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Live Blogging: Nigeria Vs Sierra Leone (2021 AFCON Qualifiers)

Live Blogging: Nigeria Vs Sierra Leone (2021 AFCON Qualifiers)

Competesports.com’s live blogging of 2021 African Cup Of Nations (AFCON) Qualifiers match between the Super Eagles of Nigeria and the Leone Stars of Sierra Leone

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  • Ololo 3 years ago

    Time for the match and link to watch

  • Omo9ja 3 years ago

    You guys can watch the match here.


    Good luck Super Eagles. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • QuestZone 3 years ago

    Watch @ stream2watch.is

  • Lord AMO 3 years ago

    Happy to see our Super Eagles.  Sad there’ll be no fans but it will be well soon.  Wishing our boys a good and injury free performance.  One luv.

  • pompei 3 years ago

    Super Eagles let’s goooooooooooooo!

  • pompei 3 years ago

    Well, the pitch looks nice!

  • Emmanuel 3 years ago

    Supersport don’t seem to show the match.Does any body have a link to watch the match pls.

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    …and Captain Ahmed Musa leads out the team for his 92nd SE cap.

    This is the time for some people to smash their TVs on the ground o…!

  • Ikeben 3 years ago

    Any TV station showing it.

  • Pls shaaaa super sport no show am

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago


    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Iwobi smashes in the 1st goal from outside the penalty area.

      Iwobi nor sabi shoot…iwobi nor sabi score….iwobi nor sabi pass…eze will bench iwobi…….LMAO. Alex has just shown them the middle finger….LMAO

  • pompei 3 years ago


  • QuestZone 3 years ago

    Goal Alex

  • Tancosports 3 years ago

    Goal iwobinho

  • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

    This field no be am at all. The ball keeps bubbling up and down. The field wasn’t watered at all

  • KING TUOYO 3 years ago

    Hello guys, you guys should keep on updating us on the forum. It’s a good start for the Eagles to take an early lead. They should keep up the tempo as the goes.

    Super Eagles should go for more goals.

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    15′ Still Nigeria leading courtesy of Iwobi’s 4th minute goal.
    The super eagles have as usual withdrawn into just knocking the ball around without urgency.

  • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

    goal by osimen. 9ja 2 up

  • pompei 3 years ago


  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago


  • Tunsak 3 years ago

    Its a goal. Tailor made pass by Sanusi to star boy Victor Osimhen.

  • Tunsak 3 years ago

    Its water break

  • pompei 3 years ago

    Wonderful cross from Sanusi. The Jester’s prediction is coming to pass. The two players he feared the most have scored against him 🙂

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    Una see difference between striker and striker abi….???
    Osimhen na striker abeg.

    Kudos again to Iwobi for freeing Sanusi from deep and sanusi for that “meet me for backyard” cross to Osimhen

  • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

    See wetin Onuachu no fit do, naim osimen dey show am so. See fight for the boy eyes. Hustling for everything. What a baller. Good thing Chukwueze dey come middle more than hugging the touchline. If this field been look like the one wen Algeria play yesterday we for really see how good our boys dey.

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    Its 23′ and ints Nigeria 2:0 Sierra Leone.

    Where are our progressive regressives……LMAO. Theyhave suddenly gone mute. Their fasting and prayer has once again gone to waste….Lolz

    • Mitchu 3 years ago

      Dr Drey for like delete this comment but e no possible. He no go see anything wey wrong for Rohr game yesterday like that. I be Rohr supporter too but that man fall my hand yesterday. There’s this instinct you would instil in your team as a coach and the team will roar like a lion even after scoring 6 goals. Make Rohr dey go abeg

  • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

    stunner by iwobi. 3 up for 9ja

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago


  • Tancosports 3 years ago


  • pompei 3 years ago

    What a goal by Iwobinho! Golaaaaaaaazoooooooooo!

  • john ebhota 3 years ago

    iwobi with another screamer

  • Tunsak 3 years ago

    Its a goooooooooal. Iwobi brace. A pile driver.

  • pompei 3 years ago

    The weather forecast yesterday was accurate. It’s raining goals in Benin City!

  • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

    solo effort from samu, 9ja now 4 up

  • kendyl kelly 3 years ago

    chukwueze with number 4

  • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

    What a finish by samu from a headed flick by osimen. That’s how u maul a team. E fit reach a dozen b4 all is set and down ooo

  • pompei 3 years ago

    Abeg forumites, na who get semi truck, or molue. S/L need a big truck to carry all the goals back to Freetown!

  • Naija leading by 4:0

  • Tunsak 3 years ago

    4-0. Chukwueze……….Mesmerizing skills, the keeper and defence were turned around.

  • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

    We dey score on average every 5 minutes lol

  • Dr Drey stop claiming Now you are asking us something we have been telling you abrg sit down and enjoy Osimhen and Chukwueze Jare!!!!..

  • Dr Drey is Chukwueze still a TIN GOD!!!!???????

  • Nigeria vs a primary school team. Sierra Leone didn’t even come prepared.

  • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

    E for be 5 but osimen missed a clear header. @ 34 mins

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    When that Jester was boasting he will beat the SE home and away, all I could say was that I pity him home and away.

    Those are the kinds of empty boasts some people want Rohr to be boasting upandan too. Na who boast epp

  • This link is crap.

  • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

    We really missed Etebo for the 2 friendly matches, his calming influence in that DM position can’t be overstated. He is doing fantastic with aribo. Even Musa dey play well lol

  • Chinedu 3 years ago

    This is Nigeria vs Sierra Leone primary school team. They came unprepared

  • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

    4:1 Sierra Leone just scored. Samu yab there

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    Isagooooolllllll……..but this time to sierra leone.

  • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

    Chance for Musa but be misses. very difficult skill to do as he had to swivel to hit the ball. 9ja needs to stop being complacent. This should have been a clean sheet.

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    A lost ball from Samu…..a gapping hole in the central defence and Okoye is denied his 1st cleansheet as a full international.

  • Tunsak 3 years ago

    now 4 -1. Missed the Leone stars’ goal. Will this be the 1st time Super Eagles will be scoring more than 5 goals under Gernot Rorh?

  • I happy say Sierria Leone Score sef I was begining to pity them. But come no more sloppy defending Naija Carry Go!!!

  • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

    Another chance for Sierra Leone, a free header but the Sierra Leone player misses. This is a problem with our team, defending set pieces (especialky corner kicks), GR needs to address this, this is one of the team’s Achilles heel that needs major attention. We dey too concede from corners.

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    Its 45′ so far and Nigeria leads 4-1 coutesy Osimhen’s alertness and anticipation, chukwueze’s nifty finnish and 2 world class long range shots from Alex Iwobi.

    Iwobi must have been reading CSN of late and was just determined to but a finger on the lips of some people. LMAO

  • pompei 3 years ago

    I’d like to see ebeano Ejuke in the second half. S/L go hear am.

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    We cannot as a country continue to embarrass ourselves without shame playing on a tiny field and substandard turf like this as a nation… regrass national stadium Lagos and Abuja and make it our home venues… This stadium is shameful and peakmilk-pinnick should stop playing politics with venues of games…

  • Now I am sure we can clearly see that If Osimhen, Aribo and Etebo was there against Algeria the score line would have been a different story clearly, talkless of adding the midfield destroyer Wilfred Ndidi to the fray

    • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

      @Ugo, I bn talk am se there is nothing special about that Algerian team when I was referring to their game against Zimbabwe, some people begin dey ask me which game I watch. I said if we play them again we go beat them d same way be beat them for worldcup qualifiers. The AFCON wen dem win us na luck, last minute freekick when Akpere sori Akpeyi just gift them. If that game had gone to extra time we for beat them but as they say thats history. Just imagine our midfield of Semi-Onyeka-Iwobi, 2 of the 3 no belong for our midfield but they could only manage 1 goal against us. Anyway 2nd half wan start.

  • Edoguy 3 years ago

    I still have my doubts on Aribo,hasnt seen him in the defensive aspect of the game. But yes, he is doing good and can play

  • Chairmanfemi 3 years ago

    Musa should go out for EJUKE second half.
    Leon Balogun should please stop overlapping. It’s opening up the defence badly.
    Iwobi should link up more with the Masterminder ARIBO in terms of passes.

    Soar Eagles Soar. I see more goals

  • Musa should give way for Ejuke and Akpoguma for Ebuehi. The rest are not doing badly. Ekong may also need to make way. The way they gave away that goal against a weak opposition like Sierra Leone is disturbing. I still see no sense in Akpoguma’s position. Perhaps he should take the place of Ekong while Ebuehi is subbed on for the RWB role.

  • Tancosports 3 years ago

    What a game

  • Super Eagles need a designated set piece taker I thought that was etebo so why is musa and chukwueze kicking all our free kicks into touch.
    Anyways, great game, zero stress, lots of goals. Poor pitch, stars living up to their names, more to come in the second half. Rohr, please make changes early, our players are over perspiring. Dont over work the first eleven, second eleven are ready to go. USE THEM.

    • Paschal 3 years ago

      Naija !!! Inconsistency is our biggest bane. So close yet so far. I just pray Osimhen is okay sha. God please protect him oh.

  • Emmanuel 3 years ago

    @Dr.Drey,thanks a million for the link oo otherwise I for dey look like Lookman for house ooo.Great match, now the haters can see why Apoguma was used in that 2.I have consistently said it omo9ja u r not a coach stop behaving like one,go home and concentrate in baby sitting your children simple and leave the Act of coaching for the coaches.

    I know this team will keep improving,so far I can say finally we have a world class no.3 in Saidu,super duper player.Iwobi is gradually taking the play making possition by the scruff of the neck.Osimen is a proper 9.What about that goal from Chukwu he sat every one on the floor.

    Wish we don’t take our foot off the pedal,we must teach them a lesson.

    • Chinedu 3 years ago

      And 4 goals was conceded. Abi whats your excuse now. Abeg leave omo9ja alone. Tell your classless players to concentrate more. Did you see how excited the sierra Leoneans were so excited

  • Ejuke for Musa maybe but, I think Rohr will Bring Iheanacho for Musa because the Role Musa is playing Iwobi can play it better

  • The match is live on bein sport or go to YouTube and type Nigeria vs Sierra Leone to watch the livestreaming

  • @Dr Drey I am still waiting for your Answer is Chukwueze still a TIN GOD?

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    And the 2nd half is back….S/L with the kickoff

  • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

    Osimen hits d post from a floating ball from Musa, his header hit the post. unfortunate not to have scored.

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    Osimhen crashes a header onto the post. The SE in seach of another goal to kill off the confidence of the S/l completely

  • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

    Na pure taekwondo S/L come do ooo nor be soccer ooo. Dem 1st wan comot aribo leg, then samu and now dem wan comot balogun head. chai dis na karate football ooo dem come play.

  • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

    Una dey see Musa abi? To pass na wahala although him dey come collect ball but most times him dey give the ball away cheaply.

    • @Proudly 9ja Musa has been out of sorts for a while now some people here are just Stupidly sentimental when it comes to the guy

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    Its 55 mins and S/l probing here and there….but Nigeria still leads by 4-1.

    Tripple subs for S/L

  • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

    GR abeg leave Musa for 90 mins nek we see am finish. Biko nor comot am ooo

  • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

    This SL guys na wa 4 dem ooo, them wan kill balogun for us ooo. Abeg Etebo na baller.

    • Sunny 3 years ago

      Nah, Etebo is a clog in the wheel of the system. He is all bustle without intelligence. He was responsible for the goal scored against us by dwelling on the ball. That is a sign of lack of intelligence in modern football. You ate supposed to know what to do with the ball before it gets to you.

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    S/L looks like the want to take out balogun with some really rough tackles. Rohr about to sub him for Semi Ajayi as a precautionary measure.

    62″ Balogun off for Ajayi
    Musa off for Iheanacho

  • Lord AMO 3 years ago

    Look let’s just be honest with ourselves and speak the truth as we see it.  Ahmed Musa in his current disposition is not a super eagles starter plain and simple

  • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

    Chai why? GR u for leave Musa na

  • King Baba 3 years ago

    Well-done guys

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    Cap 92 won for Musa today…….8 more to go to hit the centenary…. 9 more to go to equal existing records and 10 more to go to break it.

    • Abeg Guy can it dere you and your GOd Musa have been exposed Like I humbly told you the other day

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Hahahahaha…..you never drink rat poison…? Pls go and drink rat poison quickly o….bcos you will still see Musa at least 8 more times before he is left alone….bloody tribal bigot

  • @Dr Drey And as I also predicted a couple lines up Iheanacho on for Musa. Don’t worry we will unravel you layer by layer

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Hahahaha…if you like predict Romario will come on for Musa…..in your koro koro eye, musa will earn his 100 caps b4 he is eased out of the SE…E never pain you reach otherwise you for don drink rat poison…LMAO..the Iwobi that is worse than your U21 benchwarmer is the one smashing world class goals for the SE already….LMAO

  • Pesin wey no sabi no fit form because, at the end of the day truth always prevails and sets u free

  • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

    4:2 SL just scored ooo

  • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

    osimen is hurt ooo, he is holding his wrist, big blow for 9ja.

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    SE watagwan…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      I just hope the Injury is not serious. From what we have seen today Osimhen is pivotal for us upfront. A goal through his mobility and anticipation and an assist courtesy of his knockdown to chukwueze is a huge testament to his importance

  • But why take off Balogun…No way!!! CHai!! Osimhen is injured Wahala don dey oooooooooooooo

  • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

    Damn, what a blow. This field is the fault. The field no be am at all. NFF should be held responsible for this nonsense.

  • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

    Paulo in for osimen and Ejuke for Samu. S/L piling pressure on SE

  • NFF are to be blamed and that bloody Pinnick telling us its a world Class pitch Pinnick na real Mumu!!!!!

    • kenneth 3 years ago

      See ball bouncing from here to there. Rubbish, please tell us this is a dream. The PE teacher became clueless. We just went to sleep. This is a big disgrace

  • Lord AMO 3 years ago

    His wrist looked broken.  Thats a 6-8 week healing period.  We’ve completely lost focus in this match

  • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

    4:3 SL just score

  • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

    GR needs to put a natural RB as Akpoguma is having a torrid time,

  • Napoli will think twice before releasing Osimhen for Game played in Naija again

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    Gooooalllllll………….S/L again

    now 4:3

  • 4-3 oh My GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why did Rohr take off Balogun for Gods Sake.. Sierra Leone planned this get Osimhen off!! chai

    • Sunnyb 3 years ago

      Nigeria turned S L to Brazil national team, what a joke of a team, this team lacks  good and vocal leaders. It’s a crime inviting Onuachu. 

  • Collins id 3 years ago

    gernot rohr and shit substitute again, osihmen, the right back is a mess, nothing good is happening. instead of him to bring in a natural right back for balogun and shift akpoguma to the central . Rohr is a disgrace to Germany. e nor know wet in e dey do at all. ejuke for musa. instead e dey bring iheanacho. now na basket baller he de bring for osihmen. he should be blame for osihmen injury

  • pompei 3 years ago

    Bring Pinnick and Dare. Let them come and play.

  • Lol 4:4
    SL you can do this

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    Goaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllllllll…….SL gets an equalizer
    what is happening

  • Footballfanatic 3 years ago

    Tactically inept coach.

  • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

    4:4 goal for SL

  • Lord AMO 3 years ago


  • Lord AMO 3 years ago

    We have been exposed.

  • Collins id 3 years ago

    four goals from akpoguma wing. I saw dis coming always looking for German defenders all the time old idiot

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago


  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    THIS IS RUBBISH…..FROM 4 NIL UP…..?????????

  • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

    away the hell do u take balogun off, did he tell u he was injured and couldn’t continue? GR yab there, balogun was a calming presence there. Sanusi also has been exposed today.

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    Hehehehehehe….remove Musa remove Musa shey ua eye don clear now….!!!! Dem remove musa finish attack collapse, midfield collapse…!


    • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

      @ Drey. No vex ooo but nobody tell GR to comot anyone, he is the coach afterall, his decision is final.

      • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

        Hahahahaha…nor be una dey ask wetin Musa dey do for field….ngwa see am na…..LMAO

        A leader will always be a leader……… even on his sick bed

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      @Dr.Drey… Your across-the-mediterranean-stars had their asses riotously violated today… Your unstoppable classic foreign pros against largy home-based bunch from. Sierra leaone. In Gernot Rohr we trust and stand… Grade A EUFA coach! Disaster of a coach!

  • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

    Una see Paulo? lol collins id, wetin u talk na?

  • Nkita Ara 3 years ago

    Who is our coach?

    This is a total disgrace and totally unacceptable.

    What kind of rubbish is this?

  • Edo and her caused Land, rubbish pitch…please Sack that Fool called GR

    • Goal ⚽️ 3 years ago

      Rohr is not a Coach but HPE teacher!!!!!

      Rohr Fans should explain to us why their world class coach couldn’t beat ordinary Sierra-Leone ?

      Haha e don happen , everyone can see we don’t have a coach.

    • Collins id 3 years ago

      @zeha. may you and your entire generations remain caused, unless you apologise for that comment before this day runs out.. when we where four goals up the pitch was not bad. and the sierra loeon was not affected by pitch when they scored 4 goals. if you can not run a small pitch na rugby field them for carry them go. see how Rohr senseless ideas fall our hands, a central defender who is not known for skills as a right back when you have two progressive right backs in your bench.

      • Collins id 3 years ago

        @zeha I return my causes on you and your generations to the pit of hell. i am a Christian I dont like laying causes. may God forgive and protect you. but nest time be careful on how you refer to lands and people. Edo land is blessed land with countless resources. our igbo traders and housa currency traders can attest to the peace and tranquillity of the Edos. don’t ever adress anyland as caused so that causes will not be upon your generations. Edo only did a good thing for hosting the eagles they dont have anything to gain by hosting eagles in a closed match where ticket is not expected to be sold. the deputy showed enough love by even participating in bit training that is love. Obama use to go and play basket ball with usa national team in training just to show patrotism. if we cannot appreciate love. what else can we appreciate.

    • Zeha you, your generation and your land are cursed… You don mad abi??? Eagles have lost in so many cities in Nigeria but not in Benin City… and what does the result of an ordinary match got to do with Benin that you foolishly insult our land??? Mannerless idiot

  • Kenneth 3 years ago

    Excuses don begin o. Musa is why we couldn’t defend or score more goals. Didn’t almighty Ihenacho come in. Why blame paul who only played 12 minutes. Simple the team went to sleep. period

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago


    4 GOALS UP IN THE 1ST HALF AGAINST WHO…….Sierra leone….??????????

    Hahahahaha….Super eagles of 2020 I bow for una o

    Abeg Pinnick and Dare should go with them to freetown and start the away leg

    Pay bonuses dem nor go pay, dem carry big belle go dey distract the team

    • Paschal 3 years ago

      Gernot Rohr is too fixated on that Akpoguma guy. He is not just a factor in this team. Ekong too is fizzling out….these 2 men cost us this match, period. Its crazy how inconsistent we can be….this is unacceptable. I just hope they will allow GR to continue but for today I blame GR a whole lot. Too bad.

  • Footballfanatic 3 years ago

    Why is Rohr not using 1 our one of the 2 natural right full backs we have? Why kiss Akpogunma’s ass cuz he just joined the team? Dude basically just walked into the first team lol and benched 2nright full backs.

    • Akpoguma is not a full back, hes a left footed central defender. The Muppet of a coach we have hasn’t got a clue. We have a attacking minded fullback in ebuhei but he refused to use him.

  • D-Cardinal 3 years ago

    Sack Rohr now..no input in this team..we don’t have a coach

  • Balogun Comming off was the Clear problem, and Osimhen’s Injury.. Rohr showed tactical disability there to commot Balogun

  • shame on the roha shame on the team

  • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

    This was a match of 2 halves. complacency is what cause us thus game and the naivety of the coach. In my opinion, he should have left balogun and taking akpoguma out and brought in Aina, since Akpoguma was not doing too well in the RB position. What a game. 9ja yab oooo 4 up and almost lost the game. GR naive, at 4:2 u for close shop lol

  • GLORY 3 years ago

    When you start allowing elements into your camp; players not invited but desperate to be in the team. Officials you may have stepped on their toes and many more and you are not prayerful, be ready to continue to witness this kind of embarrassment . DO NOT BE IGNORANT OF THE DEVICES OF THE DEVIL, WE ALL ARE WARNED. Rohr, you just shot yourself on the foot.

  • onwajunior 3 years ago

    Well Okoye is consistent. Chopping 4 goal on a regular

  • Larry 3 years ago

    Nothing special:
    World class coach with a world class tactics and selection.
    Vs Algeria 0:1
    Vs Tunisia 1:1
    Vs Sierra leone 4:4

  • Ara Nkita 3 years ago


  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    People who ask what Moses Simon is still doing in SE….una see am….??? LMAO……both of our full backs were left helpless tonight oooooooo….!!!!!!!

  • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

    Omo9ja go finish GR today

    • LOOOL @Proudly 9ja.. Omo9ja abeg over to you. LOL

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Hahahahaha ROhr wey dem wan roast b4 we him too come go use petrol rub body…..!

      Make in carry in cross alone this one. Even me i go follow put tyre round in neck tonight…..LMAO. Let me also enjoy being a regressive for once.

      Ahaaa….from 4 goals up….???????

      • Goal ⚽️ 3 years ago

        For your mind you think you are a progressive thinker before?

        Your blind support all this while have been showing your regressiveness .

        • chinedu 3 years ago

          Where are all his supporters now. They are all quiet. Just imagine if they had won that game

  • Wrong tactics. Fielding players out of position. Speechless. Totally speechless.

    – I ask again, what is Akpoguma doing playing RWB, with a more effective Ebuehi on the bench?

    – Why must Ekong always play 90 minutes? Even Balogun has lost speed. Why not Akpoguma in CB?

    – Kelechi & Onuachu could as well play 120 minutes and will not score. Unlike others always praising him, I don’t rate Iheanacho. He’s an ineffective striker. Rodgers is always benching him for good reasons.

    – Okoye is still too green.

    – At this rate, it may not be a bad idea to sack Rohr.

    – Bring in Amuneke. An unknown indigenous SL coach played Rorh to a standstill in Nigeria.

    – Expect Nigeria to plunge further in the next FIFA ranking.

    – If Rohr stays in charge and even if Nigeria qualifies for Afcon, WE WON’T WIN IT!

    – Rohr invites Nigeria’s best legs but doesn’t know the best 11 combination or super subs.

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    … We have been saying this for long. The team looks suspect… African football no be European football. From 4-0 to 4-4 how do you explain that? Football no be by club wey you dey play… Is there anything on show today that Junior Ajayi or Peter Olayinka can’t play? We need aggressive and strong forward… When you state an obvious opinion they will insult you. Sierra Leone is not even at the level of Cameroun or Senegal yet o… I don’t even know the pattern we play, the Euorean system of playing 3 central defenders at the back does not help us. I expected Ebuehi or Ola Aina to have started at right back in a strong 4-man defence… Even Rohr who was a defender in his time has no answer for an obvious Super Eagles shambolic defence line… Goalkeeper Okoye was also not convincing today. It’s well… Play and put in crosses and get good people who can attack crosses and convert to goals… This where Junior Ajayi or Peter Olayinka can have an edge… Now our eye don clear so we no get coach wey sabi gMe management. I tire for coach Rohr sef…

    • Kenneth 3 years ago


  • NIGERIA 4 4 Sierra Loane

  • I can’t believe we thrown away a four goal lead against this below average Leon stars. This is pathetic, absolute nightmare.
    The overall midfield collapsed the defense was all over the place no coordination whatsoever. Awful

  • Tope Adeola 3 years ago

    I am so disappointed. I think we should do total overhauling of Super Eagles from the the coaching crew to the players.

  • Lord AMO 3 years ago

    It was a bad day at the office compounded by the injury to Osihmen.  Where do we go from here? When you look at this critically, you’d see that this has been coming.  We’ve conceded goals  in 7 straight matches, so one can say our defense isn’t water tight and today the flood gates opened.  

    That pitch we played on today is not fit for even a 2nd division team talk less a full international team of the calibre of Nigeria.  We definitely took our foot of the pedal mentally after 4-0.  That’s on the coach but the players also need to take a huge portion of the blame for their lack of professionalism.

    The bad news is these are the players we have.  Nobody else is coming in to save us so we’ll see what they’re made up of in 4 days against the same opposition.  These things happen in football but its how you react to it that defines you

    • But Chidozie Azaziem is a solid defender so is Jamilu Collins we can now see the importance of Kenneth Omeruo too

  • Ndubuisi 3 years ago

    You are as good as your last game. Am highly disappointed. Rohr has only the next game to correct things or he should be relieved of his Job.

  • AbdulA 3 years ago

    For the first time, I also think GR doesn’t know what he’s doing. So many things were wrong on that pitch today! Common man! You’ve got everything to win this match. Haba….infact, everything was wrong. Beautiful Nonsense!

  • KangA 3 years ago

    What a shameful result! I’d been rooting for Rohr, but this time he lost it. Akpeyi for the second leg.

  • Tope Adeola 3 years ago

    Maduka is used to always getting large number of goals.


  • pompei 3 years ago

    For the first time, I am unable to say much in Rohr’s defense. Except that our administrators must collect their share of the blame. Where was Dare and Pinnick? They should have entered the pitch to play na?
    Okoye is not ready for the number one goalkeeping job. He is good, he has potential, but he is not quite there yet. The camera actually focused on Akpeyi at a point. That moment spoke volumes!
    Akpoguma was woeful. His excuse would be that he was played in the wrong position. But even with that, just not strong enough or skillful enough. Aina, Ebuehi, or Awaziem would have done much better.
    Aribo was tentative all through the game. Kept things simple, too simple. No driving runs. Etebo carried that midfield. If Etebo had been absent, I shudder to think what would have happened.
    Sanusi started well, but finished rather poorly. Same can be said of Iwobi.
    Musa was all over the place. Not his day. Iheanacho, nothing doing.
    Ejuke did not have enough time on the ball to make a difference.
    Osimhen! The injury looked really bad. Wish him a speedy recovery.
    So, this is what the USSR felt like during the DAMMAN MIRACLE? I wonder what name this one will be called?

    • Chinedu 3 years ago

      Wetin u want the administrators to do. Na dem select players. The answer to your question is The HUMILIATION AT OGBE

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      This one na Benin Kingdom Miracle o…..! Chai….Aruemeeeee…..! Eoooooo…!

      There was a reason why Westerhoff was always chasing Akinyele and NFF officials away from the surrounding of the SE back then……..ROHR GROW BALLS…..DEM COLLECT LIST OF INVITEES FROM YOUR HAND…..DEM COLLECT KEY TO CAMP GATE FROM YOUR HAND……DEM COLLECT BONUSES AND SALARIES FOR YOUR HAND……u still dey smile….NA YOUR JOB BE THE NEXT THING WEY DEM GO COLLECT FOR YOUR HAND NOW

      Bini pipo why naaaa…! Na curse to win match for una stadium…??????

      • Chinedu 3 years ago


  • Now we can see how great our coach is, please just bring in a local coach for the second leg ,we are tired of this clueless old man abeg.

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    Hahahahahaha….the once wey funny me pass today…….remove Musa remove Musa…….Musa has no place in the SE….he has no business in the SE…. shey ua eye don clear now….!!!! Dem remove musa finish attack collapse, midfield collapse…!

    A leader remains a leader even if he is in intensive care unit….!!! So far e never die nobody can start misbehaving.

    Dem comot Musa finish everybody become captain dey do as dem like……Lol

    Chai….from 4 goals Up….?????????

    Rohr I leave you to carry ya cross on this one. Maybe you go learn lesson and learn to start having balls…!!!

    Everybody dey gate crash your team like seme boarder u dey smile…….Nonsense…!

    Carry your cross tonight……LMAO

    • Goal ⚽️ 3 years ago

      We don’t have a coach simple!

      Rohr Coaching mentality is outdated.

      I wouldn’t mind if he fired!!!!!

    • Goal ⚽️ 3 years ago

      This excuse about musa is not selling, your idol is clueless simple with 1990 mentality.

  • Unbelievable, this call miracle of Benin 

  • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

    Can’t wait to read omo9ja’s assessment of the tactics of the coach. GR yab today, substitutions were woeful. You are 4 goals up in the 1st half why not keep what u have. Fortify the midfield by replacing Aribo for even Shehu to help Etebo, replace Akpoguma for Aina. Our boys also need to shoulder a majority of the blame, how can they lose a 4 goal margin, its just unacceptable. The team was targeting 4 points anyway so they are still on track. Guys it could have been worse, what if SL had scored a 5th goal, GR would have been deported immediately.

  • Empire 3 years ago

    Amaju Melvin Pinnick NFF President and Sunday Akin Dare the Youth & Sports minister that trained with the boys, i couldn’t see them in the match day to take to the field…Nonsense…… una don distract the boys finish abi ?

  • Rohr. You are truly no coach. Akpogina should not be benching Aina. When you took off baligun Ain should have come in and akpogunna moves to central defence. Ajayi should not be in this team ahead of awaziem. Dennis should have played ahead of oniachu. Rohr you are a useless coach. @omo9ja you are right. I am sorry I was abusing you.


  • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

    The coach see d 1st goal enter him no do anything, the 2nd one enter him no do anything, the 3rd one enter him still no do anything, the 4th one enter na there him kon start to dey pack bus. GR yab, nobody fit justify this kind display.

  • OmoEsan 3 years ago

    This is a case of indiscipline on the part of the technical crew.

    We saw the real Super Eagles in the first 35mins and from then on, the Sieria Leoneans took over and played the rest of the game.

    Truth is, our boys aren’t used being in control of a game that early, hence indiscipline set in and they took their foot off the pedal completely, right from when they scored the fourth goal. GR should have noticed this and corrected them at half time, but alas they continued from where they stopped in the last ten minutes of the first half, losing balls and losing posession unnecessarily.

    SL’s second goal was the game changer and I expected Rohr to have shouted at his boys at this point, but that complacency was also evident on the bench. Even at 4-3, Sanusi was caught ball watching as SL scored a fourth.

    Whatever happens, some things have been made clear in this match;

    1. Our defence is porous without Balogun. Ekong can’t lead that defence the way Balogun will and I think Omeruo would have done a much better job if he was available.

    2. Rohr displayed total indiscipline by fielding Akpoguma in right back ahead of established players like Aina and Ebuehi. This is totally unexpected from a German.

    3. Rohr should be blamed for this horrible occurrence. His inability to get his team to keep playing and giving their best leaves much to be desired.

    What a horrible match.

  • Goal ⚽️ 3 years ago

    Una eye don clear abi? 

    Wetin elder See sitting, a young man will climb a tree and wouldn’t see it.

    Ndi Rohr is a world class Coach how far?

  • pompei 3 years ago

    We were flying in the first half, largely because S/L had too much respect for us. When we scored the fourth, their backs were to the wall and they had nothing to lose. So they came out to play, and they saw that they had actually overrated us! It became their turn to fly, and fly they did. Pulled one back in the 1st half, and scored 3 in the second. Apart from Osimhen’s header that hit the post, we did not create a single chance in the 2nd half. Misplaced passes in the final third. No service into the box. No energy. No stamina. No purpose.
    At first glance, I thought the pitch was good. But when the camera zoomed in, what an eyesore! The S/L players probably felt more at home on that pitch than our lads. But still not an acceptable excuse. Throwing away 4 goals in the way and manner we did is inexcusable.
    A big wake up call for Nigeria.

  • JimmyBall 3 years ago

    Let’s go and buy calculator again because I don’t see us defeating Sierra Leone at home… We scored four quick goals because they were scared… Once they noticed they could go pound for pound they pressed and replied. When ex-internationals talk some will insult them they are jobless… those wey una give job, how Market now? Our defence line is always suspect, even Lesotho put two in our net… We conceded two against Ukraine, one against Brazil, one against Algeria, one against Tunisia and now 4 against lowly Sierra Leone… People who insult other professional players for playing in Al-Ahly and Egyptian league una don see am? 85% of Sierra Leone players are based in Africa. See how they were hustling our boys? All those oyibo boys including Aribo and Iwobi will now know that khaki no be leather… Welldone Super Eagles!

    • JimmyBall 3 years ago

      @Dr.Drey… How Market? So from your comments it’s Musa who was removed that made our midfield crash and opened the flood gates to three goals? Some of us have said Rohr is just PHE teacher who becomes clueless when tactics matters… When last did we even play a convincing game where we truly dominated? Please dear forumites, everybody should ask @Dr.Drey for what happened to Rohr and his “EUFA Grade A” license today? The funny thing is that Rohr Continues to be humiliated by African born coaches… Belmadi has schooled him twice… now a local obscure coach from Sierra Leone has also kicked him on the butt! Bring Emmanuel Amuneke and Manu Garba let Super Eagles fans watch match with popcorn relaxation!

      • KENNETH 3 years ago

        Point of correction sir. Sierra leones coach is also british

        • JimmyBall 3 years ago

          Probably a native of Sierra Leone too… atleast he is one of their own. The thing is we always feel is a whitie that will save us even though they just stay in their country and coach is from there only breezing in a week or 4 days to games… Can Rohr do better than an Amuneke/Garba combo?

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    Yobo should lead this team to Freetown….and he must include the two star players that dazzled in the last training in the travelling team o…..topmost striker Akin Dare and mercurial midfielder Amaju Pinnick must be on the plane to freetown. LMAO

  • pompei 3 years ago

    Can you believe that we had Dennis on the bench, and Rohr brought in Onuachu again?
    You know that your players are not good at providing service into the box, and you brought in a striker who is 100% dependent on crosses? And left a speedy, energetic hustler like Dennis on the bench? Not saying that Dennis should be an automatic starter. No. But when Osimhen left, Dennis would have provided the same pressure that Osimhen exerted on the S/L defense. With Onuachu, there was no pressure, and S/L prospered. They could afford to throw numbers forward in search of goals.
    Rohr, you fall our hand today. Poor team selection. Piss poor tactics.
    This was really, really bad.

    • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

      correct my broda, u see one leg over wen him wan try but almost fell down lol. Collins id been say ezenwa get skills pass am lol.

  • Baddest 3 years ago

    I blame the nff for this result, why take such important match to that secondary school kind of pitch, secondly ekong is overrated coudnt command his defense is a shame that nigeria threw away a 4 goal lead against lowly rated serria leone, at this point nigeria can never be better, i am highly dissapointed.

  • pompei 3 years ago

    Why did Rohr not bring in Dare for Osimhen, and Pinnick for Musa? Una see where person dey come training, but no dey available for match? Only in Nigeria!
    Thanks guys for ruining our evening. I will not allow you to ruin my weekend!

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      Edo deputy governor should have also come in for Balogun…..LMAO. These are the kinds of players we need on the plane to freetown. You cant dazzle in training and not kit on matchday….its totally unacceptable…!

      • pompei 3 years ago

        No be small dazzle. Na RAZZLE DAZZLE. Our razzle dazzle sports minister and NFF presido should please kit up for the return leg.
        I blame Rohr and the players for this humiliation. But the lion share of the blame must be apportioned to these two. They thought Afcon qualifier was childsplay? Dem no know say S/L too are desperate for a result? We have been shouting it from the rooftops – THERE ARE NO MINNOWS IN FOOTBALL ANYMORE!
        Finland beat France 2 nil at home. If you underrate any team, or prepare poorly, you will be punished!
        Administrators, please stay away from SE training henceforth! You can visit them in the hotels. Or make other arrangements to see them. But keep your distance during training. And select a good pitch for our boys to play on in future!

  • Baddest 3 years ago

    Dr drey you can now excort gernot rorh to berlin, he is not a coach at all wrong tactics always rubbish

  • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

    There was one time the camera focused on GR, I was just thinking if I could reach through the TV screen and slap correct sense into the man. He just looked lost, as if he was in dazed, he couldn’t happen the weight of expectation. Edoman and Edoguy, mek una abeg arrange bini boys to go tear GR and those boys correct beating for us. If this match was played in lagos, the team would have been beating up I swear. They can’t make 200 million people go to bed angry today.

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      I hear say bini boys don lock gate of the stadium o.
      The eagles have been held hostage. They say dem wan greet them…..LMAO
      Them say dem nor dey commot till 12 midnight…..LMAO

      • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

        Drey no kee me with laff abeg. Its painful to be honest. Pompei said it best, we shouldn’t let the boys ruin our weekend joor. I still blif we will beat them in Freetown. When the chips are down is when the SE rise to the occasion.

    • Edoman 3 years ago

      I told them “don’t play this match in Benin, take it UYO”. One yeye boy says l am not a Bini/Edoman.
      Look now. The NFF is playing politics with you guys destine. This can never have happened in UYO. Believe me.

      • Omo9ja 3 years ago

        My lovely Edoman, I know how you are feeling right now but there’s nothing we can do about the result.

        However, it is not about Benin/Edo state stadium but Oga Rohr got his tactics wrong big time.

        Super Eagles is bigger than the coaches. That is the bitter truth.

        My lovely friend Edoman, if you could remember, I have been talking about GR and his crew for a while but you people keep ignoring the informations I’m passing out for no reasons.

        Now, it is too late to complain. It’s time to move on. God bless Nigeria!!!

      • na god go punish pinnick

  • OmoEsan 3 years ago

    On the flip side of things, it’s good that this horror happened, else we would have continued to deceive ourselves that Rohr was right to field Akpoguma, that Super Eagles can play anywhere including my hometown in Ekiti, that a match rusty Musa is OK to play….etc.

    This occurence is horrible, but it’s a wake-up call. However, I believe that if we do the right things we will pick three points in Freetown and qualify.

    In the meantime, let’s nurse our wound.

    • Lord AMO 3 years ago

      Well said.  When we get over the shock and disappointment of the result we may look back on this being a watershed moment for this iteration of the super eagles.  The boys need to pick themselves up and go be professionals and pick up the 3 points in Freetown.  Anything less will lead to some serious questions being asked.  If we learn from our mistakes then I don’t see why we wont get the necessary result

  • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

    Abeg pinnick pls continue to take SE mactches to Benin o……infact relocate the NFF secretariat to Benin permanently…….make Bini pipo show you strong thing once again….LMAO

  • Mr Hush 3 years ago

    What a game.
    Disappointment is an understatement.

    Well,not to beat a horse while on the floor but it is quite evident now that what most have been stating is factual. Rohr is tactically inept.
    It all falls down to him.

    As much as I respect and appreciate Rohr for the progress he has made with the Eagles from where he met us. It is quite clear he can’t take us further. He has stagnated. I believe he has reached his technical apogee and what the Eagles seek is beyond him; not for him not trying but simply because be doesn’t have it.
    History is counting and labeling; he caused us a downturn against Madagascar and now he has caused us this. Two shameful results that would forever be part of our legacy.
    Yes. We could go ahead and beat Sierra Leone in Freetown .Yes. we would qualify. But I am going to stick my neck out and state this clearly; I think it is time we seek a new coach.
    Such a shame .

  • OmoEsan 3 years ago

    I still don’t understand why football has totally eluded Lagos. Lagos fans, haaaaa!

    In Surulere, a Nigerian team can never afford to take their foot off the pedal, never. Infact the fans dictate the pace of the game with their chants; ‘All we are saying, give us one goal’, All we are saying, give us more goals’ and if the team doesn’t play or perform in accordance to their dictates they just switch their support to the other team, no time for nonsense. By the time your own fans starts booing you and cheering your opponents you go know what’s up, yet if you lose that match, this same fans will hold you hostage. Na mopol with teargas and gunshots go smuggle you out of Surulere. Chai, gone are the days.

    Please bring our games back to Lagos.


    • Collins id 3 years ago

      @omoesan is that what u are proud about that fans should hold players hostages. that pitch was perfect there was no put holes and the pitch didn’t stop any goal. stop self hating, ogbe pitch is bigger than Wembley. there are many countries like Lesotho and muzambic who uses synthetic pitch for professional games people still go there and bit them. in Lagos we Los afcon final, we failed to qualify for 2012 afcon, we failed in Abuja in 2015 afcon. we failed in kaduna in 2017 afcon. we have won games in fields where swimming pool is right in front of the goalkeepers. na pitch cos Madagascar massacre in Egypt na pitch cos Algeria victory in Egypt and austra. nor be for uyo Southafrica bit us 2 0. let’s call a spade a spade. Rohr is an error take a look at his oyinbo assistants all na old men like am with old tactics. pitch nor good 8 goals fall out from normal play including crosses from high and below the pitch nor stop them. pitch nor big our players cannot fall back na big field na dem for fit fligh . shey sierraleon nor sabi big pitch and good pitch abi? some of u guys will never appreciate anything good. when sanusi rich osihmen with a low long range cross the pitch nor stop the ball from entering the net. NFF and Our government show love una change am to hate. I tire for some of una for here.

      • OmoEsan 3 years ago

        Collins you got the drift of my statement wrong. How can I be proud of fans holding team hostage. Don’t let the horror we witnessed today get the best of you Bro!, I only laid emphasis on the fact that SE can never afford to take their foot off the pedal in Lagos,never and I can say that a million times.

        Of course we’ve all blamed Rohr and his crew for their glaring ineptitude in today’s match, so spare me your troubles jaree.

    • Omo9ja 3 years ago

      @OmoEsan, it shall be well with you.

      @OmoEsan, omanimumi tayin. Because amumitayin, ara ę lo n tanję lolz. Ah,
      OmoEsan, you won my heart.

      I have been saying this for so long but nobody listened.

      Hmm. What Super Eagles did today in Benin can never happened in Lagos. I am very sure of that.
      No discipline and they relaxed after scoring 4 goals. Kai, bad market.

      Super Eagles is not a small team kę. Lagos fans knew how to bring the best out of Eagles.

      NFF president is a selfish person. His days are number. He is responsible for this disgraceful result.

      For Oga Rohr himself, I don’t have anything to say about him because I have said more than enough about him but no improvement. At this point, no comment.

      NFF and Oga Rohr fans, you people should be ready for we real fans of the Super Eagles.

      God bless Nigeria!!!

  • Lord AMO 3 years ago

    What is truly paining me right this moment is I’m sitting here watching the match between Morrocco and Central African Republic and the pitch just jumps out with how green and smooth it is.  Why can’t we have nice things? Why????

    • Dr. Drey 3 years ago

      @ Lord AMO….are you reading my mind…??? The pitch be like carpet wey dem spread from ground make Emperor waka on top.
      10 mins morrocco don put 1 and dis ones nor send….dey will keep pummelling you till match end.

    • Dr Drey 3 years ago

      Watching tunisia vs tanzania too and same story…..lush gree grass, huge edifice of a stadium. Im sure the next venue of our own next home match na for lokoja township stadium.

    • Because you have buhari. And there are enough foolish nige-rians to elect a dead buhari if he runs again in 2023, I bet you.

      Did you not see how trump was trashed, and hole too many nige-rians in the zoo were supporting him not minding he called them sheet hole.

      Thor went to the World cup and failed nige-ria rewarded him with a new contract.

      Buhari failed in his first tenure, nige-ria rewarded with another 4 years, now you guys are enjoying the next level.

      Is Yobo more qualified or experienced that Amuneke?

      Country wet no like better thing, how the go prosper?

      Shame on nige-ria.

    • because morroca dont have useless people like pinnick.using super eagles for politics foolish men.

  • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

    You talk am finish my broda, “na d fans dey dictate pace of the game”. Gone are the days bro.

  • Smith k 3 years ago

    Let’s leave pitch out of this..we scored 4 goals on the same pitch..take it or leave it..we are not going far with this coach…I have always had my reservations about him..it now clear we lack a good coach..a good coach would have managed that score line at 4-1..

  • Larry 3 years ago

    Anyone blaming the pitch, the nff or anyone other than World Class GR is trying to cause distraction fr om the tactical ineptitude of the coach.
    It’s so unfortunate that those that saw this coming were attacked by the so called blindsupporters of GR.
    I have never watched SE lost a 4 goals lead. This is a testimony to what I have always maintained on this forum, We have seen the best of GR, he has nothing special to offer than the ones he has achieved.
    From invitation of players, selection of first 11, team tactics and substitution, one can only imagine the depth of GR.
    10 defenders for a match and still could not protect a 4 goals lead, recycling underperforming players (Onuachi, Ekong) and selecting converted defender ahead of natural ones (Akpo Vs Aina/Ebuehi), ignoring tested alternatives to Osimhen (Maja,Moffi,Olayinka) are some of the selection issues with this World class GR..
    The leone star coach just taught him another lesson in football, immediately Balogun left the field, the leone stars changed tactics and explored speed and strength to overcome our defence.
    Folks please watch the goals against us and tell me more about Ekong’s defensive awareness and positioning.
    Feel sorry for the young GK, he didn’t get the protection he needed.
    Iheanacho was always trying to dribble when he could have laid a simple pass to the striker..
    Onuachi Again!!
    World class GR (Belmadi’s boy) just set a new record.. Benin Miracle for the leone stars..

  • Oluwole Taiwo 3 years ago

    Bad pitch
    It’s time to change the manager as well.
    The manager and the boys lack character.

  • Collins id 3 years ago

    thank you @Larry. na Benin matter go purge some of them. we bit Egypt and sychelis for asaba nobody complained when we drew against Uganda Zimbabwe in thesame stadium them say ma pitch na NFF blablabla. now na Benin cos our difeat according to some sick headed furumites. football is been played in white sands(beach soccer) and teams still win game’s with right tactics and high margin. table tennis dey take place for bench for naija who go win go still win. long tennis can be played in both clay and green pitch and Federer and nadal still wins. na only we every condition they affect like say we be agric fowl

    • Dr Banks 3 years ago

      @Collins…….Long Tennis? You no go kill me with laughter o.
      Seriously speaking, this shambolic play has nothing to do with Ogbe pitch, no be the same pitch them score 4 good goals? Or did the pitch change in the 2nd half? Make I hear word jare.
      It all boils down to tactical ineptitude from Rohr, Akpo is definitely not a right back and Rohr should know better, afterall he sees him in training and previous match.i wonder if Rohr actually review past matches, sits individual player down and point out their mistake and show them how they can be better. Instead of spending the little time they have in camp focussing on tactical enhancements,they are wasting it on a jamboree training with the minister Dare, Picnicking with Pinnick and doing Shibobo with Deputy Governor. Why won’t they all tire out in the second half?
      The effect of Rohr’s revised contract is now obvious, interference in team list and selection is now obvious as we can see now, Musa benching Iheanacho or Ejuke, Akpo playing RB ahead of 3 established RBs, Onauchu always getting playing time despite numerous flops ahead of Dennis, a regular scorer in Champion league.
      No cohesion or established pattern in their play despite the core of the team playing together since 2018.
      Rohr is definitely bereft of ideas and needs a better and more tactical assistant than Yobo. Amunike surely needs to be drafted into this team as a matter of urgency, am sure he won’t decline the opportunity to serve his country in such capacity.
      Amaju and Dare needs to focus on the administrative part of things, ensure prompt payment of bonuses, excellent welfare and insurance packages for the players, ensuring the coaches undergoes periodical tactical upgrade courses or get attached to certain Premier league or Bundesliga teams during the time they are not engaged with matches. Every profession needs regular learning and skills upgrade in this life.
      I believe the boys will learn a thing or two from this match and put their acts together to give us a good match in Sierra leone
      I am wishing Osimgoal and defense minister Balogun quick recovery

  • Proudly 9ja 3 years ago

    Guys, I know we are all mad from today’s game, but let’s put it in context, we didn’t lose and are still top of the group with 7 points. We should be thinking of the health of Osimen and Balogun 1st and foremost.

    We are emotional now (me included) but right now is not the time to fire the coach, we have a game coming up in 5 days time so firing him now will be counter productive in my view. He should be allowed to stay on but like Omo9ja has always said GR needs better assistants than what he currently has. The goal keeping area for one is where I think his suggestion of Enyeama or Ikeme is very apt, Alloy agu is ancient am sorry to say. What was Yobos contribution today? This is where a coach like Keshi won’t let a game like dis slip from his graps but will be barking orders at the player (even with all his flaws he will never let dis disgrace happen to his team in 9ja for dat matter, his patriotic nature would never let it happen). Amuneke would have been an ideal assistant coach to compliment GR. Yobo as a defender should have stepped in and told GR to shore up the defense afterall no be defender him too be. If na somebody like am NFF earmark to coach SE in the future then wahala dey ooo. No be to dey yan for Supersport be coaching.

    If we are honest, other than Akpoguma taking the place of Aina or Ebuehi, the team was sound and they proved it in the 1st half as they jumped to a 4 goal lead. So GR got 9 over 11 there. Akpeyi came late to camp due to travel restrictions and from the 2 friendlies played i don’t think anybody would object to Okoye being in goal today to be honest. ANOTHER area where GR did well was the time of substitution (60 min) but not the required substitution, we all have been saying he takes too long to make changes.

    To the areas he goofed which are many.
    1. He used Akpoguma in a wrong position knowing he had natural RB especially in the 2nd half. When Balogun got injured (I didn’t see balogun motion to the coaching crew that he needed to be substituted, I would have kept him in there if the injury wasn’t serious) he could have asked Akpoguma to go take his role while bringing in Aina to be RB position.

    2. Game management especially in the midfield, Shehu or Semi should have been brought in for Aribo in the 2nd half. I would have not brought in Iheanacho except only as a replacement for osimen.

    3. Taking Chukwueze off was another blunder but chukwueze’s forward play was also exposing Apkpoguma as he was always being doubled up on. That’s why SL were able to get crosses in.

    4. Dennis for Iwobi at the 60 min would have been ideal as he was getting tired tracking back. 3rd goal was partly his and Sanusi’s fault.

    Just my take

  • Iszzy 3 years ago

    Tactically indisciplined team.
    Zero technical acumen from ghetto coaching crew.

    I expected the flop
    Over rated coach and players.

    We would keep watching them humiliated until NFF do what is right

  • Chairmanfemi 3 years ago

    Am just going to take a break off this team to avoid further chest pains.

    As far as the Coach continues to put Faith in certain players that keep disappointing overtime, typical example ONUACHU and benching or not calling players that are worth it and also as far as the Coach keeps making this stupid Game Management mistakes, I’m gonna stay off. To the whole team that played that second half, Y’all are horrible… Certain Fan’s favorite IWOBI.. I hope you all can hail the King more now. Rubbish

  • U can blame the coach to whatever u like but I think we should learn a lesson from the match that no team should be underrated. Is it not here someone was saying that ordinary seria Leon we should even be thanking God that they did not beat us. Now to those blaming the coach, isn’t some of u that were clamouring for Okoye as number one choice simply cos he had some good game sometimes ago but u can all see that he is not ready for number one. If he had not start him in goal today u guys would complain would have been more than this. Though am not saying the coach did well today but honestly thing like this happen in football. France were beating by Finland few day ago it show no minnow in football anymore. If the players were not complacent after going 4 goals up this wouldn’t have happened. SE will still prevail in Freetown I belief.

  • Guys, let us calm down a bit as thank God, it is not yet over.We have learnt some valuable lessons and if properly digested, we will win in Freetown.

    It was all down to poor game management. Tactical indiscipline and inexperience on both part of the players and technical crew.when you lead with that kind of margin and the opposition pull one back just before the break,the best strategy after the game is either to quickly score another goal to totally deflate them or park the bus in front of your goal post via defensive reinforcements and frustrate the opposition while running down the clock.The north Africans are experts in doing this.We did not do any of the above.

    The SL team really bullied our team to submission with their physicality. They knew that skill for skill, they cannot match us, so they went for raw African strength to over power our team.The guy at the RB really had a torrid time coping and most of the SL attack were from his wing as they noticed he was struggling.

    The young goal keeper is not at fault for all the goals as he was badly exposed by his defenders.

    Once the experienced Musa and Balogun left the pitch, the team lacked a true leader who would have steadied the ship and help see out the match.Non of the players on the pitch after that double substitution have up to 30 caps.

    Again the timing of the match suit the SL perfectly as they are mostly home based or started from africa and so are used to the conditions.whereas, some of our boys are playing in Africa for the first time.They will struggle, African football is not the same as European football.

    Then again the quality of the pitch.The SL guys are used to playing in that kind of pitch, to them that was carpet on that field.Wait till you get to Siaka Steven stadium next week.To be fair to Rohr he complained about it but did not say no to the field.

    Going into the second leg next week, the SL have their tails up but that is where we Will hit them but everyone must be ready to shed blood.

  • Brothers, i have been a “neutral” onlooker when it comes to being for or against GR before today primarily bcos the statistics are there to suggest he has not been the worst SE Coach but i must confess with what i have seen in the last one year thereabout (vs Ukraine, Brazil, Benin Republic, Lesotho, Algeria, Tunisia and now S/Leone). The SE seem to have “plateaued” under GR and i do not see him give anything better than what he has given already (Nemo dat quod non habet). Be that as it may, GR doesn’t seem to be the only issues with our dear SE, we the fans are also our own number one enemy, we keep canvassing for every tom, dick and harry even folks we don’t need (i believe we should only be shoving up and adding value to areas of the team where we lack quality or depth) not just luring every Nigerian born abroad to come switch allegiance simply for the fun of it, this will only create bad blood, discouragement and unwholesome feelings after they switch allegiance and they don’t get a shirt even on the bench (i assume, GR just wanted to play Akpogunma @ RB at the expense of Ebuehi/Aina/Awaziem at all cost not necessarily bcos he is more physical than the aforementioned). Lastly, i think it’s about time we put politics aside as regards match venues and just stick with Uyo turf pending when our 39m naira/month politicians can deem it fit to put our standard playing surfaces back in shape befitting of the status of the Super Eagles.
    On a second thought, i have been watching the SE keenly since 1988 thereabout and i cannot recollect anytime the Eagles ever surrendered a 4 goal lead (Record!!!)
    I rest my case here.

    Please any news on Osihmen and Balogun? Especially Osihmen.
    Wish them both a speedy recovery

  • OmoEsan 3 years ago

    Having recovered from this horror, I think we should look at the coaching side of things, this time without emotions and more objectively.

    This isn’t the first time the SE will be on the receiving end of an upset under GR, but this time they did in dramatic fashion. Let’s have a close look at the three unexpected upsets to see if there are trends that we can take some lessons from;

    1. The 2 nil loss to South- Africa in Uyo was GR’s first in this regard. If I remember vividly, he featured some rookies in that match; Osimhen, Awaziem, Larry Kayode etc. SA took the lead and SE lost control and the technical crew couldn’t take decisions that will turn the game around. Was there any element of overconfidence on GR’s part, YES, if you ask me, cuz such a match isn’t one to feature or experiment with rookies or unproven players. Most importantly the team was still basking in the Euphoria of its defeat of Zambia away and Algeria at home. Be that as it may, GR’s team won the next three matches in that AFCON qualification series and capped it with a draw in South-Africa to qualify with a match to spare.

    2. The 2 nil loss to Madagascer in 2019 AFCON happened in similar fashion. With six points in the bag and 2nd round ticket delivered, Madagascar wasn’t seen as a threat of any kind and the overconfidence factor seem to have worked at GR’s disadvantage again. A match rusty Balogun was featured, made a glaring error and once Madagascar took the lead courtesy of that error, GR couldn’t inspire a recovery from his team. 2 nil it ended, but SE rose up to the occassion in subsequent matches getting wins against Cameroun, SA and Tunisia as they won a 3rd place that Nigerians do not fancy.

    3. Last night’s upset is not only the third in GR’s series of upsets, but it is arguably the most dramatic in SE’s history. In line with the same pattern of the first two, the SE came into this match on a high having won their first two matches in the series and having a comfortable lead so I will say that for the umpteenth time, the overconfidence factor played a part in this upset. Again GR’s lineup was faulty. A match rusty but highly fancied Ahmed Musa was surprisingly in the starting lineup while Akpoguma was played out of position in a team that had decent options in every department of the game. With the team 4 nil up in 30mins, complacency set in and the rest is history.

    Looking at the trend in the above scenario, faulty lineups as a result of overconfidence and not according the opposition a decent level of respect seems to be GR’s undoing, but most importantly GR’s inability to turn things around from the bench was evident in all the scenarios. In line with the first two scenarios, the upset is painful but not costly as the team has more matches/opportunities to turn things around.

    What are the lessons from this trend?

    1. Going forward, GR should restrict his experimentations to friendlies or dead rubber games and desist from fielding match rusty players in our competitive matches. He will do well to accord a decent level of respect to opposing teams, regardless of their status or rating.

    2. GR needs to work on his self confidence and spontaneity in decision making. This is obviously a sort of technical deficiency on his path. He should be able to turn things around during a match and not wait for subsequent matches to do damage control, cuz we will not always have the luxury of time and more matches.

    The Super Eagles will recover and earn the ticket to Cameroun, but we must avoid embarrassments of this nature in future.

    Unfortunately, GR has exposed his deficiencies. He will qualify us for Cameroun and most likely Qatar, but his hope of leading us to Qatar is already hanging in the balance. From my perspective,thee only avenue to avoid a sack before Qatar is to win AFCON. Rohr has got a mountain to climb if you ask me.

    I wish our darling team the best.

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