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What’s Going On Inside The World Of NCAA

What’s Going On Inside The World Of NCAA

There is always so much going on in the world of sport at all times that it can be hard to keep up with everything. This is especially true if you are a fan of multiple sports. You probably have golf score to keep up with as well as a hectic basketball schedule that you trying to follow. With the responsibilities of everyday life, it can be truly hard to catch all the games. With March Madness here in full swing more and more basketball fans are scrambling to catch up on the latest news and see who’s going to be playing and who isn’t. Whether you are just the individual that likes to fill out the occasional bracket or you are a hardcore gambler it is more important than ever to know what’s going on in the world of the NCAA. No deposit bonus for the big games.

LSU vs Maryland

Right now the world has been glued to their TV sets as March Madness gets underway. This Saturday will mark the sound round of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament and there are quite a few exciting games going to take place. There will be eight different games played starting at noon eastern/standard time. In the East Region, number 3 LSU will be taking on number 6 Maryland. Most spectators believe that the Tigers possess the edge thanks to the size and strength. However, there is no denying that LSU could handle some more consistent guard play, so this could be an interesting matchup.

Kentucky vs Wofford

There is no denying that Kentucky has had quite the season this year, but they still have a lot to prove. In the Midwest Region the ranked number 2 Wildcats will be taking on number 7 Wofford. Many believe that Kentucky has the edge thanks to their shooting guard Tyler Herro and their go-to scorer P.J. Washington. However, fans and gamblers alike need to keep in mind that Washington might not be in the game due to the sprained foot that he recently suffered. That being said Kentucky still has Keldon Johnson who has proven more than effective at the three-point line.

Despite all these facts, there are still a number of spectators that believe that the Terriers have the three-point shooting from senior shooting guards Fletcher Magee and Nathan Hoover to bring home the win. And, this is not even to mention point guard sophomore Storm Murphy who has done more than pull his weight for the team. This in combination with the unique coaching strategies of Mike Young and the Terriers might just have what it takes to bring home the win.

Florida vs Michigan

In the West Region, it will be number 10 Florida taking on ranked number 2 Michigan. Despite the ranking, there are a number of gamblers that are willing to back Florida. Just remember that if you are going to take action on this game, you should take advantage of the no deposit bonus for Australians. Many gamblers are back the Gators due to their recent upset of Nevada in the first round. Many individuals believe that it is this confidence boost that will give the Gators the edge to bring home the win. There is no denying that the Gator’s offense could use some work, but it is their ability to stop their opponents that is their overall biggest asset.

Despite the confidence boost, there are still a number of gamblers that are willing to back Michigan. Not only have they earned the number two spot in the region rankings, but many believe that John Beilein’s squad can squash their opponents in many different ways. With their versatility, they are simply a hard team to prepare for. They can shoot, they can defend, they can get the boards, and their star wing Charles Matthews is the healthiest he’s been all season.

Florida State vs Murray State

Taking place in the West Region the ranked number 4 Florida State will take on ranked number 12 Murray State. The Seminoles might not be the flashiest team in the West Region, but they are stable. They have proven time and time again that they can’t be rattled and this could be the very attribute that could bring them home the title. Not to mention that they went 31 of 37 at the free-throw line in their first round match-up against Vermont.

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