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Leverkusen, Borussia Monchengladbach Join Sadiq Race

Leverkusen, Borussia Monchengladbach Join Sadiq Race

Bundesliga teams Bayern Leverkusen and Borussia Monchengladbach have joined the long list of clubs interested in Nigeria forward Umar Sadiq.

Red-hot Sadiq has scored 18 goals and bagged 16 assists in 38 games for Serbian Super Liga side Partizan Belgrade this season.

According to Mozzartsport, Leverkusen and Monchengladbach are interested in adding the lanky striker to their squad .

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Already Manchester United, Valencia, Anderlecht, Besiktas, Fenerbache, CSKA Moscow and Spartak Moscow have also been reported to be interested.

Partizan Belgrade have already placed a price tag of €15m on the prolific forward.

The 23-year-old joined Partizan on a permanent deal from Italian club AS Roma for €1.75m in January.

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  • Elijah Samson 4 years ago

    Great news.i just hope it true and it happens

  • Collins id 4 years ago

    This guy will be a perfect addition to supereagles attack, he should replace unuocho and also keep ighalo in his retirement level. Sadiq is a striker that has being treated very unfairly by the supereagles handlers, in the history of Nigeria football i havnt seen an olimpic top scorer totally excluded from the supereagles mainteam, for the likes of half tilent strikers we have been parading. This is simply becos he wasnt playing in the top 5 european league. That is a big shame on us as a nation to always depend on the european teams to help us select our first eleven, we can never win a world cup with such mentality. The 1994 supereagles team or the Costa rica team that defeated uroguay and italy to reach the quater final of the mundial lost on penalties to the netherlands, that team never had bignames club players in their team infact their best striker started to fall immediately he joined arsenal, that costarica team is the kind of team that can win the worldcup. Coming back to sadiq umar a player that scored 5 goals in the olympics and won bronze, in that team Rohr sited abdulahi, etebo, ekong, and ofcourse mikel obi eagles then captain, but what happen to sadiq umar the top scorer of the team, olimpic top scorers have always enjoyed time with eagles starting from kanu, ikpeba, aghahuwa, ikedia, and chinedu obasi, why was sadiq case defferent? two years after the olimpics nigeria went to the worldcup with iheanacho, ighalo, both strikers played frendlies without scoring a goal, they eventualy floped at the worldcup. As a nation we should be able to identify our stars by our selves by giving them the respect they deserve it will be very lazy for us to always wait for already made club players who are less tilented. Prior to turnament a coach can prepare a striker inrespective of how many goals scored in his club or goals number it has not always work like that formular of club performance, a coach must show that he knows wat he want by making it exact how he want. the giroud of france would be replaced by lacazetta if it was Naija football. Victor osihmen was built to a defferent level by amunike before the under 17 worldcup after a not very impresive performance by dame striker in the african level, as i good coach already seeing a tilent have to work hard to build him to deliver 10 goals at the world level that is how it works. God bless naija

    • Jones 4 years ago

      Stop typing gibberish. Umar just found his feet….were you expecting Rorh to call him up when he was sitting on Roma bench or when he couldn’t make matchday squads in Rangers?

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      Oga stop being sensational….1st point of correction. Osimhen did not have a below par performance at the Africa U17 championship. He ended as top scorer of the entire tournament (scoring in almost every game he played) and was one of the best players in the tournament. It was the same form he took to the world cup where he also ended as top scorer. Secondly, there was and there is still no way lacazette can displace Giroud in the Les Blues even in a friendly match…they are not the same type of strikers, they offer different values to the team, Giroud is a target man while lacazzette is a roving striker. The likes of Griezman and Mbappe were his contenders and they duly made the team ahead of lacazzette (both in terms of their performance for both clubs and country). If he were far better as you are trying to paint it Deschamps will not drop him for those two. Lacazzette has always been way down the pecking order in the French national team, featuring mostly in friendlies..that’s why he’s only had 16caps in 7 years. when you have so many people ahead of you like that, who are also performing at a high level for both their clubs and country, you need more than just 14 goals for Arsenal to break in and become a main stay like Giroud who has always been the pivot upon which the French’s attack has been built for many years now.

      To the Sadiq Umar issue, Olympic games was 4 years ago, the fact that he scored 4 goals in the olympics is not a visa to steady invitation to the national team for life. Football is not an “i get am before” sport, it is based on current form. We (INCLUDING YOU) are all shouting about him now BECAUSE OF HIS CURRENT FORM. In the last 4 years, i’m dont think even you has mentioned his name up to 4 times on this forum. We all remember him and can call for his invitation now because he is having a great season. Imoh Ezekiel too had a great olympic tournament and showed his talent, why are you not clamouring for him….??? Emmanuel Daniel had a fantastic tournament as goal keeper, why have you not clamoured for him….?? Shehu Abdulahi also had a great tournament as Right back and also showed his talent, why are you advocating for his exclusion from the national team now…? Its all because you know deep down in your heart, their current forms cannot justify a place in the current SE. Its the same mistake some ‘fans’ make when they start advocating for Alampasu (who hasnt played football for almost 3 seasons now) to be invited to the national team all because he won best goalkeeper at u17 world cup SEVEN YEARS AGO….to come and do what…CLUB AND NATIONAL TEAM WHICH ONE IS SUPPOSED TO BE AT A HIGHER LEVEL. If a player cant cut it at club level for whatever reason, is it the national team that will rehabilitate him? Sadiq scored 4 goals in the olympics 4 years ago, but between that period and when he moved to Belgrade he had just scored 8 goals (2 goals per season) and is currently in his 6th club on loan and you think he should have been in the SE ahead of the likes of Iheanacho, Ighalo, Simon, etc who where playing regularly and for their clubs…? In fact in all the 6 clubs he has played on loan so far, he barely managed to play 10 games per season until in his last club Perugia and now Partizan where he has played 17 and 18 games respectively. If Rohr had invited him ahead of those playing regularly, its still the same fault-finders who will accuse him of inviting a bench warmer ahead of regular players.

      Just as I said earlier, anywhere in the world, football is based on current form. If you are in the right form and contributing positively to your team, you play….if you are not in the right form you are dropped. Its as simple as that. Iheanacho used to be the arrow-head of the SE attack under Rohr, he lost his place to Ighalo when his form started dropping. Ighalo kept his place because he somehow found a good run of form even up till the AFCON.

      I get am before doesn’t work in football. It is what you can and are doing now that speaks volumes. Umar is finding his feet now after 4 years of wandering from club to club….let us allow the young man focus, find his feet and then come afterwards to stake his claim for a place in the SE. His form hasnt gone unnoticed by every Nigerian football follower, not to talk of the Coach himself, unfortunately, we cant have more than 2 no 9s in the SE at a time. If we pack the team full of 9s, who will play 7, 8, 10 and 11….?

      No matter how talented a footballer is, if his talent cannot earn him regular football for his club, there’s no way he’s going to play in a competitive national team set up, where the rest are also as talented and delivering in equal measure. National teams only meet to play in 2-3 days, that’s not sufficient enough time to rehabilitate players based on past glory.

  • Collins id 4 years ago

    You are a garbage your self, where was ronaldo before the 2002 worldcup. Where was ahmed musa before 2018 world cup. How come thesame leicester rejected star became tge nigerian hero at that turnament, u have to wake up from your Rome and Rangers confusion

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      Where was Musa b4 2018 WC…? He was at CSKA Moscow sir. Or Why do you think Musa left Leicester to CSKA Moscow on loan…??? To get gametime to be considered for the WC. He went as far a Europa league Qfinals with CSKA and scored 7 goals and 2 assists in 16 games while he was on loan. He went to the WC on current form. If he had remained in LCFC he would have been dropped, same way kelechi was dropped for AFCON.
      Why did Giroud leave Arsenal to Chelsea….? To get game-time to keep his place in the French national team ahead of the world cup.
      Ronaldo was not a bench warmer b4 2002 world cup he was only injured, but recovered in time to still play enough games to earn a place in the world cup, infact he scored 4 goals in his first 4 matches after recovering from injury. If he was not getting gametime or not fit or not scoring he wouldnt have made it. He made the 2002 worldcup based on current form, not based on past glory, and we all saw how he carried that form into the main tournament itself.

      • Joel Chidi 4 years ago

        @Dr Drey, I love the receipt you dish to them. Give them as e dey hot. Na so. #laughing so coronally

        • Collins id 4 years ago

          Sadiq umar, was not selling close in yaba before the worldcup, infact he was in holand scoring goals and making assist, befor moving back to italy. I am not saying that players should not be regular in terms of club activities, i stand to say some tilents should be appreciated, there for giving them their some priorities they deserved. (Brasilians and argentines use to enjoy same priorities with their national teams) If a good player that is at list training week in and out, get drilled in threeweeks before any turnament he will intigrate well and score goals if truly he is tilented, if boxing was football tyson fury will still be in Dr Drey’s bench. In football clubs there are many reasons and sentiments involved in their selection some times the players in the club can also not be helpfull it also happens to etebo in stoke before he moved to getafe, we shouldnt allow their clubsides kill their carrier we have to help too. How can a player who scored 5 goals in the olimpic not selected two years later for the worldcup without being injured, that is not good for continuity in players development. Before the olimpic 2016 was sadiq playing for realmadrid? No, he was coming in from the bench for rome in games. Was matsusik a regular for juventus before he fired croatia to worldcup final? Hell NO

          • Footballfanatic 4 years ago

            Guy I don’t knownif u r intentionally spelling talent as “tilent” but nanu sabi with all those eerror filled story….lol the fact is that the man was not in form in the last few years like how he is now……just cuz he scored 4 goals in the olympics doesn’t mean he merits a call up when he’s out of form and there were better players at the time…

          • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

            Oga…Mandzukic played 43 games scored 10 goals and 5 assists for Juve the season before the world cup, he wasnt a bench warmer, he wasnt struggling for game time, both for his club or his national team.

            Brazilians and Argentine dont invite players who are off form into their national teams, they dont invite players who are struggling at club level, they dont invite non performing players to the national team for rehabilitation, that one na lie.

            Sadiq Umar was not in any spectacular form in Holland that season. He only scored 5 goals in the same season when other SE regulars were also performing week in week out. Even Nwakaeme who scored 18 goals and 12 assists in all competitions that season couldnt break into the team. In 3 years Sadiq had only scored 12 goals, yes 12 GOALS IN 3 SEASONS IN ALL COMPETITIONS before he moved to Belgrade and found his rhythm. That is not the type of form that earns you an invitation to your national team even if you are cristaino messi. It is his new found form that has made him a talking point now and will earn him a callup, not what he did 2 years ago or 4 years ago. The fact that he scored 4 goals in 2016 Olympics was never going to be a visa to the world cup in 2018. The boy has found his form now he will definitely get a look in.

            But if you insist, no problem. As from now on, we will drop the likes of Osimhen, Dessers, Simon, Chukwueze and the rest who are playing regularly for their clubs from the SE and start the likes of inviting Awoniyi (who scored 4 goals in U17 WC 7 years ago), Success (who scored a combined 7 goals in 7 competitive matches for the U17s 7 years ago), Iheanacho (who won best player in U17 7 years ago but is now struggling for form), Chrisantus Macualey (who scored 7 goals at U17 WC 13 years ago), Stephen Odey and Ezekiel Imoh since the national team is now a rehabilitation centre where you spend 2-3 weeks to rehabilitate talented players who are struggling in their clubs, even though FIFA free days are only 7 days per month for 8 months in a year.

      • Jones 4 years ago

        Collins don run. I have to advice him to stop talking if he doesn’t know the truth

  • larry 4 years ago

    If Onuachi could get invited to SE under GR, why not Sadiq? Sadiq’s invitation to SE is long overdue. Based on current form, he deserves a look-in.

    • Very good question. Is onuachu better than sadiq, don’t think so. Well who knows maybe something has washed hand, like they always like to make us assume all the time

      • Oakfield 4 years ago

        U think rohr is like your African guardiolas ??????….. U wrong , big time . Sadiq will get his time just like everyone else who has been invited at one point or the other.So, relax.

      • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

        In the last 3 seasons, has Onuachu been better than Sadiq…? capital YES. This season, has Sadiq been better than Onuachu, Yes. Sadiq will soon get his own chance too, the way Onuachu got his chance in 2018/2019. Some things are just pure common sense, hands do not need to be “washed” to understand them.

      • Sadiq umar is a player I admire very much, although his game needs improvement(such as better ball control and so on), he has managed to pull himself out from obscurity back to reckoning, he may not be playing in the best league but he is doing well. Unfortunately for him they are quite a number of players who are doing well in his position at the super eagles, osimhen, desser etc At the moment he can only be put on the waiting list same as Ejuke who is an exceptional player but still needs to make that extra leap to the big time where he will be too obvious to ignore.

    • Chairmanfemi 4 years ago

      You know what pains me the most for you guys?…You have eyes but act like you can’t see!

      When Onuachu was Invited to the Super Eagles, was he not in form in Denmark?? I think he was even the Club’s Highest Goal Scorer and this form earned him a move to Genk. And as at this time Onuachu was firing on all cylinders, Sadiq UMAR was still looking for where to settle down(as per club palava) talk more of Scoring goals like he’s doing now. The only person you can liken to Onuachu then was Crotone’s Nwankwo not Sadiq.

      Am sure you saw the last two matches the Eagles played @AFCON Qualifiers…if you could see then. Was PAUL ONUACHU invited to the two matches??? No! Coach Rohr knows what he’s doing. Stop blindfolding yourselves to plain pure truth! Abeg Oga Drey continue serving them facts hot! hot!

  • greenturf 4 years ago

    Onuachu had seasons of successful football in Denmark and deserved his chance which fortunately he took in the friendly against the Pharaohs of Egypt with that first minute bomb,but Sadiq is having his breakout season in Europe,though he did well in Holland but needs to be more consistent,and needs to carry on with outstanding performances in subsequent seasons to get his international managers attention.
    Hopefully,if he pulls through with a contract at any of the top teams shouting him out and excels,then his chances with the super eagles may come sooner rather than later.

  • Ayphillydegreat 4 years ago

    Lol! I laugh in Japanese! Is it not them and their chief scout omo9ja that were shouting Onuachu every time before the AFCON??? LMAO!! Now they can claim Sadiq is better than Onuachu. By the way Onuachu has been consistent in the Danish league since 2016 season scoring 74 goals and providing 23 assists in 181 appearances before moving to Gent where he has scored 10 goals so far this season before football was halted and the league concluded. While Sadiq has been moving from one loan spell to another over the last four years.

    So if you’re in the gaffers shoes you will call up a player who couldn’t stay in one club for a whole season to a player who have been scoring goals consistently for 3 years??? If the coach had invited a nomadic player in his early 20s they will come out and call out the coach for inviting a player who could only score 8 goals since 2016 before eventually finding form in Serbia. 

    Sadiq has only made his breakthrough season in Europe for the first time this season and that’s in the Serbian league. Let him continue to be consistent then I’m sure the gaffer is not that dumb not to give him a chance if he continues with his current form. Olayinka was playing in the Czech Republic when he got his first SuperEagles call up by Rohr. So it’s not only players playing in the top 5 leagues that gets a SuperEagles call up by the gaffer. Players in Belgium and Holland gets their call up on merit and if you’re doing well in other leagues I’m sure you will be noticed.

    Currently we have Osimhen, Dessers, Iheanacho and possibly Ighalo in the SuperEagles attack. Players playing in Ligue1, Eredivise and the Premier league to a player just making his mark in the Serbian league. Granted he scored 4 goals at the Olympics for Nigeria, but never pin down a first team regular football until now in the Serbian league. He’s got potential and the talent is there, but let him continue playing regularly and show more consistent then we can begin to jump on the bandwagon. 

    • Dr. Drey 4 years ago

      Hahahahaha……between 2016 and beginning of 2019/20 season Onuachu scored 66 goals and 18 assists in FC Midtjylland, Umar scored 12 goals and 7 assists on loan to 5 different clubs during the same period. If they were the coach they would have invited Sadiq ahead of Paul….the same group of people who claimed Benjami francis and Juwon oshaniwa were better than Taye Taiwo between 2012 and 2014…..Later they will call themselves progressives….LMAO

  • Francesco A 4 years ago

    Sadiq lost his WC2018 spot to Simon Nwankwo who was in top form and scoring gaols just before the world Cup.. No space for two lanky strikers..

  • OmoEsan 4 years ago

    It’s obvious many commentators here form their opinions based on emotional sentiments rather than analyrical facts.

    Sadiq’s potential is glaring for all to see, but a professional that aims high must prove beyond doubts that he’s got what it takes to convert his potential to productivity at the highest level.

    From Italian Serie A (rated 3rd in the world) to the Eredivisie (rated 10th), to Scotland and finally Serbia (rated 25th in the world), it has taken Sadiq more than three seasons to find his footing.

    Suffice to say that players that have been tested and trusted in the world’s top leagues make the job of their respective national team coaches easier, because their level of confidence helps them settle into the team quickly. We all know that unlike clubsides where teams get to play weekly, national teams have no luxury of time, it’s plug & play.

    Nigeria currently has about eleven players (including Sadiq)competing for the two slots available in the top strikers position. Of this number, nine of them play regularly in leagues rated among the world’s top ten leagues, namely;

    Osimhen- France (rated 5th in the world) , plus his champions league experience.

    Iheanacho – England (rated 1st)

    Ighalo – England (rated 1st)

    Dessers – Holland (rated 10th)

    Josh Maja – France (rated 5th)

    Onyekuru – Turkey (rated 9th)

    Onuachu – Belgium (rated 8th) plus champions league experience

    Odey – Belgium (rated 8th), plus champions league experience

    Awoniyi – Germany (rated 4th)

    The other two strikers that make-up my list of eleven are;

    Olayinka – Czech Republic (rated 24th in the world) plus his wonderful champions league performance and

    Sadiq – Serbia (rated 25th in the world)

    The implication of plying your trade in the top leagues is that such a player has as his teammates players that are among the best in the world.
    If a player gets to play for a big team in a big league, it simply means that he trains with, rubb shoulders with, share ideas with and learns from the best of the best players in the world. Real Madrid, Barcelona, Athletico, Man City, Liverpool, Man Utd, Bayern Munich, PSG etc are some of the teams in this category).

    If a player gets to play for a modest team in a big league, this implies that such a player trains alongside players that are far above average and close to being among the best in the world. Moreover, such a player gets the opportunity to play against the world’s very best in the big teams during the season.

    Whether we like it or not, the dream of every serious national team coach is to have enough players to choose from, from within the two categories of top players described above.

    I therefore see no reason why a serious coach will pick a player shining in a league rated 25th in the world ahead of those plying their trade with big and/or modest teams in the world’s biggest leagues. The Championship (England’s 2nd tier) is even rated 23rd, two places above Serbia.

    From my perspective, any player yet to prove himself in any of the top five leagues still has a lot to prove. Such a player will only make it into a national team where there are no players that have proved their ability in the big leagues.

    This isn’t meant to discourage a talented guy like Sadiq or to underate his talent, but to prove to doubters that even with his current form in Serbia, he has to keep improving and try to get himself in a more competitive league that will earn him some respect and bragging rights. If he chooses to remain in Serbia, he must then ensure that like Olayinka, his team plays in the Champions league and he shines in the process. Any fit short of this will not earn him a call-up to Super Eagles under Gernet Rohr.

    Whatever happens we are just commentators and the coach will do his job , regardless of what we say or feel.

    • You forgot Emmanuel Dennis, Okereke, Simy Nwankwo the list goes on and on. Anyway, thanks you guys for lecturing the other group nothing else you have all done a great job

  • The truth is that everybody cant play at same time. we have good strikers. iheanacho. Osimen. Cyril are ahead of sadiq we dont have problem in our attack. We have problem in the left back position we dont have a reliable left back. Jamiu collins is not a player to rely on. Another position is N0 10 position iwobi cant do the job alone the coach still has a lot of work to do in that team.

  • Hi OmoEsan,

    Thank you very much for your contribution above which I read with much interest and find appurtenant to the matter on hand.

    What I think is that it takes more than just playing in a high profile league to earn invitation to the national team. I think skills, application, potentials and aptitude for international football are germain to considering a player for the national team.

    Think about 2013 Afcon, Sunday Mba of Enugu Rangers did what Nosa Igiebor of Real Betis couldn’t do by claiming a strangle hold of Nigeria’s midfield and taking 2 crucial games by the scruff of the neck to power Nigeria to Afcon glory.

    Now, before I get pelted with abuse, I am not here clamouring for homebased players to be invited to the Super Eagles. Rather, I am merely using this example to illustrate that a player does not have to be playing in glamorous leagues for them to be impactful in the national team.

    I think Sadiq Umar has what it takes to dislodge some of the centre forwards you listed above and I will tell you why be taking them in turns:

    Iheanacho: the fact that he is playing in England and scoring goals make him rank above Sadiq Umar easily. Coupled with his national team experience, Sadiq cannot dislodge Iheanacho at this time.

    Osimhen: the league he plays and his impact for club and country means that this is another player way beyond the reach of Sadiq Umar at this time. Barring a dramatic loss of form or injury, Osimhen is the de facto Super Eagles number 9.

    Ighalo: it’s a no brainer; should Ighalo elect to come out of retirement, then Umar’s chances in the Super Eagles are severely curtailed. Ighalo playing for Manchester United and being a firm Rohr favourite are factors that will not work in Umar’s favour.

    Dessers: although he plays in the Netherlands, I firmly believe that Umar can give Dessers a run for his Super Eagles money. We are yet to see how well Dessers will adapt to national team football. Although Sadiq Umar plays in Serbia, he can nonetheless point to his exploits in the Europa League and his performances in the 2016 Olympics as tell tale signs of his tried and tested adaptability (a key ingredient for national team success, regardless of where you play your football).

    Josh Maja: again, Sadiq Umar can hope to leverage his performances in the Europa league and Olympic football exposure as evidence that he has what it takes to thrive in the national team ahead of an unproven international football striker who struggles for gametime in admittedly a more illustrious league.

    Onyekuru: I have actually seen Onyekuru play as a striker so I see the logic behind you listing him as a centre forward. However, these day, Onyekuru plays more as a winger. As a result, he is not a direct threat to Umar’s Super Eagles chances. Furthermore, Onyekuru has struggled in club football and for the national team recently. He runs the serious risk of fading into international football oblivion unless he rediscovers his blistering form of seasons gone by when playing in Belgium.

    Onuachu: yes Onuachu plays in Belgium but he has struggled for the Super Eagles since his one and only goal against Egypt in March 2019. Now no longer a fan favourite and seemingly losing the faith of national team handlers (who excluded him from the last Super Eagles list), Sadiq Umar has a realistic chance of taking the place of Onuachu in the Super Eagles.

    Odey: for me, Umar’s heroics and headline grabbing performances for Partizan Belgrade in domestic football and in the Europa League put him firmly ahead of Odey when it comes to national team consideration at this time.

    Awoniyi: it is not enough for a player to be registered with a German Bundesliga club, they also have to be playing regularly and making appreciable impact. So, Taiwo Awoniyi is far away from national team consideration at this time. He presents 0 threat to Sadiq Umar’s national team chances.

    Olayinka: this is a tricky one. Olayinka is already an established fringe Super Eagles team player. The chances of Sadiq Umar sneaking to that ‘fringe’ position is six of one and half a dozen of the other. But the possibilities exist.

    • Mr Hush 4 years ago

      @ Deo

      Why I totally understand where OmoEsan is coming from and driving at ,I totally agree with you. Though playing in a top league is always an added advantage for a player getting invited to the national team, it is not really the only necessary yardstick. The general play and productivity a player brings to the national team,irrespective of the league, could apply; hence the good Mba’s example mentioned by @deo .
      The Brazil national team went to the world cup with Fred and Jo as strikers,both players played less fancy leagues at the time in comparison to the plethora of strikers Brazil had in Europe then.
      The Algerian national team won the Afcon with Bounedjah and Belaili as preferable first choice attacking pair over Slimani or Delort(both who play in better leagues to former duo).

      Though, in the recent past,Sadiq Umar hasn’t really settled down and hot his feet running so didn’t really warrant an invitation.
      His current form shouldn’t be underlined due to the fact he plays in Serbia. He did good in the Europa league.
      But as it is, and to others in the attacking position, that position is getting really competitive.It is going to take a lot for Umar to break in due to those already there doing good as well. There is only so much space the national team can take. I believe if Umar keeps his exploit on the right track,his time would come. If Rohr could invite Viv from the Bulgarian league, I think he could do the same to Umar;if the coach deems it necessary..

      Ditto @OmoEsan:
      I think Spanish league is the number one league right now not England, which is number 2.
      German Bundesliga is number 3 not Italy ,which is number 4.
      The Dutch league is 9th not 10th whilst the Turkish league is 11th not 9th.

    • Deo.. There is harsh different between quality of leagues. If Ihenacho is the one playing in Serbian league am sure he would be scoring hat trick on every match day. Let see him in a more glamorous league and see how it performs first then we would start saying he can dislodge this n that.

      Nigerian fans are just too emotional, most of our decisions is bone out emotion and not the stats and reality.
      As bad as you think Ihenacho is, since 2015 that he busted to limelight, he has never played for a club below the top 4 in the best league in the world, I hope that says something.

      All your analysis are purely out of emotion, for sure you can’t say this about him in 2018. Scoring goals for fun in Serbian league of 16 teams that have luxury of space between match days and even have to play qualifiers before playing at the champion league proper, can’t even be compared to playing at English championship not to talk of premiership.

      We should be careful of the way we make our comparisons. Am not taking anything away from Umar Sadique, he is a very good player any day and am happy that he’s discovering his potential but let’s him move to a better team and let’s see his performances… I will be his first advocate then.

  • Frank 4 years ago

    I personally don’t think he will ever be good enough for the national team..I have followed his progress over the years and he doesn’t have that quality

  • Thanks for your feedback Mr Hush and Ola.

    Ola – I think you may have misunderstood elements of my contribution. Should you go back through it with a fine tooth comb, you will find some of your comments to be misplaced.

    Mr Hush – needless to say I agree with you the entirety of your submission.

    Cheers guys.

  • OmoEsan 4 years ago

    Ola, Mr Hush, Deo et al, thanks so much for your comments and contributions to this discuss.

    I love to read the perspective of analytical people like you guys.

    Let’s keep it coming.


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