INTERVIEW: Eguavoen Speaks About Eagles Vs Sudan; Awaziem, Others At AFCON 2021

INTERVIEW: Eguavoen Speaks About Eagles Vs Sudan; Awaziem, Others At AFCON 2021

Super Eagles interim head coach, Austine Eguavoen, addressed the media on Friday January 14, 2022 ahead of his team’s second AFCON 2021 Group D clash against Sudan at Roumde Adjia Stadium, Garoua on Saturday, January 15 2022. Completesports.com‘s ADEBOYE AMOSU who covered the Pre-match News Conference in Garoua here presents the details.

Eguavoen on the importance of the match against Sudan..

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It’s an important game. It’s not going to be easy and we all know that. The sooner you secure qualification to the next round, the better. We saw what Cameroon did against Ethiopia. We will try as much as possible to achieve that, but we know it’s not going to be easy, but we will do our best to beat Sudan tomorrow.


Eguavoen on Super Eagles not losing steam…

It’s important to keep the momentum going in a competition like this. We have to keep our guard and maintain the same level of focus and concentration. The boys know that as well. Any slip, you are out of the competition.

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So, we have talked to ourselves on our target here, and it is important to keep working towards achieving our objective. We beat Egypt, but that does not hand the trophy to us.

You don’t expect things to go rosy in every game, but we will try our best to win all our games.

Eguvoen on Super Eagles’ failure to utilise many scoring chances against Egypt…

I always believe that it is important not to build a team on just one individual who will be responsible for scoring the goals. We all try to assist one another. If you are not in a good position, assist your teammate because we all take the glory at the end of the day.

Eguavoen on Chidozie Awaziem’s ill-health, expected recovery and return to action…

Hopefully soon. It is not on us to decide that. That is the responsibility of the medical team. Whenever he is certified fit, he will be back on the pitch with us. He has an ankle injury at the moment.

On Super Eagles’ AFCON 2021 title favourites tag…

It’s hard to say because it is a marathon. We have played just one game and like everyone know, Egypt is a very strong team with quality players. Anyone who believe Egypt is a small team, must be making a big mistake.

Yes, we were able to neutralise them. We were lucky at times, We played a good game too. I think it is too early to say we are favourites to win the title.

We will always maintain what we always said: ‘we take it one game at a time’. We will approach all our games with seriousness and respect the opponents.

After crossing that road [Sudan], then we can face the third game against Guinea Bissau.

Eguavoen on the secret behind the win aginst Egypt…

We have not changed anything, it is still the same personnel, it’s just that we gave the players freedom, we gave them the opportunity to express themselves. Like I said during the last press conference, I told them to see me as their father and a brother who they could confide in, but make sure you don’t take undue advantage of that.

Don’t see me as a gentle person and take advantage of that. I think everyone understand that, – the players and the backroom staff.

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The players, I think, they deserve credit and praise for their efforts. When you give them instructions, they carry it out to the letter on the pitch. That makes things easier for the coaching crew.

Eguavoen on the conducive environment for theSuper Super Eagles in Garoua…

We are so much at home here in Garoua. Right from the first day we arrived here, the fans have supported us. Of course, at the hotel we are staying, the staff have been wonderful to us too.

The fans have been there for us. Right from the first training session, they have come out in large numbers to support us. They are always chanting and singing.

Winning against Egypt was our gift to them for their support. The encouragement we have been getting from the people of Garoua has been great. I have been impressed with that.

Eguavoen on whether or not to maintain same strategy that downed Egypt against Sudan….

Every game comes with his own plan. We have three points, they have one point, we need to consolidate on that. They will be pushing hard to win and we want qualify for the second round . We have discussed, the backroom staff and the players what is at stake tomorrow.

Tomorrow, May be we have the same tactics or a different one. They don’t have Mohamed Salah in their team, but they have like four players who are very fast too. Tomorrow, they will be up against Nigeria and it is expected that they will raise their game.

On the possibility of retaining the same lineup…

That’s a little bit too hard to say. We still have one more training session before the game. We have to wait till tomorrow to see all the conditions . It is too early to decide or say what the line-up will look like.

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  • Good talk coach. I expect us to attack and defend in similar fashion to the game against Egypt, but more importantly I expect us to be ruthless with our scoring opportunities! We have the personnel to deliver, we won’t underate Sudan, but our aim is victory!

  • Igbekun Abo 1 year ago

    This Eguavoen too dey talk too much. Just go and play. Lolzzzz

    • Femi 1 year ago

      It’s call interview, so he should have refuse talking to the press?

      • Igbekun Abo 1 year ago

        Him fit say no comments na. Na by force to dey give interviews up and down?. Lolzzzz

  • Michel 1 year ago

    Nice one coach,I am optimistic that the likes of Awoniyi and Sadiq will be shaking the net tomorrow, iheanacho can also add to his tally as a senior man.well done guys and make us proud.may the almighty GOD be with u people throughout,try and beat Sudan silly

  • Sudan punishment start tomorrow in the hand of Nigeria Super Eagles. Egypt will then give them the last knock on the head.

    No hiding place for Sudan. The same mouth that Sudanese coach used to support Egypt against Nigeria will he use to weep tomorrow.

    Victory is sure for Nigeria.

    God bless Nigeria.

  • If you want to win win big. God bless

  • pompei 1 year ago

    Football is a funny old game. If we could beat Argentina 4-2 and draw 1-1 with Brazil, Sudan will also have their own ambitions of making a mark in world football by getting a result against Nigeria.
    What we need to do now is what Eguavoen said previously – APPROACH EVERY GAME LIKE A CUP FINAL. Play each game with the same focus, intensity, and determination that was on display against Egypt.
    If we do this, we significantly increase our chances of success in the tournament.

    • Bomboy 1 year ago

      @Pompei, you hit the nail on the head.

      On paper and also with our current form in this tournament Sudan are no match for us.

      But, just like you said, football is a strange game.

      If the SE are complacent and take Sudan for granted, they may have themselves to blame. But if they approach the game like a cup final, just as they did again Egypt, then victory is assured.

      All the best to Coach Eguavoen and the boys.

  • Mirah 1 year ago

    Eguavoen talks about his team in almost similar way Tuchel does. There’s this balance in terms of respecting your opponent and speaking confidently about your team.

    Well done Egu, I’m very happy he addressed an aspect that affects Ejuke’s game in particular ;Selfishness

    Team “Na sidon look we dey” well done o, E ku ijoko ROTFL


  • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

    Hehehehe……even Eguavoen has been serially admitting in almost all his interviews that this is a 100% “come-chop, I-don-cook-finish” team, but haters are still looking for martensitic steel scrubbing brush to scrub all the “rubbish of the last 5 years” away……LMAOOOoo.

    Hopefully they will find one someday…..LMAOOoooo. One that will be strong enough to wash away their sins….LMAOOoo.

    Na Sidon look we still dey.

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      The fact that even the players confessed point blank – Oga, just leave us as we dey before, but with more liberty – already pours cold water on all their lies. LMAOoooo.

      I must commend Eguavoen for being humble and truthful enough to acknowledge what Rohr gifted Nigeria. Some other people we know would have grown taller at their collar bones with pride and acclaim guadiolaic status to themselves.

      1000 lies can never cover up 1 truth. 10000 stars can never shine brighter than the sun.

      • Mahmud Shuaib 1 year ago

        Its Crystal clear you are badly hurting young man! Kilode gan na?

        Come chop food wey who cooked?


        What food did he cook?
        Why didnt he achieve any meaningful thing in his 5 years (the longest in SE history)?

        Westerhoff spent less and made WC second round

        Evuavoen inherited CHUKWU’s team and in less than 3 years had same BRONZE Rohr had

        KSEHI had less than 3 years and won AFCON and made WC seconf round.

        If you are good , you are good. ROHR is very POOR!

        Mancini took over Italy and in less than 5 yeqrs won EUROS

        DIDIER DESCHAMP inherited FRANCE and in less than 5 years won EUROS silver and WC Gold

        TUCHEL inherited CHELSEA from LAMPS from 10th or so and won UCL, silver FA Cup, top 4 and now in LC final. If you get am you get am. You no get am, you no get am. Your tin god ROHR no get am

        Iamgine losing at home to CAR, drawing with CAPE VERDE, losing AFCON match to MADAGASCAR etc

        Please tell me any SE coach in history with such abysmal and shameful record.

        If ROHR is that good, plenty teams or countries will be falling heels over themselves to sign him. Why is there no enquiries??

        Whether EGUAVOEN faild or wins, one FACT remains as DEO succinctly put it; the swagger is back in SE game and majority of Nigerians and foreign fans, administrators, pundits and journalists are all in agreement that EGYPT’s game was the best for a very long time! No body …not even you and your band of merry-go-round sadists and, sore losers can do anything about that.

        There was nothing about the display against EGYPT that pointed to ROHR in his last 10-15 matches.

        When last did ROHR play 4-3-3 or 4-2-3-1? Even if he did, like against SL in BENIN, when was the last time he managed to see out a game from a winning position against a quality opposition?? When last did SIMON MOSES beat his marker in anger?

        When last did we see AINA and ZAIDU start a match?

        When last did we see ARIBO play any good football in SE colours in a competitive match??

        If you really have some modicum of shame, you will join other matured, humble and progressive elements to savour the moment.

        I repeat, where are your former co-travellers? I mean GLORY, OAKFIELD, GREENTURF, AYPGILLY, POMPEI etc? They are humble and ao have since moved from ROHR. Know why? He doesnt pay THEIR bills, doesn’t live in Nigeria, doesnt have a family in Nigeria, doesnt feed them, CSN doesn’t feed them etc. They cant continue to bemoan an era that is gone and is now history!

        You can continue to whine, cry, curse, hate, be embittered, sad…na you saka.

        If e pain you and what is left of your corner; the clownish charlatans @LANRE, TAYO, and MONKEY POST, you can go get ROHR an immediate employment. After all he had an IMPECCABLE and UNMATCHED record COACHING NAIJA. Getting a good job shouldn’t be difficult for him.

        Imagine DREY saying the team loves to play like children. Under who did that happen please? Lol. The last I remember, when SE played like children under ROHR, the players who made it happen were KESHI’s boys; VICTOR MOSES, MIKEL OBI, OGENYI ONAZI, AHMED MUSA (in the peak of his powers) and that was before 2018’WC!
        The other times; BRAZIL, ARGENTINA and UKRAINE, it was friendlies.

        So everything that happened against EGYPT was entirely a creation of CEREZO. QED!

        • Dr Banks 1 year ago

          Sometimes I wonder what you guys smoke before coming on CSN to type such nonsense like this.

          The boys played a very good game duet the freedom to express themselves on the pitch but I really could not see any tactical play in the game different from Rohr era. They still waste all set pieces, no proper ball squaring or defence splitting killer pass in the final 3rd, lots of wastefulness, substitutions didn’t really improve the scoreline

          The boys generally had an improved game because this is a tournament with a definite price and pride at stake, so the likes of Aribo, Simon etc will step up

          You said Rohr inherited Keshi’s boys that helped him qualify for AFCON and WC 2018, you forgot that these same boys could not qualify for 2 AFCON in a row but Rohr made them to beat 3 recent AFCON champions blue black……

          To be continued…………..duty calls

          • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

            Dont mind the rabble rouser…..LMAOooo.

            Rohr inherited boys who couldn’t qualify for ordinary AFCON back to back and turned them to boys who will even qualify with games to spare without being paid bonuses since the previous AFCON.

            He should go and slap the coach and the boys for giving honor to whom it is due…..LMAOOooo

          • Chima E Samuels 1 year ago

            All the Doctors on this forum will keep people if they are really Doctor. Drunk fellas acting like their fake name. Dr Kolomental.

          • Chima E Samuels 1 year ago


          • Sean 1 year ago

            Look at this animal…..The whole footballing world that had counted us out said they were surprised with how we played Egypt and everyone said we had the best game in the tournament so far but evils like you think otherwise
            and also contradicting yourself by saying there wasn’t any tactical play but also said there was a much improveed play, what nonsense are u talking???

        • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

          Hahahahaha…..If e too pain you, please go and slap Eguavoen for repeatedly, humbly and truthfully giving honour to whom it is due…..LMAOOoo.

          You will tell us which one of Westerhoff, Keshi, Deschamps or Macinini inherited a rag tag team ranked 70th in the world and 16th in Africa like Uganda is currently ranked. I bet any coach that leads Uganda to 3rd position in 2024 AFCON will have his statue built at their Airport in Entebbe….LMAOOoo

          The last time I checked it was because of some guadiolas’ failures who couldnt qualify for Ordinary AFCON that Rohr could attend only 1 AFCON in 5 years.

          Once again, If e too pain you, go and slap Eguavoen for repeatedly, humbly and truthfully giving honour to whom it is due…..LMAOOoo.

          And please remember to carry a machete too to behead the players for preferring and requesting that they be allowed to retain how they’ve been playing under Rohr……LMAOooo

          When you have found the steel sponge you want to use to scrub all the “rubbish of the last 5 years” away….kindly let us know.

          Once again I must commend Eguavoen for revealing all these to the public. If not for anything else, he has earned my respect for such honesty and humility that is very alien to the average black man.

          • Chima E Samuels 1 year ago

            drey you no dey shame. I dey shame for you…. Your Criminal said Eagles don’t have Liverpool and Chelsea players and ruled us out against Egypt because of Salah but Iheanacho corrected him and your ailens. You guys have kept this man to stall our progress for 5 years. Simon was playing like number 2. Hmmm it was really eyesore watching a Nigerian senior national team dominated by funny teams.

          • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

            You get shame naim you turn patethic liar for public…? “$100 cannot fuel my car for 1 week”……LMAOOoo

            Pathetic liar, show us where Rohr ruled us out vs Egypt…..just copy and paste where he said we will lose to Egypt….LMAOooo. As if we did not defeat the same Egypt before under him….LMAOoooo

            I repeat go and slap Eguavoen and the players for giving credit to whom it is due.

            What shameless folks like you called “The rubbish of the last 5 years” is what the players openly confessed they preferred. If you knew what shame is you should be dressed in sacked clothes and covered in ashes by now.

      • Gajere 1 year ago

        Dr. Drew, can you, please, let it go? Rohr is gone. Nigeria remains. Move on.

  • MuYiwa 1 year ago

    The Super eagles have a way of rising to the occasion when u least expect and disappoint when everyone thinks they are home and dry. Can’t forget the match against Congo at the 2000 Afcon held in Nigeria and Ghana. After dusting one of the favourite teams 4_2 we toiled and toiled against minnows Congo to the point that Surulere fans started pelting the players with plastic bottle. Anyway, I pray for victory for us tomorrow and I wish Egu and the boys the very best till the end of the Afcon.

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      My brother, If we toiled that day, the fans wouldnt have even pelted them with stones. The performance was so lethargic you would think they were suffering from hangovers. We barely troubled the Congolese goalkeeper that day. So infuriating was their play their team bus was also pelted with stones on their way out of the stadium.

      Conversely, I dont see that happening tomorrow. This team always loves to play. They really do. Though they may be very profligate in front of goal, but they are like kids who always want to go out and play all the time. And now that all sabotage mechanisms have been removed from by those who mounted them in the first place, I see them coming out with same vigor tomorrow.

      • Goal ⚽️ 1 year ago

        Some people are still crying over the sack of a mechanic cum coach, hmmm!

        With all the evidence abound?
        Which do I mention? Is it the intensity, speed, explosive manner the Eagles currently played?

        Even Moses admit that there’s changes in his way of playing now, he do play badly before as a result of Rohr’s instructions but now he has the freedom to play as he does for his club.

        The current Eagles play very compact, attack in numbers and defend same, something we haven’t see under Rohr.

        Thank God the days of my team is young or we do not have players from Real Madrid to win games is over, now the boys play with confidence.

        • Sean 1 year ago

          Don’t mind the lunatic we all know he is wishing Eguavoen’s team illuck but he will be shamed.

        • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

          Hahahaha…he does play badly before truly…..LMAOOoo….that’s why his goal contributions read 10 in 43 games till date.

          Once again go and slap Eguavoen for repeatedly, humbly and truthfully giving honour to whom it is due…..LMAOOoo.

    • pompei 1 year ago

      Ambitious, yet modest.
      I especially love Eguavoen’s answer to the question of whether we miss Osimhen and Ighalo, who could have done for us what Vincent Aboubakar is currently doing for Cameroon.
      Eguavoen said goal scoring is a COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY. So instead of relying on a few individuals for goals, he is building a team where goals can come from any player. A team that values not just the goal scorer, but also the person giving the assist, and the person(s) who did the hard work before the assist.
      Our goal against Egypt started with Ekong in the defense. He played a square pass to Omeruo, who moved with the ball into the midfield, raised his head up, and found Simon with a pass. Simon did his thing on the left flank, and sent in a cross, which Awoniyi attacked. The Egyptian defender managed to get to the ball first, and headed it out. Aribo came in, and headed the ball in Iheanacho’s direction, and he controlled it, and smashed in a “goal of the tournament” contender.
      One goal produced by the efforts of several players.

  • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

    No matter how they want to sugarcoat it. It’s still Rohr’s team and Peseiro is giving his observations to the team in Cameroon.There’s no excuse not to come back home with the trophy.

  • Phil 1 year ago

    These guys can’t be real doctors, be it professional or academic, they just can’t be and if they are, they are a shame to their colleagues.

    One nuisance mocked Eguavoen’s tactical explanation on YouTube, he tagged it table soccer, the crooked ass mofo was expecting Egypt to lash Eguavoen’s Super Eagles but he was put to shame; he lost his voice.

    Rohr did his best, he couldn’t do beyond that, you can’t give what you don’t have, it’s really that simple.

    “Na Sidon look we dey” one would wonder what that statement means, speaks volume of the type of person he is. Continue crying from now till Lord knows when, Rohr is gone for good and there’s nothing you can do about it

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Hahahahha….it took an ordinary Cameroonian league team to expose Eguavoen’s table soccer…..LLMAOoooo. The boys had to dictate to him to revert back to Rohr’s template. A typical case of “the deity that cannot save me should rather leave me as I am”.

      I can picture the boys after toiling hard against coton sport telling him:

      “Oga abeg forget this your 94 squad illusion……Na 2022 be this…2021 still near 2022 pass 1994. If na this table soccer we go play against Egypt dem you barbecue us o. Just Leave us as Rohr take arrange us abeg. LMAOOooo”

      You all should bow your heads in shame that all your lies and campaign of calumny is being blown to pieces by a humble, truthful fellow like Eguaoven who is admitting that yes, this man truly cooked up a team.

      I wonder what would have happened if the “rubbish of the last 5 years” was not there to fall back on…..LMAOoooo

      See the way the trust is irritating all of them…….LMAOoooo. Yes…..that’s what the truth does ALWAYS…..LMAOOoo. It HURTS.

      Go and beat up Eguavoen for giving credit where fools like you refuse to give…..LMAOooooo. Lies can run for a century, the truth will always catch up in 1 day.

      • Sean 1 year ago

        You are a miserable individual with that nonsense “lmao or hahaha” you add to your comments. Why are you so hateful? The whole world knows we played better than the last 7 or 8 matches Rohr’s team played before he got booted. My guy you are a very bad and evil person.

        • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

          Between you and I who is sounding miserable now….LMAOooo. You are so miserable and bitter that even the “lmao and hahahaha” in my comments are adding pepper to the ulcer in your belly…..LMAOoooo. May it remain so for all those who hate the fact that I am a happy individual.

          The last time I checked, we accomplished our mission with the result we got from last 7 matches, which is reaching the playoffs and that’s all that matters. If you like play better than you have been playing since 1960. “Playing better” and not even getting to play at Ordinary AFCON was were we were before the “rubbish of the last 5 years” happened. LMAOOooo

      • Sean 1 year ago

        @Dr drey, pls..as usual, judge whatever u read with our normal write ups. The normal me can’t be ungrateful even though I enjoyed the super eagles I saw against Egypt, I’ll still for ever be grateful to the work Rohr has done for us.
        I now suddenly have a twin brother but one is wiser than the other one. From our contributions u will know. Thanks

      • Gajere 1 year ago

        Dr. Drey, please, let it go. We all know you supported Rohr. He is no longer here. But the Super Eagles are still here. Let the bitterness go. Move on.

        • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

          Hahahhaha…..There is no bitterness anywhere. Rohr was NEVER going to be SE for ever…..NEVER. Infact my feeling now is more of vindication than bitterness.

          Seeing how credit is being given to the man even by those who plotted against him gives me more joy than ever. All the things he was criticized for are now coming handy now. Everything that those who were blinded by hatred tagged as sinful has now become righteousness.

          What can be more vindicating…?

          So correct yourself. What I feel today is more of happiness and less of bitterness.

          • tayo 1 year ago

            What people should understand is that nobody is sidding rohr at the detriment of Nigeria football but try to cushion people who put sentiments and nepotism above everything by discreding the work that man did simply cos of the colour of his skin or because some people are unable to engage in their usual business during his time. Now everybody is shouting SE to win Nations cup and qualify for world cup if this man truly did bad as it’s been said would we have been having the dream at the moment? If we talk they will say it’s due to players brilliant why can’t you say it’s players brilliant that won against Egypt but everybody is praising Eguavon thank God he himself confessed that it’s still the same players that they did not change anything. Why mentioning or casting a jibe at rohr evertime? even if Nigeria win the cup let’s celebrate and congratulate the players, coaching crew and move on..

    • Garre 1 year ago

      They’re all shameless and only waiting for a loophole to lend their voices lol.If Moses Simon could publicly declared that the current coach’s philosophy and tactics changed the way he played against Egypt and even top soccer pundits all over the world have all testified to the immense change in the team’s play.And had further tagged it super eagles best performance in recent years yet Rhor’s hardcore and brainwashed supporters thinks differently.It is only an insane person that would be rooting for a coach that was in charge of a national team for almost six years yet didn’t believe in his players neither could he achieve anything spectacular with the lads.His statement before our last match against Egypt simply says it all. Anyway i have NFF to blame for employing such coach with failure mentality for almost six years. If your Rhor is that good why is he still jobless? Why are clubs or soccer federations not running after him ? The truth still remains that you can’t give what you don’t have. And for those claiming the bulk of super eagles players are Rhor’s team,I have a question for y’all. Is it not the work of a coach to put a team together? Isn’t it the primary function of a coach? Nigeria is blessed with so many talents so it shouldn’t take anyone even as daft as he may be to put a team together in a short time let alone someone that was in the helm of affairs of our national team for almost six years.

      • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

        Hahahaha….please where are the coaches Rohr succeeded. I guess they are jobless because they are not good too.

        Go and beat up Eguavoen for giving kudos to Rohr for building such a formidable squad in those six years after picking them up from the gutters.

        I guess Nigeria didn’t have talents all those times when we were subjected to mere spectators during AFCON and not participants…..LMAOOoo. All our talents where in the mortuary then….LMAOooo.

        According to your statements up there, the coaches at the helm of affairs then must be seriously daft for not being able to put a team together in during their time.

        That team that took 6 years to put together is the one Eguavoen is acknowledging today. That team the was put together for 6 years is the one that is now running on auto pilot now, the the coach is even admitting that there’s nothing to do or change in the team again. LMAOOoo

        Words on Marble:

        “We have not changed anything” – Augustine Eguavoen (C)2022

        • Garre 1 year ago

          What else did your Rhor achieve asides qualifying us to tournaments? It’s laughable that you keep making excuses for a failure lol.If you like argue from now to next year,it won’t change the fact that your Rhor was a complete failure lol. If putting a team together is now a big achievement after six years with no trophy to show then i wonder what ground are you trying to validate your points lol. I guess NFF were also the reason why your tin god Rhor was always making late substitutions? NFF were the same reason why Rhor couldn’t make the right substitutions ? NFF were the same reason why he couldn’t read match correctly and always messed up when it’s matters most? NFF were the same reason super eagles were playing without pattern for years right? NFF were the reason why he would invite new players and would play them for 2-5 minutes and then never invite them again right? NFF were the reason why he was keeping his best legs on the bench or leaving inform players out of the national team? NFF were the same reason for his failure mentality? I guess NFF were the reason why super eagles played differently from the way they were playing under Rhor? I guess Egu must’ve done something different from what your Rhor was doing lol. There’s nothing hidden under the sun so the truth must always come to light. It was so glaring for all to see that Rhor was nothing to write home about but you and your cohorts kept attacking every one that were speaking out the truth but it was only for a matter of time lol.Can you now get past your cloud-cuckoo-land and start living in reality for once?

          • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

            Hehehehehe……If we were qualifying for tournaments we wouldnt have employed Rohr in the 1st place. So if he was qualifying for tournaments then he ticked the box for the reason why he was appointed.

            It was the same task of qualifying for tournaments that made Le-Guen run away.

            Rohr was not only qualifying for tournaments but was doing so in a way never experienced before in this country.

            Please tell us why qualification for tournaments was a problem under coaches who were making early and right substitutions….LMAooooo.

            Tell us why we sank to no 70 in the world and 16 in Africa under those who could read matches well and played with pattern….LMAOooo.

            Tell us their playing the best legs and and playing new players for 45 minutes got us before AFCON semifinals too big a target for Nigeria and even still seen as unrealistic by World class coaches.

            Rohr was so terrible that he went to a 24 team AFCON with 20 AFCON debutants and was a touching distance from final….LMAOoooo

            Rohr was so, so “nothing to write home about” that y’all started dreaming of becoming AFCON champions once again

            Rohr failed so terribly that he took over a team ranked 70th in the world and left them almost 40 places above where he picked them from…..LMAOOoo…..I wonder what you will say about those who dragged us to the 70th position in the first place…..LMAOooo.

            Rohr was so clueless and inept that his win ratio as SE coach towers above those of all before him….LMAOooo.

            Rohr was driving the team on Gear 2 but was getting results that took (and still taking) driving the team on Gear 5 to get.

            Rohr failed so badly even is successor is impressed with what he met on ground and doesnt see any reason to change anything….LMAOooo

            This corpse which yall buried in a hurry still has an arm and a leg sticking out of the earth.

            Incased you missed those words on Marble:

            “We have not changed anything” – Augustine Eguavoen (C)2022

  • They are waiting for SE to fumble but that didn’t happen…….Even Rhor said we could not win without our players in Liverpool Man City Real Madrid and CO which means he is not even a believer of the team some people are calling his team……. Eguaveon has not done much we know and that shows you how Rhor was wasting our talented players away……..How can a coach inherit your team and turn them into a deadly attacking team that is a joy to the world of football in just 2 weeks?……..A team you where struggling with and giving all manner of excuses for even till after you left…….This whole thing happening now shows that something was fundamentally wrong with Rhor…….Now we all see that Pinnick and his colleagues made the right decision to cut Rhor loose.

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Please go and copy and paste wherever Rohr said we cannot win Egypt….LMAoooo. Bunch of liars. Copy the whole interview and lets read what the discussion was all about before he mentioned “Liverpool, Madrid, City” etc.

      The fact that most of you guys cant even put your thinking faculties to proper use is laughable. Rohr didnt have players in Liverpool, Madrid, City when he defeated same Egypt. He wasnt he playing with his 1st team. How he will now claim SE cannot beat Egypt because they dont have Liverpool, Madrid, City player in the ranks beats common sense.

      Everyone knows the team were struggling because of all the efforts put in by the NFF to sabotage them, yet they kept delivering results. No wonder we played better away from home most of the times.

      When you are found the steel sponge you want to use to scrub the truth out of history books, kindly let us know….LMAOOooo.

      Go and beat up Eguavoen and the players for giving due credit to Rohr for job well done

      See the way the truth is irritating them all and churning their bellies…..LMAOoooo

  • Papafem 1 year ago

    It’s quite evident from the last match against Egypt that something really changed about these boys. Even the strongest supporters of GR know this except they are being economical with the truth. I know they were proud of the team they saw that day compared with he team that played against CV and CAR in the WC qualifying series.

    For those who claim this was the same team Rohr used, yes, I agree. It was, still is, but it’s not about having the players; it’s about knowing how to use them. As a builder, you can have the best set of materials to build an edifice, but if you don’t know how to combine them in the construction process, you’ll end up having a faulty structure.

    Rohr’s tactics, approach and selection were relatively ok before the friendly matches in Singapore. But he woefully failed to build on that success, that momentum.

    Nigerian football fans love seeing their team play in certain ways. This is not about emotion; it’s what we’ve grown into as followers of the game since the golden generation of mid 90’s set that fantastic precedent. It’s either Rohr didn’t see this or disrespected our wishes, our feelings. He began to introduce strange football philosophy that are alien to us, forgetting that an average football fan in Nigeria knows when the team plays well.

    How can we be playing CV, CAR and Serra Leone at our backyard and the fans would have to sit on the edge from beginning to the end? Yet we claim he had the players? If he had the players and we can’t comfortably navigate a group containing CV, Liberia and CAR, then he is the problem then and not the team. Reason he he had to leave.

    Back to the match against Egypt, I watched a match against an AFCON favorite with no single moment of apprehension, save when Sallah had that half chance to score. I saw an hungry, fierecely competitive Super Eagles firing from all cylinders. Does anyone think that if the team maintains the same level of seriousness and approach Nigeria won’t win the cup? Isn’t that what we’ve been clamouring for?

    Look at someone holding the honesty of Eguaveon against him? What did Rohr who his players didn’t dictate how to play to achieve for us in 5 years? If the Super Eagles will continue to do well because the players of the team have the freedom of chosing how to play, so be it. I don’t bloody care. The end justifies the means. All I care about is a national team that I will be proud of anywhere, anytime.

    I was so proud to be a Nigerian reading Brendan Rogers comments praising Eguaveon’s tactics against Egypt. Gary Linekar has identified with the team as well. Ex players like Asamoah Gyan, Mwaruwari, our own Okocha has commended the team’s performance. When last has anyone watched Nigeria play like this against Egypt? It was total domination.

    Whatever Eguaveon is doing is working. And no one will steal his glory to pay Rohr. I said it before the start of the competition that something kept telling me the team will do well. Happy that’s gradually materializing.

    • Garre 1 year ago

      @Papafem you spoke my mind completely. May God bless you bro.

    • Bomboy 1 year ago

      @Papafem, anyone who continues to argue after reading your comment is not a true fan of the Super Eagles.

      I will sit back now and enjoy today’s game.

      All the best to Coach Eguavoen and the Super Eagles.

  • Bomboy 1 year ago

    After we beat Egypt, the die hard “sidon look” worshippers of coach Rohr took a break to recover from their disappointment. They are out in full force today, hoping Sudan will spring a surprise.

    More disappointment awaits them.

    • Bomboy 1 year ago

      And by the way, I notice that the sidon look club is depleting in membership day by day. The true fans among them have decided to move on with the Super Eagles. I am sure the rest of them will start supporting Lesotho (or Guinea Bissau or Erithrea) when Coach Rohr is offered a job there.

      Up Super Eagles!

    • JimmyBall 1 year ago

      @Bomboy… Hahahaha. Most of them could not believe it was the same set of lads Rohr had been limiting for over five years with his timid mindset and defensive tactics…

      It’s on record Mikel told Rohr in AFCON 2019 that his approach to games with needless fever-pitch caution and overly defensive disposition does not play to the strength of Super Eagles. It was said Rohr felt embarrassed by Mikel’s assertion and other players noticed it.

      If he had a coach who isn’t timid in mindset, Algeria would not have dominated us in the manner they did WITH NIGERIA playing on the back foot throughout that game twice falling behind with the second goal the dearth knell.

      Football is like Boxing and once the match is in session you have to devise means to rollout your best punches from the dead-on… Inviting your opponent to swing at you while reserving your deadly punched till when your adversary may have tire out is an invitation to get bludgeoned to death…

      We will consider taking Rohr back at such time in the future when we would have had players in Barcelona, Man City, Liverpool, Chelsea, Bayern Munich and Juventus. Hahahaha… On one hand he wants players from these elite teams before he could lead Nigeria to any football glory and on another hand he will demoralize his team and all top performing attackers scattered all over Europe for a retire… IGHALO who has become an Arab Contractor with a notorious contract clause “he won’t play international football again”

      Rohr… Just sit down and watch the new Super Eagles who became wingless chickens that CAR, Madagascar and Sierra Leone were having hemmed-up in rough street corners under your watch…

      Folks welcome to the era of football without heartattack under Eguaveon… I shouted Rohr was a quack and a fraud long before one of our Legends Joseph Dosu called him a Mechanic!!! Lol… “Sidon Look Rohrmaniacs… go wear sack clothes and smear yourselves with ashes” that is for those with some level of conscience who can feel shame from the human attribute of contriteness when all they have been doing confuse themselves and their sheepish minions…

  • Mr Hush 1 year ago

    Why can’t we give honour where honour is due?

    This is Eguavoen’s team now and they did majestically well against Egypt.

    If Eguavoen had lost I bet he would be taking all the sticks and there would be no mention of Rohr! Let him take the glory he deserves, it his limelight now. If he fails, the light dims on him alone.
    There was a reason Rohr was fired!

    Now we focus on the tournament and let the past go; it’s irrelevant.

    Best wishes to the Super Eagles as we continue to soar.

    • Bomboy 1 year ago

      Well said Mr. Hush. You are a man of wisdom and great insight.

    • Garre 1 year ago

      @Hush God bless you for being so honest and sincere with your write up without being biased.You won my respect bro.

      • Papafem 1 year ago

        Rohr himself, if he watched the match, would have noticed a lot of mistakes he made while handling the team. And someone is here fighting for his useless philosophy and style.
        I totally lost faith in that man after our our match against CV. How would a coach adopt a system that undermines the strength of his team.

        Under Rohr, and even now, there is no department in that team that was blessed, and still blessed as the wings, both at the defensive and attacking ends of it. Chukwueze, Onyekuru, Dennis, Ejuke, Simon, Ola, Tyronne, Collins, Zaidu, mention them. Yet, our old man didnt see any need to use this turn the table against our opponents like Eguaveon deployed Simon to finish Egypt.

        Instead, in the match against Cape Verde, he benched most of the attacking wingers in the name of one useless system, brought in Musa already slowed down by age, told Moses to play as a wing back, kept chukwueze and Ejuke on the bench, made very terrible substitutions, raising our anxiety throughout the match.

        Against Serra Leone,we lost our discipline completely, went 4 goals to 4-4, and while this was happening, he was completely lost on what to do. What kind of coach is that? Haba!

        Abeg, we are Nigerians. We have our ego, our pride to protect. You all see what CV and CAR coaches said about us after the match, so humiliating. Even the Sudanese coach made some denigrating remarks before God shut him up with that performance against Egypt.

        Are people supporting Rohr not tired of humiliation? I mean avoidable humiliation because I know we have the playing personnel. How do they watch their own football? How did they feel when we lost to CAR in Lagos. What exactly was in their mind when Serra Leone humiliated us in Benin? What about the disgraceful performances against Algeria and Tunisia in those uninspiring friendly matches? It went so bad that we were going to Serra Leone for a match and nobody was sure of what to expect. And someone out there still wants that trend to continue in the new year? No way. Enough is enough of this Rohr talk sef. Let’s enjoy the new Dawn.

  • tayo 1 year ago

    @Mr Huush if Nigeria had lost you and your likes would still have put the blame on Rohr as some are still blaming Dennis snubbed on him till today. Nobody is talking about players brilliant now you heard some players talking that they told the coach to let them play a certain formation and express themselves that shows who is in charge but you are praising Eguavon for everything thing now. In as long as I don’t have anything against Eguavon or Nigeria winning the cup but lets us thread softly. We don’t need to cast aspersions or jibe at rohr for anything again since the team has been taking over by who we want and it’s currently playing the kind of football we want fine. To me Egypt did not offer anything to praise Nigeria because they were poor infact they remain the poorest team in this competition judging by the way they played against us the like of Comoros, Malawi, Serialeon etc even fare better. Wait and let’s see how far this honeymoon will end..

    • Mr Hush 1 year ago


      Thank goodness we didn’t lose against Egypt!
      So your last speech like Rohr ,right now is inconsequential. I don’t deal on assumptions.

      And to compare Egypt to Comoros et al just because we beat them tells all one needs to know..

      My advice ; LET GO of the past and focus on the present. We got an AFCON to win.

      PS. My loyalty is to the Super Eagles and Nigeria not an individual.

  • Larry 1 year ago

    If it Roar was still in charge, the following scenario could have occurred:

    1. His pre-match press briefing would have been overshadowed by the absence of Osi, Balo, Awazirlem, & retiree and Igahalo.

    2. His pre-match press briefing would have been about my young team and playing against 7 time champions.

    3. The players mentality and moral would have been dampened by his inferiority and loser mentality.

    4. The starting 11 and structure would have been different..

    5. The tactical approach would have been defensive not high pressing.

    6. The technical changes would have been completely different in terms of timing and personnel.

    7. Anyone that understands the technicalities if soccer will now know that Roar’s approach is not good enough to beat top teams in Afruca not to talk about the World.

  • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

    Hehehehe…Tayo….we no longer hear “the coach is depending on individual brilliance of the players to win” anymore….LMAOooo. As if there is 1 coach in the world that does not depend on his players’ brilliance to win games.

    Otherwise Pep Guadiola should go coach Norwich City and lets see if they will even finish mid table on the EPL log at the end of the season.

    Everything that used to be sinful under Rohr has become holiness all of a sudden….LMAOoo

    Everything that used to be taboo and transgressions are now earning praises now….LMAOoo

    Their hypocrisies are beginning to laugh at them and that is why they cannot stomach the pains of Eguavoen and the players’ true confession now.

    Like Ive said before and will continue to say….. Kudos and Sincere respect to Eguavoen for his humility, honesty and sincerity.

    See how much the truth is hurting them all….LMAOoooo.

    I am sure some people nearly exploded out of anger when Eguavoen acknowledged that the players themselves dictated to him that THE ROHR-WAY IS THE WAY TO GO.

    What a way for God to vindicate the just.

    And for those who missed these words on Marble:

    “We have not changed anything” – Augustine Eguavoen (C)2022