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How To Play Fortnite Advice For Absolute Beginners

How To Play Fortnite Advice For Absolute Beginners

Fortnite is one of the most played survival games in the gamer’s community. From its first release in 2017 as Early Access to its latest release in 2018, the game modes in Fortnite are unpredictably astonishing. Newcomers flood the game to experience a new and unique dimension of action video games.

As a newcomer with no idea of how things are done in Fortnite, it’s advisable to avoid loud noises so you don’t draw attention to yourself. Also, you want to understand the game first before getting into combats.

If you’d like to speed up your prowess in the game, check Battlelog’s Fortnite hacks. On the other hand, let’s look at some advice beginners need when playing Fortnite.

How to Play Fortnite with Zero Experience 

Check out these tips for absolute beginners.

  • Don’t Make Loud Noises

Since you’re a beginner in Fortnite, staying quiet in the game is advisable. Making loud noises as you play will draw attention to you (including from enemy players and zombies). The more quietly you play, the more chances you can have to explore the map.

By riding motorcycles, driving cars, or destroying objectives, you’re making yourself prey for your opponents. Apart from knowing your position by following the sound, the opponents in Fortnite are prone to attack you.

Since you’re not familiar with the game, let alone your weapons and aiming skills, you can’t fight well. So, avoid the noise and embrace the quiet with patience.

  • Run Zigzag if You Ever Need to Run

Sometimes you may not be safe hiding behind covers. You need to run from the area to another cover or to catch up with the circle. No matter what the cause of your relocation is, do not run straight. Technically, it’s harder to aim at a moving body, especially in no direction.

But running in a straight line makes it easy for an enemy sniper to take you out. But by running zigzag, locking their target on you becomes difficult.

  • Don’t be Afraid of Death

Thanks to being an absolute beginner, you’ll undoubtedly die more than once in Fortnite. You shouldn’t worry or be afraid of your death in the game. Though it can be frustrating, you can learn from your mistakes each time you die in Fortnite.

For instance, if you have exposed yourself in a gunfight, enemy players will kill you off easily. The next time you play, you will avoid repeating such mistakes by taking cover behind objects during gunfights.

  • Equip With Two Types of Guns

Since you can’t predict how close or far an enemy player may be from you, it’s advisable to have two guns. One should be a short-range rifle and the other a long-range rifle. With these, you can easily swap your weapons and take out enemies according to their distances.

You want to avoid firing at an enemy or zombie about 35m away from you with a shotgun. You could, luckily, get a kill. But playing Fortnite by chance is not ideal. You should use a Sniper Rifle for long shots.

An alternative weapon to have in your weaponry set is the Burst Rifle. You can also equip a Rocket Launcher for high explosives.

  • Wait For at Least 4 Seconds Before Dropping

The horn of the Battle Bus honks to signify the end of the flight. At this point, a horde of players will leap from the bus as soon as possible. It’s advisable to wait for at least 4 seconds after the honk before leaping. By doing so, you will not have any players to drag landing spots.

While you’re gliding downwards, aim towards any structure or nearby building. You’ll be lucky to find a lot of chests to check. If you land on the rooftop, just break in using your pickaxe. The faster you get in, the more chest you can loot before facing challengers.


Playing Fortnite video matches has never been easy. However, with tips and advice, the game becomes simpler. Don’t jump from the battle bus with the crowd if you want to play Fortnite and win like a pro.

Also, it’s advisable to equip yourself with a shotgun and a sniper rifle. They will work together for short-range and long-range shots. In addition to learning how to play Fortnite, be as quiet as possible on the map. You don’t want to draw unnecessary attention to yourself.

More importantly, if you want to be perfect, don’t fear death but learn from your mistakes.

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