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Mauritania Coach Names 16-Year-Old In Provisional AFCON Squad

Mauritania Coach Names 16-Year-Old In Provisional AFCON Squad

Mauritania head coach Didier Gomes da Rosa has released a provisional 30-players squad for the upcoming 2021 Africa Cup of Nations in Cameroon.

AS Douanes young midfielder Beyatt Lekweiry was the squad surprise, as the 16-years-old became the youngest player in Gomes selection.


The teenager has grown accustomed to skipping stages, having been selected for the Mauritania U-20 national team at the age of 15, when he played in the U-20 Arab Cup in Saudi Arabia in 2020.

However, his progress was hampered by a serious injury that did not allow him to take part in the TotalEnergies U-20 AFCON that took place in Mauritania last February – March.
At 16, this is a good promotion for the young midfielder to be included in the provisional squad, that will be reduced to 28 players on December 28.

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Besides Beyatt, Da Rosa gave a debut call to three more players. They are Pape Ibnou Ba, French Le Havre forward, Souleymane Doukara (Giresunspor Kulubu, Turkey) and defender Souleymane Karamako (Nancy, France).

Apart from the new faces, the French coach, who led the Mourabitounes during the FIFA Arab World Cup, recalled the regulars of captain Abdoul Ba and Adama Ba.

Mauritania play in TotalEnergies AFCON 2021 Group F with Mali, Gambia and Tunisia.
This will be their second Africa Cup of Nations finals after that of 2019.

Provisional Squad:

Goalkeepers: Babacar Diop (FC Nouadhibou), Mbacké Ndiaye (Nouakchott Kings), Mohamed El Moktar (AS Douanes)

Defenders: Bakary Ndiaye (AS Rhodes, Greece), Abdoul Ba (Al Ahli, Libya), Diadié Diarra (Goal FC, France), El Hassen Houbeibib (Al Zawaraa, Iraq), Harouna Abou Demba (Unattached), Souleymane Karamoko (Nancy, France), Aly Abeid (Valenciennes, France), Houssen Abderahmane (Royal Francs Borains, Belgium), Abdoulkader Thiam (US Boulogne, France)

Midfielders: Mohamed Dellah Yaly (Unattached), Guessouma Fofana (Cluj, Romania), Ibréhima Coulibaly (Le Mans, France), Yacoub Sidi (AS Vita, DR Congo), Khassa Camara (NorthEast United FC, India), Almike Moussa Ndiaye (Goal FC, France), Mohsen Bodda (FC Nouadhibou), Mahmoud Abdallahi (NK Istra, Croatia), Mohamed Soueid (FC Nouadhibou), Beyatt Lekweiry (AS Douanes)

Forwards: Aboubakar Kamara (Aris Thessaloniki, Greece), Hemeya Tanjy (FC Nouadhibou), Oumar Camara (Beroe Stara Zagora, Bulgaria), Adama Ba (RS Berkane, Morocco), Souleymane Doukara (Giresunspor Kulubu, Turkey), Idrissa Thiam (ASAC Concorde), Souleymane Anne (Royal Excelsior Virton, Belgium), Pape Ibnou Ba (Le Havre, France)

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  • JimmyBall 5 months ago

    Coaches with guts making bold decisions… Meanwhile we once had a certain quack who had no balls to involve real youth (Amoo, Nwakali, Lookman and Ejaria) in his setup for serious football stakeholders to take him serious he is thinking futuristic for Super Eagles… We advised Rohr on Amoo since our friendlies against Cameroon and Mexico… blood the young mustang in and see fireworks… but no! Ancient-of-days held on to callups like nickels and diamonds… When it became obvious the moongod has run out of tricks on his con-game… he finally listed Amoo on his Afcon provisional list and we all know had he remained in-charge, Amoo won’t even have any opportunity near Cross River border not to talk of entering Cameroon… NFF finally caught fire and hell from Aso Rock higher-ups, after the high-blood-pressure inducing electric jolt little Cape Verde visited on Nigerians in Lagos, in the last game and got back their thinking caps to save Buhari from an imminently obvious cardiac arrest… Hahaha! Rohr will be a remembered as the most rigid coach in football history… rigid with tactics, rigid with callups, rigid with substitution and monumentally rigid with lack of adventure in games when faced with a matching or superior opposition… What have true Nigerian football fans not seen in their lives… we surely saw 99 with Rohr… had we continued under his hypnotic spell a while longer 100 would have been crashing out from Qatar 2022 at March 2022 play offs! Thank you God… You truly love Nigerian ball fans… Lol.

    • Nigeria 1_1 Brazil.. Ukraine 2_2 Nigeria… Algeria 1_0 Nigeria.. Tunisia 1_1 Nigeria… Cameroon 1_0 Nigeria… Cameroon 0_0 Nigeria…. Gernot rohr was clueless when it comes to playing big teams with Good tactics… The match against Ukraine Nigeria was supposed to win that match But rohr was confused in the second half and made some wrong substitutions…A coach that has been building a team for 6 yrs yet the team can’t put 2to3 passes together..

    • Marvelous 5 months ago

      What’s your problem with Rohr? Equavon is in charge now so he can go to AFCON with all your preferred players! The chance and time is still there. We need the AFCON trophy and we careless who is playing or not. You can’t measure for Rohr using the yardstick of other coaches. Stop this hatred man, Rohr is not the reason our U17 U20 U23 etc is dead and no where to be found. Rohr is not the reason Nigerian premier league is a laughing stock even within Africa. Rohr is not the reason for our bad football management! You should be bigger than this hatred you display since you claim to be exposed. Imagine we have Equavon and we are few days to AFCON but no list to the public, no plans from the clueless NFF, no talk of friendlies and you are still talking about Rohr. Are you that bitter?

    • Dennis 5 months ago

      How old was okoye when Rohr capped him? How old was uzoho when Rohr took him to the world cup? Who gave osimhen the nod to lead the super eagles.
      Do people even take you serious? Rohr is gone, we’ve finally hired ‘our own’ who is way better than Rohr abi? Rohr finished 3rd in the expanded nations cup of 32 teams. Since you all say eguavoen is better, we will not accept anything apart from the trophy.
      Mr let us fail with our own

      • JimmyBall 5 months ago

        I know this individual claiming a new alias as @Dennis… and he knows I know him. I mentioned basically midfielders because we have problem in the midfield which Rohr could not solve in over five years… What did Rohr do to a younger Osimhen at Afcon 2019? Rohr Was forced to look to Osimhen because the boy carried his form from Charleroi to Lille and his trusted donkey whom he likes to overflog to perform… Ighalo retired! Lol…

        • Dennis 5 months ago

          Correct me if I’m wrong but ighalo was the top goal scorer at the last nations cup even during the qualifiers. Therefore, there was basically no need for osimhen as we were not lacking goals. We accept that Rohr hasn’t done anything for us in 5 years. Infact, we regressed under him. Thank God your wish was granted and your own has been appointed. Let’s see how it goes. Although it sounds like you know the outcome because your first statement when your own as appointed was ‘let us fail with our own’. Party never start you don dey carry chair. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha

        • Chima E Samuels 5 months ago

          Ighalo was top scorers from multiple chances that any player will score from as well. One thing I know personally is that before Ighalo will score 5 goals he will miss 25 clear chances. What sort of player is that. Osihmen will score more than Ighalo’s figure if he was afforded those opportunities so please let us rest from this Ighalo feign talks.

          • MuYiwa 5 months ago

            What was Osimhen’s position in the pecking order of Nigeria’s strikers at that time? In fact, Paul Onuachu was our top 9 at that time. He was playesd ahead of Ighalo and Osimhen based on their form at the time. Rohr brought on the same Ighalo in the second half and he got the only goal. And the rest is history. The same Osimhen played against Ukraine and Brazil, how many goals did he score? PLs lets be reasonable and objective in our analysis of events.

          • Dennis 5 months ago

            Maybe he scored 5 goals out of a 100 chances, but he was the best striker in Africa then, judging by the goals he scored. Presently, osimhen seems more clinical and I’ll tip him to do much more than rashidi yekini. Do we still need ighalo? No. He’s paid his dues but I’ll hate to see people ridicule hiim

      • [email protected] save those your silly questions, #Jimmy is right. The P.E teacher aka Rohr doesn’t have the eye to spot & tactically harness real talents. Osimhen was benched last AFCON by the P.E. and he claimed he was not good enough and was falling down easily….
        Till date the S.E don’t have a reliable no 1 bcos of stupid Alloy & the P.E Belmadi’ errand boy.lmao!

        What Rohr did was to look for the already established and most informed SE players around the world (based on their current stats). After inviting them, gas finished (o boy nah gather and play o, save for the individual brilliance and experience of Mikel Obi, Victor Moses, Iheanacho, and a few others…).

        As for other abundant talents scattered home and abroad looking for the exposure and coaching to hit stardom, the P.E. teacher no see them o, the man fear die… Even for friendly matches.

        Na for naija streets the likes of Kanu, Okocha, Ikpeba, and co from get the opportunity to play higher football… Till date we still have them in many acdemics, and football clubs (amateur n pro) in naija. (Talents abound, we are over 200 million).

        Na Prickmic we blame for rubbing the national team on the floor as he pleases. Nemesis will certainly catch up wit them all. Ye ye dey smell.

        • Dennis 5 months ago

          @nosa are you aware that when osimhen went to the last nations cup, he was with wolfsburg, had played over 11 matches with no goal but Rohr still took him? So we should have dropped ighalo and played osimhen right? Onuachu was our 2nd striker and he was banging in goals for his club prior to the nations cup. These guys were all above osimhen. Our 3rd place match against Tunisia, ighalo scored and was removed in the first half and replaced by osimhen. Please tell me what osimhen did through out the match? Nothing. Yet, we should have benched the top goal scorer to put the one who didn’t offer much in a dead rubber match
          Nosa, try to use that coconut head of yours. Just try please

          Right now, osimhen has grown in leaps and bounds and no one can take that from him. Very soon, you’ll open that your gutter and say we should bench osimhen, who was our top scorer during the qualifiers and replace him with Stephen odey,

          • Oga Dennis no talk wetin you no Sabi, osimhen was playing for Charleroi of Belgium before he was taken to the afcon he was scoring goals for fun for Charleroi.. after the afcon lille signed him and the rest is history…..

          • @Dennis, it is not just about current club stats. What about the class and top quality talent that good coaches like Pep Guardiola, Manu’s, Amunike’s can easily spot just in one training session or match??? They know how to deligate the talents on the pitch, even wit above average players (ask Chelsea’s Tuchel).

            Okay, how well did Rohr utilise Onuachu’s strength and last year’s blistering form???
            Or doesn’t Rohr know that with Onuachu at the front, you need fast and pacy midfielders and wingers who will consistently whip in delicious and ferocious crosses for the aerial general to convert. He is also good at foot volleys. Onuachu is not like Osimhen who can run all the field in split seconds (they are different strikers).

            Instead, Rohr inverted the wingers,who could not cross well wit their weaker foot, hence, were always trying to cut in…

            At a point, most African oppositions studied us and would stretch down to stop those ground sleek passes from the wingers and Iwobi, thereby cutting off the striker who is left running around like a headless chicken. Lolz

            It is high time our midfielders including the DMs started playing intelligent quick crosses from deep and runs into the opponent half….

            What happened to skillful Attacking Midfielders who can take on players to create scoring changes and most times give us free kicks and penalties???

            The new Coach most visit some of these issues and thoroughly re-evaluate/reassess our Goalkeepers.


    • MuYiwa 5 months ago

      And let us see where the guts will lead them to the at the AFCON. When a team has players in Iraq, Croatia and Libya, why wont they invite any player that shows some little quality even if he is 11 years of age? Besides i thot Rohr is no more SE coach!

  • Fred Ebohi 5 months ago

    Besides the 16yrs old young star who is going to gain exposure, I am least impressed with the list. The highest Al-Murabitun of Mauritania have got was the 1-1 home draw against the Eagles Carthage of Tunisia in a WCQ game. This was before their matches at the FIFA Arab submit where they performed woefully, lost all their three matches. In football, anything can happen otherwise I see the Didier Gomes side as merely adding to the numbers in Cameroon.

  • Nigeria 1_1 Brazil.. Ukraine 2_2 Nigeria… Algeria 1_0 Nigeria.. Tunisia 1_1 Nigeria… Cameroon 1_0 Nigeria… Cameroon 0_0 Nigeria…. Gernot rohr was clueless when it comes to playing big teams with Good tactics… The match against Ukraine Nigeria was supposed to win that match But rohr was confused in the second half and made some wrong substitutions…A coach that has been building a team for 6 yrs yet the team can’t put 2to3 passes together..

    • Chima E Samuels 5 months ago

      You’re talking of when Rohr had his head on not when he became a puppet and allowed corruption to sway him. I don’t believe anyone here don’t like a winner….

    • MuYiwa 5 months ago

      It was a friendly match and not a competitive one. Such matches are test matches to expose certain players, try tactics and formations and improve team bonding. A certain guy from Genk at that time (Anderson Esiti) played in that match and never featured for SE again after then, that is what friendly matches are used for.

  • MONKEY POST 5 months ago

    @Dennis You dey mind them, it is just pure hatred for GENERAL ROHR nothing else. Uzoho and Osimhe debuted under rohr at age 19. Now as at then that was highly celebrated as some great feat. Now this coach includes a 16 years old which is also a great feat today. Maybe next Afcon another will include a 15 years old. Now will you look back and say the Mauritania and Nigerian coach did not carry youth along?? Abi make rohr flood the pitch with secondary school boys before them know say him try??

    • Chima E Samuels 5 months ago

      Rohr gave his debut after benching his life even when Ighalo was messing up. It was put of pressure and absence of Ighalo that made Rohr have no option than to give him a debut…. Another thing is Rohr did not discover Osigoal so stop giving credit to the wrong person. If na Okoye fine no problem because he’s as average as Rohr so nothing special.

    • Dennis 5 months ago

      Chima try and be reasonable. Ighalo and onuachu were ahead of osimhen in the pecking order. When onuachu was misfiring, ighalo came in and rightly delivered. So how was osimhen gonna play when his outright replacement was on fire? Osimhen played 45 mins in the 3rd place match against Tunisia and offered no threat. We won that match, courtesy of ighalo

  • MONKEY POST 5 months ago

    Wooo! @ Dennis abeg you go borrow me this your saying anytime wey I enter street I go dey use “Party never start you don dey carry chair” LMAO!!!

  • Oga Dennis no talk wetin you no Sabi, osimhen was playing for Charleroi of Belgium before he was taken to the afcon he was scoring goals for fun for Charleroi.. after the afcon lille signed him and the rest is history…..

  • SAMUEL 5 months ago

    @jimmyball,pls stop wasting your time telling all these Rohr disciples about our football.Nigeria vs Sierra Leone in Benin City was a match I will never forget.Forward we move with eguavoen.keshi and amodu of blessed memories qualified us to world cup,so rohr achieved nothing new for Nigeria.Abeg let’s talk about good football