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I Have No Hand In Finidi’s Appointment — Pinnick

I Have No Hand In Finidi’s Appointment — Pinnick

Erstwhile president of the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF), Amaju Pinnick has declared he didn’t influence Finidi George’s appointment as new Super Eagles head coach.

Pinnick last month endorsed Finidi for the position.

The Enyimba technical adviser was eventually picked as Jose Peseiro’s successor by the NFF on Monday.

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There are insinuation Pinnick played a key role in the former winger’s appointment following his endorsement.

The FIFA council member has now come out to denounce the allegation.

“The president (Ibrahim Gusau) is very capable, always working round the clock,” Pinnick told Lagos Talks FM.

“What I observed is that Nigerians don’t like to see peace in Nigerian football, they don’t like synergy. If I have a good synergy with my successor, I don’t think there’s any reason to say that I’m the one that chose Finidi George. Why should I be? Gusau was a key member in (Aminu) Maigari’s regime. Then in my own regime, he was very cardinal. He understands the dynamics, the theatrics, the politics, the game. And he’s an accountant, very prudent, so people should not just say things.”

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  • Douglas Antieo 1 month ago

    It’s because some online noisemakers are made to be bittered because their poorly rated candidate wasn’t even shortlisted or qualified to be the national team coach. My advise is for Ôsé Amaju to keep ignoring the social media miscreants as what is important right now is team up with the new coach mostly that he has only few weeks to prepare the boys for the all-important qualifiers next month..

    • Chima E Samuels 1 month ago

      Yes not all diasporas are mediocres not to see it boldly written like you local brainwashed political puppets no insults but how best I can describe your kinds, that Pinnick predicted this weeks ago even after Nigeria won $7m from Caf that Finidi was his choice and how he skilfully spilled hatred towards Amuneke whom they can not manipulate or influence players upon. Oh yes Finidi is this Finidi is that because he is very quiet and might be an easy tool to push players on. Business as usual let’s see how it pans out I just hope Lookman and co will not start giving excuses to opt out of international matches because there are people who love them like myself.

      I put it forward to you that after Afcon would you have picked Finidi as your coach even after having much resources and decent afcon placing to attract better coaches? After going ahead to make ghost lists including their enemy Amuneke when they know how they want to spend that money just to delay us and end up with their puppet the least candidate whom they can pay peanuts to always do as they say. Why did they not just pick Finidi immediately Peseiro his boss resigned as the coach instead of deceiving millions of Nigerians??? But go around deceiving us with Ghost list that even included their enemy Amuneke!!!

      • Douglas Antieo 1 month ago

        You don’t have to be hysterical as I only advised the top Fifa executive to reserve his energy instead responding to some social misfits. Meanwhile, we have two important matches next month and that’s my major concern.

        • Chima E Samuels 1 month ago

          Here goes a clown Pinnick that you don’t even know. Indeed it will be a waste of energy to delve into contention with an ignorant online messenger. We have a final Judge and on that “Great Day” the deceivers and their masters Satan will eat the fruit of their hands. They can deceive men but not God because they will be held accountable for talents who in the name of corruption never used their God given soccer talent to make a life but wallow in the streets on Nigeria as Yahoo boys or other criminal activities. I repeat again I will not go further with a servant of corruption Doggie or whatever.

          • Douglas Antieo 1 month ago

            Ha ha ha? What a broken record. Like I’m in a circus,lol.

          • Boboye 1 month ago

            Mr you no get shame at all, must you come here and be seeking attention. Pinnick is roaming around Nigeria and not even Efcc get case against am, so why the noise, if you have any evidence he is corrupt, i bet you FIFA will gladly take up the case before EFCC. So leave the hatred and stop cooking up nonsense in your head.

      • Doffi Atoshi 1 month ago

        Straight Talk My Brother.

      • Moses 1 month ago

        Douglas is on point and indeed reasonably so. Little wonder your likes, if any are classified as noise makers. The man said we should concentrate on the qualifications, so, did you think those who couldn’t meet the NFF requirements are more important than the Nigerian ardent football loving fans?

    • Jeffery 1 month ago

      Yes I, he doesn’t owe anyone any explanation. They can rot in hell for all I care.Can’t fathom the hatred and jealousy that has eaten so deep in Nigerians. Imagine someone saying EFCC should have picked him up. If you have anything against him why not go to the media houses or better still make a petition against him.

      • Chima E Samuels 1 month ago

        I think you were absent when he played sick like Dino when he was being investigated previously. The rest is history in a corrupt society where stealing thrives. I ask again what’s making them unable to pay good coaches like other African teams even after receiving funds from fifa and Caf year in and out???? The time factor has blinded you so I’m not surprised why you’re not seeing the games they played with Nigerians.

        • Jeffery 1 month ago

          If truly their was wide spread of corruption, obviously the government would have been on their tail by now. Until the NFF open its book for all to see, then i can’t be assuming the siphoning money. Am not privy to their yearly budget , sponsorship deals etc. Until then they are still a

        • Jeffery 1 month ago

          Please send us link of where he was forming sick, was the case not dropped by the government. Are you now insinuating every Nigerian is corrupt. Please try and get busy instead of coming here peddling lies or cooked up story in your brain like they said.

  • Chima E Samuels 1 month ago

    You have no hands indeed who’s handwriting is written most especially after your interview with Arise Tv on YouTube? I will not use insults to start with you today because it’s not even worth one’s salvation. In a reasonable country EFCC would have picked you up after every signs of your manipulation in the office that you no longer hold. You replaced yourself with Gusua just like Bello did in Kogi to hide malpractices. An NFF that has millions in account is claiming broke everyday and waiting for people to come and pay bills for them. What is going on in Nigeria?

    You also claim to be a fifa executive committee but yet Nigerian teams are treated like trash by match officials on the international stage. Oga your ambitions are self driven and not a national benefit. You need to be censored by the EFCC just like Bello is haunted for his past misappropriations.

  • Abbey 1 month ago

    Na lie! You influenced Finidi’s appointment.

  • KangA 1 month ago

    We know the truth, Oga Pinnick, no need to defend yourself. When you dip one finger into a pot of oil, it spreads to the others, even if you deny. Are your hands clean?

    You’ve given us Finidi. Can he match Hugo Broos skill for skill and get us the WC ticket?

  • Martin 1 month ago

    I have the believe that finidi will do well and the boys will play well so that we can qualify for the world cup,south africa should watch out for the best of the super eagles up naija!!!!!!!!!!

    • Onwajunior 1 month ago

      Keep this same energy next month

    • I was wondering what with these fake Nigerians typing shit.

      I’m impressed with your belief system. Super Eagles all the way since only idiots castigate themselves, here, the S. E. is our own.

  • Nigerians are the problem of Nigeria.foreing coach was not good,now local coach they still complain.am happy for Finidi l. Wish. nff will give him more time and support let’s we the fans support him he is a good coach he has done well with Enyimba stop making noise for foreign coaches.@Chima E Samuel lookman is not bigger than Nigeria we have many players in his position advise lookman to respect Finidi the way they respect their coaches in Europe.

    • Ipetu Madu 1 month ago

      @Stan M in M, you are so right. Ademola Lookman is poor. Tosin Kehinde is far better than Lookman.

      • Don’t mind all those who feels Lookman is a top striker, he is just a kid that hasn’t grown, their are many who are far better than him, God knows who is godfather is in the NFF.

  • JOHNSON AJAYI 1 month ago

    If Nigeria qualify for the 2026 World Cup, it will be a miracle. A good team doesn’t draw two matches and expect to win the next two matches in order to qualify. The pressure is just too much to win Bafana Bafana.

    If we win against South Africa, then hurrah to the world cup. I am praying and holding hands for God to do his miracle.

  • Bestsports 1 month ago

    Na God with fire and thunder go kill and destroy that very dumb and dubious pinnick! Amaju p must think all Nigerians are dump abi, he made video interviews and dubiously endorsed finidi,! He put puppet Nff Jamboree president in power* he influenced Nff members and technical incompetence committee! And some politicians and power brokers! Puppet Nff Jamboree president gasua is as useless like pinnick! What are finidi coaching qualifications? Does he have a uefa pro??? No! Does amuneke have the highest uefa pro? Yes! Egbo, oliseh, Benedict akwengbu, Micheal nsien and all now possess uefa pro then how was finidi selected with certificate? How is he qualified? Nff Jamboree president gasua and puppet finidi are all this dumb and dubious amaju pinnick creation! Nothing against finidi but Nigerias deserves the best in the country!!!

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