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Iwobi, Dessers Score As Super Eagles Draw 2-2 Vs Algeria B Team In Test Game

Iwobi, Dessers Score As Super Eagles Draw 2-2 Vs Algeria B Team In Test Game

Alex Iwobi and Cyriel Dessers were on target for the Super Eagles of Nigeria, in their 2-2 draw against Algeria B team in a test game played in Constantine on Friday, Completesports.com reports.

Algeria B team went into the break 1-0 ahead on through Karim Aribi who plays for CR Belouizdad.

It is Aribi’s seventh goal in six games this season.

Iwobi equalized for the Super Eagles while Dessers got the second goal for Jose Peseiro’s side.

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The Algerian B team got their second goal off the boot of USM Alger striker Aymen Mahious.

The Super Eagles starting eleven had Maduka Okoye, Ola Aina, William Ekong, Valentine Ozornwafor, Ebube Duru, Chidozie Awaziem, Frank Onyeka, Chidera Ejuke, Ralph Nwadike, Ademola Lookman, Taiwo Awoniyi.

And the players on the bench were Francis Uzoho, Adeleye Adebayo, Zaidu Sanusi, Dessers, Saviour Godwin, Terem Moffi, Kevin Akpoguma, Kelechi Iheanacho, Moses Simon, Iwobi, Calvin Bassey, Kenneth Omeruo.

Meanwhile, the Super Eagles will take on the Algeria A team on Tuesday in an international friendly game in Oran.

By James Agberebi

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  • Nelson Etim 1 year ago

    Weldon Migeria am proud of u guys keep on0000000000

  • Four Four 2 1 year ago

    From the lineup it can be quickly deduce that super Eagles also paraded their B team. Fair result. I see SE A team beating Algeria A team on Tuesday

  • Sammy 1 year ago

    What at shame forcing a home based team to a draw! What will happen when you meet the main team on Tuesday. Could this be the team Mr. Coach want to use to win the AFCON? Anyway let me not be too forward. ALL THE SAME IT A SHAMEFUL THING FORCING A HOME BASED TEAM TO A DRAW.

    • Golden Child 1 year ago

      In my opinion, the B team is a more difficult team to play. Because they play locally, there would be more cohesion in the game. The eagles will perform better against the A team.

    • Kelvin paul 1 year ago

      I don’t understand this super eagles at all.so SE can not beat locally assembled team.Thisis an insult.We don’t have any excuse at all.This is not accepyable by any standard. A big insult to Nigerians

      • lol…insult ko….u people should go and sit somewhere….

  • It’s a good test run for the Eagles before they play A team. Iwobi is really stepping up when majority of the star players are unavailable. I’m not expecting much from them against a team preparing for World Cup.

    • Akinola 1 year ago

      Which team is preparing for the world cup? They didn’t qualify just like Nigeria m

  • Derrick 1 year ago

    When ATM struggled against our Home base, did that make the former a bad team.

  • Femi 1 year ago

    Okoye can never keep clean sheet, that guy na basket anytime anyday, thought he boycotting call up before nii? Why did he honor this? Shiooo

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      The 8 clean sheets in has kept in 16 international matches so far, na your village ancestors help am keep them abi..?

      You will tell us if you are is next-door neighbor to know he was intentionally boycotting call ups.

      Shioo. Ignorance spreading Ignorance.

      • Effiong 1 year ago

        Very foolish person, can you just not insult Mr know it all..

        • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

          Very useless idiot. Mr ignorant fool. Defender of the universe.

          So insults pain you right….LMAOoo. But when its you dishing it out to others it gives you fulfilment right….??

          Birds of the same feather truly flock together ey…..LMAOooo.

          When birds learn to fly without perching, hunters too will learn to shoot without missing.

          • Am so disappointed at Nigeria, I was expecting 10 nil from them against Algeria b team what a shame for them, okoye your time is up

      • Guy I like you! Tell am well!

  • Larry 1 year ago

    Starting a match with 8 defensive players and ending up losing in the first half really exposes the defensive weakness of the team..

  • Sammy Strings 1 year ago

    This is not a bad result Family!!

    The team can improve on this!!

    God bless Super eagles!!

    • Papafem 1 year ago

      Maduka and errors. We would have easily won the match.

      • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

        Ederson, Mendy, Courtois, Lloris….the best of them none. None of them is immune to it.

        Not “easily” winning the match has little to do with Maduka.


        • Sean 1 year ago

          Thanks very much for this video. Okoye at 22 still needs our support. Nobody is perfect. Even the day the greatest Enyeama made one silly mistake out of many in a qualifier away, he still came out boldly to say he owed nobody any apology, but today, we see him as the Nigerian all time best.

        • divine 1 year ago

          But the guy own too much sef… if to say na competitive match na so e for still do again. I’m sure that the best goalkeepers did not repeat theirs twice in a row. seriously he should compose himself …

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      …and yet some people open their guts to talk nonsense about Iwobi in a Nigerian jersey….???

      When was the last time we see a goal from outside the box and a 45 yard pre-assist in a SE game…?

    • Sean 1 year ago

      Chai! This guy should just put his heart together. He’s not settled.
      Algerian keeper made the same mistake but wasn’t converted. Even Adeleye, if not for Bassey. I pray he gets himself. We really need him.

      • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

        I thought I was the only one that noticed Adeleye’s blunder too. If not for the quick reaction of the defender, he had successfully and needlessly palmed a harmless, wayward cross unto the feet of the onrushing Algerian.

        We should lets these boys be and stop putting them under undue pressure whenever they are wearing a Nigerian jersey. A player should not be all jitters simply because he is putting on a SE Jersey. A player should not be afraid for his life or that of his family because he is playing for Nigeria and would be targeted for every mistake that occurs in the course of duty.

        People should learn to channel their life frustrations elsewhere. If you lose money betting on the SE then dont do it anymore. Some people have just made it a point of duty to target certain players with their hate.

        Bassey conceded a very needless penalty when he could easily have jockey the Algerian attacker to a tight shooting angle…but no one seems to have seen it since Bassey is still in their good books. Replace Bassey with Ekong in that situation and we would be dodging missiles being fired at him by now. Even when we had not seen the highlights of the game yesterday, some people were already raining insults on Ekong for the goals we conceded in that game.

        • Ololo 1 year ago

          Dr Drey that was a cheap penalty.if there was VAR it would have been called off.. it was just a touch at his back.. pls watch the highlight again..

          Maduka needs our time and patience, obviously his mind is not in order.. Nigerians should encourage him and not insult him

          • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

            Hahahaha….VAR will even award a yellow card (or possibly read) to Bassey.

            What the heck aretyou saying….??? LMAOoo. Please remove sentiments from your eyes.

            The first question VAR would ask is that was there contact…?? Please answer that yourself.

            That was a clear trip Mr. If you watch it 100 times, it doesnt change the fact that it was a penalty and it was conceded by Bassey.

            He should come and tackle like that again in the Eredivisie and see if he wouldn’t get a yellow card on top of the penalty for obstructing a goal scoring opportunity.

            Please lets put sentiments aside and move on.

            We have a bigger game on Tuesday.

          • Ololo 1 year ago

            I still insist that wasn’t a penalty.. take a closer look at it.. that your natural body touches a player should not make him dive to the ground.. it was not a tackle from the back.. these north African guys are expert in diving. VAR will call that off.. this is fact not sentiment. Pls take a second look at it and how surprise the goal keeper was

          • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

            Hahahaha…why should your natural body touch a player to the point of upending him in the penalty box in year 2022….? Your natural body touching a player to the extent that you also almost lost your balance….LMAooo. If you know the North Africans are experts in diving why rushing into a challenge with them in your box…?

            I asked you simple question, WAS THERE CONTACT….??? WAS IT IN THE BOX….??? You have been dodging a simple yes or no answer because you kow deep in you that the answers to both questions is Yes. And those are the questions VAR will first ask too….LMAOoo. So sorry ehn.

            This isnt the 80s oga….you dont need to tackle from the back before you concede a penalty these days. A technical foul like that one from Bassey will earn you even a red card in football these day if you are the last man and the player is supposed to be through on goal.

            Bassey clipped that player in the box when he would have simply jockeyed (or shadowed him as they say in local parlance) to a tight angle, and was lucky not be have been carded for that.

            Please move on from it. It was the right call.

            The boy must have learnt a thing a two from it. That’s part of what is called gathering experience. A Van Dijk for example wouldnt have been in a hurry to make a tackle given the same scenario

          • Michael Adelami 1 year ago

            Dr. Drey, I love your analysis and your unbiased way of looking at things but to be factual, that was not a penalty.

          • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

            Well, unfortunately sir Micheal, you were not the the referee officiating the game. The rules as they currently are tell him contact in the box to obstruct/interfere with a goalscoring opportunity is a penalty, and he duly applied it.

            If your answers to both questions I posed above is Yes. Then please move on.

            Iwobi was redcarded at AFCON….we cried wolf
            Ajibade was redcarded at AWCON….we cried wolf
            Ayinde was redcarded at AWCON…we cried wolf.

            Rather than learn from these mistakes, we will keep crying wolf where there is non and same thing will repeat itself at a more crucial time.

            Bassey should go tackle like that in the UCL and see if he wouldnt get a booking on top of the penalty. Players are getting smarter these days. Sell them a penalty opportunity and they will gladly buy it.

            One day we will learn to stop complaining when football rule application decisions dont go in our favour.

            Maybe this ignorance of the rules of the game is what is also affecting most of our referees being the reason why Nigerian referees never get to officiate anymore at Major tournaments even in Africa.

          • Ololo 1 year ago

            Yes there was contact Dr Drey but are all contacts inside the box a penalty? Obviously No.. that was why VAR was introduced.. that will never be a penalty if technology was used to judge the event.. we saw how south Africa cried against Ghana in the world cup qualifier.. there was contact at the back but it was not obvious to be judged a penalty.. these north African are very good in diving but as you said bassey will learn to be more careful next week..

          • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

            Yes…not all contacts in the box are penalties….but once a contact upends the opposing player….it becomes one. You yourself called it a “Cheap” penalty. A penalty is a penalty, whether cheap or “expensive”. Bassey didnt need to strike the attacker with an axe before it gets called for a penalty. He technically fouled the player by clipping his knee-shin line.

            This was an unofficial friendly match which wasn’t even telivised….so where the hell are you expecting to see VAR…?? Really…?? How many countries use VAR in friendly matches on the African continent. You should be happy there was no VAR, otherwise Bassey was gonna be carded

            His fellow teammates didnt even complain about the decision, they saw it, they know it. It was a technical foul. Bassey himself even almost lost his balance after the challenge. In the box its a penalty. Outside the box as last man and it will be a straight red card.

            Move on and stop looking for whom to scapegoat.

        • Effiong 1 year ago

          “I thought I was the only one” This guy is a mad man like everyone else is blind lol.

          • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

            ‘This guy is a madman’ yet you are reading all his comments to the last fullstop…..Cant you see you own madness is dripping vegetable oil used in frying your senses.

            The fact that you cannot even comprehend a figurative phrase….LMAOoooo …reveals how much of a dunce you are

            Eih….its so unfortunate. Yours definitely is another level of daftness that mankind can never forget in a hurry. A human being should be this daft.

  • Bomboy 1 year ago

    That first goal against us was a disgrace. Maduka is unreliable.

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Yea….the same way De Gea, Oblak, Mendy etc who have all been victims of unplanned blunders are unreliable

      • Effiong 1 year ago

        Man shut your dirty trap if he was in the class of the GK you mentioned he will not be on the bench in Watford. Mistakes happen but when they happen way too often and the GK is a nervous wreck then it means he needs to work harder. You seem to be the ignorant one here Mr big head.

        • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

          Hahahahaha…..Look at this frustrated fool. The fact that he’s not in the class of those GK is the reason why idiots like you should shut your gutters and move on.

          If those great ones commit such blunders even at the highest level of the World cup in the full glare of billions of viewers around the world, what then is the fuss if it also happens to Maduka in an unofficial untelevised friendly game played behind closed doors…?

          Common sense is indeed not common…..LMAOooo.

          Okoye being on the bench at Watford has nothing to do with his quality. Enyeama in all his greatness and glory was on Lille’s bench for almost 2-3 seasons when he signed for the club. Tony Sylva of Senegal was the 2nd choice goalkeeper at AS Monaco by the 2002 WC.
          Okoye only just arrived at Watford and got his papers sorted out only after the season has kicked off. And the coach who signed him had also been fired. So its expected that he will have to bid his time on the bench in a new club that already has Austria’s no 1 GK too. Just like he rose from being 4th choice at Sparte Rotterday when he signed there, he will also become 1st choice at Watford soon.

          How these things are difficult to understand beats imagination…..LMAOooo.

          CSN please start conducting IQ tests these nitwits coming to vomit sewage here all the time before allowing them to use your platform please.


  • Glory 1 year ago

    We should please take it easy with these lads. This is a new team building with new Coaches. Let’s be patient and not cause confusion around the team with baseless criticism. Any goal keeper can make such mistake and the coach definitely know what to do with regards to that. So we should just let the coaches do their job. Besides the easy goes scored by Algeria,the SE played better.

  • Effiong 1 year ago


    Okoye will not touch that no 1 GK spot for a while. His advocates can go and jump into a river.

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      When he eventually touches it, you can mix rat poison with your coffee or jump in front of a moving train.

  • Ololo 1 year ago

    Let’s take it easy with maduka.. the insults he received in the afcon affected him psychologically.. he didn’t grow up in Nigeria and not used to her aggressiveness and vawulemce.. pls take it easy on him, even world best goalkeeper make similar mistakes.. our insults are too much and it cost us the world cup ticket.. an inform maduka will not concede the goal uzoye conceded.. pls let’s encourage him..

    From the highlight I saw , I want to say I was impressed with the team, the following players were world class.. Godwin savior he wore the no10 shirt and plays very similarly like simon Moses, iheancho lovely assist for the second goal. Iwobi man of the match, first goal and had the pre assist for the second goal.. Desser unlucky not to score two goals, a world class defending for the a Chance he missed.. I don’t think moffi played this game..

    Useful lessons:

    Iheancho and desser has stuck a good understanding with themselves.

    We now have another dangerous winger in Godwin savior, if Musa didn’t go injured we wouldn’t have discovered him.

    Finally that wasn’t a penalty. The Algeria guys are known for diving. Football is a contact sport a touch at the back should not make you roll on the floor..

  • Chima E Samuels 1 year ago

    It’s feel sad watching Nigeria lately, why is it too hard to replace Vincent? No one is perfect but our present goalkeepers has succeeded in making us loose when it matters. E.g Afcon against Algeria and World Cup qualifier against Ghana. With what I saw yesterday it doesn’t seem to be getting any better but worst. This is an emergency if we must end these disappointments, and what kind of strikers are shooting sideways when facing an empty post with stranded keeper? Do we still have Yakubus that we don’t know about? May the lord revive our sports like our female athletes.

  • Ololo 1 year ago

    This is the reason north African clubs will continue to win the caf champions league..

    We should take it easy with our team even in the afcon, Tunisia who defeated us had lot of their players from their local leagues, same with Algeria and Egypt.. their league are the best in Africa…. Very little difference with their A team..

    We learnt valuable lessons , so happy to see iheancho and a desser combining so well.. I feel for awoniyi, I won’t be surprised if he doesn’t make the squad for the next friendly with Portugal.. one player that really impressed me Is Godwin savior.. a very Good player.. it was a Good decision to organize this game for our team, kudos to the organiser

    • Dr. Drey 1 year ago

      Lets stop underrating that Algerian Homebased team. They are not like ours.

      That team has been in camp since May or possibly earlier. They have been playing lots and lots of friendlies against A teams of other countries. I remembered watching them play countries like Liberia and Niger (I guess). The players play for clubs that are competitive on the continent….the likes of CA Belouzidad, ES Setif and the rest. And a couple of them were part of the Arab cup winning team last year led by the same coach Mahjed Bougherra.

      We wouldn’t just assemble 11 strange bed-fellows, train for 2 days and think we would steam-roll them because they are a homebased squad. We arent that good yet. What they lack in quality, relative to our team, they have in abundance in team chemistry and understanding.

      It was a worthwhile friendly game, both for the players and the coaches too and Im sure it has set the mood for the main official game coming up on Tuesday

  • Ayphillydegreat 1 year ago

    From the highlights I saw the Eagles played well. Though we could do better with those goals we conceded otherwise it was a good test match for our boys. Most of these Algeria Home based team were part of the team that won the recent Arab cup and some of them are part of their main national team.

    Special mentions to Dessers, Savior Godwin Iwobi and Iheanacho. I noticed Kelechi operates from the left side/left wing from the clips I saw. His assist came from a run on the left channel from a crisp pass from Iwobi and a lovely cut back to find Dessers.

    The goal Dessers missed too was all his doing. Like I’ve before only Osimhen possess the kind of goal threat Kelechi possesses in our attack.. maybe Peseiro have found a role for him to operate from the wings especially on his natural left foot. Eguavoen made a massive mistake by dropping Kelechi in the second leg against Ghana. 

    Moffi and Awoniyi started the game but they didn’t get any clear cut chances. Awoniyi made some good runs but the attack in the first half were mostly playing together for the first time. Lookman, Ejuke, Awoniyi and Moffi all provides various options going forward.

    Savior wears the number 10 shirt and he looks a part. A member of the GoldenEaglets class of 2013 with Awoniyi Iheanacho Success and Ndidi initially. That team seems to be the backbone of the SuperEagles at the moment. Partly due to the fact they were all really U17 at the time thanks to MRI. I think Peseiro just found another good winger/forward today. He plays in Portuguese league which is a top league. Welcome aboard Savior Godwin. 

    The real test will be on Tuesday as the SuperEagles continues on the road to recovery. 

    • Ignatius Abo 1 year ago

      This is the kind of analysis that is good not like those useless bloggers claiming to be journalists. Rubbish. Like @Afilly said, the players did well.
      Heaven bless all deserving journalists.

    • SuperGoals 1 year ago

      Thank you very much Ayphillydegreat for your comment, you are very very observant.

      The truth is that any coach that wants to win any trophy for the Soper Eagles Must always play Iwobi and Iheanacho together up to the last minute for victory, because they can change any game, during the last world cup Oga Rohr lost because he drop Iheanacho for Oghalo . Oga Eguavon also made the same mistake not playing the duo together, in the Nation cup and the World cup qualifier and they lost.

      Wise men learn from other people’s mistake, please go back and look how the duo played together and in the world cup in the qualifiers and in the nation cup.
      A word is enough for the wise!!!

  • Golden Child 1 year ago

    I believe NFF should really look into the gk dept,it is affecting the team badly. We crashed out of the afcon and then failed to qualify for the world cup in 2022 due to goal keeping problems. In fact we can go as far back as the previous afcon when Akpeyi hid behind the wall but yet the NFF persist with these choice of gks. Insanity has been defined as doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different outcome. Something needs to be done urgently.

  • austin 1 year ago

    okoye was completely at fault for the first goal

  • UBFE 1 year ago

    Whether they loose to Jerusalem or Jordan or even Malta is none of my business, whether they beat Brazil, Germany, england or Spain means nothing to me.

    Until this team start qualifying for tournament at EASE as they use to during the results oriented boss era “@OGA ROHR”, they’ll continue to be super chicken.

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