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Kalu’s Collapse Not A Heart Related Issue -Bordeaux Doctors Confirm

Kalu’s Collapse Not A Heart Related Issue -Bordeaux Doctors Confirm

Bordeaux doctors have confirmed that Super Eagles winger, Samuel Kalu’s collapse during the game against Marseille was not a heart-related issue but that he suffered from dizziness.

Recall that the Nigerian international collapsed on the field of play just five minutes into the match on Sunday evening.

But after receiving treatment from medical staff, the Nigerian was incredibly allowed to play on, eventually, sense seemed to prevail, with the star being precautionarily substituted eight minutes later.

Reacting to the development, the Bordeaux doctors stated that Kalu’s in a good condition but will still be undergoing a medical test later today.

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“It was just a dizzy spell. We’re happy for Kalu, everything is fine and that’s the most important thing.

“We inevitably thought about what happened with (Denmark midfielder Christian) Eriksen, the whole team and everyone was scared.” the doctors said at the post-match conference.

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  • pompei 2 years ago

    Perhaps it’s time to hang up the boots?
    It’s sad. A very skillful player. But if the body can’t take it anymore, it can’t take it anymore.
    Kalu should think carefully now about his priorities. Staying alive for his family should be the most important thing now. Football can take a back seat if it endangers his life.

    • So what the doctor said did not still satisfy you abi?…. until he hangs his boot that you will be satisfied abi?….. Suddenly you know more than trained medical personel of many years experience in sports medicine abi?….. continue God is watching you.

      • pompei 2 years ago

        The God you said is watching me, the Creator of life, will also expect Kalu to take a decision that prioritizes his life above all else.
        If he needs to hang up his boots temporarily or permanently to remain alive, so be it!
        It is his decision to make.

      • Dr Drey 2 years ago

        Heart conditions don’t just jump at people. They develop and graduate over time. This is the 3rd time in 2 years Kalu is collapsing (if im correct)…once at the SE camp….once in Boudreaux training ground…and now in a league match on live TV.

        Its not enough for the doctors to just tell us its just “dizziness”, the issue is, what caused the dizziness. Dizziness (just like headache) in itself is not a sickness or disease, it is a sign of an underlying problem…and until that underlying problem is properly diagnosed and sorted out….Kalu runs the risk of dropping dead (God forbid) someday soon.

        1 minor incident is always a result of several near misses left unchecked, 1 major accident is always a result of several minor incidents left unchecked….the doctors need to go find out how on earth a professional football player got dehydrated within 4 minutes of kickoff.

        If he is getting dehydrated in temperatures of 16-18 degrees C….the coldest temperature in most domestic air conditioners. what will happen when he comes to play in Africa in temperatures of 28-34 degrees C.

        Sam Kalu…take a break from football and go for a comprehensive check on all your vital body organs NOW. Na who dey alive dey play ball o.

  • SAMUEL 2 years ago

    I have been saying these things for long!! Samuel Kalu should hang his boot NOW !!! .That guy has been collapsing in trainings and matches.Please my brother is better you are alive than……

  • Take a break from football and go to where for the comprehensive check up????…..he is in a country where your leaders in Nigeria run to when they need health care because your leaders know that Nigeria is dead interms of health care services…..Ok where else can Kalu get such comprehensive check up if not in where he is already???!….These countries have the best equipment in the world to detect anything wrong with him and they won’t hide it because they are also after Kalu’s wellbeing as a human…… Many players in the past have been advised to quit football due to diagnoses like heart issues so Kalu’s case is not the first….. European players go through medicals before each preseason and if Kalu is not fit they will not hesitate to flag him……The only thing Kalu needs now is our prayers and support not all this assertions and judgements…..No doctors here just football fans how come Everyone seems to know much about Medical issues……Do you guys think to hang up a footballers boot is a simple decision you can just make on a football forum?????….It takes experts to make such decisions and series of tests will be carried out to conclude that there is no other option……Like I said we don’t love Kalu’s life more than the doctors taking care of him and I believe if playing football again will endanger his life the doctors won’t hesitate to call it quit on his playing career….. Thank God the medical team has come out and given a positive response to the situation but you guys still don’t want to accept it……If your leaders here in Nigeria can entrust their lives to these same doctors by running abroad anytime they fall sick for treatment then there must be something these people are doing correctly so we need to trust them on this one.

    • pompei 2 years ago

      Continue. God is watching you.

    • Dr Banks 2 years ago

      @Akp, let me educate you further here, in Medicine, there are hundreds of subspecialties and an expert in one speciality cannot pronounce with conviction that all is well with a patient without getting to the root cause of a serious symptom. A sport medicine specialist and emergency specialist are usually available during a match hence referral for further assessment by relevant specialist is required. Especially when this episode keeps reoccurring meaning the cause has not been identified and corrected.

      A collapse is not a symptom to be taken lightly, it occurs as a result of a momentary disconnection between your brain and the heart, this can be as a result of many conditions, common ones listed below:

      Vasovagal syncope. It is the most common cause. …
      Postural hypotension. … more common in pregnant women
      Dehydration. …only after extreme exhaustion or extreme heat for prolonged period
      Blood pressure drugs. …
      Diseases of the nerves of the legs in older people (especially with diabetes or Parkinson’s disease). …
      Alcohol consumption and abuse of other drugs
      Low blood sugar.
      Stroke which occurs due to impaired blood flow to the brain of bleeding into the brain tissue leading to lack of oxygen important nutrient to the brain
      A range of heart diseases is the most dangerous of these as it can lead to sudden death in an apparently healthy individual.
      An equally dangerous situation is that, when you lose consciousness momentarily during an activity, you may aspirate (choking) which may stop further delivery of oxygen to all your vital organs leading to sudden death.
      So bro, we all care about his footballing career bcos that what puts food on the table for him and his family but he has to be alive to be able to do that

      • @ banks don’t you think Bordeaux must have taken him to a different specialist already?….these people are not midiocres like Nigerian league o…..Kalu must have visited countless specialist before the club medics gave that press release…..FACT

        • Dr Banks 2 years ago

          @Akp please stop being a stubborn fan, you can’t see most specialist within 24 hrs notice except you’re admitted via emergency unit so it takes time depending on the urgency but definitely not over the weekend. He wasn’t taken to hospital immediately like Erickson and admitted where relevant specialist will be called to attend to him immediately. Also some of the tests he will require need to be booked electively and the specialists will review them later.

          I am a Specialist Doctor myself practicing in a developed country so I know what am talking about.

          All we are saying is let the young man rest while he undergoes comprehensive check up because this will not be re-occurring if the cause has been known and appropriate treatment given. We all love this guy so much and want the best for him my brother

          • @ Dr bank…..My doc it is now you have said what I want to hear….Rest is needed by everyone including Kalu….I personally didn’t like how the coach made him return to the pitch after the incident……The club should have given him at least 3 days off to recharge his batteries…. You really sound like a good doctor and I respect you for that…. You guys are really doing a great job for humanity and God will reward all doctors in this world working hard to keep humans safe….keep it up sir

    • You talking like you are sent to kill him, let him go relax, people that don’t even have half of his wealth would willingly stop whatever they doing to take good care of there hidden health illness first. Common bro.

      • @ femi I don’t want to kill him I just don’t want to judge his predicament from afar like you guys are doing…..Let the experts that are handling his case be the judge…..and believe me I trust their judgement no matter the outcome…..I love Kalu too

  • @Akp, everybody is advising the young man to take a precautionary steps, you are insinuating what is not, so sickness don’t kill them in France or perhaps they don’t fall sick they only have hospital for tourism abi. Their doctor are know all abi, so the cause of the collapse is no more dehydration but dizziness, so dizziness just occurred suddenly without any underlying ailments abi. Yeyenatu… If the guy loves himself, better he step aside for a while and take of his health

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      Hehehehe…no mind am. A young agile man has collapsed on he pitch 3 times in 2 years and he thinks it is a trivial concern like malaria that needs just a few doses of chloroquine and all is well, go home and wait for your next

      If he had been properly diagnosed, the underlying cause of his sudden shut downs been found out and the right treatment given to him by the so-called sports medicine experts, why are the collapses still re-occurring ….?

      If he has collapsed 3 times in 2 years, what is the probability he will not collapse 3 times within the next one year…?

      When a man collapses he is close to death o’clock, unless God says no. A lot of things can go wrong in his state of not being conscious. So how many more close shaves with death does he poor boy need to have to take a break and travel to where he will get a specialist to put an end to his travails once and for all.

      If the doctors have been doing the right thing, collapsing every now and them wouldn’t be a recurring decimal…You dont do the same things, the same ways, the same time and expect a different result. Whatever therapy he is being given so far has proven not to be a lasting one.

      Someone collapses 4 minutes into a professional football game when temperatures are like in an air conditioned room in west africa and he feels its something every stethoscope carrying doctor can give definitive answers and permanent solutions to.

      God forbid, the boy may not be a 4th time lucky…..if he collapses and falls awkwardly the next time, suffers a brain hemorrhage like Nouri Abdelhak, or swallows his tongue and passes away, will he go and replace him for his mother…? Ah….Some people can be so insensitive.

      • The fact they didn’t diagnose even make it worse, we might not believe is spiritual but it exist, he just need take a break even if his coach or whoever said otherwise, let them, life don’t have duplicate now.

  • Mercy 2 years ago

    In as much as I have seen many of my battle body becoming heat casualties because of dehydration. Several occasion guys are warned to always drink water (not energy drink nor soda). However, I will suggest the guy should go for proper medical check up in other to know the root cause of the recurring problem.

  • Italy has the best heart medical specialists and surgeons so I suggest he go there for a comprehensive medicals… God help him

  • I am not wicked…..I am not telling Kalu to play football against his body welfare…..I am not wishing Kalu dead…..I love him more than you think…..I want him to be alive for his parents to enjoy him…..All I am saying is that let his medical team do their job and let us trust his medical team and pray for Kalu…..These thing can even be a spiritual force which our prayers can help him conquer…..But we are all suggesting the very thing those that might be behind his predicament are targeting which is ending his career……Kalu is fine medically and I just confirmed from a reliable source that he is back to training already and might future in the next match of the club…..Let us pray for him abeg….. Forget about his medical concern because he is in safe hands…… Thank God he wasn’t playing in Nigeria because we could have been saying another thing by now…..Kalu is fine and he needs our prayers not our Judgement or medical advice.

    • pompei 2 years ago

      “All I am saying is that let his medical team do their job and let us trust his medical team and pray for Kalu” – Akp

      Well, that is what we’ve been saying from the beginning! Let him go for a comprehensive checkup, let the doctors work on him, and if he is certified ok, let him resume playing. If not, let him hang up the boots.
      With your latest comment, you have shifted position to the point where we are now basically saying the same thing. The only issue I have now is your JUDGMENT OR MEDICAL ADVICE comment, which makes me begin to believe that you don’t take the time to read and understand other people’s comments.
      Who gave judgment or medical advice here? How have we judged him? Where did you see judgment in any of our comments? On the contrary, it is you that can be accused of rushing to judgment, declaring a man who has collapsed on the pitch several times recently fit to play football without the benefit of a comprehensive checkup! Yes, you said he was fit, and you expect to see him in the next match. How do you know for sure that he is fit, without a checkup?
      We asked him to take time off to ensure he is healthy enough for football, and you call that medical advice? If that is medical advice, I better open a doctor’s clinic myself. I think I have plenty of medical advice for people, loooooool!

  • Emmanuel 2 years ago

    Well,I know we all wish Kalu well.But come to think of it Bordeaux is a professional football club cited in one of the most developed Countries in the world,which presuppose that they operate at the highest level.

    I trust that the team doctors would have done their due diligence knowing full well that if anything untoward happens to Kalu as a result of their negligence they will not only be stripped they will also be held for negligence.

    I am of the opinion that the fact that he was treated after the collapse and made to return to action, albeit for a short while means there is no cause for alarm.Ericson was not given such chance cos his case was more serious.

    Further more,if what I hear from Rohr this morning is anything to go by then I think Kalu is just fine.In most cases players who slump and die on the filed of play never saw it coming,in fact there is usually no warning sign.The doc I hear have given him all clear to resume training tomorw after today’s further test.

    Don’t get me wrong your advise is good, but I think the doc too will not ask that he continue to play if he’s not fit to play.Profeesionals want to do things right for reference purpose,except you all are convinced that Bordeaux doc cannot be trusted.

    In all I pray that the healing hands of the king shall rest upon Kalu.

    • @ Emmanuel this is what I have been saying since…..France is not Nigeria….If the medical team of a French elite division team tells you Kalu is ok then he is ok…..These people have the best medicine and technology in the world…..Even our politicians in Nigeria run there for treatment because they don’t trust what we have here in Nigeria……So who are we to argue with what they say?…..we can only pray for him in case it’s a spiritual thing so that our prayers can help him but medically Kalu is in where he will get the best of of medical care…..And thank God They have come out to say he is fine and he has even started training so who are we to suggest a further medical check?….which medical check can be as comprehensive as the one Kalu has been subjected to for the last 48hours?…..LIKE I SAID EARLIER KALU IS FINE…..let us keep praying for him.

      • AKP vs the world. The truth is looking you korokoro but you just no wan gree. All because of yeye ego.
        Kalu need more medical attention. Period!