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I’ll Accept Super Eagles Job If Conditions Are Right –Oliseh

I’ll Accept Super Eagles Job If Conditions Are Right  –Oliseh

Former Nigerian international, Sunday Oliseh has expressed his readiness to coach the Super Eagles if the right conditions are in place for him.

Recall that Oliseh managed the senior national team from July 2015 to February 2016 before leaving the job after he had a turbulent relationship with the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) and some senior players.

The 49-year-old, who formerly played for Ajax, is being considered as a potential replacement for Jose Peseiro.

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However, in an interview with Channels Television Sports, the 1994 Africa Cup of Nations winner, stated that his consideration is on the condition that the right circumstances are in place to carry out the assignment.

“Right now, what I can say is that I am going to put my wildcard on this question.

“As I have also often said, if Nigeria needs my services, I will always help my country if the right conditions are met.”

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  • Vincent 1 month ago

    Never, with his bad and negative attitude. Never.

  • Abeg go siddon….we don’t need you….

  • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

    Iwobi, Osimhen and Ekong should just get ready to retire/be retired from the Super Eagles should this dude ever become the next SE coach…..LMAOooo.

  • Vincent 1 month ago

    Thankyou Olu.

  • Afolabi David 1 month ago


  • Nigeria we hail thee 1 month ago

    @ Sunday Oliseh,why can’t you try your expertise and services with other countries? Why are you guys always waiting to learn coaching with the super Eagle job.
    Pls stay far away from this job.

  • pompei 1 month ago

    He came.
    He saw.
    He ran away.
    He’s coming back again.

    • Respect is reciprocal 1 month ago

      Yoruba adage says moja mosa ni iyi akikanju. That’s a warrior must know when to run to reappear another day. He has learned his lesson. Sources close to the team during Sunday Oliseh’s era says he was disciplined , refused to accept bribe and also was pompous . Yes you need to be pompous at times when you know your what. It was oliseh that cut the clips of Iyaema’s wings even demoted Mikel . He scattered the mafia and so he paid for it . Sunday being a temperamental guy should have seek the support of FA to remain relevance . Oliseh is the only indigenous coach that is difficult to bribe , others will accept bribe even if it will spell doom for us. Oliseh and Finidi combo will be great .

      • Bashiru 1 month ago

        Wow, wish i can give you a hug for this, for those ranting, you can go on online and get his own version of things. have said it that it is only in Nigeria some human being make a case for insubordination and lies. Quick to want to rubbish a persons character to satisfy their yeye ego

    • Bashiru 1 month ago

      Ran away to where, please present your proof that he ran away?

  • Bestsport 1 month ago

    Oliseh is a disaster forever as a coach, man management is zero! He knows the job but he should look elsewhere! He was super Eagles Coach and he resigned and abandoned his children (players) which ultimately made Nigeria not to qualify for afcon that year, oliseh should forget Nigeria super Eagles forever!!!

  • Hahahaha, Oliseh, my man. Are you not even surprised at yourself that you could still apply for this job? Because, tbh, I will be shocked if you’re not shocked you are aspiring to come back again.

    One thing is sure, even NFF won’t try it. They won’t dare. When Mikel took you to the cleaners, nobody raised an eyebrow. I doubt you have up to 5% support from the SE fans or even the players. So forget it.

    If you didn’t know, you have been canceled. That’s a new and real phenomenon in our social media-driven world. And when you’re canceled, whether fairly or unfairly, it’s hard to stay relevant in the public space.

    But the competition for the job is good. At least it will be on record that so many applied when then new coach is announced soon. It will raise the profile of the new gaffer.

  • Tofiakwa! Oliseh is capital NO.

    What we want in Nigeria football is progress not retardation.

  • Arara Kumbie 1 month ago

    We don’t want Oliseh. He failed before and ran away. What is to say he won’t do it again. Arrogance is his girlfriend.

    • Bashiru 1 month ago

      Ran away to where, you are one of those biased Nigerians, who just live on assumptions and not fact checking.

  • Onwajunior 1 month ago

    Lol…”Accept”? Who’s offering you SE’s job?

  • Golden Child 1 month ago

    Hahaahahahahaha …oliseh , you can ot be serious. Your account must have been hacked.

  • Omo9ja 1 month ago

    Let’s support Amunike for the job shikena. Amunike record is better than Paseiro. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Bashiru 1 month ago

    Please oliseh, just ignore and forget this people, they are just ingrates who are ready to soil your name. You left when the ovation was loud. You exposed what the NFF is all about, and broke the egos of those who felt indispensable. And for those saying all sorts of garbage about you, it just shows they are sentimental old fools

    • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

      Oliseh left when the ovation was loud…..? LMAOoo….Really…?

      Crashing out CHAN in the group stage and abandoning the team when they were 2 points behind Egypt with a double-header approaching apparently must be sounding like rising ovation for you…..LMAOoo

      Oliseh will do well to ignore and forget you rather than “we ingrates”….LMAOo

      • Bashiru 1 month ago

        Very nice that you laughing alone to the crap you sharing, would he be the first coach to lose games. Yes he left when people like you were passing rumor that its because of JUJU he left the team. Yes you all are all ingrates, because this is someone who sacrificed a lot for the country. But no the negativity in your hearts will not allow you see any good he did.

        • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

          Hahahaha….Pele o….Mr grateful slave. why not frame this picture of Oliseh above and hang it in your bedroom to show how grateful you are for the great things he did as SE coach.

          Between you and I who is sharing crap…LMAooo. Oliseh left when the ovation was loud…LMAOoo…he left when people like you were passing rumor that its because of JUJU he left the team….LMAOooo

          Oga, read what you are writing again….LMAOoo…if it all makes sense to you then you need a brain overhaul as soon as possible….LMAOoo. You must be high on fermented egusi soup.

          You that has no negativity in your heart, please tell us the good your tin-god did as SE coach before running away, apart from retiring 3 of our best legs at the time, insulting and fighting all of his players to the point of not even shaking hands with his own players and abandoning the team the moment he saw he was about to fail to qualify for ordinary AFCON….LMAooo

          • Bashiru 1 month ago

            It really mind disheartening responding to Narcissist and liars, imagine someone saying he was rewarded handsomely. Was it your check book they used in paying him. Guess you must have being deaf and dumb like Dr drey when he claimed he was being owed salaries. So much hatred in humans heart.

        • “because this is someone who sacrificed a lot for the country.”

          Excuse please, could you be kind enough to name just 2, no, 1 of these “sacrifices” that the rest of us were so oblivious to?

          That is aside, destabilizing the team cos of his childish temperaments, and abruptly retiring some of our best players without remorse…

          Including Emenike, one of Nigeria’s most lethal strikers ever who painstainkingly discovered by Keshi back then.

          …and Enyeama, arguably the SE’s best goalkeeper ever. And then sending Nigeria into an unendless spiral of a lack of quality successor until we recently discovered Nwabili.

          …Or even trying to retire Mikel by suddenly stripping him of the captain and playing his borther Churchill’s player, Paul Onobi (where is he now sef?) instead in the hope of doing family business with sign-on fees with a European club.

          … He calls himself blunt when he’s hotheaded (Disgraceful watching his brother, Azubuike doing the same thing and fighting players on the field when they all used connection to get their siblings into U20 then and crashed out unceremoniously).

          … No single man-management skills. We all saw he was also fighting themanagement 2nd div Dutch club, Fortuna Sittard and he was promptly suspended. Character nah smoke and e no dey hide. Oyinbo too no fit manage his childish temperament like NFF.

          Just look at the comments, everyone is united in saying capital NO to Olishe. Except you of course. I’m even Deltan like him.

          NFF can’t even dare it. So he’s wasting his time. He has 0.000001 chance.

          • @Kel you made good points my only Concern is the point you made about Nigeria not having a worthwile Successor to Enyeama until Nwabali that is a false statement. We had Big Carl Ikeme only Leukemia robbed us of his services Big Carl is even a better goalkeeper than Nwabali if not for Cancer.

            Also People Saying he sacrificed for his Country??…. Lol He made very good Money for his sacrifices and his Country awarded him Handsomely for it. So we have paid our dues. Now because he is an Ex International does not mean he can hold us to randsom because he played for Nigeria and like @Kel have just pointed out. He did not really do much good however he did alot of damage instead

          • Bashiru 1 month ago

            Why bother responding some of you, who cares if you Deltan, you all are looking for baseless excuses to rubbish the man. Take time and get the facts of the story. A lot of the cowards coming out to complain now would never do such at their clubs, is it a crime to switch captains, maybe you need to go back and read up exactly what transpired, he didn’t force your cry baby captain to quit. The decision was that of the cry baby. Did Emenike come out to say oliseh was the reason why he retired from the National team< please stop all this unnecessary assumptions. Like have stated, let the man be, he has all the requirements to coach the team.

            Well what's new about Nigerians, bitterness, hatred etc, someone is here saying he ran away from the job, what a shame, well Nigerians are good at make assumptions and creating lies, so am not shocked or surprised. You take pride in making excuses for insubordination, things they can't do if it were a white coach.

  • Daniel 1 month ago

    Hahahhhahaha make una come see world class coach wey Don win champions league, you want to come and retire osimhen and iwobi!

  • Ndubest 1 month ago

    Hahahaha i guess is a joke but abeg stop it there even if you are joking. This is an expensive Joke man

  • pompei 1 month ago

    You pipo should show some respect.
    This is African Guardiola we are talking about here.
    Na African Guardiola unu dey take play?

  • Helius 1 month ago

    Dis one don come say him wan do wetin sef? Oga Sunny u r funny

  • Larry 1 month ago

    Any day, I’ll pick Oliseh over Amuneke. But Finidi remains the best local coach for the team.

    Like I did to the serial failure, I’ll advise Oliseh to be active in coaching before considering Eagles job.

    Unlike serial failure Amuneke, Oliseh has done well for his career.

    2015–16, Played 14 Games (Only 2 losses) 19 Goals scored, 6 conceded.
    Qualified the team for CHAN and Wcup group stage.
    Left the team due to harsh treatment arising from payment of salary.

    Europe Coaching Experience
    Belgium 3rd division
    Deutch Second division (leader)

    Best Coach award in Holland second division.

    Show us Amuneke’s record with clubs and national teams !!

    • You know, Larry, your takes on Amuneke is honestly unfair and unbalanced criticism. Criticise, it’s okay. Highlights his failures but don’t deliberately gloss over or try to rubbish his achievements.

      The only Nigerian coaches who have coached national teams outside of Nigeria are Keshi (Togo & Mali), Amodu (I think or Orlando Pirates), Chukwu (Kenya), Onigbinde (Trinidad & Tobago), and Amuneke (Tanzania). And that class is where the man belongs – a little step above the other 94 sets. Not even Eguavoen, Siasia, Amokachi, or Oliseh have been deemed fit to handle another national team.

      That’s a big credit there. Le them go and apply and win the interview first. And yes, they do apply but none of them have emerged as the best candidate after the interview.

      Amuneke and all his class above did.

      Secondly, trophies. You rubbish the FIFA World Cup trophy this way??? Wow. Coming tops in a competition of all the countries of the world?? And with MRI to be sure the competition is fair and no age cheating unlike U20 and U23 Olympics (Siasia’s and Bosso’s specialties)?

      The Angolan coach was until recently their U17. Didn’t you admire his team’s play at the Afcon? Class is permanent. If you can do it at age grade (is it not the same football) and do it with Tanzania with average quality players, you can with a star-studded SE. Or how much exactly is coaching a team to World Cup success different from handling the national team?

      Plus after handling national teams and winning a FIFA competition, it would be a step down for Amuneke to coach any club side in Nigeria. The man knows his worth. And even if he does with any club in Nigeria, he knows he’ll win the league midway into the season. He’s A-class and knows it, so he’s channeling his energy rightly.

      Bonfere should know and he’s aired his expert views recently.

      • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

        I find it quite laughable when you say it will be a step down for Amuneke to coach any club in Nigeria….LMAOoo.

        Pls, was being demoted to academy coach in one nameless club in Egypt a step up….? Or was getting fired in 7 months in Zambia after leading zanaco into relegation waters an A-class performance…LMAOoo

        Oga it is not a must to defend Amuneke o.

        ‘…he knows he’ll win the league midway into the season. He’s A-class and knows it, so he’s channeling his energy rightly…’

        Even when he was coach of Nitel [or was it Bridge boys]in the 2nd division of the Nigerian league, he never came anywhere close to winning the 2nd division…..LMAOoo…talk more of winning the premier league by the middle of the season

        • Dr. Drey 1 month ago

          Many clubs in the Nigerian league need Amuneke’s ingenuity to at least reach the group stage of CAF CL if not win the cup outrighly…..LMAOOo.

          Please tell him to come to the aid of the NPFL. The SE job is not the only job available to do in the world since he was sacked in Zanaco.

          At least, SIASIA who have won u20 and u23 medals too has tried his hands with 3 different clubsides both in the league and the CAF CL with it all ending in tears.

          Amuneke will win the league by mid season….LMAOOoo

  • Larry 1 month ago

    @kel, you are not helping Amuneke with these comments. Comparing Amuneke with Amodu & Keshi (RIPS) is just like apples with orange.
    Let’s compare Oliseh and Amuneke first.
    Olise was once the head coach and his records are there. He did his best under threats from players and no salary.
    Do you know Amuneke’s score card aas
    assistant coach to Sia1 and Cerezo ?
    Pull up Amuneke’s record as coach of national team and senior clubsides and you’ll realize that the guy is just abysmal. Less than 20% winning ratio and never last 6 months on a job.
    Finidi is my best man for the position. He joined Enyimba to prove a point and the record is there. He assisted the coach without creating divisions and during his team the team achieved the best in a competition and best position in ranking in a decade(10years).
    Advise Amuneke to follow same path as Finidi. He should stop hanging around for the Eagles job. He is not Zidane!!

  • Arabmoney 1 month ago

    My first choice remains sia 1
    He was not a failure 
    Remember the the loss that made SE not to qualify for the nation’s cup was under eguavon before he was sacked and sia1 was brought on
    He got just 1 draw others were win win win 
    Even against agentina

  • Mercy 1 month ago

    None of the indigenous coach is qualified.

    I see nff eventually go for finidi, if he can pull up a good result in the upcoming friendly matches.
    Employing any of these ex-international will be a risky move.
    Anyone of them that get the job, should not complain that he did not start the WC
    qualifiers that is why he couldn’t qualify the SE.

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