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Live Blogging: Germany Vs Nigeria (Women’s World Cup 2019)

Live Blogging: Germany Vs Nigeria (Women’s World Cup 2019)

Welcome to the Completesports.com’s live blogging of Nigeria’s Super Falcons vs Germany – a Round of 16 clash at the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

Stay tuned here for the live updates of the proceedings as they unfold inside the Stade des Alpes, Grenoble


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  • Lord AMO 3 years ago

    The rubbish has started

  • I don’t understand why the coach will play this match with two natural midfielders, even at a time when you know your midfielders are not good enough. Again trying to play defense game. How do you score when you spend the whole of your time defending?
    It is obvious the coach has not taught this girls the rules of the game. Aimless and reckless kick will always cause penalty, the coach and the players should know this by now.

    • Lord AMO 3 years ago

      Bros we should just enjoy seeing these ladies on the field and push to improve on our league and grassroots support for girls playing football.  Otherwise the truth is we are not good enough to compete with the likes of a country like Germany where these ladies are fully supported with all the right programs in place

      • It’s not that we are not good. Let the coach use his best players first and stop players those who we know from their play in this competition, that they are not fit, not inform or not fast enough. Why would he continue to play defensive game all the time. How do you score when you tell your players to keep defending? Why put a known striker (Ihezuo) as your midfielder. You know one of your strikers is not even playing well, you are unwilling to put her on the bench and then, you refuse to use natural midfielders in the team. Instead, you put a striker in the midfielder. Is that how a coach helps his team or play to the strength of his team?


        • But I totally agree with you on your summation on both oparanozie and dennerby… Where is Omo9ja set? He should tell his beloveth coach to do sumfin na? Haba…Lmao

    • Josh i hope you’re not watching the back of ur tv? That kick wasnt intentional and d first goal wasn’t supposed to stand as an attacking player was offside as at when the ball was played.but referee over ruled the VAR in both instances… happy viewing and nor look the back of ur tv again…lol

      • Cuteprince, are you not the one watching the match from the back of your TV? How many of those type of calls have been given as penalty in this competition? Even in the Thailand – Chile match that type of call was given as penalty against Thailand. People like you will not say anything about it. If Chile had scored that penalty, you think Nigeria will be playing in the second round?
        You think every call against Nigeria is biased because you support Nigeria. If you don’t want calls against you, then, don’t play reckless football. It’s that simple.
        Instead of looking critically at why Nigeria is losing, you’re trying to put blame where it should not be.

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Lol u are quite funny…did she touch the ball…? Or did she interference with play..?

  • I know o we are not that fantastic, this var issues is horrendous.. Anything is penalty , will var stop all the controversies and make football perfect, time will tell.

  • Half time Germany 2-0 Nigeria. Damage control now. It should end still twozero(loss) or draw or win. 

  • Chudynak 3 years ago

    Not watching the match though but it is clear our team is not good enough. The team finds it very difficult to create scoring chances hence can’t score goals. This might be our final bus stop

    • Let the team play attacking football first and see if they will not get scorinng chances or even score.

  • Tunde 3 years ago

    Watching a match you know you can’t win is a waste of precious time.

  • VAR should be v(b)arred. It is now spoiling what was once a beautiful game. At this rate, even accidental shot on goal maybe penalized. There have been some appalling decisions at this tournament – this penalty was another one. Yes, the follow up caught the player but it was not intentional. Anyway, the Evelyn player is playing with fear and the Falcons cannot even make use of their set-pieces.

  • Ayphillydegreat 3 years ago

    We are not at the level of countries like Germany, USA, France, England, Norway, Japan, China on the global level of female football. However, I like the tenacity and daring runs of our girls against this top teams. We’ve taking a very good step forward in this tournament and these ladies deserve this match at least. 

  • Big Sam 3 years ago

    VAR is rubbish,it’s really spoiling the beautiful game. It’s 5mins play 5mins VAR

  • Akpeyi have Started O!!!

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    Hehehehe… When I analyzed the incident between cavani vs Japan yesterday…some 1st class ignoramuses rained all sorts of insult on me.
    Same scenario happened now…with same results and same consequences…a penalty awarded and the culprit issued a yellow card.
    If that incident had happened outside the penalty box…would the ref not have called a free kick..? If it can be a freekick outside the box, I don’t know why it won’t be a penalty within the box. But conspiracy theorists will go about spreading fallacies instead of taking their time to LEARN the updates to the laws of the game.
    For the records…same thing happened Spain vs SA, Norway vs France, Thailand vs Chile, Uruguay vs Japan.. all with same outcomes.
    I went to see a preseason game between 2 PROFESSIONAL football clubs earlier today and I was shocked that players of one of the teams didn’t know yet that goal kicks can now be received inside the penalty box.
    The law is the law and VAR has come to stay. LMAO.
    They that have ears let them hear..!


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