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Mourinho Dines With Arsenal Chief Over Possible Signing

Mourinho Dines With Arsenal Chief Over Possible Signing

Reports have it that Arsenal head of football, Raul Sanhelli met with Jose Mourinho recently as concerns over Unai Emery’s future continue.

Arsenal once again failed to grab the full three points in the Premier League match on Saturday afternoon, being held to a 1-1 draw at home to Wolves to leave them in fifth place with just 17 points from 11 matches.

Emery, who took over from legendary Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger, has come under intense pressure after missing out on the top four last season and overseeing a poor run of form so far this season.

According to The Times, former United boss, Mourinho and Sanllehi had dinned together with the later left impressed by the Portuguese’s plans for the club.

It is claimed Emery has just one or two games remaining to save his job as club bosses seriously consider a move ahead of the November international break as Arsenal chiefs have become concerned by a break in the relationship between Emery and senior members of the squad, with the club beginning to prepare for a change of management.

The north London club are on the search for a coach with a strong knowledge of the Premier League and would bring a clear identity to the team. They also want a manager who will have no language barriers with his players which is a challenge for Emery at the moment.

The Portuguese has been seeking a return to the Premier League after losing his job at Manchester United last December. He was recently at Arsenal’s Europa League 3-2 victory against Vitoria, reportedly sitting alongside Sanllehi in the stands.

The 56-year-old has been advised to take up the job at Arsenal instead of Real Madrid having retained his home in North London.

Mourinho won the Europa League and the League Cup with Manchester United, as well as seven major trophies with Arsenal’s London rivals Chelsea.

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  • Williams 2 years ago

    Based on statistics, Rohr is doing better with SE than Emery with Gunners but Omo9ja and the likes won’t admit this.
    Rohr tactics aren’t topnotch no doubt but his results thus far hasn’t been far from good.
    I just pray Rohr on his own side try and get things very right soonest

    • Omo9ja 2 years ago

      Yes, NFF shouldn’t hesitate to sack coach Rohr, coach Imama, coach Salisu Yusuf, coach Aloy Agu, Amaju, Diko and Sheyi if Nigerians really wanted to see a new brand of football from the Super Eagles.We have to deal with corruption first.

      I also have my reasons for saying that.

      No1. Mr. Rohr do not believe in himself to achieve big things with the team.

      No2, NFF told Oga Rohr to build a young team but he coach Rohr do not believe in these our young squad.

      What is the purpose of building a team that you can’t trust?

      No3, coach Rohr’s team lacks tactical acumen. Oga Rohr’s team lacks never say die Nigerians spirit.

      No4, The German man is not good enough to handle the team that was why Super Eagles can not win against big teams. Once in a while maybe.

      No5, our world class coach team is a 45 minutes team and he believed Nigeria can not compete with Brazil, France, Germany and other top teams. Is that the kind of coach good for our Super Eagles? Just a quick question?

      NFF knew that the man wasn’t the right coach in charge of our team but they have been playing politics with us but we didn’t pay attentions to that.

      NFF have promised to send the coach to a refresher course which they lied to Nigerians. They knew that if they got it right with the Super Eagles, we won’t paying attention to other national teams but it did work out.

      However, is coach Agu up to the task? Absolutely no. What was his achievements during his playing days with the Super Eagles?

      He doesn’t deserved to be in that position. How can he and coach Rohr brings back Akpeyi?

      What does the qualities and experiences Akpeyi has since he has been playing for Nigeria?

      He disgraced Nigeria against Argentina and he always shaken like a chicken that haven’t be eaten over three days whenever he man the post for Nigeria.

      He was the one that messing up Nigeria against Algeria this year Afcon and still our world class coaches believes Akpeyi is the best at the moment we have both in Nigeria and Abroad. What a shame.

      Osage is far better than Akpeyi. Coach Rohr and Agu keeps ignoring the goalkeeper. Is it not better to risk a confident young Okoye than Akpeyi that is aging?

      Bringing back Akpeyi shows that the current coaching staffs of the Super Eagles were far below the Super Eagles standard and we must let them go if we wanted to see a new brand football in Nigeria.

      For the betterment of our Country.
      we should allow Coach Amunike to be the head coach of the Super Eagles while Jo Bonfrere will be his assistant.

      He is the man. He has all the qualities that Eagles need.

      Amunike and Jo Bonfrere will build this team far better than the one we have now.

      Last but not least, Peter Rufai a.k.a Dodo mayana should be our new goalkeeper trainer.

      While Amaju, Sheyi and Diko should be arrested for corruption scandals.

      I will also give kudos to coach Rohr for what he has achieved so far with the team.

      The man have tried his best and he deserves a loud ovation from us all.

      However, Super Eagles needed a young Nigerian talented and a modern coach that can taking the team to the highest levels. We need a digital coach.

      So Mr. Williams, shall we continue with coach Rohr and coach Agu or we should give the job to Amunike, Jo and Peter Rufai? Have your say. Ire o.

      God bless Nigeria!!!

      • Williams 2 years ago

        Well Omo9ja, even if you will clamor for Rohr to be sacked , you should not opt for these names you’re mentioning bro, that’s a retarded development sir, Amuneke bii ti bawo…I don’t think we have a Nigerian coach at present that can stand Rohr, m starting to suspect you and these names you keep mentioning.

      • I beg to disagree with you. Rohr has his flaws but he’s far better than what we’ve had in years.

        We qualify for tournaments now without calculators, we play good football especially on good pitches.

        Were you expecting him to win afcon especially when we had more experienced teams like Algeria? Even Senegal, with all their talents couldn’t beat Algeria the two times they met.

        Let’s call a spade a spade, the SE isn’t a finished product but I have seen the maximum progress we’ve made in the past 3 years. Sacking Rohr right now like you suggest would drag us back another 5 years.

        Football isn’t just about having talents but continuity. Germany doesn’t have as many talents as other big European/south American teams but they can stand any of these big teams.

        The key to progress in football is continuity. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

      • Omo9ja, from your comment, I can see that you are just being a typical Nigerian who believe in quick results forgetting that there is a process to everything.

        You can’t expect Nigeria to suddenly wake up from the shambles we’ve had since 2002 and begin to rub shoulders with countries like Brazil and Germany. Bonfere Jo would do nothing with this team, trust me.

        Do you seriously think that football tactics has been waiting since Bonfere last coached a competitive team?

        I seriously doubt you mean well for our dear super eagles. Even Westerhorf had 6 years before he could produce a team that shook the world.

        Germany, with their worst world cup performance in years, stood by their coach because they understand the process.

        • Omo9ja 2 years ago

          If I may ask, which
          Continuity are talking about?

          So, you believed Super Eagles wasn’t good enough to be crowned Afcon 2019?

          Hmmm, interesting lol.
          In that case, France were fortunate to be crowned world champions then.

          Why are we deceiving ourselves?

          You are still talking about continuity while the coaching crew brought Akpeyi back. Chai, are you kidding?

          So Okoye is to young to be on the post ba? Hmmm…. How market my man.

          I think it is time for me to leave you guys and the world class coach jęję because
          Same story, same ideas we will still be talking about till next Afcon and world cup.

          You said I’m a typical 9ja man. Thank you for the compliments.

          As a typical Naija man, I want to see Super Eagles to win trophies.

          I want to see our Super Eagles playing free and flow football.

          I want to see an entertaining team from our beloved Super Eagles which I don’t think coach Rohr can deliver that.

          That shows in Nigeria vs Brazil match that the coach can not withstands the top teams because he doesn’t have what it takes.

          We also saw that when Nigeria was playing Ukraine and the coach said it openly that he wasn’t expecting Nigeria to beat Ukraine. Now, tell me the reason why the man have to stay?

          If not because of Amaju’s corruption, Oga would have gone after the world cup in Russia but here we are today, EFCC is Chasing them all around now.

          So, chairman, I have nothing against coach Rohr. The returns of Akpeyi should be an issue.

          It is a big shame for these coaches because they are failed to do their job and it is a shame that Nigeria can not produced a world class goalkeeper after Ukeme that Sunday Olishe discovered.

          Now, you should have seen a big difference between pro and semi pro coach and a typical mentality of 9ja man because we don’t celebrate failure and Super Eagles known for an attacking team not a defending team.

          I known coach Rohr’s supporters for one thing, “excuses”. No matter what, they love Oyinbo coach but colour doesn’t do it oooo my people but only brian does it.

          With the caliber of players we have, no cause for alarm but the coaching staff of the team letting Super Eagles down always.

          Akpeyi in this current team again kai, what a bad market. It is well.
          God bless Nigeria!!!

          • So they’ve not been entertaining for you? When was the last time Nigeria actually rubbed shoulders with Brazil. The last I could remember was in 1996. After then, they thrashed us 3 nil in our backyard with a second grade team.

            When was the last time you actually brought out your calculator to see if Nigeria would qualify or pray that one team should lose or draw for us to qualify. When we see progress, let’s say it without sentiments.

            You are recommending Bonfere. Do you know that the last thing he won was the silver medal with Nigeria in year 2000?

            We are progressing and you want to drag us back to the dark ages.

            The coach should invite whoever he wants, no matter how much you scream on this page, you don’t know football more than Rohr.

            Don’t compare Nigeria with Brazil and the likes, they are ahead of us at least for now. We have the talent but it’ll take some time for them to be world beaters.

            Ukraine, Brazil. Those weren’t competitive matches. I don’t know why you are making a fuss about them.

            Tell me one Nigerian coach that has done anything of worth with the super eagles of recent.

            Even Keshi’s team wasn’t too good. Nigeria won the nation’s cup in 2013 due to the never say die spirit of the players plus luck was on their side. After 2013, what happened. Was there progress before Rohr came?

            If you want to see the team win trophies, you have to calm down and enjoy the progress. Trophies won’t fall from heaven. From almost 60th position in the ranking, we are now 30th and some people would say there is no progress.

            From 10th in Africa, we are now in top 3 and some people say no progress.

            Oga, relax.

  • Abdulrahman 2 years ago

    like I’ve wanted to say that also. some will say rohr should be sack, I wonder if it’s pep we would appoint

  • Mourinho is better than Unai Emery by far anyway!

    • Jacob 2 years ago

      Unai Emery is officially known now as “Una Enemy” to arsenal fans. How market?
      For Rohr. He lacks confidence in himself and his team so he can’t win big games. That is not the kind of coach supereagles deserve. To Nff i will say channel all the money you people steal to hire us Pep, Klop, zidane otherwise EFCC will never give you breathing space. That is my message this morning.