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Live Blogging: Portugal vs Nigeria – International Friendly

Live Blogging: Portugal vs Nigeria   – International Friendly

Completesports.com’s Live Blogging of the Intenational Friendly match between Os Navegadores (The Navigators of Portugal and the Super Eagles of Nigeria at the Estadio Jose Alvalade, Lisbon.

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  • Oya first to comment le go!!. SUPER EAGlES.!!!!!!!!

    • Papafem 2 weeks ago

      Is the match Liv on tv ??

      • @Papafem yes bro live on Supersport 2. Depending on where you dey in Africa. You can also stream it on Youtube or Facebook NFFlive

    • MONKEY POST 2 weeks ago


      What are you JUMPING upndan 4?

      Over a mere FRIENDLY?



      Anyway that is what all you EGUAVEON ASS LICKERS wanted…

      To be a TEAM that other TEAMS will use for TEST RUN before their WORLD CUP PARTICIPATION…

      Why you SIT your DUSTY ASS down and WATCH from HOME…

      SHAME no dey catch some of UNA…


      • Mahmud Shuaib 2 weeks ago

        Your name is HOAT?
        ITALY is a former world cup winner and ITALIANS are excited watching their team play Albania

        Go get some life you this Monkey Banana

        • MONKEY POST 2 weeks ago

          OGA ITALY can decide to RALAX and not be at the next 5 FIFA WORLD CUP, they will still have nothing to LOSE because of their FAR SUPERIOR RECORD over YOU…

          Try and match the WORLD CUP RECORD of your FELLOW AFRICANS like SENEGAL etc before comparing yourself with ITALY..


      • Edoman 2 weeks ago

        Agreed with you. Abusing our star for not agreed to be used as a test-run for the real World-Cup. It will never be well with those who sabotaged Nigeria from going to this World stage. ‘Ogun-edo’ to knock on their doors of all those who encouraged, assisted or contributed in any way possible, that which led to sacking of Oga Rohr at the last hour of achieving our goal of playing at this world cup. Tell Nigerians what benefits you will derive from watching this Portugal/Nigeria match now? l thank Osimhen for not showing up for the match. It is not worth it.

        • Edoman 2 weeks ago

          Thanks, Monkey, for your out-spoken altitude.

          • MONKEY POST 2 weeks ago

            You are welcome my BROTHER @EDOMAN…

            The THUNDER wey go FIRE those PEOPLE that brought us here now dey SPEAK JAMAICAN PATOA…

            I remembered when I first joined this FORUM IDIOTS like JIMMYBALL tried to shut me up cos HE knew an OUTSPOKEN MEMBER, someone that is so AGGRESSIVE with the TRUTH just joined…

    • Olujjj 2 weeks ago

      After this match finished I hope the coach of the super eagles will not throw in the towel . After all the talking of winning the next afcon .u and I can see this team needs long way to go. They are not growing.they. Kept depreciating in styles after each match played.
      If Mali or guinea handle this eagles the result could be disastrous.

  • Is going to be a beautiful game, good test for super eagles

  • At first glance, the formation looks like the formation looks like the 4-1-4-1 that I had been jumping up and down about recently.

    – Four defenders of Ebuehi, Ekong, Akpoguma and Onyemachi (according to CSN)

    – A sole defensive midfielder in Ndidi.

    – Two centre attacking midfielders in Aribo and Iwobi on the same line with wingers Simon and Lookman.

    – And the sole centre forward in Moffi.

    It however remains to be seen whether they would play according to this formation. I will be looking keenly, perhaps Peseiro has been reading my comments. 🙂

    • onwajunior 2 weeks ago

      The line up online in Google is different. There’s Bassy and Osayi. Don’t know where CSN got this their line up from

  • MONKEY POST 2 weeks ago


    What are you JUMPING upndan 4?

    Over a mere FRIENDLY?



    Anyway that is what all you EGUAVEON ASS LICKERS wanted…

    To be a TEAM that other TEAMS will use for TEST RUN before their WORLD CUP PARTICIPATION…

    Why you SIT your DUSTY ASS down and WATCH from HOME…

    SHAME no dey catch some of UNA…


    • Rohrarian shebi you don collect that your citizenship na. Wettin you dey find for SE page again?.

      • Anthony Usifo 2 weeks ago

        Disband this team for at least 2 years and let rebuild from the scratch. Get rid of those incompetent fools ruining our football. first it was Amaju now it is even worse with the new replacement Our football is dead

      • Tella 2 weeks ago

        You get time to dey reply those rorh asslickers. At least the little time eguavoen was there was a difference in pattern of play, and now this is the shit we get. Even Rorh will not beat this portugal team. There is no zeal in this team

  • Ololo 2 weeks ago

    The line up is actually having bright and bassey and not ebuehi and Bruno. Just confirmed from nfftv.

  • Guys, you can download Live Football TV app from Google Play Store on your connected device. Portugal vs Nigeria will pop up after the app boots in 30 seconds. Commentary in Portuguese though.

  • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago
  • Dr Banks 2 weeks ago

    Nigerian press na wotowoto…………ordinary starting lineup they can’t get it right, CSN fumble big time o. Na solo lies them just dey feed us all the time……SHIO


  • JimmyBall 2 weeks ago

    Why are we playing a 4-man midfield against Portugal playing 5-man midfield? Well… We d look.

  • KING TUOYO 2 weeks ago

    Guys, please share link to watch the match.

  • Nonsense so far.

  • respect is reciprocal 2 weeks ago

    I think it will be better for NFF to quit international football for now to develop our league and also institutionalise a pattern of football  for Nigeria. Am tired of us just playing for the sake of playing football there is no improvement with the way we play . Am asked at the way we are being taught football by Portugal . We are non existent .

  • Who ever say Moses Simon is a good player is lying to themselves. The guy is a bag of beens

    • Chibuike 2 weeks ago

      This coach is not good

      • @Chibuike Player moral is down. Because we did not qualify but even at that this coach could have rally these boys. Simon, Ekong are useless. Moffi have zero balance.

        And Osimhen let us down again. Infact Osimhen should be banned from super Eagles for good. He is busy posting rubbish on Social media after letting his country down again. When we turn on him he will know he is not bigger than 200 million people

        Complete embarassment. Ghanaians are right this Super Eagles is finished

    • Dr Banks 2 weeks ago

      Moses does not play with his head

  • Footballfanatic 2 weeks ago

    I think it’s high time we come to the realization that that Nigeria is not what it used to be in football, and we are now a mid-team if even slightly above average.

    • Chima E Samuels 2 weeks ago

      Exactly corruption has destroyed football in Nigeria for over two decades. Hiring bad coaches and sharing salary with them or owing them. Football fans should boycott Nigeria football. Let the NFF and the players continue deceiving themselves.

  • Iwobi, Aribo and ndidi playing rubbish so far. Samuel trying defensively but no where to be found upfront.

  • respect is reciprocal 2 weeks ago

    At times I wonder if our so call players have football sense ? why would a professional players kick the ball where his team is not  when is not they are under pressure from opposition . 

  • GEORGE OMOKO 2 weeks ago

    Dribble, we no dey,
    Pass, we no dey,
    Marking, we no dey
    Shooting we no dey
    Penalty against Nigeria

  • respect is reciprocal 2 weeks ago

    what is our coach doing 

  • Eguavoen better this pasero of a guy, nobody shd tell me otherwise pls. Wtf I’m I even watching like this?

    • MONKEY POST 2 weeks ago

      Better PASS this MAN bawo?

      This is PORTUGAL with one of the most EXPERIENCED COACH..

      Your god EGUAVEON was BEATEN by a 2nd TIER COVID 19 TEAM (ALGERIA) led by a NWA BOI..

      • Shawn 2 weeks ago

        Oga no come here dey lie, abeg which Algeria beat Eguavoen twice, abi na that your oyinbo boss who still dey find work after his dismissal. Abeg park well, are this not the products of that oranguntan Rorh. All this 2nd hand players need to vacate this team

  • On evidence of what we have seen this year, the Super Eagles should go back to being the Green Eagles whilst the Super Falcons should be renamed the Leafy Falcons…

    There is nothing Super about these teams at the moment.

    • The truth is that these bunch of players cannot give Nigeria anything. They are not just good enough. They are at most, average or below average players. The worst of them is Moses Simon.
      It’s so sad that Osimhen came during these generation of players.

    • pompei 2 weeks ago

      Na original GREEN EAGLES dem be, loooooool!

  • Steve O 2 weeks ago

    Super Eagles is finished!!… playing nonsense!!

  • Tunsak 2 weeks ago

    This is so atrocious. I am pained watching Eagles these days no bite at all. They don’t string passes together, our central defence especially Troost Ekong is so uncomfortable receiving passes or keeping possession he just balloon the balls to throwing or give possession to the opposition. I wonder if it is the best decision to sack Gernhort Rohr. We have been so poor since he was dismissed.

  • Tristan 2 weeks ago

    Nigeria is playing terribly. They attack from the left and they can’t be bothered to look up and switch play to Lookman on the right. Simon, Bassey and Iwobi do not seem to be able to switch the play from left to right. I’m not sure whom Aribo is playing for, himself or the team.

  • Footballfanatic 2 weeks ago

    Going forward, I think a good coach should start looking for possible replacements for the likes of Moses Simon, Aribo, Ekong….If these players don’t start sitting on the bench they won’t wake up. Simon apart from his group games at the cup of nations has been pure rubbish

  • Proudly 9ja 2 weeks ago

    Simom need to remember se no be him height kind of cross we need ooo lol

    • Sydney Igbokwe 2 weeks ago

      The team B played better they should have been allowed to play this match

  • GEORGE OMOKO 2 weeks ago

    Nigeria has corner kick, only 2-3 Nigerians inside Portuguese 18, about 8 Pourtuguese players, yet, corner kick comes to nothing. I told you guys that the home B Team that played against Costa Rica played better although they lost. Is this a coaching problem?

  • I still dnt know what bassey is playing 

  • GEORGE OMOKO 2 weeks ago

    I honestly don’t know if Moffi has really participated in this match. No build-up by Nigeria. This is becoming sad to watch. Almost a 3rd goal for Portugal

  • Ololo 2 weeks ago

    We must understand that Portugal is far ahead of us football wise, but there are important lessons to be learnt.. this formation of 4-4-2 is not working and why pesiro still prefers to use it is what I don’t understand.. we need Etebo In that midfield and it is sad that oshimen is Missing in this game, nobody is bellying the Portuguese defense.. Just passing the ball at us with ease.. that no2 is a good player bright and should be allowed to remain in the team in the future..

  • Chima E Samuels 2 weeks ago

    This is nothing about the players. There’s a major problem with Nigeria as a country, it’s coach, the press, NFF president and Nigeria President. This players play well at clubsides but when they come to national team the coaches they encounter are trash. See defensive play and Zero football philosophy. This is disgusting to watch this is not Nigeria. Football sucks football suckssssss.

  • Tristan 2 weeks ago

    Half-time, please take Ekong off he plays as if his boots are made of cement, Put Etebo on take Aribo off. If the midfielders playing cannot switch play from the left then we’re totally predictable.

    • GEORGE OMOKO 2 weeks ago

      Exactly. This is a friendly game and the players on th ebench should be given th eopportunity to play and show what they can do. What good is taking 20 players and the same tired players continue to play. No. 2 is trying.

  • I cant watch this nonsense anymore.

    • MONKEY POST 2 weeks ago

      FOOL you must WATCH oo…


      No no..HE must go…(

      Oya na…

      • Papafem 2 weeks ago

        What exactly are you even saying? If hiu don’t know what to drop, why can’t you keep quiet. Must you talk ni?

  • Is lookman here? Where is aribo,ndidi,moffi?na wao.

  • I am disappointed, do we even have professional footballers in Nigeria? The game has been an eyesore! No build-up play, marking is zero, no forward drive, zero football sense approaching the final third… These guys look like saboteurs honestly…

  • I’m only seeing Osayi-Samuel and a bit of Iwobi, and Lookman. Where’s Moffi? And Aribo should request to be substituted (if the coach can’t see it).

  • BigCole 2 weeks ago

    This is scandalous, I don’t think this Peseiro understand Nigeria traditional patern of football and at the look of things I don’t think he is updated as well, we defeat Argentina in friendly and hold Brazil to 1 all draw playing like this again Portugal, this is shameful. Some players on that field are done I the colors of super eagles I swear

  • Glory 2 weeks ago

    How bad have these guys played that we have already started condemning them? Nigerians haba. We are playing Portugal for crying out loud. Not making any excuse but this is a new coach building his own team. Our lack of patience with coaches n players is why we may never ever see our national teams ala SE get to the very much desired height.

  • Ololo 2 weeks ago

    I remember when we had Mikel obi, he won’t allow you just pass him like a toy, he must try to do something on the pitch.. we really don’t have star players anymore.. I’m watching the players warming up and I’m seeing duru of rivers .. so disappointing

  • Who interview this coach and appoint him thiugh? Na only São Tomé we fit beat. Shame shame and shame.

  • marvelous sunday 2 weeks ago

    Ndi Sack Rohr Sack Rohr Sack Rohr. You bunch of fools and sycophants, you can now see what you have cost the super eagles. You supporters of segun Odegbami, Sunday Dare, Pinnick and Equavon against Rohr. You can now see that Rohr though not perfect was one of the best thing that happened to our super eagles. Now look at the team Rohr left behind, they are now a shadow of themselves to a point that Osimhem is not even interested in the team. Am very sure Osimhem would have honoured this friendly if Rohr was in charge because is a friendly against a high profile national team.

    Our ranking in FIFA may even go down to where Rohr pick us from and started polishing. The likes of #monkeypost #Dr.Dre etc warn you guys but yet sentiments and wickedness covered the eyes of you fans.

  • They said they played fluid and purposeful football against Algeria barring poor officiating. Abeg what do we call this performance so far. They the former coach is not playing good football but only winning matches. We all watch matches against Argentina,Brazil,Ukraine even if we lost or draw aren’t it better than this eyesore where plPortigal are just using using for training. Nigeria can’t even old ball and string passes for 1 minute. Another wonder by the coach he substituted Lukman instead of that rubbish Simon that has been killing off Nigeria little possession. Anyway, this is what you get when hatred beclouded sense of judgement. I hope second half is better.

  • pompei 2 weeks ago

    Keeping it real, we were up against it today. WE’RE PLAYING A WORLD CUP FAVORITE, ON THEIR HOME TURF. It was always going to be a big challenge. So for now, I don’t think water has passed garri yet. Peseiro is obviously still learning, tinkering with the players he’s got. Hopefully, with time and plenty of hard work, he can make this team formidable. But with NFF ONIGBESE and the Sports Ministry dilly dallying when it comes to payment of the coach’s wages, do we even have the right to expect any good result?
    Our problem is woeful administration. With better administrators, we wouldl be preparing to participate in the world cup, not serving as training materials for world cup bound teams.
    Until we fix that and put round pegs in round holes, we will continue to under achieve.

  • respect is reciprocal 2 weeks ago

    We are not condemning them  but the manner they play even if we are playing against Brazil or Argentina we need our players to be committed , mobile and tenacious, not this kind of performance . It is as if our players came to watch and not to play. 
    The way forward for us is to always blend home based players with foreign players. I see o
    home players as fearless and always ready to take risk , they also mark very well and are very difficult to play against unlike this bread and butter players that can not put their lives on the line 

  • GEORGE OMOKO 2 weeks ago

    The second half is a lot better than the first half from Nigeria

  • MONKEY POST 2 weeks ago

    EGUAVEON ASS LICKERS, you guys need to be THANKFUL that CR7 did not PLAY…

    Otherwise, this are the type of MATCH HE can easily get “HAT-TRICKS” from even at HIS AGE….

    • Marvelous Sunday 2 weeks ago

      We warned them against sacking Rohr but they never listened. I wonder why Ronaldo did not come and score hat trick.

      During Rohr we played high profile friendlies and it was not as bad as this. You will watch football and enjoy it. I still remember that friendly against Brazil and Ukraine.

      But here we are, SE cannot beat a team preparing for WC, a team that is not even serious with the match so that they will not get injured. That means if Portugal was more serious there would have been a national mourning and disgrace. For their reminder, Ghana defeated Switzerland and am sure eagles would have lost.

      • MONKEY POST 2 weeks ago


        My BROTHER MARVELOUS WE WARNED them o but they all called us ENEMIES of NIGERIA

  • Golden Child 2 weeks ago

    It is a real eye sore! Why play Ndidi who has not been fit and has not been playing. Moffi is not good enough, I still do not know why Simon keeps playing.

    We do not have a team period. The country can’t seem to get anything right.

  • Won’t this fool call pasero remove moffi for onuachu now? And aribo for etebo?

  • Ayphillydegreat 2 weeks ago

    It’s high time we accept that our players are average at best. We purposely unsettled this team the moment we sacked Rohr- a coach who knew how to grind results, because clowns felt we weren’t playing ‘beautiful’ football. It’s even better that we didn’t qualify for the WorldCup. We have no business in the WorldCup with these set of players. We should just focus on our youth teams and hope for a better future. We stand no chance against this Portuguese team anyway, but the level of our play is mind boggling. 

    • kenneth 2 weeks ago

      Please who are the clowns? Are this not some of the same players that played against argentina, brazil, ukraine etc. It’s not even up to 3 to 4 years ago that they played, aribo scored against brazil he was called the new messiah, what did he do today, shit,abi did they all get pregnant all of a sudden. Abeg make we hear word, yets its good we didn’t go, it is time for the coach to unearth is own players. Let all this rorh garbage go with him

      • Ayphillydegreat 2 weeks ago

        Lmao!! The clowns know themselves. After all I haven’t mentioned anybody’s name. Anybody wey he pain na their palace be that. Lmao!! Yes Rohr’s garbage will go with him, but under which coach did we draw against Brazil?? You said 3 4 years ago so you know we get the results then Abi?? Lmao!! Anyway of course we’ve moved on, but the fact remains under Rohr we got the results even if the football was not “beautiful” that’s why we’re where we are today. Bundled out of both AFCON and WorldCup. Enjoy watching other African teams doing their things in Qatar.

  • Proudly 9ja 2 weeks ago

    Aribo has no bizness in dis team. Same as Ekong. We should get Ejaria as a replacement for Aribo sharply. Even Nwakali will add more to Super Eagles than Aribo in my view. Ekong is always giving d ball away cheaply and very prone to errors. See when he tried to dribble joao felix and by so doing dribbled himself and almost fell down. It was d referee dat saved him. Play akpoguma and bassey ad CB and bring that boavista boy to play LB.

  • Moses still remain our best on the field though, Paulo in 2minutes have more touch than moffi in 58minutes

  • GEORGE OMOKO 2 weeks ago

    Good showing this second half. If you play well and lose, the pain is lessened

  • Watching this match is pure waste of time

  • Marvelous Sunday 2 weeks ago

    Sack Rohr Sack Rohr Sack Rohr Sack Rohr Sack Rohr Sack Rohr Sack Rohr


  • I hope you can all see all you Chukwueze haters. He have change this game. I always know that he and Osimhen are best pals of the pitch of play and on it they are insinque if Osimhen was here this game can be drawn with his and Chuks. Understanding

    • Felix 2 weeks ago

      He will still be the same headless chicken that we know, had to clear chnaces to pass the ball and what did he do with it, thrash and thats who you call a game changer

  • But Ekong should be dropped after this game when Ndah is fit

  • pompei 2 weeks ago

    Omo, Portugal dey play ball, abeg. See confidence, poise, panache.
    Dem pass us, for now. We have to work hard to reach their level.

  • Aina aina aina, be careful Samuel is here to stay. What a warrior

  • pompei 2 weeks ago

    That’s a penalty. Ref, come on!

  • GEORGE OMOKO 2 weeks ago

    Dennis always rush to take penalty. Look at him now

  • Like I knew this boy will loose it, I’m shouting for ekong to take the penalty.

  • Ndi sack sack rohr sack rohr. Yes Rohr is sacked and will remain so. For me If Nigeria loose to a storng Portugal 2-1 at thier backyard with our star man out and some player not 100 fit is not a nad result.

    • Golden Child 2 weeks ago

      J.Mario: hold my cup.

    • Marvelous Sunday 2 weeks ago

      But you are losing 4–0.

      When last did this happen?

      Go check all the high profile friendlies with Rohr and you will be forced to eat your vomit

  • Footballfanatic 2 weeks ago

    When we say Dennis has disciplinary problems….
    People attack us lol

  • respect is reciprocal 2 weeks ago

    Useless set of Players control by headless NFF

  • Dr Banks 2 weeks ago

    Dennis is really not needed in this team, the guy is way too stubborn and an idiot. Onuachu wanted to play the penalty but Dennis refused, Captain talked to him but he stood his ground only to fumble the spot kick…..SHIO


  • AJIBOLA O KOLAWOLE 2 weeks ago

    Dennis should never be invited to this team again…..Dude is just a bad character and will cause disarray

  • Like the penalty miss kill the game totally

  • Proud Dennis looses from the spot, what a way to seal his fate in a Nigerian shirt!

    • Golden Child 2 weeks ago

      Akpoguma gave a much better performance in the 2nd half. Dennis should not be invited to the national team again. Why is Ekong starting ?

  • Wow just wow hahahahahahah looĺllll looooll lool loool loool lool. Ghana i will leave this CSN for you people from hence forth. Nigeria football is finished i am actually almost in tears. This is paunful. I am heart broken .

    • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

      Hahahaa …..

      Pls don’t leave UG0 plssssssss plsssss 

  • This team is nonsense. Not super eagles standard at all. We have just been struggling since all 94 class retired though. No flashes or any creativity. Just playing nonsense.

  • GEORGE OMOKO 2 weeks ago

    Dennis plays like other players should do all the work for him. At Afcon, he was playing like he played regularly for Barcelona or Bayern Munich. At Forest, he hardly pulls his weight and he quickly rushed to take penalty. Does it mean the coach does not have a designated penalty taker? This error must be avoided in the future.

  • chuks haifa 2 weeks ago

    Imagine Dennis. The coach should warn him.

  • I have no business commenting on Nigerian ball again.


    • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

      Oh why have u turned against UR OWN KIND? Lol


    • Mr. Nice 2 weeks ago

      It’s like you’re not okay Ugo Iwunze, would Osimhen had prevented the 4 goals from entering the net or would he have dribbled all the Portuguese players to score all the goals, when we tell you you know nothing about football you will be angry, what has Osimhen absent got to do with our lose today?

      • Osimhen na 2 in one baller he can defend attack and rally the team if you watch Osimhen play for Napoli he is always coordinating the high press from the front.

      • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

        Don’t mind that bingo with rotten teeth.

        As if Osimhen wasn’t there when we were bundled out of the World cup by ghana. Nonsense

  • pompei 2 weeks ago

    From a possible 2-1 scoreline, to 4 nil.
    All in a matter of a few minutes.
    Lot’s of work for coach Pese to do. Mental fortitude of this team needs to be worked on.

    • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

      The SUPERCOMPUTER didn’t predicted this one ahhaaa lol 

      The BANKU stars wldve done better haha

      • Papafem 2 weeks ago

        Your own wotowoto is waiting Qatar. Just a few days more.

      • pompei 2 weeks ago

        Self cooked banku, today is your day. Laugh to your heart’s content.

        • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

          Truly I wanted Nigeria to BREAK LEGS for us to carry the AFRICA agenda for ghana but NIGERIAN players are TOO CUTE and MODELING in their jerseys instead of tackling them physically lol

          Moses Simon was good! 

    • Nigerian super eagle keep deteriorating in performance since Rohr left.What has been the impact of this coach since he started working with us.Dennis,Ekong and even Etebo has no business in this team.
      Technical input too is poor

  • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

    Hahahaa ….. lol 

    • My brother Selfie, the floor is yours….

      • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

        Bro I truly wanted Nigeria to take this match very serious so that they could break some LEGS for us but amazingly, ur players were there to LOOKED CUTE AND MODELED in the New Jersey!

        NIGERIAN players of old were PHYSICAL AND ROUGH but these new ones are too SOFT!!

        Nigeria should go back to their PHYSICAL GAME! When Nigeria was physical, a lot of African teams were  scared to play them alas TARIBO WEST style 

        Nigeria has become too SOFTIE ….. Nigeria has no midfield as the midfield wasn’t there in the first half 

        My [email protected] deo 

  • Footballfanatic 2 weeks ago

    Peseiro’s starting line was faulty as fuck…..Second half performance was way better only for Dennis to ruin everything.

  • GEORGE OMOKO 2 weeks ago

    By and large, this second half is a lot better than the first. Yes, we are down 4-0 but if the kind of effort shown in the second-half was shown in the first, the match will be better from a Nigerian perspective. I think they should stop inviting Dennis for now.

  • marvelous sunday 2 weeks ago

    This is a national disgraced sponsored by Sunday Dare, segun Odegbami, Pinnick, Equavon and all sycophant fans of super eagles who supported the sacking of General Rohr.

  • Vince 2 weeks ago

    It is clearer now why we did not qualify for Qatar. Operation Bring Back Our Coach – ROHR

    • No way we should do better when peter obi is in charge of Naija and corruption illiviated then we may see money to pay for a world class coach.. also dont forget peseiro is portuguese so maybe he did his country men a favour because i can not see why chuks did not start this game

    • OmoEsan 2 weeks ago

      All the ‘Let us fail with oue own’ crooners, hope say the failure don dey belle full una?
      Just asking ni ooo.
      If the failure never do una, there’s more in stock.

  • Dr Banks 2 weeks ago

    See as Finidi dey beg Pepe to give jersey to Simon lol….

  • Tristan 2 weeks ago

    Really these guys have shamed us! We can no longer meet Ghanaians on the street without crossing the road to avoid them. I have seen Nigeria beaten by the likes of Argentina, Italy, but not like this. I can’t even look at the news anymore bcos of that scoreline.

    • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

      Pls we begged don’t cross because u are our WIVES and when our wifey is down, we have to be there for her haha

      • Self-made its no time to rub salt in the wound dont forget you will meet this same team on Thursday.

        • Selfmade KING 2 weeks ago

          Don’t worry UGO, ur BIG AFRICAN BROTHERS, Ghana ll revenge ur loss for u lol 

  • Rohr is good to come back IMHO!

  • Footballfanatic 2 weeks ago


    don’t have a business starting anymore

    Dennis needs to be out of the team completely…..Bad vibes

    • I tell you, bad vibes. Who made him the SE penalty taker? From a potential 2-1, Dennis demoralised the team and it was 4-0 in a blink of an eye lid.

    • Golden Child 2 weeks ago

      I will keep Lookman.

      • Footballfanatic 2 weeks ago

        Lookman can still be spared as he was starved but those other 4 were horribly unimpressive

  • Proudly 9ja 2 weeks ago

    But in truth dis Dennis is a stupid boy ooo. Penalty wen no bi u create, u just carry ball as if na ur papa buy am knowing fully well dat u just came in and dont even know the feel of the ball yet. Dis kain tin dey make coaches stop inviting players like him.SE just let portugal embarass us. What arrant nonsense. If we had scored dat penalty the match would’ve have been more interesting. Moving forward Ademola lookman should be crossing all our corner kicks not simon. Lookman is a way better setpiece taker while simon is a hit or miss kind of player. Simon shouldn’t be starting games for 9ja i swear. He is below average. Portugal don expose dis team big time. How can u have yusuf and take etebo or even onyeka is beyond me i swear. I can’t compeehen dis team honestly. Aribo has no bizness in dis team honestly. Same goes for Ekong. So sad what just happened even tho it was a friendly game. I hope the coach has seen some of dis players now and hopefully d last.

    • Golden Child 2 weeks ago

      Onyeka was one of our better players today and Etebo was decent when he came on. I believe your frustrations should be meted to Ekong, Dennis, Moffi, Aribo, Bassey and Ndidi. They were awful!

  • FRANCIS 2 weeks ago

    Now I see why rorh disliked Dennis so much. The guy is just full of himself. An arrogant prick. The coach was even wrong on making him to take the penalty. He is not a team player

    • Dr Banks 2 weeks ago

      The guy forcefully grab the ball and headed for the penalty spot, Onuachu tried to take it from him but my stupid guy just held t it firmly. Even Ekong still tried talking to him but he stood his ground. So @Francis no be coach allow him but he stubbornly grabbed the ball. Dennis is really a bad vibe in this team I swear, that why my coach ROHR never like him but you guys thought ROHR was being mischievous……………..una eyes don clear now

      • FRANCIS 2 weeks ago

        Abeg to differ dr banks, go back and look at the clips again, it got to a point the coach was pointing to who should take the penalty. Honestly i knew he was going to lose it, never doubted my guts

        • Dr Banks 2 weeks ago

          @Francis, can you read the link below………………….that’s exactly what I wrote above yesterday which “you begged to differ”. Sometimes you guys always watch but analyse situation very wrongly

  • Footballfanatic 2 weeks ago

    Say whatever you want but the second half was way better than the first half…..2 goals in each half with the the 2 goals in the second half attributed to the demoralizing loss of the penalty..

  • Vince 2 weeks ago

    Please NFF bring back ROHR since you are still paying him
    4-2-3-1, 3-5-2 or even 4-3-3 but never archaic 4-4-2 formation

    • No way we need a better coach than Rohr.

    • Nigeria SE needs a completely new personnel in the midfield- both Defensive and attacking midfielders. Ndidi, Aribo are now a shadow of themselves and Onyeka and Etebo are below average. Their is no protection of Defenders and no link up play to the forwards. Moffi was redundant because there were no supplies.

      The team lack appetite, determination and commitment, not even the pride of wearing the SE jersey.

      You will see how Ghana will handle these Portugal team next week and they will look ordinary.

  • GEORGE OMOKO 2 weeks ago

    First half possession for Nigeria was 33%, second half was 43% and you can see the difference. It is not time to blame coach now because the second half showed that he read the game and made the necessary changes. I am also happy that more players played. That is what a friendly serves. It is not about Rohr now, we have moved on. I would have loved for Rohr to remain but he was also giving us heart attack in his final games. He was not given the opportunity to succeed or fail in the targets set for him. But, nobody make progress by looking bacl always. Onwards now for the Nigerian team. Better preparation, better tactics, better deadball skills and training and the future is bright again for us. I love you all for your comments and that is what makes us fans. I now go back to my lawyer work in California.

  • pompei 2 weeks ago

    I can’t remember the last time Nigeria lost a match by this kind of margin at senior level.
    This scoreline may favor Ghana in a way. Having brushed Nigeria aside so easily, Portugal might make the mistake of thinking Ghana will be the same. Ghana play differently, and are more savvy defensively than Nigeria. They will pack their defense and midfield, and play cautiously, unlike Nigeria. Playing 4-42 against Portugal on their home turf, I don’t know whether to call that brave or naive.
    It would be unfair to Pese to start questioning his fitness for the job because of the outcome of this game.
    But his tactics today left a lot to be desired.
    The failure to qualify for the world cup is beginning to look like a reprieve. Perhaps we should send a thank you card to OUR OWN???
    We for hear weeeeeen for Qatar. Emergency room something.
    Let’s get back to the drawing board. We have a lot of work to do.

    • OmoEsan 2 weeks ago

      @Pompey, I am laughing out loud at “sending a thank you card to our own”

      • pompei 2 weeks ago

        My brother, laugh jare. We must not allow our administrators to ruin our weekend.

    • Vince 2 weeks ago

      We cannot be going back to the drawing board all the time. A time will come when we will present our drawings to the client, and the board will be removed if we fail to present an acceptable drawing

      The only player that played like an eagle today was Samuel, I mean the other Samuel that was new, Perhaps, Bassey

  • OmoEsan 2 weeks ago

    All the ‘Let us fail with our own’ crooners, hope say the failure don dey belle full una?
    Just asking ni ooo.
    If the failure never do una, there’s more in stock.

    • chuks 2 weeks ago

      And how many games did we fail with our own mr attention seeker. Lat time i checked he only lost one game (Tunisia) and how many has this one lost so far. Abi the one that had 5 years to assemble a great team, but yet kept tinkering with the team, how far did he take us.

  • Olujjj 2 weeks ago

    Anyway I remember agentina 1 vs Nigeria 4 .. in Russia then .
    Tonight sweet or Pepsi

  • Nigerian super eagle keep deteriorating in performance since Rohr left.What has been the impact of this coach since he started working with us.Dennis,Ekong and even Etebo has no business in this team.
    Technical input too is poor

    • Is it Rohr that plays the ball? High time you guys stop hyping Rohr as if he was a messiah.The rot started with him.
      These players are ordinary and below average. The signs were there in the later part of Rohr’s managerial period- boring and lack of commitment.

      Even the group qualification matches were just luck and the fact that we played weaker teams like CAR ( even CAR beat us in our own backyard, here in Lagos under Rohr), Cape Verde and Lesotho. Had we played in groups like Cameroon had Ivory Coast we wouldn’t have qualified for the Playoffs.

      Our players are weak and lack determination- You see Ghana Black Stars ready to put their life on the line with grit and determination on the pitch, but SE players play like nothing is at stake. That was what cost us qualufication. The Ghana team as at the playoff were not better than the SE team. They were just more determined and committed to the prize.

      • onwajunior 2 weeks ago

        Have u forgotten we had Zambia (the then previous Afcon Champs), Cameroon (the then current Afcon champ) and Algeria (the then top team in Africa) in the same group? He came and took us from not qualifying for Afcon back to back to qualifying for WC with game to spare. The guy is good. NFF tried to mess him up. Other teams play matches at venues that favour their teams, but NFF moved our matches from Uyo to random stadiums, hence the reason he won away matches and struggled at home. They eventually cooked up something and forced him out. We are all reaping from that decision today

  • Fetch 2 weeks ago

    Hahahahahaha… They were arguing about who said he wanted Pepe’s jersey first. I can’t stop laughing, the Portuguese did not want to press in the second half, but after the Nigerian penalty miss, they decided to bang in more

  • Oga ROHR you’ll forever be in our hearts.

    In your five years of coaching the then SUPER EAGLES, no team has ever beaten and outclassed your team with this kind shambolic scoreline.

    No team has ever beaten you by four (4) unreplied goals.

    Finally; God Almighty will forever bless all Ghanaian players for saving us and entire Africa from the shame and harassments we would have received during the 2022 WC in Qatar.

    A puzzle for all….


  • Monte 2 weeks ago

    I fear for dis coach. Your salary is already in arrears and you dey play basaa like dis

    • Lol he no want collect am ni. The salary wet den no wan pay before

  • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

    Any coach can win the AFCON with these boys in 2 weeks…..Lmmmaooo

    One year later, the team is loosing 4-0 to Portugal with 1 shot on target in 90 mins.

    This is the disaster we got disgraced at afcon, got disgraced in the WCQ, lost $20m and still paying Rorh $45000 every month to avert……Lmmmaooo.

    It shall never be well with those who got us here. Those who have made us a laughing stock and training materials for WC bound teams. They shall labour for peanuts all their lives. They shall toil with sweat and blood and keep getting rewarded with failure for the rest of their lives.

    Oya make dem come begin dey convulse under my thread as usual.

    • Chidi 2 weeks ago

      Guy just shut up dia. Always repeating the same bs those curses you are laying on people just because of football coming straight back at you. You are not a better fan than others here. I was a Rohr supporter, but it seems you are an egotistical lunatic

      • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

        Hahahahaha….Useless mad dog….reveal yourself.

        Shame nor gree dem use their real ID anymore o…..LMAOooo

        If you like tell fools like you lies about being a Rohr supporter till thy kingdom come…we know you you shameless pathetic liar….May it never be well with you like I’ve said above.

    • MONKEY POST 2 weeks ago


      DR DREY no na it was because VICTOR OSIHMEN did not PLAY, that was why WE LOST…


      That will be the EXCUSE of the EGUAVEORIANS…

      Just WATCH….


      • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

        Hahahaha…..this is the team that didn’t gel properly when eguavoen took over….Lmmmaooo

        One year later we are losing 4-0 to Portugal with only one shot on target in 90 minutes

        Bloody lunatics.

    • pompei 2 weeks ago

      Hahahaha, this is too funny!

    • Oakfield 2 weeks ago

      Yeah @drey. Straight on point. I could hardly watch the eagles bcs their play was just so irritating. We have fallen below average standards and it’s such a very , very biiig shame! I can see nemesis haunting the team bcs of what they did to an innocent man. I hope odegbami, dare, pinick, jimmy ball, omo9ja, iwunze, stan et al are all enjoying what is happening to tge team. The disaster they tried to avert is already here with us in fuuuull measure. It shall not be well with the aforementioned. I knew it was gonna be like this when they were about pressing the self destruct button. I said several times that we should make the most of the manageable situation under rohr that very soon, we won’t be sailing smoothly anymore. It is already happening. I really don’t think I’ll waste my time watching this team again until further notice. Rohr, won his first international friendly against a full Strength Argentine team, to the dismay of messi and maradona. We played shoulder to shoulder against Brazil and Ukraine respectively, putting us back on the map of football Greats but what do we have now? Irritating medicore and shameful performance from the team whenever they play. They have lost 95 percent of their friendlies since rohr left. It is so disappointing. I think, the nff and the sports ministry needs to mend fences with rohr, probably calling him back to finish the work he started bcs i feel there is a curse following this team.

      • Is it Rohr that plays the ball? High time you guys stop hyping Rohr as if he was a messiah.The rot started with him.
        These players are ordinary and below average. The signs were there in the later part of Rohr’s managerial period- boring and lack of commitment.

        Even the group qualification matches were just luck and the fact that we played weaker teams like CAR ( even CAR beat us in our own backyard, here in Lagos under Rohr), Cape Verde and Lesotho. Had we played in groups like Cameroon had Ivory Coast we wouldn’t have qualified for the Playoffs.

        Our players are weak and lack determination- You see Ghana Black Stars ready to put their life on the line with grit and determination on the pitch, but SE players play like nothing is at stake. That was what cost us qualufication. The Ghana team as at the playoff were not better than the SE team. They were just more determined and committed to the prize.

        • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

          Hahahaha Is it Rohr that plays the ball….?

          Yes it is Rohr that played the ball vs CAR…..infact he was the one that missed the open goal Awoniyi missed.

          It was also Rohr that played the ball vs Capeverde when we couldnt bury 6 clean cut chances to wín the game. He was the one that played a ball and couldnt defend the corner CPV scored from properly.

          A stupid question always deserves a stupid answer.

          It is now they remember it isn’t the coach that plays the ball. Any small thing CAR and Capeverde, as if those 2 were the only matches we played in the qualifiers or as if those were the only matches we ever played.

          It is now they remember our players are weak….LMAOoo…..or are these not the same players you called world class and the best in afrcia and should win afcon 1 year ago

          From Any coach can win AFCON in 2 weeks with these players….from this is the greatest assemblage of talent in Nigeria, it has become these players are weak…..!!!LMAOoo

          Your suffering has just started….LMAOoo

          Karma indeed is a silly bitch.

  • Ololo 2 weeks ago

    As I predicted before the match aribo will not perform well playing behind the striker.. what a poor performance. But two players have shown they deserve to start future games.. chukeuesze and bright.. pesiro should stop this his 4-4-2 it is not working at all! Our defense was also poor but I don’t think Ekong deserve all the criticism he is getting he did his Best .. many people didn’t notice hoe poor ndidi was today, onyenka played better when he came on.. ndidi looked abit heavy today.. normal ndidi will not let Portugal run past him so easily.. we need to bring in new players ESp in the midfield.. we must try to convince ebere eze and olise we must lower our pride and try to convince These guys, they are the missing link in our team

  • Papafem 2 weeks ago

    If the coach wants to be honest with himself, he should know that the team lacks intensity. When we attack, we slow down In the final third, allowing the opposing defense to regroup and smother our attack. It happened a lot of times in this match. And it’s a shame!
    When Chukweze came in, with his pace, skill, intensity, and persistence, our going forward began to make sense. Until the coaches fixes the problem of transition in that team by reworking the midfield and making our strike force sharp and confident, we will continue to struggle. 4:0… hmmm this is a new dimension. Not even against Brazil did we lose 4:0. It is well

  • MONKEY POST 2 weeks ago


  • Ikeben 2 weeks ago

    When Rohr, dropped Dennis, you guys called him names. You sacked him to avoid disaster. Now we are have seen the real disaster. We overrated our players and were full of pride. But Rohr told us the truth we refused to hear claiming out players were world class. He meticulously grinded out results from his boys but we were too proud to take note his efforts. Now we can see where we are. Life is full of lessons. No wonder the Bible says “Pride goes before s fall”.
    Our Nation both fans and administrators are too proud and they sacked a humble achieving coach claiming they are too good. Now we going back the bottom before Rohr era. It is a pity but a lesson for all to learn.

  • Honestly, I think there are still positives from this match.

    1. Iwobi should play in front of the centre backs going forward to initiate attacks from the back while Etebo and Onyeka play in front of him. This will strengthen our midfield and make us move ball forward quickly from the back.

    2. Chukwueze gives us better creativity but should avoid romancing the touchline like he does sometimes.

    3. We should consider who give us more creativity/best btw Ademola/Moses in the left forward position. I think I will prefer Ademola.

    4. Onuachu appears to be next after Osimen. I think he appears more potent than Morfi.

    5. Aribo should not be a starter.

  • Victor Akwuba 2 weeks ago

    Let me be honest here! If Ghana plays this same Portuguese team, they would not be humiliated like this. Mark my words!

  • First of all, in his first match, Rohr broke a record in reverse, losing 2-0 to South Africa at home. Thereafter, he adjusted his tactics and gave the team wings before then going on a slow decline in his last days as coach.

    The good thing is I’m sure Paseiro knows some players should be giving a long break to rediscover themselves again.

    Uzoho (Made no significant save)
    Moffi (Still teething and can be lost in a team)

    That said, Portugal is a top, too team. Almost perfect. In fact, I don’t think any team outside of maybe France can beat them They’re definitely a candidate for the World Cup trophy.

    • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

      Rohr didn’t lose his first match.
      He defeated Tanzania, Zambia, Algeria, Togo and drew senegal before the loss against South Africa.

  • Marvelous Sunday 2 weeks ago

    Sack Rohr Sack Rohr Sack Rohr Sack Rohr Sack Rohr Sack Rohr Sack Rohr

    Any coach can win Nations cup with this set of players under two weeks.

    That was the statement of fans such as OMO9JA, Jimmyball, and co. They supported the clueless Sunday Dare, Pinnick, Equavon, and segun Odegbami in sacking Rohr.

    Now super eagles is from top to bottom. During the years of Rohr no team has score super eagles 3 unreplied goals not to talk of 4. What a national disgrace.

    Ghana God will bless you for saving us from international embarrassment and shame.

  • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

    Portugal must be feeling scammed at the moment.

    Sporting Lisbon or FC Porto would have given them a stiffer competition.

    Imagine paying for the flights and accommodation of a whole team, plus giving them appearance fees only for you to just roll over them without leaving gear 1.

    Even Nigerians are feeling robbed of their valuable time watching this disaster.

    We played well in the 2nd half my foot.

    Wow, I can’t believe what my eyes just saw.

    • marvelous sunday 2 weeks ago

      Let us fail with our… A song written by Jimmyball and Released by Omo9ja

    • Chudynak 2 weeks ago

      I am beginning to like this @Dr. Drey because he speaks what he considers the truth whether folks agree or disagree. He is not intimidated by backlashes. This is democracy!

  • Omo9ja 2 weeks ago

    Nigeria football is finished. Oga Paseiro should be fired. The team was playing like a pregnant woman. Dennis is not a Super Eagles material. If am in position, I will never invite Dennis to camp.

    I urge NFF to replace Oga with our local coaches. Amunike and Finidi should continue.

    No seriousness in the team. The team played with no purpose, vision and determination.

    I am not sorry to say this, all these average coaches starting from Oga Rohr and now Paseiro should not come near our national team.

    NFF should start investing locally. 4:0 doesn’t matter if Super Eagles play well but they did not play anything meaningful and the scoreline also a bad one, wotowoto. It is a shame. Nigeria need prayer as a nation. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Footballfanatic 2 weeks ago

      They’ve started again lmaoo

      • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

        Don’t mind them. Awon oluya

        • Kenneth 2 weeks ago

          asinwin na soro, abeg shut your filthy shitty mouth and go back to your cage. Abi are this not the players left behind by Rorh, are this not the players the NFF was wasting money on rorh to be visiting in europe, so please what happened. Did the new coach play them out of position. Please spare us all this noise, we don’t need all this below avarage players again. They will come here throwing names up and down, but yet they get invited and they play shit, the Bright wey una dey clamour for self they gasp for air at some point. Leave our won alone, at least we enjoyed watching the little they offered.

          • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

            Opkonu abirun ọmọ èkejì ajá….Hope you are enjoying the failure your father jimmyball prefered.
            Portugal 4:0 Nigeria

            Yes…same players Rohr was using to match Brazil, Argentina, England etc is same players all your “better coaches” are using to fail woefully now….LMAOoo.

            Ordinary Portugal without ronaldo molesting Nigeria. That is where pigs like you and your daddy have bought us.

            May none of you ever smell success in your lives since You prefered to fail.
            I hope you enjoyed your 4:0 rape.

            Kaa ye yín lae

        • Kenneth 2 weeks ago

          Omo ale jatiti, abeg go back into your shit hole and let us be, it shows the second hand players he was begging are just a fluke. Why did they give up, abi dem dey bribe rorh just to come play who knows. Don’t worry MAMA EDOMAn peanuts go soon don, i go bring am come ur cage myself. Radarada

          • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

            Awon baba to bi baba re ni omo ale. Iwo okponu oloriburuku ọmọ epe yii.

            Between you and I who sounds like an illiterate gutter raised fool who lives in a shot hole?


            Everything you are writing no even get Sense….LMAOoo. Stupid bastard.

            The same players Rohr was using to qualify for Everything and give all the Super powers a hard time on the pitch is what your useless better coaches are using to disgrace us since idiots like you prefered to fail….and shameless Idiot like you still has time to open your rotten teeth here to talk like an imbecile.

            May failure continue to be your portion.

            Your daddy jimmyball whose you used to come here to lick his anus before obviously didn’t teach you shame…otherwise you would have shut your long Pig mouth for good.

            But as you no get sense na….he has to come to tell you to keep your dirt mouth shut and be ashamed of where you have all dragged us to before you realize you need to be ashamed at your stupidity.

            It shall never be well with you and the rest of your cohorts. E ni rona gbé gba láyé yín.

            Useless born by mistake arisokun ọmọ.

            Ka ye o laye.

    • @Omonja with all this fire this fire that you use to say, I hope they will not fire you one day like this so?

    • So you are saying Dennis should not be invited agsin? Now I know you are shameless. This same Dennis you called Rohr several names as if he is a Messi or Ronaldo.

      • Sacking Rohr was to avoid disaster. Where are we now? Disaster unlimited.

    • Dennis 2 weeks ago

      @omo9ja,you are very silly. Isn’t Dennis the same player you crucified rohr for not inviting? You, jimmyball, odegbami all felt that any coach can do way better than rohr. Mr no nonsense came and the total football resulted in us exiting the AFCON early, missing out at the world cup. Now, we’ve gotten another coach and it’s clear that we aren’t heading anywhere. Hide your face in shane

  • MONKEY POST 2 weeks ago

    Wait are WE the 4TH BEST TEAM in AFRICA or 4TH WORST TEAM….

    If 4TH BEST, I will suggest GHANA should PLEASE come take our SPOT..

    • MONKEY POST 2 weeks ago

      Or PROBABLY move ahead of US.

      3RD or something…

      They really tried TONIGHT…

  • My brother @Omo9ja……

    Where I dey?

    Come food don ready….

    Come and explain how we get to this point with all the “AVALANCHE OF STARS” in the team…..


    Next match we should try and invite FENANDO ADI, JUNIOR AJAYI, ONAZI OGENYI, and this guy at SLAVIA PRAGUE….
    These are your messiahs that can salvage this sinking super pigeon…. Oh ; I’m sorry…. Super vultures….

  • Shawn 2 weeks ago

    WOOOw, wasn’t the local players fun to watch last week, compared to this super under-23 that we watched today. Imagine the by products of Rorh already diminishing. What a waste of my time watching some boring kids play today. Honestly i think we halt the call ups of all this foreign born players. Even the so called bright was crap, yes crap, he is not a super eagles material, moses simon abeg hang up your boots, etebo has soon has you enter yellow card, abeg hang up your boots, The 90’s eagles were a joy to watch. our glories days are far gone. this bunch have nothing to offer us. Abeg na who this coach they bribe, his method is nothing to write about, he should just resign peacefully.

  • Footballfanatic 2 weeks ago

    You are liar! Bright never played any minutes in this game. Wow! some of you guys are either blind or just pathological liars or probably didn’t even watch the game.

    • Shawn 2 weeks ago

      Sometimes when they dash some morons data, instead of them to use it positively, they will come here and be typing garbage, please who wore number 2 for us since you said Bright didn’t play this game, Abi your Tv get malaria when displaying the match. So obviously you didn’t watch the game and you come here calling someone a liar. Nonsense

  • Footballfanatic 2 weeks ago

    Bright was one of the stand outs in this game….Sorry I thought you mean Bruno

  • What an elderly man sees while lying on the floor, a young ignorant person can never see it even if he climbs mount everest or he decides to kilmanjaro mountain.

    We Saw this coming, we voiced out and raised alarm but it fell on the ears that has stopped working centuries ago.

    We better swallow our pride, go back and beg ROHR to come and rebuild this sinking building

  • Thank God I did not watch this game, I think psychologically super eagle is down at the moment.Post rohr has never ever been sweet at all.

    We have now seen why rohr prefer to recycle some players like jamilu Colins, sheu, semi. I think this crop players we have now are just too over hype, they are not special than being a normal players.

  • Edoman 2 weeks ago

    It will not end well with ungrateful Nigeria until you bring Oga Rohr back to manage the Nigeria National Team. There are so many subtours in the mix that are enjoying the pains the Nigeria team is experiencing today, even within and without. The Pains, and the agony of defeat is God’s answer to Nigeria’s ingratitude to Oga Rohr who was by all account, a very good man and a man who made every and all the necessary scarifies and extreme dedications for his love of Nigeria football upliftment. You have not seen nothing yet. Your present coach is not a real coach, he is fake and never succeed in anything or any national coach activity he has undertaken in his career. Why would you think or hope he will succeed in managing Nigeria better than Oga Rohr?

  • So Nigeria played many friendlies in 2022 without winning any notable one. Friendlies! What a way to end a year.

    The touch-you-not brand of football our so called foreign based players keep up is traumatic.

    I know our ranking will plummet. And if care is not taken, we will soon become unseeded in tourney draws and get drawn against more serious countries.

    And this squad I watched today is still “young”. Super Eagles are not progressing and no one wants to aim for bigger clubs so trash football is it.

    Etebo at a point didn’t see Uzoho wasn’t in goal for that awkward pass. Are these our best 11?

    Saka and co. may have made the right decision to turn down Nigeria.

  • Golden Child 2 weeks ago

    5 things I learnt in today’s game:

    1. Bright Osayi is here to stay. Finally, we have competition for Aina. I think he could usurp him for the right back position. A liitle tweak on his positional awareness and we may have some player on our hands.

    2. Ekong should not have started. Whilst he was not the worst player on the pitch but his contributions left a lot to be desired.

    3. Based on today’s evidence, Peseiro is proving to be an unworthy mercenary. He got his line up all wrong. Particularly starting Ndidi who has recently returned from injury and hasn’t been getting game time. He really showed poor judgement, Onyeka on the other hand played a bing chunk of brentford’s win against the champions. Personally, I have not been impressed with the coach, our game was disjointed, our front press was non existent, defense was all over the place; it was obvious players did not understand the system. He has his hands full and must be bold to make the tough decisions if he thinks he would win the next afcon.

    4. Anyone who thinks we have a center forward aside Osimhen, needs to think again. Moffi was abysmal and barely touched the ball. He was running around like a headless chicken, he could not press and definitely his hold up play was poor. It is quite evident that our best strikers are Osimhen and Sadiq. That is why I called for the addition of Folarin Balogun, Nigeria should not wait till his career to take off before they engage him. Now is the time to build. Onuachu had a decent game and his hold up play was good but speed is his Achilles heels.

    5. Chukwueze, Iwobi, Onyeka, Onuachu, Osayi, Akpoguma are the only ones who can hold their head up a bit. The rest dropped stinkers. This is probably the worst I have seen us play. Watching paint dry would have been a better use of my time.

    In summary, the signs are worrisome. Our football has been cremated and the ashes scattered into mediocrity. Something needs to be done urgently before Nigeria fades into obscurity.

  • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

    Hahahaha…as if to rub salt to injury…LMAOooo

    FIFA order NFF to pay Rohr in dollars

    In case y’all missed it. Lmmmaooo.

    I’m sure the next correspondence NFF will receive from FIFA will also be to pay Peserio is $75000 per month 6 months owed salaries…..LMAOoo

    Rohr will be siting in his room in some 5 star hotel in Qatar now, siping from his tumbler filled with scotch on ice, receiving his $45000 bank alert for doing nothing and watching the same team he was using to stand toe to toe with the likes of Brazil, Argentina, England, Ukraine, Poland etc losing 4-0 to Portugal with one shot on target the whole game.

  • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

    Hahahaha…as if to rub salt to injury…LMAOooo

    FIFA orders NFF to pay Rohr in dollars


    In case y’all missed it. Lmmmaooo.

    I’m sure the next correspondence NFF will receive from FIFA will also be to pay Peserio is $75000 per month 6 months owed salaries…..LMAOoo

    Rohr will be siting in his room in some 5 star hotel in Qatar now, siping from his tumbler filled with scotch on ice, receiving his $45000 bank alert and watching the same team he was using to stand toe to toe with the likes of Brazil, Argentina, England, Ukraine, Poland etc losing 4-0 to Portugal with one shot on target the whole game.

    • Edoman 2 weeks ago

      Thank you, our Dr Drey as always.

    • Kenneth 2 weeks ago

      Wetin come happen, no be dollar dem dey pay am before his contract was restructured, so ki wa ni big deal. Sometimes it seems the cold weather at the vienna jail is making you to think less. Abi are your peanuts done make i ask mama Edoman to make some readily available. Rubbish content

      • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

        The fact that you cannot even write english that is comprehensible and can convey any bit of sense is the reason why I will not give you the attention you want.

        Sack Rohr Sack Rohr…..one year later Portugal 4:0 Nigeria….LMAOoo…Rohr still receiving 45 thousand cool dollars every month….LMAOoo

        Awon oloriburuku eda gbogbo. Ko ni ye gbogbo yin lokankan….Lmmmaooo

      • Edoman 2 weeks ago

        kenneth, why are you so rude to us? If you disagree with my/our views as expressed, say so. Not by using fowl and abusive language on folks you don’t even know. At least, you could press the buttons below to express your disagreement as you like, rather than resort to using uncivil words. You are better than that, l know. Are you not Kenneth?

        • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

          Leave the bastard son of a bastard father alone. He’s one of those who have failure written all over their destinies who came together to bring us to this level of humiliation we are at now.

          He is just here to fight Dr.Drey…..LMAOoo.

          He cannot find any other Comment out of the over 200 comments on this article to reply to except Dr.Drey’s own.

          It would have even been better if he can write something comprehensible and
          sensible….LMAOoo. But no, you’ll hardly be able to make sense of what his down syndromed brain is telling his finger to type.

          Just leave the dirty long mouthed pig olone, he will find what he’s looking for soon.

        • kenneth 2 weeks ago

          Honestly for you i will apologize only to youbut not to that son of a bitch, that dirty, stinking liar, whose brain is already freezing at that schonbrunn zoo in Vienna. Don’t worry you would soon be fed shit laced peanuts so that you can keep quiet. I don’t know what you have in your cage that am seeking, you this deluded bastard

          • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

            Portugal 4:0 Nigeria….LMAOoo

            Any coach can win afcon with this team……LMAOoo.

            Useless born by mistake.

            Omo epe, omo jarajara.

            Between you and I who is a liar…..lmaooo
            You that claimed you watched a coca cola FA cup preliminary match LIVE ON TV in 1995, when even league matches only came live on Nigerian TVs in mind 2000s.

            Okponu ayirada èkejì ajá.

            Olodo Abirun omo…..he cannot even write comprehensible english properly…..LMAOoo

            Ara oko, omo oju ó rola ri.

            Àwọn oloribuku let us fail with our own….LMAOoo

            May you fail for the rest of your miserable life.

            Omo ibanuje oshi.

            Ka ye o lae

  • kenneth 2 weeks ago

    @ dry the liar, if your brain is frozen, please look for the nearest heater on unfreeze your brain, abeg don’t come here and be mistaken my comments, we know who is a liar between us and till date you have yet to bring out your proofs. Abi no be you say shitty Rorh won a cup in switzerland until you were called out and told he never won anything. Till date where is the proof that franz bercanbaur was a player coach with NY Cosmos till date you haven’t proven shit. Mr know it all if i could recollect said its not the job of the coach to teach a player how to control the ball. Come out and deny all this accusations. you this mentally challenged swine. Retarded Bastard

    • Dr. Drey 2 weeks ago

      Hahahahaha….Uselees bastard….cup finalist in Switzerland became cup winner to you because you and are senseless failure who didnt pass English comprehension at school…..LMAOOoo…that’s why till today you are still the only fool who keeps “calling out” since others who read the same thread can comprehend English better than you. LMAOooo

      I posted a the link to a whole autobiography here about Franzk Beckenbaur’s role at NYC in 1983….empty barrel illiterate like you cannot read it…actually you never read anything in your life. A respected forumite who lived in Germany at that time even corroborated the story. But because you are an imbecile, anything you have stuck in your brain never gets erased……LMAOoo…..till today you are still the only one regurgitating these lies against me out of a thousand and one others on the forum….LMAOoo. Olodo omo, Omo Epe

      Useless fool, so it is the job of the SE coach to teach professional footballers ball control abi…..LMAOooo…didirin omo. It is the job of the national team coach to teach international players ball control…..LMAOooo. National team players are called to camp to learn ball control…..LMAOoo. I guess ball control was what Peserio has been teaching the SE players in camp, maybe that is why they have been getting molested in matches….LMAOOooo. Please tell us how many national team training sessions of any country you ever watched and have seen the coach teaching professional senior national team footballers ball control…..LMAOooo…. Useless imbecile. No wonder you are so daft…..LMAoooo

      Okponu ayirada oshi.

      He watched coca-cola FA cup prelims match live on TV in 1995…..LMAOooo….opuro aye oun orun….LMAOoo. Go and lie to your father. We are waiting for you to tell us which TV station beamed such a match live to you….LMAOooo. See father of lies trying to pin fictitious lie stories on someone else o……LMAOOooo.

      Dont worry, by the time, Im done with you, you will change that your name again like the way you disgracefully changed it from Ade after your lies were busted on this forum….LMAOooo

      O s’ale je ku ni.

  • Collins Id 2 weeks ago

    Since when eguavon wear whyte sleeve and black pens, to analize the story of the back bone and spine, like an anatomist or a physiologist, bone abi na skeleton practitional what ever, our spine has never been able to stand straight, we need a working stick to stand straight.
    Secondly the way our music is going there is no way our football can grow along, imagine totorimi one time, tor, till four times tor tor tor tor, this a wizkid professies for eagles, ghana should be carefull of akuaba dance it can course them bow legs or maybe eguavon should diagnose ghana spiner cord befor they play portugal or maybe plastic spinal surgical arjustment, as for me i support cameroun spine with four by four plywood, they can never fall, with Dr drey helping me with additional spinal rod and deo with a spine piller.
    On a serious note westafrica/central africa was once predicted to rule the world of football even the north africans? Wat is going on Africaaa.

  • 1. My pribelm is not the loss really though it was painful.

    2. My pribelm is we don’t always learn from our mistakes.

    3. Ekong has been awful over the years yet we still make him start. Aribo is a big liability yet he is still starting. Please end ekong and aribo project.end it.

    4. Dennis should have played his last games for Nigeria by my own calculator. He is a bad example.

    5. What is going on with lookman

    6. Ndidi has really gone down.

    7. We used first half to dance. They all lacked character.

    I hope thisnis not a dress rehearsal to Portugal vs Ghana game.

  • Now we know the value of Mikel. When Okocha left the big shoe for another player to wear, Mikel came and we thought he was not good enough. He carried the team to his best that won him one nations cup. The ones we have now are far far clueless. They can’t even find a striker and throw one accurate pass just like Oliseh and even Mikel would do. Its a pity for the team we have now.