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Ilechukwu: NFF Must Punish Osimhen For Aggressive Rant Against Finidi

Ilechukwu: NFF Must Punish Osimhen For Aggressive Rant Against Finidi

Enugu Rangers’ title-winning coach Fidelis Ilechukwu has advised the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) to punish Super Eagles striker Victor Osimhen for his aggressive rant against Finidi George.

Recall that the Napoli star made aggressive comments on the former Super Eagles head coach a few hours after he tendered his resignation from the job.


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However, in an interview on Brila FM, Ilechukwu stated that Osimhen’s show of disrespect must be punished by the NFF.

“Osimhen is a nobody to disrespect Finidi. As the African best player, one of our best players, he must learn to be patient and explain himself even when the world is against him,” Ilechukwu told Brila FM.

“He needs to apologize. He must, because an apology is a sign of humility. It is not always good to behave like he is beyond control. Who is he?

“This is a player from yesterday who started from under-17 just talking and ranting. As far as I’m concerned, NFF should take drastic action against that kind of attitude.”

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  • Larry 1 month ago

    Fidelis stop gaslighting and go enjoy your biggest achievement in your career. Save your energy for CAF CL. Your mindset should be on how to surpass the feat of Amodu ROP, Keshi RIP, Ikhana,Emordi etc.
    Fidelis, save your energy for a refresher course in the western world. I see you need to polish your management skills. May be you will get to learn more about individuals rights.
    Go viral by fighting for hardworking local coaches to get the respect they deserve. You should be asking the nff for the reason why coaches of the top three npfl teams are not considered for the U-20, U-23, and CHAN jobs..
    Take your fight to the nff and ask why you are not considered ahead of Ladan and other serial failures..
    The nff must be foolish and erratic to
    allow these haters to achieve their
    ulterior motives of getting at Osi for
    Just reacting to personal assault.
    I hope the nff does not fall for this trap !!

    • Chima E Samuels 4 weeks ago

      Shut your trash mouth you’re not even making any sense. Blackman with dirty mentality so because he is a local coach he should not say the fact. Your inferiority complex and licking ass of people you see on Tv will never make you grow silly boy coming out to talk trash on coach fidelis. A lot of you don’t understand anything about football that is why you people will come here writing nonsense with your follow follow cheap mentality.

      • yabaoh M 4 weeks ago

        shima x daniels how market bros?
        shima biko nna ehn where is dis ting dem call kel nau? how came we never hear from the mumu today? abeg ask am for de pipo say how market, tell am sey de pipo wan know how market wit hin pls lolz

      • yabaoh M 4 weeks ago

        shima h daniel how market bros?
        shima x daniels how market bros?
        shima biko nna ehn where is dis ting dem call kel nau? how came we never hear from the mumu today? abeg ask am for de pipo say how market, tell am sey de pipo wan know how market wit hin pls lolz

        • Larry 4 weeks ago

          Old boy, dumbest boy on CSN. Grow up from your third class citizen mentality. You are talking about complexity when it’s obvious you are going through mental illness and loneliness. Go get some help!!

          • Chima E Samuels 4 weeks ago

            Hang yourself if you can’t help yourself. My bad advice for you.

      • Douglas John Ufuoma 4 weeks ago

        Which fact by throwing his players under the bus, was the players responsible for the invitation of the Tanzania player playing the full match of the two games, is it the players that ask him to start a striker that have managed two goals for more than three years with the super eagles. You were among those that drum the support for the sack of rohr, it is like you have not learn your lesson 

  • Four four two 1 month ago

    @ compelled to comment on this Issue by the say some sycophants have been making unnecessary calls for the NFF to punish Osihmen. Do people understand that there is provocation of assault? Osihmen was provoked by Finidi’s accusations. He has every right to respond . While must Finidi use Osihmen as a scape goat after leading SE to failure. Was Osihmen part of the
    team? Why did Finidi not blame the players he called up or better still admit his tactical ineptitude. Its ovvious Finidi cooked up false accusations against Osihmen as a cover up for his failure. Whether NFF like it a not they should understand that Osihem is a superstar and must treated with respect. Its natural that being a superstar always comes with this underlying Stubborn and arrogant predilections. Watch Mbape, messi, C Ranaldo , etc u will understand what i mean. So i will use this meduim to beg NNF play into FINIDI’s cover tactics and hence force Osihmen into early retirement like Oliseh force Eyama to retire premature. We all know the consequence of Eyama’s premature Retirement. Players like Osihmen come onces in decade and they with a certain temperament which ofcourse manifest positively by the way the give thier all in the field of play. I will therefore advice the NFF to use their head; call Osihmen and Findi and settle them amicably for the sake of the SE in particular and the Unity of Nigeria in general

    • Douglas John Ufuoma 1 month ago

      God bless you sir, what stop finidi for not coming out by himself and tell t he whole world what happened. Some persons are involved referring to him as an elder, an elder don’t try to kill career of a little one, it is forbidden. He that brought home fire infected with any should not go complaining when the lizard come home as visitors 

    • Jesse 4 weeks ago

      Please when did finidi call out Oshimen or used his name as a scapegoat. How did he provoke Ohimen. Please come here and be peddling lies about the issue between oliseh and Enyeama.

      • Chima E Samuels 4 weeks ago

        Leave those imbeciles with slave mentality, I have seen a lot of their kind first thing they discuss is how much Davido and wizkid are worth instead of having quality conversation to better their lives. Africa is full of dumbasses and low thinkers that is why you don’t even think of raising kids in Africa. People think you can just wake up abroad and talk anyhow to a coach and then mediocres will be hailing. Osimhen was my no1 gem but I just realised he is a nobody really because these are the kind of people that will remain alone at the top and die of depression because of their stupidity as a result of poor education that he can not even manage fame and success. He was even saying on the background that he will nod someone. What a thuggery personality from a big head that should be an ambassador of unity!!!

        • Chima. Thank you. I believe some people who supports this thuggery did not watch the video. I wonder what people living around him will be experiencing.

          Bossing and bullying everyone. This is someone who was hawking pure water some years ago.

          He said nobody can advice him. What a talk. He is the God of his life. Pride goes before a fall.

          He needs to be treated. He was unwell in that video

          • Lordavid 4 weeks ago

            Anyone blaming osimhen is not being truthful to himself or is not smart findi lied against osimhen and even dropped our captain and lied that his not fit finidi was about to destroy our SE for good

        • Chima E Samuels 4 weeks ago

          No because he is Caf best and top 10 in the world last season. Cheap people without principles after they will come and be educating me on my outburst here. I thought they would have scolded Osimhen before I come here only to my surprise they are naming Osimhen’s achievement instead of helping him to know his wrongs. The players who gave outburst are never good examples yet someone is linking A Zidane that defended his family to an illiterate Osimhen who is displaying ego like all this idiot Nigerian musicians. UK and advanced parts of the world see football as school but these idiots on this forum and Osimhen’s ass lickers have no idea.

          They think Jason Sacho of ManU wouldn’t have said more if he really wanted to scold his coach but only declined not to apologise and get the bout still. Yes he succeeded at Dortmund but it doesn’t matter!!!

          • Douglas John Ufuoma 4 weeks ago

            Zidane defended his family, PA to zidane has spoken. Did you hear their conversation, so head booting matarazzi was the best response to the situation.  If truly Marco insulted why not return the same insult.
            Yaya tuore was also defending his family when he was fighting ballotelite in the train ground during their time in Man City. What of carlso teves cartoon of himself drawning Ferguson after he lift man united. What of ronaldo and Ronny training incident that led Ferguson picking the issues with ronaldo, diof the spitting cobra, Raul that hate been substituted in Real Madrid, or is it zlatan behaviour from juve to barc to Milan. Name them.
            Is it your Olise and siasia, mostly siasia they beg constantly to come and play for Nigeria, your finidi and Olise that led the coup of match bonus that causes Nigeria 2002 nations cup?
            You are sitting the western players, please name any foreign coach that invite below standard players from leagues that look like secondary school inter-house sport and with wrong approach to match and still blame players for his failure, just name one.

        • Douglas John Ufuoma 4 weeks ago

          At one point you will use the west world as an barometer, at any point you will throw them under the bus, stand one place for once. Coming to osime, if finidi is man enough and he is truest an elder statesman let him sue those newspapers that said he accused Osime of not been patriotic.
          Talking about foreign coach, name one nation that get involved in a in-house fight when their house is on fire.
          I dear finidi to sue those media house that publish the news of him accusing osime if truly finish is man enough

        • Douglas John Ufuoma 4 weeks ago

          My Oga try and verify before you conclude, if you are speaking from personal experience don’t think other behavior like that. So what is wrong if adult at their leisure time chooses to praise their stars. What is the difference between comparing wizkid and davido who is richer and fighting over Messi and Ronaldo, who now have the wrong mentality.
          Some persons spend time doesn’t mean they are jobless even if you are one, before you run into conclusion why not Google each persons name here and see who is a lower lifer. I will not join issue with, just advise finidi to sue the media house that quoted him out of context if he is man enough, then we all will who is wrong and right 

    • Have you seen the video where Finidi said that. Even if he said that, is that the way an APOTY supposed to reply. Cursing Nigerians. He overstepped his boundaries.

      Four for two, so you will be happy if you have a child (God forbid)and he put out such video. Have you watched the part two of the video.

  • MONKEY POST 1 month ago

    Finidi never mentioned osimhen…he confirmed it that he never mentioned osimhen.. even the guys around him confirmed that finidi never mentioned osimhen when he was asked about the commitment of the guys…He only said he will never begged anybody to play for his country…

    I wonder where you guys are getting all those lies and cooked up stories from…

    In Nigeria we must understand that we have values…we must always learn to respect our elders, legends and all those who paved the way for us…

    There are better and other ways for osimhen pass his frustration..

    • MONKEY POST 1 month ago

      And to me that statement “I cannot beg anybody to play for his country” there by finidi could be targeted to anyone…it could be targeted to even Nathan tella who latter witdrew… It could even be for those who were handed invitation or those who are already in camp to give their all out knowing fully well that its their country so they must not be begged to represent their country…it doesn’t not mean that someone is not committed

      • Douglas John Ufuoma 1 month ago

        Why did he make that comment after calling osime’s name, why must he blame blames for his failure. Were the players who are responsible for him not o invite the captain and feed a player f on Tanzania league, were players responsible for him not to invite taiwo, were they the one that ask him to start Onuochi that have managed only two goals for super eagles for more than three years now, were the plays that ask him to bench the guy that scored for him against South Africa for whole 90 minutes 

        • Chima E Samuels 4 weeks ago

          Where did you see on headline of a serious news that Finidi blames Osimhen for WCQ woe? Yeye people birds of same feather fly together. Osimhen is a coward for all I care and those following him are bigger cowards.

          • Dr. Drey 4 weeks ago

            Chima Eberibe Samuels…..shameless bandwagoner.

            Ilitteracy is a disease. Go and read the Guardian, The Nation and Sahara reporters online.

            These are not bloggers or ‘money for hand, back for ground’ media houses

            guardian.ng – i-cant-beg-osimhen-to-play

            thenationonlineng.net – finidi-i-cant-beg-osimhen-to-play-for-super-eagles.

            saharareporters.com -2024/06/15 – finidi-george-slams-nigerian-football-federation-says-victor-osimhen-other-senior#google_vignette.

            Its the words of these media houses against Finidi’s image maker Colin Udoh’s…albeit Colin Udoh didn’t outrightly deny Finidi saying the things he was alleged to have said….Colin only stated that he never mentioned “anybody’s name”.

            When we say idiots like you are ingoramuses who never get their facts right before opening their filthy mouths to talk in public, they will say we are insulting you.

            Who is the damn coward between Osimhen and your incompetent tin-god now…????

            Even the bible advices it is wise for a fool to keep his mouth shut. Because when a fool learns to always keep quiet, you might actually think he is wise.

    • Douglas John Ufuoma 1 month ago

      Can you show the house the link where he denial not calling osime’s or you are referring to a third party that might be trying to sugar coat the issue. Findi is a senior player, yes. As a coach he most be open to different nonsense. Has he forgot how himself and Sunday turn the team against officials because of match bonus.
      Why calling osime’s name before make sure commit

      • MONKEY POST 1 month ago

        So if I call out your name and and then when asked in the next question about the commitment of the players to the team…and then I said I can’t beg “anybody” to play for his country those it mean I am refering to you??

        Hmmm..do you think if the likes of drogba and some african football great had done such outburst to mourinho and the rest. Do you think their career would have been that massive? Or you think drogba never had any altercation with mourinho? You think he was saint? But no you never saw it on the internet… drogba probably managed it in a better way

      • MONKEY POST 1 month ago

        Oga I have some reliable friends in the NFF and some top level journalist friends too who confirmed these…

        • Douglas John Ufuoma 1 month ago

          Let finidi come out himself and denial the accusation first, not using third party to defend himself. He is an adult let h behave like one. 1994 squad are hell bend in sinking Nigeria football, first it was siasia, Olise now finidi. Why dragging a football house in a misunderstanding between you and your former player.
          NFF should in fact ban osime for life if that is what all the respect your elders want.
          There is what we call the stick and care of method when dealing with some hyper active persons, you have to be careful if not you end up been the loser.
          Let finidi apologize for throwing his players under the bus, then osime apologize for using unprofessional language on an elder state man, finish

      • Did I remembered one Effemberg, German midfielder in either 94 WC or Euro, I forget the tournament where he was substituted and prior to him been substituted, the fans have been hostile to his display on the pitch and he gave them the middle finger while exiting the pitch, what happened next was that the coach and the German FA sent him back home from the tournament and that marked the end of his NT career, I still do not see any logical reason to applaud what osimhen did, let’s even assumed FINIDI mentioned his name, those that gave him the GUT to lashed out at someone old enough to be ur father by calling him by his first name? Not even ascribing his title as coach or MR before calling his first name, and he didn’t insult only the coach but the entire soccer loving citizen yet you lots applaud him? It’s well is all I could say, but I’m sure the NFF know what to do.

    • likewise elders must learn to respect the young ones…Ilechukwu needs to shut up…..Abeg, na one league championship wey you win wey don enter your head like this?….

      • Douglas John Ufuoma 1 month ago

        God bless you sir, Africa bless leers also shield the younger from severe punishment that can destroy their career. He expect the leverkusen guy to come sit on the bench again for players that were active or for players from Tanzania league or Nigeria league that cannot go further than round of 16 in CAF champions league or cannot battle it out with their mate from other Africa league 

      • Chima E Samuels 4 weeks ago

        Olu that is why is said you people don’t know football than your agbero life style. If you follow grassroot football you’ll know Fidelis from MFM when they were just Sunday football church team. Even when Coach yemi was saying and giving tributes to Fidelis only a few will understand. This is first big job and he nailed it wait for the next. And another thing is that you any coach is bigger than player no matter how much players earn if you go into football guide. You’re all a disgrace including drey who just talk anyhow like a drunker for playing blind to what is right!!!

    • Dr. Drey 4 weeks ago

      Well done ehn.

      Y’all should continue playing with words. The rest of us don’t kuku understand conversational english.

      I am the only one with a big nose in a room. You say people with big nose are not trustworthy and say you are not referring to me since you didn’t call my name…who do you think you are trying to hoodwink.

      I cannot beg anyone to play for Nigeria…..Within the context of these WCQ and our unability to win 1 game yet, who is the anyone…?!

      Who amongst these current set of SE that finidi has called up since he took over in March has ever acted as if he needs to be begged to play for Nigeria…?

      Why is it under finidi’s watch the idea of even begging anyone to play for Nigeria is coming up, after being unable to defeat Benin republic on neutral ground…?

      So if it has come to ‘I cannot beg anyone player to play for Nigeria’ under Finidi’s watch within just 4 months then there is problem.

      People should stop making a fool of us as if we can’t see beyond our nostrils.

      From every information in the public domain….Finidi went into the meeting with the sports ministry and FA officials with the sole plan of throwing the players under the bus to save his job.

      Not being able to pick more than 1 point out of a realistic six according to finidi was solely down to the players. Nothing more…nothing less. It was not down to his faulty call ups….it was not down to his faulty lineups….it was not down to his horrible tactics…..it was not down to his incompetence and lack of Senior level managerial skillset.

      It was all down to the players….including the ones that didn’t even play.

      No wonder Osimhen was wise enough to constantly record every conversation he had with Finidi. I wonder why anyone should make video recordings of their conversation and interactions with me if I’m a honest person.

      The same set of players that submitted themselves to the molestation of playing negative football at afcon….some even taking pain killers all the way to the final, nearly bringing the trophy home….Same players are now not willing to die for Nigeria…..as if burning tonnes of calories of energy on the pitch in the name of committment can undo what directionless tactical instructions from an incompetent coach has done. Something must really be wrong somewhere

      You claim you didn’t mention Osihmen’s name, but the news was all over the media for days, while the boy was being trolled and subjected to all sorts of vitrol and vituperations on social media…3 straight days….but you never came out to debunk it until it was all thrown back at your face.

      It was also media men, mainstream media men (the likes of Guardian and Vangaurd) who broke the details of what transpired in the meeting with the sports minister to the public…so it’s their word against Finidi’s PR Manager’s.

      But it’s a confirmed fact that Finidi did heap blames solely on the players.

      We’ve been playing qualifiers with just 2 days training for years and the coaches involved never threw their players under the bus for any poor performance. A coach like peserio even stated publicly that no one should touch his players, all blames should come to him. Now that’s a REAL MANAGER.

      The worst thing that can happen to any man is to be sent to jail for a crime you were never a part of. But y’all hypocrites believe Osimhen has no rights-to-reply simply because he’s a public figure and Finidi is an ex balon dor winner….LMAOoo.

      Osimhen is expected to be “well behaved” like Okoye and Iwobi and then run into depression to please yall…LMAOoo. E never curse una finish….make una go touch in tail again ehn make e show una wat it takes to survive being raised in a landfill…LMAOoo

      Like I’ve said b4 and will boldly say again, no innocent son of mine will mope around like a homeless puppy while being scapegoated by an incompetent boss for his (the boss’) failure or misdemeanors. I will tell that son to his face he is a bastard child and should go look for his father elsewhere.

      The only thing I can fault Osimhen for is calling Finidi ‘Finidi’ and not at least ‘Coach Finidi’…otherwise every backstabing boss deserves to be ratted out and ranted at in that manner.

      And for those who claim he insulted ALL Nigerian fans….that’s a fat lie. He directed his insults and curses at those irresponsible low lives who have made a career out of invading players’ privacy to hurl insults and curses upon them. He only gave them back a taste of their own medicine. Anyone who belongs to that Category should take heart….LMAOoo…I know how it feels to get caught by stray bullets when you cannot mind your goddammed businesses…LMAOoo

      Imagine some people were even faulting osimhen for not going to camp or going to the stadium or traveling with the boys to Abidjan….? Some even insulted him for going clubbing on the day Nigeria played….like really. His life must come to a halt because we couldn’t defeat SA on home soil…? Or he should commit suicide because we can’t defeat Benin on Neutral ground…?

      NFF should hurry up with their ban. Osimhen will not be the 1st SE player to be scapegoated for percieved “indiscipline”. I can’t count how many times Stephen Keshi was banned during his days as a SE player. Infact his ban turned out to be a blessing as it opened the door for the exodus of Nigerian players to go playing football professionally abroad.

      The same people wey go ban am na dem go recall am wen agbada don hook for barb wire. The same way Jagajaga (me too I did not mention anybody name o) sanctioned Niger republic and later went begging them when Niger republic returned the favour….LMAOoo

      Since I’ve been following NFF, most of their bans have always ended in tears.

      We lost a chance to qualify for Italia 90 to bans….We were almost not gonna qualify for 94 or win the AFCON that year not until some banned folks were recalled…..we produced our worst ever world cup performance in 2002 due to ban….we lost the chance to qualify for 2004 Olympics to bans (when key players like Alfread Omoefe, Ejike Izuaga, Adebowale Ogungbure and the rest were banned for demanding their match bonuses for the All africa games?…We lost a chance to win the 2004 AFCON to ban….Siasia and Oliseh’s failure started when they were hell bent on “dealing with” certain senior players in the SE who wouldn’t bending over for them.

      So like I said, I can’t wait anymore for NFF to ban Osimhen….infact a 2 year ban will not be out of place.

      I cant remember any NFF ban that has not ended in tears. Anyone who can remember any should remind me…LMAOoo

      • Chima E Samuels 4 weeks ago

        Animal has failed to grasp the concept here. Osimhen is never right to go too far and say some strong words with so much superiority towards a national team coach. I have scolded you on this page for years but you have refused to fix your poor mentality. Now you’re rubbing it on people to accept wrong as right just because these are your attributes and shortcomings.

        • Dr. Drey 4 weeks ago

          Hahahaha….its like your “evil spirit” has come back into your life today….LMAOoo.

          Look at this street dog coming to tell us about concepts…LMAOoo. This half-cooked illiterate….LMAOoo.

          Please tell us the so-called “strong word” Osimhen used against Finidi, you idiot.

          And he claims he has watched the video….LMAOoo…When we tell them to go to school they will say school is a scam. Simple English they cannot comprehend.

          You have scolded me or you have prayed I should die severally because you are gutter bred lying fool, yet I am still alive and evenwaxing stronger than ever.

          I have a poor mentality yet people would rather read from me and align with my thoughts than from an illiterate like you. Does that not show you are nothing but a stupid swine than no one can find any wisdom from…?

          I just laid bare the facts in my comment up there, if I have lied anywhere in that comment, point out whatever I have written that is false.

          Otherwise why no learn to keep you dirty gutters shut if you do not have anything sensible to say…?

          Finid is an accomplished ex-internationl…but it doesn’t make him a god to be worshipped by a wretched fool like you…the same way you’ve been worshipping the likes of Sunday Dare, Odegbami and virtually everyone contributing to the downfall of Nigerian football because in your wrreched mind, they are rich people who must not be questioned or held to account.

          Shameless money miss road.

          Ofcourse You don’t any name and reputation….there is no where else the name CHima E Samules is being mentioned across the world except on CSN….LMAOoo…so a hunger striken fool like you can never relate with what it means to brave all odds to build a name only for some incompetent failure to want to rub it in the mud in order to save his job…or the extent people go to defend and protect their name.

          Once agiane tell us the so-called “strong word” Osimhen used against Finidi, you idiot….or forever hold your peace…!

          I can see you have been name-checking me in all your comments as if Dr.Drey is the only person who has refused to be a foolish band-wagonner like you.

          You want my attention right……don’t worry, you will get it today.

          • Chima E Samuels 4 weeks ago

            You’ll never learn, we are here on this page hand go still touch you las las. Life has a way of taming idiots!!!

          • Dr. Drey 4 weeks ago

            Hahahaha…the way life has tamed an idiot like you right…? A useless fool who comes here bragging he feeds his siblings…LMAOOo.

            Shameless wretchedly one-eye-blind idiot wallowing in the midst of his poverty striken kindred.

            Dont worry, we will see who hand touch between the two of us very soon, you Swine.

            Apparently you are too daft to even pinpoint any falsity in what I have written above, nor counter with logic any of the points I raised.

            Continue carrying handbags for your tin-gods who can never do wrong because of whom they were 30 years ago.

            Ewu Tanzania.

          • Selfmade 4 weeks ago

            Thank God people like Dr. useless don’t run our football or even close to it. He will tolerate a player slapping a coach. Useless narcissist.

      • Dr drey may God bless you for this your honest comment…you nailed it.

  • Douglas John ufuoma 1 month ago

    God bless you sir, everybody now remember we have law as an African to respect our elders but same people were silent when Davido called momodu is boy. I read somebody said the  emotional outburst will affect osime career, I believe those people are not new to football. Carlos Teves constantly fight with almost all his coaches, is it Mido of Egypt, zlatan Ibrahim   Movich.
    Many have forgot it was findi the assistant captain and Olise that repellion that us 2002 nations cup lose to Senegal. I over read in owngoalnigeria of a super eagles players complaining of osime fighting others, maybe the player is new to football. He should watch the training of man city when ballotite was there. Olise once head boot his fellow players, name any national team that players don’t fight themselves.
    The best we can do is to advise osime to apologize to finidi and for finidi in turn to apologize to o osime for character assassination. No professional coach ever throw his players under the bus.
    As for those are saying finidi is or was greater than osime, let those persons first win best in their department of work before national and continental before they come out and accuse of osime of not playing. A player that hit double digit in three different leagues and highest goal scorer in Italian saria A does not know how to play ball, ok.
    Name any African footballer that have won highest goal scorer in two different league competitive league. And osime is suspended who will lead the attack, Boniface that is not consistent or moffi, onuachi, or iheanacho, Taiwo or who. We need to win the rest of our six matches and we are here talking of banning our top nine and calling him names to reduce his dedication. Let’s continue with this self-destruction. 
    Dr drey God bless you for what you said earlier, you will be proud of your own if they defined the family name from being tarnished. If you most come to equity come with clear hands and not hands filled with oil and dirt

    • MONKEY POST 1 month ago

      Osimhen that is just starting, you are there comparing him with zlatan, tevez…smh…

      Finidi is way greater than osimhen bro..won the league thrice with ajax, champions League nation’s cup etc so dont go there…

      Plus you will make a bad coach if you think your team can’t do without a certain player…

      • MONKEY POST 1 month ago

        Not to mention African cup of nations o…

      • Douglas John Ufuoma 1 month ago

        At least he has won Africa best which only two of the 1994 set won, he won highest goal scorer twice. Best Napoli player, one of the record breaker in Italian seria A at his age. All these are achievements many in the 1994 squad never achieved at his age

        • MONKEY POST 1 month ago

          Oga if you like score one million goals for white man and you no win anything for your country like nations cup na nothing…ask their drogba who won almost everything in Europe without winning something for their country they will tell you what it means…even mane after winning the nation’s cup said then it’s more valuable than winning league and any trophy for Liverpool…

          • Dr Banks 4 weeks ago

            @MONKEY POST, I no know say nasa your brain take dull like this, I initially thought you were just catching cruise as ever and never took you serious when you started. But now I know that your name Monkey was not given to you by mistake but well merited due to your antecedents

            Now let me ask you some questions

            1. What benefit do you stand to gain if Osimhen is banned from SE?

            2. What do you think will be the reaction of the other key players in the SE should Osimhen be banned? Don’t you think that most of them are unhappy with Finidi’s reign as manager ?

            3. Why do you think punishing a hard working member of the team to appease the destroyer of the team is the best decision to make?

            4. So if you have a company, will you fire your most productive staff just because he disrespect whom you just sacked due to non performance and sabotage?

            I am sure you still have some normal brain cells left in your medulla oblongata to answer these questions with some sense and honesty

          • MONKEY POST 4 weeks ago

            Yea @dr banks my brain dull like your mama clintos…you idiot..I use to be a fan and admire you and some few here but from this osimehn issue I have lost every respect and admiration of you

          • Dr Banks 4 weeks ago

            Can’t you see that you are worse than Osimhen here now, you hypocrite.

            At least Osimhen never abuse Finidi’s mama.

            Well I tell you for free, that my mama way you mention go visit you from heaven to curse you in your dreams tonight unless you apologise right now………………Ashe waa, beeni yoo’ri

          • MONKEY POST 4 weeks ago

            Ode Because I say I gat respect for you, you now see yourself as finidi? Lmao…Omo if you check most of una here I senior una and I get money pass una but una go sit Dan behind keyboard dey answer Dr dey call people brain dull thinking it’s funny…Omo me na me go visit you tonight with my family shrine to curse your generation…

          • MONKEY POST 4 weeks ago

            And to compare me and your altercation here to that of osimehn and finidi shows how poorly informed you are of the entire situation…did finidi insult osimehn? But osimehn went as far as not insult but hurling curses inviting Ogun and the rest….

            I repeat I only respect admire some of you guys comments here no mean say I dey fear anybody..

            You call a God given man’s brain dull…brain wey him dey crack everyday on the road to feed his family, siblings aged parents and all and you think you can limit the way he insult you back… You must be kidding….

          • Dr Banks 4 weeks ago

            Osimhen only said… “I have lost respect for that man”……….all the rest are jaara as an Olusosun, Ojota boy that he is.

        • MONKEY POST 1 month ago

          This is how tomorrow now if he disrespect Jay jay you will come out and side him because he has won African best and Jay jay has not… lmao Jay jay wey even Ronaldinho dey bow for? Omo if he try that one and if anyone support am I go look for una both and flog una…

          • Douglas John Ufuoma 4 weeks ago

            Okocha will not go low as inviting players from Tanzania that street football from Nigeria is better than, okocha will not risk to invite home base players that still need to be taught how to maintain his wing and how to pullout successfully. Okocha will never blame others for his failure.
            Lastly Okocha will not risk to start a play with just two goals in more than three years along with  a player who is match rust 

          • yabaoh M 4 weeks ago

            monkey pest
            continue admire lolz mumu
            a blind man must always follow behind the one eye man nau, is noting new dere yeye dey smell lolz
            csn continue delete – pls be your own guest dey use yer own hand dey delete yer own life one by one lolz bunch of mediocer dogs haha

          • Dr. Drey 4 weeks ago

            Thank you Douglas.

            Okocha was Finidi’s teammate, yet he took it upon himself to go and speak with he best African coach alive at the moment, to come and take the SE job

            Now that is patriotism.

            He put friendship aside, put brotherhood aside, put sentiments aside and put merit at the front burner, because he knows Finidi cannot stay in the same room Pitso Mosimane is in when it comes to coaching, let alone get close to him to lace his boots.

            Has anyone ever seen Okocha talking anyhow in the media…?

            Has anyone ever seen Okocha making these retrogressive suggestions that these ex-internationals make up and down…?

            Has anyonever every seen Okocha granting useless interviews to CSN like other ex-internationals….?

            Okocha is heads and shoulders above may of his charlatan 94 squad colleagues. I repesct that dude 100%. Himself and Kanu Nwankwo. You will never meet them in any place where evil conspiracies are being cooked up.

            Nobody can ever disrespect those two. Because first and foremost, they respect themselves, hold them selves in high esteem and despite being the GOATs of Nigerian football, they never look down on the younger generation.

          • Ride don my guy @ monkey post, I wonder how the individual with highest degree before there names DR are the once acting weird in respect to this issue and that makes me to kinda want to question if that title was actually legit or man made, like how on earth would anybody support osimhen rant? I’m sure even his dad, mum and elder relatives would scold him for his act. Na wah ooo.

      • Edoman 4 weeks ago

        Monkey, short up. How can Finito be bigger than Nigeria Osimhen in this life.
        Finito who refused to play for Nigeria at Atlanta Olympics. He said he was too big for Olympic games and he missed out on Olympics gold medals.
        I am very happy to have played a role in his well-deserved sacking from his post as the National coach.
        l shall try to reach out to Osimhen not to play for Nigeria again until all those abusing him now tender their unreserve apology. Let those stupid indults tell us who is better than Osimhen in the last 15 years. He did not win is best African Player because he was playing for Nigeria, he won it because he was doing his things in Europe.
        By the time l finish with him as an Edo son, like me, let those stupid finitos think they can mess around Edo boys anyhow.
        Let those stupid finitos that are abusing Osimhen die in shame and as they cannot even beat Oga Rohr’s boys in a neutral ground without our best Edo son. I will make sure Victor do not play for Nigeria again if you don’t kneel down and beg us. A place where caws talk anyhow. If you are one of those who abuse or talk bad of our Edo son Osimhen, you will soon die. God will punish you. Amen.

    • SeanT 4 weeks ago

      You local Coaches and Ex super eagles should let Osimhen rest for God sake. His outrage was bad but have you all forgotten that for every action, their is certainty of reaction from the aggrieved or opposing party.

      Finidi did said something no matter how they all try to cover it. If he denied that he wasn’t referring to Osimhen when he said he can’t beg any player to rep his country, them who is he referring to in another sentence when he said he could have manage to play the 2 matches eventhough he’s injured. Why is everyone not looking at that part of the whole scenario.

      If Osimhen is banned as they wish, the SE will struggle and will find it difficult to win even 1 or 2 of the remaining matches. SE players are lazy, Osimhen has always been the Driving force inspiring them all. So leave him out st your own peril.

      NFF has only 1 job, which is to call a meeting to see how they can settle this amicably. Ighalo who Osimhen respect a lot should try to talk to Osimhen as well and see how he can make him apologies to Finidi eventhough he doesn’t deserve it just to let peace reign.

      No competent Coach will throw his players under the bus for losing matches. He will defend them and take the blame upon himself. Then in his mind, he will deal with the situation and bench or discard whoever need to be benched or sent parking from the team. Simple as that.

      FINIDI said a whole of things either. He will take the players out before they kick him out of the job. Does that sound professional ?

      Even the supposed teammate condemning Osimhen action shows that he’s the jealous types who is bitter inside cuz why say all that to add fire to the issue on ground.

      • Sean but he didn’t influence us to qualify for world cup against Ghana. He scored only one goal at afcon. We are not going to a second world cup in a row.

        He struggles to score against top teams in Europe and Africa. Tell me when last he scored against a top team in Italy and in Africa.

        I ll continue to share this until he comes out to apologize to Nigerian fans for cursing us.

        He is overating himself more than necessary. As if he does not have weaknesses.

        To sum it up, he can’t produce the video where Finidi accused him. It shows his corrupt state.

        We have watched greats in the super eagles. Some of us are not just watching super eagles. One overrated player can’t just come out and be bullying everyone. He bullied ikpeba, u Zoho, bullied coaches and now finidi and the fans.

        Yet with his money he has not rejected match bonuses paid to him from tax payers money.

        I know some people won’t like this but I don’t care. I have never seen such horrible video and behavior from a player of that status. Rubbish.

    • Chima E Samuels 4 weeks ago

      You are writing nonsense just like the combination of your name. Using bad examples to justify nonsense and displaying your poor upbringing/education here. I am not surprised you’re supporting a fellow illiterate for his rant plus tagging an ill mannered person on this page for thank you. Everything adds up to your notion so keep it up I’m out of here anyway.

  • ABDULRAZAK 4 weeks ago


    • Douglas John Ufuoma 4 weeks ago

      This is the summary of the whole event, I am even surprised somebody like Peter Idah can demand for response after all the printed names he called rohr, wonders they say will never end. Let them tell finidi to come out and defend himself, he is not deaf and dumb. Why are other locals coaches being the one fighting for him, let him come out and tell the world what he said, simple and why he refuse osime from joining the camp even when he request to come over 

      • Douglas John Ufuoma 4 weeks ago

        Complete sports abeg bring back the editing button ooooooo

  • This fool that call himself monkey is a fool.ok now you people are insulting that young man there is no problem with that but when he will talk now everybody will start vibrating.when someone come out and ask who is Victor and all that you people didn’t find any disrespect in that.f..k finidi f.. K peterside. Fo.. K monkey and his brother fidelis

    • MONKEY POST 4 weeks ago

      LMAO.. this your grammar alone has already shown who truly is the fool…”this fool that calls himself monkey is a fool”… Lmao…

      So it will be embarrassing to engage in a convoy with you…

      • yabaoh M 4 weeks ago

        monkey pest
        see igbe dey call shit latrine lolz
        so how yu come better nau?
        watin be convoy wey your mumu yash want engage? lolz
        mumu say him wan engage convoy lolz , nor be only convoy, na entourage lolz idiot ewu hahaha

        • My brother@yabaoh leave that hopeless dog.people like him are the problem of Nigeria today. They always think they know better than everybody.

      • Edoman 4 weeks ago

        Monkey, l says short up. Everyone knows that you are a Ghanaian in our mix. No one sees you when things are good. Monkey, go home oooooo.

  • Akunde 4 weeks ago

    Hahahaaaaa. . Some people just talk, like this Illechukwu. Punish Osi? How will NFF do it? Not call him to SE? But that’s all it can do. Osi can ask for retirement from international football now, and nothing be done against him. At worse, Naija will lose. De no de call police for this kind matter ooo. Illechukwu, be calming down and maturing. Idah no carry your ambition use and talk anyhow. Unto say…

  • yabaoh M 4 weeks ago

    csn is jus a cross sector on dis useless nigrieas – una no get brain useless pipo
    as you dey delete na so una life go dey delete one by one lolz
    oya continue lolz
    dey play

  • Four four two 4 weeks ago

    You say what bro? Can you all just let bygones be bygones on this issue?

  • Four four two 4 weeks ago

    You say what bro??

  • Four four two 4 weeks ago

    Everybody keep calm and carry on.

  • Gbenga 4 weeks ago

    Osimeh may have also shot himself in the foot for future accolades that require voting by journalists. Mitchell Obi said on Channels TV on Sunday how they fought to make sure Osimeh was made the African footballer. The journalists may just feel they feel it’s not a good thing to vote an uncultured person in the future. Osimeh could have just thought twice before his ranting!

    • Dr Banks 4 weeks ago

      Did Mitchel Obi also fought to make Osimhen the 8th Best player in the world (Ballon d’or)? Yeye journalists whom are only interested in crumbs falling into their pockets boasting like say they matter. Where was he when Okocha and Mikel Obi were robbed?

      So you think someone who was no 8th in the world Ballon d’or and 1st rated African player (Salah was 11th) will now drop out of APOTY in the same year where he was the top scorer in the AFCON Qualifier and Seria A winner?

      You guys should try get some sense jare

  • Golden Child 4 weeks ago

    I just pity Osimhen because those who are cheering him on do not really love him. A lot of them just feel they need him in the SE and not because they care for his wellbeing. However, anger rest in the bossom of fools and as such , I do not expect Osimhen to heed to the voice of wisdom. They will cheer him on till he falls over a cliff and would desert him.

    Insight is a powerful thing, not many possess it. If Osimhen does not play for the eagles again, the world will not come to an end. We have seen where players considered too important to be excluded from their teams are left out of the teams and the teams go on to achieve great things in their absence. AimeJacquet, the famous French coach who won the France 98 world Cup did so without 2 of france’s illustrious and best players in Eric Cantona and David Ginola. You see prior to the mundial in france, the coach fell out with France 2 best players mentioned above and froze them out of the team. It seemed like a disaster and many would have called for his head especially since France failed to qualify for USA 94. The FA however stood with the coach and with his vision for the team. The coach went on to build his team over an eight year period, picking a young Zidane, djorkaef, Henry,thuram et al. They won the world Cup that laid a foundation and blue print that would create a platform for future success.

    I am yet to see where success is built on the foundation of indiscipline. Many have attempted it and it inevitably came crashing down. The problem with Nigerian football fans is that most times, we are too eager for immediate success that we sacrifice the possibility of future success due to sentiments. A man who can not be corrected is a dangerous individual and will eventually destroy everything along his path. Such man is what the holy book terms as Fool.

    I am convinced if Osimhen were to slap a coach tomorrow in Nigeria, there will still be some section of fans who will defend his actions. NFF , it is over to you. You have a chance to stop a negative precedence or lay the foundation for anarchy in our football. The ball is in your court.

    • Golden Child, Players in the Super Eagles are not children they are all men and should be addressed as such. Finidi is one of our football heros in Nigeria because he gave all during his playing days no matter what just happened, he remains a HERO. But he made a mistake by calling out the likes of Osimhen after the disastrous outing against South Africa and Benin. As a coach that was unacceptable, IF Finidi felt Osimhen ought to have played with his injuring, he could have sat down with him before the two matches just to know the level of his injuring, as a former player it would have been easy for Finidi to convince osimhen to play for him if he felt the injury could be managed through the two matches or one of them. You don’t exclude a player from your team and turn around to blame him for bad outing. Meanwhile, some fans had started to rain curses on Osimhen for not playing and his refusal to even show up in the camp to cheer up his team mates. If he had not spoken out we wouldn’t have known that he wanted to be in the camp but the coach said no. Personally, i believe the real problem of Nigeria football is not with players or players discinpline . The real problem is THE ANBANDONMENT OF GRASSROOT DEVELOPMENT OF NIGERIAN FOOTBALL BY THOSE APPIONTED/ELECTECTED TO MANAGE OUR FOOTBALL. There are funds budgeted for the development of sports both at the National/State levels in Nigeria and huge sums of money from Fifa solely for the development of football. What do they do with all the money?….

      • Golden Child 4 weeks ago

        @Frank Smith, you miss the point. I haven’t questioned Osimhen’s right to defend himself but how he articulated himself, albeit with the language of a garage tout.

        He represents 200 million plus Nigerians, he should conduct his affairs with dignity. Moreover, he is a role model to many aspiring young footballers, what example is he setting for them?

        Some people are even comparing what Osimhen has done for Nigeria with Finidi George, unbelievable! Finidi ‘s club career is way better than Osimhen in terms of achievement.

        1. FInidi was part of the all conquering Ajax side that dominated the Dutch league, won the EUCL and world club championship.

        2. Finidi won the afcon in Tunis 94.

        3. Finidi’s goal booked Nigeria’s passage to her 1st ever world Cup.

        3. Finidi was part of the great USA 94 team that destroyed Bulgaria with Hristo stoichkov, dismantled Bulgaria and pushed Argentina, even scoring a goal at the sundial.

        4. Finidi was part of the Nigerian USA 94 team that was ranked 5th in the world . A feat no other African team has managed. I remember seeing an interview Romario granted on eurosport when he was asked days to the commencement of the world Cup which countries he thought could win it. I beamed with pride when he mentioned Nigeria. That was how elevated those guys elevated the country. Had we gone past Italy, only God knows the possibilities of that team. Bulgaria that was thrashed 3-0 by Nigeria went on to the semis whilst Italy that stopped us went all the way to the final.

        Lastly, he secured a silver medal in the afcon hosted by Nugeria and Ghana, playing scintillating football only to be stopped by arguably the greatest Cameroonian team ever assembled

        It is funny how most people forget the labour’s of our heroes past

        • Golden Child 4 weeks ago

          Finidi also qualified for 3 world cup tournaments for Nigeria, putting us on the global map. Finidi was part of the team at France 98 that destroyed the mighty Spain, pipped Paraguay, qualifying for the group stage in USA 94 and France 98.

    • Footballfanatic 4 weeks ago

      You said it all…. Insight is a powerful gift that most people don’t possess…

    • Golden child. Thank you. All they want is for him to play for super eagles. They don’t care about his life. Yekini had an internal problem but did not disclose it. The Oshimen I saw in that video needs help very quickly.

      That is my concern. Not even playing for super eagles. Players go and players come in super eagles. And to a player who has not even won anything for super eagles.

      Let us respect the views all those who are are supporting him but I hope they won’t wish their own children put up such video and saying no one can advise me in how to live my life.

  • Dr Banks 4 weeks ago

    @Monkey post, I really don’t know that you are such a Dumb Ass. 

    Who is Finidi where I am? What I make after paying Tax, VAT and my staffs’ Salary is twice Finidi’s salary of 15Million Naira for being SE Coach.

    You think everyone typing behind a laptop are nonentities like you? You think the Dr behind my name is just a honorary title? Or you think I practice in 9ja?

    • Please bro @dr banks forget about that ogun ritualist that called himself monkey.very soon he will vanish like others.because he will soon be jailed.

    • Philip 4 weeks ago

      And who cares or gives a hoot about who you are or the Dr behind your name. Oga abeg go sleep. Do you Finidi’s worth that you here making non sense comment

    • 9jaRealist 4 weeks ago

      @DR. BANKS, I didn’t read the entire thread (perhaps because I have a real job…LOL), but your last post caught my eye…

      If you really are anywhere in the civilized part of “the abroad” you will realize the importance of discipline and respect for an office (even if you don’t necessarily respect the person). If you’re “practicing” in any reputable hospital or practice, you would be aware that you cannot publicly insult the chief executive without adverse consequences. Sadly, there’s a reason that you prefer the orderly society that you’ve sought refuge in over a disorderly and essentially lawless Nigeria – and I doubt it’s the weather and/or food.

      Furthermore, it’s sad to observe that you’re one of those who subscribe to the “street” mentality that because you  allegedly make more money than Finidi you’re somehow more knowledgeable or perhaps even ‘better’ than him, or inherently more deserving of “respect”. Unfortunately, it’s exactly the sort of ghetto mentality that has largely contributed to the TRAIN-WRECK of a nation that Nigeria is becoming as everyone now worships and scrambles for money even if it means stealing, kidnapping, killing, prostitution.

      Finally, on the SUBSTANTIVE matter at hand, Finidi will not be the first coach to throw players under the bus (unlike some of delusional drivel on this thread, even top coaches such Ferguson, Houllier, Klopp, etc., have famously had occasion to call out players), neither will Osimhen be the first player to publicly ‘shade’ (if not outrightly insult) his coach. ISH happens, but there are  invariably CONSEQUENCES thereto. Having apparently ‘lost’ the locker room, I think Finidi did the right thing in resigning. He would’ve been eventually fired anyway if the results continued in the same vein it started, because coaching remains a primarily results business. Nonetheless, if Nigeria aspires to any semblance of probity and discipline, then Osimhen should immediately proffer and unreserved apology or be made to suffer some adverse consequences for his immature and ill-disciplined outburst (even if merely symbolic)

      • Dr Banks 4 weeks ago

        Guy you talk a little bit better than Monkey Post at least, so I will respond to you.

        First of all, I am not talking of just money, but I am telling that I am not a random guy who stumbled on wealth. I am an intellectual who worked hard to get to where I am, Monkey post cannot be comparing me with one school drop out like Finidi who was lucky to be spotted playing soccer and made some money for 10 to 15 years of his life. 

         Now let me tell you, in a civilised world, you cannot say because someone is your elder or boss, then he has absolute right to trample on you while you meekly say ok sir. NO it doesn’t work like that.

        Everyone has equal right, and there is always a recourse to every situation. When a player does something wrong, then the coach has the right to punish him or throw him under the bus but when you lie against me despite knowing the truth, and knowing that this lie can hurt my career then I will attack you in any way that pleases me. You can’t beat a child in a civilised society and still dictate to him how he must cry.

        Here, if your child or wife reports you to a law enforcement agent that you abused him emotionally or physically, you will sleep in detention before they even listen to you the next day. 
        Likewise if a boss fired me for standing up to him, I can sue him to labour court and surely the law will be on my side as long as I evidently did not break any rule in law.

        Those examples you made above surely did something wrong, those players broke a standing rule hence they were sanctioned. That’s not same with Osimhen, the coach lied against him and he reacted in whatever ways he knows how to……..simple.


        In law, you don’t have any thing against Osimhen because he never insulted Finidi while in camp, he was in his private space and is protected by freedom of speech. 
        And actually it was Osimhen who could sue Finidi for Character Assassination or defamation 

        Why do you think Finidi couldn’t come out to deny this by himself but rather using his friends as proxy to talk on his behalf? In law, misrepresentation of facts is a big offence and will render you persona-non-grata in the court of law.

        Let me stop here for now

      • Dr. Drey 4 weeks ago

        Hehehehe…..you actually do not know how things work “in the abroad”.

        A Janitor can get a Chief Executive fired if he can establish that he has been unlawfully abused or bullied at work.

        Who cares about your age…?

        Just misbehave and see if you will not collect wotowoto….LMAOoo


        This same respect for elders is the reason why old rotten men who have been around since over half a century are still running that shithole yall call a country and still continue to run it around while the youths stand aloof waiting for crumbs to be thrown at them.

        Because someone is an elder he cannot be called to question or held accountable for his actions.

        Very archaic culture.

        Little wonder elders of nowadays are becoming more irresponsible.

        • Amadi 4 weeks ago

          The boy was silent when Napoli attacked him but here is running his mouth like a tap and insulting fans and stylishly called NFF officials names. He said nobody scares him in his rant and there’s no one he can’t face why did he respond to Napoli through his agent smh. Till today we no see any response rather he signed another 1-year contract. Never in the history of Nigeria have we seen a super eagles outrightly and publicly insult his national team coach, NFF, and the super eagles fans. My man if you have a child and you support this then you are a horrible person, and your kids will grow to never respect you. If you don’t see something wrong in the way he relayed the message, then you are a very bad human being with a dangerous ego like you cohorts.

          • Dr. Drey 4 weeks ago

            Shameless Liar.

            Tell us 1 word of insult Osimhen used on Finidi.

            Tell us 1 word of insults he used on the NFF.

            Tell us which SE fan Osimen insulted.

            Bunch of shameless ignoramuses.

            My children are not hungry kittens like you who will grovel at the feet of their oppressors or allow their family name and reputation to be dragged under a moving train by incompetent bosses.

        • 9jaRealist 4 weeks ago

          Dr. DRED, who said anything about “age” or “elder”?

          Abegi, quit resorting to obtuse Strawman’s Arguments, because English surely cannot be that difficult for a “Dr.” to understand. SMH

      • Gen. JohnB (Field Marshal) 4 weeks ago

        9jafakest- see who is talking, a complete numpty like you knows FA – a total plank – come and me and you’ll get shut down quicker than you can bloody blink. friggin moron! Faker were!

        • 9jaRealist 4 weeks ago

          @PRIVATEJOHNB, you still dey? No real job yet?! LMAO…

          When folks like you resort to childish personal insults, it merely betrays the lack of any substantive contribution – and sadly a crude and crass family background. Now, run along…LEFT, RIGHT! LEFT, RIGHT! LOL!

          • Air Vice Marshall Arara Kumbie 4 weeks ago

            Left right left right. Lol

    • MONKEY POST 4 weeks ago

      @DR BANKS you are an EFULEFU idiot you don’t deserve that DR… OTU nnegi there…keep coming at me and I can make you lose that your small practicing license… That is making you feel anyhow and insult someone you know nothing about anyone Anohia…

  • Four four two 4 weeks ago

    All those people calling in the NFF to punish Osihmen looking for a way to scatter the SE so that Nigerian will not qualify for the world cup.Besides it seems they Jelous of VO. Thats all I can say for now

  • Omo9ja 4 weeks ago

    I’m in support of that. Oshimen is every disrespectful and he must be punished.

    He disrespected Ikpeba and nothing happened and now Finidi.

    Nobody do not say he should not protect his image but Oshimen lacks wisdom, maturity and endurance.

    Oshimen should give peace a chance. If Oshimen can not tender his apology then he should be banned from representing Nigeria shikena.

    Those that backing Oshimen will turn their back when things are not going Oshimen’s way.

    Oshimen should have asked from Iwobi when Nigerians made life difficult for the young man but he did not say bad things like Oshimen.

    Some people are behaving like Oshimen on this platform and I hope CSN will wake up to the reality to do the justice on them.

    We are Africans which means we have culture.

    Finidi also disgraced himself as an elderly man to Oshimen. He shouldn’t have lied.

    Both Oshimen and Finidi should be fined.

    No matter what, Oshimen or anybody should not disrespect no one. Make your point without disrespecting anybody and I hope those in that regard on this forum will behave themselves from now on. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Dr Banks 4 weeks ago

      Respect is reciprocal @Omo9ja, get that into your thick skull.

    • Omo9ja. You should not be surprised by some people comment in this issue. How have they commented and addressed fellow forumites here. Cursing and abusing all the time. Some people don’t know that they will reap whatever they sow even if commenting on an online forum. It won’t go away. You ll reap it when you curse and abuse fellow people all because you’re arguing over an issue.

      Funny enough those who do this can’t open their mouth in a physical forum. But can hide under a phone or laptop to curse and abuse.

      It’s the garage in them. Oshimen just that garage attitude.

    • 9ja 4real 4 weeks ago

      ……”Finidi also disgraced himself as an elderly man to Oshimen. He shouldn’t have lied.

      Both Oshimen and Finidi should be fined.

      No matter what, Oshimen or anybody should not disrespect no one. Make your point without disrespecting anybody”……Omo9ja said it all.

      Just wanted to give this line the highlight it deserves. Bros, wa kpa!

  • Sone garage touts behave better than some of us, so I beg free them.

    Scapegoating us dangerous the world over, so I beg let’s not condone it. Some people don die due to scapegoating and a lot more de prison.

    Monkey has a long held beef with Victor. That fella don ridicule and insult Victor for long, so his position on the matter no surprise me.

    I beg ban Victor and I go extend the ban if I be Osi

  • Nothing new under the Sun! Should past achievements cover up False accusations? Under the Law is Age a justified advocate for Character assassination? When God punished Noah’s generation it was due to violence dressed as desired fashionable material held in high esteem while choices married ulterior motives and gave birth to juicy wickedness justified by popularity and Mass admiration:::::: Don’t be Deceived!!!

  • MONKEY POST 4 weeks ago

    Someone is comparing Osimehn that just started yesterday to Ronaldo that has already achieve legendary status with his first spell at man u…that Ronaldo spoke against man u in his second spell and the heaven did not fall… Very laughable….

    One even said osimehn is from the streets..sold in traffic bla bla so no one should get him angry…sadio mane is from the streets…infact more streeted from the streets of Senegal but see him very humble and using the streets energy in positive light across Senegal no behaving like portable…. rubbish excuse….na only him from the streets…make una just dey deceive am

  • KangA 4 weeks ago

    Punish him! Ban him from the SE!! Good he won’t be able to land a transfer!.

    Chants of evil people. 

    To them, there is nothing like fault finding,  negotiation, and peaceful resolution of problems. No wonder they move in circles in their professional understandings. They want the SE to fail. If not why is it that all low lives like this one has suddenly found their voices to give destructive advice. 

    Sometimes I tend to doubt high achievement gurus who warn that over 95% of people walking the streets are failures because they are shrouded in negativity. This man takes his place amongst that dreaded majority.

    Evil people, indeed.

    • Selfmade 4 weeks ago

      Backward nation and backward bastards like you will justify this bullshit. IF an English, German or Spanish player did this, you think their FA won’t sanction them? I bet if it was a player y’all hated you won’t be supporting the nonsense. He already did himself a damage ranting like a rabid dog…. The whole world saw it, he did it to himself. NFF won’t be stupid to punish him before his transfer but definitely before our next qualifiers. Sentiments has clouded the judgement of the fools supporting this stupid act.

      • Self made king. I am surprised. Thank you for lending your voice. By their fruits you shall know them.

        My comment on the social to someone who said Nigeria need Oshimen more than he needs us below. Sometimes maybe the economic situation is making some Nigerians to think the way they think. Only God knows.

        My comment below
        what a statement. Nigeria needs Oshimen more than he needs us. so he is bigger than Nigeria. when did we get to this state in Nigeria. so one player can kill anyone and we will allow him do the madness because we need him more than he needs us. the video I watched shows Oshimen has an internal problem which he is not disclosing. same way yekini had an internal mental issue which he never disclosed.

        the way Oshimen spoke in that video cursing everyone it shows he needs help very fast. disciplining him is just one way to start his rehabilitation.

        this is a player Nigeria helped to climb up. a player who is being paid tax payers money as match bonuses.

        he should be asked to apologize or get banned from the team. what is his usefulness anyway when we are not going to qualify for two world cup in a row.

        what’s his usefulness when he can only score just one goal at afcon and couldn’t even win it.

      • Chima E Samuels 4 weeks ago

        Selfmade you’re right on this but sorry my country and the new generation kids on the block encourages tyrants as long as you have achieved fame just because of their poverty background.

      • KangA 4 weeks ago

        You think I have time foy you?

      • yabaoh M 4 weeks ago

        selfmed sharap dere! kwasia! useless okraman, thief lik eyou always trying to be like the nigreians who you also hate – why are we ghanains so bastard and fullish self? you dis mad man is givein us ghanains very terrible name, das why dis nigreians cal us jealous and bastard! idiot selfcrase prik

  • Douglas John Ufuoma 4 weeks ago

    At time of Nigeria history we should not be distracted with ban him, spell him or punish him. It is like we don’t learn from our past mistake, same way Olise chase Vincent out of the national that we are suffering the consequences up till date. Finidi is an ex-coach, NFF has no business involving osime and finidi, let both sort themselves, at least they are adult. The only body that have right to get involved is the ex-players association if there are any like that.
    At point we need all our tools, because we most get the remaining 18 points to get to play off if that point is not enough to qualify us. If it means to bring back Okocha, raise yekini up, fine. Even the player once fought with NFF president, stole Peterside car tyre, or once burn down NFF office it does it matter now as long as they can kill themselves to get the 18 needed points.
    In Africa we don’t force respect, rather it is earned and given those who deserve it. And in a professional career seniority is useless, what matters is what you can offer, and maturity. Their many players that have caused a lot of dressing room troubles without pull him down mentality, players like diof of Senegal, mido of Egypt, Roberto Mercine former inter Milan coach once cause a lot of problem in the dressing room.
    Here in Nigeria who were more rebellion than the 1994 squad, from siasia, to Olise, to finidi himself, the only saint among them is still gabar lawal who was patriotic through his playing career.
    At this point we should all try to mend our fence, after the qualifiers we can then sit down and talk about ban

  • Sunnyb 4 weeks ago

    Wow, You guys fall my hands big time, by responding  to Monkey post, a never incoherent guy.you guys should go  back and check all is  posts, the guy sounds like  a mental  case, or  a young  brat with access to free data, probably an Inmate with access to a free phone. Pls guys ignore him. For me Finidi Aka Ogogoro master deserves serious flogging or  get  prosecuted  for something fake resume. He’s lucky we chooses peace is an alternative. All of them  should  stay  away from super eagles job. Lazy fools.This one talking and Amuneke included.

    • Chima E Samuels 4 weeks ago

      Follow Follow if Finidi had won you be on the opposite side. I sometimes find it hard to qualify you but I bet you will give me something today. Crucify him because he failed but watch your back kiddo!!!!

      • Sunnyb 4 weeks ago

        @Chima,I will not give u something today, I would let it slide.Everyone in this forum know   don’t  like Slim shady. I’m not fooled by these lazy guys Amuneke included.
        Funny you called me a Kiddo lol,  I sign paychecks.

        • Chima E Samuels 4 weeks ago

          Cent checks read what you wrote you have values. Encouraging a kid who’s know to be fighting in camp to continue his madness. Same kid had a brawl with Balogun and Uzoho that everyone has to beg him before Uzoho could go to dinning. You people are failing to grab a concept but quick to talk about financial worth. If we enter money concept you dey learn so even enter that side with me.

          • yabaoh M 4 weeks ago

            shima P daniels, how market nau? trablastic purewater seller lolz where yer triblastic bro kel dey? abeg help guys ask am how market oo lolz

    • MONKEY POST 4 weeks ago

      LMAO…if people are TALKING you @SUNNYB a LEPROSY infested ANTELOPE shouldn’t be TALKING….

  • Ralph 4 weeks ago

    Someone that is hawking pure water years ago ? Seriously ? Well that means he work hard to be in a position he is today, from 5 Naira pure water to earning millions, its pathetic to even utter such a statement. The boy work his way up, now you want the clueless administrators who sit in the glass house doing nothing, eating up tax payer money and enriching their family to come and punish him ? Take your angers to the NFF, they are you problem. The worst you can do is to petition the NFF to ban the guy from your declining national team.

  • Chima E Samuels 4 weeks ago

    At a time we should be thinking about fixing the madness that NFF created we are here talking about attention seeker Osimhen. It is well!!!

    • Dr. Drey 4 weeks ago

      Is it not illiterates like you who have made banning Osimhen your new lifetime targets….LMAOoo

      Shameless Peasant.

      Its even the audacity you have to want to ditacte narratives with your highschool dropout-esque education and thinking faculty that is laughable…..LMAOooo

      Arrogant Hobo…!!!

      • KangA 4 weeks ago

        Forget these hopeless fools. Even Selfmade, a useless banku eating Ghana man wants Osimhen banned For him. I understand his motives. Many failures are so excited that they wont go to sleep until Osimhen is banned. If God in His awesome glory punishes them for every sin they commit, He would have withdrawn the free oxygen they inhale for just six minutes and they’ll all be sent somewhere.

      • yabaoh M 4 weeks ago

        lolz mr edoman how market nau? yu with dis shima K micheals get serious gbege o kai, una sure sey no be another ting dey involve so? lolz

      • Chima E Samuels 4 weeks ago

        Your father who passed on poverty to you is cause of your predicament no wonder you have no values for older people. A loose dog with no upbringing but licking asses to pacify a failed life.

        • Dr. Drey 4 weeks ago

          Hahahaha…If your father ever rose to the level of even managing to be the chauffeur of a diplomat, talk more of being one, your life would have been way better than it turned out….LMAOoo.

          Am I not the one who comes to CSN to brag that he feeds his siblings….neither do I come here to brag about getting a US Visa.

          Those must be your the greatest achievements in your family, to have been things you see as worthy of being bragged about.

          It only shows what a wretched family you come from. Even the bad-breathe that oozes from your mouth reaks off penury…LMAOOo

          Your poor education, low IQ and inability to articulate sensible thoughts is glaring evidence of the pits from which you were raised.

          I’ve asked you to point out any fallacy in what I wrote, till now you are still bitting trees like a homeless neighbourhood dog.

  • Like Osi or not, he is the victim here. The architect of all the back and forth is Mr George. What was Victor supposed to do? Keep quiet when no be dead body Abi.? Same way we are told to keep quiet and settle it inside when an elderly sexually abuses our girl child Abi?

    Omo we are not in 18th century abeg.

    • Beryl 4 weeks ago

      I hardly comment but I just noticed something. CSN is very lazy on reports or it’s own by a 94 set hence all this yeye reports. Go to score Nigeria and see how a technical member is exposing nff. Why are we not seeing all that kinds of reports here. Even owngoal is sometimes better.

      • yabaoh M 4 weeks ago

        my guy noting new dere pls – nor be today we don sabi say csn is shit!
        this is a shit source for any info whether reliable or not
        csn is the worst group of ragtag yu will ever have the misfortune to came across they are simpletons, monkeys and baboons, black face charlatans, lazy bufoons incompetent goats and dogs, we only came here to laff at the bastards and some other clowns parading here like kel and shima a sameuls etc lolz


  • yabaoh M 4 weeks ago

    oboy ugo chinonso iwunze cool dan nau kai, abi na wish wan be all dis one wey be like say yu wan dead over victor osimhen matter, nna de paddy nor even no say you dey alive o – and hin nor sens any of you wey dey here dey drag wan kee wunu sel over robbish, guyman better cool dan before you kee yersel o!
    pls where is shima t daneils and de other mumu wey call kel? helep us ask dem say how marketu? lolz

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