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Live Blogging: Nigeria Vs Ecuador (2019 FIFA U17 World Cup)

Live Blogging: Nigeria Vs Ecuador (2019 FIFA U17 World Cup)

Welcome to Completesports.com’s live blogging of the 2019 FIFA U-17 World Cup Group B clash between Nigeria and Ecuador

Stay tuned here for the live updates of the proceedings as they unfold at the Estadio Olimpico, Goiania

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  • Fqtee 2 years ago

    Please who has the link for the match?

  • What ax exciting start! Go on Eaglets, do what you do best. 

  • Ololo 2 years ago

    Who is watching the match.. Plz give us update on how the boys are faring

  • Proudly 9ja 2 years ago

    its 1:1 but Manu just made a bad substitution in my view opeyemi is playing super poorly and he should be substituted rather than ubani for amoo. Etim d left fullback needs to get better as he is not playing too good. We are better than them even though we are not playing as good as we know they can be doing. Ecuador are a good team and it shows they have been together for over a year. We scored 1st and they equalized tru an own goal. We are always on d front foot but opeyemi needs to be subbed off

  • Sunnyb 2 years ago

    What’s wrong with this team, so disjointed, very poor defense , again our scouting system dropped the ball again. I’m sure these boys are not the best in Nigeria.

    • JimmyBall 2 years ago

      …these are poorly scouted players, most of them especially in defence are not good enough… the only reason that Malcolm Ebiowei guy was not included is because most of the NFF officials run football academy/agency and once players come for screening they tie them down to their various fictitious football academies… for a player like Ebiowei, they will have no way to benefit from any transfer…

      • Proudly 9ja 2 years ago

        My broda no vex ooo but who will Ebiowei bench in dat starting line up ,is it Tijani or d #8 or Amoo? The only person he might replace is Opeyemi. I think the scouting was done properly considering the environment given to d coaching crew. There is no way for me to refute ur claims concerning NFF people trying to have dia players forced on d coach but it’s often no fault of his own cos if he shouts he loses his job and source of livelihood and joy cos Manu enjoys coaching and we should start appreciating him. To me tho I think the team is not as bad as we think cos the other teams here are quite good too. I had d commentor say they won 6 games en route to this tournament and also considering its south American region they must be doing something right. Remember dia u20 won bronze last time, so I think they are improving dia youth soccer. My thoughts

    • Joel Chidi 2 years ago

      Their Performance haven’t been at its best but give them credits too. They haven’t allowed the Ecuadorians to have a foothold either. I don’t know if you think every day is the same. They are not at their flowing best but they are giving it a go as you can see.

  • Playxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2 years ago

    They might still win the match but to me their gameplay is boring and unintelligent when compared to 2015 cadet. One thing is obvious this team is compromised by political play.  The only edge we have is  the level of fitness of our boys 

  • Proudly 9ja 2 years ago

    Jabbar needs to be brought in for Opeyemi in d 2nd half. Ecuador is not a poor team but the team needs to play alot better. 2nd half will start soon, Manu show ur worth string some changes and beat this guys your team can do it. These boys are only 17 and they will make some mistakes which they have made and d Ecuadoreans have made plenty as well. They just need to start making d easy passes rather than looking for incisive passes which often times get intercepted. Eaglets soar

  • Naija Man 2 years ago

    I have come again to re-State what I said last week : we aren’t winning the U17 this year. 

    • Bobo Colorado springs 2 years ago

      My man Naija man, is too early to say that, this is U-17 world cup and things changes as the tournament progresses. In 2013, we came twice from behind to draw 3-3 with Sweden in the second group game, same as in 2015,we lost to Croatia in the group game.So lets wait and see how things might change.

      • Naija Man 2 years ago

        Hey! The game against the Swedes was tough! But we later beat them 3-0 in quarter final. But the Croatia loss was probably deliberate since we already qualified for the next round.
        So far, these current lads aren’t showing the football skills we saw from Iheanacho, Yahya, Awoniyi, Alampasu etc. of 2013. Or have you seen a Samuel Chuwkwueze or Nwakali?

    • Gajere 2 years ago

      At this level, winning isn’t everything. This is a developmental tournament. We should use it primarily to unearth a few future Eagles. If in this process the team wins the tournament, that is an added bonus.

  • Are these CSN reporters drunk or what? Nigeria 1 Hungary 1 ????????

  • Bobo Colorado springs 2 years ago

    Let us wait till the end of the game before complaining, Ecuadorian players are making more mistakes and wrong passing too. These are young kids who are learning, we don’t expect them to play like Heavenly Rangers; is step by step learning, they are not under any pressure.

  • Chairmanfemi 2 years ago

    The Midfield is damn poor right now. Opeyemi and Said aren’t good midfielders we can produce as a nation. The only person in the midfield is Tijani and his job is to win ball back only. The two guys that are supposed to be distributing the ball are very poor. Just playing long balls and playing the ball into the hand of that Wizard(Angulo) of Ecuador. Another annoying player on the field right now is Striker Olusegun. I don’t know why that guy loves to hold on to the ball unnecessarily. He had two situations he should have put Nigeria ahead by simply passing to AMOO or Ubani(before he was wrongly subbed). The person that should be subbed should be either Opeyemi or Olusegun . The Coach should plead with them to release the ball quickly and stop the stinginess abd they will score.

    AMOO has been a joy to watch since he came on but has been let down by Olusegun and the Midfielders poor finishing. I believe they will bounce back. The Defense has at least improved from their last outing

  • Joel Chidi 2 years ago

    If they can cut out the silly passes they keep trying to make, Just play it simple, give it to the closest man rather looking for that spectacular incisive pass, they will completely take over because they are very mobile and fit. For those saying these football players are not good, pray for your bosses in your offices see your efforts. These boys will go far. Their passes will improve in the second half. The biggest key to opening this Ecuadorians is by feeding amoo constantly. He holds the key. He is extremely creative. They haven’t utilized that power yet

  • Greenturf 2 years ago

    The team shows a lot of enthusiasm and relentless efforts,pushing forward and working hard to control the game but poor decision making in the final third keeps denying them and making their efforts fruitless.
    Another observations,are players running with the ball and into opposition defenders when they should have done a simple pass.Also defenders playing long balls to no one.
    Hopefully,Manu Garba and his team of officials could come up with something better in the second half.

  • Proudly 9ja 2 years ago

    Ecuador just scored a penalty. They are leading 2;1 but we will win. Let’s be positive

  • Proudly 9ja 2 years ago

    Jabbar in for opeyemi. Watch game now.

    • Ecuador in my Opinion is more Sound technically. Though not disrespecting or underating our boys, Ecuador may win this match.

    • Naija Man 2 years ago

      I remain very critical of Manu Garba with his choice of players. He doesn’t appear to me the Manu Garba of Qatar 2013. As a I said to the dismay of many contributors here last week, Manu Garba took almost the same set of stars he used to win the U17 to U20 in 2015 and they crashed out in the group stage. I can see a similar scenario playing out in this tournament again.

  • Playxxxxxxxxxxx 2 years ago

    The ingredients to be world champion is not there in this team they might win the competition still to me they are not champion stuff. They are kids and so therefore are still learning the game but 2015 and 2017 set were also kids and they played good football with unrivaled confidence. I think NFF played tribalism or decided to sacrifice the feelings of Nigeria for politics. It’s obvious from there play that some players don’t merit their inclusion in this team. It’s a pity . The basics of football is not just there

  • Lord AMO 2 years ago

    Selfish play is our undoing but i think what we are seeing is the consequence of a team that hasn’t been together long enough to know each others every next move

    • Tony Ani 2 years ago

      EcuEcuador in my Opinion is more technically Sound than Nigeria.

  • Playxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2 years ago

    I think the rock behind manu was Amunike. That Amunike is sound technically but it’s a pity that most Nigerian coaches always want recognition by all means otherwise  Amunike should have stayed with developmental age group football to develop our boys for ten years .

  • Paschal 2 years ago

    This Afghanistan referee, where did they get him from? He allows so many fouls against us. Very funny.

    • Bobo Colorado springs 2 years ago

      Yes, I noticed some biased officiating too.

      • Thought i was the only thinking this ref wanted to ruin the game for us. For me the penalty shouldn’t have stood

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    Where is our superstar Abba Bichi….the one that was taken to the WC because he pick bottles. Was he not listed as a striker…?

    Here we are needing a goal badly, but the coach doesnt even have confidence to throw him onto the pitch…Lolz

    Hmmm…..Naija Coaches….they go to tournaments with 15 good players and 8 bottle pickers…Lolz

  • Proudly 9ja 2 years ago

    what a goal by 9ja. Go ahead and win d game d super eaglets

  • 85 mins. 2:2 Ibrahim Said score a secobd goal.

  • Proudly 9ja 2 years ago

    goal for 9ja

  • Proudly 9ja 2 years ago

    people go chop humble pie

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    Said gets his Hatrick…..!!!

  • Proudly 9ja 2 years ago

    Don’t underestimate this team. More to come from dis team

  • 89 mins nig 3:2 Ibrahim Said scores again.

  • Proudly 9ja 2 years ago

    Even when there aren’t at dia best this team is hard to beat.

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    And there goes the final whistle Nig 3:2 Equador

  • Proudly 9ja 2 years ago

    Up super eaglets. What a performance from Said. Two brilliant efforts. Please let’s be supportive and positive. Here how d commentators here are praising these boys but our own brothers are not encouraging this team. They are only 17 and they will make lots of mistake. I think 9ja is d most impressive team in dis tournament. If u sleep on dis team u will surely pay. it’s best not to score on this team maybe they might take it easy on u but score on them and they will pepper u. Relentless attack, they never gave d Ecuadoreans any breathing from. We could have won dis game by 3 at least. When these boys click beware as they might rout a team like Leicester did to Southampton lol. Let’s go Super eaglets. Rhor take note lol lots of SE material lol.

    • nkemjikapj 2 years ago

      My brother,don’t mind those talkatives…shemales…judging before the see the end of a matter.Having watched the game,I see the boys as over anxious as they were unable to settle into any rhythm.Thank God that their relentless attacking play yielded fruits

  • Playxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 2 years ago

    Fine we won but I don’t fancy this idea of scoring goals when oppositions are tired due to their young age . We need to win convincingly what will happen when we face teams that are as rugged as we are like Senegal Angola Brazil and even France. Any way congratulations to all Nigerians 

  • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

    At least we should get to see Abba Bichi in the last group game. A striker who gate crashed the WC party without playing any of the friendlies, talk more of scoring a goal.

    Nowadays, picking bottles in camp can earn you a ticket to the mundial…! Lolz

    Meanwhile…it will take a team that has got enough stamina to beat this team….but that might be at the later stages of the tournament when the toddlers have been separated from the boys.

    Can this team get to the finals…..maybe…just maybe…..!
    Can they win this trophy…..my wager on this team still is that they haven’t got that all round balance to win it.

    Our defence is still seriously suspect…..I dont know why Manu is opting for a 3 man defence….what…at U17 level….???? Even senior professionals find it very difficult interpreting the back 3 perfectly…not to talk of 15 & 16 year olds.

    We also do not have a left full back and that is hurting us in many ways than one. Amoo seems also the only natural leftfooter in the team and that gap is really showing….reason we are not seeing so many of those diagonals that was the trademark of an average Manu Garba team

    Overall…an interesting game for a neutral. But the team needs to learn to be calmer on the ball, play more of the simple pass into space, rather than the complicated pass to feet and be more dynamic in their play especially in using the full width of the field in the final third.

    Looking forward to the next game against the Aussies

  • Asoko Emmanuel 2 years ago

    I think I now have the nerve to make a response to the numerous feeds.Iam yet to see a team in this tournament that is 60%their best or otherwise perfect.I saw two teams who ordinarily should give us a run in age grade events or if u like superpowers in football, Argentina vs Spain,and I smiled at the blunders they kept making.Yet I did not condemn them a bit why?at this level foolish or stupid mistakes (if you permit me to say )is the order of the day cos of various variables,which includes but not limited to age,experience,exuberance et al.This is what u get when u watch age grade football, the more reason it is called a developmental tournament.There will be no need for a tournament of this nature if the guys have arrived and nothing to learn.
    Be that as it may,I see lots of positives from this team.Before now we looked up to Olakunle for goals,but we suddenly see Said from the mid field role doing that job instead.The captain is huge asset for us in addition to Amoo who to me stands above lots of the players in this tournament.
    What more can I say, we should not put undue pressure on this team, whether we go far or not i see the stars of tomorw already.

  • Olusegun. B 2 years ago

    Every under 17 comes with a different spirit but at the end emerge as champions . These boys are unpredictable I must confess.
    I love their guts and never say die spirit that I also want to see more in super eagles . They also met a very tactical Ecuadorian team who gave them a run for their money . Honestly , they really gave a good fight . Super Golden Eaglets are truly in this competition to win it . Congratulations lads.
    Continue to work hard……

  • Chairmanfemi 2 years ago

    My comment after 45 minutes above…”I belive we’ll still win” and I stated how Opeyemi was wrongly left on the pitch and the Coach did justice by removing him later on and brought on Jabaar. Olusegun should have left the pitch for Ubani in my opinion. He holds on to the ball too much. He’s so desperate to shine alone and that’s why he does that I think. He’s a very fine baller but only if he avoids stinginess will he shine in this tournament.

    Yes, S’aid scored hat-trick. Congratulations to him. That was a fine display but Again, TIJANI and AMOO came to the rescue. Go and watch the Two goals we scored to come back again and you’ll see the One two touches created by the duo to bring us back to the game and eventually win it via S’aid. It would have been better if we can have Tijani in No.8 role and 4 respectively but it impossible. The last two games, he had to push up the field and leave his No.4 role to support AMOO before we could play 1-2 passes in front and set up the attackers to score. Hopefully the coach will work on that next match and bench Olusegun. Start that Big Man son ABBA BICHI let’s see what he can do. Maybe he is truly a fine player abi a Good Bottle-Picker

    #Soar Golden Eaglets
    #Your No. 1 fan

  • Olusegun. B 2 years ago

    Coach Garbage
    I need to ask you
    What is the essence of your midfielders always passing at times to a lone strikerehos been checkmated by the opponent whwrw there can be support touch striker. Olusegun was left all alone where he needs support from both his fellow strikers as well as the midfielders
    Then 3 defenders in a match
    I don’t know what you’re planning in all the matches but I sure hope you work on some of the lapses in the tram .
    Congratulations once again!

  • Proudly 9ja 2 years ago

    Guys I don’t understand why anyone would blame this coach or say his feat in 2013 was solely due to Amuneke input, he was the assistant to Tella for goodness sake, it’s like saying Tella won cos of manu, that’s unfair na. Let me ask u guys a simple question of all d countries participating in dis tournament how many have leagues that have been off for such a long time. People saying this team is not dynamic when compared to 2015 (amuneke’s team), watch the games again it was just punt the ball to Osimen or chukwueze and hope they use dia brilliance and scores. The defense wasnt dat great either, una 4get John Lazarus? The team got better as d tournament progressed. i know people criticizing this team only wants d best for the team but lets encourage dem as they are nugerian ambassadors and are improving the Nigerian brand better than our politicians but we praise them and condemn these young vibrant, energetic and skillful players. People how many teams have played better than the Eaglets in this tournament. please don’t mention Brazil as they were lucky against small New Zealand or is it Canada they beat? Abi na Spain or Argentina or Holland who? Angola someone mentioned were lucky against Canada. To me so far 9ja is shoulder above d rest so far and we have played against 2 good teams in Hungary and Ecuador. Manu just needs to strike a good balance in regards to fielding new players and resting players who r a card away from missing the next match. I think he should test a new goalie but maintain the same backline for better understanding except try a different left back if the team has one. I think Oduko is better than Etim but maybe speed played a role in him been dropped. Tijani should be rested as we need me fresh for d knockout stages. Play Amoo and Jabbar as well as the ABBA boy. My humble opinion