Idah Urges NFF: ‘Sack Rohr Now!’

Idah Urges NFF: ‘Sack Rohr Now!’

Former Nigeria goalkeeper, Peterside Idah,has called for the immediate sack of Super Eagles coach, Gernot Rohr, following the team’s defeat to Algeria in a semifinal match of the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt on Sunday, Completesports.com reports.

Manchester City forward, Riyad Mahrez scored a last minute winner via a free-kick to send the Desert Foxes through to the final with a 2-1 win.

Speaking in an interview on Channels TV monitored by Completesports.com Monday morning, Idah expresses his dismay that Rohr seems to be learning on the national team job, insisting the German lacks the capacity to take the Eagles to greater heights.

“For the Eagles to soar to greater heights, the coach should be sacked, let him go. Rohr was not prepared for this job. You don’t learn in the national team, you must come prepared to do the job,” Idah begins his critique of Rohr’s tactics.

“At some point during the Algeria game, he did not know what to do next. He played most of the players out of position which affected the balance of the team. Iwobi was clearly tired against the Algerians and he did not change him.

“The coach kept chopping and changing the team which is a clear sign of weakness because the team lacks players that can fit into particular positions in the team.

“Feelings come to play in this. I think Rohr feels he has done well enough by taking us to the World Cup, qualifying for the Nations Cup and needs new challenge. I would be surprised if they (NFF) keeps him on the job,” concludes Idah who spoke on phone from his Johannesburg, South Africa, base.

It would be recalled that another former Nigeria international, Chief Segun Odegbami had also earlier called for the sack of coach Rohr following Nigeria’s 2-0 loss to AFCON finals debutants Madagascar in a Group B match.

But following Nigeria’s victory over South Africa in the quarter-finals, Odegbami soft-pedaled saying Rohr should be allowed to serve out his tenure. Odegbami however, maintained that Nigeria ultimately needs a new coach ahead 2022 World Cup.

By Sulaiman Alao

(Pix; by Ganiyu Yusuf in Cairo)

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  • abba rossi 2 years ago

    Hmm I ve say this time without number on this forum but people keep abusing us we don’t pray for the nation good and all what up Peter side does he pray for good asking NFF to sack rohr? right from day one rohr attitude doesn’t show he have what it take do Nigeria a great work but most people know that and they keep quite now time has come people start talking? nobody need to tell NFF what to do is they tradition, they will sack him but the chance have gone, they damage having done, if truly rohr was not been sack from Gabon and Niger, Nigeria would have won this tournament cos we have the quality in our team individual but rohr fail to give them direction, fail to show them how to play as a team? look at how Algeria playing throughout tournament they coach sent only one year with the team.

  • gowetok 2 years ago

    Im fully in support of the notion that Rohr must go.His match readings and substitutions are always faulty. In the match against Algeria substituting chukwu Eze allowed the Algerians defenders to move forward and mount serious attack against the Eagles which led fo to the winning goal. Also replacing collins with Ainna was wrongly timed. I feel that Ainna will have done better against marharez. Rohr most coal. He lacks the savvy to lead Nigeria to greater heights ^a

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      Eheennn….so was chkwueze replaced with breeze…? What happened to the person who replaced him…?
      So you mean Onyekuru was over rated afterall….??? Lolz
      I thought y’all were shouting put onyekuru, put onyekuru before.
      Ahmed Musa beautifully opened up a gaping space for him to nail the winner in the 82nd minute but dude blaze the ball to the stadium car-park behind the stands.

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    Hehhehehe…how the tables turn ehn..!
    I watched on channels tv online this same Idah pay glowing tributes to the same Rohr after we qualified for the Semi-finals. Lolz
    “When you have the world at you feet….be careful, because you are closest to being on the ground face flat”

  • abba rossi 2 years ago

    @Dr Drey, I really ve respect for you and I do appreciate your input in this forum cos I believe you know football but when it come G rohr I have never had confident in him since from day1, he team doesn’t ve those qualities of a sound trainer to be honest Dr? look at how his team playing? zero team work, no translation btw midfield and attack? we always find it difficult to penetrate our opponent and the guy keep repeating mistake, every day error is different from tomorrow, actually I don’t blame him is NFF scam, rohr can not do what he don’t know.

    • Emmanuel c Ugwu 2 years ago

      We let Stephen Keshi down and employed a cut and nail coach to handle our team. Super Eagle is a matured team you dont take a matured team and give it to amateur to lead. How long shall we sit down and watch NFF put self forward and continue to bring shame and humiliation to our nation?

  • @abba rossi my man, i can see u re making my day… u stole words out from mouth kudos to u… i said it before worldcup that a coach sacked by garbon and niger cannot take charge of super eagle…. but blindfolded nff go out bring him…. algeria belmadi take charge of his team just 1year and flying higher with it… but my brothers and sisters it now almost 4years rohr still, cant know his starting line up or which player to drop…. all i am saying sack rohr. thank you.

  • Razak 2 years ago

    Now the Africa cup of nations 2019 is over Nigeria ,you can replace Rohr with a coach of your liking. Rohr did a great job, it is time for him to move on, I think Mali could benefit from Rohr experience as they have a very good team and could do with experience at the World Cup for 2022. The Nigerian audience prefer playing good football, because you prefer a coach like Clemon Westerhof, who will repeat the actions of 1994 when he had a very good team. Good Luck to Nigeria.

  • Ayodele 2 years ago

    Dr Drey u r spot on .a sensible person we do more to be improving even in the face of praise of men.how do we explain that rohr refuse to correct mistakes made even in wining positions.it was glaring to all that goin to a competition with little or no left footer is lik goin to war with service pistols only,tell me is it possible ? it will take God to give such victory just as we have been helped by God in all our games . Do u know every game we played in this competition is filled with one glaring error or the order but thanks be to God for carrying us thus far irrespective . This are my proposals for a way forward;
    1: if rohr must remain some of his current assistants must give way such as the goal keeper trainer who to me make a lot of fauls recommendations about the goalkeeping section knowing fully well that all the three goal keepers are just averagely gifted while they fence out a goalkeeper that send one of there national team choice to another club just bcos this goalkeeper was just too good and he could not take the first choice position from him also this GP bench Ghana before before first choice  and we all saw the exploit of this GP in th Caf champions league and wonder wy as he not been given a chance in the national team.only God knows hw many good goal peers have bn recommended to them or even they themselves saw but intentionally turn a blind eye. Bunch of saboteurs  ,man know man don creep in ; goalkeeper trainers must all goooo!!!!
    2. As a German rohr cannot be said to be a poor tactician bcos Germans naturally are detail people  and good planners so therefore he should be given an ultimatum to produce or get home base players raw talents by going through NNL and NPL  diligently and specifics must be given to him.
    3. If he complains of been dictated to in (2) above then “SACK HIM” 

  • mutum 2 years ago

    Rohr is clueless… playing with our emotions. coach wen no get plan B…too rigid! playing mourinho pwttern, always playing with two holding midfielder always. even wen playing against minors Madagascar and Burundi…..coach wen d fear some certain players eg ighalo! sack Rohr now. Tunisia go still trounce naija.

  • Prince Emmanuel Itula 2 years ago

    Oga Peterside, are you the one that is good for the Super Eagles?
    When this guy was winning games upon games, we were happy now that he has lost, you are calling for his head like you would do better….

    We should stop this hiring and firing attitude. We should stick to one coach, This is a young team and they did so well.

    I personally think we should let him nurture this squad to full maturity and stop this sacking madness.

    If Rohr is sacked, the next coach’s head would be asked for on a platter when he losses a game.

  • Sunnyb 2 years ago

    We can’t continue like this, conceding a silly goal in one minute to go. with stupid wall. Some  players are tired, Iwobi, Ndidi and Musa were tired, Musa and Ekong looks lost completely in this game. Obi supposed to come in and provide the necessary leadership, but Rohr brought in onyekuru for what purpose I just don’t get it.its childish to think people wanted Rohr to fail, folks we want Rohr to succeed but the guy just don’t ve it.we conceded three goals from set pieces, two  own goals still know adjustment was made by this coach. The Algiers had a game plan, they blocked our wingers and they  control the midfield, they  rely on long balls, because they knew our defenders  and goal keeper are error- prune, boy they succeeded. Our coach had no game plan, tactical blunders cost us this game again. Argentina here we go again.precise Musa is not a good skipper the guy can’t lead this team is too quiet, the silly wall yesterday was an example of a failed leadership, 

  • Pompei 2 years ago

    You’re only as good as your last game. This statement is definitely true with us Nigerians! The same Algeria that beat us narrowly with 2 unusual goals, we stopped them from going to the 2018 world cup! Yes. Mahrez and co had to watch the 2018 world cup on the telly. They could not participate because of Rohr and our team! When Rohr led us to a 3-1 victory in Uyo, nobody complained about his tactics. Nobody said he was LEARNING ON THE JOB. All these accusations are now leveled against him for ONE REASON ONLY – he lost. If he had won, his critics would have praised him for his tactical nous! So, my advice for the next coach we hire is very simple – YOU ARE CONDEMNED TO WIN, AND WIN LIKE MAD. WIN, WIN, WIN! To keep the vultures at bay, win, win, win, like your life depends on it. Because, the day you lose for any reason, your head will be on the chopping block. I tell you, even if we get a coach that takes us to the world cup finals and loses, this maddening crowd will still call for his head!!!

  • Fqtee 2 years ago

    A pack of bloodhounds!!! It’s a pity that Nigerian fans have a very short memory span… Was it not 2 Afcons ago, that we were languishing and groaning about the absence of our darling eagles in those tournaments… During those disastrous years, was it not local coaches that capitulated our team??? Enter Rohr, a brave old man, almost considered suicidal to take on a job like ‘Super Eagles Gaffer’, and yet the impossible started becoming commonplace… Cameroon and Algeria denied a place in the World cup, Eagles qualified for Afcon effortlessly and now in contention for a bronze medal… All these achievements spiced with the development of a young and vibrant squad!!! If Rohr is not a good coach, please you all should name a suitable replacement and stop calling the man names… Please don’t mention Amuneke, I won’t stand for someone that can’t be bold enough to continue building a legacy but throws in the towel at the first appearance of trouble!!! Ese gan..

    • Oakfield 2 years ago

      Thanks @fqtee. You’ve just said it all in a nutshell. They want us to be playing like Brazil and lose matches. Too bad how people especially Nigerians forget so easily.

  • If Gernot Rohr must go then we need a coach in the class of Pellegrinni,  Jose Mourhino, Rednaap, Kopp etc otherwise Rohr should stay. The Technical crew needs to rob mind with Rohr to analyze our errors,the tactical and technical deficiency of the team to avoid future occurrence, meanwhile Alloy Agu should be relieved  of his post as goalkeeper’s trainer. There are better home based goalkeepers but sentiment blindfolded Alloy. We can get good goalkeepers abroad with exclusive combing of Europe. God bless Nigeria 

  • If i were to revamp the Tech crew my employees will be as follows with accompanying portfolios

    1.Men NT Manager/Nff tecnical director- Genort ROHR(team management/defense coach)

    2.Asst Manager/Technical/Tactical Adviser- Oliseh (general strategy,shooting & midfield coach)

    3.Chief coach – Manu Garba/Salisu yusuf

    4.Asst. Coach (attacking coach) – Siasia

    5.Ike Shorunmu/ikeme & Enrico pionetti – Gk trainer
    6.team’s physical trainer,



    9.video analyst,

    10.scout/opposition scout

  • Rohr has tried,let Nigeria stick to its own local coaches, if ure asking of a local that wouldn’t accept bribe,siasia is one,he has always proved his worth with our age grade teams,play real attacking football,wouldnt need big name super star to always be there!rohr is fucking political; get siasia and obuh to work together…give them same time uve given rohr,pay them as when due like uve done to rohr!with these d sky is.our beginning

  • Yes let them sack him and then come and take over d job. Enemy of progress. it is easy you did not go into coaching after ending your poor football career.

  • Senegal and Algeria are in the final with indegenous coaches.
    We dont hire oyibo coach just to win AFCON, local coaches have done that all across Africa.
    We need a coach woho can compete for the world Cup.

    A good Dutch coach with Amuneke and Ugbade and Manu Garba.
    Rhor must Go

  • NIGERIANS PLEASE STOP WHINNING LIKE BITCHES AND PROFFER SOLUTIONS ON THE WAY FORWARD… your complaints with appropriate solutions are very annoyingly irritating to say the least

  • Correction

    NIGERIANS PLEASE STOP WHINNING LIKE BITCHES AND PROFFER SOLUTIONS ON THE WAY FORWARD… your complaints without appropriate solutions are annoyingly irritating to say the least…let’s be positive and move forward… cheers y’all!!!

  • Oakfield 2 years ago

    Where is this one from? Hmmmm…. Nawa o.. U wey no see ur time for national team (akepyi was even better than u sef) lol.. Wonders shall never end o. Hmmm.. Sack rohr on what basis??? That we lost like 4.0 to Algeria, or that we qualified for the nations and the next round of the nations cup with permutations or that he picked the wrong players for this competition or that we are currently lowly rated in the FIFA rankings or what??? I don’t understand. What evil has this man done? Most of u making reference to keshi were the ones calling for his head before he won the nation’s cup and after he took us to the round of 16 at the we world cup. What did the so called Nigeria football philosophy bring us before rohr came??? We lost out on 2consecutive afcons and were ranked outside the top 10 in Africa! It was during this period that we were nicknamed super chickens to the extent that our opponents taunted us with life chickens during matches and the funniest part was that we never disappointed them with our dismal performance. It Wil be a very big mistake if Mr rohr is relieved of his duties bcos it’s gonna take our football 100 steps backwards jus like buhari has done to this country. During the time of goodluck Jonathan, the people wailed and cried that they needed change. They never saw anything good in Jonathan’s gov’t and they wailed profusely until Mr buhari came and brought the real change just as they wished and so much desired. We all know what is happening now in the country, today in every part of the country, everybody is feeling the heat, the economy is bad, there is an alarming rate of insecurity in the country, people are being killed and maimed on a daily basis, we are now the most poorest country in the world, the rate corruption has sky rocketed like never before in history. Now, same people who were wailing for change are same people complaining and crying for a return to the way things were before Mr oga came into power. This is exactly what’s gonna happen to our football if we ever make that mistake of sacking Mr rohr. Take note, all the so called world class coaches herve Renard, seedorf and his world class crew, have all exited the tournament and our Mr olodo coach is still around, wouldve taken us to the finals if not for the mistake made by akpeyi. Learn to appreciate what u have and always learn to read betwn the lines in every situation.

    • I like your analysis, I think the goal keeper trainers (Aloy Agu and co.) need to go. We were defeated by Algeria due to goal keeping error and a little bit of bad luck on the own goal we conceded. I think Rohr needs to stay on his job, in three years we went to the world cup, got to the semi finals of AFCON, we have discipline in the team. It’s irrational to assume that we have to win all the time.

      I seriously think Akpeyi needs to be replaced and Osimhen needs to be tried as a striker sometimes.

      • Oakfield 2 years ago

        @Milly exactly. Before one critcizes, one needs to make a good objective analysis of the situation to find out the root cause of the problem. This is what some of us including some ex cricket internationals are not doing. They just utter nonsense out of hate and bcos of some sinister motives. Mr rohr has to stay to finish up what he started. We lost, it’s very painful, nobody is happy including me but this would help us to build for the future. Bringing in a new coach Wil totally distabilize the team. The new coach will come with his own philosphy which might be alien to some of the players, he would reshuffle the team if not totally overhauling it, experiment by playing some matches of which he’d certainly lose some as part of the rebuilding process and when we starts losing matches during the rebuilding process, we’ll start dropping in FIFA rankings and finding it very hard to qualify for tourneys as was the case before rohr came and same people who wailed for a change will be same folks wailing for a change again. We had a very turbulent time before this man came but started stabilizing things bcos of the time and room that was given to him. Let’s not forget so easily how Nigerian players were denied work permits bcs of our ranking,how ridiculous and absurd. This loss should add up to the experience that the team needs to rise to greater heights. It’s all about learning lessons and making amends. It takes a long while to build a formidable team. The German coach for instance, despite the fact they were booted out of the world cup in the first round has been allowed to stay with the team. Now, if Germany wins the next world cup in 2022, nobody would rember the turbulent times they passed through to get to that level. It’s all about experience and this can only come from playing games, winning and losing. Rohr stays!!!

  • “sack the coach” and leave the inept NFF in charge lolz.

    Even if we take Mourinho, Guardiola, Zidane or Klopp as long as we have the NFF who cannot run a football league properly in charge, they will eventually come to nothing.

    What is the difference between Nigeria, Algeria and Senegal (the two countries in the final)? A premium player that gets the job done. Algeria has Mahrez, Senegal has Mane, Nigeria has Ighalo who blows hot and cold. Why is Nigeria not producing world class players? Why can we not produce a goal keeper? A midfield maestro? A proven goal scorer that guarantees goals? Because since 2017 we have not had a full league. We are now sending “half baked players” to Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, south Africa, Vietnam, Lithuania, Latvia, Slovakia to polish up for us. Junior Lokosa the highest goal scorer 2017 went from country to country looking for a contract last year. Where did he end up? Tunisia, where they took months (maybe 4 months or so)to get him into shape to join their first team. Our under 20 players go to Scandinavia for finishing and they are then lost in the system for years. GBS academy, Kwara Soccer Academy, Ebedei all have deals with foreign clubs that means the best youngsters bypass the Nigerian league and go directly to feeder teams in Europe without having played a single match, thus depriving Nigerian clubsides, signing on fees and sell on money. So we don’t produce the quality of players that are needed and often players are sent to play with the youth teams of Eastern European clubs and take years to get to Belgium and then onto the top 5 leagues (France, Spain, Germany, England and Italy). When they do they don’t command the prices other countries players go for as they require more work.

    at this time whilst African countries are starting their leagues in August (a few weeks away) we don’t know when the NNL playoffs are for teams to be promoted to the premier league. We don’t know when the Aiteo cup final is for the last team to qualify for the CAF confederations cup that is starting in less than 4 weeks time. So other countries are preparing for but we will have limited time to recruit, register and train players for it. We are starting on the back foot.

    So like I said, if you like bring Zidane and co, they will not create players for us, they will not organize our league and they will not be able to identify who the best local players are simply because we do not keep stats. how many games played, how old the players are, most saves, most tackles, most assists, nothing.

    Until we sort out the NFF and our football, people shouting “Rohr out” are barking up the wrong tree

    • Patrick 2 years ago

      The problem is not that we are not producing good players .our players also don’t have good agents. A player like nwakali is intelligent and had working should be in the national team but he is currently having issues with clubs. However rhor has not help matters. Some of the under 23 players such as Dennis Bonaventure of club brugge ,awoniyi and even players like Stephen odey from fc Zurich now in Belgium ought to have been given opportunity. The Algerian players are not better than players like iwobi, chukwueze, ndidi, osihimen ,etebo and Ahmed musa or ighalo. The coach lost the match because he is inept.

  • Awe Daniel 2 years ago

    I surely know that the cycle will be completed in Brazil when the under 17 will be contesting with the other countries in the world cup later in the year. You don’t need to place the blame elsewhere, but rather give it back to NFA. Where are the coaches that did so well with the U20 in the past? Why did NFA presented such a lame coach to take U20 to Poland? Nigeria have never in the history of that tournament presented such a lame team in U20
    Same thing with the female world cup. The only time we did so well in the tournament was when the female Nigeria coach took them to world cup. Tell me is that same woman (Fabgemi) dead, that made NFA hired a foreign coach for them? I saw the hand writings on the wall when Gerot Rohr cant pick 11players to get a draw with tired Argentina in 2019 world cup in Russia. Left to me his job finished there and then. What I knew in the time past Nigerians football teams plays beautiful, sexy and free flowing football no wonder Nigeria was voted second entertaining football nation behind Brazil in 1994 world cup.It is high time we bring it to the ears of NFA to let the lame coach go. Let someone proof me wrong if what happened to other national teams will not happen U17 in Brazil.

  • Awe Daniel 2 years ago

    Patrick the only thing the Algeria coach did in the match was just to neutralise our wings thereby rendered Chukwueze and Ahmed must ineffective and Gehrot Rhor have no answer. No technical input to turn the match round. If a coach could be with a team fir more than 3yrs and still experimenting with the team ……is not a good coach. It is high time NFF allow this man to go.

  • If football fans will remember, Clemence Westhorf took the Super Eagles to three Nation Cups before he won the third one. The first, in Algeria, we lost the first match scandalously to Algeria 5-1. The second attempt, we lost to Ghana 2-1, in the semi final. The third in Tunisia was the one we won. If it were to be now, Westerhorf would not be given the chance to continue up to three nations cup. We should think properly before this hiring and firing process all the time. I think we should leave this man alone to continue his building and strengthing process for greater achievement.

  • People clamouring for siasia pls what did he archieve when he coached the team? What did oliseh also archieve? Pls let our football be sustainable for once