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‘I Was Offered Osimhen’s Number 9 Shirt’ – Ighalo

‘I Was Offered Osimhen’s Number 9 Shirt’ – Ighalo

Super Eagles Striker Odion Ighalo has disclosed that he was offered Victor Osimhen’s number 9 shirt by a top NFF official when he was making his second return to the team.

Ighalo made this startling revelation in an interview with ESPN, where he stated that he declined the jersey number and requested for any number available.

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The former Man United striker made a comeback to the Super Eagles since 2019 in the team’s 1-1 draw against Cape Verde in the final Group match of the 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifiers at the Teslim Balogun Stadium, Lagos.

He said, “A top NFF official told me I could have the number nine jersey back, and I told him no.

“I had left it. Osimhen is using it now and coming back, I’m going to play with any jersey number.”

“I told them to give me any jersey available. I can play with my bare skin for Nigeria, I’m a patriotic Nigerian. If it means me playing without a shirt in this team, I’m going to play. It’s not the shirt that score the goals.”

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  • Derrick 1 year ago

    Rohr no be the problem we have, Nff and their corruption will lead to a revolt one day

  • Only god can save this country if these NFF officials can not differentiate who our star players and the players we need to keep happy in SE then it is unfortunate. How can it be that Top NFF officials can make such blunders what on earth is going on in Nigeria?? for gods sake. What if Osimhen took offence to that. Nigeria is backward men and it seems we are all quite happy to stay there. Kudos!! for Ighalo for using his brain as aside everything else he clearly supports Super Eagles. and knows what sort of repercussion such an act may have caused. Can you people not see that NFF is run by brain dead individuals. They can not even differentiate who our Valuable assests are quite SAD!!

    • What is this sentiments again over Jersey number. Una don start with abuses and calling people names. Did he mention anyone’s name, why is it Pinnick, what did he do to you Ugo Iwunze for human sake?

      • He is interefrerring with our football and he has ZERO!!!! knowledge of footballing matters, He makes the wrong calls day in day out.

        What did he do to me?
        1. He imposess and continues to Impose Musa as the captain of this squad.
        2. He foolishly demanded Ighalo’s Return at the detriment to inform awoniyi and Dennis which almost cost us our World Cup ticket.
        3. It took him 1 year to listen to calls to attend to the Teslim Balogun pitch.
        4. He is living in Lavish Mansions all over the world yet claiming NFF doesn’t have money to emply a worth while coach of international standard.
        5. He is stubbornly hoding on to his ways even though it is increasingly clear he is about to derail a 2022 that is ment to be ground breaking.
        6. Why are we using Super Eagles to showcase finished players that never really reached the heights their potentials suggested in their youth, When we have Players with showing more potentials than them but are being overlooked.
        7. He made the call to bring Ighalo back when clearly VM was what we needed.

        Is this enough!!!!. Pinnick is proving to be a liabilty to Nigeria Football that is what he has done to me.

        • Why is he giving the pep talks and when he does Musa is by his side and his stupid hand is almost suffocating Musa. He is completeley imposing his stupid ways on SE. He is the President of NFF not Coach of Super Eagles I think he clearly has his job description twisted in his demented brain and his demeanour and imposing ways will derail this team if he is not stop in his tracks ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!. Pinnick is the main reason for the shambles taking place at present in SE. He is making wrong calls that will stop SE’s progress dead in its tracks if time is not taking.

          • Look Ugo Iwunze, from your words I don’t think you know the political situation in the country. Let me first address the issue of Ahmed Musa or Shehu’s inclusion in Super Eagles team. Those 2 inclusions are to please the Northerners in Nigeria because there was a time, NFF was called about the exclusion of players from the Northern region, that is an issue that must be dealt with caution. It is not smart to fight the exclusion at this time because of politics.

            You talk about him interfering with the team. He is giving pep talks and allowing the coach to make his decisions. Have you heard of the Coaching team complain of how bad his management practices Are???
            No other NFF President has been this supportive of the Coaching crew. Never in our history.

            The issue of Teslim Balogun, after the construction of the nest of champions in Akwa Ibom, a lot of people said we should be playing our matches there. Plus Teslim Balogun stadium us owned by Lagos State and not a federal stadium.

            With regards to his lifestyle, if you have ever worked in Nigeria or was lucky to get into the oil and gas through the maritime industry, you will know that that is a very lucrative industry. He does contracts with Shippers and supplies them to oil and gas companies. Each contractor is paid in $$$.
            What are houses to that kind of person.

            He has also mentioned that the total budget he receives for all 13 national teams is 900m naira for a year. 200m naira is used for just 1 match with Super Eagles. What more are you asking for?

            With regards to Ighalo being back into the Super Eagles fold, that is a request from Rohr himself. Even Rohr mentioned It, but you no gree hear word.

            You do not know half of what Amaju goes through running NFF, you are just a hater.

            When he leaves the position, I pray through the elections, you get to see the other elements play out at NFF.

          • SO basically he sits there and has a title but no real work needs to be done just nod of head to Buhari. I know this but that is what we are doing bro then you attack me. We are making our voices heared because unfortunatley most Nigerians have your mentality just sit back take our paychecks and keep quite while our country is run to the ground. Abi sound about right?. Sorry bro not me I am one who makes his voice heard. and not just on CSN EVERY GOD DEM WHERE!!!. YOU WILL THANK ME LATER. Mind you Rohr has included Victor Moses , Dennis, Awoniyi and Lookman in his provisional 40 man list. you think if all Nigerians were like you he would heed the call? Good questions wrap your head around it and learn to appreciate people like me. Good day bro

          • Greenturf 1 year ago

            Ugo Iwunze,you think Rohr included those names in his 40 man roster because of you and your team of critics?I don’t think so brother,if actually he did it was because they have been on his scouting lists only waiting for qualifications to be secured to blood them in.

          • @Greenturf it was never a case of us being critical however it was us just being logical. I mean if you own a Ferarri and have been invited to a Ferarri race why will you try and compete with your 504 does that make sense?. No! besides the players profiles were always going to out grow NFF dubious decisions like I said it will only continue to rise God willing and the weak ones will have No choice but to Step aside.

        • KangA 1 year ago

          You forgot that he takes SE matches to millet farm pitches that give the advantage to our opponents? He ignores better pitches.

          • @KangA exactly Bros. He treats SE like his personal Team forgetting he was installed there by 200 million Nigerians to run this squad with our combined best interest at heart before his own foolish desires. what Pinnick is doing Bro people have eventually gone into hiding for much less.

        • The doesn’t whatever he wants and nobody questions him. Our ex-players who are supposed to challenge him have been silent, because they know that he has the yam and the knife and can cut for anybody he so wishes.
          With this your submission, it is obvious you now agree with the argument that Rohr may not be the problem, after all. If Pinnick can boss Rohr around, bet me, he will do a lot more than that with an indigenous coach

      • Chinenye 1 year ago

        @Ben you really have comprehension challenge

  • it must have been Pinnick it can only be that wretched fool!!!!!!

  • MONKEY POST 1 year ago

    This Ugo Iwunze you lack home training man.. didn’t your mama teach you to have regards for elders? Why the insults and abuses?? No matter how you feel bitter about a situation, can’t you air your view without all those derogatory comments??

    • @MONKEY POST the Ugo you are seeing is as a result of a man finally reaching boing point. Id don’t blame you you are new to CSN. Ask most guys I was one that gave Rohr the benefit of the doubt and I fully supported Pinnick against Chris Green as at the time i was sold on Pinnicks outlook and strategy and plan for Nigerian football. But enough is enough.

      @Monkey POST o posted here 4 months ago that I had a feeling Nigeria would meddle in footballing matters come World Cup and if that happened I would not keep fem. well bros it is happening hence my demeanour and anger.

      Like I keep saying to you, you will thank me later.



  • MONKEY POST 1 year ago

    Oga I don’t care. You are not the only oldest CSN commentator here and you are not the only SE supporter in the world. So bros behave please!

    • You must behave you are acting like a puppet and blind headless chicken even with proof that our football is derailing because of corrupt NFF officials and you are asking me to behave. maybe you should behave and start by keeping your twisted foolish blind leading the blind opinions to yourself, moreover bro I have read a lot of your write ups and it is clear that yes you support Nigeria but the last time you took a keen interest in our players was 2014 or so. You are not clued up on the modern game. Sorry bro the last point i mean this from the most modest place. Get yourself up to speed with Modern football goings on and our players then your sentiments will have much more weight a word of advice.

  • MONKEY POST 1 year ago

    What business does Musa have with the super eagles??? I have told you several times that his experience count…And come Afcon proper you will thank me… Why don’t you ask or take your frustrations to organizations, company who put out job advert what business they have calling for people with 5years, 10years, etc. Experience… Do you know how many millions of youths that would have been employed if not for that.. I am a victim too but I have come to realize that is not about I can do the job, am talented, am a youth bla bla.. but what if proplem arise and you as an inexperienced but talented child what will you do?? A problem that you need more than just talent to fix..so that is where experience comes in my brother..you can’t give a 7 years old child a car to drive. You need somebody like twice or even trice his age. So we need experience legs in the team to help the already young talents we have.. Gracias!!!

    • @Chinenye, see who is saying I have comprehension challenge. Let me ask you this. How will Super Eagles players challenge Amaju when half of their words are based on sentiments. How will you and the rest of other guys on the forum speak about a person like you know the person to his house, meanwhile you don’t even know Jack shit about Amaju Pinnick.
      How will you criticize Rohr pattern of play without a single understanding of the regular or recent use of formation in Europe or in the World.
      You will say that as fans you are allowed to criticize ba? Yes, you are. But only a few people ever criticize here by being factual.
      All their critisms are sentimentally driven.

      The most painful part of this trend is the hate trend for players from certain region to be featured, as well as Coach Rohr. If anyone has any coaching experience here then Please apply for the gaffer role after he has resigned.

      Abi, Ugo Iwunze, Chinenye and Chima E Samuel, what is better than leading the Super Eagles yourselves from the front. It is only armchair criticism na sabi?

      Bunch of nonsense people.

      • Chinenye 1 year ago

        @Ben you exactly who you think I am. You and ur ekpoma likes have been celebrating grandma Ighalo’s return simple because he’s from ur state not particularly for Nigeria’s interest

        We all clamour for Awoniyi and Drs were whom are not even from our region but your blindfolded eyes have not seen that on here

        The region you and ur fellow morons have so much hatred for will always be a million times better than yours who chose to be forever northern slaves under the illusion of “one Nigeria “

        • @Chinenye, see yourself now, your comment “who do you think I am”, just shows how much ego you have. You cannot comment on CSN without showing your ugly teeth. If you have been following commentary here, you will also know that I never campaigned for the return of Ighalo, rather Victor Moses.

          By the way, my parental history is tied to Edo State, Igueben for that matter and not Ekpoma. At least,when I do not know full facts of something, I will rather keep my mouth shut rather than yaking nonsense here and there.

          • @Chinenye don’t mind @Ben he thinks we are all tribal biggots like he and Oseodion and all dem co horts. For me to be always singling out Paul Onuachu should have told him something.

          • Chinenye 1 year ago

            Don’t worry, when you and your likes goes to Edo you can begin to seperate your pathetic selves into ekpoma, Benin, Ishan, etc

  • I kuku don’t know why we can’t just be looking, she we have 28players to select, then obviously many of the youth players to will make it.

    Our problem is not even ighalo but some players that are performing below expectations and that will still make it to afcon whether we like it or not.

    Ekong, simon, colins, iwobi, balogun and musa. Let us assume if musa was part of 28players. Musa can be benched, only to coming when needs arises which I don’t see.

    But can we put all other players I mentioned earlier on the bench?

    So we should start mentioning it to the hear of rohr and NFF, beyond ighalo, some players have lost form and shouldn’t be part of se for now like what happen to kelechi in the last afcon.

  • MONKEY POST 1 year ago

    Spot on my brother yinkus. Even with so called youth or younger players like iwobi, Moses Simon even iheanacho some of them have lost form and need to be benched or dropped. So Musa or ighalo is really not the problem here..

    • Hnyia ooooooo My guy Sense dey your head atol?????????????????.. Did you read write ups here. Musa and Ighalo aside. Moses simon should be dropped, Musa should be dropped. For you to suggest Iheanacho should be dropped before Musa shows you that it is either you are clueless or really you genuinely don’t have Nigeria best interest at heart. How many goals did Musa score in qualifiers and how many did Iheanacho score And assists. Did you buy sense or where u born with it????????????????…

      Now Musa, Simon, Shehu, Ighalo and Onuachu. Must dissapear for . Victor Moses, Emma Dennis, Ademola Lookman, Taiwo Awoniyi and Calvin Bassey. Bro is this more understandable to you. ALL DEAD WIETGHTS MUST BE REMOVED FROM THE TEAM @MONKEY POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Iwobi is way more effective than Simon and Musa.. Iwobi will play if he gives you a ball and at least you have the ability to return the ball to him when he makes a run forward . Moses Simon does not have that ability and neither does Musa and ighalo, giving away possession like they are handing the other team Christmas gifts. It seems most of you watch a SE match the emotions from that match last a few minutes at most hours, then the following day you start telling yourselves the same deluded experience over quality lies and stories Pinnick and Rohr brainwashed you with. Yes if Ighalo was Drogba then okay o, if Musa gave us what Riyad Mahrez is to Algeria then okay o. But I don’t see any of them on that level Musa and Ighalo. On the flip side though Osimhen at 22 is already having a stature like Drogba. THAT IS WHAT WE MEAN @MONKEY POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! men you need your head checked.

    • @Ugo Iwunze, let me inform you here that clearly, I was the one that called for Victor Moses on this CSN Forum to be recalled, before you and China E Samuels started jumping on it. You think everything is by making noise to prove your point,I see you are not a wise person and not familiar with thinking at all, just mouthing off.

      Even at clubsises level, you need experience to win a cup. Either you have some experienced old players or your coach is quite experienced. If any team has both the better.

      As to how people must continue to make their voices heard on issues, continue in your ways, very soon your Doctor will tell you that you have high BP. Time will teach you that one. Just Continue, ngwanu.

      • Ndidi, Ekong, Balogun and Iwobi, Chukwueze have enough experience we do not need Musa’s is it World Cup Ndidi has played in the Iwobi too so too Ekong is it Afcon they all have at least 3 on their belts, is it Big game experience they have it in abundance . You clamoured for VM inclusioin before me Looool!!!!!.. After that Napoli game that was where I saw Vm still had it then when he repeated the feet against Leicester I stood up and took note more, when I heard Rohr is pushing for Ighalo I wondered to myself how can it be that our whole coach is not wtaching what is happening in World football at present because if he is VM is the expeierneced player he should be pushing for because on all aspects He Moses was the one who had a claim to be a SE legend more so than Ighalo and Musa is it Afcon title he has it. is it being the stand out player in any major qualifier he partook for SE or any major turnament he was it Afcon 2013 and World Cup qualifiers 2018 group of death, or was it from an example point of view setting a good example for the younger ones Moses is one who DOES NOT CHOOSE MONEY OVER A SOLID CAREER PATH LIKE THE AFOR MENTIONED TWO. @Ben do not give yourself credit where it is not due, for me we have enough talent WITHOUT VM, IGHALO, MUSA in SE now if Rohr selects on merit because a front three of per say Dennis, Osimhen, Lookman or Chukwueze Osimhen, Dennis Or Lookman Awoniyi, Chukwueze or Ejuke is mouth watering for any team in world football talk less of Nigeria so no My clamour for VM came from an Angle off IF THERE IS ANY EXPEIREINCE WE NEED IN SE RIGHT NOW IT IS VM NOT IGHALO OR MUSA (so called experience) and I am the one WHO DID FIRST ON THIS FORUM BRO NOT YOU!!!!!!!!!. Mind you I would rather have Ighalo in SE than Musa any day any time. there is more of a point there as he can still contribute more than Paul Onuachu.

        • @Yup Iwunze, you all were all shouting your sentimental inclusion of Desserts, Awoniyi and co. You see, I didn’t have to wait to see Victor Moses performance first before I mentioned here that he must be recalled. Anyone who truly follows Football will know that Victor Moses has been performing and scoring goals. This is also the same situation when I informed you all to take a look at the way Chelsea FC plays, that it is the same pattern that Rohr is trying to implement. Because everyone is not shouting up and down on this forum doesn’t mean they don’t see or kniw whats happening. Even those calling Pinnick a fraud and this and that actually know the truth but want to taint someone for his good works. Mind you Pinnick is the only NFF President till date that has audited the books of the NFF. No other President has done so.

          • @Ben please let us keep this to on field SE Games biko!, I am not talking about audited books that we are not even sure have been audited honestly. The way you divert topics to benefit who?. nawa oo

  • MONKEY POST 1 year ago

    @Ben God bless you mehn.. I owe you a bottle of Pepsi…it seems that Ugo Iwunze is an ex madman/former lunatic…

  • If you like call me insane I am 100% convinced this will not change until them at NFF understand that we understand their tricks Nigeria as well. I mean @Ben Laughable to think I do not understand Nigerian System or how things are run. When I have been singing away with Quota system for so long here now to the point of being labled a Tribal Biggot… funny the same people who shout #ENDSARS are the ones saying I should watch my mouth here Nigerian system Buhari this and that.

    When I say most don’t have a back bone well I think this is a clear definition of what I am referring to.


  • Chinenye 1 year ago

    This beg are the biggest destroyers of football in this country. If Ighalo had obliged to that stupid decision, it would have caused a huge division in the team. No way Osihmen 2ould have taken it likely. This country If full uncivilized morons working at the helm of govt affairs
    It is not only terrible enough you imposed a player no longer needed by the team, you also wanted to give him a shirt no currently occupied by another player thereby causing hard feelings in the team camp

    The must be a strong man working dealing with these set of doom carriers like this NFF people

    • How do you know that Ighalo was imposed on Rohr. When someone ask another person on how best to approach a game and both parties agree,is that imposition to you?

      Later they will say that they are graduates. They both agreed to recall Ighalo, who impose who?

        • @Ugo Iwunze, once again. I do not follow new age newspapers because most times are might be mis – informing people like you. Let me give you a clear example. 2 weeks ago on Thursday precisely, Owngoal reported that Rohr has been sacked, by Saturday, NFF Media Officer and Amaju Pinnick reported that that information was false. Then it was Owngoal reporting how the likes of Nacho and Awaziem misbehave in camp. Yet Awaziem was the best performer on our last match in defence. Up till today, we haven’t heard any other story about that issue. So continue deceiving yourself by reading a new generation newspaper that is selling lies to gain your attention. It shows you believe in rumours rather than facts.That is the same thing I have said about you and many sentimental critics here.

          • Ugo Iwunze 1 year ago

            Who was the one who criticised Owngoal Nigeria on this Platform LIVE as a fradulant site @BEN was it not Me and Myself and @Dr Drey were at it for that. @Ben again this is Leadership Nigeria not Owngoal. Please bro you seem to be mixing events here. I am one guy who does not mince words on this platform.

            again I have never backed Dessers that was @Omo9ja not me yes now I see his quality but have never really backed him those days. the players I back openly are Emmanuel Dennis, Ademola Lookman, Eberchi Eze, Victor Moses, Chidera Ejuke, Victor Osimhen, Samuel Chukwueze, Henry Onyekuru, Kelechi Iheanacho and of Course Capito for the future Onyinye Wilfred Ndidi. I have a love hate relationship with Alex Iwobi of late I back Akinkunmi Amoo, Calvin Bassey (I will give Rohr credit for giving him a look in) but, dumping him like that is not on.. With these players SE cannot go wrong any day anytime.

      • Chinenye 1 year ago

        What exactly is the color of your frustrations? Is it that your wretched father couldn’t send you to sch to become a graduate too. You defend Rohr, you defend Pinnick, you defend nff, you defend heavy duty Ighalo unfortunately those you favourite aren’t making the job easy for you

        • @Chinenye how do you know my Father is wretched??? Making assumptions up and down, if you don’t have an idea of the situation someone faces, why pass a comment in the first place. If not your ego is getting the best of you everytime you type here. I defend Rohr, I defend Ighalo Abi?? At least I am defending something rather than just taking nonsense without understanding the dire situations of things. Your normal Nigerian brain has kicked in to do the things we all do in this country which is to just complain without reasoning. Yet you were thought to reason, but somehow laziness and everything goes plus the fact that you want to be likeable by going by what the general people are saying. For fear of been different, you subject yourself to cowardice. Especially cowardice of the mind, yet you want your ego to sound more than your brain. Abeg shift go one side, make we hear word.

          • Chinenye 1 year ago

            You obviously forgot your brain in the cupboard before typing these gibberishes if not you would have known you are a direct antonym of what you just typed.you joined the bandwagon of Rohr morons(supporters) just for fear of standing alone . It take real men to differ from popular opinions and face the backlash just like you and ur cohorts does to Ugo Iwunze

  • @Ayphillydegreat, if that news is true then somehow our voice is truly being heard.

    Now what I want us to do as se fans is to keep shouting names of players that should not make it to afcon. Rather than abusing ourselves here.

    Some decision will be taking on rohr and se fans’ behalf that will hurt us.

    But if we can start shouting now, then we will be able to at least know the channels to push the blame too.

  • @Ugo Iwunze, now you want me to keep the matters only on the field of play Abi?? So your own is to be yaking nonsense on CSN forum without understanding the true situation behind things. You are truly sensible indeed???
    Only to criticize and not see the other side of your foolishness. Well done. Critic numero uno. Rubbish

    • What nonsense am I yanking Mr Man, What nonsense.. So the truth has now become nonsense to you ABI!! no @Ben you the one with all the senses… ANUMANU!!!!!!!!!!

      • What nonsense are you referring To, is it the one you reported that leadership paper carried that cannot be verified by another source or the one you said Pinnick was eating NFF money without knowing how much is the total budget given to him for 13 national teams at 900m naira, meanwhile one Super Eagles match costs 200m naira to pay. Which one, remind us of your brilliance again. Raggamuffin

        • @Ben I think it is safe to say you are an NFF official what happened to all the World cup monies Nigeria received and tournament prises did the players see shsishi was it not well known Knowledge Fifa calling out Nigeria for Chopping Money gave to our NFF. Keep thinking you are smart and we are all stupid Mr NFF official..

          • @Ugo Iwunze, when you don’t know the facts of something is better to keep quiet rather than yak nonsense. I reiterate to you that NFF budget from FG is 900m naira, which is not enough cover 13 national teams, you ask off FIFA prize money that is given to them. Answer this, an organization that is under funded from the FG for its operations, where do you think that same organization will spend its money on???
            How do know if the NFF is using that money or giving the Ministry of Sports as a return. After all wasn’t this Buhari administration asking all ministries including sports to send their incomes to a central account???
            Again your comments just shows that you dont have an iota of what is happening outside of the pitch, which makes you yak nonsense.
            Plus I was never against any tribe representing Super Eagles,all my concern is about how players play and behave on and off the pitch.
            Even down to their finances.

  • If this story is true, then it means rohr is listening to what we have been saying about his negative actions.

    Dennis, sodiq, ademola, ejaria included in provisional list.

    I hope people who supports his mediocre actions should see reasons with some of us who are complaining about his negative actions.

    • MONKEY POST 1 year ago

      @christain ministries Nigeria do you know the meaning of provisional squad atall? And by the way Rohr doesn’t not have time to read all you guys rubbish comment here. Rather he watch this guy’s when they are playing or fly to watch them play. And lastly what the fuck is sodiq doing in that list. Somebody playing in division two of Spanish league?? Somebody that last scored for his club in October??? Anyway that’s why is a provisional list

  • @Chinenye, please close your mouth, the toxic noise that is coming from there is making the birds on my balcony to cry. It’s enough, go and learn to find out the truth before noise making.

  • When Ighalo says he rejected the shirt that only means he is after the shirt……I only pity the player(osimhen) wearing that jersey now…… osimhen should better go and get a very strong baba isale to protect him spiritually because Ighalo will have that shirt by all means……wait o,No wonder osimhen got injured recently and he is almost being ruled out of Afcon……. Ighalo’s desperation will be his doom.