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Musa Injured, May Miss Super Eagles Vs Algeria Friendly

Musa Injured, May Miss Super Eagles Vs Algeria Friendly

Super Eagles captain Ahmed Musa could miss the team’s upcoming friendly against the Desert Foxes of Algeria as a result of injury, reports Completesports.com.

Musa copped an Injury in Sivasspor’s 2-1 defeat to Ankaragucu in a Turkish Super Lig clash on Sunday night.

The 29-year-old was replaced in the 19th minute by Cameroon winger Clinton N’Jie.

The severity of the injury will be known later today.

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Musa was named in the 25-man squad for the game on Saturday by head coach, Jose Peseiro.

The duo of Leon Balogun and Henry Onyekuru have already been ruled out of the game as a result of injuries.

Peseiro has already called up Valentine Ozornwafor and Emmanuel Dennis as replacement for the duo.

The friendly against Algeria is billed for the Miloud Hadefi Stadium, Oran on Tuesday, September 27.

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  • MONKEY POST 2 weeks ago

    I PRAY it’s not SERIOUS…

    Even if it is, WE need HIM to still TRAVEL with the SQUAD to serve as an INSPIRATION and MOTIVATION to these YOUNG LADS…

    • MONKEY POST 2 weeks ago

      OPPsss I will never wish INJURY on our great CAPTAIN.. I meant to say

      *I PRAY it’s not SERIOUS cos WE need HIM to TRAVEL with the SQUAD to serve as an INSPIRATION and MOTIVATION to these YOUNG LADS*…

      • Glory 2 weeks ago

        @ Monkey Post, please let’s get serious. Musa truly has served us very well. We remain grateful to him. But for crying out loud, SE is not going to be involved in any major tournament for at least until after one year. Then what is the need for Musa and others who are most likely going to be retiring by the time we are hopefully playing in AFCON 2024? Does it not make sense to start preparing for those tournaments by trying out replacements for the aging players who obviously have past their prime. Do you honestly think Musa will ever again play better than 2014/2018? Hopefully he does but I personally can’t see that happening hence see it as absolutely ludicrous to keep inviting him at the expense of other budding talents begging for chance to display their wares.
        It will only make sense to get these sort of players still on top of their games, back into the team on the eve of tournament when the younger ones are failing to prove themselves, haven tried out a good number of them well well enough in friendlies. So Musa should please listen to Mikel Obi wise advise to step down for the younger ones. Let’s stop joking with our national teams . They are carrying the Nigeria flag which wether anyone likes it or not has our name/pride on it.

        • MONKEY POST 2 weeks ago

          @GLORY MUSA is not BLOCKING anyones chance WE only need him in the DRESSING ROOM to offer HIS WEALTH of EXPERIENCE/INSPIRATION and MOTIVATION… That’s OFF FIELD SUPPORT.. tell me what’s wrong with that

          • glory 2 weeks ago

            @ Monkey POST, it will always seem fake coin until we try turn the other side. Musa or whosoever’s inspiration, will make sense after we may have tried building the team without him and the results turning out constantly negative. And friendlies are always the best opportunity to see how well the team will cope without the aging players.
            Dont be decieved by the media reports yeah, from reliable source, very close to Rohr, he Rohr had always wanted Musa out after 2018 but those evil football/sport administrators bullied him into constantly inviting him just to satisfy their political ambition, reason I said sometime ago. that only Musa can help stop this nonsense. Also reason I got a bit disappointed with Rohr, as he just started allowing himself to be manipulated by these selfish, disgusting criminals parading themselves as sports/football administrators.
            Now they have started again with PESEIRO. And instead of football fans directing their rage of anger on these thieves, they will sooner or later start blaming the coach.

          • MONKEY POST 2 weeks ago

            And instead of football fans directing their rage of anger on these thieves…

            You see that’s what am I have been talking about @GLORY

            These FANS, the likes of @UGWU IWUNZE don’t know who to DIRECT their FRUSTRATIONS on…

            That’s my problem!

          • Tristan 2 weeks ago

            Let us look at the 25-man squad that was recently announced, and you’ll see the imbalance caused by Ahmed Musa.
            Ahmed Musa is a winger, he plays on the right. The number of wingers called up is 5 (Chukweze, Lookman, Simon, Ejuke, Musa), and when you include Dennis who favours coming in on the right, the number increases to 6.

            As a team usually fields 2 wingers, this is 3 players fighting for one place. Compare that to center-forwards; Four(Iheanacho, Dessers, Awoniyi, Moffi) were invited to fight for two places, and in midfield (Iwobi, Ndidi, Onyeka, Onyedika) are fighting for three places.

            In defence, two fullbacks (Sanusi, Aina) are fighting for two places and 5 centrebacks (Ekong, Bassey, Awaziem, Akpoguma, Ozornwafor) are fighting for two places, assuming a 4 man defence.

            What this imbalance of plenty of wingers and defenders does is that it removes a place that should have gone to a midfielder. Meaning if two midfielders get injured in the squad (as happened against Ghana in WCQ) then the Nigerian team would be weak in midfield and have to deploy a non-midfielder in the role.

            It also imbalances the fullback position, which is even more specialist. There is no cover for any injuries to fullbacks in the squad. If Aina is injured that’s it for the right-back position, luckily at left back if Sanusi is injured Bassey can deputise.

            In my view, lack of adequate cover in midfield cost us the world cup ticket especially against a Ghanaian side with a very strong midfield led by Partey. Injuries to Ndidi, Bonke, and Onyeka left us very exposed and unable to link play through the middle.

          • Tristan 2 weeks ago

            If you look at the players called up whose natural position is on the right, it is four (Ejuke, Chukwueze, Musa, Dennis). All competing at a ratio of 4 to 1 to play on the right. It’s insane, only Nigeria will select 4 players for 1 position.


      • MONKEY POST 2 weeks ago

        @UGO IWUNZE if you like KILL yourself, WE STILL NEED the INSPIRATION and EXPERIENCE of MUSA.if not for HIM and IGHALO it would have been more EMBARRASSING against GHANA.Remember it was HIM and IGHALO that pointed out to your own that GHANA has CHANGED to a BACK FIVE…

        • Footballfanatic 2 weeks ago

          That inspiration won us the last nations cup and also that inspiration qualified us for the WC lol..

  • Let call for Isaac Success, what do you think bros?

  • Where is aribo?

  • @Monkey Post, pls where was musa’s inspiration and motivation when ghana beat us to the world cup ticket?

    • MONKEY POST 2 weeks ago

      I think you should REPHRASE the QUESTION to; where was EGUAVEON TACTICAL PROWESS when the WORST GHANA TEAM in 3O YEARS BEAT US to the WORLD CUP TICKET cos MUSA was never the COUCH.

      How many MINUTES did HE even FEATURE?

      If not FEW MINUTES in the SECOND LEG in ABUJA when the DEED was already done..

      And I remembered when HE was brought on, some of you here testified to the FACT that HE still gat something to offer cos we all saw some FLASHES

  • This injury is a blessing. I do not wish Musa bad but if this is what it takes to see the back of him in SE then so be it. It is about damn time. Quick Recovery. and i trust whoever is called Hopefully Isaac Success will show this wretched football governing body in Nigeria. The amount of time and resources they wasted with this guy constant invite. as the saying goes one man’s misfortune is another fortune. Quick recovery Musa but if i say I am not happy with this development i would be a liar and I am not a liar. THANK YOU. GOD AT WORK!!

    • MONKEY POST 2 weeks ago

      I WISH you all the NEGATIVE things you wish MUSA. AMEN!

      • I am not wishing him bad I said I wish him a speedy recovery everybody wey get sense fit read between the line in my comment and conclude that the basis of my comment is the Nigeria comes first the betterment and upward Trajectory of Super Eagles after the period of anguish the team has passed through and the subsequent heart break it has caused us, is the most important thing and it means some injuries to people that do nor deserve thier place in the team for better players have no option but to take thier place then you can call it what you want @MONKEY POST I call a blessing induiguise or not really a disguise depending on where you stand with regards to Musa’s place is SE. It is a minor injury but one he will have a quick recovery from albeit after the friendlies.

  • Chidi 2 weeks ago

    Honestly guys Musa is one player I love n respect cos he has done well for himself but lately he is bigninig to loose d respect I Ve for him,he should know when to quit,even with his presence as captain or motivator as monkey post refers him we couldn’t qualify for worldcup neither get to d last four of d nations cup,he has passed his prime so having him in d national team as a player is pure scam,let’s call a spade a spade,even when fans are calling for him to retire from SE he paid deaf ear honestly am totally surprised at aboki,we d fans wake up one morning n heard that okocha n co have retired even when de are still active at club level d fans pleaded for them to have a rethink but they stood their ground,Musa u said after d worldcup u will quit SE now we are not going to worldcup what are you waiting for?I don’t know how other are seeing it but I see it as pure wickedness when u use your money and influence to suppress others from coming to limelight,it’s time to quit SE n concentrate on club football then u will earn our respect for doing the right thing at the right time

    Meanwhile I ask guys what is ekong valentine doing on that list this players are greedy even when de know that de are not in form de will bribe their way,some should please tell NFF greedy official that SE is not a rehabilitation ground for players who refuse to up their games

  • Meanwhile My people where is omo9ja. It has been long Omo9ja how far na!, where u dey bros?

    • MONKEY POST 2 weeks ago


      BABA don know say him dey alone on the ARGUMENT, HIM don dey stylishly call for SUPPORT…


      No be only OMO9JA




      • You seems to not be able to read. Everybody on this forum thread is convinced that we do not need Musa excpet for Dead brain @MONKEY POST yet I am all alone on this arguement. guy come o, make i ask you, Sense dey your head atol? or shebi ypou nor sabi read. Which one be i am alone on this?. You seem not to care that Nigeria football is going nowhere and your Musa and Buhari are to blame. MUSA IS FINISHED DO YOU HEAR ME FINISHED A CLUB REJECT THAT EVERY CLUB CHASE OUR AFTER 1 season and this has been happening for about 4 years or more now

        • MONKEY POST 2 weeks ago

          OGA go and sit down. And learn how to direct your energy properly.Musa is not the problem of the se. It’s only you that is seeing it that way…your constant attack on musa is annoying that’s why I say you are alone

          • Your constant ignorance and lack of Football knowledge is even more annoying, that is why I ask. Do you have sense? or do you have to top it up every week like you do with your mobile data?.

          • Footballfanatic 2 weeks ago

            You said he is and inspiration and motivator….What has that done? Abi if some wingers didn’t retire will Musa be able to make his super eagles debut at 19…..If he is truly the age he claims.

          • MONKEY POST 2 weeks ago

            Others will be like is the NFF.. it’s PICNIC.. it’s the COACH but you, you are always bent on seeing MUSA and FUNNY enough BUHARI as the PROBLEM of the SE…

            That’s why I say you are alone…

          • @Footballfanatic has posed a very sound question to @MONKEY POST but as usual he will dodge a valid question and start with his idiotic and Ignorant comments. @MONKEY POST the biggest Onye iberibe wey dey this forum Mtcheew!!!

    • Omo9ja 2 weeks ago

      “Meanwhile My people where is omo9ja. It has been long Omo9ja how far na!, where u dey bros”?

      @Ugo Iwunze, I dey kampe my man. Thanks for checking on me. One love my man.

      However, I wish Musa a quick recovery. He is a good leader that have to be in any national team although, there’s time for everything. Musa should take Obi Mikel for example now. Musa should give way for the young players.

      I’m expecting the gaffer to have two natural players in each and their preferred position.

      Meaning, each position should have one experienced player, one new player and by doing so, it will be easier for the coach to rebuild the team quickly. The likes of Balogun, Ekong, Omeruo and Musa needs backups. My thoughts.

      Let’s hope for the best my people. God bless us all, God bless Nigeria!!!

  • God no dey sleep.
    -People kicked against Shehu, he became Clubless only to secure a club recently, now, he’s not here.
    -People are kicking against Musa, NFF said no, he kept signing one and half year contracts for club sides. No permanent club. Now, he’s missing the friendly. I pray for quick recovery but sorry, I’m not sad.. though I tried to be sad but it’s not working out.
    – Omeruo too is not 100 percent fit
    – Etebo is no more enjoying football in Europe 
    – same for troost -Ekong.
    Nigeria needs a lot of paper works to do for new foreign born players. Majority of all the players that our handlers are forcing on us are not having it good anymore in Europe. Some fans are seriously angry. 
    Person like Musa with his charity works supposed to retire one day and go for politics, he’ll surely have the backings of the whole naija but with this his selfish acts, he’s already telling us how bad he’ll become.
    The likes of Finidi, Odemwingie, Victor Moses, Mikel, Okocha, Etc were not this bad before they called it quit.