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NFF Disengages Super Eagles Technical Crew

NFF Disengages Super Eagles Technical Crew

The Nigerian Football Federation (NFF) has dismissed the technical crew of the Super Eagles of Nigeria for failing to qualify for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the erstwhile Technical Adviser, Augustine Eguavoen already stepped down from that position.

The Super Eagles failed to pick the ticket to Qatar 2022 following a 1-1 home draw against the Black Stars of Ghana at the Moshood Abiola Stadium, Abuja on Tuesday.

The Black Stars made it to the mundial on away goal rule.

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A statement from the NFF on Thursday reads:

“Following the failure of the Super Eagles of Nigeria to qualify for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the erstwhile Technical Adviser, Augustine Eguavoen has stepped down from that position with immediate effect.

“The NFF has in the meantime withdrawn the two-and-half years contract offered the coaches and terminated the appointment of the entire technical crew of the team with immediate effect. A new crew will be announced after a proper review to lead the new charge of reinvigorating the Super Eagles to face future challenges appropriately.

“We thank the coaches and team officials for their service to the nation and wish them success in their future endeavours,” said NFF General Secretary, Dr Mohammed Sanusi.

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  • Ololo 2 years ago

    It is not fair that those who needed to be sacked or resign are the ones sacking others.. if we are serious in this country nff and their entire crew should have left their position by now.. when will football fans start protesting on the streets that those who want to kill our football should step down.. when are we getting to that level where we send these guys parking.. they can’t continue to run our football like their personal property.. look at yobo that was sent to distract rohn , now he has been asked to go.. who will pay for their crimes..

  • Ndubest 2 years ago

    How about the NFF?

    • Greenturf 2 years ago

      Sunday Dare who masterminded the sack of Rohr and the architect of our failure should resign from his post as sports minister with immediate effect!

      • Ako AMADI 2 years ago

        Mr.Dare should be summoned to Aso Rock and fired within 5 minutes. A ministerial portfolio is not a birthright in a drmocracy And before he leaves the Rock, Mr President must ask him to give an update on the payment of Gernot Rohr’s outstanding benefits.

  • They must never comes near se again all of them.

    Bunch of failure, we don’t want to hear anything from any memeber of that technical team. They just keep quiet and move into the oblivion for life.

    If hear amunike, egu, agu, yobo and the rest from anybody’s mouth on this forum.

    I will personally flog that person

  • Greenturf 2 years ago

    Also very important,they must not engage the services of a domestic coach

  • Picnic and his NFF crew should step down with immediate effect for their gross incompetence to lead our football association.
    I toth Ighalo was coming to qualify the SE, Picnic, Rohr and Drey.. has Ighalo re-retired from intl football??? Or he should still wait for 2026??? Ye ye people everywhere!!!

    Meanwhile, we don’t want that traitor called Rohr near our national team again. Let him go and join the Ghanian team he secretly supported. Nonsense!!!

    We can build from the scratch again with the right institutions and right mechanisms.

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      Hahahahaha…..It was Rohr and Ighalo who stopped you and your useless coaches from qualifying for the world cup….LMAOoo.

      Ighalo would have qualified you for world cup by playing 10 minutes out if 180 minutes as your 9 failures chose to use him.

      Ive never seen a bunch of useless coaches all my life who had all the talents we could muster at their disposal but where clueless on how to use them to get results. AFCON….Zero…….World cup….Minus Zero…..LMAOoooo

      Vincent Aboubakar who was top scorer at AFCON hasn’t even scored half the number of goals Ighalo has scored in the same league this season…..But even Osimhen of Serie A and Awoniyi of Bundesliga cannot even score under failed coaches with their go-and-express-yourself table soccer

      • Bro tell them

        • Edoman 2 years ago

          Ighalo haters are going to die soon. Odion only played for 10 minutes during the back-to- back games. Yet our Ighalo haters are dying in droves. Move on haters. direct your super anger at the minister of sport, Amaju. Eguashit and stupid coach they employed.

      • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

        Oga, play your hearts and lungs and liver and kidneys out till thy kindgdom come, if your coach is not giving you the right instructions, you will only be running around for 90 minutes.

        Football successes come from the bench. Its glaring to every fool out there that we failed at AFCON and missed the world cup from the bench….LMAOoooo.

        Express-yourself-football stopped working after AFCON group stages…..LMAOoo. The last time we scored a goal from open play was in the group stages of AFCON….LMAoooo.

        Leave Rohr out of your failure…the worst of Rohr with all the sabotage by the NFF and the Sports Ministry still finished top of our group with 2 point lead to reach the WCQ playoffs, the best of these 9 failures despite all the 1000% support they got from the NFF and Sports Ministry could not even get us to AFCON qfinals…..LAMOOoo…what a shame.

        They even hosted the team to a dinner for “failing impressively” according to them….LMAOoooo

      • The problem is do we learn at all. Do we learn from the past? We don’t and that’s why we find ourselves in this situation again and again. When Rhor started, he was building a very young team and he did that over 5years. I thought that team would have matured very well by now with 2 AFCON and one World participation under their belts. That should have built the team and gotten the team ready for this Qatta but along the line, NFF, Rhor and Eguavoen mismanaged the tean. Now we will have to start from scratch to rebuild the team. NFF has done well to disengage the technical crews but NFF itself must also disengage by not bringing back this current NFF as presently constituted.

        • Moses Inyang 2 years ago

          Sacking Gernot Rhor is the cause of this calamity of untold prportion

      • DANURCHMAN 2 years ago

        Tell the clueless EGU supporters.

  • Pinnick and co you all have 1 week to resign for gross incompetence so it mr sunday dare the mumu of our time should also be relieved of his position as sports minister . Aside killing football he has also killed other sports and finally anybody born of a woman that will ever suggest or try to impose a Nigerian coach on us again will die untimely

  • MuYiwa 2 years ago

    We no longer want beautiful football? LMAO. Best coach of the first round of afcon. What an award! Mahmud Shuaib even claimed that he preferred beautiful football even when it led to R16 outing at afcon to winning a bronze. Lol. Two and a half years contract cancelled in less than 3 months. Lol

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      Hahahahaha…..they should give their youtube table soccer coaches 4 years contract so that they can give life time failures and celebrants of mediocrity the beautiful football they kept clamoring for, and thereafter miss 2023 and 2025 AFCONs too….LMAOoooo.

      Next time Nigerians will learn to appreciate qualification for tournaments.

      When Rohr was breezing through qualifications they took the credit away from him and claimed its because he had the most talented Nigeria players since 1994…..LMAOooo. Now that their own has failed, using the same most talented players since 1994 o, they say it is because of the same Rohr and the same boys….LMAoooo.

      In 6 years we breezed through 5 major assignments with flying colours….within 3 months local contents failed woefully and took our football back to 1982….LMAOoooo

      Very useless set of people. Some people indeed just have no shame coupled with the fact that they have no brains….LMAoooo.

      Let me hear anybody mention 94 squad coaches again in this forum…LMAooooo. Na their mates dey coach for Dortmund, WestHam, Norsjelland, Alhaly etc

      • Abi o…..the 1994 set of coaches sit their butts doing nothing to improve themselves and only waiting for NFF with no football knowledge to appoint them to coach the National team. If they must be appointed, they must first of all prove themselves. A case of Addo buttresses my point. Our coaches must never get to coach the Senior team without first of all proving their ability with the junior teams. Eguavoen should never ever coach the senior team again and even the junior teams. He does not have what it takes. Amunike and Finidi George should start with the junior teams. For the Senior, we need to rebuild with a new foreign coach who knows his onions not just anyone in white skin.

        • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

          Which junior teams…? They should go and coach clubs and national teams both within and outside the country.

          What you learn in coaching as the assistant coach of a club is hundred times more than what you learn as coach of U-this U-that.

          Na U-teams their mates them dey coach…?

          • Mayor 2 years ago

            I saw it coming.The coaching crew were clueless likewise the NFF.The Press reportage were biased. The many hungry Nigerian press that collected bribe from fringe players, over hyped such playets.Calvin Bassey flatter to decieve. So sad that Nigeria football is in all time low.

  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

    That’s not all…

    PINICK and the MINISTER should DISENGAGE themselves!!

    • KangA 2 years ago

      What an irony! The very people who sat down and planned the destruction of our football are dismissing their foot soldiers, while glueing themselves in their positions. Who is fooling who?

      We have seen through the deception of this cosmetic reformation. If falls short of our expectation. Picnick and the entire NFF board should resign and hand over to an interim board which should hold an election soonest. The sports minister should step down. Enough is enough.

      We won’t accept half measures!

  • Ololo 2 years ago

    Leave rohn alone, he was never a traitor.. we fail to appreciate those who deserve it.. many of your type were those who pushed nff to employ cerozo, now You want to put the Blame on just pinnick.. pinnick was pushed by both the fans and other enemies of our football like obdegami and co, I remember after the last Afcon in Egypt, most ex internationals pushed for rohns sack but pinnick refused and stood by rohn.. with so much pressure on pinnick from Nigerian fans, media, ex international , pinnick was pushed into making a blunder that will hurt Nigerian football history forever.. some fans like those above are the bigger enemies of Nigerian football

    • Sugar Daddy 2 years ago

      Oh my gosh!!! You seemed to be the only one with the right and correct but very objective analysis of this nemesis. Pinnick was overwhelmed by the pressure to sack Rhor even when he never deserved to be so treated…. some of the ex-Nigerian footballers, like odegbami, became albatross and soothsayer. He became a divine advisor of doom…and gaulible Nigerian fans fell for his eloquence… now, see where it left us… shame to Odegbami!!!!!

  • Chibuike 2 years ago

    Eguaveon , pinik and that sports minister should resign, that’s how white people do. Sports minister should someone who knows game of sports. Nff chairman and techinical
    study suppose to be ex internationals. Nigeria should appoint world class coach like Rehard of Zambia and Saudi Arab
    .white coach can read game more tactical and pure in selection of players and is hard for white to to take bribe.

  • NFF don’t have the locus standi to sack the the technical crew. This present NFF has made so many errors, mistakes and bad decisions that have cost us a lot as a nation. We don’t have faith in the NFF as presently constituted, because of their antecedents of errors and poor decisions. With can’t trust them to take further decisions on our behalf

  • And we don’t want a domestic coach…go for Carlos Queiroz as super eagle…

  • We have to stop these people from making more mistakes that will hurt us further. They have already made enough mistakes to last us for at least four years.
    They are already talking about getting another coach and your guess is as good as mine that they are very likely to get it wrong once again

    • For so long they have been relieving others of their duties. It is high time they are relieved of their jobs. Enough of the mistakes. Enough of the experiments and trial by error

  • When are you going to resign too? So you can disengage them, thought you will throw a party like you did after R16 exit in AFCON? Yeye people

  • Fetch 2 years ago

    Black Stars dey cause havoc oo! Ghana dey bring matter too much

  • Top it 2 years ago

    Black Stars dey cause havoc oo! Ghana dey bring matter too much

  • Oya moke Una dey run go village. Rohr dey there to welcome all of Una. Amaju n Dare go come join Una soon. Lolzzz.

  • Not fair.This is not the way to go.We must learn from Ghana.The technical crew will not be the scape goat in all this as the matter is deep.Sacking them is like jumping the gun.

    First there should be a honest national inquest into our failure to pick the ticket.Approipiate punishment should be melted out to any one with any breach.

    Secondly, the entire NFF board and management must also go.If the don’t want to go, their tenor is ending in November, The sport minister must ensure that none of these gang members return.

    The super Eagles belongs to the federal government of Nigeria who manage the team in trust on behalf of over 200 million Nigerians.It does not belong to the NFF.Therefore, the sport minister must be very active in the affairs of the NFF afterall, it is still a parastastal under his ministry.He must not allow some set of gangsters to bully him into a corner in the name of fifa sanctions.

    Our Ex internationals should seek for other means of livelihood as the super Eagles is not a rehabilitation center for jobless ex players.Equaveon was jobless for a long time(almost 10 years) before he was gifted the job of TA after Olofinjana rightly rejected the job after asking critical questions that the NFF cabal cannot provide answers to.Ammuneke(very unfortunate) was also jobless but in all honesty, I will not blame him much for this fiasco.Salisu was just coming back from suspension and a partying Yobo who failed to get his badge 6 years after hanging his boots.A jobless and wife beating Aigbogun, a Dr without any idea of African football.Like seriously ? Ask any of them, the last time they went for any coaching refresher course abroad and you will get the shocker of your life.

    The NFF need serious reorganization.The technical committee must be brought back and made relevant.All the members of the committee were sidelined with the show be ran by Yusuf fresh and Pinnick.The last world cup list was drawn up by Pinnick

    The next Technical director of the NFF must come from any of Olofinjana, Emenalo or Sunday Olise.

    We truly need a world class coach to harness our talents in football.The appointment of this coach should be outsourced to PWC who will interview the candidates jointly with members of the technical committee .The coach must also have strong recommendations from Fifa.A situation where Pinnick will sit in his bedroom and announce a new coach after signing and taking care of his own personal interest will not arise.The coach must report to the Technical Director and must defend his list of invitations of players before the technical committee.He must not report to the NFF president.These are the checks the sport minister should have ensured and FIFA will not ban Nigeria for that.

    The next NFF president must be somebody of means and repute both nationally and internationally, who have the interest of the country at heart.What was Pinnick means of livelihood before he used Uduaghan( the then Governor of delta state) to become NFF president?.

    Compare the technical crew appointed by the Ghana FA chairman and Pinnick and see who is more hands on.It would have been miscarriage of justice had Nigeria won.

    Otto Addo asistant coach Dortmund Germany.

    Boateng Assistant coach at Aston Villa.UK

    Dramani. Assistant Coach Nortjelland Denmark.

    Chris Haughton Former premier league manager(who acted as consultant to the above trio.

    But in all this, where is uncle Segun Odegbami.He contributed a lot to this fiasco and he too must retire from our football and avoid confusing the polity.

    The pains will sink in more tomorrow when Ghana is drawn from the hat

    • Tony, Dr Drey…..Nice ones…

    • Dr Banks 2 years ago

      @Tony………I duff my hat for this incisive write up of yours bro. If only NFF can listen

  • William d conqueror 2 years ago

    Nff ooo, technical crew ooo. All of them are bribe eater’s. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

  • BigCole 2 years ago

    My take on the WCQ:
    I think we are just not destined to be at the world cup, looking at the way everything went, we all know that we played better than Ghana that day and we were attaching though the coaching crew and players effort may not be enough one way or the other but yet we would have been a better African representative at the World Cup than Bus packing Ghana team, that is that.

    Now we need to go back to the drawing board and start to rebuild with a definite targets like getting a FIFA pro licensed Coach with a a very convincing CV that will be assisted by a local coach like Finidi, a good goalkeeper coach like Ike or even Enyeama can rise to the occasion according to his experience and exploit in the world of football.

    We need a coach that can build a team to fear with a deadly 1st eleven and dangerous bench, excellent goal keepers with amazing reflexes (God bless Vincent).

    On top of it, we need a NFF board or cabinet that will have time or Nigerian football, that will be always available to monitor all affairs’ in the Super Eagles, U23s, Flying Eagles, Golden Eaglets and all the Female national teams. Nigeria League need to wear a new face, I could remember vividly during the time of Stephen Keshi, the league was rising rapidly and even most matches were on DSTV, I do watch Nigeria league from my base in South Africa then every weekend then.

    God Bless Nigeria (This is the only country we have for now nut if God want otherwise, so be it at this point)

    • Selfmade KING 2 years ago

      U didn’t watch both legs!! Go and sleep dawg!!

    • Destiny has nothing to do with this. Our problem was man made. If not for the actions of Dare and Pinnick, by now we would have been in celebration mood.

    • MuYiwa 2 years ago

      My friend, no drawing board to go back to. Abuja fans don vandalize the stadium facilities after our dismal performance. Lol

  • BigCole 2 years ago

    * attacking (line 3)

  • Let me just believe that mr minister and mr pinnick are still parking their belongings in the office,they suppose to do the needful before weekend.plz oga sir’s resign.

  • Dennis 2 years ago

    On this exact forum, I predicted that we won’t have an excellent AFCON and when we fail to qualify for the world cup, eguaveon would be sacked as all blame would be on him and his crew. The NFF board would still remain and look for another scapegoat

  • Ako AMADI 2 years ago

    Nigeria always thinks in terms of success at global competitions when it does not have the fundamentals, the foundations of sports in the country. You cannot reap where you did not sow! This is why visionless ministers like Chief Dare dhould be thrown away!

  • I do not believe that Eguavoen and the Technical crew are to blame for our inability to get the WC qualification.

    The problem is that we don’t have a decent midfield, particularly a good attacking midfielder in the mode of Henry Nwosu and JJ Okocha, who can spread a range of passes ( including long range, pin-point diagonal passes to attackers, run with the ball at pace and dribble past opposition midfielders and defenders and strike good shots from 30 yards out and score goals, outside from moving from defence to attack and assisting the strikers with decoy passes.

    Had we had such an AM, Ghana crowding out Osimen with 3 defenders would have paid dearly in the recent two tier games that both ended with draws.

    The blame game must stop and we should remember that Foreign Coaches are very expensive and would be paid in limited Foreigb Exchange (Dollars)

    • onwajunior 2 years ago

      @Tony the problem is beyond the field of play. The problem is with the technical crew, the administration and they Nigerian system. I’m surprised that after these failures we still have ppl advocating for local coaches. If all these our local coaches removed their names from their CVs and applied to coach any national team would you have picked any of them? They got the job by lobbying in a system where merit doesn’t work. Does Man city or Liverpool have Okocha? Yet, they top d English league every time. A good should be able to use what is available to produce results. Let’s stop living in the past by looking for Okocha or Mutiu. The midfielders we have are unique so let’s use them. Shocked that after the disappointment we still have ppl defending failure. That’s the problem we have in Nigeria!

    • I don’t blame Eguaven and crew in the sense that they didn’t appoint themselves. In that sense, I blame Dare and Picnik for that appointment which made no sense then and even now.
      But in terms of coaching, I blame Eguaveon and crew totally. Do we have Okocha all these while Rohr has been qualifying us with matches to spare. We don’t need Okocha. We have capable players, but Eguaveon’s problem is that he is not a good coach. His lineups and formation are always fraught with one error or the other.
      On Tuesday when I saw the line up and discovered he has drafted Aribo to play behind Osimhen, I clapped for him because that was what I had expected him to do right from the first leg since Iwobi was not available. I was still clapping when I noticed a big error that neutralised the good deed he had done. I found out he also picked Lookman, Dennis, Bassey to start the match. These are new players who are yet to understand the team, African terrain and teammates. Players who are yet to settle into the team. Players who we don’t really know what they can offer the team, especially when the going gets tough and pressure gets to its peak. Bringing in these three rookies when we are still managing Aribo and Onyeka who are relatively new in the team, made our team more of a rookie team than an experienced team. That was why we could not successfully coordinate as a team

  • Ako AMADI 2 years ago

    The wrong people are being punished. Sunday Dare and Amaju Pinnick must be aŕrested and charged with treason.

  • ABDULRAZAK 2 years ago

    In 2002, agbaya Segun Odegbami proposed that four West African countries submit a joint bid to host the 2010 World cup. Even though there was universal sympathy for the South African bid then, Segun Odegbami still tried to sell a dummy to the Federal Government even though he knew that the bid, even if it ever happened would fail. He didn’t care so long he made money from the project. He always has been an opportunist and supremely selfish.
    When he started his evil machinations in trying to remove Gernot as head coach of the Super Eagles, sane minds cautioned that would be self destructive but retards including many on this forum bought into the propaganda and here we are today.
    The NFF offered a two and half year contract to clowns who got us booted out of AFCON at the round of 16 yet sacked a coach who got us to the semi finals. All those who willingly or unwillingly acted in cohorts with agbaya Segun Odegbami and his co propagandists in the sacking of Gernot Rohr will certainly know no peace.

  • Can we start operation NFF crew member must go too.

    Let us flood all the social media. Piknink should feel the heat and resign.

    Just a pity we have lizard president I wouldn’t mind if government interfere, let us be band by fifa and let us reorganize our team again.

    NFF should hence fort be headed by ex international whom have achieve well for the club and national.

    Enough of this politician. Nigerian football sarted dying since 1999 that civilian took over.

    Yobo, yobo ho yobo!!! How many times did I call you, if you ever come near eagles matter again.

    Your career in Nigeria here has been injured, just follow other into the oblivion and never come to lime light again.

    Egu you riuned afcon and worldcup for us all within the space of two months plus. Egu just don’t even say anything or grant any interview, just sublime and never come near se again. You have caused us so much pain both in the past and now.

  • Nff must go

  • DeSTAR 2 years ago

    @ Toni ; thanks for your unbiased brilliant and sublime analysis that no sane person can fault this.

    This is what I should have expected from many of our so called great minds in this platform, rather than attacking members families, insult and all manners of derogatory languages that would make you not only wonder if the over-bloated profile they claim here is real , but would wonder also what kind characters are our society are breeding.

    Eguafon’s case and Rohr is like PDP & APC; they may have not merited their appointment but they could have succeeded had we not had set of unpatriotic elements leading our football.

    @ Toni , you have just summed it up ; our problem goes beyond Rohr & Eguafon but the major cancer is NFF’s Amaju lead come to do nothing but to kill and bury our football and to also destroy completely our soccer DNA.

    Hiring of a technical adviser, if it is foreign, should be handled by independent body outside NFF because just as @ Toni had rightly put it ; NFF would never give any merited Coach job offer who can’t agree to the interest of the cabal (agreeing to sharing his salary ) ; they would rather go for an average & quack Coach in white skin at the expense of 200 million Nigerians who are passionate of football.

    Fraudulent employment of unmerited foreign coaches did not just started today , it is being long as exposed by the erstwhile England Coach Erickson who had to turn down SE job because of having to share his salary in different account 50/50 ; this allegation, till date no one member of NFF dead or alive have refuted the claim, let alone take him to court ;

    Amaju Fraud-Pinick only takes the fraudulent and corruption in the glass house to the unprecedented level , starting from the employment of a foreign Coach Rohr that has never won a tea cup in his Methuselah’s coaching career with an abysmal shameful records as shamefully low as 27% & 13% in his immediate last 3 jobs in a lowly African counties before he was asked never to come back again ( that such Coach was now the bride of Amaju Pinick , and had salary increased 99.9% should tell you Amaju should have been in psychiatric hospital for having greedy love of money at the expense of his own Nation).

    Our failure to qualify was an accident in waiting, Eguafon was only made a scapegoat; because in our last game against Cape Verde where we qualified with many of us turning to prayer warriors until last whistle ( Rohr couldn’t hide it as he claimed , having a draw at home against a lowly team as Cape Verde is like a winning ) ; while the Cape Verde Coach said with this current SE that played against his , they cannot qualify for WC )

    The downfall of SE can never be solely put in the door step of Eguafon who I do refer to as upgraded local version of Rohr .

    Some of our few analysts in this platform too are not helping matter , with their sentimental biases for white skinned in any form ….. the madness recalled of a selfish, unpatriotic Sunday-Sunday football player Igahalo who started it ? Did Eguafon started it ? ( did Rohr not started him in Lagos where he did not only embarrassed himself but also Rohr with his awful performance until he was yanked off in the second half)

    How many of the Rohr’s fans club criticized inclusion of the unpatriotic retired Sunday-Sunday football Igahalo by Eguafon ?

    What is positive contribution in his last two games for both Rohr and Eguafon? other than total flopped as expected ( though I may not completely blamed the 2 coaches because a coach that is not paid , would surely look to bring in a compromised players that can help out ( the blame should go to NFF and Igahalo) …… I am waiting for when Igahalo would not only join premiership as been overhyped by Rohr’s fan club , but will wait until he qualifies SE to the next WC before he will announce his retirement.

    Putting the entire blame on Eguafon is unfortunate; he was never my fan and everyone can testify to this fact , when he was appointed till his last game ( I refer to him as an upgraded local version of Rohr, and he did not disappoint me , particularly with Igahalo & John Noble cases ).

    But don’t let us allow our emotions overtake our reasoning ; Eguafon played 6 games , won 3, lost 1 drew 2 ; what is the score card of Rohr that some would want us to believe; he wouldn’t have lost to Ghana if he were to be in charge ? Rohr team that his goalkeeper conceded 4 goals at home here , beaten at home and drew at home, never beaten any top rated team in the twilight of his almost 6 years of directionless journey here .

    APC’s Eguafon is bad , so also Rohr’s PDP .

    Our common enemy that should come near glass house and should be in jail until after WC is the fantastically corrupt NFF’s President Amaju

    • Dr Banks 2 years ago

      @DeStar I see you have not learned a thing or two from this your useless write up above, sense no dey your head at all.

      If you do a prudent retrospection you will agree totally that the sack of Rohr and appointment of Eguavoen is nothing but suicidal. Stop believing that Rohr might no have achieved qualifications because it is obvious to all of us that even during the trying times of Rohr, he still grind out the desired results eventually (e.g. he lost to SA I the AFCON ’19 Qualifier but went ahead to qualify ahead of SA with a game to spare, drew with S/L home and away but went ahead to beat Benin away to qualify with gamete spare, lost to CAR in Lagos but beat them away to eventually qualify)

      As poor as Rohr was, he is never on the same level as all your African Gardiollas combined or your consortium of 9 failed coaches.

      Football is currently played with a scientific approach, what does this entails……..I will enumerate below:

      1. First of all you need to identify your goals specifically, this is known in research term as the “Null hypothesis”. There must be no doubt of you achieving the set goal(s)

      2. Literature review: Do a comprehensive review of the teams past achievements and how this were accomplished, review all past failures and an inquest on why the team failed then. Analyse critically all the things that went wrong, limitations encountered, progress made during that time. Then do comparative studies with other successful teams from Top 10 countries like Brazil, France, Germany, Argentina, England, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Senegal and Egypt as African perspective .

      3. Methodology: Outline exactly how you intend to achieve this set goals in a systematic and practical ways possible. Camping time and place should be determined, detailed programme outlined

      4. Budget and finance implications: Do your financial analysis and determine ways of funding this goals

      5. Materials: Identify your potential competent personnels needed to achieve this goals………….set up the admin / technical working committee that will overlook the running of this project, seek a coach that best qualifies with impeccable credentials, scout for players that is best suitable and available. Support staffs recruitment should be strictly on merit with the common goal imbibed in them.

      6. Appraisals: Organise friendly matches for the team to gel together and keyed into the program and goal. Re-analyse possible outcome critically, quality additions and subtractions should be made appropriately

      7. Field projects: Then competitive engagements represents the practical aspects in the accomplishment of your goals.

      Believe me if these steps are prudently followed, the goal will be accomplished or you will end up very very close to your set target (Silver or Bronze can be accepted, thereafter you start planning for the top)

  • DeSTAR 2 years ago

    … our common enemy that shouldn’t come near Glass house ( meant to type )

  • DeSTAR 2 years ago

    @BigCole ; I cannot agree less with you; we are not just destined to be at WC probably not to be disgraced in WC as we were bundled out in the first round of the last WC; which should have been another money to be looted by Amaju fraud-Pinick . Ghana Coach admitted that for their goalkeeper that stood between his team and SE plus lucky on their side ; SE outplayed his team ( statistics is also there ). Just imagine the only shot , low one for that matter that beat our goalkeeper; could that have ever beaten U17 keeper ?

    @ Toni , again, I also support your second post , why should we totally condemn Eguafon ( admitted he is not our best local Coach) ; but his record is not as bad as many would want us to believe ; for a coach that took over a team during crisis and won 3 games , lost only one and drew 3 ( both Egypt and Ghana are top rated teams ; yet he did not perform that awkward bad )

    Compare to the Ghana team coached by assemblages of top rated coaches plus foreign coach (played 2 games , drew 2 ) and was lucky on away goal rule.

    What is the sin of Amunike? just an assistant with no authority ( if Rohr and Eguafon could not stand against pressure of NFF forcing players on their team ; what could an assistant coach for that matter have done ? )

    I repeat ; Eguafon should only be made scapegoat, but not as extending it to Amunike ( how many times have Amunike turned down assistant coach offer until we Nigerians prevailed on him ; why must he be crucified now ? )

    Eguafon should never come near SE but also Amaju should be in jail and get disgraced out of office and made to vomit all his fraudulent made money )

    Where is our u17 , u20 etc , is it the same Eguafon’s fault ?

    All the entire NFF should be in jail to serve as a deterrent in future for any incoming NFF to serve Nigeria with fear of God ….. Amaju only came to destroy and bury our football

    • @Destar, I have said it severally that uzoho’s weakest point is low ball. Against England in friendly match kane score a low ball to ground shot.

      Against Argentina that low ball shot beat uzoho. The guy is poor when it comes to low ball.

  • Segun Odegbami come out from your hid out, under roha you were everywhere ranting like a lose dog, even Jonathan Akpoborie dem din hid useless ppl

  • pacharlon 2 years ago

    Please let us not blame Amaju Pinnick for all this, I like his zeal for the progress of the super eagle, he has been doing everything he needed to do, he provided all the enably environment, good sponsors, I mean I can see in him that he really want to give the very best to uplift the super eagles . IF THERE IS ANY ONE WHO IS MOST CONFUSED AT THE MOMENT IS AMOJU. He brought a foreign coach ,he brought in a local coach, he was about to appoint another foreign coach, Amunike was drafted in, he try to mutivate the players one on one, he is working with the technical director to implement a long term plan from the grassroot(a playing style ). I mean he is human. I think he should be left to continue what he is doing, but the present coaching crew should be desolved, and rightly so.

    • Golden Child 2 years ago

      Typical sentimental Nigerians. This is why they would continue to do what they do.

      In developed countries when there is an epic failure, the man under fire resigns immediately. In his reign as NFF president what has he achieved?? The under age teams are in a mess, there is no logic in hiring of coaches, we have ladan bosso who failed and was rewarded. Aigbogun failed was promoted. Agu has been a serial failure and he has kept his job for 6 years. In you opinion, Amaju should continue despite glaring failure?? Who was interfering with team? who was rewarding these failed coaches??

      We never learn , that is why these politicians keep taking advantage of us.

  • Lollipops 2 years ago

    Where is “ MalFunction Chief Odegbami?” – He’s is happy now that we crashed Out. Shameless Human being.

  • Lollipops 2 years ago

    All the Technical Crew and All Ex- Internationals should Please stay far from the Super Eagles – Their inputs are not needed Period. They should go and bury their faces in shame – Nonsense.

  • Coache 2 years ago

    16 years from now, people would have forgotten Cerezos failure and give him another chance to coach the Eagles.

    He was a terrible student of Westerhof, never learnt anything

    Lacks the temperament of a winner. I have been saying that since Pre AFCON. SOBS!

    FIFA needs to change the away goals rule because after the goal, the Ghanaians forgot about the game except DEFENDING

  • Ayphillydegreat 2 years ago

    I hope local coaches never get anywhere near the SuperEagles job again. AFCON qualifiers starts in June. We should get a seasoned foreign coach to begin the rebuilding process. We didn’t lose in both legs to Ghana we just lack calmness and direction in the final third which is down to coaching. We lost the WorldCup ticket from the bench. We have the players but the coaches are brainless. That’s why it only took them 3 months to spoil the work of 6 years. Anyway we move 2026 in USA Mexico and Canada is right here.

  • Omo9ja 2 years ago

    Nepotism is the main problem in this country.

    I said these before the world cup qualifiers against Ghana. If Super Eagles failed to win against Ghana, the entire coaching crew and the team should be scrap.

    Now, I am warning Nigerians again, if we do chase the current NFF out of our sports, no matter how good the new coach may be, the coach will fail under the current NFF.

    Oga Rohr wasted good 6 years for nothing, no good goalies and repayment for Ndidi and so on while our own did a shabby job.

    Solution to the problem, our ex players are the right people to be in charge of our sports from now on. Etoo is a perfect example.

    We need action why we have to go far in any tournament. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

  • TALK UR OWN 2 years ago

    ** SEOUL ’88(We have R.Yekini,siasia,okwaraji,equavoen,Chidi Nwanu,S.okpala,C.Nwanu)
    ** CAIRO’91(e.g. Amuneke)
    ** HARARE’95 & ATLANTA 96(e.g. Baruwa,Oparaku,Babayaro,West,Babangida,Kanu,Oruma)
    ** SYDNEY2000(Agaii, Aghahowa,Aiyegbeni)
    ** BEINGING2008(Apam,Kaita, Ogbuke, Nsofor)
    ** RIO 2016(Troost-Ekong,Shehu,Etebo)

  • Ralph 2 years ago

    I’m sure Egu will go back to office and they will start calling him Technical Director and he’ll be answering.National team coaches are suppose to be reporting and dialoguing with the Technical Director if I’m right? So they would go to Egu to report and talk about tactics and system lol..A Technical Director that know nothing about tactics, is that one a technical director? I wonder what advice or discussion he will be having with the coaches lol..

    • Dr Banks 2 years ago

      Thank you @Ralph, Eguavoen a Technical Director that doesn’t know the FIFA or CAF’S rules the govern various competition.

    • Dr. Drey 2 years ago

      Hahahaha…imagine, this was the Eguavoen they wanted Rohr to be reporting to and taking instructions from…..LMAOooo

      The gap between Rohr and these failures is as wide as heaven is from earth…..LMAOooo. Just look at how they dragged a team that was matching all targets for 6 years down to a team that cannot meet even 1 of 2 targets for 2022 within 3 months.

      Useless failures liquidated a business that was raking in profits for 6 years within just 3 months…..LMAooo. Awo akotileta oshi.
      And some imbeciles are here desperately trying to pin the mismanagement of the company on the man who was sacked for ressucitating the company 6 years ago and making it profitable for 6 SOLID YEARS BACK-TO-BACK…….LMAOoo. Awon were alaso gbogbo…..LMAOooo.

      Common sense has long deserted some people since when their mothers used their destinies to pay tithes in occultic covens.

      When Rohr was strolling to his targets with these boys, these same envious people whom God will punish till their 4th generations claimed it was because we have the best talents since 1994 and it was by their individual brilliance and not Rohr’s input…..LMAOooo….Within 3 months, their black brained Mr Nonsense local coaches produced consecutive disasters WITH THE SAME BOYS WHO ARE THE MOST TALENTED WE’VE HAD SINCE 1994…..Lmaooo…..THE SAME BOYS ROHR WAS USING TO MAKE QUALIFICATIONS A FORGONE CONCLUSION EVEN BEFORE DRAWS ARE MADE…..LMAOoooo

      Or are these not the boys they said are good enough to win 2022 AFCON or nothing…????

      Shameless fools are now vomiting sewage from their gutters claiming Rohr wasted 6 years….LMAOoo….I guess Rohr was using carpenters, bricklayers and danfo drivers to execute matches in all those years…or maybe it was their fathers and mothers Rohr was using to meet ALL GIVEN TARGETS with flying colours….LMAOOoo

      The madness God has first started to use in punishing these Retrogressives and Failure United people seems to be a perfect appetizer….LMAOoooo. Na 7 course meal of punishments God go give all of them chop when time reach….LMAoooo

  • I’m not trying to disrespect anybody on this forum, at all. But sometimes, I wonder where some of the things I read here are coming from? A place of envy, low IQ or just lack of knowledge of our soccer history? The total lack of respect for some of our accomplished ex-internationals bothers me sometimes. While none of them are perfect or beyond reproach, please, let it be known that Mr. Engineer Segun Odegbami and Mr. Barrister Adokiye Amasiemeka both of whom successfully combined University education with club and international football at a time when there were no cell phones and no computers alongside legends like Mr. Christian Chukwu [chairman], Mr. Emmanuel Okala [tallest man] Mr.David Adiele, the late Mr. Aloysius Atuegbu [block-buster], the late Mr. Mudashiru Lawal, the late Mr. Thompson Usiyen and many others made Nigeria a force to be reckoned with in African football in the 70s and early part of 80s, only failing to qualify for the 1978 World Cup by a whisker. Without their immense contributions and that of those before them, our national team standing today could perhaps have been in the territory of Eritrea, no disrespect to the lovely country of Eritrea. It is therefore hard for me to understand why some people on this forum chose to constantly attack these heroes each time they opine about our national team. A national team they played for, won honors with and weren’t even paid that much. Could anyone on this forum claim to know this game better than Mr. Engineer Segun Odegbami [mathematical] administratively or otherwise? So, my question for some of these people is this, so these accomplished men could shed sweat and blood and represent us honorably for so many years but they couldn’t freely express their opinion about the direction of the game in our country? Just sad!

    • Sugar Daddy 2 years ago




  • Dr Banks 2 years ago

    One good question I will like to ask Uncle Sage when I meet him is……….Who was the coach when he and his team of 1980 won the first and only Laurel for SE during his time?……………Answer—> Otto Gloria, a Brazillian

    So I don’t understand his outburst and determination in ensuring we hire local content failures to coach Super Eagles after Rohr has done all the background job

  • Ako AMADI 2 years ago

    Each of the outgoing coaches must submit a written report on how he saw things in the last weeks. It’s not enough to sack and spill blood The NFF is a bush organization that never learns any lessons from documented evidence of past events.

  • Omo9ja 2 years ago

    This is what I don’t like about us Nigerians, we like to be brainwashed.

    NFF are acting smart then they fired the entire coaching crew. They believe by doing so, Nigerians won’t pay much attention to them, NFF.

    Used and dumped, they used Eguavoen and his crew and they dumped them in the garbage disposal. This is what you get if you don’t respect your.

    Who asked Ighalo to come back into the team? Amaju. Who forced Ighalo and John Noble on Oga Rohr and coach Eguavoen? Absolutely NFF. Now, the coaching have been fired, what is Amaju and his people still waiting for?

    Instead of us to call a spade a spade, few of us are acting like unborn baby. Swearing like as if that is the solution. Even, Edoman is part of the problem and Oga Rohr fans Nigeria limited as well.

    Thus Edoman was asking NFF to bring Ighalo and here is the result while Oga Rohr followers wasn’t saying the truth about the gaffer. Am busy. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Shameless human being like u

    • Monkey Hunter 2 years ago

      This guy omonaija, how old are you please? What’s your background? What level of education do you have? And what do you do for a living? Just keen to know what drives your reasoning. Thanks.

    • Edoman 2 years ago

      If only our Ighalo had played in Kumasi and start in Abuja, not for 10 only in Abuja, there no way we would not be at this world Cup. The haters would not allow him to do what he does best. If only Oga Rohr had been allowed to complete what he skillfully and professionally started, there is way we would not be in this World Cup. We have now failed with our own. Omo9ja and thief Odagbemi are the worst enemy of progress in Nigeria Succar World today.

  • Yes, Otto Gloria did help us win our first Nations Cup in 1980 but he also failed to qualify us for the 1982 World Cup. Regardless, he was a truly top-notch coach, because soon after he left Nigeria, he was hired by Real Madrid. Aside him, the other quality foreign coach we have had in this country in my opinion is Father Tiko. 1980-2022, that’s 42 long years. We run to the western world for everything from screwdriver to pots and pans and then get looked down upon for it. When are we going to truly become independent and start doing things for ourselves? Let’s encourage the few good ones we have like Mr. Sunday Oliseh, Mr. Finidi George, Mr. Emmanuel Amunike. Let’s send the likes of Mr. Fidelis Ilechukwu, Mr. Ogunbote and Mr. Makaiba overseas for intensive coaching courses. Mr. Sunday Oliseh is more than capable of being a successful national team coach if put in the right environment. Let us stop with this backward mentality of pulling our own down because we are looking for quick fixes. All these successful countries went through many years of failures, but never ran to Africa for salvation but rather stuck with their own for as long as necessary. Let’s stop selling ourselves short for sake of football results.

    • KENNETH 2 years ago

      God bless you with this submission. Southgate lost the finals of the European final, he is still the coach of England today, Mancini lost to North macedonia, he is still the coach of Italy. And this are teams far ahead of us. But we always quick to react, why weren’t the players asked to execute the game also fired, because they looked pathetic on the field except maybe oshimen, you saw the hunger and urgency in his game. At the end of the day, the players let us down, they need to start looking inward, rorh was the only coach that i know who would not invite home based to camp. he depended too much on the foreign based. The days of westerhof, home based players are in camp at least 2 weeks before the arrival of the foreign players. What changed. even when keshi became coach he mixed it around. well lets see who will come in next

  • Ako AMADI 2 years ago

    OBITUARY ANNOUNCEMENT Nigerian Football died on Tuesday 29th March 2022, after a long and protracted illness. The funeral service will take place at the Ministry of Sports, Abuja. The service will be conducted by Archbishop Sunday Dare from Abuja,and Pastor Pinnick of the Warri Diocese.

  • BREAKING NEWS: The president of Algerian football federation Charaf Amara have resigned over the desert foxes inability to qualify for the world cup.The coach have earlier resigned.

    Amaju Pinnick, How far? You want us to come and force you out? FIFA cannot ban the Nigerian people for forcing you out because we are not Government and the SE belong to us the Nigerian people.

    It is not only the technical crew that will go.You and your board must go as well

  • Unique 2 years ago

    Ghana’s Technical Crew

    1- Chris Hughton – Premier League coach
    2- Otto Addo – Asst coach of Borussia Dortmund
    3- Tony Yeboah – Asst Coach at Westham
    4- Mas-ud Didi Dramani – Asst Coach at Norsjelland in Danish league

    Nigeria’s Technical crew

    1- Austin Eguavoen – Jobless failed coach who took a job Seyi Olofinjana rejected

    2- Emmanuel Amunike – Failed coach who was demoted to academy scout within 1 month
    3- Paul Aigbogun – Another failed coach with no profile to write home about
    4- Terry Eguoje – Has zero profile
    5- Salisu Yusuf – Banned bribe taker
    6- Joseph Yobo – Fashionista for 6 years and thereafter foisted on us by Segun Odegbami and co with zero coaching profile.

    We lost our 2022 world cup ticket from the bench!


    • Golden Child 2 years ago

      Plagiarism , this was a quote from Dr Drey. You should have referenced him.

  • Jay-Jay 2 years ago

    Amaju should just resign, so pathetic

  • Sunnyb 2 years ago

    Thank you @unique, nepotism, tribalism and corruption was on display. The players were not motivated, Ghana players were singing, motivation themselves before the match, the leaderless eagles were just quite and looked lost before the game. It shall never be well with those technical crew for dropping Awoniyi. Osimihen and Awoniyi combo would ve won the match .

  • Nigerian New National Teams technical crews

    Super Eagles
    Tech. Adviser………. foreign (All National Teams)
    Chief coach…………Ndubuisi Egbo ​
    1st Asst oach……..Finidi George
    Trainer…………… foreign
    Gk trainer……..Enyeama
    Player scout……Tunde Adelakun(all NTs)
    Opposition scout….. foreign (all NTs)
    Video Analyst……..foreign (all NTs)
    Apprentice………..Joseph Yobo

    Dream Team………….U23
    C. Coach…………Amuneke
    Assistant……….Henry Nwosu
    Gk trainer………Peter Rufai

    Flying Eagles………….U20
    C. Coach……Finidi George
    Assistant…..Nduka Ugbade
    Gk trainer….. Carl Ikeme

    Golden Eaglets…………U17
    Coach………… Manu Garba
    Assistant…….. Joseph Yobo
    Assistant…….. Even Ambrose
    Gk trainer……. Shorunmu

    Technical Director…. Mike Emenalo
    Asst Tech Director… Seyi Olofinjana

    Technical Study Group………..
    Sunday Oliseh
    Mutiu Adepoju
    King Kanu Nwankwo

    Tech department ………..
    Mumuni Alao – media
    Chuckujeku – referees
    Mercy Akide – Women soccer
    + members of the Tech study Group
    + Technical directors

    Nff president
    JJ Okocha

    Vice president

    Collins Udoh


  • https://youtu.be/mx5ObQbaJ_4

    Bring him in.
    Appoint him SE Coach

    • chuxs 2 years ago

      With all his pro license, he should have gotten a job now in europe, abeg spare us all this noise about he has Uefa pro this, there are many with such license without coaching a big team.

  • Coach Ndubuisi Egbo for SE!!

    • Golden Child 2 years ago

      We never learn do we? Another Out of work coach. That is how people clamoured for Amuneke, where did this land us ?

      • David 2 years ago

        Let us give thanks to GOD for Nigeria, 2022 world cup is not for us. GOD is fighting for Nigeria unity from been a country for long to a nation. We cannot see that even with the United nation report.

  • Edoman 2 years ago

    Make this guy an assistant coach under a recalled Rohr.
    Rohr is still under NFF payment system.
    He is still the best Manager Nigeria ever had.
    No need to be shy or cynical about chosen what is good for Nigeria. Not everybody is a hater. Every Nigerians wants to win and go to World-Cup
    I say it here and now, bring Rohr BACK.

  • Ako AMADI 2 years ago

    I would have done better than Eguavoen – Rohr
    Johnny Edward. PUNCH
    2 April 2022
    Kindly share this story:

  • MONKEY POST 2 years ago

    Never seen a FOREIGN COACH with so much PASSION for NIGERIA that this man…

  • Seriously, dem twats @ da NFFcreated dis mess.

  • Ako AMADI 2 years ago

    Nigeria must disengage from international competitions for a period of 10 years.Something must be wrong with 200 million people that cannot produce athletes as good as Jamaica of 3 million population. Nigeria needs time to build up a sports infrastructure right from the local to federal level.

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