in key stats in this morning’s match. The North Americans had 60% possession compared to Nigeria’s 40%. They had 24 shots at goal compared to Nigeria’s 4. Canada were sharper, more composed with better developed attacking routines.

    Despite the sharp contrast in stats and quality, Coach Waldrum seems to suggest that, whilst acknowledging that areas of improvement exist, his girls can go toe to toe with any other team on the planet.

    “For me, the girls feel right now that they can play with anyone in the world,” said Waldrum.

    Whilst that may be true, Super Falcons fans are waiting eagerly for when the Nigerian ladies can feel they can ‘defeat’ any team in the world.

    For me, perhaps Waldrum should be brave enough to jettison the 5-3-2 formation against teams at the higher end of the Fifa rankings. Against Portugal, he was brave enough to deploy a formation that resembles 4-3-3. Although Nigeria didn’t win, we scored 3 goals and recorded the only draw to date against a higher placed Fifa rankings team under Waldrum.

    It is surely not for me to call but games against USA and Canada using the 5-3-2 formation have resulted in 2:0 losses with the Falcons looking lost at times in this set up.

    • Adisboy 2 years ago

      Deo, Canada do not have a domestic league but their players play in the US & Europe’s top teams. It seems you are underestimating this current Canadian team. Portugal is nowhere near their level. Canada & the USA are currently at the same level now. Just recently they drew with Germany & beat New Zealand 6-1. We are playing the very best in the business on current form. You cannot take the game to them as planned & not lose 7 or 8. I remember in 1999 when we took the game to the US & even scored 1st, we ended up losing 7-1.

    • Adisboy, I am not underestimating Canada or any other team for that matter. To be among the best you have to beat the beat. This same Canada was a whole 21 places ahead of us in the Fifa rankings in 2011 when head coach Ngozi Eucharia Uche guided us to a neat 1:0 victory against them at the World Cup: Canada was 6th in the Fifa rankings while Nigeria was ranked a lowly 27.

      Believe me, Coach Ngozi, even in this day will beg to differ with a lot of of your assessments as we arguably have a wider pool to currently draw players from.

      Canada’s current status is not a matter of debate. However, they draw their players from similar leagues to ours however it is undeniable fact that we have the added advantage of being able to draw from our indigenous league which explains why our under 17s and under 20s are brutalising their counterparts across the continent. Which also explains why we thrashed this same Canada 3:1 at the 2016 under 20 women’s world cup. I put it to you that if we meet them again this year in Costa Rica, the outcome will be similar.

      Who told you that we cannot take the game to them? under coach Dennerby just under 3 years ago, we took the game to this same Canada and raced to the lead before the North Americans dug deep to rally back and just managed to nick a 2:1 victory so what are you talking about?

      Six players from that squad played last night and the rest have been very much part of Waldrum’s set up in recent months.

      Do I sense inferiority complex from you? I put it to you that you are the one who is underestimating the potentials of this Super Falcons outfit.

      I think they think more of themselves than you think of them.

      • Adisboy 2 years ago

        Deo, the team we beat in 2011 were not Olympic champions. Last time we played them as you we didn’t have the logistic issues we currently have. The fact is the Canadian team currently has superior players than we do. It’s a fact. When you talk about the US league virtually all their players are first team players. The ones in Europe play for PSG, Chelsea, Lyon, Bayern etc. We only have one player starting regularly in the US & that is Ifeoma. Also please do not bring youth competitions into the argument as there is absolutely no correlation other wise an Africa team would have won the World Cup by now. We are not at Canada’s level now but we can be if we continue with this process. I saw things that encouraged me yesterday. Canada weren’t this good 4 years ago, shows we also can get there soon.

    • Adisboy, Canada are Olympics champions, not world champions. This is not meant to diminish Olympics women’s game but winning gold at the Olympics should not make them insurmountable for this current Super Falcons outfit.

      The truth of the matter is that, logistics issues or not, the players we put out yesterday are not strangers to each other. I do agree that logistics issues and absences could be cited as factors that adversely affected the team last night. But, to just conclude that, all things being equal, Nigeria cannot defeat this Canada side is false.

      I think our girls believe they can at least grind out a draw on a good day against this Canada side and I will be inclined to agree. After all, logistics or no logistics, the match was 0:0 for over 50 minutes. In fact the match spent more time being 0:0 than being 2:0.

      Even if I were to agree with you that Canada currently have superior players, then upsets happen in football. Nigeria can upset Canada.

      Also, all Super Falcons Players play in decent clubs, they should not be made to feel inferior to Canada players.

      You say we are currently not Canada’s level. Although they were not Olympics champions in 2011, we were still not their level according to the Fifa rankings at the time. Yet we won them 1:0.

      Youth football is relevant within the context of youth tournaments. In that context, we are comparable to Canada and the youth teams produce players for future national teams.

  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago


    Same way how my head is EMPTY is different from yours that is not, but filled with DEBRIS…


    So my ADVICE for you is to go to LAWMA in LAGOS to CLEAR it up for you…


    In whatever CONTEXT you want to look at it, it doesn’t not come in…

    IMBECILE! WALDRUM was busy pointing out the PLAYERS that they missed and how they can IMPROVE in some certain AREAS.. etc

    And you come up here to show me how STUPID you are


    Let me GUESS. You are either an ASS LICKER of EGUAVON…


    You work for CSN…


    No wonder you were PAINED by my COMMENT…


    You must not be far from the 3 CATEGORY I listed…


  • Omo9ja 2 years ago

    My people, football is beyond we have players. You don’t seeing what am seeing Nigerians?

    Africa still have a long way to go. We treat Oyinbo like a king in Africa.

    Let assume that the match was played in Nigeria, NFF would make sure Canada played that match under a fanterbulous weather.

    This is where experience comes in. We have no choice except the current NFF give way for ex players to bring the best for Nigeria.

    Super Falcons did their best. Blame nobody but again, NFF.

    Why NFF should be blamed? Hmmm. No1, why did NFF allow the match to be played at 11:00PM Canada time? That is abomination kę.

    The weather over there is extremely cold. North America weather is unusual. Am I lying?

    Playing a match around that time is a taboo.

    Not that am backing the coach but Canadian weather is not a joke.

    You may not see the better side of the Super Falcons on Tuesday if they play the match same time they did on Friday.

    However, Super Falcons need to attack more on Tuesday. Falcons have no excuse to beat Canada in Canada if the weather is good on Tuesday.

    Canadian team is not among the top female team in the world i think so, I want to see the strong side of the Super Falcons on Tuesday.

    I like coach Waldrum for one thing, he doesn’t rely on any player. He also tested his first choice and second goalies. I am will rule Africa soon. Let wait and see Nigerians.

    Good luck to our darling Super Falcons On Tuesday. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Adisboy 2 years ago

      Omo9ja, you are wrong ee! Canada are currently one of the top women’s teams in the world. They are no 6 on FIFA ranking & are the current Olympic champions. I don’t expect us to win on Tuesday just because of our preparations. With the logistics issues & depleted squad, it would be very hard to get a result against this Canadian team. For me the result is secondary, it is how they compete.

      • Omo9ja 2 years ago

        Oh my typos. Sorry about that.

        However, I disagree with you. Canadian team is beatable.

        Now that the match will be play earlier compared to the last Friday match, Canadian team may find it difficult to play their A game on Tuesday against Super Falcons.

        My worry is that, Falcons need to attack more on Tuesday.

        Falcons also need to create chances that will links up with our strikers from the midfield.

        Our midfielders needs to work collectively as a unit. That is the only thing Super Falcons needed to work on in that team.

        If Falcons can not beat the Canadian team then, Falcons do not deserve to be at the world cup period. God bless Nigeria!!!

        • Adisboy 2 years ago

          As i said earlier, our preparations for these matches hasn’t been good plus the squad is depleted, that’s why I’m not expecting a result. At the World Cup with full squad & proper preparation, yes they can do it.

      • Adisboy, the team is not as depleted as you think. You just don’t seem have faith in them.

        Saturday’s starting 11 was strong and the substitutes that came in are reputable.

        Now Ordega is in camp to add further fire power to our frontline.

        These players have trained and played under Waldrum severally even before this friendly so they should be conversant with his philosophy.

        You seem hell bent on cooking excuses to accommodate your lack of faith in these Falcons.

        As you have seen since yesterday, if you don’t believe they should be getting a favourable outcome against your almighty Olympics champions, there are many fans, coaches and stakeholders who will beg to differ.

  • pompei 2 years ago

    After watching the splendid performance of the Super Falcons goalies today, is anybody thinking what I’m thinking?
    If we had Nnadozie or Oluehi in goal against Ghana, we for dey Qatar by now oooo.
    Abi no be so?
    I know these 2 would have saved Partey’s shot. No doubt about that in my mind.
    Any of these 2 would have comfortably saved Partey’s shot.
    So it begs the question: Are our Super Falcons goalies better than their male counterparts?
    Imagine any of our male goalies in goal today against Canada. Can you beat your chest and say they would have performed better? Can you bet big money, or your house, that our male goalies would outperform our ladies?
    Hehehehehe, chai! This is where our football is at the moment. Our goalkeeping department specifically.
    Jokes aside, right now, Nigerians have zero confidence in the SE goalie department.
    It is up to the goalies to produce performances that will make Nigerians believe in them once again.

    • Akanlo Ede 2 years ago

      You are rite. The ghoulkeepers wa fantastik.the safes dey maid wa just amasing. Dey are Di bestest.

    • Omo9ja 2 years ago

      @Pompei, you shouldn’t be surprised with what you are seeing in the Super Falcons. The competitions among the Falcons goalies can be compared to Super Eagles goalies. Plus, Mr. Waldrum doesn’t go for less at all. He wants the best for his team and Nigeria. If Azeezat and Oparanozie are not available, Ariyo is another striker and also, Ini Abass and Sunday Easter.

      Even, the three strikers were not listed for the Canadian team. That shows we have quality players available for selections.

      However,there’s competitions in the team which is what is not happening in the Super Eagles.

      Coach Waldrum is not like our own and our former world class coach, Oga Rohr. For me, this is how you build a team. Nobody is guaranteed an automatic shirt in the team.

      If given a chance, I think coach Waldrum can mold the team together in less than two years and taken the world by storm soon. Hmmm. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Danny 2 years ago

    The title seem different, like we’re sobby mhen!

    • Danny 2 years ago

      Misprint corrected mhen…sobbing

    • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

      Different my brother…



      And CSN has been FOND of this not today…


      I remember those days in SCHOOL/ENGLISH EXAMS when they will tell us to give a STORY or ARTICLE whatever, a title according to what we have READ from the PASSAGE…


      DEBRIS HEADED PEOPLE like ALABI will definitely score F9 cos he would want to argue with the EXAMINER that HE is TITLING HIS OWN from a different CONTEXT..


      • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

        I mean what will happen if CSN give it a TITLE like



        WALDRUM:”FALCONS will IMPROVE”….etc

        Instead of this 419 CAPTION


        Make una dey take time o

        No be everybody be illiterate here o…


        Or is it because I go by the ID MONKEY POST?


        It’s actually a name of STREET FOOTBALL GAME given to me cos am KING in it(KING of MONKEY POST)

        • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

          And that is how CSN kept CAMPAIGNING against GENERAL ROAR until HE was SACKED.

          Each time they will come up with a FAKE CAPTION like:



          Despite FRIENDLY DEFEAT…

          But during “THEIR OWN” EGUAVON as COACH they were giving HIM NICE NICE CAPTION…


      • Danny 2 years ago

        @Monkey, I mean no Eguavoen in the write-up as the title construed. Twisting it means you’re sobbing mhen.

        We roll with the write-up as I can’t wait to see SF 3.am tomorrow and let’s see how Waldrum will be impressed afterwards.

        Meanwhile, Ordega is in camp. Lol.

  • Bolos Ltang 2 years ago

    Good luck Super Falcons.

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