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Huesca Terminate Nwakali’s Contract

Huesca Terminate Nwakali’s Contract

Spanish second division club Huesca have terminated the contract of Super Eagles midfielder Kelechi Nwakali, Completesports.com reports.

Huesca confirmed Nwakali’s contract termination in a statement released on their official website on Tuesday.

“The Huesca Sports Society has terminated the contractual relationship that the first-team footballer Kelechi Nwakali maintained with the Barça entity until now,” the club wrote.

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“The club has communicated to the player the decision to terminate the contract that he joined both in this campaign and expired in June 2022.

“SD Huesca wishes Nwakali the best in his professional future.”

It would be recalled that Huesca and Nwakali were at logger heads, after the player reported late to the club from this year’s AFCON in Cameroon.

Following his late arrival Huesca opened up disciplinary proceedings against the 23-year-old, which saw the Spanish Players’ Union accusing the lower division club of committing procedural breaches in the handling of the case.

Nwakali claimed he missed Nigeria’s second round clash against Tunisia at the AFCON due to illness and also stated that the doctor who treated him advised him not to fly and to keep testing until his symptoms cleared.

The players’ union claimed the player notified Huesca about the development.

By James Agberebi 

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  • JimmyBall 2 years ago

    Mr.Footballfanatic… Have you ever lived abroad? Did you read this writeup at all? Why can’t Nigerians start seeing what’s in front of them for once? That club has been trying to get him to sign extension and he refused… If he was sick, he was sick… Why did the players’ union come to his aid? Nwakali is leaving Huesca in June for free and the club cant do anything about it. Have you ever thought they could be trying to victimize the player since they won’t reap from his contract natural expiry?

    • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

      Yes I live outside the shores of Nigeria but you left out the part where he did not return on time after the afcon when it was known that we were kicked out in the second round. Dude showed up to his club when teams were already in the semi final with no significant explanation other than he was sick with no paper work. I know you are an avid supporter of this dude but let’s call a spade a spade he needs to tighten up. How many clubs has he played for in his young career and none seems to be willing to retain him after the loan spell….Dude needs to work harder and work on his discipline too. He is not yet the top player he thinks he is.

    • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

      And you can’t blame everything on being victimized cuz you are black or blame everything on racism which seems to be the case with you on alot of issues.

      • JimmyBall 2 years ago

        So we should assume you know better than the players union that listened to his case? Well… I am not supporting I discipline but the story is what it is! Maybe you forgot they tried to sell him forcefully to another segunda Liga team that did not work…

        • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

          Yes they tried to sell him forcefully….Was he productive? what was his stats? and don’t tell me the number of appearances is something to behold lol as an attacking midfielder….What was his assist and his goal contribution or you think a club would forcefully sell a key player? except if the financial return will be huge and in his case I doubt that.

          • JimmyBall 2 years ago

            Oga… @footballfanatic…They were trying to sell him at all cost in January because that was the last window that Huesca stood to gain any monetary windfall from the player.

            Huesca having missed that window means the player will leave as a free agent in June. That was the reason the club try to sell him to that team.

            Mind you, forgetting all these stats you are talking about. He was a constant feature and first team player for Huesca. If you no get cable to watch match, we will understand. Kelechi does not play as an attacking midfielder for Huesca, he plays at the base of midfield in a double pivot, sometimes as a CM… his duties never excused him to go goal-hunting for Huesca.

            I followed all his game brother.

        • Oga Jimmy keep quiet and stop saying nonsense. What is so special about this Nwakali, a player that lacks discipline. Keep supporting nonsense.
          CSN too were being economical with the truth, do they include it in the write up the main reason he was sacked? According to the club, he went on live IG video, calling the club and authorities all sort of names, and threatening them that he will make them pay for missing Arsenal huge deal. Such is his height of his irresponsibility, despite the fact he was 10 days late to report to club duty after AFCON. one nonsense Jimmy is here supporting rubbish.
          Anyway, am not surprised, nothing good has ever comes out of your brain, everything is racism.
          Always looking for everything to blame except himself. When we told your Nwakali is below average and unproductive, you start screaming like someone that miss heaven, now you can see. What was his contribution in AFCON? Zero, he should better go and learn to be displined, respectful and drop his ego, unless, his professional career will go than the drain

  • Rommie 2 years ago

    True, the guy is not yet the Top player he think he is. Although no of us know the full detailed of what transpired, but I personally think he is a good player, he just needs to lower his pride and work on his attitude.

    • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

      Exactly what I am saying. The talent is there but bad advice from the brother/manager and his big shoulder too. After the u17 I thought he was the solution to our midfield problems in the nearest future. I believed in him more than chukwueze and Osimhen who are way ahead of him now in world football.

  • Rommie 2 years ago

    True, the guy is not yet the Top player he think he is. Although non of us know the full details of what transpired between him and his club, but I personally think he is a good player who needs to just lower his pride and work on his attitude.

  • JimmyBall 2 years ago

    This is a case of club versus player… He refused to sign extension and will walk in the summer… the club looks for a loophole to punish him. That’s what it is… Why terminate a player contract two months to expiry. By this he will add on a tag of indiscipline before interested clubs. That’s what the club wants… Kelechi won’t stall and refuse signing if he is not sure of offers elsewhere in the summer. That’s what I feel is the situation…

    • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

      Truth be told why did the other second division club send him back to Huesca? dude been wandering back and forth btw 2 division 2 clubs being loaned back and forth and then terminated….Do not let your favoritism cloud your judgement or help in a positive trajectory for the young man’s career.

      • Footballfanatic 2 years ago

        I meant to say truthfulness and honesty about things he needs to work on would put his career on a positive trajectory. But Jimmy you are not helping him by making excuses of being victimized. Of course players will stand with each other regardless.

        • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

          I guess he was “victimized” at FC Porto B too where he was booted out for absenteeism.

          It must have been is black skin too the made Arsenal to cancel his contract and fling him away to Huesca on a free

          3 seasons, 0 goals, 0 assist Central/Attacking midfield player (when not a goalkeeper….LMAOOoo) is the player a club will be desperate to sign a contract extension with, to the point of engaging him in a roforofo fight….??

          Nwakali is better than all SE midfielders including Mikel….LMAOOoo. Na dem kill the poor boy career with their lies.

          Your attitude determines your Altitude…..!!!

          • MONKEY POST 2 years ago


            LEGENDARY DR DREY dont mind that one that has stayed OVERSEAS more than everyone

            Let him keep defending MEDIOCRES…


          • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

            Hahahaha…..The day breaks differently overseas….that is why it is something to brag about for the educated illiterate.

            As our people say, If a man requests to be worshipped for owning a loaf of bread, what should we expect from the owner of the bakery….LMAOoo?

          • MONKEY POST 2 years ago


            I TELL you my brother…

            What should we EXPECT from the OWNER of the BAKERY…


        • JimmyBall 2 years ago

          No… Players union is all of Spain. They couldn’t have sided with Nwakali if they did not think his side of the tale was logical… Make we use our head. Arbitration issues are serious and the Players Union could not just have sided with him for nothing.

          • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

            If only you used your own head and not your emotions, and at least had the most basic experience in management, you would have deduced that the players union’s argument has never been against the merit of the disciplinary action against your toyboy, but on the procedures (technicality/paperwork).

            Your boy was caught red blue and black handed telling white lies as if he was playing for a street club in Orlu…..LMAOoo. He claimed he was undergoing treatment in Nigeria as his reason for his absenteeism but they took him to the hospital and subjected him to series of tests for days and didnt see any trace of the nameless illness he claimed to have nor any trace of any medication he claimed to have taken.

            Players who are truly professional and take their careers seriously fly straightback to their clubs if they fall ill on national assignment, but your lying son was still listed for the game against Tunisia at AFCON, despite claiming he fell sick since the group stages and went ahead to fly 2 hours back to Nigeria with the same illness that wouldnt allow him fly 5 hours to Spain…..LMAoooo

            You cant cheat science I guess….LMAOoo.

            Look for another excuse for your boy.

      • JimmyBall 2 years ago

        Someone went on loan and went back to his parent club after the loan spell. Is it all times clubs buy players after loan? An article was written that was clear to understand but you are however, chosing to draw your own biases…

        • Edoman 2 years ago

          was he not the boy who was sacked with ignominy by a Club in Sweden before? He is sick mentally and not a discipline boy to his profession to the highest degree. He once refused to return to his Club after Christmas from Lagos. He loves ashewoo in Lagos than playing in the harsh Winter in Europe.

          • JimmyBall 2 years ago

            @Edoman… I don’t think Kelechi Nwakali ever played in Sweden. Maybe you are talking about his ghost… hahahaha. Well… His contract expires in June anyways. He just need to keep fit anyhow and I am sure he has a new destination already, that’s why he refused signing Huesca contract extension.

            Let’s free the youngman please. It won’t be us who love his career more than him. Huesca could have asked Super Eagles doctors who first diagnosed he was sick, hence his missing the game versus Tunisia in AFCON… Person no go dey alive before him be footballer? People read article. Players union said Huesca was wronged… he notified his club early. Case close… Some people have brought out the frustration of Nigeria’s non-qualification for World Cup on Nwakali.

            I mentioned living abroad because a whiteman smiling in your face does not mean he likes you. Atleast some of know how it is… If it is perceived they can’t benefit anything from you… believe me no one will tolerate you.

            It’s all game from the club, mess the player up because he won’t commit to a new contract. Three years in Huesca no major discipline issue from Nwakali until he refuse to sign contract extension. Anyone is free to believe what they want. I will take the article for what it is… Kelechi is a free agent and June is here.

            Last year it was Ememnauel Dennis because of frustration of outrageous buyout clause being slammed on him until Watford almost acquired him for free… Onuachu suffered same too, only in his case, Genk has to find a way to placate him.

          • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

            EDOMAN no be lie.. LMFAO!

            That guy like LAGOS ASHAWO to the extent of EXPORTING them to SPAIN just to CHILL with them.

            He doesn’t deal with the FOREIGN ASHAWOS


            You can imagine the is what we call ASHAWO RACISM…


  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

    The way people talk about living ABROAD as if it is one kind BIG DEAL…


    It’s really getting CHILDISH mehn….

  • Akanlo Ede 2 years ago

    Nwakly shuld take his karia ciriosly. He has bin puor of late.

  • The player’s Union says Kelechi notified Huesca. Ofcourse, Huesca will say that is not correct.

    Many times,we don’t know the full story in these things, until we ask Kelechi or his agent.
    He’s such a fantastic talent and I don’t have enough evidence(this write-up inclusive),when he was at Arsenal or anywhere, to doubt his dedication to hardwork. That he looks fresh doesn’t mean he is lazy or something.

    I hope he finds a club that believes in him. I look at even the current Arsenal side, a Kekechi can easily play there if they would just believe in him.

    • Lord AMO 2 years ago

      You’re correct that we dont know the intricate details.  However what we do know is that this isnt the first time this sort of incident has popped up relating to this player.  They say a good predictor of future behavior is past behavior.  As much as I want to side with our boy, he’s made it difficult due to his behavior until now.

      Lets call a spade a spade

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    Okponu…..LMAooo….long-mouthed pig. Do you know anything else other than to lick your master’s feet…??? Why not help the boy carry his case to FIFA and lets see if it would not be thrown out for lack of merit…..LMAOOoo.

    I guess he was victimized in Porto too when his loan deal was terminated midway and at Arsenal when his contract was cancelled with 3 years (or thereabout) left.

    These are the bunch of worthless human beings who have killed the poor boy’s career with lies, false-hypes and terrible pieces of advice. He should go to FIFA na….LMAOoo. He should even go to ICJ in Den Haag for being a white liar to his club….LMAOooo

    Shameless bunch of people.

    Attitude determines Altitude. Tell him to continue parading his 2015 u17 MVP award up and down like a business card in 2nd divisions when his mates are already rubbing angles with the biggest teams and players at the highest level in Europe.

    • JimmyBall 2 years ago

      @Dr.Drey… Shame no the catch you? So to you Kelechi Nwakali career is already dead?

      It’s now Nwakali will come to Super Eagles rescue since you all are now convinced Joseph Aribo was a trick on us… hahaha.

      GAS finish for Aribo nyash against Ghana. When Taribo talk day the guy no reach for Nigeria midfield and Africa game, na so men burst Taribo with insult.

      African football no be softball wey whities the play for Europe with room to allow a player express themselves.

      • Akanlo Ede 2 years ago

        Jo Arebo is veri gud. Let os bi gided in out ottiranses.

        • JimmyBall 2 years ago

          …Aribo wey Thomas Partey pocket to the point he went to his club and still have not been able to shakeoff the obliteration suffered at the hands of Partey. Make we hear word… The guy is no midfielder.

  • Tristan 2 years ago

    Nwakali should look at playing in Turkey for a Turkish Super league side. He can also look at the Scottish and Scandinavian leagues or even an English division 2 side if he doesn’t mind the cold.

    His record is awful, and added with the implied disciplinary issues – whether true or not, would be off putting to many sides.

    • Akanlo Ede 2 years ago

      You are rite. Nwakaly is not cerios at all. Some of his kolleges are doin beta like Osimen. He shuld kome bak to Nigeria and play four Lobby Stars of Makodi.

  • Ajaxco 2 years ago

    Typical Nigerian player, he’s already earning £100000 in a year, change that to Naira, he taught he has achieved it all.
    That’s the Mentality of Nigerian players compare to the francophone.
    Everyone loves Kante, but no Nigerian player can go low to play for their team mate like Kante does.

  • JimmyBall 2 years ago

    …wait to hear two sides of a story before you stick to what you like to believe.

    …@Dr.Drey, please while you read the above, kindly share with this forum links and evidential proof, as in your source and news outlet where it says Nwakali was taken to Huesca doctors to check his illness and was seeing nothing was diagnosed, was bursted that he was never sick in the first place as claimed and only lied. Share your source of that news with us!

  • JimmyBall 2 years ago

    It is very nasty to believe our own biases about a story before we listen to two sides of that very tale…

    …the link above is Nwakali’s response to the fallout of his issues with SD Huesca leading to termination of his contract.

    Can we now wait atimes to hear both sides of a tale before we go into immature bouts of gossip frenzy?

    @Dr.Drey… Kindly share your news source where you read that SD Huesa doctors conducted comprehensive health checks on Nwakali and he was bursted and found to have been lying that he was sick? The forum awaits your news source…

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