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NFF Mandates Technical Committee To Discuss With Waldrum

NFF Mandates Technical Committee To Discuss With Waldrum

The Nigeria Football Federation has mandated its Technical Committee to hold discussions with Super Falcons’ Head Coach, Randy Waldrum, with a view to extending the latter’s contract with the NFF.

Waldrum steered the nine-time African champions to the Round of 16 at the FIFA Women’s World Cup finals in Australia and New Zealand, with the Super Falcons unbeaten in regulation time in any of their four matches, before a penalty shootout defeat by England.

“We have given the Technical Committee the go-ahead to hold talks with Randy Waldrum as we consider an extension of his current contract with the NFF. They have to do this quickly as the team has a Women Africa Cup of Nations qualifying match next week.

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“The man has done well by leading the team to an impressive outing at the FIFA World Cup,” NFF President, Ibrahim Musa Gusau, said on Tuesday.

Waldrum signed a two-year contract with Africa’s darling women’s team in 2021, during which he led them to qualify for the 2022 Women Africa Cup of Nations in Morocco and the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Down Under.

Playing in Australia, the Super Falcons held Olympic champions Canada to a scoreless draw in Melbourne, defeated co-hosts Australia 3-2 in Brisbane and were again held scoreless by Republic of Ireland. In the Round of 16, they had the better of the game but it ended scoreless in regulation and extra time, forcing the encounter into a penalty shootout in which the Falcons were second best.

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  • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 9 months ago

    Honestly – If I were Oga Waldrum? I would tell the blasted NFF, Their Technical Committee which lacks any Technical or even Common Sense to go and stick their worthless discussion where the sun don’t shine!

    They need to be sacked!! Every last one of them and lets be NFFless, we don’t need them…who needs enemies when you “friends” are the NFF?? Chaii!

    Wo Waldrum…hehn, run o….Run for the hills brother, don’t mix with these undesirables anymore…everyone can see that you’ve tried your very best, but a leopard will never change it’s spots, It simply cannot, it is the nature of the beast!

    • Thank God,it’s a good development,I don’t know what they were thinking when they made that pronouncement that he has been sacked.just because he told them the truth, since 1991 that have been watching super falcons matches this year world cup matches was the first time I saw technical input in their matches. If we don’t want to take millions of steps backward Randy Waldrum should be given a new 3years contract.

  • Omo9ja 9 months ago

    This is a good development, and I hope you NFF will learn from this and treat your employees quite well.

    Coach Waldrum is not perfect, but he has done well, and there is room for improvement.

    Yeah, that is a good idea. Let the gaffer continue his work and pay him his dues. Ire o. God bless Nigeria!!!

    • Field Marshall. General. Sir Johnbob 9 months ago

      Thank you for your calm and mature comment..I agree with your take, it was just that MUMU of the highest order dr DRY and his wifey that gay calling itself arara krumblie who made be a bit upset with their YEYE ways and by the time I saw this article, I was ready to blast somebody.

      Apologies to all mature and sensible forumites – I wish they have the function to ban people and throw them out of the forum on CSN – It’s high time idiots like dr DRY and his WIFEY arara krumbie were kicked off this forum – all those fools do is sow discord and plant strife!
      That gay kumbrie has no business posting on this forum, we are all straight African men, there are no deviants here amongst us – except for that dr DRY, him and his WIFEY ARA KRUMBLE SHOULD BE BANNED AND NEVER ALLOWED BACK ON THIS FORUM – LET THEM TAKE THEIR SHAMEFUL LIFESTYLE SOMEWHERE ELSE

      But yes, it is a good move as long as they respect their selves and and be fair with Mr Waldrum. I am tired of NFF

      • Dr. Drey 9 months ago

        Hohahahaha….Idiot was in so much pain he came to another thread to bite trees….LMAOoo.

        Idiot was so upset he came to rant against a noble idea to re-engage Waldrum with just 1 week to a crucial AWCON qualifying game. Senseless fool who ránts more than he thinks….LMAOoo

        Same way he was so pained Dr.Drey took him and his stupidity to the sewers after goofing with his daft racism allegations…LMAOoo…that he went 5 whole days biting and pouring his humiliation induced frustrations on everyone on this forum.

        Abeg who asked idiot for apologies….LMAOoo..? Who mentioned your name or cautioned you….LMAOoo. Useless dog is courting sympathy as everyone just moved past his once again Senseless comment without even caring to know whose dog just barked…??? LMAOooo.

        Nobody gave a damn about you, so you came back to force attention from omo9ja….LMAOoo. That’s how much of a lowlife you are. Obviously you are one of those unwanted products of rape thrown away at birth to the refuse dump to die….LMAOoo. That’s why you are looking for afffection all over the place since no one gives a damn about you….LMAOoo

        Abeg CSN make una help this animal in need ó. Make una come donate sorry give stray dog ó….LMAOoo. He’s seeking attention and consolation

        Go and blast the fools who gave an imbecile like you the impression that you can ever amount to anything useful in life talk more of emancipating the black race…LMAOoo

        Go and blast those who collected school fees from your owners but refused to teach you how to add 3+ 4½ + 5 to become 12, for you to now conclude 12 minutes injury time is a world cup match is racism…LMAOoo.

        And finally go and blast CSN site administrators for allowing a dog like you comment on a forum meant for human who have common sense….LMAOoo.

        Cheap illiterate forming Martin Luther King….LMAOoo. Emancipator ìsọnu….LMAOoo

        I said illiterates will call Pogba’s dope test miss an act of racism and the dog didn’t disappoint….LMAOoo.

  • Chudynak 9 months ago

    Good one but I suggest a short contract that would terminate with the Olympics/WAFCON. If he does very well, he could be given a longer contract otherwise the contract could then not be renewed.

  • Greenturf 9 months ago

    A week to a qualifier they are beginning negotiating for a coach to steer a team?Am i reading well or something?How is that even possible?
    It’s strange and the height of managerial negligence and incompetence!It’s also disrespectful of it’s opponent no matter how lowly ranked!Without FIFA’s intervention they will continue playing it’s home games in Abuja and other rice farms!It’s strange and weird Nigeria will continue to breed strange admnistrators

  • Edoman 9 months ago

    The coach deserves to be reinstated and his salary be paid as when due and should to continue to lead those fast-learning young Ladies. The insults directed at Dr drey was unwarranted by Field Marshal General. A little bit of decorum is called for as we are now seeing our National teams in upward swing. l was even surprised to read a matured thread from Omo9ja above. The change we are seeing, in my opinion, is coming directly from the top at the Presidential level. God bless our President Tinubu. Buhari was a dead wood.

  • Arara Kumbie 9 months ago

    Waldrum deserves a second chance. He is the true Field Marshall in the football sense. Field Marshalls shouldn’t conduct themselves like an incompetent foul mouthed foot soldier.

  • Sam Strings 9 months ago

    I think we can always express our views without raining insults on ourselves Family, God bless us…NFF this is good move, God bless NIGERIA

  • Swizborn 9 months ago

    All thanks to our amiable first Lady Senator Oluremi Tinubu. She was just using her 4D lens to look at the NFF. Nobody told them before they had brain reset. Trying to use bad belle to sack a gaffer who can conveniently coach your entire federation including the so called technical department.

    • Greenturf 9 months ago

      Was she behind the NFF making a u-turn on Waldrum sack?

      • Wait. Uturn? There is a headline on Vanguard news titled

        NFF rejects Waldrum’s return, plans to compose new coaching crew

        September 12th.

        Which report will I believe?

  • Ako Amadi 9 months ago

    Waldrum will surely like to work with more professional and less corrupt federations than the NFF. South Africa are already eyeing him.

  • pompei 9 months ago

    So FIFA can suspend a Spanish official for kissing players, but they are unperturbed and even condone it when member nation federations like NFF ONIGBESE lack financial transparency?
    Yet on their website, FIFA are supposedly committed to transparency and accountability.
    The last paragraph even mentions that all the 211 member associations and the 6 confederations receiving FIFA funds undergo an annual central audit review performed by “world class” independent auditors.
    It is either these “world class” auditors have been compromised and are no longer independent, or they are as clueless as the NFF they are auditing.
    Why did FIFA not react strongly to the Waldrum allegation relating to the $960k that remains unaccounted for?
    At a minimum, the expectation is that FIFA should suspend or even get rid of officials of member nations federations whose reputations are tarnished by financial scandals. If this is not happening, then it appears that FIFA themselves need to do more to fulfill their purported commitment to transparency.

    • Codex 9 months ago

      Don’t mind those hypocrites when it come to their so called interventions its all lip service nothing more.

      • pompei 9 months ago

        It’s the dictionary definition of hypocrisy. FIFA needs to be more involved in this fight against corruption.
        Na the “world class” auditors reference dey even make me laugh sef. These auditors ehn. Na wa for them!
        We still remember how Arthur Andersen got themselves in a big mess with the Enron and Worldcom catastrophe. A mess that eventually put Arthur Andersen out of business for good.
        Hahaha! Dem go dey wear suit and tie, carry laptops up and down say dem dey go do audit. Meanwhile, huge financial irregularities, huge ineligible expenses and shocking absence of controls are completely missed!
        Big name auditors that are actually clueless and incompetent. Hahaha!

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