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Ighalo Eager To Clash With Salah-Inspired Egypt In March Friendly

Ighalo Eager To Clash With Salah-Inspired Egypt In March Friendly

Super Eagles striker Odion Ighalo has said he is looking forward to the March 26 international friendly match with Mohammed Salah’s Pharaohs of  Egypt national side in Asaba, Nigeria, Completesports.com reports.

Speaking as a guest of Sky Sports  Monday, Ighalo said Salah whose lone goal sent Nigeria out of 2017 AFCON has improved so much that he now ranks among the best in the world.

“Salah has improved so much in his play. He is now quicker and mature and his style has evolved since he came to the Premier League. He was the highest goal scorer and best player in his first season playing from the flank. Now being used as the central striker at Liverpool, he is again joint top scorer with Kane and Aubumeyang on 14 goals.

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“It will be interesting playing against him. I believe he and Liverpool have what it takes to win the premier league this season if they remain focused with other players raising their game. If they can keep Salah and Van Dirk injury free and fit, Liverpool make nick the title this season,” Ighalo stated.

Ighalo whose club Changchun Yatai have been relegated to the second tier  Chinese league said he was looking to return to the Premier League as a free agent, but ruled out the idea of playing as a backup striker at any club .

By Richard Jideaka, Abuja

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  • Omo9ja 2 years ago

    Do not start the war you can not finish Ighalo. You should learn how to keep your ideas in yourself.

    Were you not part of the team that played against the Egyptian’s team then? What have you contributed to the team both home and away? Zero performance right?

    You are now saying this because of you scored against Libya or so? Hmmm, you can’t deceive me ooo.

    However,as a main striker, I’m expecting you to score goals to help the team in any game they play.

    Instead of you to do the bla bla bla talk, you should start preparing on how to score goals against any team.

    It is too early to talk. Mind you, if you guys fail to impressed against Egypt, Nigerians have to examine the whole team including the coach Rohr. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Edoman of NewJersey,USA 2 years ago

      Let us not bash Ighalo any more. He has redeemed his himself since the World Cup in Russia. Even this Salah of Egypt have had to redeem himself at certain point in time in his career. Even our Coach Rohr has redeemed himself as a human being. The World is currently seeing IGHALO as a player that has redeemed himself. No wonder that the number one team in Spain is looking to sign him on to play along Messi . you may be surprised when he appear in Asaba in March 13 against Egypt to see what he would do for himself and for the Nation.

    • Joel Chidi 2 years ago

      Omo9ja,I pity those around you. You are a saddist. A disgrace to an average Nigerian. A very pessimistic human being. A retrogressive character. An ignorant fellow that is always willing to speak even when you spew trash. Whenever I write or speak in public, I try to maintain a certain level of respect to anyone no matter the class of persons but for you, you don’t deserve an ounce of respect. If a hero like Ighalo, who flies thousands of miles to come and defend his fatherland,which I can confidently boast that you have never done in any capacity in your entire life, will get this amount of obnoxious tantrums from you, how much more those around you. You deserve to be in the front line of those our fearless soldiers fighting Boko Haram, for you to understand what sacrifice is, because if you knew, you wouldn’t utter those unprovoked vetuperations on ighalo. Where did he ever boast in that interview. He even acknowledged the qualities of M. salah, but because you have this deep sitted hatred for progress and success, you must find a way to criticize him. Enough said, Just keep your opinion to your self while sane forumites make meaningful contribution with well constructed English language and not those head-scratching jaggons you always write and fill up the spaces. Gutted by your lack of respect to our supposed heroes and that is why I am replying you like this for the very first time. #dropsmic

  • Omo9ja 2 years ago

    Edoman of NewJersey,USA, my man, you didn’t get my points. For me, we don’t have a striker in that team that Nigerians can rely on yet and even, our defense is shaking. If we play against top teams in Afcon, we will see that we should remain humble.

    More so, have you ever heard late Rasidi Yekini talking like this during his time?

    How about Kanu, Aghahowa, Messi and top strikers talking or boastful before a match?

    I’m so happy for Ighalo’s carrier and God will continue to bless him and everyone of us too. Amen.

    However, I’m not bashing on Ighalo but I am just saying the truth here. If you can’t understand me now, just wait and see against Egypt or in Afcon in Egypt this year then, you will agree with me that we don’t have a coach and we are lacking, qualities, vision, equality and transparency in this team.

    People said I called every coach names and always criticizing them all.
    For example, late Keshi, Siasia and Amodu? Is this true? I don’t think so.

    Keshi left out some key players out of the final list for the world cup then and what happened in the end and these people did not saying anything but I came out to face the truth.

    Same thing applies to Siasia and Amodu. I’m a Super Eagles fan not any coach fan. Meanwhile, Super Eagles is like Baracks, soldier go, soldier come, Baracks no day go any where.

    Before the Afcon, you people will appreciate my effort for seeing the clear picture of the coach Rohr’s team but for now, let’s leave it the way it is.

    The purpose of saying this before the tournament is that, if the team can have many options in the team, that will give us hope.

    I’m very scared of the technicality of the coach. This is the wicking point of the coach and our opponents will capitalized on this. That is why Super Eagles failed in Russia. NFF needs to wake up and rescue the situation by hiring assistant coach to help Mr. Rohr.

    If Siasia can help or any indigenous coach can help the manager, this can give us confidence and self believes that Nigeria can win the Afcon trophy.

    I am always talking to those who can reasoning with the way things are going.

    I am very happy that the coach is doing good but he needs help but NFF doesn’t see this including some of my colleagues here on CSN. I promised to give my best to make Eagles much better. I hate nobody while everyone is my friend. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • “If you can’t understand me now, just wait and see against Egypt or in Afcon in Egypt this year then, you will agree with me that we don’t have a coach and we are lacking, qualities, vision, equality and transparency in this team.” Omo9ja

      What if Nigeria have a meaningful friendly and tournament against and in Egypt, will you come out to admit that some of your assertions have been bullocks (excuse my French)?

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      Hehehehehe…it is ur Siasia that couldnt qualify us for 2 afcons that should come and help G.Rohr who has qulified us for all competitions he’s been in charge with games to spare. Dont worry….we dont like resoning like lunatics on this form…so sorry ehn…we wont like to reason with or like you. Meanwhile…tell your siasia to go and get a job first. The last game he coached was Egypt vs Nigeria in alexandria….he’s been jobless since the past 3 years now. That’s how ‘good’ he is. His contemporaries are busy doing something in different countries around the world. Even if we are to pick a local coach today, we have the likes of Gbenga Ogunbote, Imama Amakpakabo, Fidelis Ilechukwu etc who are consistently doing fantastically well with local teams in the league. Not someone who has been unemployed for almost 3 yrs

      • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

        Stupid boy here again with nonsense comment the so called coaches you name are yet to match the accomplishment of Siaone I wonder when Complete sports will ban dull brains like you and Jones on this platform!

        • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

          Hahahaha…Iberibe….ibiakwa…! Accomplishments kwanu…with 35yr olds masquerading as 18 year olds and playing with their nephews’ mates..??? LMAO…?!
          Why didnt he replicate those ‘accomplishments’ with the senior national team (twice) and with 3 different clubs in the league when his 35 yr olds meet their mates…! He almost relegated all 3 clubs he handled in the league. Why is he still jobless since not qualifying Nigeria for 2017 AFCON….no club…no national team, not even tv analyst job. Good coaches dont stay jobless for 3 yrs plus
          If CSN will ban anybody it is lairs like you that will be banned

        • Joel Chidi 2 years ago

          Chima E. Samuels, I’m not surprised you find that trash written by omo9ja, right.you have the potential to think straight but right now, you have decided to pause on your potential and that is sad to realize. I will be praying for you because I don’t want that for you. Your being deserves more than you are feeding him. You are not of same class of bird with omo9ja, don’t cling on a drowning man, you will drown with him. The you in you deserve better than what you are giving to you. If you know you know

    • Jones 2 years ago

      Your hatred for Rohr and ighalo would give you unnecessary hbp.

    • Adisboy 2 years ago

      Omo9ja, you are seriously overating Egypt and infact the top African teams. Apart from Salah the rest of the Egypt team are very average. This a team that lost all their games at World Cup. Even Saudi Arabia beat them. You always make the mistake of comparing the World Cup to AFCON. AFCON is waaay lower in standard than the World Cup. I can confidently say that as at today, Nigeria have squad capable of winning the AFCON this year and i mean Rohr’s squad. I think we are among the best 3 teams with Senegal and Morocco. The is we are getting better each year. Quote me. You underate the team too much due to personal hatred of the coach.

  • If I could momentarily follow the footsteps of our great  Wole Soyinka who said that Amaechi didn’t t insult Buhari (let me emphasise that I am not at Wole’s level),  I think Ighalo didn’t boast in this report. The guy simply said that it will be interesting to play against Salah. Where is the boasting here? In fact, he had acknowledged that Salah is a quality player.

    Have we forgotten our holy scriptures? “As a man thinkers in his heart, so is he ….” Ighalo is merely expressing optimism. Would we be happier if he were negative and fearful?

    I do not support empty boasts, but I also frown at the idea of imposing blanket ban on free speech, or bashing of our players. They are there for us, let us be here for them and cheer their efforts.

    • emmanuel 2 years ago

      u are very right i don’t know what Omo9ja is blabbing about…….How did he boast?

      • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

        Omo9ja is simply pissed off that a player will come and start shouting when it comes to friendly and fail at a World Cup when it all matters. It is only in Nigeria that we see friendly as a World Cup and fail at the World Cup itself example against merciless Argentina We won 4-2 and lost at the real deal people let us be wise and stop criticizing the true when it comes! We will win this same Egypt at the friendly and don’t be surprised when they beat us at the Afcon teams come and study you on friendlies and beat you at the real test Naija let’s wise up Omo9ja you’re on point leave these naysayers.

        • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

          Mumu….pls point out the statement he made in this interview that amounts to boasting or shouting…! Anumanu…! Ofcourse omo9ja will be on point. Its off the point absurdities that makes sense to you…absurdities like including goalkeepers that have been clubless for 2yrs, a striker that scores average of less than 2 league goals per season and a player of another national team in your dream ‘world class’ national team….LOLz. Even your igbekeme that u always come here to rant about, u weren’t even confident enough to put him in the first XI….LMAO….fool of all ages..!!!

  • Asoko Emmanuel 2 years ago

    OMO9JA,hhhaaabbb! U see after I read ur comment I had to go back to Igalo’s statement and I read it over and over again,in fact I still do as I type right now and I sincerely find no place the guy said a single word of boast.Or how on earth is “it will be interesting to play against him” now become boastful.My man, u must be careful not to send a wrong signal to some of us reading u cos I for one already feel u truly have some thing against Igalo or may be ur comment was not meant to respond to this particular statement of Igalo otherwise there is no coronation at all.There is nothing wrong with either Igalo or the Coach.Even if they don’t do well in Afcorn it still not a pointer to their incompetence as humans are bound to make mistakes.It happened to Germans as effective as they r at the world cup and they did not ask for the coaches head.Moreso GR has improved our team tremendously since he came he should be appreciated.

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    hahahahah… @ Oga Achi and Asoko
    …are you guyz minding that garage boy…? Cant you see he has serious english issues…? I had to read the report again and again to look for where the so-called boast is.
    That is how people who are blinded by hatred react, even when a man falls in a pool of water, they will accuse him of raising dust.

    • emmanuel 2 years ago

      OMO9JA is always talking out of point

      • Chima E Samuels 2 years ago

        Without people like Omo9ja we will all be celebrating stupidity and failures like Nigerians are good at.

        • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

          You mean stupidity and failures like you and your mediocre team C and D players whom you come to front for on this forum…?!

  • He has spoken positively, let’s hold our fingers cross and analyze his performance after the match.

  • Balorx 2 years ago

    omo naija always the villian…. Bro dont give ur self high bp…. Is Egypt a complete team, part from Sarah… Who else can u boast of

  • Nigeria have a superior squad than Egypt.
    Apart from Salah (an excellent player) and El Neny (who cannot get into Arsenal’s team), the rest are average players playing in average leagues across the world. The one thing they will have at AFCON is home advantage and a fierce following that will intimate some teams.

    Nigeria not only have a far superior squad with no less than 7 pets playing regularly in the top 5 football leagues, but our star is the the team rather than an individual and it’s right that we passed them this year in the FIFA ranking. Let’s not forget that we did better than them during the world cup. They have failed to register a point in the world cup since 1930 losing all three matches to Uruguay, Saudi Arabia and Russia and only scored their first ever goals at any world cup last year

    We can and should beat Egypt in Asaba, and we also can and should beat Egypt at home.

    Let’s not underrate what we have. Our only undoing can be the home advantage as well as tactic employed by the coach

    • *intimidate


    • Oh yes; the present Super Eagles squad as a whole is greater than the sum of its individual parts……

      Though some areas for improvement exist, I am excited about the possibilities of this current squad.

  • i was off this forum and back it hasnt change yet, j how can someone say sia1 didnt qualify us for 2afcons?? NOTE the squad rohr use to qualify us are far better than siasia owns. didnt u see wat sia1 achieve at olympic?? rohr manage to change a little due to critics. let appreciate omo9ja effort in our super eagle. NOTE rohr late sub will not make every position in de team to be competitive. super eagle bench are equally to de startin lineup, so why de fear of early sub??? and let be a fan of super eagle and not a fan of individual. NOTE super eagle has de best squad in africa. that we need emery type of sub.

    • Jones 2 years ago

      Jargons that what you typed. Go and learn English.

    • Joel Chidi 2 years ago

      I have come to realize that likes identifies with likes. Road sides and agberos identifies with their likes as well. If you check the line of thought, the manner at which it is delivered, the construction of the grammer, it is obvious the best answer we should accord you guys is just to say “OK” and then move on because the worst argument to embark upon is a debate with someone completely operating on a far lower wavelength with you. If you support that jaggon expressed by omo9ja or whatever he calls himself, then the problem facing Nigeria Is just a child’s play compared to what you will face before you come out of this mental quagmire you have dug yourself into, either by what you ingested or probably by what was invoked from the village. My prayers for you is that you find peace in whatever you do while hoping that you will see light and realize the likes of omo9ja should never come to your consciousness. Las Las you will be alright.

      • Abah-fada 2 years ago

        @ Joel,

        What do you intend to achieved Mr.English man, even in England, there are so many English men who can’t write proper English, and you are here downgrading people simply because their English is bad.

        If you are that good in the usage of the English language, then do not hesitate to correct others.

        You can’t come on public space to bully people because you are educated and can write in good English. Please grow up, and allow others opinion to count. As long as, the are able to pass a massage that you and others understand, then so be it Sir.

        • Joel Chidi 2 years ago

          Sorry bro if you feel that way, didn’t mean it to turn out the way it did. I probably wrote with emotions rather than being objective. I should have passed like I always do but got riled up by the line of thought of omo9ja but I guess we are all entitled to our opinions. @oluwa sorry my man. Didn’t mean to bully your person. Accept my apologies. Cheers

          • Abah-fada 2 years ago

            You just shown how matured you are, on and behind the key board.

            Thanks for the understanding @ Joel, what you did now is pure justification bro. May God bless you.

        • Greenturf 2 years ago

          @ abah-fad you took the words out of my mouth.
          We should respect people and not dis them because we are more educated.
          Some people can write better english not because they have a better education rather your discipline of studies sometimes can aid you to write better than some who majored in other disciplines but are very good in what they read and are accomplished professionals in their field.
          Having said that some are less educated but are very intelligent you can get that with learned people vice versa however what really matters especially in forums is the opinion of every member and each comes with characters identifiable which brings the uniqueness in every forum members.

      • @Joel, @Jones, that wasn’t kind of you guys. Please don’t attack people’s expressions and ego. Glean the message and reply or pass. Thanks

  • u are de worst thing to happen in dis forum

  • Omo9ja 2 years ago

    May God forgive me and each everyone of us.

    Sometimes, every question has its own answer but not every question must be answered. A word is enough for the wise.

    Oh wow. So, some of my colleagues are tired of seeing omo9ja on this platform because omo9ja has no room for unrealistic stuff? Kilodeee? Just because I refused to join a bad club. Abi na by false ni? Lol.

    As along as Nigeria still have a national team called Super Eagles, kai, some of my colleagues have no choice, omo9ja will come on board by God’s grace.

    As along as there is God, omo9ja will be among the best and you as well my people. No hard feelings. I’m used to that.

    This people have been kicking against anybody who believes we doesn’t have what it takes to rule in Africa anymore.

    This group of people were fighting CSN
    because CSN pointed out holes in Oga Rohr’s team. So who am I then?

    In one word, I can’t wait to see the best of the Super Eagles coach. Anything less than Afcon Trophy is a failure. God bless Nigeria.

    • hi.
      this is my first time on this forum, though been a big fan of CS, and enjoy reading people’s opinions on issues.
      Nigerians love their country, and always want for best for their country, and football isn’t an exception.
      though we want the best, our solution might not be the best.
      though we are entitled to our opinions, but once it is aired in a public place like this forum,it has lost its privacy,thus every criticism that comes to such opinion should be accepted,even if it goes against our thoughts.
      if you can’t respect other people’s views, or take criticism, then you shouldn’t criticise or better yet, keep your opinion to yourself..

      that being said, Ighalo statement is one of zeal and respect.
      zeal because he believes in himself, and of the team he represents..
      respect, cause he respects Sarah, as a player,and in the long run respects the Egyptian national team.
      so much so, he can’t wait to play them. two of the best in the continent clashing, is going to be explosive.
      and that is Ighalo’s take.
      of which he is right..

      the Super eagles are oozing with confidence, never seen before. and that’s a good thing.
      they have better quality than Egypt, and I dare say more than the best Africa teams can offer right now, safe for Morocco, Senegal and to some extent Ivory Coast and Algeria, who have same extent of quality.
      so yes, the Super Eagles is good to go..
      remember, if I am not mistaken, we didn’t lose to an African team all through 2018,and that’s something.
      even the great 94 squad didn’t do that.
      and that says A lot..

      give them a chance, cause right now, their actions are speaking louder than words, it can only get better, hopefully…..

  • now i knw, too much foolishness can bring misfortune. people are so stupid to de extent, they unable to differentiate between their father and mother…. if someone like #jones in ur family or gave birth to someone, immagine wat such person wil look like moron?, wen jones de father himself is also an impetuous.wasted son, wasted brother, wasted among de livings, wasted being on earth. if u re not wasted in brain why wont u understand simple (chatting) typing. ur thought re childish. empty barrel made de loudest noise. u may not even educated than me. just dat u dont understand simple chattin dats y. ur miserable life. U fink futbol is cartoon or ZWORLD?? go play wit sand dick_head. 4m

  • Sunnyb 2 years ago

    Guys the match is weeks away, so everybody should calm down, lets wait after the match, then we can assess the team and the technical crew.As for me I don’t think Rohr has what it takes to make super Eagles great again.By the way if Siaone is giving the same resources, time and enabling environment giving to Rohr coach Siaone would do way better..

    • Jones 2 years ago

      One question: if siasia is as good as you guys say why hasn’t he gotten a coaching gig in the last 3 years? The guy is well overrated. He’s not a bad coach but he’s definitely not better than Rohr.

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    These are the line ups of the two afcon qualifying failed bids of samson siasia. Kindly tell us how “the squad rohr used to qualify us are far better than siasia’s own”
    2012 AFCON qualifying failed bid (Note that we had won Madagascar 2-0 and lost 0-1 to Guinea b4 he took over)
    Nigeria vs Ethiopia 4-0
    Dele Aiyenugba, Efe Ambrose, Chibuzor Okonkwo, Taye Taiwo, Joseph Yobo, John Mikel Obi, Joel Obi, Victor Anichebe, Ahmed Musa, Victor Obinna, Peter Utaka
    Ethiopia vs Nigeria 2-2
    Vincent Enyeama, Efe Ambrose, Chibuzor Okonkwo, Taye Taiwo, Joseph Yobo, John Mikel Obi, Joel Obi, Victor Obinna, Ikechukwu Uche, Peter Utaka, Ahmed Musa
    Madagascar vs Nigeria 0-2
    Dele Aiyenugba, Efe Ambrose, Joseph Yobo, Elderson, John Mikel Obi, Joel Obi, Victor Anichebe, Ahmed Musa, Victor Obinna, Solomon Okoronkwo, Ikechukwu Uche
    Nigeria vs Guinea 2-2 (The match that did the damage. this draw meant guinea qualified ahead of nigeria)
    Dele Aiyenugba, Efe Ambrose, Taye Taiwo, Joseph Yobo, John Mikel Obi, Joel Obi, Fegor Ogude, Emmanuel Emenike, Victor Obinna, Peter Odemwingie, Chinedu Obasi
    2017 failed bid (Kindly note that we hand won chad 2-0 and drawn tanzania 0-0 away b4 he took over)
    Nigeria vs Egypt 1-1
    Ikeme, Oboabona, Ambrose, Amuzie, shehu, mikel, etebo, iheanacho, musa, simon, Ighalo; SUBS: Iwobi, V.Moses, Aminu umar

    Egypt vs Nigeria 1-0
    Akpeyi, Oboabona, Ambrose, Amuzie, shehu, mikel, etebo, musa, v.moses, Umar , Ighalo; SUBS: Iwobi, echiejile, azubiuke okechukwu

    NB: Genrnot rohr took over the last game against tanzania and won 1-0. But obviously…the greatest damage was the 2 games against egypt where we would only manage 1 point from both games.
    So if you still dont think Siasia couldn’t qualify for AFCON in 2 attempts…then you need to go and wash your head in ogbashi river.
    He has only proved to be good in overaged….sorry underaged competitions where 35yr olds play with and against their children’s mates….give him senior teams to handle and he flops. His records at Bayelsa utd, JUTH FC and Heartland are still there for all to see.
    Let his get a job somewhere and prove himself at the senior level first before we hand our national team to him. Onigbinde proved himself at Shooting stars winning the CAF cup winners cup before being given the national team and he won silver at AFCON. Shuaibu Amodu proved himself at BCC lions of Gboko in 1993 winning the CAF cup in 1993 before being given the national team where he led us to the confed cup and US gold cup in 1995. Stephen Keshi proved himself at Togo, and Mali before being given the SE and he won the AFCON.
    Siasia should go get a job and prove himself and stop waiting for the NFF to keep him employed.

    • You mentioned some truly eminent past indigenous coaches in your piece above.

      Keshi-Amodu – great guys of blessed memory.

      I am not such a huge fan of Onigbinde though as I feel a could have done a wee-bit better at the 2002 world cup.

      Thanks again bro. Keshi & Amodu: true legends.

    • Jones 2 years ago

      One thing I respect Dr Drey for is he backs up his claims with hard facts…. Unlike Chima and omo9ja who talk off point. Siasia best achievement is winning a bronze medal. And that’s not enough to qualify him as a fantastic coach. He has had way more bad moments than good one. I don’t see any notable club or country hiring in the foreseeable future. He needs to redeem him self before vying to be SE coach.
      Fail to qualify us for a major competition might be attributed to ill luck but fail twice screams of incompetence and lack of technical knowhow.

    • @ Drey, @Deo, @Jones

      I know this stream is not about indigenous coaches, but it is an important topic that must be addressed in line with the history of the World Cup. No team has ever won the WC with a foreign coach. I stand to be corrected. I’m not saying GR should be sacked, but we just have to address the development of our local coaches, not only in technical skills but also in managerial skills (recalling why Oliseh failed). I wonder why ex-players like Finidi George or Okocha can’t go for their FIFA coaching licenses so we have a greater pool of coaches to consider for the SE. The paucity of local coaches is a gaping wound that won’t heal on its own. We must tackle it. At the world stage, we can’t thrust our fate into the hands of a foreigner who may have a hidden agenda, unless he is a naturalised Nigerian.

      • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

        @Achi…your assertions about the world cup being won only by local coaches is right.
        But that doesn’t mean Saudi Arabia or Trinidad and tobago or Vanatu islands should start thinking of winning the world cup with a local coach. The world cup has been played 25 times since over 88 years with just 8 nations sharing the cup among themselves. Brazil (5), Germany (4), France (2), Italy(4), Argentina(2), Uruguay (2), England (1) and Spain (1). So the probability of winning the wrld cup with coaches outside these 8 nations is zero. The probability of winning with any from any of these 8 nations is 100%, the probability of winning with either a brazilian, italian, or german is 50%, while the probability of winning with a Brazilian in charge alone is 20%. So even though no country has won the world cup with a foreign coach, the truth is over 60 local coaches have graced the world cup and yet not won it.
        So it not so much of a one dimensional thing. Its an aggregate of many factors that ensures a country wins the world cup…and i dont think his citizenship status is one of them. For me, any coach from any nationality can win a world cup…… so far its the right coach, with the right set of players, with the right administrators, the right preparations and the right luck.

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    Former Super Eagles captain Nwankwo Kanu has sensationally tipped Nigeria to win the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt.

    The 1996 and 1999 African Footballer of the Year winner also charged Nigerian players to redouble their efforts this calendar year so that they are not overlooked in the African Team of the Year after being shunned by the team picked by FIFpro.

    “We keep praying that 2019 will be better than 2018. But we have to celebrate our heroes while they’re alive. That reminds us of the late Stephen Keshi, Amodu Shuaibu, Samuel Okwaraji, that’s why the women’s teams seem to complain. Let the ‘female’ teams do better than they have done before in previous World Cups,” Kanu told Brila FM.

    “As for the Super Eagles I hope they win the Nations Cup, that’s what I tell people. The players are making me happy – Mikel Obi, Alex Iwobi and others are playing well, that’s why I’m not panicking. I can’t start pinpointing any players’ names. I believe they’re going to win the 2019 Nations Cup.

    “The future is bright (for the Super Eagles). We have players playing week in and out there in Europe,” Papilo stressed.
    Yet Clowns like Omo9ja and his fellow “positive (in the wrong direction) thinker” Chima will come here and rubbish the national team, claiming to the omniscient in football matters. Oya na….come and tell us u know football more than Kanu.

  • @Achi, on the issue of giving indigenous coaches a chance, I have to give a huge thumbs up to the football administration of Nigeria over the years.

    Think about it, for a solid 14 years (between 2002 until 2016) the Super Eagles teams were coached for the most part by local coaches – apart from Bert Vogts in 2008.

    Almost all of these coaches were ex-footballers.

    In that time, Nigeria won 3 bronze, 1 silver and 1 gold from the Africa Cup of Nations. We qualified for 3 world cups under local coaches.

    Incidentally, the much hyped-about Samson Siasia has the uneviable record of being the only local coach in this period to fail to win anything meaningful for Super Eagles – he couldn’t even qualify them for Afcon twice!

    Eguavon, Christian Chukwu, Amodu, Keshi, and Amokachi (as part of coaching teams) won bronze, silver and gold between them for Nigeria in Afcons between 2002 – 2016.
    And super Siasia; nothing, not a single trophy!

    At least Oliseh took a home-based Super Eagles to CHAN.

    The football authority in Nigeria cannot be accused of not giving our local coaches a chance.

    However, the administration of Amaju Pinnick wants to take things to another level with a new direction of foreign coaches for both the male and female teams and I think we should give him a chance.

    England did it: between 2002 and 2012, the Three Lions of England were managed by foreign coaches – first Sven Goran Eriksson and then Fabio Capello.

    Theses days they are managed by a son of the soil.

    We will inevitably go back to being managed by a local coach some time soon. But for now, it is hard not to support what Rohr is doing and the positive contributions he is making to our football.

  • Bro Achi, on the issue of giving indigenous coaches a chance, I have to give a huge thumbs up to the football administration of Nigeria over the years.

    Think about it, for a solid 14 years (between 2002 until 2016) the Super Eagles teams were coached for the most part by local coaches – apart from Bert Vogts in 2008.

    Almost all of these coaches were ex-footballers.

    In that time, Nigeria won 3 bronze, 1 silver and 1 gold from the Africa Cup of Nations. We qualified for 3 world cups under local coaches.

    Incidentally, the much hyped-about Samson Siasia has the uneviable record of being the only local coach in this period to fail to win anything meaningful for Super Eagles – he couldn’t even qualify them for Afcon twice!

    Eguavon, Christian Chukwu, Amodu, Keshi, and Amokachi (as part of coaching teams) won bronze, silver and gold between them for Nigeria in Afcons between 2002 – 2016.
    And super Siasia; nothing, not a single trophy!

    At least Oliseh took a home-based Super Eagles to CHAN.

    The football authority in Nigeria cannot be accused of not giving our local coaches a chance.

    However, the administration of Amaju Pinnick wants to take things to another level with a new direction of foreign coaches for both the male and female teams and I think we should give him a chance.

    England did it: between 2002 and 2012, the Three Lions of England were managed by foreign coaches – first Sven Goran Eriksson and then Fabio Capello.

    Theses days they are managed by a son of the soil.

    We will inevitably go back to being managed by a local coach some time soon. But for now, it is hard not to support what Rohr is doing and the positive contributions he is making to our football

    • Absolutely. Every once in a while we need a fresh infinity of ideas and tactic, trends and coaching.
      Arsenal saw when Wenger came and revolutionised football in the UK. Banning certain foods and using statistics to chart player progress.

      I’m not saying Rohr is the Messiah, bit some of his techniques will be picked up by the myriad of coaches both his assistants as well as coaches in our age group squads as well as players who he’s bringing in and managing.

      Our local coaches do well, and will only improve with the injection of new ideas and strategies. And yes, we have those who do very well and those who don’t do very well.

      At a time we had former players in charge of various squads senior, under 23, under 20 and under 17. As long as at keep picking the best coaches in the country and send them on courses to keep up to date, we will do well.

      Rohr’s time will come and go, but we need to ensure that the legacy lasts far longer than the memory. At the moment our football is still in the ascendancy at all levels. Let’s enjoy the ride in 2019 and see the improvement continue right up to world cup 2022

  • people like @drey there thinkin faculty is too low…these are de ones unable to solve simple match. since ur brain is too low to differentiate de squad, alright i wil tel u. 1)de best players dat period were mikel, musa,osazie,onazi, joel obi. immagine our best players at dat time. until de much talented ones came to play de dead rubber matches. even blind man saw de difference in de last two to three games…..v moses, iwobi, kelechi, ndidi, ikeme, etebo, u blind drey can u see de best players am talkin about. nig 1 vs egypt 1) egypt 1 vs nig 0) nig 1 vs tanzania 0) friendly matches nig 3 vs luxembourge 1) nig 1 vs mali 0) and all thanks go to kelechi iheanacho way far better than mikel obi as an attack midfielder at dat time. moses better than musa, iwobi better than eminike or who should i call?? ndidi better than onazi, etebo better than joel obi, ikeme better than aiyegbenugba and enyeama, onyibo wall also may be better than ambrose and yobo, so after siasia rj

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      Hahahahaha…you that your thinking faculty is high…..it is so high that it touched an NEPA wire and go electrocuted….that is why your english is so poor I cant even reply you. You that can solve simple ‘match’….oya explain all your jargons to us na.
      You listed players whom you called ‘our BEST’ players at that time. Ordinarily there cant be anything better than BEST…..as u be stark illiterate na….all of a sudden you came back and said “until the more talented ones came to play the dead rubber matches”….Sorry..why match was dead rubber…? Nig vs Guinea, Nig vs Egypt or Egypt vs Nigeria…??.
      And pls when dod Kelechi iheanacho became a better attacking midfielder than mikel, or iwobi become a better striker than emenike….??? Now its ikeme that is also better than enyeama…..LMAO.
      Bros….your thinking faculty is really high…..! Pls pass some of that hard drugs you are taking to Omo9ja and Chima too. They also need something to make the high like you…..LMAO.
      Wetin persin eye nor go see for CSN

    • Jones 2 years ago

      Guy from reading your comment its so obvious you are daft. Deo is one of the best football analyst on this forum.

    • onwajunior 2 years ago

      Guy calm down…still saying the same thing. The coach at that time made you believe that those were our best legs. Rohr came without sentiments and fielded players based on merit. Imagine Sia1 in both legs against Egypt playing Amuzie to mark Salah. Salah enjoyed himself in both legs. He even left Iwobi on the bench.

  • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

    Exactly my thoughts @deo and Dr. Drey.  Indigenous coaches have come and gone over the last two decades with various achievements. The probability of winning the WorldCup with local coaches outside of the 8 nations that’d won it is very minimal. Therefore, I don’t think an African country can ever win the WorldCup with a local coach.  Rohrs SuperEagles is definitely not there yet. There are still some flaws which will be cleaned up with time and evolution. As new youngsters continue to evolve the team will get better. However, it’s truly hard to ignore or not support what the gaffer is doing with the SuperEagles. 

    For me it feels like the Naughties all over again when Westerhoff built a remarkable SuperEagles. The AFCON in Egypt this summer will be a true test for this young team. IMHO a top striker is still missing, an intimidating presence in attack is absolutely vital and I think SuperEagles might still be lacking in that aspect. Either way the team is evolving and it’s having a positive impact on all phases of our national teams. 

    • @Ayphillydegreat. Apart from ighalo who has scored consistently for his club and recently come good for the SE, the only other striker who has consistently scored goals over the past two and a half seasons is Stephen Odey of Zurich FC (formerly top scorer MFM). He had scored in the Swiss cup, premier League as well as the Europa cup 10 goals and 2 assists in 26 matches this season already and he doesn’t look like stopping. He has continued this 2019 in the clubs friendly games whilst the Swiss League is on recess

      Osimhen has half a season under his belt and needs to build consistency. Blessing Eleke had also been looked at by Rorh who put him on standby once.

      The rest of our out and out strikers are not consistent enough. Another alternative is Onyekuru who has played the striker role six times for Galatasaray this season scoring 4 times from that position in four matches. The rest of his goals have come from midfield

  • @
    I agree with you on the need for a top attacker. We need someone who can stamp his authority on each game. We want someone whose presence would almost always sway results in our favour. The bane of the SE is what I’ll term ‘seasonal strikers’, strikers who shine brilliantly in a couple of games, but go dim in crucial matches.

    Interestingly, GR mentioned sometime ago that the reason behind the success of the French team is the special and close training of their strikers. He went on to disclose that they even have special coaches for strikers. This training model is perfectly in line with deliberate practice, a system that leads to excellence in almost all fields of human endeavour. The NFF should take this up, and with the assistance of GR, set up such a training scheme for strikers. We must work deliberately to mold the strikers we want, rather than merely hoping that they’ll just drop down from somewhere.

  • Greenturf 2 years ago

    The test against Egypt indeed is one we need to look at how our young but experienced team fares against a side that is very successful especially in the continent.
    Egypt vs Nigeria has never been easy from history.A typical north African side with physicality.This added physical strength is the reason they are successful in the continent but aren’t beyond.
    I’m expecting to see a very explosive match and this are the kind of games that good players like to play and one of them is Odion Jude Ighalo a player that has proved many of us wrong.
    Apparently, I’m one of his critics but lately he has won my support and today he is the best number 9 in Nigeria.
    I hope we win this game.
    We need great victories to spur our young lads and the coaching crew needs big games to test the strength of their wards .
    God bless Nigeria!

  • Mr Hush 2 years ago

    beautiful write ups..
    and to think this story has been here for days, the forum still open.. wow….

    my opinion ( you don’t have to accept)…

    1.Nigerians forget football is driven by culture. and humans are cultural beings. every nation has her culture, (and yes culture change with time), and we have ours.
    not every nation has a footballing culture..india, China and the US have the highest population, have the money yet aren’t good footballing nations.
    cause the US love the NBA, the NFL, they even call football,soccer..
    but Uruguay with a lesser image, has won the World Cup twice. And you can guess why..
    Nigeria,we love football, heck, we love any sports, we love to win…
    but Jack of all trade,..!!

    2. Knowing what you want..

    There are people, countries, that don’t know what they want. They might have the culture, talent but don’t have ambitions or dreams. No target..
    yes. most Africa nations produce talents, ( there is a reason that half of the European teams are made up of Africans.),but the administrators don’t know what they want or need. They don’t appreciate their potential.they down class it. And we are lost in history instead of building legacy.
    Nigeria falls into this bracket.. we have always have talent.. but bad administrators. so we are lost in the 94 squad,even when statistics has shown (not better), that this present squad has done enough to show, they are the real deal. Pinnick, isn’t a saint, but he has done more to elevate our football since akinyele in the babaginda era. And I stand to be corrected, then, westerhof skips akinyele, Nwobodo, (who was sports minister), and goes directly to the presidency, who was represented by Aikhomu, the vice, who was a football fanatic.. So yeah, 94 was great,5th in FIFA ranking, nations cup winner, World Cup qualifier, but same old rhetoric. That era is gone… We should deal with it….
    This is now..
    and pinnick, Rohr, as done well.. (so far.)

    3.this is now..
    focus on now.. the past don’t tell the future…
    no one lives on their father’s name,if you do, history would always remember you by your father’s legacy and that’s a shame.. A good son, should do more than his father.and build on his father’s legacy. Not getting stalk and reminiscing how good the old days were, if you do, life pass you by..

    Pinnick is doing a great job.
    the results speaks for itself.
    rohr might not be as blessed tactically, but tactics alone doesn’t win football matches.
    Rohr is great manager.
    he has stabilized the eagles.. And the Eagles has stabilized him.
    and his success, has made the NFF go the same way with the falcons by thing dennerby… Dennerby seeing Rohr’s success, in management, his doing the same..
    it takes time, but it would happen..
    lest we forget, other footballing nations got stars as well, even not, they got players that want to improve as well. they got a footballing culture like us, they got their overseas players too and their foreign coaches. even the successful ones, aren’t sleeping, easy to get to the top but hard to maintain to be on top. Nigeria is not an island..

    my conclusion,.yes, we got our desires, to win and win and win.. But it is easier said than done..
    and if you see we are going at the right direction, hold back your cynicism. Good critic are not cynics..
    criticising for the sake of it, doesn’t make it better. it shows sentiments, and sentiments don’t build success .
    criticise when necessary..

    Pinnick, Rohr, Eagles, Falcons, you are doing great… We can only get better..

    keep the momentum.. don’t stop.. accept criticism and keep working.. knowledge is a continuous process..

    this is just my opinion