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‘It’s A Huge Frustration’ — Rohr Bitter After Nigeria Sacking

‘It’s A Huge Frustration’ — Rohr Bitter After Nigeria Sacking

Gernot Rohr can’t hide his disappointment following his sacking as Super Eagles head coach weeks ahead of the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations in Cameroon, reports Completesports.com.

Rohr was dismissed by the Nigeria Football Federation on Sunday as a result of poor performances.


“It’s a huge frustration, but I don’t want to argue, it’s not my style,” the 68-year-old told AFP.

“(I’m) convinced that they will have a very good AFCON because the team is in place and this very united group is ready for the challenges that await it.”

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The former Gabon and Niger Republic gaffer also admitted it will be tough to cope with his exit from the job.

“I’m going to have a hard time doing without these great players and this very united staff, but the environment is not always favourable, we cannot control everything,” Rohr said.

The German tactician was appointed Super Eagles head coach in August 2016 and had a contract with Nigeria until December 2022.

He led Nigeria to the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia and guided the team to third at the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations in Egypt.

Rohr has been replaced by former Super Eagles coach Augustine Eguavoen, who coached the team from 2005 to 2007 and on an interim basis in 2010.

By Adeboye Amosu

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  • Raphael 5 months ago

    There’s no vacuum Rohr, Good luck. You could bstill do well to share your tactics and experience with the new Super Eagles Head Coach, Eguavoen. SE has moved on.

  • Footballfanatic 5 months ago

    You’re a coach don’t be disappointed other suitors should come calling for you soon if your resume/CV is good.

  • Well you have Musa and Ighalo to thank for that, you could have done so well had you utilised the weapons you had at your disposal, the panic decision to bring Ighalo back was the cherry on top of your very poor decision making skills Mr Rohr, in any which way you look at it went against every aspect of football development and was a big contradiction on your part and also a reason for losing the dressing room. the initial outlook you had for giving the younger ones a chance was out the window, I mean especially when the options you had to choose from are even more talented than Ighalo, that just showed lack of innovation from your part as a coach on the other side of 67 who has already had 6 years it isn’t good and, highlighted the need for fresh ideas. I mean if you still want to rely on players (Musa, Ighalo) as the pinnacle, that gave you 3rd place at best and clearly COULD GIVE NO MORE IN THAT TOURNAMENT (2018). You still came 3 years on and shamelessly try to elevate them above more talented fresher hungrier more exciting players then No man it was your time to go mate.

    Good Luck for the future but it is for the best Nigeria parts ways with you NOW~.

  • Seun Odulade 5 months ago

    Since a better coach is on the saddle, Rohr should allow us be. I pity his frustrations though and to have learnt that it is Coach Eguavoen who has taken over. The press should inform us more about Super Eagles joor.

  • M. Adams 5 months ago


    It is obvious the frustration will not go away quickly mostly as Eguavoen is saddle with the mantle of leadership. That Coach Eguavoen is our own isn’t lost on Rohr. After helping to groom the boys to an enviable level, another is called in to take over and he is already enjoying support from everyone, it can be frustrating no doubts. Wherever you go, pls take heart.

  • Rohr, please come out and tell us what you mean by you cannot control everything.

    It’s possible that you wanted to perform better but some people were dictating to you contrary to better tactics and plans you had in mind for the team.

    If you can tell nigerians the problem It would enable people to know the main problem of the team and whom to tackle in future.

    God bless you Rohr. You really tried.

    God bless Nigeria.

  • MONKEY POST 5 months ago

    If your are big, you are big. Don’t worry GENERAL. And I pray Bigger Bigger footballing country will find you someday… Germany, france etc Amen…because I have always believed that nothing is impossible in football and in life Generally…Your name will go down in Nigerian footballing history as not just the longest service coach but one of the greatest…Thank you for bringing peace to our crisis soaked dressing room. Thank you for the bronze. Thank you for giving us a good ranking and reputation out there. Thank you for qualifying us again with little or no effort and without using calculator. Thank you for making foreign players believe in their country and making them believe that they have no other country except the country of their father’s. Thank you for giving the likes of Ejuke, Onuachu, Osimehn a chance.. Karma will catch up with all those behind this injustice and unfairness. We will always remember you.. We love you.. Once again thank you GENERAL ROHR


      • Perry 5 months ago

        You clearly don’t understand the behind the scenes, hence Rhor said he could not control everything. He go shock you that Musa and Sheuh will make the list to Afcon. Brace yourself you are about to be shocked

  • Chris 5 months ago

    His frustration is not about the local content engagement but that Eguavoen was appointed Head Coach of the Super Eagles of Nigeria. In truth, should Rohr has a change of heart, I mean no longer frustrated, he should begin by advising the new team on how to win Afcon gold.

    • Festus 5 months ago

      …..Are you saying you want Rohr to advise Coach Eguavoen on team selection?

      • Chris 5 months ago

        You could simply type your suggested 1st eleven list on the platform. Like my first11

        V Moses
        Osimhen/ Desser.

        • It is left to see what will happen, any sane coach knows that V Moses on current form deserves to be there, this one is not about Experience or rubbish on form it ios merited period, he is the most inform winger we have now age aside. Nigerias get that into your head. this your list @Chris is a winning list. however I can suggest a few tweeks, Zaidu for Ekong, I feel Ekong must start from the bench. and purely for the ruggedness of EPL over dutch league I will start Dennis over Dessers and Definitely Chukwueze or Ejuke over Ighalo.. I still say Ighalo may not be a bad idea however if it means either one of Dessers or Awoniyi must miss out then No No no need for Ighalo.

          • Okoye
            Aribo or Onyeka (pending the ruggedness of opponent)
            V Moses

            Bench (Forward players)

            And the usual players to make up the bench. Normally every coach will have 1 0r 2 players they prefer more than the previous coach, I hope Eguavoen realises that the NPFL based on our continental showings are not of the standard to priortise making available 6 spots now it will weaking our team. until they start performing what we did in the early 2000’s when we had future legends of SE still in Enyimba then okay because when a Nigerian team dominates Africa you can be sure that will be the team that has some NPFL players that can compete continentally and internationally not, now when teams like Township Rollers of Botswana or Buffalos of Zimbabwe will brush us aside.

            Nigeria ex Footballers should know this that of late SE stars born in Nigeria are from the academies not the league. League stars for some reason will leave Nigeria and go and waste away in Hungary or Poland, NFF should find a way to keep the likes of Stephen Odey in Nigeria then we can talk. because we are deciving ourselves if the Star of 2021/2022 season leaves Naija in 2022/23 season what a baseless argument to have suggesting that we include NPFL players when the best crop just left the shores after one outstanding season. Nigeria please wkae up retain our League stars then you will have a better argument the reason our teams perform poorly on the continent is because the players that qualified the teams, leave Nigeria the following season when are to compete in the continent so the team is less solid when the new season kicks off, then NFF officials will start making noise that we should include Locally based players nawa o. That is what has been happening since Enyimba lifted the cup almost 20 years ago now.

  • Obong_Ben 5 months ago

    Taa!!! @ Raphael, pls spit out that nonsense u jst said. Share which useless, Obsolete tactics? Let him take that his ancient tactics to the new club or country he ll coach.

    He actually recognises the fact that he had a good team & support from Fans but nevertheless, he was a slowpoke. Grandpa Rohr, happy retirement jare. Stay glue to ur TV nd watch d Super Eagles Soar.

    Whether we win the Afcon or exit in d group stage i am very happy that Grandpa Rohr is not leading the team… Up Naija!!!

    • Dele Esene 5 months ago

      My brother, nothing can be better than having our own as SE’s Head Coach, Twaaa Rohr. Our coach Austine Eguavoen is very capable and Infact, he’s bringing the cup home. God bless Nigeria.

  • William d conqueror 5 months ago

    Can this clueless man shut up. You had your chance man, you mess it up by yourself, inviting undeserved players up and down. The man is pained because no one that understand football gonna employ him. Please go and enjoy your retirement.

    • Dele Esene 5 months ago

      Plz don’t mind Rohr, Eguavoen is better but I’m really surprised we didn’t know it and had allowed roar to ruin SE soccer for 6 yrs. We must give the Super Eagles Coach every support to achieve his goals in Afcon.

  • Bode Olopia 5 months ago

    Indeed very clueless. Thank God we have our own Coach Eguavoen taking us to Cameroon. Rohr should give way joor or live with the frustration.

  • Jonah 5 months ago

    Nigeria is the winner my brothers and sisters as the new team needs Nff and our support. Make we leave Rohr and his frustration.

  • MONKEY POST 5 months ago

    I tire o @Festus They now need advice from a coach they all claim is not good. What good advice will come out from a bad coach? Tell me.. I mean You can’t give what you don’t have… What is the role of Okocha and kanu nwankwo? They are there to advise the team. That is their role as super eagles abassadors.. leave coach Rohr alone

    • Jideola 5 months ago


      That’s true, we haven’t really heard pem from Jay Jay and Kanu since their appointments CSN, is there anything behind the curtains???

  • Samuel 5 months ago

    Jideola: Even me, I was like why appointing lame ducks. The press must meet Kanu and Okocha o. They must talk o.

  • Garre 5 months ago

    Good news for our darling super eagles. I’m so happy that finally the dumbest coach ever in history has finally left our Super Eagles . I foresee good things for our super eagles. I’m also glad that Kelechi Nwakali is coming over to take care of our midfield miseries lol. I wonder why Rhor didn’t dim Kelechi Nwakali good enough to be invited to take care of the creative midfield problem in super eagles. Look at this good news.

    Even Alhasan Yusuf deserves an invite to the super eagles but empty headed rhor abi thorn didn’t dim him good enough either. He is a nitwit and should’ve been disgraced outta Naija if he was based here lol. I only hope the same corrupt NFF president Pinnick and his cohosts do not destroy our football though because they’re behind the problems disrupting the growth of our football development .

  • Kennedy 5 months ago

    Thanks @Garre. I have read it and must say it’s a wonderful news coming from Coach Austine Eguavoen led team. It was only yesterday I told a gathering that Coach Eguavoen is taking us to the World cup though there was no argument… Signs of good beginning. Up up SE!

  • JimmyBall 5 months ago

    …hahahahahaha. Okokobioko!!! What music am I hearing? That kelechi Nwakali and Alhassan Yusuf are coming to Super Eagles with midfield creativity being on the front burner in the upcoming AFCON… let me not fart out loud in extreme happiness for this news yet.

    We have always said… If you are good, you are good, it does not matter who does not like you. Rohr was the first eveidently fraudulent and crooked whiteman I will ever be convinced isn’t honest in elite football. Guys welcome to game-run swag with the vital changes and injections about to be made in the team… @68yrs old, coach Rohr was already over his crest with Super Eagles… football is not rocket science and we do not need any white mercenary. We have had enough of this overhyped people… na me talk am! Nigeria ball fans… Welcome to heaven’s dew in our football!

    • Ali Gafar 5 months ago

      Within hours of their appointments, Eguavoen and Salisu have set to work that’s how a good team should start. Algeria and Senegal are managed by local coaches and are doing very well but in Nigeria, we are ready to sacrifice our own on the alter of sentiments, tribalism. I know Eguavoen and Salisu will do well not just in Afcon but the World cup proper. But I would like to advise them to begin preparation for World cup immediately after Afcon. This is a wonderful start.

    • You see how Roar Made even I Ugo neglect this Boy, Kelechi Nwakali Onye ball Midfield Dinamo MVP of Under 17 team that included Victor Osimhen. This boy has the ability to outshine Osimhen and the World Cup is the Window playing in a rugged spanish seguna league and carrying his team Heusca on his back nawa o. this is the player we need to command the midfield. He is always someone I will not write off. Nwakali is your time to shine Oga Rooar who has been closing the door on you is gone they say when 1 door closes another opens lets gO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MONKEY POST 5 months ago

    Lol…My brother @Ugo Iwunze I have no choice. Nigeria should be the bigger picture here and not Rohr. It’s my country and so I owe her my allegiance.. But am suspecting you o. Are you sure you’re not a spy for NFF? Cos 2 days before the sack I couldn’t find you anywhere near this forum. But immediately after his sack you just popped up…Hmmmmm…

    • Lol Bro @MONKEY POST i am no spy for the crooked Glass house I just understand Nigeria in all honesty until the first list frm Eguavoen we can only hope but I can guarantee you it will be more exciting than Roar team, again Nigeria indeed is a country that never really need fantastic guardiola coaches we have teh raw talent. if you select our best legs other teams go chop grass lol! whether they like or not. Ball dey our body but not what Roar was doing. you will see Musa time is up in SE if Buhari like let him jump and puff Nigeria is bigger than Buhari or any Quota System, all Nigeria needs to do in 2022 is put Nigeria first before any personal interest and people go shock if these set of players selected on Merit don’t reach Semi Finals call me a liar and I will disappear from CSN forever I SWEAR IT BRO!!!! Eguavoen is a blessing in disguise as I was typing it dawned on me he will make Nigeria proud!! Bro.

      P.S I knew Roar will not make it to SE because I prayed about it bro, as I told you guys I am praying that Nigeria SUPER EAGLES!! will go to AFCON and World Cup with our Best Legs and BEST LEGS And most deserving players on MERIT ONLY!!!. I told you guys I would. One Love!!

      • Let me write that again *If Nigeria Selects only on Merit the best performing Nigeria Players in the best leagues in Europe then If we don’t reach Semi Finals call me a liar*

        Look at every Nigeria player that should be there on Merit, If I am not mistaking they are the most Important players in their respective clubs. That is a first for SE in a LOOOOOOOOOONG time normally our players of the past were mostly bench warmers or Squad players now we have Key or Star players in their respective clubs in top leagues. this squad is destined for greatness if treated with honesty and integrity, most importantly good Morals!.

        • Let me write that again *If Nigeria Selects only on Merit the best performing Nigeria Players in the best leagues in Europe then If we don’t reach Semi Finals of the 2022 World Cup call me a liar*

  • Marculey Iwero 5 months ago

    @Ali Gafar, those were salient points you raised. I believe everything is left for the NFF to give the Egu team every support to succeed. They have shown good intents. With Nwakali, Aribo and V.Moses roving and marshalling the midfield, Odion Ighalo and Osimhen should be busing scoring goals.

    • Vincent 5 months ago

      That’s for a fact. Even with Aina, Awanziem coming from the flanks to make supplies upfront. I see Eguavoen making history in Cameroon.

  • MONKEY POST 5 months ago

    @Jideola that’s to tell you that something is fishy.. There must be more to all this drama. If not for the ambassadorial roles am sure by now they should have spoken up..

  • My disappointment with gernot rohr is that he started very well with the team by bringing in young talents and creating a very promising team that went on to win third place in the last AFCON.
    One would have expected that he would build on that team by using more talented, young and in form players in the team. Instead, he kept playing players who were obviously not adding much to the team and then he brought back ighalo because the team didn’t have enough strikers (right!).
    But he did do something for the team, and that is increase the level of competition among players, he made players increase their desire to play in top leagues in Europe and he helped improve the team’s ranking.
    I thank him for that.
    But with him gone we can finally see if the team can actually raise their game above what we have seen. Lets see if all our reservations about team selection and tactics are actually as a result of NFF influence or if coach rohr made these choices on his own. The final team list and the team selection made by coach Eguavoen for the first game will tell us that.
    We for me with the variety of players we have now at our disposal, the team can play in a variety of formations. I fancy a 3-5-2 or 4-3-3 may be adequate, since we dont currently possess a creative midfielder in the team.

    FOR: 3-5-2



    FOR: 4-3-3


    I would like to include Sadiq Umar in the list but he doesn’t have enough experience playing for the Super Eagles team. Also I guess there is room for moses Simon on the left and right wing and as a wing-back.