How To Choose The Best Sunglasses For Golfers

How To Choose The Best Sunglasses For Golfers

Introducing GOLF goodr! goodr is, “recklessly committed to fun… BLAH, BLAH, BLAH sunglasses.” Yup, that’s our mission statement, check it out on goodr.com if you think we’re messing with you. Goodr believes that golfing is fun, and your gear should be too. No reason to be so stiff all of the time. In fact, you probably should save that crispy stiffness for your popped collar. It’s time to let your optics reflect your personality.

Black and tortoiseshell are great sometimes, but what about the times you want your sunglasses to match your favorite golfing sweater vest. That’s a thing. One of our top pairs of GOLF goodr sunglasses is actually called, “Sweater Vest for Your Face,” because argyle is king.

goodr sunglasses are all about no slip, no bounce, and they’re all polarized. They’ll protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays, and best of all, they won’t slide around your face while doing it. Unlike that dog you rescued from the pound, these sunglasses stay without being told to.

Golf has this weird stereotype of coming off as boring. Well F that! Golf really shouldn’t be any more boring than sleeping or well, legitimate boring things. goodr makes sure that’s the case by creating sunglasses that are ultra colorful. We go a step further by giving all of our sunglasses irreverent names and absurd origin stories (check them out on our blog the goodrTIMES).

We wanted to lean into our core value of FUN even further by changing up the golf lexicon… From now on, you shall no longer use the word, “bogey” but instead say, “flamingo.” Why? Well, when talking about strokes under or over par, the saying goes, ostrich (5 under, this is likely folklore…), albatross, eagle, birdie, par, BOGEY. BOGEY? Everything else is named after a bird, but for whatever reason the inventors of golf decided to throw “bogey” in there. Seems pretty reckless to us. For that reason, instead of “bogey” the proper term to use is “flamingo.” Our CEO, Carl the Flamingo approves. Oh and yes, of course we have a pair of golf sunglasses specifically named after this concept… multiple pairs as a matter of fact.

In the world of fashion, function isn’t always a priority. It most certainly is at goodr! Function is everything. We make sure that your sunglasses stay put, no slipping and sliding down your nose, or bouncing up and down while Uncle Joey drives the golf cart like a drunken maniac. This also means goodr’s magical creation of Flamingo Eye Technology™! Yup, there is a “T-M” after that and everything. That’s some fancy shit. Our Flamingo Eye Tech is exclusively used in our golf lenses to enhance the contrast of your world. This means spotting divots in the green, and finding your ball faster than your friends, because no matter what angle the sun is shining, we’ve got you.

We know Tiger Woods cares about how he looks while he’s chippin’ with that 9 iron, so you should too. goodr sunglasses are truly fashionable. They come in several styles, even a frame made with larger heads in mind! No matter what frame style suits the shape of your melon, be prepared to get complimented right and left, because these shades look dope AF on everyone.

Bonus: goodr sunglasses are absurdly cost effective. That membership to the ritzy club in town was expensive enough. Save some dolla billz for those 4th hole bloody marys (you know, that point in the game when you realize, “Hey! I think I’ll play better with a little booze in my bloodstream!”). All of our sunglasses are priced at either $25 or $35 dollars.

We talked about our golf exclusive Flamingo Eye Technology™ which makes the ball visually POP no matter what crazy corner of the green you knocked it into. What about polarization? Is it physically possible for a pair of sunglasses to be polarized and have this spectacular Flamingo Eye Technology™? You bet your bottom it is! Polarization is all about cutting down glare. Glare distorts the true color of objects, making them harder to see. Essentially it is the light reflecting off of something in an annoying direction. It can potentially be blinding, and certainly dangerous while driving (a car, or a golf ball). Polarized sunglasses filter out the horizontal reflected light waves with a chemical laminate pattern, a layered component of the lens. Badass.

Look, we  know that golfing is really just an excuse to walk around on well manicured and manured grass and drink with your buddies– so why not have sunglasses that properly reflect that intention. And if you are taking the scorecard seriously, goodr offers performance shades that don’t break the bank, look absolutely kickass on, and hey! If Uncle Joey happens to run them over with the golf cart, don’t feel bad because you didn’t have to sell your liver to purchase them. Now go knock it in one over par and be the flamingo golfer that you are.

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