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Int’l Friendly: Eagles 2022 W/C Qualifying Opponent Liberia Suffer Heavy Defeat Vs Algeria

Int’l Friendly: Eagles 2022 W/C Qualifying Opponent Liberia Suffer Heavy Defeat Vs Algeria

Super Eagles of Nigeria 2022 World Cup qualifying group opponent Liberia were hammered by Algeria, in an international friendly game on Thursday.

It was part of Liberia’s preparation ahead of the World Cup qualifier away to the Eagles in September.

Mohamed Amoura was the hero for Algeria as he netted four goals while Billel Messaoudi completed the rout from the penalty spot six minutes from time.

Liberia had taken the lead in the 24th minute through Murphy Dorley.

The West African country have now suffered four defeats in their last five games (one win).

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  • GLORY 3 years ago

    Algeria is honestly, really serious about retaining the AFCON as well as doing well at next year world cup. How come they have been able to keep their players together, playing series of friendlies while Nigeria could only manage playing Cameroun twice? It takes good preparation to perform in any tournament. And serious countries know that too well. It will be a big big shame to just go make the number at next year’s AFCON/WORLD CUP again. This can never be a Gernot Rohr’s problem but the NFF.

    • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

      @Glory you forgot to add that Algeria won this game with their team B, if you have any doubts go check on the match fact. I doubt if Rohr will do the same without crying out that Osigoal and Ariball where missing……

      • GLORY 3 years ago

        @ Chima Samuel, if we are truly honest with ourselves, Rohr isn’t the problem. Nigerian’s system of doing things is ruining everything positive about Nigeria. Please yeah, kindly ask yourself these few questions. How come it’s taking over 2 years to get international passport for players that have decided to switch. How come all those critizing Rohr, never for once critized those that failed to qualify all our other national teams but rather, will choose to constantly attack the only one that seem to be achieving that feat. How come same people are not attacking NFF for strangely snubbing Oparanozie from the Falcons team simply because she spoke out about unfair treatment of players, how come the SE only started performing below their capacity ever since Rohr signed up his recent contract, whereby part of the agreement is, he must reserves some quota for home based irrespective etc. Who is that manager/ player, that won’t be demoralised by all these meddling in teams programs? When we judge, we must bring the sum total of prevailing circumstances to bear so we can be justified in our judgement otherwise every enlightened mind out there, will see that as just prejudice/ witch-hunt. All of these to me is nothing more than a plot to get rid of Rohr. They know that if Rohr wins the next AFCON it will be increasing difficult to sack him, as fans will cry blue murder hence better he fails, not minding how much that breaks innocent fans heart. THESE PEOPLE ARE EVIL, NO APOLOGY FOR SAYING THAT. Now think, what is stopping NFF from getting a competent home based coach to be preparing CHAN SE along with Rohr, whereby they are able to constantly play against the main stream SE, especially in situations, where we are struggling to find opponents for friendlies. They’re not gonna do that, why?, because their focus is on how to frustrate Rohr out of the job to avoid paying huge sum as bridge of contract. Such shameless bunch always a big big disgrace to Nigeria.

        • Musa Yahaya 3 years ago

          Hello Sir Asure…how your side??

          I have decided to auction that my Iragunsin land; 1 acre for 500k each

          Please if you have any buyers let me know


      • Chima E Samuels 3 years ago

        Sad to say but both @TheNff and the Coach are not good enough. Pinnick is chasing fifa recognition with all seriousness but he will not take his Nff job seriously or give us a more ambitious coach because they know they can not pay their Coaches it’s a shame on my country Nigeria.

        Look at what Renard is doing for Saudi Arabia football after leaving hasty Morocco. So is it impossible to pay this coaches? If we don’t have money let us go on football recession instead of causing disgrace against funny teams.

    • my friend you think NIGERIA we just going to make the numbers at world cup?are sure we going to even qualify to word cup ,lack of organization .soccer is more than skill this days or all you think players are playing in good club in europe.Nigeria got long way to go we are are self man made problem to ourself.a small team with good organization will beat Nigeria like cape verde.

  • Oralivato 3 years ago

    Serious contenders for Afcon 2021 title are busy playing series of international friendly matches,Our players are seen visiting governor yahaya bello of kogi State soliciting for God knows what,
    NFF ngwanu over to you

  • Habeeb 3 years ago

    Too bad the article didn’t clarify for the readers that this was NOT the first team of Algeria. The team that played against Liberia was made of LOCAL Algerian players, i.e., players from the ALGERIAN LEAGUE only. So there was NOT a single player from the team that won the AFCON.

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Hehehehe…..They also forgot to clarify that the team was coached by Mahjid Boughera, an Algerian ex-international who just retired in 2016 but is already a Caf-C, Caf-B and an AFC professional licensed coach, coached 2 clubs by the year 2020 before being appointed as assistant to Djamel Belmadi and now also doubles as the home-based coach for the Algerians.

      Pls can someone give us updates on our own Mr 100 caps zero coaching qualifications, zero coaching badge, zero coaching experience assistant coach who has absconded from duty to go and do punditry for the Euros, yet CHAN qualifiers will likely begin soon. Yes, the same one Chief Odegbami was promoting to lead us to Qatar 2022….LMAO

      • Chris 3 years ago

        Yobo was forced AGAINST HIS WISH to take that post…e get why! His body said yes but his heart was repeatedly saying no… Now he has gone back to where his heart would find rest (pundit).

        Let’s face it, GR is doing all the work alone but as Nigerians, he will not be allowed to enjoy the goodies alone (one of the silent reasons Yobo was COPIED AND PASTE on us.

        SOLUTION? GR should as a matter of urgency get himself an offline/faceless assistant. Nobody has to know (except captain Musa). The dices have been cast against him as it seems.

        He is bound not to fail in these WICKED circumstances.

  • That does not guarantee they will win afcon or do well at the world cup. Nigeria never won a friendly bwhen we won in 2003 with keshi. Let’s wait and see.

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    … To hear a thing like a country has run out of passport booklets for issuance in all its foreign missions and embassies is the highest level irredeemable national shame and unseriousness… Low of lows that any failed country can get. It’s such a shame fellow countrymen! With what one is seeing in the news… Algeria is trying so fvcking hard to turn Michael Olise’s head from turning out for Super Eagles! We might lose him for our evident unpreparedness towards professional issues…

    • kenneth 3 years ago

      Hmmmmmm, if truly the coach is serious about getting this guys, they know the buttons to push. Are you telling me Pinnick doesn’t know who to contact, abeg they don’t want this guys thats why they dragging there feet. Abeg make una let yobo rest, if he comments now or does anything in the contrary, we know what the PE teachers will say.

  • Shehu 3 years ago

    Eagles better not fall for this . They are playing mind games. Wen time comes their leg will be strong again eagles. Foe qualifications

  • Eagles better not fall for this . They are playing mind games. Wen time comes their leg will be strong against eagles. For qualifications

  • Marvelous 3 years ago

    Petty minded individuals full of hatred will blame Rohr. Even when they are unable to impregnate their wife’s they will blame Rohr. Where is team B eagles and Yobo? Are the NFF not responsible for interacting with other FA so as to fix friendlies for the eagles (A & B) teams? Rohr has tried his best for this zoo called Nigeria. How can the NFF employ yobo for Rohr and expects things to go well. This is the first time am seeing a coach of a whole country working alone without help. Nigerian should best ask their government and NFF questions NOT ROHR.

    Are you guys aware that Algerian players and coaching staff are happy to work and play for the because salary and bonus are paid when due and no interference in coaching job.

    • kenneth 3 years ago

      What garbage is this one saying. Seems you have fund to give the NFF to assemble a B team. And why must it be only Yobo’s job, what is the PE teachers job, sit down at home until another qualifiers. Please come with a better excuse sir.

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Hahahaa..between you and him who is talking garbage..? Between you and him who is talking more without sense..? LMAO. SO NFF does not have money to assemble homebased team…? LMAO. I guess its your money they want to use to assemble the team to play Mexico…or maybe it you and your brothers they want to load inside molue and take to US to play the freindly….LMAO. Dindinrin.

        When Amokachi was home-based coach why was it only Amokachi’s job…? When Salisu yusuf was coaching the team why was it only his job…? When Imama was in charge why was it only his Job…? The Home-based Algeria team that spanked Liberia why is it only Mahjid Bughera’s Job…? It has come to the turn of your 100 caps exinternational with zero coaching profile it has suddenly become not only his job…?? LMAO. All of a sudden the PE teacher that knows nothing must come and bail oga 100 caps out, when he hasn’t been paid his emoluments for 2 years for the job he has done so far.

        Its like fire don dey burn some people long mouth…LMAO….the same people wey claim say NFF errand boy is more technical than Rohr…LMAO. Oya come and handle home-based Super eagles na….see plenty excuses…LMAO. Nor be una say he doesn’t need to go to coaching school to coach….LMAO…100 caps is enough…..oya give him you CHAN team na…LMAO

        The PE teachers is already doing his job as contained in his contract, tell your fashionister that is good enough to lead Nigeria to Qatar 2022 with 100 caps to come and do his job instead of using mouth to coach on TV…LMAO

  • pompei 3 years ago

    Rohr is not good. Rohr is not good.
    See Brazil that Rohr almost beat, demolishing Peru 4 nil yesterday.


    If we want to fixate on Rohr’s mistakes and issues, we should also be willing to remember the times when he did really well. How can someone who drew 1-1 with Brazil and spanked Argentina 4-2 be the problem of Nigerian football?
    Answer this question honestly, Rohr haters. His personality may not be aggressive, he may not shout instructions on the sidelines and boast in interviews like other coaches, but his results speak for him. Of course he is not perfect. He makes mistakes. But to isolate him as the only reason Nigerian football is problematic is comparable to being like the ostrich that sees problem and sticks his head in the ground to avoid the problem.

  • Adisboy 3 years ago


  • I watched the match. Nigeria is really in trouble. With Rohr in charge, Nigeria can never ever win any tourney. He is not good enough.

  • dindu 3 years ago

    i do hope the nigeria football federation are monitoring GERNOT ROHR lack of tactical football knowledge i must say i was initially a very big supporter of ROHR but im becoming increasingly disillusioned with his pattern of football

  • Marvelous 3 years ago

    So @kenneth NFF doesnt have money to assemble a B team but common Liberia can do so, is that not stupidity gushing out from an human? You need the best but you owe the coach and players for months, is that not madness? Kudos to Rohr for delivering under harsh weather. When the qualifiers begins and the deliverer who delivers with games to spare delivers again I will be back for people like you. Yobo should assemble primary school boys and start learning how to coach. I wonder what line of duty he has in super eagle. He has return back to punditry because that’s where he belongs. It was an act of wickedness, stupidity and foolishness to employ someone whose only experience is 100 caps for giant national team like super eagles. Am not surprise because Nigerians like doing things the wrong way and expect not just good result but 100% result.

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