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Hungarian Vizsla Inu Is Going To Launch VizslaSwap – A Decentralized Exchange

Hungarian Vizsla Inu Is Going To Launch VizslaSwap – A Decentralized Exchange

Hungary is a small country in the heart of Europe whose residents are serious about innovation. Have you heard about vitamin C, the Rubik’s Cube, or the ball pen? Well, all of them were invented by Hungarians, so as the Hungarian Vizsla Inu (HVI) token and its vibrant ecosystem around it. And soon HVI is launching VizslaSwap, the decentralized exchange (DEX) of the HVI ecosystem where you can swap, stake or even mine tokens.

About HVI

A passionate team of blockchain developers, business strategists and marketing practitioners came up with the idea last year to bring cryptocurrencies closer to people who have never experienced it in a fun but meaningful way. That’s how HVI came to life and soon became the Nr. 1 BEP-20 token from its home country (market cap. Of BET-20 tokens from Hungary)

The HVI Ecosystem already has 2 strong pillars: the world’s first “Adoption NFT” marketplace, where you can virtually adopt real animals. And the Partner Token System where new token launches -with the support of the HVI team- generates demand for the core token (HVI) with every transaction.

Vizsla Inu

VizslaSwap – the decentralized exchange of the HVI ecosystem

Soon VizslaSwap will arrive – the decentralized exchange of the HVI ecosystem. We can call it decentralized as it will provide direct peer-to-peer transactions without an intermediary, so that people won’t have to transfer their tokens to centralized exchanges, but they will have the ownership of their own tokens throughout the process. The foundations of the secure transactions on the platform were laid by Hungarian and international team of developers and is based on PancakeSwap, the world’s 3rd largest decentralized exchange.

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“We see that, transacting without an intermediary provides safety for the users. On centralized exchanges you give your tokens to the exchange, that might result you lose access to it (as the popular saying goes: not your keys not your coins), while at VizslaSwap, your crypto will remain yours even if you stake it. It’s like being your own bank; a concept that I believe starts to gain traction among conscious crypto investors” said Fábian Sándor, one of the founders of Hungarian Vizsla Inu

Vizsla Inu

VizslaSwap is the next important milestone for the HVI community that is intended to bring closer the Vizsla token closer to its ambitious goal of becoming a significant global altcoin.

Mining crypto without mining rigs

On VizslaSwap you can not only trade tokens but also mine crypto, although not in the classic way. Instead of using high end GPUs, the “work” is done by the crypto tokens through liquidity mining which is already a time-tested solution used by many DEXs. Liquidity mining means that you mine crypto by providing liquidity. The word “mining” is quite relevant here as you can gain block rewards in the original token or in others.

“It works almost the same way as mining crypto, but in this case, there is no need for physical mining rigs. The tokens replace the GPUs in a way that the number of tokens you put into the pools are like the number of rigs you mine with. And you receive block rewards for the liquidity you provide, that are automatically transferred to your account” says the HVI topic expert

Vizsla Inu

On VizslaSwap there will be other forms of rewards too. Staking pools will be available where you can stake tokens (like HVI) for rewards in the original cryptocurrency or other cryptos depending on the pool.

The team has also developed a “Bounty Hunt” function, where you can “hunt” for accumulating yields from transaction fees by claiming them for yourself. It can be seen as an exciting game, as the more you wait to claim the reward, the more reward can accumulate, but it can also happen that someone takes the reward in front of your eyes. Based on the HVI team’s decryption, this function serves to drive the number of daily visitors.

And farming function will also be available on the exchange, for HVI or partner tokens like Neckermann, CryptoChip or BabyVizsla.

Based on all these developments we can clearly see that the dev team is serious about the project and we wish all the best for them on this journey.

For more information, visit:

Web: https://vizslainu.com/

Telegram: https://t.me/hungarianvizslainucoin

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vizslainu/

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