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I Will Remember England Hat-Trick Forever — Saka

I Will Remember England Hat-Trick Forever — Saka

England winger Bukayo Saka has said he will remember his first career hat-trick for the Three Lions forever.

Saka was passed fit to start the game despite coming off after just 45 minutes of Friday’s 4-0 win over Malta due to an injury scare.

The Arsenal was the star of the show as he netted thrice in the 7-0 thrashing of Macedonia.

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“I will remember this for the rest of my life. It’s a special night, big win and my first hat-trick, it’s really special,” Saka told BBC Radio 5 Live.

“I will probably frame the match ball but probably hold it in my arms for a few days first.”

“I don’t remember the last time I scored three even at junior levels. It is a decent scoring record (11 goals in 28 England games) but there is always room for improvement. After this game, it is time for holidays now.”

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  • And this is the boy @Dr Drey said 2 years ago we don’t need to change our chasing approach and be more humble in our approach because we have players like Ahmed Musa who will play in SE until he decides to retire.. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! @Dr Drey how far na how market with your Ahmed Musa.

  • I read when you said you regret Saka playing for England a week ago and I laughed in Pakistani.. shebi you think say we nor get memory for this form abi? I was just laughing at your claims.

  • Glory 8 months ago

    @Ugo, contradicting someone post just to throw jibes isn’t helping our collective interest to restore sanity to our football. Dr Drey has never said any of such of Saka . In fact he’s being one of Saka’s biggest fan.
    I personally will never support begging foreign born players who themselves,are first of all, not motivated to play for Nigeria.
    Victor Moses , Alex Iwobi, Bassey, Ademola Lukman etc looked beyond our inept, corrupt football officials to motivate themselves to commit to Nigeria. These are the types we are looking for. Definitely not Saka. We wish him and others well as I will never support wishing they fail. BUT SE ARE DEFINITELY NOT LACKING QUALITY PLAYERS BUT SADLY AND MOST PAINFULLY, WE JUST LACKING QUALITY FOOTBALL ADMINISTRATION. So Saka, Eze , Olise, etc may have still come to play for Nigeria and find it impossible to perform to their optimum because of our stupid, brain dead football administrators. So let’s stop these ego driven in- fighting to push a collective fight against the real enemy; POLITICIANS RUNNING OUR FOOTBALL

    • Lies Dr Drey was saying Nigeria does not need Saka pls dont make me pull up threads @Glory. Because he was too busy using every Excuse in the book to push his mumu Ahmed Musa narritive

      • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

        Hahahaha…..blatant liar…are you still not ashamed of yourself…..please pull your god-damned threat where I said we dont need Saka because we have Musa.

        You must really be having mental problems…..LMAOoo

    • @Glory I made it vermantly clear that some Dual national players only have 1 option while others will have 2 the Top quality ones If Nigeria Wants Saka they will have to approach the matter as if they are courting a beautiful girl who has many options. Not beg but be humble. As Usual mumu Drey will always use any opportunity to attack my comments and came with his thrash that Saka does not need begging i then posed the questiuon What will Nigeria offer Saka better than England except fro blood running in his veins?. Absolutely Nothing now here is probably the first name on Gareth Southgates list bur yet we could approach him with care

      • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

        Hahahahaha…..shameless liar is beginning to change his tongue…..LMAoooo. Please post your fictitious threads where Dr.Drey said we dont need Saka because we have Musa……LMAooo

        Shameless deranged liar. You asked for shame….you will get it today….LMAoooo

        This was, and has ALWAYS BEEN my position of the Saka issue for day 1 you fool
        Dr. Drey 3 years ago
        Ken Ochonogor’s tweet 100% captures my personal opinion about this:

        “…@kenochonogor : “BUKAYO SAKA: Why Cry Over His England Call-up? Is he talented? YES. Has England invested and developed him? YES. Do we have players his age who are as talented in Nigeria? YES. Have we invested and developed those players in Nigeria? NO”…”
        Enough of the noise about saka or no saka. The kid played at the U17 WC 3 years ago…the same U17WC which our terrible football administration made us not to qualify for. We didnt go chasing after him then, we waited until he has hit the limelight and started running shamelessly after him. He has the liberty to choose or determine his future and no one should dare question it.

        Qualifiers for the next U17 AFCON is in less than 3 weeks, and with no team on ground yet we are just naming a coach who has been out of job for a while after over ” 1 year of screening ” contracted to a consulting company, when the technical committee and the technical study group in the NFF has not met since 2017 and 2018 respectively.

        If this was how they operate in England, Germany, Spain (and every other places where we run to to chase kids to come and play for us) do their own things too, those kids wouldnt even emerge for us to chase all over the place.

    • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

      Hey God…!

      Glory, I know you not from anywhere except CSN….but as God liveth, may you always be victorious over your enemies, May no evil befall anyone connected to you, may the mighty hands of our creator always rescue you from the valleys of the shadows of the death and destruction, May you and your children never lack anything good in life. I say these words of prayers with a deep sense of gratitude to you.

      Ugo Onye-ara Ewu-nze……you see your life….??? You get memory indeed. I guess its the illusions those hard drugs you are taking are creating in your head you mistake for “memory”. See people with proper God-given memories coming here to shred your lies into pieces once again…….LMAOooo.

      Those that came before you attacking me with all sorts of lies, perjury, impersonation and calumny are either no more in existence or are paying for it with their wretched lives today…….you are not the first. Please try harder ehn. and see the way the God of the just will not stop punishing you.

      Anyone who shakes an Iroko tree will only end up shaking himself.


      I bet there has been no greater fan of Saka on CSN than Dr.Drey, and I state unequivocally that Saka remains the ONLY ENGLAND CAPPED NIGERIAN I REGRET WE EVER LOST…But that I am his fan does not mean I should be an unreasonable jamtalker like you like you….go and drink rat poison if it pains you that much.



        • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

          HAhahahaha…My God wants to punish you today and expose what a useless punk you are
          Dr. Drey 3 years ago

          A 19yr old player who had 4 goals and 11 assists for Arsenal last season, played 39 games and won the FA cup and already has a goal and 2 assists this season will not make the grades in the SE….? Pls how many SE players and even Nigerian players worldwide (apart from Sadiq Umar) had 11 assists last season even in their average clubs and leagues….not to talk of at the level Saka is playing.

          You guys should stop all these your petty beef-talks. You are all acting like a guy who has just been rejected by the same pretty girl he has been chasing for months and now saying ‘she no even fine sef’. If she no fine why you dey pursue am.
          Have you forgotten you were also the bigotted fool rating Chukwueze above Saka years back before I used simple statistics (as usual) to shut your rotten mouth….???

          Or the one equating Kalu and Onyekuru with Saka…..LMAOOooo.

          Useless fool.

          I once again dare to you post where Dr.Drey ever said we dont need Saka because we have Musa…..LMAOo

          The thunder that has wanted to fire you for ages just pushed you to sniff expired drugs this morning and start hallucinating……LMAOooo

  • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

    Hahahaha….blatant God-forsaken liar.

    Its Dr’ Drey’s name you want to use to rise to stardom right…? please try again later.

    I can see you are craving attention so seriously, the way you crave the drugs you have been hooked unto for years, let me pity you a little and feed your craze.

    If I ask you to go copy and paste where I ever said we shouldn’t chase Saka because of Musa, you will start convulsing and posting proofs that even supports my earlier positions…….LMAOooo

    Musa attacks from the left, Saka attacks from the right, I wonder how Musa would have been the reason we dont need Saka…..LMAooo….That’s how senseless you are. You cant even lie intelligently.

    Incidentally, you were one of those who rated your “x-factor Chukwueze” ahead of Saka back then, because of his flash-in-the-pan 1st season in la liga. You were one of those who said Chukwueze was better than Saka….something not surprising to hear from a tribal bigot like you. You even went as far as including Samuel Kalu and Henry Onyekuru as those who are already on the same level (if not better) than Saka

    I remember posting their stats here on CSN, as I always and will always do, showing clearly that Saka was doing better….and my final words then was that time, “the judge of all that is truth”, will tell. And how well, is time not judging now….?? LMAOOoo. Is your x-factor chukwueze still better than Saka now…???? LMAOoo. Where are your Kalu and x-factor onyekuru too today….? LMAOooo.

    From henry onyekuru to samuel chukwueze, everybody to tag as x-factor suddenly begins to experience steady declines in their game….LMAooo.

    My position on Saka has and will always be that we went for him too late, when He had alreday played for England at the U17 WC and was already in Arsenal’s first team, so if he decided to choose England ahead of us, then we should let him be….at that level, it would have taken a huge miracle to get him, even if we rant like mad dogs like you always recommend….LMAOoo…..and that is common sense for anyone who had sense back then.

    So, once again, if you are looking for shoulders to carry you to stardom, Im sorry, mine isnt available.

    You’ve been ranting about Ahmed Musa since 2019 when he became captian simply because a Muslim northerner was captaining the SE……LMAOooo….this is 2023 and he’s still the SE captain and no bagger has been able to remove him as I predicted……LMAOooo. I can see its still paining you till date that your efforts have been flushed into the sewers thus far…..LMAooo

    Continue to rant about him ehn…….LMAOoo. The day you realize that from history, we have not been disposing off our national team captains anyhow (unless due to disciplinary issues or injury forced exits), you will learn to speak and act sane.

    Your “x-factor” Eberchi Eze whom we should all go wash his pants to make him feel Nigerian wasnt even good enough to start against nonentities like Malta and Macedonia……LMAoooo

    • Oh you some how forget that Osimhen was also written off by you as well or was he not among my X-factor list???.

      • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

        Hahahaha…..to lie no dey ever tire you….??? LMAooo

        Please show us any thread where Dr.Drey ever wrote of Osimhen……LMAoooo.

        Shameless hobo…..LMAOOoo….you have never had any list of X-factor players…..you only switch you praises for players (the way your brain switches from sanity to insanity) the moment one fades off and another one starts shinning.

        You started with Onyekuru (when was he in Monaco), and switched to Chukwueze (when he had those first 2 good seasons in la liga….switched to Dennis when he moved to the EPL 2 seasons ago and switched to Osimhen being your next x-factor title holder when he started firing on all cylinders this season…..LMAooooo.

        That has been how your mouth has been changing from year to year for almost 4 years plus now you cheap liar…..LMAOooo.

        Look for another was to get attention you snake…..!

    • @Dr Drey Okponu Lol who even know you sef I exposed you like i promised I will all those years ago, and Will continue to do so from time to time until you get into your Block head dat you aint shit LolZZZ!

      • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

        You exposed me by exposing your own lies against me and even corroborating my opinions right…..LMAoooo. Thank you for exposing me ehn, please keep on exposing me by vindicating me……LMAOOoo. Thank God readers are coming to shreed your cheap lies and attention seeking attempts to pieces now…..LMAOo

        And the fool claims he has memory……LAMOoo.

        Please once again, show us the thread where DR.Drey ever said we dont need Saka because we have Musa…..LMAOoo. Shameless lair…..LMAOoo

        God has never failed in disgracing my enemies before, and He wouldn’t start failing today.

  • Glory 8 months ago

    @ Ugo, I think most of the argument here, honestly don’t need throwing of jibes. These arguments are simply down to lack of understanding the points someone is truly driving forward. We are so fund of reading others post so quickly and making wrong conclusion on their intentions. This I am sure can be blamed on most probably our busy life style that still manages to put comments on here. I will suggest that will try read carefully peoples comments before responding.
    Like concerning this Musa’s case, many will conclude that I am just against his invitation simply because he is old. Definitely not because of old age but because he has passed his usefulness as he is way way below the Musa we used to know and also the position he plays has got huge amount of talents waiting to get a chance. SENIOR NATIONAL TEAM IS ACTUALLY FOR THE OLDER PLAYERS STILL PERFORMING AT THEIR OPTIMUM AND NOT FOR SOME YOUTH without experience. This is why despite all the talents in this our present SE, the team is still struggling, players like Victor Moses, Mikel, John Ogu etc. retired from this team too early.
    WHEN FANS SAY THE PLAYERS ARE TOO OLD AND YET SING TO HIGH PRAISES THE 1994 set of SE , I just laugh at how they are contradicting themselves. That 1994 team had 90% proper men with family in them. Go pull out pictures of 1994 set n the present team, then you clearly see the difference and understand why we are struggling, always being out muscled by other African teams.

    • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

      Hahahahaha…Glory…..you forgot to add that the 1994 set had 1 non-paying captain and a clubless player too….???

      • Glory 8 months ago

        @ Dr Drey you are very well respected in this forum and will always be. Just only asking that you tone down a little bit to accommodate others in your very well seasoned opinion. Those against only do so because it takes deep to call deep. I truly love @ Ugo’s passion for SE/ NIGERIA’S football, I must confess,but just that I will like him to exercise cursion when making conclusions.

        • Dr. Drey 8 months ago

          Hehehehe…Glory….thanks alot, I respect you and yours too.

          I dont have any problem with anybody’s position(s). I am not chasing clout with anyone….and anyone who is chasing clout with me is just wasting his precious time and energy….LMAooo

          But he who asserts must be ready to prove….that just it. Its as basic and simple as that. if you are coming on a public platform to say something, you must say what you mean and mean what you say and be ready to defend it.

          But to come here and spew lies……LMAooooo…..especially with the intent to rub a person’s name or personality in the mud……that’s an all-time low.

          Abii nor be on my own I dey wey this mad dog of shameless liar come begin they vomit nonsense this morning…??

          What has this thread even got to do with Musa in the first instance….?? And what is the problem of anybody if I dont have reservations about Musa remaining in the SE….?? Those who have been ranting about it for 4 years now what have been the results of their 4 years of wailing….LMAOoo…?? If their rants could do more than a dead rant, it should have yielded fruits long before today…..LMAooo.

          But wise folks like me who know how Nigerian football has operated for ages know that this is a trend that wouldn’t end now, not yet, and not even in the foreseeable future. Not yet. Let Osimhen attain legendary status, become a poster boy of Nigerian football, in Nigerian and beyond and become SE captain and see if ever any bagger will ever be able to kick him out of the National team unless he is irreversibly injured or clashes with the authorities.

          And please dont patronize us…..LMAOoo…..There is a difference between Passion and outright madness. Madness is when a news thread is talking about Bukayo Saka and someone comes ranting and spewing lies about Ahmed Musa……LMAOooo

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